♡ ☾ Karen☽ ♡


feelin like a cartel wife 😏

my vibe right now is just living life☀️

who wants to look simple when you could look stunning ✨

none of the outfits i had ordered came in and all of the ones i wore weren’t my favorite but here’s a greece photo dump !


i got to see and meet some of my all time favorites queens and my life couldn’t be more complete 🥲 #drivendrag

reposting because instagram hates me 🥰 anyways boys suck! be your own valentine💌

drugs are kind of cool. i mean, they’re cool before they wreck your skin. and your life.

and your family. that’s when they get uncool. it’s actually a very narrow window of cool.

crystal clear🙃🌊

the world is v scary right now. pls stay safe, sign petitions.

and share as much information as you can.🤍

#blackouttuesday keep signing petitions and donating if you can. also don’t forget to vote. 🖤

where else would i start my year 🌊

There’s no one else in this whole that I would drive 4 hrs and a half for!

Beyond thankful for this experience. Well that’s a wrap on my year. I got to be in the pit, saw everytime up close and almost held her hand, got to listen to Christmas and Chill live, got noticed my Mikey and Scootie, and overall saw my queen two times in a year! Can’t wait for her next tour. Thank you @arianagrande and @socialhouse for the two best nights of my life! I love y’all🖤🌫 #pcd

Mexico has my heart...always♥️

@arianagrande you’re such a dream to me🖤
sheesh those vocals tho!!

ty @bluebird @imscootie @socialhouse @normani for making the night 10x better. #SWTIndianapolis #sweetenertour

THE LITERAL BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!! I have no words to describe this night. It was beyond AMAZING.

Ty @arianagrande. Forever Grateful.🖤🌫