connor franta


from new york with love and dehydration ♥️🍾

in my natural habitat
photo by @willdarbyshire

smiling on the inside

. from my first roll of film years ago

put down 13 miles by the beach this morning now im swooning over the thought of a cinnamon roll 😮‍💨

Cover Reveal swipe over to see my brainchild from the beautiful mind @samuelburgessjohnson !

Sam and I worked together on the design of my previous book, and I was elated to take that leap once again. He transforms my ideas like no one else fire through florals. Order your copy on today ♥️

Author photo for my third book ‘House Fires’ taken by sweet boy @willdarbyshire , copies shipping worldwide on ♥️

my third book ‘House Fires’ is available to order worldwide today!

signed editions just went live, so click the link in my bio to grab one before they’re all gone ♥️

~stills from the book trailer shot by the talented @gmuncey x

all smiles from uncle con :’)

still got it

besties ! back ! in ! town !

drown me in red wine and salt water, please

photo dump :’)

you had to be there
*on film, by me

pretty sweet if you ask me

Me by Will, for my new book, House Fires | @willdarbyshire

House Fires, the Official Trailer | Click The Link in my Bio & Watch it Now…

Directed by @gmuncey
Music by @mabrodie
Graphics by @ell.yot
Production by @uunnccaannyy
Creative Assistance by @willdarbyshire
Creative Assistance by @ardenrose

I've spent the last three years pouring myself into writing and it's been brutally magnificent.
This is my new book, House Fires. Available everywhere for pre-order, Today.

a bit buzzed

spring in my camera roll picked up some supermarket tulips and forgot to grab what i went there for in the first place 🥲

mother earth has me wrapped around her finger 🌱☝🏻😤

Practicing Peace

ah, patience we meet again

found myself walking on the sky the other day...made my heart go pitta patta pitta patta

woke up at 6am to play d&d with gmt timezone friends (im an elf, obviously), and that is all you need to know!

back to work i go... 🧝🏻‍♀️📝

from this morning but you’d swear they were stolen from my 2013 ig feed lmao

out here having a pretty good time

sometimes i forget i live near the ocean, and can go watch the sunset most any night.

the drive home rarely harbors an ounce of regret 💘

As you very well all know, I'm deeply passionate about the queer community and our fight for equality.

From writing to communicating to creatively innovating, my work with LGBTQIA+ people has been made infinitely easier with technology like my @XPS Laptop. It's powerful, it's pretty, and it helps me accomplish all the passion projects I hold near and dear to my heart ♥️ #XPS #Ad

looking for some fresh air

Most days are spent with my eyes behind a screen. From writing to designing to editing, I’ve quickly discovered:

passion is my power. With my @XPS laptop, I innovate to hopefully change the world every day in many little ways. #XPS #ad

daydreaming of pretty places 💭

hey bestie 🌱

goodbye and good riddance 🖕🏻😌🖕🏻

with the legend himself ❄️

photo dump of what from who knows when...fair warning: the moods shift abruptly


good boy greeting the stranger (me) running through his neighborhood ☃️

*on #35mm

aye, aye

This is West Hollywood rn (swipe over). I put on my Biden/Harris shirt and ran down 10 miles down Santa Monica blvd to join the celebrations.

There’s nothing but pure joy in the air. We did it. We actually did it. 💙!!!!

couldn’t stay away ♥️ she’s wriggly, giggly, and cute as can be...i love being an uncle 😩

finally got some film developed~ only took 14 weeks to find anything remotely interesting to fill up an entire roll...🥴

we are the moment

been spoiled by the vibes lately

if you look closely, you’ll see a clumsy idiot trying his best not to fall off the mountain mid-photo the live version proves he was barely successful 🥴

sprinted up a mountain just to watch the sun disappear

28🎈thank you for all the love and kind wishes!! began the day with a half marathon and capping it off with heaps of cake 😌🤞🏻

oh to be an old man on an old boat fishing the daylight away

we watched the sunset in a carrot field last night

the vitamin d has been located 🌞🌱🌧

on the move in nyc, 2019
*on film

daydreaming about lake swims, running races, and late nights drinking with friends *from, last July

suns pouring in

short hair and shorter shorts

selfishly thinking about how much i miss movie theaters right now (especially when releases were THIS good)...

anyways, im gonna go watch phantom thread under a blanket and weep softly 🤘🏻😩

blueberry picking on a summer morning

12 mile run & a 40 mile cycle later...fine I’ll train for an ironman 🥵

scenic sounds to calm your mind (ft. hailee & various birds)

take me back 📷: @arunkarra

look at these little works of art

Happy Pride Everyone 🏳️‍🌈 Although the month is nearly over, I’m happily continuing the celebration individuality today, tomorrow, and all the days that follow.

I’m queer all year, baby! And, very proud of it!

Big thanks to @lightboxjewelry for partnering with me, sending these colorful art supplies, and for supporting the @hetrickmartin queer institute! They’re raising money all weekend long through creativity, so post your own chalk drawings with #ExpressYourPride + tag @lightboxjewelry & @hetrickmartin 👨🏻‍🎨 Every completed submission raises money to help positively impact LGBTQ+ Youth! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Supermarket flowers 🌸 the figs + peonies impulse buys were the right choice, indeed.

Ps, I adore this @thelittlemarket grocery tote from my trip with @thisisabouthumanity. They’re currently raising funds for the LGBTQ+ shelter in Tijuana with tote purchases, so grab one if you’d like to help out 🌈🙇🏻‍♂️

there’s a baby hidden in this photo, and I doubt you’ll know where..

do yourself a favor and check the next slide 🥺

ps coffee walks along the coast with family and a pup is serotonin in it’s purest form

it’s a metaphor
got some delicious 35mm film developed for the first time in forever and it feels too good

Played the role of ‘first time uncle’ to this angel girl over the past two weeks.

Although this year has been nothing short of bizarre, right now I can’t help but feel lucky. I’ll be back for more cuddles and giggles soon!! Love you, Gabby ♥️ will fight 4u 5eva‬ ‪(ง •̀_•́)ง

Queerness is rooted in defiance, and our liberations have always been lead by brave Black leaders.

Pride is about standing, acting, speaking, and moving into a better tomorrow together. And, that’s just what we’re going to do. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #Pride

I don’t want to write a long caption bc I don’t want to distract you.

We need to focus all of our attention, listen, learn, act, and be allies to black people everywhere. What happened to George Floyd should never happen to any human being. The way this country mistreats black people day in and day out is disgraceful. We should be absolutely ashamed we’re complicit in the existence of racism, hatred, and bigotry. Minds and laws need to change now. Not someday, today. Sign the petitions in my bio, donate if you can, and raise your voice as loud as it can go. Please, I’m begging you, don’t stop. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

needed a little fresh air

In the face of the pandemic, @glsen has completely reconfigured their work to create vital community + connection for #LGBTQ students nationwide.

If you want to learn more about GLSEN’s work and all these incredible LGBTQ+ student leaders, click the link in my bio. You can also donate simply by texting RESPECT to 31996! #RespectEverywhere ty ♥️♥️♥️

don’t touch, they bite

picked up a new roommate. loneliness levels suddenly plummeted. skin was deemed radiant.

taste last seen exiting the thermosphere. peace had never been this swiftly obtained. i will now make us banana pancakes to celebrate. good day 🥞🌱🌤

on the move in Paris
*a few months ago

a little lost

Took a while (years), but I finally build out a home office space - Here’s what keeps my creative juices flowing!

mom ☺️♥️

Yearning for this, and patiently waiting to get back to it.

in this house, leg day is every day


miss earth said floral + foliage rights
happy earth day 💗🥬

anybody got a time stone i can borrow?

my transformation into ‘fun gay uncle ‘ is nearly complete

move it or lose it, sister 🐣🍬

have a good day (ft. flowers sent from mom) 💐

brb leaving this life behind to become a baker bc WHAT!!

No, this isn’t a screenshot from Bon Appétit’s page. This is it, folks. The real deal. Big time! After a full week of fostering my own bacteria baby (sourdough starter) in my kitchen cupboard, and 24 hours of folding that gooooood gluten rich dough, I made my first sourdough loaf from scratch! I’ll never be the same. Wow. Life’s little joys amongst utter chaos. 🙂🍞

on the bright side, i can see now

i miss the outside, but i can hear someone playing soft jazz music down the street, so at least there’s that for now

ya boy has 13 pages in the new VMAN issue / traveled around the world and back (quite literally) photographing models over the past year for this project.

I couldn’t be prouder of the final work. Grab a copy on or on newsstands everyday today! *swipe to see a few sneak peaks*
Locations: Shanghai, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Brooklyn, Portland
Magazine: @vman
Photography: @connorfranta
Styling: @christianstroble
Creative Assistance:
Models: @migroza @peter__dupont @darron.clarke @nikotraubman
Also, major thank you to #StephenGan for your continued support and belief in my many creative visions! ♥️

eat your heart out Ernest Hemingway *Croatia, October 2019

despite baking like an absolute mad man the past 4 days in solitude (cinnamon rolls, wheat bread, coconut cookies, maple granola)...feeling quite fit at the moment 🦩🧼

solidarity in solitary
*new york, 2020 #35mm

Does putting down 16 miles alone in the rain count as social distancing?

your daily deep cleansing breaths reminder 🧘🏻‍♂️

outrageously pleasant lately

smashed a 15 mile run this morning & now in search of a thiccc pastry,,have a

fruitful week all 🥐🧈🍴

euphoric, to say the least! ✿

some random man socked me in the shoulder the other day...brown&green is the new black&blue, I guess

nothing says ‘i mean business’ like hurtling a full tote over your shoulder as you punctually exit the meeting

salt in the air, coffee on the table

New Yorkers on the Move, *on film

the banana pancake supplies have been acquired

coulda been a painting (...unsure if I‘ve posted this before, but either way, the architectural symmetry and statue-like couple makes me feel all types of’s almost too perfect)

sup punk

growth 🤲🏻

Had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the @unitednations in New York City to sit in on a #UN75 discussion about creating the future young people want today.

We may be living on borrowed time, but policies can be shifted and stability is more then possible to obtain. Although there is, at times, an overwhelming amount of work to be done regarding increasing equality, decreasing global hunger + poverty, fighting the climate crisis, etc - after hearing young representatives speak so powerfully on behalf of their respective countries, I left feeling hopeful and inspired. Keep fighting that good fight everyone 👊🏻✊🏻♥️♥️

days so sweet even their aftertaste is paradise 😌💓

some 𝘐 𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘐 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘢𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 news...ya boy is officially working with Nike.

Yes, NIKE!! This April I’ll be joining thousands of people in running the LA 13.1 put on by @nikelosangeles and @nikerunning (come run! it’ll be fun!) and will be taking you along my training journey until that sweet morning. I’ll be wearing the new Nike React Infinity Run, which have been designed to reduce injury with the ultimate goal to keep runners running. Hearing this, as an athlete, is pure bliss. Being injured is the absolute worst and I would adore avoiding it forever. So, needless to say here, Nike’s commitment towards a future where no runner gets injured is deeply important to me, my heart, mind, soul, unborn children, but mainly, DEEZ LEGS HONEY. Alright, last quick gush before I end this lengthy message: as someone who has been running since shortly after I could walk, this is a dream partnership and I look dumb silly smiling at my phone while typing this. Thank you byeee ♥️♥️♥️🔥👟 #nikereact

lowkey idolize her

hidden harmony

forward as it fell

Drove down to the US / Mexico border yesterday with @thisisabouthumanity to learn more about the current crisis on hand.

We visited refugee shelters, heard directly from families & children currently seeking asylum, and talked with some of the strongest LGBTQ+ people I’ve ever met in my life. The entire day was indescribably moving, educational, and soaked with enlightenment. I’m grateful to depart from Tijuana with an even greater understanding of the difficulties + hardships migrants are facing as I type this, and feel fully motivated to help in some way. I can only say so much here and do so much right this second, but in the meantime, please please please do your own independent research on this issue, remain informed, and stay awake to its severity. Our broken system needs immediate fixing. People are hurting and it’s heartbreaking, but they are powerfully resilient and remain hopeful. ♥️🤲🏻♥️

flower wall 🌸🌷🌿🌺💐🕊🌻

hey leaflets, plant dad here with another plant dad plant update

Room with a View

looking for a french rat to cook me a michelin star meal

she’s cute and she knows it 🙄

Swipe to see my 2019 / I was looking back at all my photos I took and posted heaps in a thread on twitter (if you want more than the 10 that are here).

What a fulfilling year. Excited for the next 👐🏻💗

2020 baby

I’d swear it was still summer. On another note, I think I’m going to post more pics next year and stop worrying about if they’re particularity *good enough* or not.

More little happenings, more moments of me, more of everything. Kinda over this purely complex I’ve been unknowingly holding myself to, ya know?

onto the next 〰️

it’s so quiet

mister rogers ~

shortcuts through the side streets

physically in LA, mentally in NY 🥺

we walked to the chapel wrapped
in water

im absolutely freezing

My main takeaways from this old sibling holiday photo are:

clearly we were ‘that’ family, apples were a creative yet distracting prop decision, the plaid was a risk and we’re not going to talk about it, while we’re on the topic of wardrobe idk what the hell is on my sister’s shoulders but her chaotic energy brings me joy, i definitely saw a ghost right before the lower shot was taken and it explains a lot. Happy (almost) December from the Frantas 👐🏻♥️

small islet on the, even in-person this looked fake (or like a sunny day on a game of thrones set)


finally rained the other day

playing around with self-portraits in my studio #ad 🎞

missing minnesota

the tote is a warning sign that im on a mission and i mean business

weekend at the markets




got some film back 😋

I’ve been to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro today!!

So so proud to finally share my first ever cover! Shot by me!

Angelababy for V Magazine ♥️♥️♥️ Genuinely, this a big first for me and I’ve been absolutely giddy over keeping it a secret for months now. I’m beyond flattered anyone would trust me with something of this notability, so thank you to everyone at V for having faith in me. Love you all.

Magazine: @vmagazine
Cover Star: @angelababyct
Photography: @connorfranta
Styling: @christianstroble
Photo Assistant: @lucarepola
Creative Direction:
Also, special thanks to #StephenGan for your advice, guidance and creative input with this project.

Check out the rest of the shoot on!


‪in some sort of paradise, i think‬

planes, trains & automobiles


i really should just shut the hell up, adopt a dog and leave one of these days 🌥


am i doing it right


sound on for this one...
*heavy sigh* i love where i grew up

dropped by home to see the fam, and of course, somehow found ourselves on a 14 mile run up a GIANT

hill and down through these purdy purdy minnesotan valleys just as the sun came up..they both fully kicked my butt, obviously, but these cinematic views helped a is good though, i have zero complaints 🏡🌤

from my 6am run in Toronto | sights like this make the miles a piece of cake x

i put the aw in yeehaw, *2017 by @vinceaung 🥺🥾

day drinking into the late evening
*snapped by my partner in crime, @ardenrose

floating down the Tahas River in northern Cambodia...easily one of the more whimsical experiences i have ever had 📍🦋

just woke up from a nap and now im sipping on an iced coffee, happy sunday 🌀

feeling fashion, i guess

‪im always out for a walk around this time, can you blame me?‬

dyed my hair dark, im ready for autumn !! ✂️🦅: @dimitrishair

exploring temples in Cambodia / this one’s Angkor Wat aka the largest religious monument in. the.

WORLD. The pure scale of this place alone is astounding. We walked around it somewhere north of 2 hours and barely made a dent in the centuries of decaying history. Humans, man! We’re something else!

‪somewhere in northern Cambodia ‬

saturated in shanghai
(nearly missed this scene while leaving the market, but im so glad the photo a snapped turned out...the colors are so precisely balanced)

i look like im about to say hi welcome to chili’s

fruit markets & kind strangers

this city is so unique and charming

exploring shanghai 🧧


he was mad i went outside without him

in the middle of a heat wave
*by @lukefontana

getting restless and feeling the urge to go somewhere new super soon... (taking suggestions)

Banks for V Magazine | Photographed in Los Angeles by me x
Styling: @tiffanichynel

Makeup: @katesynnottmakeup
Production: @ian.david.monroe

always in a rush with no where to be

summer baby :)

way up in a portuguese castle

imagine living here, wow
*by me, on #35mm

Spent this morning visiting the new Los Angeles LGBT Center and hearing about all the amazing work they’re doing for so many facets of the queer community every single day.

Thanks for the education and everything you’re doing, @lalgbtcenter ♥️

the altitude is making me dizzy
*on film, by @ardenrose

serious business dad vs giddy gym rat

back in my natural habit ☺️
pic by cute boy, @willdarbyshire

pastel leisure
(by my mom, probably)

somehow managed to place 3rd overall in a Santa Clarita Half Marathon this morning!

and snuck in a new PR of 1:24.08 too! neat stuff!! i was getting bored of doing various loops around my neighborhood, so i spontaneously signed up for this just a day or two ago and now im really glad i did :)

take me back to 6am in paradise

wanted to swing. didn’t swing. *sad cowboy emoji*

pleasant place we found along our way

never enough books, prints & plants

beach boy & plant man

New York, 2019

just for fun ‪🕊‬
by @lukefontana

developed a few rolls of film from my recent travels 💆🏻‍♂️

Happy Sunday! Went for a beautiful 7 mile run this morning, and since i don’t have any photos of that, here’s one of me on a run at 7am on an open Kenyan savanna back in August.

The sun was rising in front of me and a dazzle of zebra (had to look that one up) was having breakfast to my left 🏃🏻‍♂️🌱🦓

perusing rugs and local produce with mom 🕵🏻‍♂️


love you, mom ♥️

Portugal, 2018

can’t seem to find the words

Nicholas Galitzine for V Magazine | Photographed in California by me x
🧵: @alexandracronan

💄: @jamie_grooming
🎬: @ian.david.monroe

lovely london

LA’s alright i guess

one of everything pls

FINISHED THE LONDON MARATHON WITH A PR OF 3:12:27!! ‬ ‪What a damn thrill.

My body aches, but I’m elated. 2 continents down, 5 to go!

big day tomorrow, wish me luck?

Jelixza by me in Los Angeles

it’s a setup

‪might as well flaunt it while i have it | 4 months of disciplined marathon training does wicked things to your body!

a fair reminder though: i sure as hell don’t always look like this and that’s a-okay by me | big ty to angel boy @lukefontana for taking these 👼🏻


flourish young rebel

red lady

skiing in the french alps, 2018 (lame i didn’t get to go at all this year.. 🥺)

hi, tired but happy
how are you?

Amsterdam, 2018

this boy needs a nap zzz

accidental color blocking 🤭

wandering around (with michael barbaro in my ear) trying to shake my legs out after all these long runs..

also, the sky and i matched so naturally i had to document it 🙆🏻‍♂️🧣☁️

buncha boys hiking in the woods

spring has sprung !


twitter saw it first but.. climbing more mountains, finding sweet scenes like this!

these little trips are healing my soul :)

disconnecting and going outside does wonders for a stormy mind (a bit ironic to post this, i am aware hah)

the news but make it fashion

last spring in portland on #35mm

long time no see ! I’ll try to post more, promise 🤞🏻


not a pose, it’s just windy af


stand still

you know it was a solid vacation when you think about it every day and keep dreaming about it every night..

why don’t all cities have small fruit stands on the side of the road? what does a guy gotta do to get some tropical temps up in here? 😩

you should see what’s behind me

from back in september

flew halfway across the world with the entire fam to see my little, peace corps volunteer brother

salt & coconuts


bonjour de cette île paradisiaque

I’m in actual paradise

can’t kick the habit

p.1 of my 2001 AMAs fantasy look

what it feels like to hit snooze

i used to hate turtleneck sweaters as a kid, but now they bring stupid levels of joy to my wardrobe 🐢

also, s/o to the van gogh of hair, @giannetos , for the new cut and color xx

this art really speaks to me

serving you spaghetti strap

writing down my yearly goals and ambitions this morning !

i dont simply kick ass..

i meticulously strategize on when, where, why, and how im going to kick said ass

onto the next! happy new year 🥳💜

they soaked as the sun settled in

only nearly fell 6x today (a record) and saw heaps of sheep

annoying transfixed by arun’s coat

ps we’ve been hiking up these purdy mountains all day and it’s been wonderful..

mother nature knows what’s up!! The textures and colors in these landscapes have me speechless. I want to knit a sweater out of them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

into the woods we go

glowing, floating
he ran down the residential roads

i’ll be back, soon enough

sunset over sunset

fine here’s a selfie
mama atlantic is serving looks !

oops i already posted that bridge photo.. here’s another stupid flower 🤪


ski buddy wanted / must help me up if i fall / must enjoy post-slope donuts .that’s it, thanks 💋

zoom in for a surprise

stretching shadows
along a quiet seaside

*clink clink* beach

‪the good, the bad and all the things that fall in between ‬/ im thankful for it all, i really am ♥️

galerie d'art / modular & reconfigurable furniture exhibit *

downstairs and to your left

48hrs in Ottawa with my favorite sister 🌤💛 ty as always for having me @wemovement x

boy below the banana trees
itching for a new experience like this right about now *by @arunkarra

gone fishing, on film*

safe wishes to everyone in california right now. if you have a chance to bring some supplies over to your local fire station, im sure they’d deeply appreciate it.


🌾, oldie of me by me*

thinking about the 12 victims of the thousand oaks shooting.

thinking about the thousands of people and animals ‪currently being affected ‬by the california wild fires. thinking about the family in my hometown who suddenly lost their 26 year old daughter yesterday. just thinking.

i voted!! hope you did too! if not, there’s still time left so get your butt over there ✊🏻👊🏻

evening glow

greenhouse 🌿

Last Sunday i was beyond honored to be the first LGBTQ+ recipient of my hometown’s Wall of Excellence award!

All types of odd (but good) feelings around being recognized and given something like this in my small, midwestern home. i gave a speech about the importance of inclusion, the isolation i felt within my school’s walls as a closeted young person, and how necessary vocal openness + acceptance is in today’s world (especially in rural communities like where i grew up). i followed by meeting with my old high school’s GSA and donating a whole section of Queer Literature to their library in hopes to make everyone feel a little more represented in a place they spend so many hours of so many days. i know it’s a small push, but im really happy with how well it’s been received. Pretty cool day all around. Massive thank you to @eliza.byard for coming to the ceremony to present me with my award, my family for contagious excitement + nearly making me cry while giving my speech (typical) and to @glsen for all the guidance on the books that were gifted 🏳️‍🌈♥️

*Portland, 2017

sup punks

where do we go from here

thrilled to be a part of the new /make series on @samsungmobileusa !!

swipe to see the photos i took of my favorite up and coming musician, @CouldEver captured #withGalaxy S9+. check out the full episode on youtube and all the bts from set on @samsungmobileusa stories today x

my hearts filled with a few new flames after attending the @glsen awards the other night!

ty for dressing me, @ysl & @anthonyvaccarello ♥️🔥u

it’s offensively pretty here

*silverlake, 2018

from the night of the Goalkeepers event back in September // i really can’t stop thinking about all

the positive change people are making across the world right to end poverty, promote good health/wellbeing, ensure quality education for anyone who wants it, fight for complete gender equality and so so SO much more. So many massive issues are being worked on day and night. Hearing global leaders like Bill Gates, Emmanuel Macron and Graça Machel speak on these topics, truly opened my eyes; change is possible and it’s happening everywhere. In today’s fast-paced/interconnected world, it’s super important we remember that. BUT.. we can do better and we can always do more to help. If you want to learn more about global change, seriously check out and study up! Don’t wait bc the world needs you today! I’m inspired and want to do my part. #Goalkeepers18 #DiscoverGlobalGoals

waiting for my americano

my dad will like this one #35mm

yeah yeah just trying to blend in 🌿🌹💐 (cute boy @willdarbyshire took this of me)

it’s #WorldMentalHealthDay , so here’s a pleasant reminder from me to you to take care of yourself!

We nourish our muscles and bones. We pamper our skin, teeth and hair. Don’t forget about your mind! It needs love and attention too! If you’re struggling, even just a little bit, you should talk to someone about it. It helps a lot to let another person in on your troubles. Trust me. Anyways, be well and enjoy this video I took around 6am in Malibu back in August 💛

some fall colors to brighten your day // go outside if you can 🍂💆🏻‍♂️



I uploaded a short film to my channel about mental health and personal identity | click the link in my bio and watch it pretty pretty please!

I’ve had the idea of running 26 miles (a marathon) around my 26th birthday for an LGBTQ+ charity ( @GLSEN ) for a few years now and, spoiler, it’s happening this weekend! This video wouldn’t have been possible without the support of @Youtube / #CreatorsforChange , so massive shout out to them AND thank you for donating $100,000 (yes, you read that correctly) to the campaign! Also, thank you to my talented friend, @timtothewild , for directing + creating the beautiful soundtrack to the film.
Okay, I think that everything. Maybe? Idk. Enjoy the video and donate if you can 💞


i think this was from day one in portugal? a rare relaxed connor caught on camera 🍻🤙🏻

This is Wilson. He’s a Maasai warrior and was our guide during my time in Kenya.

I miss our morning runs together ☹️ #35mm #wilsoncometoamerica

i know nothing about boats but i had fun playing aqua-tourist on this one today

save the bees, have a nice day

minnesota birthday this year
wouldn’t have it any other way

picture perfect from the land of 10,000 lakes


distance with intention

bright sun has me squinting

ps i went to a museum the other day to ~learn~ more about the history of the tiles they have throughout the cities in portugal!

fun fun fun 🧚🏻‍♂️🔹

Lisbon, Portugal.. i like you a lot

jambo from kenya 🦓🌾


completed an 18 mile run the other day! thats the furthest one yet / ever for me!!

marathon day is creepin up fast 🏃🏻‍♂️🔥

appropriate for today.. i pulled back from social media for a week to see if i would feel less 🤪 and a little more 🤠!

there’s a link to the video i made about it (ironic, i know) in my bio if you need something to watch

Look at this beautiful bunch of queer individuals!

I photographed & art directed the Kenneth Cole Pride campaign back in June this year - little late on posting about it but here are a few shots from the project (with odd cropping on all of them bc this insta gallery made me do it). This day was euphoric and everyone was so so lovely to be around x

caught this little guy watching the sunset from the treetops the other eve 😰

the night leaned into the morning

away, away, away

greenhouse loading dock but make it fashün // 📸: @ardenrose

underrated tbh

this filter hides my sunburn nicely 🦀

snap of my older brother on one of our hikes last summer in oregon

the gay godfather (2018)

the plane may have been delayed but we did get to see this so 🤷🏻‍♂️

modern media man oh man,, the definition of defeating at times

rise above and aim for better x

photographed a few beautiful humans at Beautycon Los Angeles for PAPER mag // swipe right through the gallery to see if you recognize anyone x

there’s a room in my childhood house we call the ‘sun room’ and i always opt out of sleeping in my old bed to stay on the pullout couch in this room when im back.

tis the definition of warm and cozy 😴

i clicked my ruby heels together three times

orange slices

such a good boy


poolside 🌞

what up im connor, im 25, and i never fcking learned how to read
📸 @jeremyblake


from london fashion week
// note: the rose tinted glasses are, in fact, from the children’s section 👶🏻 // 📸:


red doors & rose thorns

yeahh i dont have a caption, this is just a cute photo of me 🏁

minnesota 💙

museum on the hillside

this isnt my wallpaper.
but i would like this to be my wallpaper.

please excuse me while my heart implodes..

it’s... 95°

i always forget how simply gorgeous the midwest can be // super modest in so many ways but really just breathtaking

*photos creds to my mom




classic like helvetica

primary colors, everywhere

love this stop & just this city in general! always findin new bits of myself when im here 🗂🖍

just after attending a cute ass award show / just before bopping our cute asses off on a dance floor

dont tell me where i can leave

im getting better at this #35mm

weekends are for friends 🥪☕️

feels like summer


she has a harness.. we just forgot it 🤦🏻‍♂️

back for a minute

calms me down

mr & mrs smith (2005)




i told arden to do a little kick and lemme tell ya.. sis kicked!!!

📸: @mattrking

hello👋🏻 i made granola, went for my first run in months and am now editing a video!

happy sunday indeed!!

i have this weird.. thing? where one week nearly every month i cant sleep properly.

it always happens, like clockwork, and it always throws me off. well, that week has come and gone yet again and i finally slept last night!! weeeeeeee the end.

full cheese ‘99
photo credit to my dad probably

this photo just whispered ‘elio elio elio’ to me over the phone


pretty mama sews stitches into all your bitches broken hearts / photo i took of billie last summer 💔

how cool is this!!
@kennethcole #thecourageousclass

film from my travels just came in !! #35mm

🙊🙈 / for @outmagazine

Enough is Enough #MarchForOurLives

cover up, butter cup

a night with @interviewmag celebrating the new @kennethcole campaign im apart of 🍸🕊

tall like the palms
swaying softly
with the wind

save me espresso

bubbles in switzerland (this old photo that was taken right before that demon child showed up and started wreaking tiny havoc)

when wandering through empty fields / tip toeing around the days broken glass / it’s the love of our friends and our family that will always guide us back / Our Family #MYCALVINS @calvinklein #ad

slept for 12 hours last night and it was a true slice of heaven 😴

help i can’t stop eating stroopwafels

flowers, flowers everywhere. this place is really something else. wish you were here x

‪touched down in london town ‬ ✰✰✰

i melt into hues of blues

wonder what she’s thinking about

*sound on* one of the prettier sunsets ive ever seen, i must say | here and gone in a matter of seconds | #nofilter

happy in hawaii

i photographed the calvin klein x andy warhol collection for l’officiel magazine’s first ever american issue!

such an honor!! it’s on stands everywhere today if you wanna pick up a copy 😙♥️
👠: @julianshane
💇🏼‍♀️ @timothyaylward
💄: @tiffanyleighpatton
📝: @ian.david.monroe

lush honey ~


happy weekend lovers


not ta throw a jinx into this caption but feeling like ive only been having good days lately which is something im not used to but could get used to.

seems like within minutes i blink and the sun is already down on another one. idk. just kinda great i guess. thanks for contributing so much to that. i appreciate the heck out of you all and wish whatever feeling this is on everyone 💓

beaming at the memories

still thinking about this night tbh

all @calvinklein everything, congrats on yet another unforgettable show ❤️💙

I don’t know much about guns, but I do know there have been 18 school shootings this year in the USA and that’s absolutely horrifying.

Everyone can agree that’s not right. Everyone can agree that number should be 0. Everyone can agree kids should not have to worry about their safety or ever have to bury their friends. It’s so wrong it makes me physically ill. To fix a problem, we need to create a solution and that’s only going to happen if changes are made to the current system. Please contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Nothing will change unless everyone does their part. -text in the above image was written by Rachel Ahrens, age 13


[ insert the fire emoji here i suppose ]

still thinking about this sunrise tbh


caution: i have arrived

self-portrait 🍒

beaming, babe

dazzle me

i photographed myself (hah) for @papermagazine and wrote a piece about self-love!

it’s not too lame i promise!! check it out on pretty please 💌💌🍒🙃

remixing is about self-expression and the way we're able to reinvent the world we live in every single day in our own little ways 🙇🏻‍♂️💙 @gap #GapLogoRemix #ad

ya boys a part of the new @Gap campaign!! i’m remixing myself and reimagining my style every single day.

#GapLogoRemix #ad

swipe left for today’s walk aesthetics

connect the dots?

we take our sledding very seriously (obviously) 🛷💥
📸: @mattrking

happy swans in switzerland

i miss them 😢😢
pic by @justabitofjacob

au revoir ma chérie

so this is heaven

see loOk! it me in the French Alps!!

i hiked a mountain in f’in France today ☃️🇫🇷

i dyed my hair weee 👻👻

im trying my very best to capture more beautiful moments this year.

some to share, some to keep just for me 👼🏻

feeling good

‪YO decided to start the year off watching the sun rise in a hot air balloon and needless to say im quite literally on cloud nine rn!!

weeeeee 👼🏻🎈

bye bye 2017 👋🏻🥂

the world is cold but my hearts on fire // shot this on a tripod with a self-timer in minnesota the other evening when it was -6° and the sun was just going down.

had an idea and wanted to try it out before i left for california 👼🏻❄️


Merry Christmas from your friendly neighborhood Franta Claus!! 🎅🏻🌟

we have a family tradition on Christmas Eve where we drive around to neighboring towns to visit + spend time chatting with some of my dads most elderly patients.

they end up pulling out old photo albums and telling us all types of insane stories. it’s always pretty special. ps this man is 97!!!! 👴🏻🎄

..and it was in this moment that he finally felt like it was nearly christmas

there goes another one


a light breeze


museum day 🤓

new @commonculture clothing is up (designed by yours truly)!!

currently wearing the ‘cult classic’ pullover and booooy ive fallen. the concept has been on my brain for awhile now so always a thrill to see it in its physical form. i wanted to get a few products up before the holidays so pls do enjoy them and thank you as always for your warm support on my fashion endeavors. rapidly moved into first on my passions list. 🙋🏼‍♂️❤️ ps might delete this bc it’s a pretty shitty webcam photo hah

call me crazy but i just saw call me by your name again and loved it even more

📸: @pnh_


okay los angeles quit showing off

i love the rain

for tmrw mag x
📝: @georgegriff_
💄: @melaniechristoumua
👖: @pearchimmastylist

one person’s trash is another person’s..

vintage shopping / looking down every two seconds at my new shoes / ty @virgilabloh’s brain ty 🔖🔌💥


its intentionally keeping me out but unintentionally keeping me here looking at it

look a william

BØRNS in Los Angeles | photographed by me | few more over on my twitter 🌿🖐🏻🌹

wanna ride bikes together or something

thanks for having me last night, @voguemagazine ++ thanks for the clothes and the fun, @rochambeau ❕🏴

the weather could not be better


here's one more! also, can i just say, that bench is like perfect?

someone go sit on it with me and talk about mundane shit and giggle at unfunny jokes and enjoy every minute before the sun goes down like in an 80s romcom or something??

from my run in vancouver the other evening! i only planned on going 3 but ended up running around 7.

this sight was too stunning to stop (except for a new photo every few meters.. guilty 🙋🏼🤷🏼‍♀️)



out here living my best life ngl

sundown in los angeles (also i took this on my phone wow technology is crazZZzZzy man)

sunrise over san francisco this morning

right before the sun goes down

i dont know the pose. im unsure of the concept. i do really love this construction vest everyone had to wear on set so thats something i suppose..

also i fell over moments later happy thursday 🚧🚼

another quick hello and goodbye to this city. spent the majority of this trip working on a pretty big fashion first for me.

excited to share more when someone tells me i can haha 🙃😙

new york shopping 🛒🎀

from my book, note to self | still so proud of it and really adore seeing what you all think of it too | photo by meia0528

autumn has fully taken over.. the soft yellow knit im wearing makes my heart happy and the black #reebokclassics really complete the look!

grab a pair of your own at @journeys and tag me in your photos pretty pls #ad 🍂👟⚡️

florals on film 🌞

autumn has arrived and i can finally whip out my cute as hell cropped sweater 💃🏻🍁 boomerang creds to @people

good morning 🏄🏻


Paul Klein from LANY | photographed by me 🍒🏁

just passing by

| all dressed up 🥂✨
👠: @calvinklein
🎩: @starburleigh

had another shoot with a person i adore / more later this week //

the most pleasant
time of the day 💫💫


them: okay just act natural


run through the park

in a random park watching the sun go down over the uk.. i guess 25 is pretty alright 🤷🏼‍♂️🌤

easily one of my most memorable new york trips thus far.

thanks for the fun and heres to the very near future! oh also, follow my brand @commonculture for a surprise tomorrow 💋💋

last day

the @calvinklein show at nyfw was nothing short of phenomenal.. well done, @rafsimons !

also, ps, thank you @rochambeau for lending me this bomb coat from your spring 2018 collection!!! too stunning 🖤❤️💛

business woman means business !


take it easy today x

its so warm in los angeles
im melting


found these plastic sunflowers in the back of some tiny craft shop in dt los angeles and boy oh boy do i feel stupid for being this giddy about them

all fun and games

‪vintage jacket & ysl sneakers‬


cant wait to get back to this



post eclipse sunset in LA
i make fun of this place a lot, but ya know, sights like this never fail to remind me of why i adore it (also ps i ran up this hill and im f*cking dead rn 😍)

summers in california 👐🏻☀️

billie eilish in venice ⛓🍭

all the colors

getaway car

if i title this 'pretty lit' am i clever or annoying?

preview for a shoot im currently working on thats makin' my little heart flutter

what's behind door number one

mount hood // 35mm

cant believe this was over a year ago !! what a treasured time.

also my hair had some serious flOW 📸: @adrianbliss

my first attempt at film photography turned out pretty alright if i do say so myself // shot on a contax t2 with no retouching

successful weekend in the desert 🤠

thinking about new york

good morning darlings

through the countryside | uploaded a short video about the road trip i went on with my brother the other day | links in my bio if you wanna watch 👐🏻