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After months of reporting with @realbobwoodward , we're excited to announce our upcoming book, "Peril," which will be published by @simonandschuster on September 21.

An inspiring Saturday in Atlanta

July 4, 2021

Every Friday night during a global pandemic, @leahmargosis had helped me keep this @pbs @washingtonweekpbs program afloat, along with the rest of the team.

It’s been tough at times but she keeps me and everybody upbeat and focused.

🙏 📺

Debate season

Sunday night with my nieces

Happy Mother’s Day to my smart and generous mom, Dillon Costa.

A super Tuesday: talking Bernie Sanders and politics with longtime Phish drummer Jon Fishman and my buddy @jakesherman

Another week of the impeachment trial begins... stopped by @msnbc to discuss the latest news with @chucktodd before heading the Post

A great way to start 2020: talking about journalism with @lsu students who traveled to Iowa to cover the caucuses

Celebrating my niece Sloane Duncan’s second birthday

Jane Fonda and Diane Lane visited @postlive today for a conversation about climate change, oceans, and the challenges of activism during a turbulent moment in global politics.


World Champs!

Fellow Notre Dame grads, jam band kings, and tonight’s @theAnthemdc headliner @umphreysmcgee stops by @washingtonpost.

It was fun to give @xambassadors a tour of The Post today, a few hours before they play at @thelincolndc.

My sister, @ellencdunc
We’re in Virginia today for the wedding of our longtime friend, Matt Higgins.

Two Democratic presidential candidates stopped by @postlive this week for in-depth interviews.

I enjoyed speaking with both @andrewyang2020 and @betoorourke about their campaigns and policy positions. It was also fun to do an impromptu Q&A with guests on Wednesday morning about my reporting.

Two of Vermont’s best, Ryan and Angela Miller, are in town.

Ryan’s pants livened up the brunch scene at Le Dip.
cc: @guster


Ran into my friend Mark Landler, a longtime @WashingtonWeekpbs guest, outside 10 Downing Street.

He’s now the London bureau chief for the Times.

Asking the Vice President about judicial independence and press freedom in Poland, and the Polish president about Russia.

From Monday in Warsaw at the presidential palace.

Three Philly guys who love politics, laughing and talking about Kennedy and Nixon over steaks at Martin’s.

Not bad for a Tuesday night. (That’s my brother, James.)

@CoryBooker visits The Post.

Senator @BernieSanders visited @WashingtonPost on Tuesday for a one-on-one interview about his presidential campaign.

The “core four” of the Costa family: James, Tim, me, and Ellen.
The siblings, together again.

throwback to when @philiprucker and I hung out with Woodstein in late May

Today, the @washingtonpost kicked off its new “Post Live” series, “The 2020 Candidates,” with Mayor @pete.buttigieg of South Bend, Ind.

Enjoying a fun night in the Big Apple with my Post colleague Phil Rucker and two of our heroes:

Bob Woodward and Robert Caro, and his wonderful wife, Ina.

Warren and his wife Linda fed me the world’s best pizza every week during college.

I’d sit in a booth and work on homework for hours. A friendship I’ll always treasure.

@SpeakerPelosi stopped by @washingtonpost this morning for an in-depth interview on Congress, policy, and power.

Thanks to @cspan for airing it live.

One of my favorite musicians, @thejoepug , stopped by The Post today, along with his dad, Greg, and his manager, Don.

Maybe next time he’ll bring his guitar.

House Intelligence Committee chairman @repadamschiff and Trump confidant @repmarkmeadows stopped by The Post on Tuesday to discuss the Mueller report.

Monday night baseball with The Post’s Carlos Lozada, Greg Miller, and @wpdan

WETA’s Sharon Rockefeller has been a mentor and friend.

Today, we toasted my second anniversary as moderator of @PBS @washingtonweekpbs. Here’s to a great third year in the chair on Friday nights.

First draft of history w/ @philiprucker

Hoops night with brother Tim

with the legend, Carl Bernstein

I just met PBS’s biggest star, @danieltigertv @pbskids.

Quick weekend trip to Florida to see the @Phillies with my dad

good times with the Browns
go Hoyas 🏀

with some of the best: my brother Tim and @derekandsusan

catching with @anguskingmaine , Maine’s independent senator, on a busy day at the Capitol

four score

really fun catching up with @maxcollinsmusic tonight on his swing through D.C.

with @fitnesswastaken. We’ve known each other for over 16 years. His first band @eve6 just celebrated the 20th anniversary of its debut record.

such a fun night

I’m a lucky guy.

the best people

catching up with @timreynoldstr3 , the longtime guitarist for @davematthewsband , backstage in DC

cc: @jaketapper @jakesherman

Will the Senate pass criminal justice reform this month?

Or will the bipartisan bill get kicked into 2019?

Those were my main questions this morning for @senatorchuckgrassley and @durbincampaign , two powerful senators who are leading voices on the pending legislation.

seeing the legend @bobweir with a good crew

what a great conversation tonight on @washingtonweekpbs...

many thanks to Chuck, Molly, Mark, and Karoun

honored to host Bert Ifill, Gwen’s brother, at @washingtonweekpbs

catching up on the bus with my buds from @recklesskelly96

interviewing Larry Kudlow, the White House’s top economic adviser, about the market, trade, and the Fed

an interview with @vp about space policy and other issues @washingtonpostlive

dream team

what a fun evening... talked Shakespeare and Churchill with my old friend Allen Packwood from @cambridgeuniversity and Georgianna Ziegler...

check out the new exhibit if you’re on Capitol Hill

saw @firstmanmovie tonight with my buddy @granttanenbaum...

Ryan Gosling was terrific as Neil Armstrong

I love my job.

dinner with Notre Dame students and my good friend, Fr. Tim Scully, C.S.C.

all the way with LBJ

Reporting legend @realbobwoodward joins me, Friday, 8 p.m.

on @PBS @washingtonweekpbs , for a one-on-one conversation. Join us.

just gave a late night tour of DC to my cousins and their friends...

drove them by the Mueller offices and Breitbart Embassy and the Post, but I think they liked the stop at @milkbarstore the best.

Night 2 w/ @jakesherman @phish
Never miss a Sunday show.

with the legend, @doriskgoodwin

My friend and mentor @wpdan is here for the debut of the new @washingtonweekpbs set.

A legend at the Post — and one of journalism’s class acts.

interviewing Sec. Elaine Chao about transportation policy at a @washingtonpost event on Thursday morning

Seeing the dinosaurs today with my niece and goddaughter Dillon @thesistersduncan

Such an honor to be the commencement speaker at American University’s School of Public Affairs.

A special day for the grads! And thanks to President Burwell

If it’s Sunday...

special day for my cousin Dimitri, who was confirmed... and special for me to be his sponsor

my Saturday crew

PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger’s guidance and support for “Washington Week” has been important to me over the past year.

Tune in tonight, live at 8 p.m. Eastern on @PBS

James, Ellen, me, and Tim #siblings #family #yardleykids

Thanks to everyone who came to my Princeton event today.

The crowd and response were truly appreciated.

love my cousins, the Patterson girls of Charlottesville

always fun to talk politics with my friend @kasie

A1 w/ @jdawsey1

Two of my favorite people: my twin brother, James, and my goddaughter, Dillon.

Dillon is the eldest daughter of our sister, Ellen, and her husband, Paul.

Gaffigan! Hilarious tonight.. his opening riff on DC vs. Baltimore was 👌

catching up with Brendan Bayliss, singer and guitarist for Umphrey’s McGee #goirish

My favorite musician, @treyanastasio , playing in my neighborhood

On shutdown Sunday, Sen. Bob Corker goes causal... photo by @rogi87

Meeting Sloane, my second niece, for the first time.

She’s two weeks old and the daughter of @ellencdunc and @pedunc

Join me tonight for @washingtonweekpbs , 8 p.m. @pbs

Mom (left) and Dad (right) rooting on the Irish in the late 1970s #tbt photo discovered by @matthewearley

Meeting with voters in Alabama ahead of the state’s special election for U.S. Senate.

Photo by the Post’s @daveweigel

Sen. @ElizabethWarrenma talks to reporters, following a rally of critics of the Trump administration outside the CFPB


Enjoying a Notre Dame game with my dad on November 4

Visiting NYC to talk politics

Good weekend with fam

My desk

What a day

Caught up with Gavin DeGraw, who I used to cover years ago as a music reporter, at Old Ebb

Fun morning @meetthepress

It's been a thrill to be at @fresno_state for a football game.

I even got to meet @victorebulldog ! @josephicastro and his family have been so welcoming. I'll speak here Monday night about covering President Trump.

From earlier today: talking politics with Glenn Thrush and Katy Tur at @theatlantic @aspeninstitute Washington Ideas forum

Taping @charlierose
Airs late Tuesday @pbs

Tom Boswell, one of the great American sports writers

It was an honor to see the premiere of "The Vietnam War" with my dad on Tuesday.

@kenburnspbs is an American gem.

Fridays, 8 p.m. @PBS

There's a part of all of us that never really grows up.

I'll always be a diehard fan of the 1993 Phillies team. (I still collect memorabilia from that era.) Darren Daulton, No. 10, was one of the clubhouse leaders. RIP.

Hanging out with my favorite president at the Television Critics Association annual meeting

From earlier in the week: reading a book about caterpillars to my little goddaughter Dillon, all while finishing a story on the special congressional election.

Backstage at The Dead show in Bristow, VA with @jmartnyt @jakesherman and Dead drummer Mickey Hart

Last night of the tour. Dave and Tim show w/ @jakesherman.

My previous reporting life: covering jam bands for the Bucks County Courier Times.

This shot is from 2008, an interview with Chad from Dispatch. #tbt

When it starts to feel like summer, I get the itch to see @Phish.

From this month's @washingtonianmag

I ended up going to Notre Dame. And living in Washington.

Friday twilight

Stopping by Notre Dame #nofilter

Poster for PBS's "Washington Week" from 1987, when it was moderated by Paul Duke.

This year is the program's 50th anniversary.

My goddaughter and niece Dillon is growing up fast. This is from last week in Atlanta #latergram

#tbt An intense day inside the House chamber, January 2015, covering the vote for speaker.

More than two dozen Republicans dissented and did not support John Boehner. He'd retire by September.

Jesse Eisenberg and his family stopped by The Post newsroom today.

My colleagues and I gave them a tour and told stories over sandwiches. It was a lot of fun. A genuine, smart guy.

A decade ago, I was an intern for PBS's @CharlieRose.

Tonight, I'll guest host the program and interview David Brooks of The New York Times. It's a thrill and an honor.

"Ambassadeurs, Aristide Bruant," by Toulouse-Lautrec

My desk

Happy Friday

#tbt interviewing Dave and Tim, April 2008

Jazz Is Phish

South Side

Never gets old

Sunset tonight in Naples

Catching up with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer after @morningjoe.

Photo by @millerhawkins

Two stories on today's A1 with my teammates, @philiprucker and @ashleyrparker

Inside Statuary Hall during the inaugural luncheon.

I spoke briefly with Secretary Clinton, who was relaxed and polite--and didn't want to discuss Trump's speech. Also saw Jimmy Carter, who is up there in years (92!) but tough, alert and a brisk walker.

View from my seat

Man in the crowd


I first met then Senator Barack Obama in 2007. Nearly a decade later, it's the end of an era.

One of my faves, @katyturnbc

Feels good to be back at the Capitol and working with @philiprucker and @mikedebonis on big stories

Starting the day on C-SPAN

Phish, night 2


Earlier today, I spoke to 72 MBA students at @stanfordbusiness about the 2016 campaign.

Post-election panel

Simi Valley

USC vs. ND #vacation

Post-election panel at Georgetown University

Sunday night at 30 Rock with Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd and Hallie Jackson, who was on the debate team with me at Pennsbury High School

Cliff, my sister's dog

Friday night Phish

Swing state craps at the @washingtonpost debate party


Go Irish

A bottle of red, a bottle of white / It all depends upon your appetite /

I'll meet you any time you want

Taking a snap from the @msnbc set
Photo by @jheilemann

What a time to be alive -- and be a political reporter.

cc: @philiprucker

The media center #debate

The MSNBC rundown #debate

When you're on TV... but not on MSNBC talking about Donald Trump.

That's a rare, fun night.

Game 1 of the National League Division Series. Nationals vs. Dodgers.

Beautiful fall night in Washington. Box seat behind home plate.

About to tape PBS's @charlierose show from the Washington Post's in-house studio



One on one with Chris Matthews on MSNBC, just minutes before the presidential debate

Speaker Paul Ryan meets voters at Serbian Fest in Mount Pleasant, Wis., ahead of his Tuesday primary

The Post's David Maraniss, who has written the definitive biographies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, watches Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, just hours before Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Covering the Democratic convention with @philiprucker

Photo by @pkcapitol

Back home #philly

John Popper

The 42nd president

Talking politics in Cleveland with some Post colleagues:

Scott Wilson, Matea Gold, and Margaret Sullivan

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell huddle backstage Thursday at the Republican National Convention.

Republicans gather

Bernie Sanders, moments before boarding his campaign's chartered plane. SFO - LAX ✈️


Bernie Sander's motorcade has the Bay Bridge to itself as it approaches San Francisco on Monday

The senator at sunset

Weekend with Bernie

Brunch with cousins

The view from The Washington Post's NYC office

Monday, 7:00 am sharp, kicking off the week on MSNBC's @morningjoe before heading to the @washingtonpost

Stopping by Notre Dame on a cool April evening

My goddaughter, Dillon

After a late night at work I jumped on the Orange line bound for Vienna.

Caught the last part of Ben Ottewell's set. I'm glad I did.

Monday night lights

Primary eve

I just stopped by 500 Bay Lane. This property is where Richard Nixon used to spend many weekends as president.

It was his private retreat, his sanctuary. Reporters called it his "Winter White House."

Temple Square

Deer Valley

Super Tuesday

Just arrived in Charleston on the eve of the South Carolina primary with my Washington Post colleagues, Dan Balz and Phil Rucker

Kasich at twilight

Big day in South Carolina for Sen. Marco Rubio, who picked up the endorsement of Gov. Nikki Haley

The Palmetto State


The Bern

At the Red Arrow diner with my longtime friend @smerconish to talk politics on @siriusxm

It's primary morning in New Hampshire. I ran into Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the hotel lobby.

He told me he's the "most calm I've been."

Taping "Charlie Rose" for PBS. I'm on with Stuart Stevens, who served as Mitt Romney's strategist during the 2012 campaign.

What it looks like when you're about to go on @morningjoe at a hotel bar in New Hampshire

On the campaign bus with Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Nelson Rockefeller in New Hampshire, 1964

A faded portrait of John and Jackie Kennedy hangs on the wall of a New Hampshire pizza shop

Caucus day



Trump boards his Citation X, heading back to New York after campaigning in Iowa.

The jet is emblazoned with his company's gold seal.

Trump's private plane lands in Muscatine, Iowa



Fiorina and Huckabee do live TV after the undercard debate

About to go on @morningedition

On the @hardball set with @hallie_gram , a top-notch correspondent for NBC and my friend going back to our days together at Pennsbury High School

See you Sunday

Sen. Marco Rubio talks up his blue-collar roots and vocational education as he speaks at a town-hall meeting.

The setting: an auto shop that's part of a community college.

Gov. John Kasich makes his case at another town hall, grinding away in New Hampshire.

Breakfast in Manchester, N.H.

On the presidential campaign trail with @philiprucker , covering a Trump rally on a bitter cold night in New Hampshire.

Photo by @saraemurray

Trump rallies the faithful in Lowell, Mass., a few miles from the New Hampshire border

Kicking off a sure to be wild 2016 the right way: Phish at the Garden, again


30 Rock

The construction crew just put this up at the new @washingtonpost newsroom.

Donald Trump, trailed by Secret Service and joined by his wife, stopped by the NBC set following the Las Vegas debate.

Outside The Venetian, about to discuss the GOP debate on @msnbc with Rachel Maddow

Hugh Hewitt, Dan Balz, and Phil Rucker discuss the upcoming Republican debate

The red carpet at @washingtonpost 's reception, one day before the Republican candidates debate in Las Vegas

Chinatown soul

Costa family, Christmas 2015

Sunrise over sleepy Washington as my flight soars slowly over the Potomac, almost drifting toward the runway.

Dan Balz, Marty Baron, and Carl Bernstein look on as the Post prepares to close its longtime newsroom.

Friday night at Ben's

While stopping by the @washingtonpost library with @jameshohmann , I came across this special edition from August 1974.

It was published just after Nixon resigned. That roster was one for the ages.

My colleague @philiprucker is on vacation in Spain. He is also on A1. A classic Rucker move.

Check out our story on "Super Tuesday."

Farewell, Iowa

Rubio ends the day in snow-covered West Des Moines, calling the election a "generational choice" as Iowans in heavy coats look on.

A packed room for Cruz at 10:20pm in Des Moines, following a lengthy faith forum.

Aides opened up the back to let more people listen.

Rep. Steve King works the crowd for Cruz in Des Moines


On a snowy Friday night, seven Republican presidential candidates speak to Iowa evangelicals.

I was a panelist today at UVA's annual politics conference in Washington.

Many thanks to Professor Larry Sabato for the invitation.

I'm watching the Sunday talk shows with my goddaughter and niece, Dillon.

She's 3 months old and had her Baptism on Saturday.

Stopping by @morningjoe

Kasich under the bright lights, touting his performance in a post-debate interview with MSNBC

Santorum huddles with his advisers in the filing center.

"Be nice," he suggested a moment earlier as he leaned over my laptop.

Here we go...

Huckabee and a sea of television cameras

The spin room: Santorum talks to Jerry Seib on Fox.

Steps away, Santorum aide Matt Beynon talks to @mevanh.

I'm about to go on @hardball , live from the GOP debate

Gov. Bobby Jindal meets the press in the spin room

What it's like covering a Republican primary debate:

black coffee, Macbook, chargers, network sets, a loud TV feed, and lingering campaign operatives. To my left is @edatpost , to my right is @daveweigel.

Hundreds of reporters are hunched over laptops as the Republican "undercard" debate airs on @foxbusiness.

So far, Christie has had a strong performance.

Speaker Ryan finishes an interview with @mevanh

The filing center at noon, hours before the GOP debate.

I'm in seat #8 , all the way up front with my @washingtonpost colleagues.

Sunday's A1: a report on the Republican presidential race with the one and only @philiprucker

Getting ready for the second set of Dead & Company

Look who I found backstage: the Senate's leading Deadhead, Sen. Patrick Leahy

At the Dead and Company show featuring @johnmayer

Hanging out with Kathleen Parker, my @washingtonpost colleague and a Pulitzer Prize winner, at NBC studios.

We're about to go on "MTP Daily" with @chucktodd.

A front page of friends: @philiprucker on Jeb Bush, @wesleylowery on law enforcement, and @edatpost (with me) on the GOP

#tbt On Friday, I'm going to see John Mayer with the Dead at the Verizon Center.

Two of my favorite rock acts, together on tour. Here's Mayer at my senior prom, May 2004.

C-SPAN stopped by my desk in the newsroom this morning to interview me about my work

Today's A1 with @daveweigel and @farhip on Trump and the Republican primary debates

Paul strategist Chris LaCivita and Carson manager Barry Bennett huddle in Old Town late Sunday, post GOP debate meeting

Carson campaign manager Barry Bennett arrives

Team Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee and Chip Saltsman, arrive to the GOP debate summit

On the "Washington Week" set with Gwen Ifill

Goodnight, Boulder

h/t @lukerussert for the photo

Carson arrives at the debate site. As ever, he's calm.

About to go on @facethenation

I'm spending the morning at Pennsbury High School, judging a speech and debate tournament.

These students are part of a model Congress.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), all smiles and poised to become the next House speaker, arrives Thursday morning to a meeting on Capitol Hill.

Go Irish, beat Trojans

Celebrating 30 with my twin brother @jamesecosta , his wife @meghandeecee , and our parents.

A trio of kids plays football in the shadows of glories past, of Rockne and Leahy, Ara and Lou.

I'm about to go on @morningjoe from Notre Dame's basketball arena.

I'm here for meetings, a little vacation, and the ND-USC game.

On the @meetthepress set with @chucktodd , about to go on msnbc's "MTP Daily"

About to go on @facethenation

PBS tonight: I'll be at the table with @charlieroseshow to discuss Donald Trump

At the legendary West Side headquarters for CBS's "60 Minutes" operation, guided by my brother Tim.

He produces for "60 Minutes Sports" and is killing it. #futureEmmywinner

Team WaPo on assignment at Trump Tower. Go to to read our interview with the Republican front-runner.

East Village

Trey Anastasio plays "Blaze On" at The New Yorker festival

Nixon booth at Martin's

Spotted on Capitol Hill: a long-shot contender for speaker, making his case to the people

A memorial for African-American soldiers who fought in the Union Army during the Civil War

Eastern Shore

Stopping by my favorite coffee shop in Old Town

"Inside Politics" set

downtown Los Angeles

#tbt talking with Charlie Rose on set in 2006 when I was working as his intern/researcher.

Tonight, I'm on his late-night show, PBS's "Charlie Rose," to discuss the GOP debate.

Hollywood Hills

Over coffee this morning, Dr. Ben Carson told me he's ready for Trump at the debate:

"I may be soft-spoken. I'm also from Detroit."

In the green room for ABC's "This Week," about to head to the studio for our panel discussion

Go Irish! The game nearly gave me a heart attack and depression, but ND pulled it out with our second-string QB.

Wake up the echoes!

Ran into Virginia's governor at the Virginia game

great to see @larrysabato before the ND-Virginia game

at Ben Bradlee's library in Georgetown with @philiprucker


The hug




Labor Day #nationals #nofilter

At the national book festival with David Maraniss

Friday night at the Nats with The Post's Dan Balz


David Broder, 1972. Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Book of the week


meta CNN

photo by @maevereston

Goodnight from Hollywood

The @realtimers set

Santorum has a little fun backstage at @realtimers. "The price is wrong, Bob," he says.

Rodeo Drive

Just met with Ben Stein, Nixon's former speechwriter #losangeles #ferrisbueller

Drinks and laughs in Beverly Hills with Carl Bernstein

15th & M

Frank Luntz begins a focus group of Trump supporters in Virginia

Old Town with Dad

Fox News Sunday


The Wash Post's Alabama / Gulf Coast bureau, at least until I catch my flight later today


Tailgating for Trump

A simmering hot day in Mobile. Trump's lectern awaits.

En route to Mobile

America, summer 2015

Photo by Melina Mara, The Washington Post



At Hardball with my colleague, Eugene Robinson

With my brother Tim and cousin Cormac at Phish show in Maryland

Right turns only!

Watching Rubio at TownHall bar in Cleveland

Front page, above fold of Wednesday's Plain Dealer

The welcome sign at the Cleveland airport

During an early morning walk, I spotted a praying mantis slowly climbing Capitol Hill.

I'll leave any interpretation of this up to you.

Vacation dinner with my cousins @ Duck Sauce in Newtown, Pa.




Current and former Washington Post writers at CBS's "Face the Nation"

Guster at Wolf Trap, a warm night in Vienna, Va.

Toad the Wet Sprocket, live at the Birchmere

About to go live on MSNBC from beneath the gold-domed capitol of New Jersey, talking Christie with Rachel Maddow


Livingston Bagel, a few blocks from Chris Christie's high school

View from Amtrak, Perryville, Md., over the outlet of the Susquehanna River into the Chesapeake Bay

Florida Avenue Grill, Washington, D.C..

Kochel watches from above as Bush chats with Hannity in Derry

Bush comes to Derry, N.H.

Look who I ran into tonight in NH: Anne Gearan!


Park City, Utah

Tagg Romney

Kasich at the Romney retreat in Park City, Utah

John Kadlecik jams on "Deal," a Jerry Garcia tune, at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown

The Washington Post's Saxonburg, Pa., bureau, at least for today.

Pins for sale at Santorum's announcement

Santorum, all smiles

Foster Friess at the Santorum rally

Franco Harris welcomes you to Pittsburgh International Airport

Dave Matthews Band digs into "Lie in Our Graves" in Bristow, Va.

This morning, I met R. Lee Ermey from "Full Metal Jacket"

At Clinton's news conference today, I asked her about Iraq and the Islamic State.

She said she doesn't support sending more U.S. ground troops there to fight.

New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton surrounded by boxes and kegs of "Baltic Porter" and "Old Brown Dog Ale"

A pint of water awaits Clinton at Smuttynose Brewery

#tbt Sen. Ted Kennedy considers a presidential bid

LOOK magazine, Aug. '71

The greatest hotel room in NH (for us baseball fans) may be at Manchester's Hilton Garden Inn, overlooking the AA team for the Blue Jays

The sign at Pizza Ranch in Story City, Iowa

On msnbc with Chris Hayes, live from Cedar Falls

Life on the trail, where a treadmill can be an office

Clinton in Iowa: four people at a table, a couple rows of invited guests, dozens of reporters

Judd Saul, a GOP activist, outside Clinton's event

Progressives protest outside Clinton event in Cedar Falls, urge her to oppose TPP

Downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa, right out of a Rockwell painting.

Clinton will be here soon for a small-business roundtable.

The Mason City, Iowa, home where Clinton will soon appear for a private organizing event with Democratic activists

Listen to Yoda

Bob Weir and the band, "Fire on the Mountain"

at "Dear Jerry" w/ @jakesherman. Phil Lesh kicks it off with "The Wheel."

In light of the Brady news, a note on the NFL commissioner's father, the late Charles Goodell.

The elder Goodell, a moderate N.Y. Republican, served in the House and was appointed by Rockefeller to the Senate in 1968 following RFK's death. He lost in 1970 to William F. Buckley's brother, Jim.

That year, 1970, is also notable in Patriots history. The team played its final season as the Boston Patriots and used Harvard Stadium as its home field.

Just wrapped the Nieman-U. Chicago conference on covering the 2016 campaign.

The two-day gathering was invigorating and illuminating. Many thanks to the organizers -- especially David Axelrod, who provided boxed lunches from Manny's deli.

Fog settles over Chicago, as seen from Navy Pier

Axelrod, Schmidt, and Halperin talk 2016 at the Nieman-U. Chicago conference

The Lego Death Star at the Google office in Chicago

Dozens of political reporters in the Windy City for the Nieman-U. Chicago conference

Harry Caray's steakhouse, Chicago

#tbt interviewing Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Steve King at the Capitol, August 2014

Photo by Alex Wong, Getty

Jeb Bush's long-game strategy has echoes of Romney.

My latest w/ Matea Gold for @washingtonpost looks at the Bush camp's outlook and donor jitters at this early stage.

Photo by Melina Mara, The Washington Post

Dinner at Rocco's, South Bend, Ind. With @jamesecosta , @c_h_johnson , and @meghandeecee

golf at Notre Dame

Catching up with legendary TV producer Kathy O'Hearn, Saturday at the msnbc party

Getting ready for "Inside Politics" with John King, Julie Davis, Nia-Malika Henderson, and Steve Inskeep

Worlds collide! Bob Costas meets Bob Costa

On the stump in Derry, N.H.

Walker on the trail: winning the vote of Luke Nelson, 4

Mary Ann's Diner, Derry, N.H.

Only in New Hampshire

Walker in Nashua tonight: heavy on his Wisconsin record

Walker makes his Saturday night pitch to a longtime Bush family ally, NH power broker John Sununu

The life of a presidential contender: constant requests for pictures

Rand Paul's scrum

Above the fold in Union Leader: Jim Gilmore

Good morning, Manchester

Standing ovation for Bush in Nashua

Christie courts Granite Staters, pitches changes to Social Security and Medicare

For White House hopefuls, this is the NFL. Reporters and cameras from around the country and world.

New York Rep. Peter King makes his case, knocking Cruz and GOP hardliners

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, readying to take the stage in Nashua

The cardboard, life-size Rand Paul

What it looks like from the lectern, Crowne Plaza hotel, Nashua

Bolton-Pataki 2016? When I mention the possibility, they laugh and shake hands

The ballroom here in Nashua is actually pretty small compared to most cattle calls

Rick Perry's adds a little Texas swagger to the Granite State motto

Bush's PAC is distributing memos on his "conservative record" to NH voters

Trump's table: candy, a frap, and a placard

Watch out, Jeb: Ben Carson shrugs off Bush fatigue, uses W. on his pamphlets

Rand Paul's swag

Look who's at the Red Arrow with Mrs. Pataki

Christie hosts a town-hall meeting in Londonderry, N.H.

Christie greets diners at Chez Vachon in Manchester, N.H.

The Red Arrow Diner, Manchester, N.H.

Only in New Hampshire... stopping by Saint Anselm College

Early Saturday morning hit on "CBS This Morning" to discuss Secretary Clinton's presidential bid

"With a campaign launch, aiming for a magic moment," my story today w/ @philiprucker

John King and Lisa Lerer prepare for CNN's "New Day"

From Monday night's "Hardball"

Easter brunch with my sister and family in Atlanta. Check out the wall of Dead songs.

A message for O'Malley?

Ready for Teddy? The '76 campaign that never was.

Jam band for Jimmy, the Carter presidential library in Atlanta

Miller's, the bar in Charlottesville where Dave Matthews once tended bar

Secretary Clinton speaks to camp counselors in Atlantic City

#tbt interviewing Mitt Romney in New York, March 2010 - he was still in the political wilderness, waiting for another shot at the Republican nomination

Washington at sunset

The Bush-Walker rivalry heats up. My story today w/ @edatpost

Jukebox the Ghost, live at 9:30 Club

At National Press Club, Sen. Bernie Sanders talks about "coalition politics" and his winding rise in Vermont

The cookie spread at the National Press Club ahead of a luncheon speech by Sen. Sanders

Jeb Bush at CPAC

UW-Madison students rally for Walker at CPAC

Chuck Laudner -- Trump's Iowa strategist -- and his son, Jon, work the halls at CPAC

Fritz Brogan, the Florida man who organized the pro-Jeb buses to CPAC

For Bobby Jindal, a Fox primary

Foster Friess, in blue, backstage at CPAC. The GOP mega-donor remains close with Rick Santorum.

Bolton arrives with his "old-school litigation bag" in hand

Intense CPAC attendees vote in the straw poll. Rand Paul won it in 2013 and 2014

Timothy Finn, 55, on his outfit: "I actually wear this when I work out"

Ben Carson supporters have blanketed CPAC with promotional materials - pins, posters, pamphlets

The "premium lounge" in the CPAC ballroom. Kind of like a club with the white leather couches, kind of like IKEA.

What it's like to be a CPAC speaker: bright lights, big stage, and a countdown clock.

Unlike the Oscars, however, music doesn't interrupt if you go long.

Let's go Caps

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina gives the Post her take on "House of Cards"

The epic wedding of Jake and Irene Sherman

Run Warren Run meets at the Ames public library

Perry discusses his visit to Auschwitz with Jewish community leaders

Rick Perry makes a breakfast stop at Maccabees deli in Des Moines

Inside the Huckabee bus. There are bags of Famous Dave's BBQ for the post-book signing meal

Huckabee speaks of a "spiritual uprising" at Walnut Creek church in Iowa

Team Huck: Chip Saltsman, Sarah Huckabee, and Alice Stewart

Cookies, punch, and copies of "God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy" await Huckabee in Windsor Heights, Iowa

Huckabee, post speech, signs books in Des Moines

Jim Gilmore holds court in Iowa

Scott Walker meets with Iowa activists after his well-received speech

the view from the cheap seats at the Iowa Freedom Summit

Rep. Steve King works the phone as he prepares for Saturday's summit

Cruz holds court at the Capitol

Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, who ran for speaker today, and his son, Brent.

Speaker candidate Gohmert huddles with Tom Massie

A Sunday sunset, as seen from my window

Proud of my cousin Sean, who just graduated from the Baltimore County Police Academy @bacopolicefire

For Jindal, tonight's speech is all about introducing himself to Iowa's rank and file, trying to build a base of support

Gov. Bobby Jindal meets the press in West Des Moines

Iowa in winter, a year before caucus season

greetings from City Lights booksellers, San Francisco

King, Bachmann, Cruz, and Gohmert

Steve King prays before his news conference on immigration

Trey Anastasio, live at 9:30 Club

Thankful for our veterans

Happy Thanksgiving

greetings from New Orleans

Walker makes his closing argument to GOP crowd

For sale at the local GOP rally in SE WI: brats and the champagne of beers

The buttons at the GOP "fall fest" in Paul Ryan's district

Getting ready for "Hardball" at NBC's Washington bureau

King says he invited Cruz to speak to House Republicans over breakfast on Wednesday

Churchill's bust at the Capitol

Leaving wild and wonderful West Virginia, passing over the Shenandoah River

Warren works the room