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I haven’t bedazzled anything since I was 22

the problem with this author shirt is that it’s made of honey

so very grateful to have been a part of this beautiful film with such an amazing cast.

big thanks to @jamie_sisley and much love to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen 🖤

TW: graphic wording and mentions of violence. please read with caution, friends!!


Artwork: @alex.albadree

The fight for Rodney Reed continues. Make sure to follow, stay updated with, and support @reedjusticeinitiative
There are actions in their bio you can take today!

so…no hidden meaning in the flan

no reagan, I’m ha-truth-inating

slides via @soyouwanttotalkabout
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TW: swipe with caution

head to my stories for additional links, funds, and recourses

Slides From @impact
Slides By @annie_wu_22

Thank you @annie_wu_22 and @everydayracism_ for putting together this set of informational graphics. The cover photo is by @kimvhyatt for @startribune

he just shows up out of the boo

cece the woman!?

We MUST stand with the AAPI community, friends. So let’s make ourselves useful.

If we’re going to end this relentless violence and hatred and the evil of white supremacy, and we ARE going to end it, we need to show up. So swipe and take action. ✊🏼

Thank you @kimsaira and @annie_wu_22 for putting together these slides.

it’s like a witch’s house in here David

i don’t care if you eat all the pasta in the world and die of pasta explosion

why is Jim treating the magician poorly?

The brilliant founder of @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ was kind enough to sit down with me and educate us on the unbelievable child marriage crisis in the U.S.

and the work his organization is doing to change things. Please give this a watch to learn a bit about the work they’re doing, and follow @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ to stay active in this fight. This is a group led by and for young people, so get into this movement friends!✊🏼
Thank you again @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ for sitting down for a great chat!

Although at first glance it may seem as though it is, or should be, an incredibly outdated issue, child marriage is a HUGE problem in the U.S today.

Child marriage is actually LEGAL IN 46 STATES. Most of these states don’t set a limit for the age difference between child and spouse, some don’t even specify a minimum age for a child to be married, and a lot of loopholes and legal exceptions exist to keep these systems of child abuse in place. Thousands of children (most of which are young girls) are forced into abusive, toxic marriages with partners much older than them every year. Luckily, there is a fantastic organization of young people working hard to change this. I’ll be going live today at 1pm PST with @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ to talk about their organization, how exactly they go about fighting child marriage in the U.S, and how we can all get involved. Follow @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ and be sure to tune in. Let’s learn and take action together friends✊🏼

Artwork from: @studentsagainstchildmarriage_ and by @elyssagos

what do we want? pies! when do we want it? pies!

(Read with caution)
Swipe up in my stories to take direct action, or head to for the list of links to get involved.

Go ahead, friends✊🏼
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Slides By: @soyouwanttotalkabout
Art By: @alex.albadree

an all out karate riot

m&m 🥰
streaming now on @netflix

Trigger Warning! Please read with caution, friends.

Swipe to the last slide for action steps. I couldn’t find any emails so we’re going to make some calls. Spread the word and head to my story for the GoFundMe link.
Slides and Information from - @soyouwanttotalkabout
Artwork By- @alex.albadree

new episodes of Mr.Iglesias are streaming now on @netflix and these cool kids on these cool stairs think it’d be pretty cool of you to watch.

so check em out friends!

what’s cuter, @fabrizioguido or my hat?

hang tight friends🍎

bodies by jason

did you miss us?
december 8th, only on @netflix

they say you never forget your first time

2/3 sanderson sisters🕸

(fyi, Rie and I enjoyed halloween responsibly, taking special care concerning covid.

stay careful and safe friends!)

The mayor, DA, and police commissioner have all promised proper action.

Let’s ensure that they keep their word.





And call mayor Kenney: 215-686-2181

And let them know you want a full, thorough investigation into the murder of Walter Wallace Jr., in which the officers responsible for his death are held fully accountable.

Get to it friends✊🏼

cause I’m the best dancer at st. bernadette’s

From @contodonetflix 🖤:
When asked about the Latina characters who inspire her, @creecicchino points to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

" @melissafumero and @stephaniebeatriz characters, Amy and Rosa, were the first time I really saw Latina representation on a show that I [connected] to," shares the Ecuadorian-American actress. "There were no stereotypes, [their identity] wasn't their whole storyline. They were two Latina characters who weren't related, and it wasn't a “thing” to have the two of them – because that's what the world looks like! They're incredible. I'd love to see more roles like that."

art by @valheria123

Sixteen friends. Millions of followers. One message: MAKE YOUR VOTE PLAN!⁣

If you’re an eligible voter, please vote. If people in your life are eligible voters please encourage them to vote. Don’t just stop there MAKE YOUR VOTE PLAN to figure out how you’ll be voting!

There are different laws in different states so make sure to learn more by checking out @iamavoter , @rockthevote , @whenweallvote , @votedotorg. ⁣

This election decides who our president will be. But that’s not all! There are important initiatives, policies, and positions on the ballot as well. And let’s be real: our future is on the ballot. ⁣

There’s no room to remain inactive friends! You know how important this is! We care about voting! We hope you do too!

So let’s get it✊🏼

Art by: @zeaink

register #todaywewillvote

head to to learn more✊🏼 @civilrightsorg @allvotingislocal #andstillivote

yeah, and at the end of the play he, he got up you know...and he just started like, banging his hands together

I’m incredibly grateful to have sat down with a brilliant woman today for a chat about anti-racism

work, the Pursue Black Liberation 21 Day Challenge, and how us young people can show up for Black liberation. After you watch, follow @moemotivate and engage (RESPECTFULLY!) with her work to begin your work in anti-racism. Thank you @moemotivate again for giving us your time, insight, education (and some laughs) today. And thank you to the friends who joined us live!


I’m going live TODAY at 2:30 pm PST, with @moemotivate to talk about her work as an anti-racism educator, and her recently launched Pursue Black Liberation 21 Day Challenge (which I’m currently completing) I’d love for you to join me for a thoughtful conversation with a brilliant woman. Tune in!

for some scenes in the sleepover, cree secretly wore these purple pants.

because cree was scared of the bugs. but cree never, and I mean NEVER, took off the beret.

Friends! Black liberation is for everyone (yes!

everyone!) and I'm excited to announce that I'm joining the #PursueBlackLiberationChallenge created by Monique Melton  @moemotivate , anti-racism educator, author, international speaker and host of the Shine Brighter Together Podcast. This is a 21-day challenge that officially ‪starts on September 21st‬ (but you can join anytime after that) and we will be focusing on doing the work to build a daily practice of anti-racism by pursuing Black liberation. The challenge is completely free and is designed in a way for you to take practical and sustainable anti-racism action everyday. It’s meant to get you started on your lifetime work of anti-racism. Will you join me in the challenge? Click the link in @moemotivate bio to sign up or swipe up in my stories. Tag 3 others that you're inviting to join you in this challenge too. Let's get it friends✊🏼

I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with an incredible man, who survived wrongful incarceration and injustice starting when he was just a teenager.

Huwe Burton was generous enough to join me and share with us his story, some education on the court system in America, and his personal experience with The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization which works to end mass incarceration in the U.S. After you watch, give @innocenceproject a follow, and click the link in my bio to get involved with their work. Their client, Pervis Payne, is currently on death row. You can learn about his case and take action at, or just swipe up in my stories and head straight there. Also, big thanks to @blairimani for helping me prepare for this interview! Take action friends✊🏼

my arms don’t seem to be responding to my brain anymore

Friends! Vote! If you haven’t already, register! This is my first time too. We gotta get on it!

We can’t just leave this up to old people like @therealcooperbarnes Right @joeybragg ?

rubber plastic metal glass

fear does not exist in this dojo

I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.

Trigger Warning!!! Please be cautious in reading and viewing this post.

On Monday, Dijon Kizzee was shot and killed by LA deputies over a “vehicle violation” concerning his bicycle. Multiple witnesses heard upwards of ten gunshots and saw officers continue to shoot once he was on the ground. #dijonkizzee
Here’s Some Action To Take:

Swipe up in my story to sign the @colorofchange petition

Contact the following officials and demand accountability for the murder of Dijon Kizzee.


LA County DA (assisting in the investigation)

Email: info

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

Email: mayor.helpdesk

South LA Sheriffs Station

Number: 323-820-6700

@sadieastanley and I did this for 2 1/2 months, I’m not kidding. don’t let it be for nothing.

go watch the sleepover. on @netflix now😉

Join @rockthevote for their specialized streaming event, We Vote, We Rise, honoring the power of women, Monday August 31st.

You can also email:

Kenosha DA -
Michael D. Graveley


Kenosha Police Dept Chief-
Daniel G. Miskinis

Kenosha Mayor-
John Antaramian

Get to it friends✊🏼

Info and Graphics From:

take that jacket off. because I’m falling in love with you.

the sleepover. on @netflix now.

my flash drive is a little watermelon cause I just adore the summertime

Friends, we’ve written letters for Michael Thompson before.

He’s in his late sixties and was arrested 25 years ago for selling weed (which is now legal in Michigan where he was arrested). The 3 remaining decades of his sentence basically mean he’s serving life for selling weed. There’s nothing to justify this sentence, and no more argument is needed to prove he needs to come home, but even more, guards and staff have testified heartily on his kind character and spotless behavior.
Now, he’s in the prison hospital with Covid-19, and he’s being denied the proper care. He needs to be freed ASAP! Use the emails above to demand that the parole board release Michael Thompson. Send em out TODAY friends. There’s no time to waste.✊🏼

damn it, I can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere

I really wasn’t going to address this, but being someone who’s grown up in front of you, and someone who’s trying to be more open, I feel I have to.

So, to everyone that’s been commenting on my body and weight for a few days.....stop. I don’t know what your goal or reasoning is, but I don’t like letting harm slide on this page. And what you’re doing is definitely harmful.
Regardless of whether you genuinely think someone looking differently than they did at 13 makes them fat or is something that needs to be changed, or if in your quest to mindlessly shame women for their bodies you just resort to outdated offenses (being fat isn’t offensive, so super weird burn and points for being doubly problematic) you really can’t comment on people’s bodies on this app. Or any app. Or anywhere. Anytime. You have no idea what my relationship to my body is. You have no idea what my relationship to food or exercise is. You have no idea how your opinion of my body affects my mental health. So what is making you so confident that it’s okay to say anything about these things? I’m not “famous” or a “celebrity” or just a page on your screen. I’m an actual person. I see what people say on my photos. And the comments on my body as of recently, make me incredibly uncomfortable. So stop. And take some time to unpack why you’re so comfortable instructing women on what to do with their bodies. And if anyone reading this has been told what to do with their body, or if people have a problem with you feeling comfortable in your skin, kindly tell them to fuck off.

Friends! Are you ready for the premiere of THE SLEEPOVER coming out this Friday, August 21st on Netflix?!

Maxwell and I are teaming up to challenge some friends to have the most EPIC sleepover ever. Check out their posts on YouTube and TikTok this week for some tips and tricks on how it's done, then let's see if you can do it better! Post a photo of your own sleepover set-up on Instagram and use the hashtag #TheSleepoverChallenge. Tag your favorite influencer for a chance to be featured on their Instagram story!
We can’t wait to see your epic sleepover creations and for you all to watch the movie!

I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know I was rhyming those words.

A group of sexist, racist, white men in Missouri are currently trying to introduce a piece of

legislation that would remove the newly re-elected Circuit Attorney (an elected official chosen BY THE PEOPLE) Kim Gardner. Gardner has gone strong against mass incarceration and holds cops accountable. She is threatened and harassed ruthlessly. She also just won on a land slide.
Let’s break this down: Conservative white men in Missouri hate a black woman in power. Especially when she is working to dismantle the systems built by and for white supremacy. So they are trying to undermine voters (and democracy!) in an attempt to remove her.
That’s so not about to happen.
The Missouri State Legislature are voting on this tomorrow morning! We’ve gotta act now! Head to to take action.

ya girl got to play host for a friendly round of games with your favorite sitcom dads, to celebrate our crossover event Game On (streaming on @netflix now😉) enjoy me in a blazer.

and enjoy these very cool dads. @fluffyguy @jencarlosmusic @wwethebigshow

Game On, a special comedy crossover event is on @netflix now!

give it a watch to see a special new episode of @mriglesiasnetflix and find out what all this is about.

see you in June @jaheemtoombs 🖤

Want to learn more about the ever-evolving relationship between trans representation on screen and the actual trans community, directly from talented trans creatives and artists themselves?

Me too. Go watch Disclosure on Netflix.

I hope you’re all still taking action for Elijah McClain.

Follow @justiceforelijahmcclain and click the link in their bio to take action steps DAILY. It’s been nearly a year and there’s still no accountability for the murder of Elijah. We can’t forget him. Go ahead friends✊🏼
Art By: @lookidrewyou

August 21. On @netflix

thank you @refinery29

Made the calls? Sent the emails? Signed the petitions? Do it again. Do it daily.

You can click the link in my bio to get started. They want us to forget her. We won’t.
Image From: @justiceforbreonnataylor

did some fun things with @rivalmagla 🖤
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was severely lacking a red lip and @thelipbar came thru!

vegan, cruelty free, and made for everyone💋check em out friends!

ya girl officially has ink. she matches mama now 🖤 #internationaltattooday

i know you’ve all wanted to see me in a yellow beret’re welcome. #TheSleepover @netflix

Already made calls? Already signed petitions? Wondering what else you can do for Elijah McClain.

@justiceforelijahmcclain has us covered. We’ve got mailboxes to fill!!
Sat down today to write some letters to send to officials with the power to bring about justice for Elijah. Swipe for addresses and head to @justiceforelijahmcclain for even more info! Tag me in pics of you writing your letters and sending them off, and I’ll throw em up on my story! We’ve got this friends! Let’s get to work✊🏼
Info From: @justiceforelijahmcclain
Art By: @czillustration

Still no accountability. Have you been taking action for #breonnataylor daily friends?

Making calls? Sending emails? Don’t let her name fade away. Don’t let her murder be forgotten. Dedicate time each day to take action for Breonna Taylor. We’ve got to. They want us to slow down. We cannot. Click the link in my bio to get started. #justiceforbreonnataylor #arrestthecopswhokilledbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter ART BY: @alicexz

here’s one of my favorite @mriglesiasnetflix Part 2 bloops to make you smile.

we were just grabbing some audio and @fluffyguy and @jokoy had some fun. enjoy friends.

Fighting injustice is a daily practice friends. We have to keep pushing. Every day.

Until we hit those goals we’ve got lined up. Even if you’ve already taken action for Breonna Taylor, (even these specific actions!) do them again. Do them daily. Until her murderers are held accountable. It’s our responsibility. Swipe for action steps. And hit the link in my bio for even more. Thanks friends✊🏼
Graphic: @allyhickson
Calls To Action: @grassrootslaw

Warning: Some details of this post may be distressing. Proceed with caution friends.

Elijah McClain was a beautiful young soul. His murderers need to be held accountable. Right now. Swipe to read about his death. Swipe for some calls to action. And click the link in my story for even more. (If you can’t find it, head into my Sign/Call highlight and click till you see Elijah. Then swipe up.) Get to work friends✊🏼 Graphics: @realmikecolter
Calls to Action: @justiceforelijahmcclain

And click the link in my bio for tools to email even more officials and call even more numbers.

It’s one click, and the site does the rest. (If you don’t quite know about Breonna Taylor or her horrific murder, the info is available as well.) Get moving friends✊🏼 Graphic By: @joshlafayette
Info Slides By: @danasia_sutton

Had a little telenovela history class with @contodonetflix and some of my @mriglesiasnetflix family.

Head to @contodonetflix page to watch the full vid in all its ridiculous glory🖤

I think I speak for the entire @mriglesiasnetflix family when I say we are OVERWHELMED by all the support for the part 2 drop!

Our goal from day 1 was to make a little feel-good for fans to laugh with. It makes me feel all the things to see that people are enjoying what we’ve done. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all the views, excitement and love. I appreciate it deeply. And so does Marisol. Love you friends!
Cree 🖤

mr.iglesias!! part 2!!! tonight at midnight!!!

@heather.rival for @rivalmagla 🖤
Style: @lagabstyle
Hair: @artistrybynisey

And friends! Make sure you’re clicking into my story highlights to begin/continue your anti-racism journey. I’ve got some starter resources as well as some wonderful black voices to listen to organized up there. We’ve all got work to do. Let’s get it.✊🏼

Nothing but love love love today at @noho4blm peaceful protest.

Incredibly humbled and grateful to have been apart of it all and to hear the words of so many fantastic educators and speakers. If you can, I strongly urge you to find a peaceful protest in your city or town and safely join. Watch to see some moments from today, and to hear a gorgeous poem by @kaylahpantaleon (Posted With Permission) who’s content has been silenced and erased on this app. (The audio’s a little choppy, so turn up the volume or throw on some headphones) Listen to it all. Take in her words, hear her wisdom, and head to her page to show some love. Also, make sure you’re regularly clicking into those story highlights in my bio for some resources to join and/or continue the fight. Let’s get to work friends🖤

This young woman, this beautiful soul, this life-saver, should be celebrating her birthday today.

But she’s not. And her murderers, the one’s who killed her in her own home, have still yet to even be FIRED! Let’s bring some energy to the fight for Breonna Taylor. If you want to help but don’t know where to apply yourself, @shaunking and @grassrootslaw have our backs. The link in my bio will take you to a site with info on Breonna and her case, a petition to sign (which automatically emails officials with the power to act in this case on your behalf), and numbers to call. This is not even a list of numbers to use one by one, it’s a one stop, one button call tool, that will connect you number after number to a string of hand-selected officials and representatives who have the ability to bring about justice. All while @shaunking periodically throws you some encouragement. This is an incredibly efficient and easy-to-interact with site. It’s the least we can do friends. Click that link and let’s #standwithbre ✊🏼 #sayhername #justiceforbreonnataylor

It is our responsibility, as human beings, to make ourselves useful right now.

There’s too many resources being shared to not be participating. I’ve organized my highlighted stories with a variety of resources to interact with, so you can take part by category, and have a collection of tools available permanently. Click in to see places to donate (if you can), petitions to sign and numbers to call, info on voting, accounts to learn from and follow, and some educational things to read and watch that have been graciously suggested and circulated about the internet. I’ll be updating them as much as I can, so keep checking in for new content. It is an incredible privilege to be able to CHOOSE this fight. And it is an absolute necessity that you do. Fight smart. Fight hard.✊🏼 PHOTO BY @artbymonday


This caption is long friends. Please take a minute and read it all.

I didn’t know my mom was filming this this morning, but now I’m kind of glad she did. Because this video perfectly sums up just how easy it is to get involved in this fight for George Floyd. There are a lot of numbers, names, and resources being shared around the Internet right now so it can be a bit overwhelming to gather these things efficiently and join the fight as productively as possible. But as always, and as in most of the civil rights and racism-rooted cases that gain popularity in this country, @shaunking has stepped up and offered immense help. The link in my bio will take you to a website which provides nearly all the resources you need to get started in supporting the fight for George Floyd. There is a petition to sign, which does not just collect your name and information, but sends emails to an organized and hand selected list of officials and representatives who have the power to bring about justice in this case. There is also a call tool (that’s what I’m using in the video above), and with the single press of a button you are taken through a thorough, organized, and frequently-adjusted list of officials, representatives, and people of power who need to hear your voice and need to hear our demands. You’ll hear Shaun actually talk and encourage you through the process. Whether you take 15 minutes, 20 minites, or an hour, sitting down to make some calls and leave some messages is the LEAST we can do right now. What a privilege it is friends, that I can sit in my home, and pet my dog, and make phone calls (WHICH WERE DIALED AND ARRANGED FOR ME) to participate in this fight. At this site, there’s also information on the death of George Floyd, as well as who Big Floyd really was in life. So please, even if you’ve already made calls and signed petitions and sent emails and wrote some hashtags and posted, hit the link of my bio and use the resources there to take some action. Do it daily. Do it more than daily. Do it as much as you can. It is THE LEAST we can do.

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen some hashtags for George Floyd, the man who was brutally murdered by Minneapolis police in broad daylight.

While he begged for his life. While onlookers begged for his life. We’re all liking and commenting and tagging and sharing, and that’s good. That’s really good. But it’s not enough. We’ve gotta take some true action friends. As always, @shaunking has created a convenient and thorough system where this is possible. So please, click the link in my bio to read up on the case and find out how you can join the fight for George. There are petitions to sign, there are numbers to call. It’s all set up and explained for you. I’m angry. I know you are too.
Let’s go✊🏼

class of 2020

Sat down for some story time with @somoselcine for a little Hora De Historia, in support of the @lafoodbank 🖤 I cozied up and read the King and I, by my dear friend @sorel711 Head to @somoselcine to watch the full video and click the link in their bio to donate if ya can!

June 17th. Season 2. Netflix. Watch it...okay?

all the love to talented @nicolefranzart , who created these beautiful mixed media collages of jay and I for my mama.

thank you for making us look way cooler than we actually are 🖤

this is my mom. she’s not a regular mom. she’s a cool mom.

and she’s been holding it down for 18 years. kiki loves you. happy mother’s day.🖤

these idiots are 18 rn

Of all the cases and injustices I’ve done my best to share, this is one of the most horrific.

This is Ahmaud Arbery. Please click the link in my bio to read his story and join the fight for justice. It will take two seconds, I promise. You can also head over to @shaunking page for some more info.

if you're a bird, i'm a bird ➡️

As I’m sure you know, @berniesanders is stepping down from the presidential race.

I’m heartbroken, but we did good. We really did. Thank you Bernie for fighting for us. Not just during this campaign, but for the entirety of your career. You’ve started a movement, one that’s long overdue, and it’s not over. We will keep on pushing. We will keep on fighting. Thank you for looking out for us. All of us. Always.

“that was so fun though”
throwback, obvi

here’s an original comic I drew for school. hope this makes you laugh. or smile.

or at least exhale out of your nose a little. enjoy.

Nate Woods wrote a poem, a beautiful poem, and gave it to his sister to share with the world in case Alabama went through with his execution.

They did. And so she shared it with us today. Thank you @thebreakdown @thenorthstarmedia and @shaunking for providing it in its entirety.

Last night, Nate Woods, the innocent man we fought for, was executed.

For nothing...for breaking no laws...for surrendering. Being so new to getting involved in cases and situations like these myself, I’m truly crushed, and beyond frustrated, and at a loss for words. So I’ll share the sentiment @shaunking wrote last night. “The only peace I have right now is the fact that Nate Woods knew that hundreds of thousands of us cared. He did not die wondering if he mattered to anybody. He died knowing that we were fighting until the very last minute to save his life.” We’ll keep fighting friends. We’ll keep following these stories and getting involved in the ways that we can. We’ve got to. Thank you for all of your help. Truly. Much love. -C

News from @shaunking , the Supreme Court has temporarily stopped Nate Woods’ execution!!!

By minutes. This isn’t over, but take a moment now to process what action feels like. What getting involved for a stranger feels like. What taking those two minutes feels like. Again, this is NOT over. Please keep calling and sending. But take a moment friends. Really take a moment.

Repost from @shaunking...
This is a letter written by Kerry Spencer, the man who actually committed the crimes that Nate Woods was also convicted for.

Below is a transcription of the letter. Read in his own words how Nate is 100% innocent and shouldn’t even be incarcerated. We must #SaveNate
“To Whom it May Concern,
My name is Kerry Maguire Spencer, and I’m writing in regards to the March 5th 2020 execution date set for Nathaniel Woods. Nathaniel Woods is 100% innocent. I know this to be a fact because I’m the person that shot and killed all three of the officers that Nathaniel was subsequently charged and convicted of murdering. Nathaniel Woods doesn’t even deserve to be incarcerated, let alone executed. I’ve confessed to shooting all three of the officers in question, both when I was first interrogated and also on the stand at my trial.. But yet and still, Nathaniel was charged, tried and convicted unjustly! I pray that my words don’t fall on blind eyes or deaf ears. Don’t allow another innocent man be executed if you can do something to put a stop to it. This is my most fervent prayer.
Kerry M Spencer”

An innocent man is about to be executed...we’re down to mere hours but we’ve got to try.

Hit the link in my bio to make a call and send a letter. And once you’re done, spread the word. This is an emergency. Truly. Let’s go.

It’s getting close but there’s still time. We cannot stand by and watch a wrongful execution.

Click the link in bio to join the fight to #SaveNate and hit the new goal of 40,000 letters sent to Governor Ivey. There’s a prewritten letter all cued up, to send quickly or add some words of your own. It’s this man’s life.It takes two seconds. Please, friends.
That same link also has all the info on Nate’s case, so you can read up if you’re not familiar. You can also head to @shaunking page for some more videos and information. We’ve done this before. We can do it again. Let’s go✊🏼

We made calls for Rodney Reed. We sent letters for Micheal Thompson.

We helped people we didn’t know, because it was the right thing to do. Let’s try that again. Nathanial Woods has maintained innocence. Nathanial Woods’ entire process through the criminal “justice” system was a mess. Nathanial Woods is going to die on Thursday. UNLESS, we step up. Click the link in my bio to read about his case and send a letter to the governor of Alabama, urging justice for Nate. It’s prewritten, it takes two seconds. You got this friends. ✊🏼

swipe for more😉

so much love to real life magic person @anthonymeindl for having me on an episode of the #InTheMoment podcast for a little chat.

Stream it where you listen to podcasts and actors, friends....take a deep breath today, and let’s all just try to calm the f down a little. 🖤 I’m in a whole new world with you ✨
Update : Definitely NOT engaged!

Apologies for the confusion😂 We thought it would be fun to take some fake little proposal pics in front of the castle at Disney, on Valentines Day. We are the best of friends and love each other very much! But we can happily confirm we are NOT actually engaged. 🖤

With Love,
Cree and Jah

last much love to @netflix @fluffyguy and our beautiful cast and crew for a lovely second season of @mriglesiasnetflix 🖤 this set is such a dream...can’t wait for this one to drop!

mr. iglesias S2 wrap party 🖤

i don’t know i just think this was very sexy of us

Friends, today is the LAST DAY to send a letter for Micheal Thompson.

This man will basically be serving a life sentence for selling weed if we don’t convince Michigan’s Governor to commute his sentence. Please take two minutes, click the link in my bio, read up on his case, and send a letter to the Governor on Thompson’s behalf. The letter is already drafted (you can add your own words and adjust what you’d like, of course.) All you need to do is press send. Even if you’ve already sent one (thank you!) send another! This man does not deserve to die in prison for something that is legal today. It will only take a moment. Let’s do this✊🏼

Let’s talk about this young man for a minute.

This is DeAndre Arnold, a high school senior who was just suspended from his high school in Texas and told he can’t walk in his graduation unless he cuts off his hair. Hair he’s been growing since the 7th grade. We know this isn’t a “dress code” issue. This is the relentless criminalization of Black communities. They are wasting this young man’s senior year. This shameless racism right here, this is what we’re not about to do, so I’m going to need your help today friends. Call Barbers Hill Independent School District: 281-576-2221
and let them know we’re not okay with how this man is being treated. Be respectful, be clear, and advocate on DeAndre’s behalf. I know phone calls can be uncomfortable and a bit nerve wracking, but I promise you your call will make a huge difference. This is an injustice. We need to step up. I know you can do it. Also, check out @thebreakdownwithshaunking latest episode for more information on this case, and @shaunking insight on the much larger issue surrounding it. You’ve got this guys. Let’s go✊🏼

Friends, I know this may seem like a lot, but @shaunking has brought a new case to light and I need your help.

This man, Michael Thompson, has spent 25 years in prison for selling weed....something that is now legal in Michigan where he was arrested. The 35 remaining years of his sentence essentially mean he’s in prison for life. I repeat, a 68-year-old man who is fresh off of 25 years for selling weed, may be jailed for life. He has spent two decades in prison without a single infraction and guards and staff alike have testified on his spotless behavior and kind character. This man should not still be in jail. His lawyers are sending in a petition of clemency on the 29th and they need the help of people all over the country, who want to step up and make their voices heard. This man has payed his price. He deserves the rest of his life. It’s time for him to go home. Click the link in bio to see how you can help (it takes two seconds, I promise) and head over to @shaunking page for more info! Go ahead, you got this✊🏼

here’s a meaningless selfie to contribute absolutely nothing to your day

i told you dude, it’s your citrus intake. stop eating oranges.

with my hero @shaunking in the valley today for the opening of @berniesanders new office!

stayed at school to study business and I lost track of time...

...also peep the lil @ocasio2018 we added to Marisol’s locker this season😉

my mom


baby’s first rally

WE DID IT! You helped make this happen. We helped make this happen. Thank you for all your help.

I’m so proud of you. This is what power looks like, and this is what fighting for what’s right feels like. Don’t forget that. ✊🏼

So many people have joined the fight to save Rodney, and we’ve taken some nice steps in the last few days, but the fight’s not over.

Please, take a moment to spread the word, and click the link in my bio to help. Every phone call, every signature, it matters. I promise. A life is on the line. You can also visit @shaunking page for some more action steps and info. Let’s keep pushing✊🏼

I can’t believe it, but we’re in the single digits now, counting down the days until Rodney Reed is scheduled to be executed.

Please, even if you’ve helped already, click the link in my bio to see how you can help some more! There are some new numbers for you to call and some more messages for you to leave! They’re expecting us to slow down, we cannot. Let’s get it! ✊🏼

Click the link in my bio for more info on the case, and all of the resources you need to help.

We cannot let this man die.

Fantastic rundown on the Rodney Reed case by @justinblu_ Take a minute, listen in, get those facts, and then click the link in my bio to join the fight and save an innocent man!

It’s going to take all of us, let’s do it! ✊🏼

This is Sandra Reed, the mother of Rodney Reed, who’s been fighting for justice for her son for nearly 23 years.

Let’s join her in the fight! I’m so proud of everyone who has signed and called, but there’s still more to do! This is beyond an emergency. A man’s life is on the line. This goes bigger than all of us, ok? The link in my bio will take you straight to a petition to sign, some numbers to call (with instructions walking you through it, so don’t be nervous to get on the phone!), and a detailed report on Rodney’s case, so you can educate yourself before getting involved! It would mean the world to me, and I know it would mean the world to Sandra, if you could take some time today, to spread the word and join the fight! It’s going to take all of us! Let’s get it✊🏼✊🏼

Texas is about to execute an innocent man for a crime he did not commit.

This is an emergency, someone is about to die. Click the link in my bio to sign a petition and join the fight to save Rodney Reed’s life. It takes two seconds, please take a moment to help and spread the word. You can also head to @shaunking page for some more action steps and information on the case.

Such an honor to have been at the @foodallergy 2019 FARE Summit this weekend🖤

Join me at the #FARESummit2019 in just a few days!

We’ll discuss becoming an agent of change for the #foodallergy community and I’ll be hosting the Vision Awards ceremony. Get your ticket today at the link in my bio. Hope to see you there!
#FARE #foodallergies

‘twas a mess

season 2 @mriglesiasnetflix @fabrizioguido @tuckeralbrizzi

first day ➡️ last day #TheSleepover @netflix

pre-wrap wrap party #TheSleepover @netflix

season 1 bloops

i like you, but you need to access your un-crazy side

photographer @jared.clements

this is why I don’t self-tape with mom

@onepiece treats me good 🖤

Photographer @jared.clements

this one’s a party🖤 @netflix #thesleepover

Is she just a dork or plain nuts? Who cares! For three single guys, their new roommate is adorable AND eccentric.

photographer @jared.clements

@imagenfound 2019 🖤
styled: @highheelprncess
dress: @naeemkhannyc

hair: @nancileesantos
shoes: @sam_edelman
big ring: @grazielagems
small ring: @melindamaria_jewelry

Imagen 2019

@netflix called...

“This stuff’? Oh, okay. I see, you think this has nothing to do with you.

You go to your closet and you select out, oh, I don’t know, that lumpy blue sweater, for instance, because you’re trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back. But what you don’t know is that that sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise, it’s not lapis, it’s actually cerulean. You’re also blindly unaware of the fact that in 2002, Oscar de la Renta did a collection of cerulean gowns. And then I think it was Yves Saint Laurent, wasn’t it, who showed cerulean military jackets? And then cerulean quickly showed up in the collections of eight different designers. Then it filtered down through the department stores and then trickled on down into some tragic ‘casual corner’ where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin. However, that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and so it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of “stuff.”

dream averagely.


you know what would be good, is if you hitch-kicked and then you kind of – did that, and then a barrel turn, and then, ha!

you know?

it’s summer but class is still in session @mriglesiasnetflix is streaming now on @netflix

these pretzels are making me thirsty

the f word @mriglesiasnetflix

Mr. Iglesias premiere 🌸

binge noun
\ ˈbinj \

Definition of binge

: an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence
// a Mr. Iglesias binge


@mriglesiasnetflix 6.21.19 12:O1 am PDT

#ad Ok friends, I don’t do these posts a lot because I try to keep it real with what products I like and use, and I love this new one from @neutrogena !

There are so many things I love about this blackhead eliminating #striptoscrub. 🖤 So what’s different about this product? First off, it LITERALLY transforms from a blackhead-targeting strip to a gentle cleansing scrub. ✔️targets blackheads ✔️shrinks the look of pores ✔️gentle on skin ✔️contains salicylic acid ✔️oil free.
ps. it smells like sunshine.

you guuuuuuys....four days... 🖤

times square, nyc

#wcw 🖤

clyde for pride 🏳️‍🌈

viva iglesias

happy mother’s day

june 21 🖤 @mriglesiasnetflix

big brother

mari y mikey

joanna’s doing fine...
📷 @itsjakeclark

it was so distracting and so depressing to me...

aunt viv

Who’s freaking pumped for @fluffyguy @Netflix special?! Tomorrow, Jan 29!! 🖤

“i’m faking - i’m acting”

three twins

you’re welcome

Just wrapped an amazing first season of #mriglesias and I’m already on depression nap #4.

Actually though, a huge, huge thank you to @netflix @fluffyguy Kevin Hench @mightypeter and the phenomenal cast and crew for making these last few months nothing but an absolute joy. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this family, and I’m so proud of all the work we did together. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a huge group of beautiful people everyday, and we had all the fun making tv. I can’t wait for you to see this one. 🖤



a christian, an atheist, and a jew walk into christmas

#mriglesias wrap party 🖤

team jacob

clydie cloo , yes it’s true , how are you, ha ha who


latinas: expectation vs. reality #passing

you’re a virgin who can’t drive


thank you for the shirt @michellefocarazzo 📷 @fabrizioguido

may I please remind you that it does not say ‘rsvp’ on the statue of liberty


i can’t, but if you can... #changetheref

my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose

i’m not even confident on which end that came out of

please bore someone else with your questions

excuse me do you have crayons

those who CAN, teach

flu shot

mr. iglesias’s class

oh god. my mind is going a mile an hour.

how the turntables....

so proud of these two amazing ladies ( @reylynnc & @alexajade19 ) and this great cause!

@thirstproject , is a non-profit organization that builds wells in communities that do not have access to clean water.
Just $25 gives one person safe, clean drinking water for LIFE.
Link in my story
💇🏻‍♀️ @missmellomusic 💄 @christinefudali
📷 @itsjakeclark

sorry mom
video creds - @jaheemtoombs

i’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious

you’ll believe☁️

#tb to last years Imagen Awards. Thank you @imagenfound for the nomination for Best Young Actor-Television.

So honored to be included again this year. I wish I was able to be there tonight. Congratulations to everyone 🖤

why don’t they make sidewalks grass

copied her

so freaking excited to start working on Mr. Iglesias with @fluffyguy and @netflix grateful, grateful, grateful!!!

xo to the best team🖤

still not allergic to this p’nut

go back 36

i believe two heads are better than one and 4 heads is even better

two permits do not equal a license

you smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine

and I'll have to get them taken in. i mean, they'll drown me.

i need to be put down for a nap

i said to myself, go ahead. take a chance. hire the smart, fat girl. i had hope.

Hope you guys have been catching up on @memyselfandicbs !

Catch ya girl in tonight’s finale episode at 9pm “There She Goes” 💙 Love this sweet show so much and was so excited to be apart of it! ☁️ Tune in tonight on CBS starting at 8pm

who is that sad little person

act a foOoOOl @jaheemtoombs

“There’s no way you can have a fair game if the other team is giving money to the ref” @changetheref ✊🏼

oh yeah? i thought you looked familiar!


so let me know, or don't, whatever. i’m breezy.

citizens arrest

your intense energy is making me feel a little bit bombarded

at first, I did not know it was your diary. i thought it was a very sad handwritten book.

find her

regina phalange

it’s sorta social, demented and sad, but social.

bro don’t even try to look at the flowers


i’ll be singing cher cher lloyd

this is cause I know ya like rabbits and I know ya like cheese #tb

look what I found

#tealtakeover in honor of #foodallergyawareness

aye, aye, captain(s)
#icanthearyou 📷 @madpicsbymaddy

‘til the end of the line

thank you for all the birthday wishes!

it’s bad, it’s bad, it’s the baddest. it’s worse, it’s worse, it’s getting worserer.

it’s worser than the tree, than that house, than the river, than the rain. it’s getting worse. ow, ow, ow. I may never stop saying ow. bring me to mummy. bring me to mummy. get me the cream

i’m an out-of-work hairdresser

you load party

no tea ceremony.

you also got a some your life...I’m sure...that’s not your baby hair that would be crazy

@paulnortonhair @leobypaulnorton

cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt no doubt

with twins, one of them is always evil

talkin bout your tall butt and your weird elbows

that’s a terrible apology from content to tone

Thank you. I love you all.

and just like that...

drop that...

despite what you heard, hell sucks, it's not fun. also, zero dinosaurs

no sassy “nuh-uh-uhs”

...ya know I love my @onepiece
creative by @idavidgeorge

yeah but why are you being weird...? am I passing??

yes. i’m the nostradamus of your shame

someone’s got a case of the sleepover jokies

does it have like a gentle cycle?

Emma Gonzalez. YOU ARE MY HERO

A. Happily B. Medium

product placement

That's right. Don't be afraid. Just shout 'em right out when you know.

tune-ups, oil changes, brake relining, engine rebuilds; rebuilt some tranny's...

my immune system is too weak to fight off my smile muscles

mi ńańa es hermosa 🥀

its a passé

ahhhhh love. L. O. V. E. love...

because I don’t think it’s fair to the other cookies...

lately I get the feeling that I'm not so much being pulled down as I am being pushed

this girl is B A D A S S ! be cool and follow her🔥 @sienna.lalau

well you have found my flabbergast button, and guess what? you’ve pressed it.

like how we used to...

looks like a drawing of a best friend that an eight year old would make

thought cloud

You are amazing, powerful, strong and brave. And I thank you.
#timesup #whywewearblack


if I had to, I’d pee on any one of you. happy new year

Now what is more important, love or silliness?

peace and love.

Oh! I sous stand.

y’know what? we will meet at the checkout counter

ross came in fourth and cried





there's...there's no question...

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