Thanks to @juldrick and Troy Fitzpatrick for the work on the new pavilion at the Davies Shelter.

Those interested in helping in the coming weeks email John Uldrick at juldrick @fbcrome.org. A special thanks to @noahhood56 and @braden.hood11 for help on Wednesday morning!

The future of @fbcromeyouth is BRIGHT! #thescoopsumma21 #fbcromeyth

Thanks to all who came to the @rubykpayne session this morning!

We were so blessed with a great crowd and some TRUTH from Ruby. #fbcromemissions #latergram

The Gallery opens tonight! An introduction of the exhibit will begin at 6:15 in the dining room.


@fbcromega college group @theromebraves tonight. #suitelife

Hugh Peacock shares a solo, 'Neathe the Old Olive Tree during our Prayers And Reflections service.

#fbcrome #shiftsummer2017

Our dignified youth minister after messy games night

Whaley Lecture active learning stop at FCS - Focused Community Strategies #fbcromemissions

@fbcromeyouth Seniors heading toward the airport! #FBCGuatsquad

Good morning from Peru! #fbcromemissions #fbcrome #osaperu

Awesome to witness Bill Davies cut the ribbon on the new William S. Davies Homeless Shelter today.

Congratulations! #fbcromemissions #fbcrome

What a great way to hear our scripture this morning in worship!

A reading by Mike and Pam Arrington and their grandson, Murray Ellington. #fbcrome

Great night for a party!

7th & 8th Grade SS is raising money to send a student from Wamaganga, Africa to High School.

A set 8 notecards can be purchased for $20. Comment if you'd like a set or 3! #fbcromeyth #fbcromemissions

Packed house at #fbcrome listening session

@fbcromega hosts an All Church Promotion Day breakfast!

We hope your family will join us in the fellowship hall this week! #fbcrome

Do you plan to join us tonight for dinner and the Deacon Ordination Service? #fbcrome

Big challenges! @tamaratillmansmathers and the History Committee found this framed vision of FBCROME.

It was the vision for 2016. #fbcrome

@tamaratillmansmathers and the History Committee found this framed vision of FBCROME.

It was the vision for 2016. #fbcrome

#fbcromeyth will serve in Peru with #osaperu Summer of 2017.

Will your teen serve as Christ's hands? @fbcromeyouth invites you to the meeting!

@bubbahueth leading Moments With Children during worship this morning. #bubbaisallgrownup

@tamaratillmansmathers training little Robbie George up in the way that he should go.

He's sitting in the preacher's seat!

Great crowd for the church-wide breakfast to listen to Alain & Katherine Niles share about their work in Togo, Africa.

#fbcrome #fbcromemissions

Sky zone fun! #fbcrome #fbcromepreteens

Catapults are #bauce and the #fbcpreteens made some today!

Barbara Earl, Ex. Director of Faith & Deeds Community Health Center shares about the organization.

Dr. Mourad Nessim, FBC member and internist, volunteers twice each month and introduce her to the Prayers & Reflections group.

Two members of the Pastor Search Committee hard at work...even on a Mission Trip!

#facetime #fbcrome #fbcromeyth

Claude Weatherby and Barbara Raybon share at Prayers & Reflections.

Claude shared his story of learning to read at 60+ years old. He read his life verse aloud to our group - John 3:16. #tearsofjoy

FBCRome is one of the Top 20 most generous congregations in CBF life. #fbcromelovestogive

Dr. Kathy Richardson preaches from Hebrews 12. Get rid of the extra weight we're carrying so we can hold tightly to the cross.

A late celebration of all of these #awesome administrative assistants we have at #fbcrome #selfiewithfbcstaff

Heroes of the Faith by children of FBCROME. #fbcrome

The STARS of the show! #fbcrome

Children's Choirs Program #fbcrome

Joel Snider receiving a Proclamation from City Mayor and our own City Manager, @sammyrichrmg

#selfiewithsnider Joel Snider being recognized for 20+ years of ministry at FBCROME. #fbcrome

Make plans to join us Thursday as we celebrate Dr. Joel Snider & Cherry's ministry among FBC for 20+ years!

Hospital Bags, Respite lunch, and worker lunch groups on #handsofchristday #fbcromemissions #fbcrome

The group who worked at the old SE Elementary school for Restoration Rome.

#fbcromemissions #handsofchristday

The River Clean Up crew from #handsofchristday #fbcromemissions

What do you love to do? We want to know and match your passions with FBC's needs.

Take time to complete this survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xkfaVdomcy-23u29UTe3C1CVfNugidvGJENJiQOYe-A/prefill

He is risen! #fbcrome

Have you purchased a framed version of Joel's blessing? On sale as a Youth fundraiser through May 1.

$35 for a framed 8x10. #fbcrome

Children who helped us celebrate Palm Sunday in worship. #fbcrome

Blooming just in time for Easter.

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Senior Adult St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. #fbcromesenioradults #fbcrome

Have you signed up for Hands of Christ Day yet? Visit FBCROME.org to register. #fbcrome

Make plans to join us as we celebrate the leadership and service of Joel and Cherry at #fbcrome

What are your plans for Holy Week? Join us as we march toward the cross...and EXPECT the Empty Tomb!


Great view from the House of Dreams. FBC Married Couples Retreat.

Couples retreat. Great day!

Marriage: On Track Retreat for married couples Match 4-6.

#lent has begun. Join us for worship at @fbcromega this morning.

First Sunday of Lent. Join us for worship and a sermon series on The Hands of Christ #fbcrome

Chapel Choir leads during Ash Wednesday Service. @fbcromeyouth #lent #ashwednesday #fbcrome #fbcromeyth

Pizza Buffet tonight at FBC Rome.

The cross is ready for Ash Wednesday. #fbcrome #ashwednesday #lent

Ash Wednesday Service. Come join us as we begin #lent together. #fbcrome #fbcromeyth

Although it's snowing here, it's still a beautiful day at #fbcrome