Fendi P


Rare moment seeing Cornerboy & Fendi together…! Soon

Jus dropped the animated video for Hella Girls 2!

Already won!

This a song song! Hella Girls 2 feat. @juicyj available now on all platforms!

This Friday! Hella Girls 2 wit Juicy J…

Ran outta bands use a scrunchie…

Need for speed vid out now!

Need for speed…

Ballin like da spurs…welcome2Jetliferecordings2 Trappin Jazz

Got this vending machine hustle goin….Trappin’ Jazz available now!

Trappin’ Jazz Ep droppin Tuesday!

No Return Policy!

Want see a magic trick?

No Return Policy..!


Fendi Smokin Dope! AOF2 at midnight!

3:00pm Country Rap Tunes video!

AOF2 1.29

Let me cut up one time, it’s a real nigga celebration! AOF2


‘The Art Of Finessin 2’


It’s ah nigga in a purple suit!... #AOF2

Eastside Grinch..


Airplane Mode

Parallel double park dat mfer sideways...

Work a lot,Live a little...

I can’t Neva go bak broke and dats wat really matters...

My 1st cassette mixtape..1st basketball..1st pair of nikes damn this shit hard like come on bro u

said I was actin like I wasn’t gon see u again...I was breakin down tryin talk to u..u was Jocin bad bout dat..I came had breakfast wit u a day later u was doin better so I came to bak to Atl..moms texted me Thursday said u was comin home then da next day u jus up and leave everybody bro?...why u do dat G...I was jus finna brin u da blk sweat suit too bro..I can go on for hrs but u kno wats up wit me love u 4eva u always told how proud of me u was so ima keep runnin this shit up! RIH bro tell chuck wat up and tell grams I miss her...

CornerBoy 4L

Ima need my lighter back...

This Andretti dope keep dat zaza...


All I wanna do is swang...video out now! Link in bio.. #smokinpotnas available now!

#SmokinPotnas out now all platforms!

U Gon try if I let u, jus imagine if I hit u, then BOOM curve yo ass and act like it neva happened .!

don’t lie on my name...

Can’t wait til y’all hear this one!...Frm the Production to the Content...Everything on point!

@spitta_andretti x FENDi #SmokinPotnas March 13th! #JLR

You ain’t payin me..don’t be Dm’in me!

High End Fashion..!

Teedy knew I been drug dealin...!

‘JetWorth’ tee!

Trappin and catchin up on my cartoons!

Lil EastSide!

Smokin $100 blunts.... #FENDiP3

FENDi P3 July 3rd!

B4 u niggas had Cali weed...!

Slidin in a 911 while listenin to raps about me slidin in a 911! #CarreraRED ep I did it done it..

Thankful!.....JetLifeRecordings #3

JetLife a3c.