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Latest in Pro Drills series with Calgary Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera features a High-Tip Drill with David Rittich and some keys and advice for both the coaches and goalies.

Story and video is online now at

Latest Pro Reads features Jake Allen of the Montreal Canadiens breaking down video of a 4-on-3 rush and explaining why sometimes the most important read is not over-anticipating and cues for when not to act too soon on the most dangerous threat. Video with Jake is live at

Our @hlundqvist35 career appreciation series continues with a look at his impact on goalies back in Sweden, and role in the increase in how many have since made it to the NHL.

Story is live with thoughts from several fellow Swedish stoppers, at now

We head back to @thsgoal to find out what has changed in the new @warriorgoalie Ritual X3 Pro and X3 Pro+ chest protectors

The @seattlekraken haven’t even started play and they’re already being feasted on by the

@sanjosesharks , at least on the back of @adinhill new mask by @dave_fried … watch to the end of the video or swipe to the photo to see the Shark having an Octopus snack on the backplate, which was Hill’s dad’s idea … the MM30 on the stick on the backplate is for Michael Maniago, Hill’s early goalie coach/mentor who passed away, and has been on all his masks since junior. Love the concept and execution, and nice to see some guys having some fun with the new Pacific Division rival!

Episode went live Friday but don’t miss latest InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal + an

awesome interview with new Winnipeg Jets goalie development coach Drew MacIntyre ( @stateofmindgoaltending ). From scoring an OT GWG with his butt end, to being the reason there’s no cat eye cages in CHL, and a puck-stopping philosophy built from 18 pro seasons, including time with the Sabres, Canucks and Maple Leafs, it’s loaded with great goalie stories and advice, and you can hear them all free at or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

When it comes to celebrating the incredible career of @hlundqvist35 it’s hard to know where to start, but talk to those who played with him, and it was his work ethic that stood out the most.

A great lesson on making it look easy by never taking it easy, including 6 minutes of practice video, is live now at

Fashion meets function — with a fashion show from Cam and Woody — when we visit @thsgoal for a run down on sweet custom graphic options on these new @goaliesonly Optik Double Cups

A 19-save shutout for @jennyharss is a great excuse to re-post this photo of her sick

@bauergoalie set up from her IG earlier this weeks, and a great chance to remind everyone the twice-postponed Women’s World Championships are underway and well worth following (as is Jenny’s account) for all kinds of goalie goodness

👀👀👀 at this Marc-Andre Fleury sequence while training in Quebec at a skate with

@stephane_menard29 … interesting to note the Vaughn stick, but as you can see in other photos (all courtesy of @gabeguevv 🙏) Fleury was also using a Bauer twig, and while he’s still in his Vegas pads and gloves by True, and an inside-out Penguins jersey, he does at least have a Chicago Blackhawks bag (+ Kenesky chesty)

So many great memories watching you play and so blessed to be able to talk to you about the

position and your passion for excelling in it, it was hard to know where to start after hearing the retirement news, @hlundqvist35 … thanks for inspiring so many to play, both here and of course in Sweden, and thanks for always taking the time to share your thoughts on everything from gear style to technical tweaks when you visited Vancouver, or still answering emails long after you became a superstar and The King in New York. Your legacy goes beyond how well and passionately you played this position. It extends to the impact you’ve had on kids and the community with your foundation, and to equipment evolutions like the Lundqvist loop that will live on in future generations, as will the role you played in the ongoing evolution of @bauergoalie equipment. Each is remarkable on its own; add it all up and the the inevitable call from the Hockey Hall of Fame will just be an on-ice mirror to reflect the impact you’ve had off the ice and with anyone lucky enough to meet you over the years.
All the best in retirement, Hank 🙏

When Anders Nilsson arrived to NHL in 2011, he was already well versed in reverse-VH from Sweden, but was told it wouldn’t work in the NHL, where the technique had yet to be adopted.

It’s a great lesson in why being open to new ideas isn’t just for goalies, and it’s at

To say we’re excited about this new Pro Tips would be an understatement:

first in a video series of puck handling lessons on the ice with Mike Smith, courtesy of our time at recent @net360hockey Goalie Camp is live and exclusive to Premium Members at

Knew InGoal golf balls would be good marketing because expected Woody to leave them scattered all over the edges and ponds of courses all over B.C., but to be fair, this wasn’t him.

So which NHL goalie was spraying tee shots at The Rise in Vernon, BC recently? Or was it an alumni? Or goalie coach? 🤔

Latest Pro Reads features new Boston Bruins goalie Troy Grosenick breaking down a low-high attack and how he uses windows to see behind the net and pick a side to look from.

It’s live, with a 7+ minute video session with Troy, at

Happy Birthday 🎂 to the one and only @daren.millard … we are so blessed that you are such a big

part of the InGoal team and know the entire #goalieunion feels the same way … (sorry about blurry pics, swear we tried to find better photos but podcast screen-caps are all we have until pandemic ends) … hope it’s a great day 🎉

It’s actually MORE THAN 50% off the monthly rate when you purchase a one year software license

@sensearena using our IGMPROMO50 code at checkout to buy the VR training NHL goalies like Philipp Grubauer, Elvis Merzlikins and Eric Comrie are already using. That’s right, you’ll save 50% AND an extra $50 when you take advantage of this special offer from InGoal, which is $248 off the current annual rate, but don’t wait long, it’s only available to the first 100 customers … Go to to learn more

Whether you are a goalie, goalie parent or goalie coach, you really don’t want to miss this coach’s

panel from the 2021 Virtual Goaltending Coach Certification Seminar put on by Hockey Canada featuring Dustin Schwartz, goalie coach for the Edmonton Oilers, Dan Stewart, who is coming off his first full season as the St. Louis Blues development goaltending coach, Joe Johnston, who has coached goalies with the National Women’s Teams and at Dalhousie University, and Andre Tourigny, who shortly after this session was named the new head coach of the Arizona Coyotes. In fact, we’re betting you’ll want to share the thoughts from Tourigny on how best to manage goalies with the head coach in your life. Live at

Slick-looking throwback graphics on a modern pad, off the rack, without the need for custom orders?

@thsgoal has you covered with lots of options in the @vaughncustomsports V9

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features a lengthy and candid chat with recently

retired @andersnilsson31 talking everything from concussion recovery, being forced to abandon RVH in 2011 because coach said it would never work in NHL (😬), the debate over dark vs light gear, his sick @goaliesonly Beast set up in Vancouver and Ottawa + lots more great stories and lessons from his career. You can listen now at or wherever you regularly download podcasts.

The goalie union is mourning the loss of one of the all-time greats today.

Rest In Peace, Tony Esposito

Belated congratulations to @c_hart70 on the new contract, but he’s jumping for joy in this photo.

If you want to know why he does this jump before every period, it’s one of several Pro Tips featuring the Flyers goalie at and we’ve also done half a dozen Pro Reads video sessions with Carter breaking down his saves, all available to our InGoal Premium and all to help you be a better goalie.

Latest Pro Tips is a quick one from Carey Price on importance of getting set before the shot, and not drifting or getting caught moving by trying to gain more ice.

Story with videos of Carey doing the drill + sharing advice while coaching kids doing it is live now at

Episode 131 of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features a lengthy, fun and

informative interview with veteran @jenroth125 as he begins his 15th professional season in a career that included 8 in the NHL. It’s loaded with great stories + advice from a true student of the position and it’s available now to everyone at or wherever you usually listen to podcasts

Come for the best Zoom background the #GoalieUnion has ever seen; stay to spend an hour talking goalies with Roberto Luongo at the recent @hockeycanada 2021 Virtual Goaltending Coach Certification Seminar. Exclusively for Premium Members, the video is live at

Latest Pro Reads features new Detroit Red Wings goalie @alexned_ breaking down an odd-man rush and sharing a great explanation of why rotation into angle matters instead of pushing straight across, even in desperate-looking save situations. The story and video is live at now

2-for-1 composite sticks? Pads at half price? There’s still some door crashers left (but not for long) at the @thsgoal Hockey’s Back Sale!

Watch the video to see some of the biggest discounts but don’t wait!

This is gonna take some getting used to, but like the rest of the #goalieunion we’re just happy to see Marc-Andre Fleury is gonna keep stopping pucks and smiling in the NHL

After a dizzying couple weeks of movement, more than 30 NHL goalies now face an adjustment with new coaches.

It’s something minor hockey goalies know all too well, so we looked back on advice from @alexned_ , @c_hart70 + @tdemko30 on how best to manage multiple (and new) voices and still manage your own game. Story is live atop now.

Don’t miss the latest InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , with new Tampa Bay Lightning

goalie @kidells1 talking free agency, his unique path from purposely NOT being square to the puck in college, to All Star Games + huge 500 GP milestone in the NHL, and LOTS more … you can listen now at or wherever you download podcasts.

Also sad we only got a year (and no locker room time ☹️) with Braden Holtby in Vancouver before the Canucks bought him out today but we’ll always have this spectacular breakaway barrel roll save against the Toronto Maples Leafs to remember.

Saddened (but not surprised — just swipe to see why) at news this guy’s ever present smile has been

traded by the Vegas Golden Knights to the Chicago Blackhawks … sadder still to find out reigning Vezina Trophy winner learned he’d been dealt on social media. First ballot Hall of Fame goalie and an even better person, Fleury’s agent has said he is contemplating his future in hockey as a result, so there may be more to this yet. but like everyone in the #goalieunion we just want the best for someone who has given the rest of us so much joy over years.

Our latest Pro Drills with Calgary Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera and ex-Flames goalie David Rittich features a 3-step progression working on post entries and exits.

Instructions with video are live at now

With notable upgrades to their revamped 2021 @bauergoalie neck, jock + (especially) knee pads, we check in at @thsgoal to get all the important details from Cam (but the big Q:

did we didn’t let him live out his dream to be an underwear model with it? Watch to find out)

With the @seattlekraken selecting and signing @chrisdriedger in the expansion draft this week,

it made perfect sense to go back to the former Panthers standout for our latest Pro Reads video breakdown, this time focusing on traffic management, an area he’s excelled at in the NHL. Story with video is at

Oilers make it official: Mike Smith gets a 2-year, $4.4M extension at age 39.

Smith was 10th in goals saved above expected (9.85) and 11th in adjusted save percentage (+1.3%) by @csahockey metrics last season and deserves a ton of credit for looking to change his training and movement foundations with Adam Francilia last summer, and working hard to incorporate it with Oilers goalie coach Dustin Schwartz in season. Where some might see a late career blip, we’re betting changes are sustainable into his 40s for such a remarkable athlete and driven goalie.

Congratulations to @wallstedt30 on being the first ever Swedish goalie picked in the first round

of the NHL Draft, going 20th to the Minnesota Wild, who traded up to select him … remember you can listen to our 45-minute interview with Wallstedt on the latest InGoal Radio Podcast at (or wherever you listen to podcasts), including a chat about his slick @bauergoalie style and gear preferences in these photos … that’s two goalies in the first round! Nice to see NHL GMs coming to their senses about value of the position again; after all it’s been what, a decade, since a team won the Stanley Cup without a homegrown tendy?

Congratulations to @sebastian.cossa on being the first goalie picked in the 2021 NHL Draft,

selected 15th by the Detroit Red Wings tonight … and also big congrats to his goalie coach @kurtismuchagc , looks good on both of you … so does that sick @bauergoalie gear … also nice to see goalies back on the menu regularly in the first round again, now let’s make it two top-round tendies in 2021!!!

Get to know @wallstedt30 , the top-ranked goalie going into tonight’s NHL Draft, in our lengthy,

in-depth interview for Episode 129 of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal … it’s loaded with great stories + insights from the rising Swedish star and his roots in the position. Listen now at or wherever you regularly download podcasts.

Hey @seattlekraken fans, if you really want to get to know your new goalie @chrisdriedger and

the keys to his (sometimes winding, late-blooming) path to the NHL, may we humbly suggest Episode 69 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, which featured an in-depth, hour-long interview with Driedger. We’ll leave the link the bio for today but you can also find it wherever you listen to podcasts … and keep an eye out for links to another great interview with @jdac35 too!

Amid all the speculation about Carey Price possibly going “home” to the Seattle Kraken (and yes

we’ve had that discussion), we went back into the archives for another Pro Tip from the current Canadiens star, this time involving how to use your stick to control low rebounds. It’s live now, with video demonstrations from Price, atop

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is live featuring great advice from freshly

minted Kelly Cup champion @dylan_ferguson1 that every goalie can benefit from, as well as look at new @bauergoalie protective line, including how they improved kneepads. You can listen at now, or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

We checked in @THSgoal to find out what’s new and improved in the @WarriorGoalies V2 stick (and HOLY CRAP, do they have serious discounts on the V1 line it replaces, and was so popular among NHL goalies) .. watch video for all the information on both.

Pro Reads debut for @alexned_ features the Canes Calder Trophy finalist breaking down video of

two different approaches to low-high passes from below the goal line, and the reasons be played each one the way he did. Lots of great lessons for goalies of all ages and skill levels in this 2-part video review at

So many milestones, great moments and memories as @pekkarinne announces his retirement today after 15 incredible seasons with the Nashville Predators.

For all awards and accolades, including 369 wins, 60 shutouts and the 2018 Vezina Trophy, the two things that will stand out the most from all our conversations about the position over the years are captured in the two photos we chose for this post.

First and foremost is that ever-present smile, for as good as Pekka was as a goalie, he was an even better person, engaging and thoughtful with his answers about the position he loved as much as any of us. His work in the Nashville community, honoured with the 2021 King Clancy Award by the NHL, was always delivered with that same smile, always looking to spread the warmth that always came with it.

Second is that great glove hand and the almost iconic way he used it, catching pucks across his body and saving rebounds by scooping low shots off the ice, which as he told us early in this incredible career had roots playing Pesapallo, the Finnish equivalent to American baseball, when he was growing up.

Thanks Pekka for all the time you spent answering our questions over the years, and all the smiles you brought to goalies around the world who loved to watch you play. We hope retirement and more time with your young family brings you as much joy as you brought to the hockey world.

😂 Andrei Vasilevskiy finding new uses for the Conn Smythe Trophy at the Tampa Bay Lightning Boat Parade today to celebrate back-to-back Stanley Cup championships

New Episode of InGoal Radio presented by @thsgoal is live featuring an interview with Brad

Thiessen on his dual role as goalie/coach (think Reg Dunlop in pads) before recently retiring and becoming the Columbus Blue Jackets goalie development coach. You can listen now on, or wherever you regularly access podcasts.

No more Supreme/Vapor split lines for @bauergoalie skates; instead they combined the best features of both into the Pro, Elite and GSX lines, so we went to @THSgoal to find out why Cam was so excited about the new models … after checking out the entire line, can’t say we blame him

Season may be over but exclusive Pro Tips from Carey Price continue for our Premium Members; this one features butterfly recovery advice and instruction on the ice with the Canadiens star, and it’s live now at

Massive #GoalieUnion congratulations to the Big Cat @andreivasilevskiy88 on winning the Conn

Smythe Trophy as playoffs MVP, and to him, @protekgoalie and @mcelhinney_c30 on winning the Stanley Cup in back-to-back seasons. Hell of a run 👏🎉

📸: @bauergoalie (who also get congratulations on consecutive Cup wins, and a great partnership with Vasilevskiy, who often takes their newest lines right into game action)

New “Mental Game” article is up from @goalie_mindset with an exercise to show you how important it is to know where your career is headed … It’s one Jeff Glass used to reach the NHL in less than a month, and Premium Members can read it now at

New Pro Reads features James Reimer talking patience and pre-scouts while reviewing a perfect shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks, including trying to out-wait Patrick Kane.

Story and video is live at

We visited @thsgoal to find out more about the all new TF9 from @truetemperhockey , their first goalie skate you can walk out of the store with on the same day, and their first quick-release blade!

Heartbreaking news about the passing of Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Matiss Kivlenieks last night at the age of 24.

The #GoalieUnion is in mourning and sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all of Kivlenieks friends, family and teammates here and back in his native Latvia as they deal with this tragic loss.
Rest In Peace, Matiss

Fresh Pro Drills with the @nhlflames features goalie coach Jason LaBarbera walking you through a 2-part drill with @d.r.33 and @louisdomingue focusing on controlled “collapses” into lateral chances in tight, and a recovery into post play. Story with multiple videos is live at

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Mike Richter award winner @laffer_hbu

and his goalie coach at University of Minnesota, @karelpopper and more great stories + lessons from their partnership than we can possible list here. But you can hear them all, plus a look at the new True TF9 goalie skate, at or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Huge congratulations to Vegas prospect @dylan_ferguson1 (seen here testing equipment for us last summer) on winning the Kelly Cup @echlhockey championship!

Part 2 of our post play windows, entries and exits drill and tips with Carey Price teaching on the ice is live at and includes a bonus tip on cradles.

We visited @thsgoal for a closer look at the improvements in the new @bauergoalie 940 and 950 masks, and found some incredible savings on the 950X model while we were there!

New floor-to-ceiling greeter welcoming us to @thsgoal this morning to film gear segments … don’t worry, @tdemko30 that red fire alarm bell over your shoulder doesn’t light up 😬😳

Watching Carey Price play his way to 1st Stanley Cup Final has been an awesome reminder of how much

he values (+ still uses) the same crease movement fundamentals he taught kids (+ a rec leaguer) at the annual @EliWilsonG camp, so we dug into video for more of those tips. This time we share a great demonstration and talk about using windows on the post and how to best get off that post that works whether you’re in pee wee or pro, a beginner or a beer leaguer), or even playing for the Cup. Videos and story are live at now.

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal with @goalie_mindset Pete Fry, who is best

known now for helping up-and-coming goalies manage their mental game but also has some incredible stories from his own playing days. All that plus a review of the new @bauergoalie skate line, and it’s online now at or listen wherever you normally download podcasts.

That moment you realize you’re heading to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 14 NHL seasons!

What a playoffs so far for Carey Price, and we plan to celebrate at InGoal Premium with another on-ice tip from the Canadiens star tomorrow
🎥: Sportsnet

Pro Reads features breakaway tips from @chrisdriedger in our latest video review session with NHL goalies, live now at

One of best parts of watching Carey Price in playoffs has been seeing him execute same principles he taught to young goalies over the years at Day with Price.

Latest Pro Tips with Price features videos of him explaining keys to his fluid crease movement. It’s live now and exclusive to Premium Members at

However you celebrate, happy Father’s Day to (and from) the #goalieunion

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features @glasswall33 sharing some great lessons

from his unique path from junior star to the NHL (with 7 years in Russia in between), plus a can’t miss story about Yoga blocks being used to make gear bigger … it’s live now at or wherever you regularly listen to podcasts.

Why shop at @thsgoal for your new gear?

How about Source for Source exclusive features on the new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 5.9 line, including components normally found only on pro-level gear, but available there at half the price … watch to find out which ones!

When Troy Grosenick talked glove position in his recent Pro Reads debut, it reminded us of drill he

did with Evgeni Nabokov during their time together in San Jose, which reminded us we also had footage of Carey Price doing it. It’s unique but easy, it can improve your glove hand, and it’s live with video of both goalies at

Whether he’s a goalie himself or a goalie dad, we can’t think of a better Father’s Day present than access to hundreds of stories and videos with NHL Goalie’s and coaches sharing drills, tips and advice. Our Father’s Fay gift subscriptions are available now using the link in our bio.

From the key to patiently holding your edges, to the importance of glove positioning, to the cues that really matter when reading a rush, @troygrosenick didn’t disappoint with an in-depth first entry into our Pro Reads video breakdown sessions, which went live Monday at

👏 to Pekka Rinne, one of the NHL’s genuinely great people, for winning this year’s King Clancy Memorial Trophy, given annually to the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and who has made a significant humanitarian contribution to his community.

Improve your footwork and get better at staying down on the puck with this simple Figure-8 Drill from Calgary Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera (+ former Flame David Rittich), live now at

Latest InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features return of former Kings goalie

development coach Dusty Imoo to expand on his unique approach, how it helped Jack Campbell, and how you can now access it through his new Goalie Therapist business. Listen now at or wherever you usually download podcasts.

Carey Price on the ice teaching stick positioning on post and crease movement patterns that he’s still using in the playoffs now.

New Pro Tips with video is live at

Fresh tips from @PeteFry_Mindset on how to think big, and how that mindset shift can help you play bigger on ice too.

Read his Mental Game column at

Islanders Ilya Sorokin rocking a nicely tucked backup towel 👍👏

Congrats to @calpetersen40 on a great World Championships and bronze-medal win today #51in30 @usahockey

Congratulations to Taya Currie for making history as the first female ever chosen in the Ontario Hockey League Draft after the Sarnia Sting selected her in the 14th round, 267th overall today.


Jack Eichel loading up for a 1-timer on the power play to your right with a screen in the middle, so why is Eric Comrie looking to the left of it?

Find out in our latest Pro Reads video session at

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Anthony Stolarz of the Anaheim Ducks

talking about his evolution as a pro and some great advice on overcoming adversity (especially injuries), plus a first look at the new @bauergoalie HyperLite stick and it’s unique new PentaGrip. Listen (+ watch the review) now at or download wherever you regularly listen to podcasts.

Wonder how @BauerGoalie could possibly improve on a 2X Pro model so popular that stores ran out?

We went to @thsgoal to find out how the new Vapor HyperLite chest protector does just that.

As Carey Price prepares for start of 2nd round tonight, a reminder we have a two-part series on how

the Canadiens star prepares off the ice to dominate on it as he leads you through his warm-up routines. You can find Part 2, which has a link to Part 1 as well as a series of videos featuring Carey walking kids through his routine, by clicking the link in bio, or visit and click “off ice” in the header sections.

We got some statistical help from @csahockey to properly break down goalie performance after the first round of the playoffs — and take a deeper look at some of the popular narratives (on both sides) surrounding Carey Price. You can read it now at

Vancouver Canucks goalie Michael DiPietro explains what he calls a “pad extensions with hand in support” drill and how doing this simple 2-puck routine will help you in battle situations.

Best of all? You can do it on your own, no shooters required. See the video and read the explanation from DiPietro at

Michael DiPietro of the Vancouver Canucks + Team Canada is guest on latest InGoal Radio Podcast

presented by @THSgoal and his advice on everything from mindset, to managing tough practices, to his new Jonathan Quick approach to post play, to handling social media as a young goalie, is all must listen. You can hear it now at or wherever you download or listen to podcasts.

Routines are a big part of goalie life: preparing to play or practice, off and on the ice, a good routine can set you up for success.

But what about how you start every day? Are you setting yourself up to get better? @goalie_mindset shares a quick routine that will help you prepare for each day in our latest Mental Game tip, live now at

Ever wonder what it’s like to face Connor McDavid flying in on a breakaway? Better question:

how do you stop the NHL’s best player? @jdac35 shared his experiences in our latest Pro Reads video breakdown session, live now at

No surprise @anndesbiens was named player of the game as the Canadian leg of the @pwhpa Dream

Gap Tour series kicked off in Calgary last night; the 3-team round robin continues with another game tonight, then games on Wednesday and Thursday too, and 3 more nationally televised games May 28-30 .. and all games can be streamed online via @sportsnet

Sincere apologies for how long it took to post this insane stick save by Carey Price last night but it’s hard to edit with your jaw on the floor for 12+ hours

First NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs game. First NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs win.
First star.

First shot went in, but Spencer Knight stopped the next 36 in game 5 against the Tampa Bay Lightning to help the Florida Panthers avoid elimination. The 20-year-old rookie becomes the fifth youngest goalie to win facing elimination and the second-youngest goaltender in NHL history to win his playoff debut, trailing only Don Beaupre (19 years, 202 days). Be sure to check out InGoal Radio for our two in-depth interviews with this special young goaltender.
📸: Florida Panthers twitter account

Calgary Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera walks you through video of, and keys to, this change of direction drill with David Rittich, and why it’s so important, in our latest Pro Drills exclusive to Premium members at

Whether it was on the ice with Cam, or walking through all the pro-level features back at

@thsgoal there’s a reason we got so hyped up going over the new @bauergoalie 3X line, which delivers incredible bang for the buck — even custom options — and performance that makes it a good option at higher levels.

Get to know Carolina Hurricanes playoff starter @alexned_ on the latest InGoal Radio presented

by @thsgoal … “Ned” talks about his unique and often nomadic training plan growing up, the inspiration and preparation keys to his puck handling skill, his plans to follow up scoring goals in the ECHL and AGL already, being on waivers to start this season + lots more in our in-depth feature interview. Listen now at or wherever you usually download podcasts.

New @bauergoalie HyperLite is in stores today and we’ve already been blown away by first impressions on the ice (scroll through to see video) with both the pro line (their Lighter.

Quicker. Stronger mantra really holds up with sliding and rebounds), and the new stick, chest protector and the second price point 3X line. We’ve already posted in-depth video overviews of the pads and gloves (check our IGTV), and we’ve got another coming this evening on the 3X line and features that will make you wonder why it costs less.

Who really deserves the Vezina Trophy this season? We got some help from @csahockey to better weigh shot quality and defensive environments before picking a winner.

Story and stats are live at

New Pro Reads features Jake Allen with a lesson on cutting the ice in half to simplifying a read (and a save).

Video and story is live at now

Fresh Pro Drills features Mikey DiPietro of the Vancouver Canucks and a simple 3-puck collection routine that will help you avoid getting caught reaching out and opening up to cover pucks.

If you’ve ever had one knocked in before you could — and haven’t we all known that crappy feeling? — this video and story is live at to help prevent it from happening again.

Canucks season may be over in terms of playoffs but Thatcher Demko still had time to add this Save of the Year entry against the Oilers today 👀

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is live featuring a great goaltending chat with Adin Hill of the @arizonacoyotes and (for 1st time) @hockeycanada plus an in-depth look at the new @goaliesonly Optik X2 line. Listen now at or wherever you download podcasts.

With the arrival of @playtruegoalie 12.2 lines in store at @thsgoal we check back in with Cam to get some hands-on feedback.

Calgary Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera shares a simple tweak to adds focus and fun to this puck-handling drill staple with former Flames goalie David Rittich.

It’s a great drill for goalies of any age, and its live with video at

Pro Reads has often focused on the clues and cues that tell a goalie what is coming when reading the play but as James Reimer demonstrates in his latest, sometimes it’s all about patience and not relying too much on those reads too soon. See the video and Reimer’s breakdown at

In what could be his final game, Pekka Rinne pitches a 30-save shutout (his 60th in the NHL, 3rd among active goalies) and the Predators franchise icon (and one of the game’s truly great people) receives a fittingly warm send off from the Nashville crowd 👏👏👏
🎥: Bally Sports

Happy Mother’s Day to all our #goaliemoms out there!

Whether you’re the mom of a goalie or a mom who is a goalie or both, we hope you have a day blessed with big saves and bigger smiles with your goalie family

Only 2 days left to save 50% on an annual subscription to @sensearena ..

ideal for goalies that already have an Oculus Quest (you can but the case and sleeves for the gloves, or just the sleeves, separately too) or if you’re starting from scratch, just keep swiping for details or use code IGMOFF50 at

An emotional @ryanmillergoalie gets a hug from mom and dad after playing his final NHL game tonight.

What a goalie, what a career, what a family and what a great moment. 🙏 for all the great highlights and conversations over the years, Ryan, and looking forward to more talks in the future.
🎥: Bally Sports West

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Sudarshan “Sudsie” Maharaj, the Anaheim

Ducks goalie coach, sharing stories from his unique path to the NHL, including teaching at-risk kids, and working with Ryan Miller going into his final NHL game. Listen now at or wherever you download podcasts

New @ccmgoalie EFlex 5 stick for Canucks Thatcher Demko in tonight’s win against the Oilers

📸: Edmonton Oilers

Loved effort Vegas put into this video celebrating Marc-Andre Fleury passing Roberto Luongo and moving into 3rd place on all time NHL win list 🌸 🎉

New Pro Reads features Florida Panthers goalie @chrisdriedger breaking down video of a breakaway with a lateral element.

Story and video is live now at

One of the great under told goalie stories was how @kidells1 Els had to totally transform the

unique style he was taught in college on the fly while breaking into the NHL with Ottawa, an exceptionally difficult task for any goalie .. 500 games later, the second to last pick in the 2003 NHL Draft (9th round) is still kicking them out in the best League in world 👏
📸: NHLPA on twitter

Heard Dave Rittich had sweet #AllOut custom set of @ccmgoalie AXIS coming but still weren’t prepared for the level of 👀 on this Felix Potvin tribute 👏😍 🔥

So many great goalie moments last night and this one was near the top of the list:

Kings players, including 2X US Olympic teammate Jonathan Quick, line up to congratulate @ryanmillergoalie after his last game in Anaheim. Miller, who announced earlier this week he’d retire after the season, will have one more start in Minnesota next Saturday so friends and family from his native Michigan can hopefully come watch too. Of note as the winningest American-born goalie in NHL history celebrated win number 391, all 6 goalies on the roster last night were born in the USA: Miller, Quick, John Gibson, Anthony Stolarz, Cal Petersen and Troy Grosenick.

Marc-Andre Fleury moves into a tie for 3rd place on the all-time NHL win list with Roberto Luongo with his 489th win tonight, and Luongo can’t think of a better person to pass him than 🌸

🚨🚨🚨 Nothing better than a goalie goal but we’re also happy to see @_sigz survived his team’s dog pile-style celebration of his tuck in the QMJHL tonight!

Congratulations 👏

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features a can’t miss interview with

@adesbiens30 on canceled World Championships, her custom Heaton 10 graphics, advice on managing practice, how coaching kids can make you better too + LOTS more. You can hear it now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

“When I was 16 I was like 5’8” + probably about 120 pounds ..” With announcement that this will be

the final NHL season in @ryanmillergoalie incredible career, a look back at his appearance in episode 11 of the InGoal Radio Podcast and a big step in that path to the winningest American-born goalie in the NHL. Like so many of our conversations with Miller over the years, this one was loaded with goalie wisdom and worth revisiting now — or anytime. So much so, we’ll put the link in our bio .. thanks Ryan for all the advice you shared with our audience over the years, and all the joy you gave to the #goalieunion watching you play. 🙏

Congratulations to InGoal equipment tester Nicholas Cristiano, who made 31 saves for the Kelowna Rockets in his sweet @bauergoalie UltraSonic set up for his first WHL win tonight 🎉🎉🎉

📸: WHL on twitter

The name has changed (no more “Shield”) and so have some of the features, so we’re back with Cam @thsgoal to find out more about the new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 Chest Protector with even more @d3olab

Florida Panthers @chrisdriedger with some great advice on the mental and technical habits that can help you get the most out of those goalie-unfriendly practices and drills that most of us hate.

Story, and a video, are live at

Loving Pride-themed warm-up jerseys, + stick tape for @jake30oettinger in warm ups, especially with those gorgeous @bauergoalie HyperLites and matching paint job!

📸: @dallasstars on twitter

Arturs Silovs about to dress for 1st NHL games as Canucks back up to Braden Holtby (Thatcher Demko

is day to day after sustaining a minor lower body injury at skate this morning), less than 20 months after taking part in Canucks training camp (and later starting his OHL time) wearing InGoal’s test set of @ccmgoalie EFlex4 because the pads he arrived with from Latvia were so used and beat up he was feeling shots through shins.

Fresh off passing Cory Schneider and setting the Manitoba Moose franchise record for wins, Eric Comrie reviews video of a save during his NHL win with New Jersey this season and explains his evolving post play philosophy in our latest Pro Reads, available now at

New @playtruegoalie L87 set up by @lefevregoalie for Pekka Rinne today

Nashville Predators on twitter

Artem Anisimov, a forward with 770 NHL games currently on Senators taxi squad, was dressed as the

“EBUG” last night (cause there are no usual outside EBUGs allowed in the NHL this season) after Sens lost Anton Forsberg (warming up) + Matt Murray (2nd period) to lower body injuries last night, leaving Marcus Hogberg, who was on the taxi squad, to finish the game as the only goalie available and Anisimov getting dressed in Forsberg’s gear just in case. 😂 We’ve covered a lot of wacky games in person in the NHL but this was another first.

"Definitely loosens up things a little bit after the game in the locker room to see him dressed up as a goalie,” defenseman Thomas Chabot said after a 4-2 loss. “It's weird stuff happening, guys get hurt and obviously to see him dressed up, it was pretty funny. The guys definitely had a good little laugh at it but I mean it's good on him, good for Arty being ready to play goalie in case we needed him.”

The Sens didn’t have a lot of options.

“We didn't have anyone left,” coach D.J. Smith said. “A lot of people would think Zac Bierk, the goalie coach who played in the NHL, but he had three hip surgeries, he's got a bad ear from shot in the head as a player, so he's not an option. I know (general manager) Pierre Dorion played some net at the Christmas skate a couple years ago. We were mulling that over. It's a tough situation.”

🎥: @artemanisimov15

👀 friend of InGoal Fred Brathwaite backing up for Henderson Silver Knights tonight cause Logan Thompson can’t go ..

pad stacks , poke checks and kick saves per 60 may reach historical levels if this legend actually gets into the game
📸: @hendersonsilverknights on twitter

World Championship postponement delayed its debut but @anndesbiens had an awesome custom set of @ccmgoalie EFlex5 made with Heaton Helite 10 graphics and the story behind it needed to be shared.

Story (and lots more exclusive photos) is unlocked for all to enjoy at

Season debut in NHL for Cayden Primeau and his @bauergoalie HyperLite set up (he played his first

2 NHL games last season) caps off a bit week of firsts for Bauer’s goalie team after Spencer Knight (more on that in a subsequent post) and Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen both made (and won) their NHL debuts in Bauer gear.
🎥: courtesy Montreal Canadiens

When we looked into David Rittich’s “hit me in the head” routine on game days last week, it took us

back to old interviews with some of best stories — and examples of that fine line between preparation and superstition and when crossing it is problematic. That includes how Ron Hextall’s routine set off a pre-game brawl and maybe changed a playoff series. Read them all now at

Oh my, Antti Raanta .. these new Kachina pads by @goaliesonly got us 🤤 over here

Arizona Coyotes twitter

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is live, featuring a great interview with

@arizonacoyotes Director of Goalie Operations @briandaccord as well as 2 segments dedicated to today’s launch of new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 line. Listen at or wherever you normally download podcasts!

Happy @ccmgoalie EFlex 5 launch day!

In stores now, we’ve got lots more coming on the new line on this week’s InGoal Radio Podcast, including behind-scenes insights from their development team and overview (with video) of the new chest protector.

Come to see @ukkopekkaluukkonen in @bauergoalie gear (+ yes, admittedly we may be behind on

that switch) but definitely stay to hear him properly pronounce the names of his five favourite Finnish stoppers in this awesome video @buffalosabres posted to Twitter .. we could listen to him saw Tuukka, Pekka, Mikka all day

So you wanna be a goalie, eh? Frederik Andersen got a cringe-worthy reminder of hazards of the job when coach Manny Malhotra caught him in a sensitive spot with a 1-T.

Fortunately Freddie was able to skate it off and after a quick, err, adjustment was back stopping pucks and looking good on his road back from injury. As many will have already noticed, Andersen is also in a new bucket — appears to be Pro’s Choice (swipe for close ups) — and it came in handy after Malhotra caught him with a high shot earlier. Tough day for goalies when even the coaches are buzzing the tower 😂

New Pro Reads features Jake Allen breaking down his post integration choices on a sharp angle attack with multiple passing options, and some great advice on holding your edges and the importance of being able to execute multiple post play options. It’s live now at

Carter Hart with some unique custom embroidery that has Elvis roots in his latest set of @playtruegoalie gloves (it’s on the pads too) by @lefevregoalie that arrived in Philly today.

@c_hart70 and @jorgachenbach came up with the idea together after some back and forth — Hart wanted a lightning bolt, Jorg showed him the Elvis logo, and he liked it.
For those too young to recognize the logo, TCB stands for “Taking Care of Business,” which is what Elvis Presley called his band when he returned to the concert circuit in 1969. He combined it with a lightning bolt for a logo that means “taking care of business in a flash,” and wore it on a custom made ring and necklace and Elvis’s inner circle wore it on a necklace.

Poke check on an against the grain chance 1-on-1, followed by a Hasek-like barrel roll to knock down a fluttering puck before it goes in?

Hope Braden Holtby got credit for two saves on this one; heroic performance with a season high 37 saves to help the Canucks, who tied the game couple minutes after this, overcome a 2-0 deficit and win their first game since March 24 because of a COVID-19 outbreak. it was just Holtby’s second start in 12 games and almost 7 weeks, he got it cause Thatcher Demko is still too sick to play and he delivered with too many highlights saves to count 😊 Hell of a night, and fun to be there in person to enjoy this performance.

Only thing better than seeing this week’s InGoal Radio Podcast guest Logan Thompson take a shot at the empty net last night was this video from his team.

Woulda been a hell of an InGoal bump, but at 14-3-0 with a 948 SV% in his first AHL season and just two years removed from playing CIS hockey, it’s not like he needs it. Hear his story about rediscovering his love for the position at

#Repost @hendersonsilverknights with @get_repost
The making of an (almost) goalie goal 🙃

When @chrisdriedger Driedger made what might be the Save of the Year this week, it was also a great example of a practice habit that helped save his career.

Driedger shares that advice our latest Pro Tips, live at

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Vegas Golden Knights goalie Logan

Thompson on a dominant first AHL season, the important lessons he learned from Fleury during a recent stint in Vegas, a unique path from the CHL to CIS to NHL debut, and rediscovering his love for the position along the way. It’s live now at and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Dustin Tokarski points to the sky after his first win since Dec.

12, 2015, saying after it was for his dad: “It’s pretty incredible to be honest. I lost my dad a few years back, so that was the first NHL win since he’s passed so I was just pointing up to him for that special moment. .. that one is for him.”
Special moment 😊

Prior to moving into 4th all-time in NHL wins, Marc-Andre Fleury had a little fun with a Los Angeles Kings forward in warm up.

In fact, Fleury is always having fun, and there’s an important lesson in that approach for other goalies. Read it now at

Is there such a thing as styles fitting systems for goalies?

What’s it like to switch teams mid-season and adjust to a new defense with different tendencies? @eddielack31 weighed in on those questions and a lot more in the latest episode of InGoal Radio, available at or wherever you listen to podcasts

We can’t tell you how David Rittich will fare with the Maple Leafs yet but we can confirm he brought one of the strangest game day rituals we’ve ever seen with him to Toronto and it’s worth a closer look (for fun and as a lesson for all goalies). Story is up at now

New Pro Drills: How impressive Boston Bruins rookie Jeremy Swayman learned to control — and close — his net at the University of Maine.

Story, with video, is live at

Petr Mrazek with a sweet set up to March the Hurricanes throwback Hartford Whalers jerseys tonight

📸: Hurricanes twitter feed

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is LOADED:

trade talk + puck-stopping advice from @eddielack31 ; Joe Clark on his mentorship program with Connor Hellebuyck, James Reimer + others; and details on the new @playtruegoalie by @Lefevregoalie launch! Listen now at or wherever you listen to podcasts

We check in with Cam at @thsgoal which is proud to be one of the chosen dealers for the new @playtruegoalie line to get the latest news and features, how to order to it set, how long it will take to get it, and what pro model won’t be available to the public

Think the answer to any modern post play problems is “just stand up?” You should probably listen to

former NHL goalie Eric Fichaud, who played in that era and now works as a TV analyst, talk about the evolution of sharp angle attacks in this clip from the InGoal Radio Podcast. The full interview is live at or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Always love these behind-the-scenes videos; interesting to see Price has ditched the blue painted cage for more traditional silver.

Could be as simple as other one being dented but never any shortage of gear intrigue for the most scrutinized goalie in the NHL.

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Prêts pour un peu de hockey?

Are you ready for some Monday night hockey?


Panthers goalie @chrisdriedger has been one of the NHL’s best this season against screen shots; he shares his philosophy on managing traffic in the latest Pro Reads, our weekly video breakdown sessions with NHL goalies at

We check back in with Cam at @thsgoal for insights into what exactly has changed in the new HyperLite glove and blocker, and ask the question:

are these the best @bauergoalie mitts yet?

Early days of testing @ccmgoalie EFlex5 but with feedback from 2 goalies so far, including one

recent NCAA Div.1 tendy, first impressions include better balance points and seal with a noticeably stiffer thigh rise, more active rebounds, improved glove closure and puck retention on the redesigned 600 break, and a blocker that felt lighter even though it weighed in similar, which may be a sign of improved balance as well .. stay tuned for more, including NHL feedback, as we prepare for April 23 launch review

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Eric Fichaud on his career, NHL life before goalie coaches, the evolution of the position since, this sick gear + lots more ..

live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

This consecutive-save sequence by Cam Talbot is ridiculously good

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That face when you get all dressed up and looking your best for the big photo shoot before testing starts on the ice later today ..

lots of great features we’ll go over, with feedback, for the full April 23 launch of @ccmgoalie EFlex5 but out of the 📦 it’s hard not to love how the subtle graphics pop

What lessons would you take from skating with NHL goalies?

In 2015 @beckwarm skated with James Reimer at @net360hockey mentorship day and 5.5 years later he joined him on the ice with Carolina Hurricanes. In this clip, he reflects on the lessons learned from pro goalies. Full interview in at or listen to InGoal Radio wherever you normally listen to podcasts

Fresh Pro Reads features Eric Comrie breaking down keys to reading a 3-on-2 rush and traffic management.

Some great advice live now at

On the 1 year anniversary of his NHL retirement, @eddielack31 reflects and shared some advice on

managing the ups and downs of being a goalie (and social media), in our latest exclusive excerpt from The Power Within 2, the latest book from former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley and @thegoalieguild .. it’s live now at

👀 make sure you stretch before you watch this incredible save by MacKenzie Blackwood tonight, otherwise you could pull something

🔊 *sound on* to hear @beckwarm of the Carolina Hurricanes talk about making it as 6-foot tall goalie, and his keys to overcoming some of those misconceptions; full interview on InGoal Radio at or wherever you listen to podcasts

Canucks @tdemko30 has been one of the NHL's hottest goalies in March, so how does he prepare for a game on the ice?

And why does his warm-up with goalie coach Ian Clark include sliding into shots in this era of set + square? It's all in our latest Pro Tips, live now, with video, at

On the ice and at @thsgoal we bring you the first breakdown of the exciting new features on @bauergoalie HyperLite pads.

Find out what the new StabiliFlex knee, Rebound Boost Core and Balance Plate are, and what a new flex profile means for your game!

Beck Warm of the Carolina Hurricanes joins us on the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal

this week to talk about a special welcome-to-the-NHL moment with James Reimer (swipe for the photos), who he first met on the ice at the @net360hockey camp as a 16-year-old, and his fast-rising path from undrafted to NHL taxi squad. Lots of great insights from Warm, plus a @bauergoalie HyperLite review, and it’s live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

There goes the weekend .. check out @bauergoalie account for the link to start customizing your new #HyperLite gear and stay tuned for new features 👀

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Make your gear as unique as your save.

New VAPOR #HyperLite goal pads are available now through #MyBAUER ! Visit the link in our bio to build the set of your dreams today.

🔊 sound on to hear @gsparks40 talk about honouring rapper MF DOOM, who passed away in October, on his Calgary Flames/Stockton Heat mask by @wzlhed this season.

Full interview at InGoal Radio at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

😍 @jake30oettinger new @bauergoalie HyperLite set up ..

more pics from warm ok tonight at the @dallasstars account

#Repost @dallasstars with @get_repost
Otter’s new fit is STRAIGHT HEAT 🔥

@pncbank | #GoStars

🔊 sound on to hear @gsparks40 talk about finding balance between an evolving technical foundation, the need to remain instinctive, and the ability to go outside the box as needed.

Listen to entire feature interview, presented by @sensearena for more great insights. It’s live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts (just search InGoal Radio)

Our biggest (and arguably best) Pro Reads ever!!! Devan Dubnyk spends 15+ minutes walking us through video review of a delayed penalty and PK sequence that includes half a dozen tough saves.

The big Sharks stopper shares his philosophy on everything from depth, to sight lines, to sharp angles, to standing or sliding on lateral plays. It’s live now at

Not usually into the UFO type photos but the promise of @jake30oettinger new @bauergoalie

HyperLite setup to match the @dallasstars blackout jerseys with neon green trim has us a tad a bit giddy this morning, so we’re sharing this socially distanced photo from best writer Matthew DeFranks .. can’t wait for some high res close ups, and to share more on this exciting new line later in the week!

🔊 Sound on to hear @gsparks40 talk about how music can help get goalies in the right headspace.

To hear more about his own ready-to-stop-pucks playlist, make sure you check out the full interview with Sparks, who has posted some of his DJ work under “Bucky Cheds” on SoundCloud, in the latest episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast at

Huge thanks to Kelly Hrudey for referencing our story on philosophy of new Canadiens goalie coach Sean Burke and what kind of changes we might see with Carey Price on HNIC this weekend.

Check out entire video and great graphics on Sportsnet website (we’ll put the link in our bio for a while).

So happy to see this news finally out in the public so we can celebrate with and for @ctcreasecanada , a great person and goalie coach with even better taste in headwear (👀 that lid 🥰) ..

congratulations on the new gig as St. Louis Blues goalie development coach!

We know Cam’s answer if this was dessert, but what about skates?

We’re back at @thsgoal for feedback on his brand new @playtruehockey skates, thoughts on custom fit, various options, and big savings on .. pro returns?!

If you’re gonna wear sweet retro gear like @chrisdriedger (swipe to see the close up from his IG story), then you need to throw down a few old-school saves like this tilt-a-whirl beauty to deny a great 2-on-1 chance 👏🥰

Episode 111 of InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features @gsparks40 , who has had an

immediate impact as a goalie and mentor with Calgary/Stockton Heat, sharing some great lessons from 8 years pro and his continuing effort to evolve on and off the ice. It’s an interview every goalie will love and it’s live now at

BONUS Pro Reads: that’s right, we didn’t want to waste Jake Allen’s last video breakdown sessions with St.

Louis Blues that debuted yesterday, so we’re adding his first in Canadiens colors in this extra Pro Reads, live now at

Not often you’ll see us tweet 2 @vaughncustomsports set ups in one day but cannot resist this @ryanmillergoalie Reverse Retro Mighty Ducks set up 😍 (and a @playtruegoalie blocker)

📸: Anaheim Ducks twitter account

Damn, @chrisdriedger doing throwback in style with this fresh @vaughncustomsports set he showed off on his IG story today!

After introducing you to the new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 last week, we head back to @thsgoal to find out how you can get flat knee rolls AND big savings on EFlex4 right now

Jake Allen shares another great video breakdown on choosing a post-play option and why sometimes you have to stick with a wrong choice.

Story and video is live at .. (and yes, we’ve promised fresh Pro Reads with Allen in Canadiens colors, and they’re coming soon, but couldn’t waste any of his past insights, and after watching this one you will understand why too)

“I’ve never felt more like an NHL goalie then in this moment,” said every beer league goalie seeing this

Thatcher Demko wearing new custom printed graphic @ccmgoalie EFlex5, which were featured here first, for the first time in a game tonight vs Ottawa

👀 and 😊 at all that room for Jake Allen and Carey Price as Canadiens get ready to play in

Winnipeg; every beer leaguer is jealous of all that space (and the extra gear) in this screencap from a video sent out by Montreal twitter panning the room; of course the downside is the Habs are probably spread out across separate rooms because of COVID-19, hence all the extra space .. but still.

With new goaltending director Sean Burke expected to join the Canadiens on the ice later this week,

we take a look at how Burke's philosophy (in his own words from the InGoal Radio Podcast) and its deep ties to Benoit Allaire’s teachings, could be applied to Carey Price. Story includes thoughts from other past Burke disciples, and is live now at

Congratulations @bennymeyer1 on winning the new InGoal hoodie with your submitted design for the new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 line

👀 Just 9 days after winning his first NHL start in over a year with Vegas, Oscar Dansk is back in

the highlights with this incredible, whatever-it-takes save/breakdance move with their AHL affiliate last night. Think maybe last time we saw one like this was Reto Berra’s bicycle kick with the Flames in 2013. 🙏 to @hendersonsilverknights for sending out the clip to media.

New Pro Drills features Laurent Brossoit, Connor Hellebuyck, Wade Flaherty and the goalie drill that won the Jets a tight game earlier this season.

Story and video of both goalies doing the drill is live at

What does NASCAR have to do with goaltending?

New InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal features a fascinating conversation on life in both worlds with Brian Haaland, Head Pit Crew Coach for Joe Gibbs Racing + a passionate goalie coach. Listen now at or wherever you download podcasts.

Great graphic and visual representation from @ccmgoalie of the new custom rebound control options in the new EFlex5 that we talked about last week.

The combo of flexible pad and an active rebound option is a first for the EFlex line.⠀

#Repost from @CCMGoalie⠀

Dial in your pad performance to match your style of play via the #EFlex5 customizer.⁣⠀
🔵 Want to stay in control by keeping pucks close in tight, but direct that one-timer out with force? CONTROL Rebound gives you both. ⁣⠀

🟡 Prefer a stiffer face that directs every shot out with power? MAX Rebound it is.

Really excited to welcome another NHL goalie to Pro Reads family; and once you hear @chrisdriedger break down video of his crease management philosophy in traffic and thought process on a lateral feed to a 1T this week, you’ll know why. Story + video is live at

Looks like Braden Holtby has another new mask coming from Coast Salish artist @luke_marston_ in collaboration with David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, whose work is on the top and chin of the mask.

Credit to all involved for seeking out and working with a local Indigenous artist — Marston is from the Stz’uminus First Nation — after criticism and concerns about cultural appropriation when Holtby’s first mask featured a replica of a totem pole in Stanley Park .. be sure to check out more of his work, including more photos of this mask and the one Holtby is currently wearing on his Instagram feed, @luke_marston_

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Boom! Done ✅ and onto the project! 😃

Exclusive InGoal photos as Carey Price debuted a new dark-blue based set of @playtruegoalie L12.2 gear by @lefevregoalie at morning skate today.

Love retro tan accent in the pocket, scroll through for lots more photos including back of pads and glove.

Saw some numbers had Vasilevskiy as a clear front runner for Vezina, and while he was deadlocked

with Fleury going into the weekend, the 🌸 actually moved ahead since then, so we took a closer look at the top goalies this season using @csahockey .. full story and lots more stats is live at now

Love the Michael Jordan statue on @maddie_rooney35 @ccmgoalie AXIS mask for game in Chicago today, and great to see this effort going into each stop on Dream Gap Tour ..

real power of goalie masks and good marketing

#Repost @thebarncreative with @get_repost
See this awesome #Chicago themed mask today on @NBCSports at 3pm ET. It has been great working with @maddie_rooney35 and the @pwhpa to create one of a kind mask designs for these historic events and the #DreamGapTour.
“Our daughters should have the same dreams as our sons.” #StickInTheGround
@ccmgoalie @adidashockey @secretdeodorant @onherturf @nhlonnbc @nhl @nbcsports @sportsnet @usahockey @nbcschicago @chicagotheatre @nhlblackhawks @cubs @chicagobulls @chicagoredstars @chicagosky @chicagobears
#hockeydesign #sportsdesign #windycity #womenshockey #chitown #goaliecrowd #maskdesign #goaliemask #smsports #mjmondays

Honestly not sure how we missed @gsparks40 🔥 @goaliesonly set up and new mask to this point but it’s stunning.

Not a surprise given his sense of goalie style but still, 👏
📸: Stockton Heat on twitter

Flames development + AHL goalie coach Thomas Speer shares lessons from Michael Jordan documentary,

on mental toughness and importance of carving out time away from rink in latest excerpt from new book, The Power Within II, by former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley and Justin Goldman of @thegoalieguild .. read it now, and learn more about the new book on mental toughness (and other samples we’ve shared) now at

Reminder you can win one of our new InGoal hoodies just by using new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 customizer that launched this week.

Post your design, tag us + use #CCMEFLEX5DESIGN and we’ll draw at the end of the weekend. Be sure to check out our IGTV video highlighting the biggest new custom option too.

Episode 109 of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features goalie and architect

@_thedailysass of the @pwhpa , as well as @ccmgoalie EFlex5 debut, and a roundtable on the Montreal Canadiens goaltending shakeup.
It’s live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

@ccmgoalie launched its customizer and that’s means you can now design AND order your own custom set, so we checked in with @thsgoal to find out about the custom options, including a first ever rebound control alternative for the EFlex family of pads!

👀 The @ccmgoalie EFlex5 customizer is live! There goes the rest of our day (ok, week) ..

so what are you waiting for, start designing your set, post it and tag us using #CCMEFLEX5DESIGN and we’ll draw to give away one of our brand new InGoal hoodies! (Swipe to see them)

Like most we were shocked at this news the Montreal Canadiens fired long-time goaltending coach

Stéphane Waite, a two-time Stanley Cup winner with the Chicago Blackhawks who joined the Canadiens in 2013 and helped Carey Price win the Vezina and Hart Trophy in 2014-15 and Olympic gold in 2014. Waite has also been a big supporter of InGoal, sharing keys and insights into the drills we filmed of him working with Price and other Montreal goalies. Thanks, Steph 🙏

Sean Burke comes on in newly created director of goaltending position and sounds like he’ll do some coaching too, with Marco Marciano, who has also been a big supporter here, moving up from AHL to goalie coach while Burke is in a mandatory 2-week quarantine entering Canada

#Repost @canadiensmtl with @get_repost
Thank you for your hard work, mentorship and guidance over the last eight years, Stéphane.

Only downside of doing our recent instructional content with Laurent Brossoit on recent roadie is we missed filming him in this set up by days 😍

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LB putting on a style clinic with his reverse retro set 😍 #BauerGoalie 📸: @nhljets

Couple of our favourites teaming up to help goalies get better:

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Take your path to the elite goaltending with Sense Arena and the new @thegoalieguild book! We are happy to help goalies together. Buy Sense Arena system and get this book as a gift. STOCK IS LIMITED! #goalies #goaliestraining #thepowerwithin #hockeysense #goaliestips

James Reimer shares tips on playing a backhand and managing reads against elite players (in this case Brayden Point) in our latest Pro Reads video breakdown session, live now at

Most of the focus will be on Ducks rookie Trevor Zegras attempting a lacrosse goal for his first in

the NHL, but don’t sleep on fellow rookie @villehusso with the stick drop to get his blocker up to that top corner! Hard to tell from this angle if he kept visual connection on short side long enough to know what was coming, but sure looks like it. Possible D helped with communication but either way 👏

New Pro Tips features Winnipeg Jets goalie Laurent Brossoit sharing keys (and video of) to a game-day warm up that was all about dialling in his movement, not taking shots.

It’s a great mindset that might help other goalies who don’t get a lot of time or shots when they get ready to play, especially amid the pandemic, and it’s live at

Reminder you can watch this live tonight at 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PT on Sportsnet in Canada and NHL Network in the USA

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Second game day of the #SecretDreamGapTour ‼️ This time at @thegarden 👀 Catch team @adidashockey take on team @womenssportsfoundation tonight at 7pm ET on @nhlnetwork 👏

With Michael Hutchinson’s Potvin tribute mask getting attention again with Maple Leafs, it’s the

perfect time to share our exclusive excerpt of Felix talking about his masks, as well as gorgeous photos of them (including a few that never got into a game), from the all new @vintagetendy magazine. You can read the interview with Potvin and learn more about this new, high-quality glossy magazine dedicated to NHL goalies up to the year 2000 at

Binnington fired up after getting pulled against Sharks tonight, almost had a goalie scrap with Dubnyk as he exits ..

what do you think? Kinda bush league with the fake swing at Erik Karlsson but might have worked to fire up teammates: Blues came back to win 7-6

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Winnipeg Jets goalie Laurent Brossoit

talking about the foundations behind his hot start, why doesn’t need shots to get ready to play, and his back-and-forth, brain-picking relationship with Connor Hellebuyck .. plus, we hear from his trainer, Adam Francilia, who is also working with equally sizzling Mike Smith, on Brossoit’s development and what his goalies have done in quarantine to stay sharp .. listen now at, or download wherever you listen to podcasts

Eric Comrie breaks down how Taylor Hall’s hand and puck position hinted at what was coming, and his technical keys and cues on what some might see as a desperation save, in our latest Pro Reads, live now and exclusive to

Does hockey really have a goalie problem? Our @waytogoalpaul felt compelled to respond to Ken Dryden’s recent article calling for bigger nets as a solution.

Read it now at

Is there any better way to cleanse your timeline than with the happy news that Henrik Lundqvist is back on the ice stopping pucks 🙏Check his IG + story for more videos that make us 😊

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The best type of workday! 😃

We visit @thsgoal to find out if @superfeet really can help you get more out your high priced skates?

(And perhaps just as important, whether Cam finally memorized the 1-800 number after getting publicly humiliated by Siri over it.)

Our latest exclusive excerpt from the new The Power Within II book by Justin Goldman of

@thegoalieguild and former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley features @nooraty41 sharing advice and experience on overcoming adversity and the true power of positive thoughts as a goalie. You can read it and learn more about the book at now

LAST DAY to save $450 on @sensearena the Virtual Reality training tool that has pro goalies raving AND get 1 free year of InGoal Premium.

More information, demonstrations and accolades can be found using the link in our bio.

Is that Thatcher Demko in a new @ccmgoalie Retroflex set up we spy today? 🤔

Actually, swipe through our exclusive photos from today for close ups and you’ll see it’s still EFlex5 and those vertical rolls and stitches are actually part of a custom printed graphic with “VAN” also printed on thigh rise. 😍

Great look at the goalies from today’s outdoor game in Lake Tahoe, including those gorgeous Avs

Reverse Retro jerseys and Marc-Andre Fleury and his new @ccmgoalie AXIS mask painted by Stéphane Bergeron of Griff Airbrush to match the Golden Knights red Reverse Retro jerseys .. scroll through for more close ups and a video of the mask from Bergeron. What a set up for outdoor hockey, on and off ice!

“It truly felt like I was on the ice.” Eric Comrie talks about his 1st experience with @sensearena in this clip.

Ro find out more about how he uses it in his everyday training, check out our webinar with Comrie at .. of course, you can still save $450 on Sense Arena AND get 1 free year of InGoal Premium using code IGM450 at checkout but this special offer ends Feb. 21

What do you think of the Canucks new Reverse Retro gradient jerseys that debuted last night?

(Other than fact Thatcher Demko’s @ccmgoalie EFlex5 set up complimented them perfectly, of course)

New Pro Drills is live and exclusive at featuring Montreal Canadiens goalie coach Stéphane Waite and a simple drill designed for 2-on-1 rebounds

Only thing better than the backdrop for the outdoor games on Lake Tahoe this weekend is how perfectly suited @awerner30 custom DigiPrint @bauergoalie graphic is for this moment and event

📸: Nick Cotsonika, NHL dot com, on Twitter

Fresh @bauergoalie HyperLite set up for “friend of the show” @beckwarm of the Chicago Wolves ..

we’ve already chatted with this bright, insightful young goalie about his switch to Bauer and can’t wait to hear his feedback on new line and several new features that we can’t wait to share in March

Best part of New Jersey Devils making expanded G department official is we get to talk to Scott

Clemmensen for Episode 107 of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal … it really is a must listen, not just for goalies, but parents and goalie coaches too as the 14-year pro shares insights into the Devils new department, including the need to build a goalie glossary to make sure everyone was on the same page in terms of position-specific terminology, and more universally applicable advice on goalie development that we can list in this space. From the role equipment plays in a good goalie coach-goalie relationship, to specifics of how to choose a properly sized stick as part of that, to defining hockey sense for goalies, and how to build and recognize it, Clemmensen's 40-minute feature interview is loaded with great insights and advice.

You can find it at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Mike Smith re-visiting his throwback to the old SK2000 helmet-and-cage look with the Oilers tonight.

“Cooper, (Andy) Moog style,” said his long-time painter @davidarrigo .. it’s similar to the Mike Vernon tribute he wore with the Calgary Flames a couple years ago, but loving the backplate additions (swipe through to see) of Joey Moss tribute and the faded CSA logo. 👏

Live by the sword; die by the sword ⚔️
Jacob Markstrom eliminates one breakaway with an aggressive charge but gets burned by another in the same period.

For those that have followed our poke check series with Devan Dubnyk, can you recall the keys and see where Markstrom made his mistakes on that second attempt?

Limited time offer: get $450 off @sensearena AND 1 free year of InGoal Premium.

Can’t think of a better combination to help you get better as a goalie. Just use IGM450 at check out, link to site is in our bio this week. This video shows you what’s in the box and a sneak peek at what it looks like to put the headset on, but for more on Sense Arena, check out our webinar with founder Bob Tetiva and NHL goalie Eric Comrie from the weekend at

If you saw Part 1 of Devan Dubnyk’s Pro Reads guide to to the lost art of poke checks, you already know this is a can’t miss video breakdown and it’s live now at

Want to see Virtual Reality goalie training in action?

Hear from an NHL goalie how he uses it and how well it simulates the real thing? Catch our webinar replay with all the details along with Eric Comrie and @SenseArena founder Bob Tetiva - PLUS find out how you can get a free year of InGoal Premium and $450 off when you order Sense Arena this week only at today.

Exclusive look at Braden Holtby’s old-school CCM pad set up, and a chance to buy them (and Frederik Andersen pads) as we preview the annual @thsgoal Demo Sale

Gung Hay Fat Choy; Happy Lunar New Year from the InGoal team, including our own Year of the Ox, Woody ..

not sure the associated humility tag applies, or the honesty given he keeps telling us he’s over 6’ but we’ll give him hard work as he celebrates the Chinese heritage in his family

Cal Petersen shares some great advice on channeling inner swagger in big moments, and his unique

eye warm-up before puck drop, all in our latest exclusive excerpt from The Power Within II, new book by Justin Goldman of @thegoalieguild and former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley, who worked with a young Petersen. Live now at

Igor Shesterkin rocking his new “art-deco architecture inspired” @goaliesonly at practice today ..

designed by @visual_merc , whose renderings you can see if you swipe across, they are inspired (in his words) the suggestion of urban architecture and famous Art Deco styled buildings in New York like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. Unique with local ties, well done by all 👏
📸: Rangers on twitter; @visual_merc + @goaliesonly

Save. Of. The. Year. By 🌸

You don’t want to miss @troygrosenick harrowing driving story and waiver adventures, or his great advice on adding new things to your game after camp with the Kings and Jonathan Quick.

All that, plus close-ups and your chance to buy Braden Holtby’s old-school pads in the latest episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal and available now at or wherever you regularly listen to podcasts

Few NHL goalies still deliver a poke check like Devan Dubnyk, so it made sense our 1st Pro Reads

video review session with the big San Jose Sharks stopper started with some of his most spectacular stick-first lunges. Dubnyk delivered so many great insights, we needed to split it into 2 parts. The 1st is live at now.

So you wanna be a goalie, eh?
Nothing like a OV 1T off the side of the melon 😬

“Same pattern for him for the past eight years.

That’s a perfect warm up for him.” Canadiens goalie coach Stephane Waite walks you through video of Carey Price’s game-day warm up in the latest Pro Tips, live at and exclusive to Premium Members

To B(NQ) or not to B(NQ)?

We check in with Cam at @thsgoal to find out what BNQ certification means for neck guards and explore options with (and without) it from a wide variety of manufacturers, including one that may be new to you, and advice on how to find one that fits your style and game. Plus, use INGOAL20 to save 20% at checkout

Flames goalies embracing their dark and stylish side for “Blasty” Reverse Retros in Battle of Alberta tonight

Looks like new set of @playtruegoalie by @lefevregoalie for Ducks star John Gibson tonight ..

12.1 judging by blocker, though he’s always preferred a 2-piece cuff on glove and custom specs.
🎥: Ducks IG story

Free Zoom workout and Q+A session with Olympic gold medal winning goalie @maddie_rooney35 Saturday morning ..

link will be in the bio until it starts at 9 am PT, noon EST.

Connor Hellebuyck shares how he analyzes his own game compared to the game going on around him, and

how others play it, and the way all that has evolved in our latest except from the new book, The Power Within II, by former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley + @thegoalieguild .. excerpt is available now at including links to buy the book for instant access to more great advice on mindset and the mental game from goalies and coaches like Hellebuyck, Robin Lehner, Robb Tallas, Pavel Francouz, Eddie Lack, Cal Petersen, William Rahm, Jake Oettinger, Noora Räty and Thomas Speer.

🔥 Exclusive first looks at David Rittich’s custom “Blasty” set up with @ccmgoalie AXIS gear for the Flames Reverse Retro night tomorrow ..

this is the first NHL set of the custom graphic capabilities CCM showed off at World Junior Championships, including fellow Flames goalie Dustin Wolf .. scroll through for hi-resolution behind-the-scenes photos from room and original mock up from @thevincenzoarnone which as you see had Blasty on the gloves too, something David decided to remove in the end.

Episode 105 of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features recently retired Jimmy Howard talking about his 14-year career with the Detroit Red Wings.

Live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts, Howard shares some of his best -- and worst (*cough, Mike Babcock making the backup goalie charts face-offs*) -- memories from a career that finished as the all-time leader in saves made (13,970) for the Detroit Red Wings, a remarkable achievement on an original-six franchise. He shares stories and lessons from starting his NHL career on a team loaded with future Hall of Fame players, including Dominik Hasek, valuable tips from the various mentors and coaches that shaped his style and preparation, and insights into a late-career evolution from one of the League's most aggressive goalies to playing connected to his crease.

All that, plus another trip to The Hockey Shop for Woody and Cam’s look at the wide range of fits, styles and certification levels of their neck guard inventory (and of course you can still use INGOAL20 code at checkout to save 20%).

New Vegas tones in @ccmgoalie EFlex5 for Golden Knights prospect (and sometimes InGoal product tester) @dylan_ferguson1 today

📸: Fergie’s twitter account

Lots of great goalie insights and advice from @wolfie2332 while answering questions in his IG story yesterday, highly recommend checking it out before they all disappear

We know Jake Allen is already busy racking up Ws with the Montreal Canadiens (another one tonight)

and we’ve got fresh Pro Reads coming with his sweet new Habs set up, but his insights have been so good we didn’t want to waste any left overs from last season in St. Louis, like the latest one with VH and RVH use in same PK sequence, live at

After seeing lot of @WarriorHockey V1 sticks in the NHL we asked Cam at @thsgoal to break down entire line for us.

Timing was perfect because they’re all on sale!

😍 Price adding the blue cage

#Repost @canadiensmtl with @get_repost

Un nouveau look Royal.
Royal new look for Carey.


Jonathan Quick doesn’t deviate often with his set ups but 😍 his Reverse Retro gear for this season

Not to be outdone, and no it’s not his first NHL win but it’s first with Jersey and in 3 seasons after a lot of waiver claims for our friend Eric Comrie

Speaking of big moments, congrats also to @villehusso on his first NHL win with the St.

Louis Blues tonight, including this highlight reel stop.

1st NHL start, 1st NHL win, and in his hometown to boot: congratulations to @skinner_74

courtesy of Sportsnet

Happy Birthday 🎂 to this guy! Kicked off the celebration early and in style last night with a 37-save shutout to hands Habs first regulation loss of season

If NHL teams are ever going to widely adopt a practice goalie to ease workload on their No.

1, this season could provide the impetus thanks to mandatory presence of a third goalie on every team. So how are they being used so far? We take a closer look at

How’s that for starting your NHL career? Vitek Vanecek is 5-0-2 with a 918 for the Capitals.

A lot of people asked where Washington would get help in goal after Holtby departure and Lundqvist health scare, but Caps goalie people pushed @bauergoalie clad Vanecek as an answer both times. Big props to Scott Murray for sticking to that belief and Alex Westlund for all the work he’s done as their AHL and development goalie coach helping Vanecek be ready for opportunity. No wonder Devils had Westlund on short list for their NHL job in offseason.

Hope retirement is as good to you, @jimmyhowardofficial , as you were to us throughout your NHL career.

Thanks for always taking the time to talk goaltending and share your insights, whether it was about your great skating, evolving depth tactics, sick gear style, the rotation for your glove sets each period (to keep em dry), or pickle juice — yes, pickle juice — for hydration, you always took time to answer thoughtfully so we could share it with the #goalieunion 🙏

Talk about making you first NHL start in style, @jake30oettinger 😍 (and his @bauergoalie HyperLite)

📸: Dallas Stars twitter
PS - remember to check out excerpt from his chapter in new The Power Within 2 book, at

First start of the season for Big Save Dave Rittich in his clean new @ccmgoalie AXIS set up (but just wait till you see his next set 👀)

First NHL start for @jake30oettinger tonight means another fresh set of @bauergoalie HyperLite in The Show.

We’ll have a set of the much anticipated new line on the ice early next week, and look forward to sharing the many innovations later in spring. As for Oettinger, make sure you check out our exclusive excerpt from his chapter in The Power Within 2 book from Mike Valley and @thegoalieguild online now at for great insights into the mindset that helped get him to the NHL tonight

Today, let’s help raise $ for mental healthy initiatives by watching this video from

@bell_letstalk (details below) and by using #BellLetsTalk   hashtag on Twitter but let’s also remember this isn’t a once-a-year problem, and give a special thanks #goalieunion friends and everyday mental health advocates like @coreyhirsch72 + @clint_malarchuk + @robinlehner40 + @thegoalieguild + so many others for work they do year round helping others

#Repost @bell_letstalk with @get_repost
Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. Every time this video is viewed today, Bell will donate 5¢ more towards Canadian mental health initiatives. Watch and share to show your support. #BellLetsTalk

Fresh episode of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal is live featuring an hour of great

stories and insights from Devan Dubnyk, plus an overview (and some great savings) on the @warriorgoalie V1 stick line. Check it out, including the gear segment video simulcast, at or hear it wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Great eyes as always by our friend @goaliegearnerd to spot Price’s new twig at practice today but told it’s actually @playtruehockey new Catalyst stick skinned as AX9

Heard good things from @wolfie2332 about the stick before World Juniors

#Repost @goaliegearnerd with @get_repost
@cp0031 using a @playtruehockey AX9 stick in practice today.

📸: @canadiensmtl Twitter
#GoalieGearNerd #GGNTRUE #TRUEGoalie

John Gibson goes back to this tribute mask on the one year anniversary of the tragic helicopter accident that killed Kobe, his daughter Gigi and 7 others, and pitches a 1-0 shutout 🙏

(Slide through for more shots of this beautiful paint job by @shellshockco )

#Repost @anaheimducks with @get_repost
For Kobe, Gigi, John, Keri, Alyssa, Christina, Sarah, Payton and Ara.

As Jake Oettinger prepares for first NHL start, it’s a safe bet the Dallas Stars rookie won't get overwhelmed by -- or distracted in -- the moment.

Read his excerpt from The Power Within 2 book by former Stars goalie coach Mike Valley + Justin Goldman of @TheGoalieGuild and you’ll understand why. It’s live now at

For all you need to know about kneepads, including what model to buy if you’re an idi… err, if you’ve never worn them before, and how your pad brand and model can affect your sizing options, we checked in with Cam at @thsgoal

Carey Price breaking down video of a breakaway save? Enough said.

Latest Pro Reads went live last night at

New Pro Drills is live featuring video of Jake Allen and Charlie Lindgren working on a simple

breakaway routine last week, and Canadiens goalie coach Stephane Waite weighing in with some keys (plus additional thoughts from Allen). Premium Members can see and read this exclusive content now at

Big (and belated) congratulations to @benners33 for winning our Carey Price autographed jersey giveaway earlier this month.

Nice to see it in its new home, all framed up and proudly on display .. Ben is in his second year as a Premium Member and was automatically entered in the contest, as was one of our other 3 winners of a 1 year subscription (in their case an extension). Our other 2 membership winners entered on IG and Twitter .. thanks to everyone who entered, we’ll try to run more of these soon

Pad stack on a breakaway? How do you like Connor Hellebuyck’s old school form?

#padstack #oldschool

You really don’t wanna miss Woody’s “how do you do, fellow kids?” moment as we visit @thsgoal for

a deep dive on the unique new integration options for @bauergoalie UltraSonic chest protector and Pro pants. Full overview, with full video and photos is up now (and unlocked for all to enjoy) at

Belated 🎉 to @kevinlankinen on first NHL W and first star last night!

Blackhawks Twitter account

NHL debut for Pekka Rinne’s new @playtruegoalie by @lefevregoalie set up tonight as he comes on in relief of Jusse Saros in third period in Dallas.

Exclusive shots of Carey Price’s new mask from Canadiens practice today in Vancouver.

After debuting his wicked cyborg mask, Price said he had another team-themed lid coming from DaveArt for Canadiens Reverse Retro jersey, and we’d guess this is it .. also a great look at his latest @playtruegoalie set up by @lefevregoalie which he hasn’t worn for a game yet, and hadn’t sported in practice since arriving in Vancouver until today.

Does @adell32 have the best style in NHL? After unveiling his new Devils set up by @goaliesonly today, it’s a fair argument.

Slide through the pics to see more close ups from Dell, the original design template posted by @visual_merc and the equally filthy Toronto Maple Leafs set that never actually got into a game before he was claimed off waivers by New Jersey.
Style is 💯 for former Sharks stopper

New InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal features Canada’s World Junior tandem of

@dlevi_33 and @dylangarand in a really fun chat about the position (and these two are passionate students of goaltending), the tournament and each other. And yes, we go over all 3.5 hours (plus) of Levi’s much-discussed warm-up. Check it out at

Our second exclusive excerpt from the new book, The Power Within II, by Mike Valley +

@thegoalieguild , features Panthers goalie coach Rob Tallas talking about how Roberto Luongo managed tough moments and the media. You can read it at and get more details on how to get your copy of this great new book for goalies, which is loaded with ways to improve your mindset + mental game from goalies like Robin Lehner, Pavel Francouz, Connor Hellebuyck, Eddie Lack, Jake Oettinger, Cal Petersen + Noora Räty, and coaches like Tallas, Thomas Speer and William Rahm

Jacob Markstrom wasn’t allowed to wear gear with dark edges in Vancouver but wasted no time with a

🔥 set of solid coloured @ccmgoalie EFlex5 presumably for Calgary’s Reverse Retro “Blasty” jerseys .. for those that don’t know the backstory on rules for equipment under Canucks goalie coach Ian Clark, check out for explanation
📸: Flames twitter account

Hands up if you’ve ever gone full Hudson’s Bay Rules like Dubie did here ..

(we expect to see a lot of ✋)

😍 @robinlehner40 new custom @goaliesonly set up for Vegas as designed by @visual_merc ..

make sure you check out @goaliesonly feed for more close ups and some look at the custom stitching, including promo of the #SameHere mental health initiatives that Robin has been such a strong advocate for, and @visual_merc for mock ups he did for design

#Repost @goaliesonly with @get_repost
Knighted. ⚔️ @robinlehner40 #CustomGoalCompany

Sadly it won’t be the only time we need to issue this reminder to defensemen this season but Stop.

Pushing. Opponents. Into. Your. Goalie. Hoping @hutts40 is OK after this collision eventually forced him out of last night’s game against the Flyers

Most goalies stress out trying to kill a 5-on-3. Not Casey DeSmith.

He’s out here creating offense with stretch passes. Nice apple @cdesmith1

Carter Hart once told us his favourite saves are the easy ones because it means you did everything

right, but as Jonathan Bernier shows us in his latest Pro Reads, a lot of small details go into making those saves look easy, both in terms of making the right read and technical foundation. You can see Bernier’s latest video session breakdown, listen to his technical keys, and see some of the drills he does to keep them sharp, at now.

More importantly, does it need to be that big in the first place?

We check in with Cam (after waking him up and getting him out of the bag) at @thsgoal for a complete rundown of bag options and what factors to consider — including why the car you drive matters — when choosing one for your gear. Plus, we’ve got a special INGOAL20 discount code to save you $

Normally against posting water bottle explosion shots but making exception for chance to see Jake Allen’s clean new (to us at least) @playtruegoalie L87 pads at practice today ..

still in the @goaliesonly glove he switched to last season (and talked to us about: was a fantastic of BOA straps), but been playing around with couple different breaks from True too

Gold @playtruegoalie L4.1 set up is a 👌gorgeous match with Vegas gold jerseys ..

🤷‍♂️ on black stick, waiting on confirmation, possibly a prototype ( @goaliegearnerd mentioned a comp shaft/foam core paddle/blade combo coming from True) but our first guess was spray painted his old CCM foam core .. 🌸 was one of few holdovers still in foam core last season. 🤔
📸: Golden Knights twitter

Loving the new Vancouver-appropriate “mountain” look for Canucks goalie Mikey DiPietro from @goaliesonly ..

be sure to check their feed for additional photos of his newest set

#Repost @goaliesonly with @get_repost
Mountain vibes for Mikey DiPietro. #CustomGoalCompany

Best look we’ve seen yet of new @playtruegoalie L12.2 set up Carey Price debuted in practice

today, and an interesting follow up to the red set from opening night that renewed a long-standing debate on dark gear and whether it makes a difference. We re-visited thoughts from a bunch of NHL goalies and coaches, including Price, for that story, which is live at Price going away from it only makes the discussion more interesting because, despite saying it’s not a factor, he’s now had multiple ref sets the past 3 seasons and worn them a total of 7 games 🤔
🎥: Montreal Canadiens on twitter

Can ballet make you a better goalie? The reigning Mike Richter Award winner as top NCAA goalie thinks so.

Bruins prospect @jswayman1 shares his insights after taking a class at University of Maine and there goalie coach @dreamcatchershky shares video of the barre sessions his goalies are doing this season as a result of that success. Story and videos are all up at now, but if anyone else has tried barre, share your experiences in the comments below:

We have questions .. 🤔... anyone else use a headband under the mask like Igor Shesterkin?

New InGoal Radio Podcast, brought to you by @thsgoal , features a great chat with USA’s gold-medal winning tandem of @slknight35 and @wolfie2332 and an INGOAL20 discount you won’t want to miss.

Listen to the entire episode at or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Nice shot of Rangers goalie stalls at MSG for tonight’s opener, and one of the better looks we’ve seen at Georgiev’s custom @goaliesonly graphic on pads ..

game against Islanders will also feature 4 Russian goalies with Shesterkin starting for Rangers and a Varlamov/Sorokin tandem for Islanders! (Yes we know Georgiev was born in Bulgaria but reps Russia on international stage) .. we have lots more coming on the rise of Russian goalies at
📸: from Rangers twitter feed

Still not top to bottom but a better look at Jacob Markstrom’s new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 set up with colors added since all-white training camp ..

swipe over to the morning skate video for a more complete look at pads
📸 + 🎥: Flames twitter

Oh my, @subbz3r0 👀

Not best photo but bench shot coming out of intermission shows Canadiens backup Jake Allen back in a @goaliesonly glove after trying a @playtruegoalie that matches their pads and blocker, which he is still in.

So fitting these two face each other to open the 20-21 NHL season; not only are Carter Hart and

Tristan Jarry the likely goalies of record for this fierce rivalry for the foreseeable future, but many don’t realize they also trained on the ice together this offseason with Oilers goalie coach Dustin Schwartz outside of Edmonton. A lot of mutual respect and learning from each other.

Latest Pro Reads features Kings goalie @calpetersen40 breaking down depth decisions on a 5-on-3 and protecting the paint with your stick in tight.

It’s live now at

We’re back at @thsgoal to watch Woody play dress up for a deep dive on the new @bauergoalie Pro pants, which includes some big changes and innovative attachment options ..

plus, see if you can spot the cameo from our friend @goaliegearnerd

Excited to announce we have an exclusive excerpt from the new book, The Power Within II, by @thegoalieguild and former Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley.

This passage from the book features some great advice from Robin Lehner on slowing with game down, and provides a great taste of the awesome material in rest of book. Read it now at

Loving this custom @keneskymfg_ Canucks chestie for Braden Holtby

#Repost @keneskymfg_ with @get_repost
Very nice looking PP1 on it's way to Vancouver for Holtby. #picoftheday #instahub #pops #sweet #nice #keneskys #custommade #chestprotector #holtby

Episode 101 of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , features former Dallas Stars goalie

coach Mike Valley and Justin Goldman of @thegoalieguild sharing tips and from several of the NHL goalies featured in their upcoming book, The Power Within 2. You can listen to the entire episode at or wherever you listen to podcasts

Marc-Andre Fleury trying out a modified @playtruegoalie L12.2 model with FRS straps after opening

Vegas training camp with a L4.1 that was closer to his old Premier set up (right down to the red leather straps he’s talked to us about in past). Be interesting to see if he finally adopts a no-leather strap system like this one. Also interesting to see where he goes with sticks as one of the last holdouts for foam core. He opened camp in a composite True but is back to an old CCM model today. Interesting times in the gear world, to say the least.
🎥: Athletic beat writer and fellow goalie Jesse Granger ( @jessegranger_ ) on twitter

Bit of a shocker as two-time Stanley Cup champion Corey Crawford announces his retirement less than a week before starting the next chapter with the New Jersey Devils.

Swipe over to read the statement from Crawford, a goalie who often didn’t get enough credit early in his career but should be remembered for consistent excellence throughout it. All the best in retirement to Corey and his family
📸: NHLPA on twitter

Way late on this one, and full credit to @thegoalnet for being the first to make this point, but

when you consider the @bauergoalie journey from trying to re-invent the wheel with OD1N and some of the early growing pains and criticism, this is an accomplishment worth noting, and perhaps a good reminder why critically judging moves in the short term is short sighted without considering long term vision in a position that is constantly evolving, on and off the ice

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Proud to be the #1 goal brand at the 2021 #WorldJuniors #BauerGoalie

Part-Man, Part-Machine, All-Badass:

Carey Price’s new cyborg mask pumps knowledge from Canadiens goalie legends right into his brain and was such a departure for the Habs star we wanted to take a deeper dive on details with artist @jboairbrush .. lots more photos and video in the story at but be sure to also check out his feed lots more an awesome overview video from earlier today, and entire series of in-progress videos and photos from the estimated 250 hours (!!!) he put into this beauty.

Belated congratulations to @dlevi_33 for being named top goalie of the WJC last night.

Hell of a tournament for the Panthers prospect: 0.75 goals-against average, 964 save percentage and 3 shutouts. Know it didn’t end how he wanted but made a lot of fans in the #goalieunion internationally with his preparation, poise and play 👏

With NHL training camps underway and the season 1 week away, the timing is perfect to share this

insightful look at the evolution of the goalie coach position from the perspective of current Edmonton Oilers assistant and former Dallas and Calgary head coach Glen Gulutzan. After 19 seasons coaching pro, it’s loaded with great stories and insights and it’s live now at

They walked in like a boss and left as World Junior Champions!

Congrats to @slknight35 and @wolfie2332 on their great performances and sick set ups at the WJC — and thanks to them and all the players and staff (even non goalies) from all the teams for sacrificing their holidays and lot more to bring some incredible and badly needed hockey entertainment to the world amid this pandemic 🙏

The focus on Francois Allaire’s early work with Patrick Roy has always been the butterfly, but as you hear in this clip, that wasn’t his focus and it’s an important lesson for goalies even now.

Listen to entire interview, presented by @SenseArena at

In our latest video session with Carter Hart, the young Flyers star walks you through a “desperation” glove save that isn’t possible without a couple of key mechanics and tracking habits.

You can see the latest video breakdown with @c_hart70 at

Exclusive first photos of Thatcher Demko in @ccmgoalie EFlex5 from second day of Canucks training

camp (seriously, scroll through, we literally caught him walking down the tunnel like a grand reveal and stepping onto the ice for the first time in them) .. told ya that EFlex4 set of Jacob Markstrom’s that he had on yesterday was just temporary .. will be interesting to follow where this goes with Demko

We’ll play catch up throughout the next few days on some of the first looks at new gear we missed

as training camps opened (hey, some of us actually have to be at the camps and not on the internet all day 😉) and figured we should start with Cam Talbot in one of the lines we’re most excited to test this spring, the @bauergoalie HyperLite .. new flex profile and at least 4 new tech innovations from the 2X Pro line it replaces, can’t wait to experience improvements their R+D department has come up with.
📸: Wild IG
👀: @goaliegearnerd (first spot we saw it)

Ok, so this isn’t a switch for Igor Shesterkin but super pumped to see this young star for a full season and always a sucker for the @goaliesonly 👀 on the glove (see 2nd pic)

📸: Rangers twitter account

Exclusive first video of Thatcher Demko opening Canucks camp in @ccmgoalie pads, glove and stick, one of bigger surprises of the day.

Knew Demko, a long-time Brian’s guy for reasons he shared on our podcast last year, had been trying this EFlex 4 set (and we’ve confirmed it was made by CCM, not Lefevre, for Markstrom) but still surprised to see switch. See what happens but he has own set of EFlex 5 on the way.

First looks at Braden Holtby’s new @ccmgoalie Extreme Flex 5 set up (modified with his old school specs, of course, won’t be and toe caps at retail 😉) in first official practice with the Vancouver Canucks .. new mask too

Exclusive shot of Marc-Andre Fleury in gold @playtruehockey by @lefevregoalie pads, gloves and @playtruehockey stick to open training camp with the Vegas Golden Knights

First look at Carey Price at Canadiens camp comes from TSN’s John Lu on twitter and features @playtruehockey pads and gloves by @lefevregoalie and a @warriorgoalie stick ..

as we hinted at more than a month ago, Price’s contract with CCM expired, but to be honest didn’t/don’t have confirmation of a True contract and would have expected it to be head to toe deal .. we already know the new mask is @proschoicemask and being painted by @jboairbrush .. will be interesting to see where this takes us

Markstrom with a @ccmgoalie blocker and @warriorgoalie twig for photo day; based on footage

we’ve seen from informal skates, expect Flames new No.1 to start how he finished last season with Canucks: CCM blocker and pads and @playtruehockey glove, though could yet change with some gear still sitting at NHL offices in Toronto waiting to be shipped 🤔

We’re back at @thsgoal for an in-depth look at the @warriorgoalie Ritual X2 pant, with a fixed inner edge seam and flat front coverage that will leave you wondering how these things are legal (and maybe make you want to punch Cam?)

This one isn’t a surprise based on a source in Philly, but consider @playtruehockey blocker and AX9 stick visible on Brian Elliott for team photos part of what’s expected to be a complete switch
📸: Flyers twitter

Happy New Year! 🥳 Let’s start 2021 right by giving away this signed Carey Price jersey and 3 InGoal Premium Subscriptions.

Existing Premium Members are already entered (but can get bonus entries by tagging a goalie in the comments below). Rest of you just have to be following us, like this post + tag a goalie in comments. We’ll give it all away in 3.1 days (to honour Price’s #) or roughly 3:10 PST on Monday

If you listened to @merzly talk to us about his @bauergoalie equipment on the InGoal Radio

Podcast, you know how excited he’d be to get his first set of their new HYPERLITE and show it off today from Columbus. As usual, Bauer isn’t resting on its laurels with this line, which replaces 2X Pro, and has evolved the flex profile and added 4 new technology features in the pads alone. This is a stock graphic, but have to wonder if Merzlikins has something special in the works in-season like last year’s set with the Columbus skyline, which are back home in Switzerland with plans to display with his masks and other career keepsakes.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 100th episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , than welcoming legendary goaltending coach François Allaire to the program.

Allaire, who recently got back into the NHL as a consultant in the Florida Panthers new Goaltending Excellence Department, spent more than a half hour talking about his early years pioneering the modern butterfly with Patrick Roy and the Montreal Canadiens, how the evolution of the equipment to match the style changed the position forever, and even the special nets he once made for the NHL to try to help them increase scoring! Allaire, who has won the Stanley Cup three times, talks about what makes goalies like Roy special and separates them from the rest, the one foundational element of goaltending that has remained crucial amid all the other changes, and so much more.

It’s a conversation worthy of a centennial celebration and one every goalie, goalie coach and goalie parent won’t want to miss. Listen now at or wherever you normally listen to podcasts

The ongoing evolution of Dobby, the house elf from Harry Potter, as an NHL fixture on Khudobin’s masks is something we are here for ..

Be sure to follow @sylabrush for first looks + photos from all her pro clients

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Sheriff (DOBBY) is back in town!! ⭐️ @dallasstars @nhl #SylabrushAirbrush #WhenDetailsMatter #NHL #AntonKhudobin #Dobby @vaughncustomsports @proschoicemask @progoaliemask

Bob Essensa played 15 pro seasons, and is starting his 14th in a goalie coaching career that

already includes a Stanley Cup + 3 Vezina Trophy wins, but every summer he gets questioned about why Tuukka Rask uses shin-on-post RVH. After watching Rask do this drill, and hearing why, you’ll know the answer. Story is live at

“You could see in his eyes .. they’re going to win the Stanley Cup with him.”

🔊 SOUND ON to hear Flyers legend @bernieparent1 talking about @c_hart70 and @kidells1 .. for more great insights and stories from this Hall of Fame goalie, check out the feature interview, presented by @sensearena , in episode 99 of InGoal Radio Podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts

🤤 at how sick @kaskisuo new @bauergoalie Reactor 5 tribute set up turned out and know these will be @mikemckenna56 approved as the OG for taking DigiPrint in this direction ..

details are on point, as is use of his KK personal logo .. there are lots more great photos on @kaskisuo post and he’s an awesome follow for all goalies, so make sure you check it all out on his feed too

Loving the use and boldness of the Sharks on Martin Jones new 30th anniversary mask by @eyecandyair

Be sure to check their feed for more photos and videos of this beauty.

With the World Junior Championships ongoing, it’s a perfect time to look back at Team Canada assistant coach Tyler Dietrich’s presentation on using video and technology effectively as a goalie coach.

It can be applied to goalies and parents too, and it’s at

Seriously guys? Buzzing the tower with head shots in warm up isn’t enough for you?

Thankfully @slknight35 was no worse for wear and pitched a shutout after this in a 7-0 USA win over Czech Republic

Canada had yesterday off at the WJC, but we still posted a fresh Pro Read with last year’s gold medal winner and top goalie of the tournament, @joelhofer30 breaking down an attack from behind the net and his post play preferences. You can watch the video review session with Hofer at

🔊 SOUND ON to hear Hall of Fame goalie @bernieparent1 share the story of how he got started between the pipes.

For the full feature interview, presented by @sensearena , and lots more great stories from the Flyers legend, check out Episode 99 of the InGoal Radio Podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts

New Pro Drills is more than just a good drill.

It also shows why @anderson.41 is more than just one of the NHL’s best pure readers of game, how technical evolution doesn’t look the same for every goalie, and why this veteran may be a great fit filling in for Lundqvist in Washington. You can read the article and watch the video drill at now

Loving this retro Kings mask + Kobe Bryant backplate that @bishopdesigns did for @calpetersen40 😍 More photos are now up on artist Ray Bishop’s account, so check out @bishopdesigns

📸: Cal’s IG story and twitter

Loving @hutts40 new Sabres mask from @jessescustomdesign who was kind enough to send us an overview of the half-robot theme this morning.

“Carter likes doing fierce bold designs. I have done this half robotic design in the past on his Chicago BlackHawks mask and brought it back for Buffalo in a full head style. This is a take on his mask from last year with color adjustment to the Royal Blue the Sabres are going back to.”
The real gold leaf on the horns is another nice touch. Be sure to check out @jessescustomdesign for more close up photos, and a great video on his IG story as well that really captures how much this makes pops.

Entire #goalieunion is sending good vibes, positive thoughts and prayers to The King after his message about open heart surgery this morning.


You got this @hlundqvist35

Nice to see Canada’s goalies using new virtual reality training tools from @sensearena to stay sharp during downtime in the WJC bubble

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Hockey Canada U20 goalies at the WJC in Edmonton practice on Sense Arena. We wish you good luck, boys, @hockeycanada !

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We’re back at @thsgoal to make fun of Woody flopping around and find out how the new and improved @ccmgoalie AXIS pant really can make a difference in scrambles — and the specifics of how CCM combined the old EFlex Shield and popular Premier models to improve the new pant line overall

*update: according to True, this was a mistake by the IIHF and logos will be on display rest of WJC*

Interesting to note @playtruehockey logos were covered on @dylangarand set up, which he shared with us last week (check our feed for the exclusive video), when he made his WJC debut in the third period of last night’s lopsided win over Germany. Plan is to be licensed to use logos in NHL, AHL, ECHL and IIHF for start of 2021 seasons, with CHL in 2022, but looks like no IIHF licensing yet

On Christmas morning we shared memories from 21 NHL goalies of their favourite equipment gifts

under the tree, but our guy Woody has a new personal favourite — and it’s not equipment — after his 16-year old daughter painted this Ken Dryden portrait as a gift. Definitely going up in InGoal offices #proudparent

New mask for Canada’s @dlevi_33 tonight is one of three tributes to pioneers of Canadian women’s national teams created by @davidarrigo ..

Levi is wearing the tribute to .. Levi is the tribute to Vicky Sunohara and @cassiecampbell77 (2nd and 3rd images), while @dylangarand and @taylorgauthier_35 have tributes to @kimstpierre33 and @manonrheaume33 (4th and 5th images) and Jayna Hefford and Caroline Ouellette .. a great idea, commissioned by @janes_foods and executed beautifully by Arrigo

There’s always been something special about the bond between goalies and their gear; sprinkle in some Christmas magic and you get 🎁 these 21 NHL goalies will never forget.

Read about those special Christmas gear memories from Copley, Price, Dubnyk, Delia, Markstrom, Miller, Rinne, Saros, Condon and more at now .. please share your favourite gear gift memories in the comments

Nice to see Germany’s WJC team out of quarantine and back on the ice in Edmonton, especially because it means we finally get to see some action shots of @jonasgaehr sweet custom @ccmgoalie EFlex5 set up 😍
📸: @deb_teams

🔊 SOUND ON to hear Stanley Cup-winning goalie coach @protekgoalie share his thoughts on InGoal Premium; find out why more than 100 pro goalie coaches are already members (+ how you can still get a gift subscription for your special goalie in time for Christmas) through the link in our bio

Loving the pre-game zoom on Slovakia starting goalie Samuel Hlavaj and his @bauergoalie set up before WJC warm -up game against Czech Republic

Canada’s Devon Levi making his World Junior debut in a @playtruehockey 12.2 blocker and @ccmgoalie EFlex5 glove + pads against Russia tonight ..

True made a set for Levi on short notice last week, but so far just the blocker in play for the Florida Panthers prospect as pads were a “touch stiff” still tonight but worth watching to see if there are any other swaps coming .. observant gear geeks may have noted in our photo last week that Levi had screws in bottom of pads, which was equipment staff adding toe bridge from NCAA EFlex4 pads. He told coaches new style toe bridge felt different integrating to post, a reminder these kids often get new gear on short notice before a big event and even little changes can matter

We celebrate episode 99 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , by welcoming one of

the NHL’s top-100 players of all time, Hockey Hall of Fame goalie and Flyers legend @bernieparent1 for a conversation every goalie will enjoy. Loaded with great stories about everything from his youth, to mentoring under Jacques Plante, to his memorable Winter Classic performance, you won’t want to miss our interview with this two-time Stanley Cup, Vezina Trophy and Conn Smythe winner. Listen now at or wherever you normally listen to podcasts

As already discussed on last week’s InGoal Radio podcast, @bauergoalie has started to cover some its logos at the World Junior Championships.

You can see it on Hugo Alnefelt’s set up here as the Swedes got out of quarantine and back on the ice last night (swipe over to photo 2 to see what it looked like with logos, and to photos 3 and 4 to see what must follow for the other 2 Swedish goalies).

Why? Because the Swedish federation — and a couple others will follow — has sponsorship contracts with other equipment companies, so logos associated with the federation (like Sweden’s Tre Kronor in this case) can’t be combined with the Bauer brand.

As we said on the podcast already, major credit to Bauer here because the other options would be to cover the logos or cover the brand logo in a way that calls attention to it (like Vaughn has done in the past because they don’t pay the IIHF fee to have their logo displayed at these events) but Bauer chose instead to cover their own logo in a way that kept the pad looking great, so these young goalies can also look great.

Look good, feel good, play good, right?

This is also part of why you haven’t seen any Hockey Canada logos on custom @ccmgoalie set ups, because those rights are owned by another company and enforced by Hockey Canada, and why Dustin Wolf’s custom pads feature only flags and a Captain America theme, rather than USA Hockey logos.

Credit to @goaliegearnerd for being first to find the photos from team Sweden press officer Linus Hugosson on twitter

🔊 sound on to hear Jordan Sigalet talk about the Calgary Flames new goaltending department.

You can hear the entire Episode 98 feature interview, presented by @sensearena , with Sigalet and new Flames goalie coach Jason LaBarbera at or wherever you listen to podcasts

New World Junior Championship mask for @dylangarand by @davidarrigo features past Team Canada goalies @c_hart70 , @joelhofer30 and Mikey DiPietro with images on each side.

Love the idea and the execution. Second Team Canada mask of the day from Arrigo, with one more to come! Be sure to keep an eye on his feed here, and on twitter

With the World Juniors set to start on Saturday, we turned to last year’s gold medal winner and top goalie at the event for the latest Pro Reads and had St Louis Blues prospect @joelhofer30 break down a play from the semi final. Full story and Hofer’s video session is live now atop

Devon Levi’s mask for the World Junior Championships released by artist David Arrigo (who

coincidentally was painter of one of the first masks we presented at InGoal for Team Canada goalie coach Jason Labarbera when he played in Vancouver in 2008-09.)

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Mask 1: @dlevi_33 @hockeycanada @iihfworldjuniors @bauergoalie #mask #worldjuniors2020 @bauerhockey

🔊 Sound on to hear Carey Price walk you through part of his dynamic warm up; You can see the entire thing, part of 30+ minutes of exclusive videos fo Price’s warm ups and stretches on and off the ice, at

🔊 SOUND ON to hear @merzly share first impressions of his InGoal Premium membership ..

we’re biased but sounds like a perfect Christmas gift for the young goalie in your life .. check link in bio for gift subscription info 😉

The goalie version of the tree falling in the forest Q:

if a hot @bauergoalie rebound gets kicked out on the pond, does it ever stop? 🥰 this video from @saintsy35 so make sure you check out his feed for more great videos and photos from this pristine ODR

Great action shot for first look at Devon Levi’s new @ccmgoalie EFlex5 Team Canada set up for the World Junior Championships.

Note the subtle “Canada 🇨🇦” on the top of the outer roll for the Florida Panthers prospect.
📸 courtesy of Hockey Canada

Big thanks to @dylangarand for this exclusive look and walk through of his new @playtruehockey L12.2 gear by @lefevregoalie for the World Junior Championships from inside Team Canada’s locker room.
🔊 sound on to hear Dylan’s thoughts

👀 “31 Price” on the chin 👀
New mask ( @proschoicemask ), and new artist for Carey?

Hearing it could be the first of many gear changes for the Montreal Canadiens star 🤔

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Getting these metal parts laid out. #gears #cyborg #robot #airbrush #airbrusher #airbrushing #airbrushed #paint #painter #painting #nhl #goaliemask #goalie #hockeygoalie #freehandairbrush #aerography #aerografia #art #artist #custom #custompaint #biomechanical #steampunk #biomech #ink #maskink @goalie_gear_gram @goaliemasks101 @goaliegearnerd @vaughncustomsports

When it comes to NHL-legal specs in the Vaughn V9 Pro Carbon pants, it’s an important question, so we went to @thsgoal for answers about why it matters and how it fits/feels.

Speaking of amazing custom World Junior gear, almost missed this sweet Swedish set up by @bauergoalie that Pittsburgh Penguins prospect @calleclang posted to his IG story last night.

He’s the only Swedish stopper skating right now but can’t wait to see more live shots of @wallstedt30 and @hugoalnefelt once rest of team is out of quarantine.

Great shots of the custom graphics on the @ccmgoalie AXIS and EFlex5 sets of the Finnish goalies as they get out of quarantine and back on the ice for the upcoming World Junior Championships.

📸: @ccmhockeyfinland

The top of the Calgary Flames new goaltending department, director Jordan Sigalet and NHL coach Jason LaBarbera, joined us for episode 98 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal ..

plus we check in on Vaughn’s new NHL-spec V9 Pro Carbon pants. Available to listen at or wherever you listen to podcasts

How do you get ready to play? Carey Price walks young goalies through 2 dynamic warm ups and an on-ice stretching session in our latest Pro Tips training segment, live now at

Like the rest of the #goalieunion , we’re shook hearing @hlundqvist35 announce he won’t be able to play this season because of a heart condition (slide to second photo for that announcement).

First and foremost, we’re all praying for speedy and complete recovery for The King, and strength for him and his family as they navigate this difficult time. If that also includes a return to the NHL, the hockey world is better for it, because as incredible as Lundqvist is as a goaltender, he’s proven himself an even better person, and we at InGoal count ourselves blessed to have gotten to see it first hand throughout his career as he graciously shared his time and insights on the position with us and, through us, with goalies all over the world. Whether it was watching his unparalleled work ethic in practice, or conversations about equipment in the stick room after, talking technique before or after a game, or even responding to emails in the off-season, long after he became a superstar, Lundqvist always made time for others, especially his fellow goalies. Truly one of the greats on and off the ice, we’re all pulling for you Henrik and hope to have more of those inspiring conversations in the future 🙏

Looking for tips on managing traffic?

Kamloops Blazers goalie coach Dan De Palma got some help picking video clips from NY Rangers draft pick and current Team Canada WJC goalie @dylangarand for a presentation on how to handle screens, and you can watch the entire 30 minutes at now

What would you do if @szabados40 showed up at your local stick-and-puck?

*sound on to hear the 3X Olympic medal winner talks about that, and for lots more great stories and insights from the full feature interview with Szabados, presented by @sensearena listen to it the entire episode at or wherever you download podcasts

Jake Allen is back for his 6th Pro Reads, breaking down video of 3-on-2 rush against some guy named Patrick Kane.

By the time this puck is in the Blues zone, Allen has identified several key elements that affect how he plays it. See if you can pick out the same cues. Video and story is at

Corey Crawford's New Jersey Devils mask was a lot of fun for his long-time personal artist,

Stephane Bergeron of, in part because it was one of the rare times in almost a decade with Crawford that he got to work with something other than a Chicago Blackhawks theme, and in part because Crawford had time to get involved.

Bergeron originally sketched 3 concepts and Crawford chose the skull devil and asked Bergeron to add the 2 half New Jersey logos, which led to the mock up he shared exclusively with InGoal.

"As Corey is not playing he had time to bring his ideas and make changes during the process," Bergeron told us. "It was cool to have more liberty to paint his new mask.”

Only 10 days to Christmas and still need something for the goalie in your life? No problem.

From stop-more-pucks items to sick-style options, our updated gift guide features several items you can access instantly, and others that will still ship in time. Link is in the bio, featuring great goalie gift ideas from Canadiens goalie coach Stephane Waite, @thsgoal , @goaliegearnerd , @goalietraining , @bhlpa , @vintagegoalie14 , @realcustomcages , @sensearena , @sklz , @szabados40 , @samijosmall , @eliwilsong , @dmcconnell29 , @zoneperformancepsychology , @goalie_mindset , @sebastien.chabauty.1 , @jrmhockeyart , @bonejackdesigns and of course us!

With the IIHF World Junior Championships around the corner, we turned to last year’s gold-medal winning goalie and St.

Louis Blues prospect @joelhofer30 and a video review of the final game for advice on how goalies can calm teammates in big moments. Story and videos are live now at

Come to learn about some great sales on composite goal sticks from @ccmgoalie and @bauergoalie at @thsgoal ..

stay to see if Cam really can go bar down in the shooting room (or to laugh at his muffin, which will it be?)

Edmonton Oil Kings goaltending coach @kurtismuchagc spent 30+ minutes reviewing positional

adjustments, including 16 minutes breaking them down with video of saves and goals from his goalies and others in the NHL, during the the WHL / Hockey Canada Goaltending Symposium. Some get it right. Some get it wrong. The key is considering why, and trying to learn from it. Watch entire thing, plus a Q+A, at

All AXIS tandem in Nashville?

@predsnhl published photos of Vezina Trophy winner Pekka Rinne wearing @ccmgoalie AXIS today, and Juuse Saros is still wearing the line (though he mixed in EFlex gloves at one points) after debuting it going into the NHL playoff bubble

Episode 97 of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @THSgoal features @ShannonSzabados talking

about her new children’s book, being a new mom, an incredible puck-stopping career and what’s next on all fronts. You can listen to the entire 45-minute interview (and find links to her new book) at, or wherever you listen to podcasts

Watching this video from @pr_nhl of Ron Hextall handling the puck (and becoming the first goalie

to shoot it for a goal on this day in 1987) reminded us that he was inspiration for Martin Brodeur’s greatness playing the puck, so we revisited that story from Brodeur, along with some great advice on how to get better at it, at today

Does the skill level of shooters affect how you play a rush?

Can hand position tell you if they’re gonna 1-time a rebound? Mike Condon has more great advice that can help you make better reads and more saves in latest Pro Reads video review session, live now at

Thanks to @wolfie2332 for taking us behind the scenes for an exclusive look at his new @ccmgoalie “Captain America” custom set up for the World Junior Championships ..

for more pics and the full video, as well as one of Wolf on the ice stopping pucks in the new gear, check out

Stay tuned to @ccmgoalie all day for reveals of their #allout custom gear for the upcoming World Junior Championships, including this sweet set of AXIS for recent Pittsburgh Penguins pick Joel Blomqvist .. and look for a special behind-the-scenes look at one set exclusively here at InGoal

Loving all the custom gear we’re seeing for the upcoming World Junior Championships; latest @bauergoalie DigiPrint beauty comes from Sweden’s @hugoalnefelt , a highly motivated regarded Tampa Bay Lightning prospect
📸: from Hugo’s Twitter feed ( @hugoa2001 there)

Cam fills his basket with great ideas for last-minute gifts big and small for all the goalies in your life — and some great savings for them (or you) from @thsgoal

“These are some of the things I like to do before a game, before practice.” Carey Price walks us through his dynamic warm up; story and video live at

Been hard to sit on this one for so long, but excited to see @ccmgoalie sharing some of their #allout custom printed gear plans for goalies at the upcoming World Junior Championships ..

more to come from this special mix of EFlex 5 and AXIS gear, including special insights and sneak peeks we’ve already set up exclusively for InGoal

Goalies: Want to get improve puck handling? Coaches:

Want work puck handling goalies into practices and systems better? Seattle Thunderbirds goalie coach Ian Gordon shares tips, drills, video breakdowns + his “non-negotiables” in a 30-minute presentation, live now at

Episode 96 of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @THSgoal features a candid and insightful interview with @zach_fucale that is must-listen for all goalies; plus we go Christmas gear shopping with Cam in Goalie Utopia. It’s live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

🔊 *Sound on to hear @collindelia talking about an important lesson from his old goalie coach @reto.schurch that applies to a lot of things today beyond goaltending ..

you can a lot hear more from the Chicago Blackhawks goalie in the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @sensearena , available at or wherever you listen to podcasts

To reverse-VH or not to reverse-VH, that is the question Craig Anderson answers in our latest Pro Read video review session breaking down a sharp-angle attack and a backdoor passing option, live at

Virtual Reality training for goaltenders? Wondering what it's all about?

Our @SenseArena review is live now at Grab a coffee for this one - 7000+ words on the game-changing new training tool!⠀

Looking at getting one for the goalie in your life? Today is the last chance for InGoal annual Members to save $650 on the system. Save $550 with the code IGM50

New Mental Game column by John Stevenson of @zoneperformancepsychology dives deeper in the

breathing exercises introduced with Braden Holtby last month, with breathwork options, including video demonstrations, and why it’s such a critical mental skill for a goaltender to master .. read it now at

We head back to @thsgoal for an in-depth breakdown of the Vaughn V9 Chest Protector; find out why Woody has no arms, who Cam is channeling with that brutal lip sweater, and all the latest “in particulars” on this new chesty

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Reminder Ingoal Premium Members save $650 on @sensearena through Monday as part of their #blackfridaysale ..

not a member? You can still save $550 using code IGM50 (but to be honest, why not subscribe for $50 CDN, save an extra $100 USD and get a full year of the world’s best goalie content featuring tips, drills and insights from NHL goalies?)

Reminder that Ingoal Premium Members save $650 on @sensearena through Monday as part of their #blackfridaysale ..

not a member? You can still save $550 using code IGM50 (but to be honest, why not subscribe for $50 CDN, save an extra $100 USD and get a full year of the world’s best goalie content featuring tips, drills and insights from NHL goalies?)

Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners!

Celebrate by spending an hour with California native Collin Delia ( @collindelia ) of the Chicago Blackhawks in Episode 95, presented by @thsgoal and find out why this new dad might just be the most interesting goaltender in the world. Available now at or wherever you normally listen to podcasts.

We wanted to share a Q+A session with Washington Capitals goaltending coach Scott Murray to wrap up his 6-part series on the modern mechanics of tracking, and coaching it in the NHL.

The entire series, with exclusive before-and-after videos and drills featuring Caps goalies past (Holtby) and present (Copley, Samsonov, Vanacek) is available at

You’ve heard us (+ pro goalies like Elvis Merzlikins, Antoine Bibeau + Matt Villalta) talk a lot about Sense Arena Virtual Reality training for goalies lately on the podcast.

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Makes for a perfect Christmas Gift, especially as rinks get shut down!

New Pro Tips:

Four new videos with Carey Price demonstrating and talking about butterfly balance, how it affects the ability to maintain active hands (and even how toe ties can affect both), all live at + exclusive to Premium Members.

Fresh Pro Reads went live last night featuring Carey Price breaking down depth and desperation decisions on a 2-on-1 that developed inside the offensive zone.

It’s Carey’s sixth entry in the Pro Reads series and one of 49 video review sessions with NHL goalies available now at

🔊 *SOUND ON* to hear @merzly talk about overcoming adversity of an 0-4-4 start in the NHL and

the importance of balancing the ups and downs of being a goalie in our feature interview, presented by @sensearena .. you can hear the entire 50-minute interview with Elvis Merzlikins at and you can also save $550 👀 on the Sense Arena system by using code IGM50 at their website. Better yet, annual Premium Members will save $650 👀👀 on Sense Arena (check your email if you’re an existing subscriber, look for one when you sign up if not)

We’re back at @thsgoal for a detailed breakdown of the @goaliesonly Optik2 chest protector, with impressive adjustability that includes the ability to move the neck protection up or down, and beefed up padding so good Cam barely flinches when punched.

Please join us in sending as many positive #goalieunion vibes as we can to @veilleux47 who was

in a really serious workplace accident that left him with multiple fractures in his feet, legs, hips and spine. The former QMJHL tendy, who has a young son and another child on the way, faces a tough, year-long recovery but we want to let him know the puck-stopping world is behind him all the way.

Washington Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray walks us through before/after video of Samsonov’s post play evolution and some of the biomechanics and tracking triggers in this short video.

It’s just a tiny part part of an hour-long presentation with Murray and Capitals goalies, including ex-No.1 Braden Holtby, available exclusively in a 6-part series for Premium Members at

👀 all the names on these pro return @bauergoalie sticks on a 2-for-$300 (CDN) early Black Friday sale at @thsgoal right now (use code:

PROSTOCK at checkout); includes some Frederik Andersen and Henrik Lundqvist with that squared off handle we highlighted and explained (well Henrik explained it for us on video) at InGoal Premium

Fresh InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is highlighted by a nearly hour-long interview with @merzly of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It’s loaded with insights and advice for fellow goalies, and entertaining stories from likeable Latvian that any hockey fan would enjoy. Live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts (Premium Members can also watch the interview video)

One of the first good looks at glove and blocker graphics/logo on @playtruehockey crafted by @lefevregoalie L20.1 comes from @zach_fucale of the Washington Capitals

#Repost @zach_fucale with @get_repost
Pat and the team at @lefevregoalie @playtruehockey sent me what the gloves look like. I’m pumped !!

Merci à toute l’équipe pour votre travail à chaque année ! Ils sont très sharp!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

#goaliegram #truegoalie #madeincanada

“My goal was going so hard that I puke.” *Sound on to hear Columbus Blue Jackets goalie @merzly

share some of his mindset for offseason workouts; Merzlikins spent close to an hour talking goaltending with us for this week’s InGoal Radio Podcast, and there were so many great insights and takeaways for goalies, we decided to publish the video too .. Premium Members can watch the entire conversation now at

Latest Pro Reads features @frederikandersen31 and a play he read so well that Maple Leafs goalie

coach Steve Briere texted us the clip midway through our video review session to make sure it was included. Story and exclusive video breakdown with Freddie has been up at since last night

🔊 sound on to hear Washington Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray describing “ISOtrack” drills with Braden Holtby, Pheonix Copley and Ilya Samsonov.

Murray shared multiple variations and progressions of the drill, and how eliminating the shot helps goalies focus on vision-led movement, in part 5 of his exclusive series on the new mechanics of tracking last week at .. part 6 drops tomorrow and focuses on Samsonov

🔊 Sound on to hear @kelly_hrudey talking about pioneering the paddle down (and the pushback it

got from his coach at the time, Hall of Famer Al Arbour) in the latest InGoal Radio Podcast feature interview, presented by @sensearena .. the full 50-minute interview from episode 93 is live at or wherever you normally listen to podcasts

We head back to @thsgoal for an in-depth breakdown of the @warriorgoalie RG5 Pro and Pro+ chest protectors.

We ask all the important questions, like what to make of the “Robocop” arms, Woody’s salad and the face Cam makes sharing the phone #?

Sergei Bobrovsky shared tips on this simple edge work drill in reverse-VH.

Extended video and Bob’s thoughts are live and exclusive to Premium Members at

Episode 93 of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @THSGoal is a treat for every goaltending

generation as we spend an hour with 15-year NHL veteran and current Hockey Night in Canada analyst @kelly_hrudey

In that feature interview presented by @SenseArena , Hrudey shares stories from a career that almost ended as a teenager, including lessons from legendary New York Islanders Billy Smith and Al Arbour, a funny story about his status as the paddle-down pioneer, why he really held his glove so high, and the importance of style, including some of the earliest customized pad designs, that iconic “Hollywood” mask with the Los Angeles Kings, and his real nickname. Hrudey also talks about his relationship with Wayne Gretzky, how motivational speaker Tony Robbins saved his career, and his role now helping others with mental health. ⠀

All that, plus another trip to The Hockey Shop for a fresh gear segment that looks at two Warrior chest protector models. Of course, as many already know, we’re now also sharing a video version of our gear segments at The Hockey Shop — think of it as a simulcast like TV and radio broadcasts of an NHL game — to bring you behind the scenes at Goalie Utopia and add visual elements highlighting new features of each piece.

How (and when) do you prepare for an even-man rush?

What rules do you give defensemen when it comes to blocking shots? Red Wings veteran @jobernier45 shares his keys on both in the latest Pro Reads, live now at

🔊 *Sound on* to hear Kings goalie Matt Villalta talking about some of the specific technical elements he’s picking up from Jonathan Quick right now during phase 2 skates.

For the full feature interview, presented by @sensearena , check out the latest edition of the InGoal Radio Podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

When @sylabrush teased a mask featuring the 👑🕺King on her Twitter account (see second photo), our minds admittedly wandered to Lundqvist or Merzlikins ..

instead we got the one and only Elvis Presley on the side of @emerikdespatie new mask for the Gatineau Olympiques in the QMJHL and it’s even better !! Make sure to check out Sylvie’s feed for more great photos of the new lid.

We head back to @thsgoal to take a closer look at the @ccmgoalie AXIS chest protector (and throw more pucks at Cam; let’s see if wears a cup this time)

Hardly a surprise that a goalie as stylish as Henrik Lundqvist would come up with a new

@bauergoalie set so 😍 as he moves to the Washington Capitals after a career with the New York Rangers that included iconic gear. Another great example of what’s possible with Bauer’s DigiPrint tech.

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The new look is set and in the works..

About the only time our guy Woody is any good at keeping things from going in 😂 but results aside, still a pretty nice day for a November round of golf here in Vancouver

Episode 92 of InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @thsgoal is live with Kings goalie Matt Villalta,

who shares tips he’s picking up skating with Jonathan Quick this week, tools that helped him stay sharp while going 8+ months between games, including the new @sensearena VR training and the SKILZ ball machine, and great mindset tips on how something as simple as a mask paint job can help you succeed as a pro.
Plus, we return to The Hockey Shop to review the @ccmgoalie AXIS chest protector with Cam.
It’s all live now at or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Lovin this custom set by @goaliesonly for a customer of or friends at @thsgoal ..

more details below and more photos on their feed:

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🇨🇦Custom set being sent out to the Oxford Blues varsity hockey team!🇨🇦

@goaliesonly #tendygram #tendylife #canada #hockeycanada #hockey #oxfordblues #brians

Most of the @ccmgoalie EFlex 5 sets so far have come out of the QMJHL, but this new one comes courtesy of @roningeraghty and the IG story of the @tcamericans prospect in WHL

We head to @thsgoal to talk about the new @bauergoalie Ultrasonic chest protector (and throw pucks at Cam)

🔊 *sound on to hear @bibeau01 talk about his experiences with @sensearena during our feature interview on the InGoal Radio Podcast.

For lots more from Bibeau, who recently signed with the @canes , his path through pro hockey, an emotional come back from hip surgery and so much more, check out the full feature interview, now brought to you by @sensearena , at or wherever you listen to podcasts

InGoal’s exclusive 6-part mechanics-of-tracking series with Washington Capitals goalie coach Scott

Murray continues with lateral movement drills featuring Braden Holtby, Ilya Samsonov and the use of unpredictable releases to re-enforce a vision-first mentality, as well as creating obvious “tells” when the goalie prioritizes body-first movement. Story and video is now live at

First official set of @playtruehockey by @lefevregoalie for @jobernier45 which is fitting given he used to visit the factory in person to talk gear.

More details and photos on the True feed

#Repost @playtruehockey with @get_repost
Meet our newest family member! In our Montreal factory, the @lefevregoalie team has handcrafted the first set of TRUE goalie equipment for @jobernier45 of the @detroitredwings.
It’s an honor to craft these for Jonathan as he has been a part of the Lefevre family for almost 2 decades. Now, we welcome him to ours. Welcome to #TeamTRUE !
#PlayTRUE #TRUEgoalie #GoalieGear #HockeyEquipment

Cal Petersen of the LA Kings breaks down a 2-on-1, and how he used the fact Sean Monahan was looking at his pass option the whole way to his advantage, in latest Pro Reads, live now and exclusive to Premium Members at

James Reimer, welcome to the “Dark Side,” or does that mean Optimus Reim is now a Decipticon?

Mixed movie metaphors aside, Reims was so excited to try his new dark set of @bauergoalie Ultrasonic out today, he sent us a text message with this photo late Sunday night: “New colors I’m trying out for the “summer”. 😬😬😬😬 never liked the black look but let’s see how it goes.” Can’t wait to see if it sticks

As we look back to some influential men of the mask on #GoalieDay let's not forget the last man to play in the NHL without one on on April 7, 1974 - Andy Brown.

It's #GoalieDay and now as we approach our 100th episode at the end of 2020 for InGoal Radio, we're listening again to Episode #1 with Roberto Luongo and CCM's Sonya DiBiase

As we celebrate #GoalieDay here at InGoal, we look back to hanging out and sharing a few beverages in the living room of Mr.

Goalie himself, the great Glenn Hall. His record of 502 consecutive regular season games played (551 including playoffs) will almost certainly never be broken. Hall sees it as much longer, going back to junior hockey in fact. How long? Hear it from him on Episode 29 of the InGoal Radio Podcast.

What better way to celebrate #GoalieDay then by honouring the battle to keep playing as we age; add in a few equipment tweaks that have helped our worthy subject keep kicking into his 60s, and this is a must read for veteran goalies at InGoal Premium

On this #GoalieDay we recognize Jacques Plante for donning the mask in 1959 we must also recognize Hall of Famer Clint Benedict as the first to wear one in the NHL in 1930.

Happy #GoalieDay everyone as we celebrate the International Day of the Goaltender and remember that on this day in 1959 Jacques Plante changed the game forever.

More from InGoal throughout the day today.

*Sound on 🔊 to hear @daveart talking about all horror movie-themed masks he’s painted for Alex Lyon with the Philadelphia Flyers, and his own special appearance on one ..

for the complete interview and a deep dive on the long-standing links between Halloween, horror movies and goalie masks, check out the latest feature article up now at

Canucks goalie @tdemko30 predicted his path from minor hockey to pro in a notebook at age 13 (no, seriously, he did) and in latest Pro Tips, Demko shares some keys to goal setting and other lessons on keeping a notebook, or journal. Full story, with audio clips, is up at

To say Episode 91 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , is packed would be like saying Dominik Hasek was decent at stopping pucks.

This thing is LOADED: From industry standard-setting mask makers and painters @gregharrisonthemask and @daveart discussing the ties between Halloween, horror movies, goalie masks and Jacques Plante; to the inventor of @sensearena , a ground-breaking new virtual reality goalie training program already being adopted by NHL teams and their tendys, to an informative and at-times emotional interview with new Carolina Hurricanes goalie and Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick @bibeau01 , who fell for the position cheering Patrick Roy in Colorado and this season, after a call from Roy's former teammate Joe Sakic to tell him the Avalanche had traded for him, got to put on the same uniform.

Bibeau shares numerous insights on his path to pro, invaluable lessons on the mental and physical game along the way, his own thoughts on Sense Arena, and the emotion of winning his first start with the Avs only to need season-ending hip surgery a short while later -- and what the comeback since has been like.

All that, plus a trip to @thsgoal for a closer look at the new @bauergoalie UltraSonic chest protector, which brings their innovative approach from the game-changing OD1N pads to goalie arms.

We can’t be the only ones seeing these new Dallas Stars jerseys and thinking Ben Bishop was already prepared with his glow-in-the-dark masks from @daveart (slide through the photos to see 2 examples) .. they’d be a perfect match 👌

Our exclusive 6-part part series on tracking with Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray continues with a drill designed to promote proper mechanics without over-coaching or talking too much about them.

In other words, let the new movement patterns become instinctual. Check out the drills, with video, and rest of series at

Slide across or hold your edges?

Flyers phenom Carter Hart breaks down video of a slap pass from the point (scroll to the second image for a screen cap and let us know what your answer is to the Q above) that turned into a great rush chance, including some self critiquing, in his latest instalment of Pro Reads. It’s exclusive to Premium Members at

Henrik Lundqvist explains his custom, squared-off stick grip, including a video demonstration in

locker room of how he holds it, and @seanmurrayvanpfgs takes it a big step further by introducing his Modern Grip, with the help of a couple pros doing drill demonstrations. It’s all live at

*Sound on* to hear Cam Talbot talking about his work in “The Dungeon” with long-time personal

goalie coach Pat Dipronio of @graingergoaltending in Hamilton; for the full 45-minute interview with new Minnesota Wild No.1, check out the latest InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal at or wherever you normally listen to podcasts

First time we’ve seen Martin Jones on the ice in a while and worth noting the Sharks goalie was sporting @lefevregoalie (soon to be @playtruehockey ) in Kelowna with some of the @net360hockey crew this week
📸: @alphahockeyagency

Episode 90 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , features new Minnesota Wild goalie Cam Talbot talking about the stress of free agency and his unique late-blooming path to the NHL.

Talbot shares the keys to that rise, which has been anchored by his work in a training center affectionately known as the Dungeon and his offseason coach Patrick Dipronio, and the lessons from playing with Henrik Lundqvist and being coached by Benoit Allaire with the New York Rangers, as well as specific impacts from Dustin Schwartz with the Edmonton Oilers and Jordan Sigalet of the Calgary Flames.

All that, plus a return trip to see another Cam — Matwiv — at The Hockey Shop for a fresh gear segment that looks at the new CCM AXIS mask, and what to make of those new Fluid Inside pods.

Available now wherever you listen to podcast, or at

Our 6-part series on tracking with Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray continues with Pheonix Copley and a foundational application to those new mechanics; live now, with before-and-after video breakdowns at

Haven’t posted a lot of @ccmgoalie EFlex5 yet but had to get this Jasmin Simon set with the QMJHL’s @phoenixsherbrooke out there since those are some good InGoal colors.

Seen lots of options in terms of the new graphics and knee rolls, even played with a few of our own on the pro customizer, and can say there’s lots of unique ways to set these up, but even bigger news coming in terms of what’s under the surface. Spring 2021 will be another exciting time for goalies and innovation.

The “Jonathan Quick rule?” Advice from Hall of Fame goalie Martin Brodeur?

It’s all in the latest Pro Reads featuring new Canadiens goalie Jake Allen breaking down video of a play from behind the net, up now at

*Sound on to listen to Washington Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray talk through this game-day skate drill with Braden Holtby, one of several he shared as part of a 6-part series on modern tracking mechanics and teaching it in NHL that kicked off at

Your Dman stumbles + an even-man rush quickly becomes a breakaway off the wing:

In that split second, what factors determine how you play it? Mike Condon breaks it down in last week’s Pro Reads, 1 of 43 video sessions with NHL goalies up at, with another new instalment scheduled for tomorrow

Another great look at the seemingly unlimited possibilities with Digi Print from @bauergoalie courtesy of @quinnkuntz new Ohio State set up shared on her twitter feed.

Check the second pic for detail of the gates of “The Shoe,” the nickname for Ohio State Stadium because of its horseshoe shape .. great job by all.

"Until you learn to let go of the past and get back into the moment, your career is going nowhere."

That was the message sports psychologist John Stevenson delivered to Braden Holtby after getting cut from Canada's World Junior Team. The path from there to Vezina Trophy- and Stanley Cup-winning goalie started with a simple breathing exercise. Stevenson shares the story and walks you through the exercise in his first Mental Game volume and videos, live now at

What the heck is this and how can it make your @ccmgoalie mask more protective?

We take a closer look at the Fluid Inside pods added to the new AXIS mask (check out the second photo), and how they help mitigate rotational force in our review, which is unlocked and free for all to read at

We're excited to kick off 6-part series featuring Washington Capitals goalie coach Scott Murray on the new mechanics of tracking and various ways that he applies it in NHL.

The series starts with a situational application for Braden Holtby during their Stanley Cup-winning season, including before-and-after video and statistics that demonstrate the changes and how it helped them win. As a bonus, Scott shared 3 drills he used with Holtby while working on those tracking mechanics. It’s live now and exclusive to Premium Members at

Not sure we could have packed any more into the new episode of InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal ..

full UFA breakdown, including @troygrosenick interview on what it’s like to be part of the musical chairs (and to be in the NHL playoff bubble with your wife expecting a child any day) .. sizzling Swedish stopper @niklasrubin41 on 3 shutouts in first 4 games and real story on being strapped to his crossbar with a rubber band during offseason training .. and a complete breakdown of new @bauergoalie 960 mask, including a “phone a friend” lifeline for Cam to our buddies at Bauer to help explain SmackWrap .. it’s all in Episode 89, available wherever you listen to podcasts or at

More 😍 DigiPrint magic from @bauergoalie for a lucky Notre Dame tendy, as posted by their equipment manager on twitter

Make sure you check out our friends at @thsgoal for big Thanksgiving savings in goal through Wednesday; more details in their feed

From Stanley Cup Champion to featured guest on the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal , what a great interview with Tampa Bay Lightning goalie coach Frantz Jean this week.

The nearly 50 minute conversation is loaded with great insights and stories, plus another great gear segment with Cam at The Hockey Shop looks at the @ccmgoalie AXIS gloves. Available where ever you listen to podcasts, or at

More NHL worn goalie gear popping up at year-end team sales, this time featuring the Canucks “flying skate” throwback jersey sets of @tdemko30 and @markstrom25 ..

full sets are listed at $3,500 and an extra set of Markstrom glove and blocker is $1,000 which is a lot but unlike a lot of game-worn, these are very lightly used because the Canucks only wore the jerseys four times in their 50th anniversary season

What if we could plug the historical results of Goalie A into types of chances Team X surrenders, using 32 different types of shots?

With @csahockey you can, which seems like a smarter starting point to evaluate free agency, so we did. Premium Members can see the results at

Biggest name in goalie free agency goes to the Calgary Flames, as Jacob Markstrom gets a 6-year, $36 million contract in free agency.

Markstrom evolved his game in Vancouver with goalie coach Ian Clark, worked his tail off on and off the ice, and led the NHL in goals saved over the past two seasons (39.88), according to Clear Sight Analytics, to earn this pay day. His strengths seem to fit the Flames system, with his performance on clear sighted shots alone saving Calgary 16 goals alone on paper.

Ok, so maybe a bit of a humble brag by our guy Woody after Braden Holtby signs a two-year deal with

the Canucks ($2.9 million first year, then $5.7 million), but after getting to spend time on and off the ice with Braden in Kelowna a couple years ago, it’s hard not to be excited about having him in the InGoal backyard. Tough last season but actually had the lowest expected SV% in the NHL (just 879 per Clear Sight Analytics) so Caps were a tough team to play behind. His strengths fit the chances the Canucks give up too.

Malcolm Subban re-signing in Chicago for two years at $850k a season on a one-way is the first move of free agency ..

with Chicago moving on from Corey Crawford, it will be Subban, Colin Delia and Kevin Lankinen competing for starts there, which means one less seat for the annual game of musical chairs

Can’t wait to see this from the @on.the.bench crew with Canucks star @_eliaspettersson !!!

Whether it’s an NHL star or someone on your team — beer league, minor hockey or other — who would you most want to stick between the pipes and get a taste of the target lifestyle?

#Repost @on.the.bench with @get_repost
We put @_eliaspettersson between the pipes... we absolutely lit him up... video coming soon..

👀 nice sneak peak at the “Jordan Binnington table” for the St.

Louis Blues upcoming end-of-season sale this Friday, with @ccmgoalie and some @lefevregoalie in the mix as well .. according to Blues twitter, the
sale begins at 1 p.m. (central time, we assume) exclusively at .. check the Blues website for more info and how you can register for early access

Another quick breakdown, this time of the height of goaltenders picked at the 2020 NHL Draft ..

yes, we know two were listed at 6-foot-8 by the teams that picked them late, but we used the numbers listed by NHL dot com for the chart. Curious what everyone thinks of these trends.

Quick breakdown by country of the goalies selected at 2020 NHL Draft; presented without comment, but feel free to add yours below.

Damn, Minnesota Wild prospect @hunterjones.29 dropping a sweet Digi Print look from @bauergoalie for Iowa Wild season on his Instagram story 😍 should make a good impression on his new goalie coach there, cause @bacher31 is a Bauer guy too

It hasn’t truly gone viral until the #goalieunion gets in on the act!

Well done @naylor51

#Repost @nanaimoclippers_official with @get_repost
Just chilling in Nanaimo. Follow us on TikTok @ NanaimoClippers. #Vibes #BCHL #Win #Sunny #Nanaimo

Matt Murray is now an Ottawa Senator, so what’s next for the 2-time Stanley Cup champion?

Well, first the RFA needs a new contract, and negotiations are reportedly underway already, but perhaps more important are the changes Murray needs to make, and happily for Sens fans those have also started already. Murray’s tendency to lock in low + wide didn’t fit increasing east-west attacks in the NHL but he’s already working to narrow stance + fix other biomechanics deficiencies with trainer Adam Francilia, the same guy that helped Connor Hellebuyck. Of course, InGoal Premium Members can work on the same things through Francilia’s multiple videos and articles at

“Legs like Vasilevskiy” was the comparable Nikolai Khabibulin gave us for @___askar_____ prior to the Nashville Predators picking him 11th in the NHL Draft on Tuesday.

That makes Iaroslav Askarov the highest drafted Russian goalie ever, ahead of Andrei Vasilevskiy (19th in 2012 to Tampa Bay) and matches Jonathan Bernier (2006 to LA) and Jack Campbell (2010 to Dallas) as the highest picked goalies since Carey Price went 5th in 2005 to Montreal. So what makes Askarov so damn good? Khabibulin and others weigh in at

Can you use positioning to get opposing forwards to make the play you want them to?

NHL veteran Craig Anderson shows you how as part of his latest Pro Reads, featuring a 3-on-2 off an in-zone turnover. Story and video are live exclusively for Premium Members at

With the San Jose Sharks acquiring Devan Dubnyk from the Minnesota Wild today, and reports about

the role goalie coach Evgeni Nabokov and consultant Adam Francilia played in the decision, a couple videos showing them working together in past offseasons, starting with Nabby and Dubie, and then AFran and Dubie off the ice, and all three on ice at @net360hockey .. as InGoal Premium Members know already, there’s lots of great off ice teaching material from Francilia at already

What might have been? At one point owners of TPS + Sherwood had to choose between continuing 1 line with 1 endorsee:

Henrik Lundqvist in TPS, or Martin Brodeur in Sherwood. They chose Brodeur and Lundqvist went on to become a key part of @bauergoalie as both “face of the franchise” and a valued partner testing + developing new lines and equipment features.

Happy 89th birthday to Mr. Goalie Glenn Hall, who is as good at sharing stories as he was stopping pucks.

Our visit on his Alberta farm last summer was one of the great moments so far for the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal and you can still listen to it, either by searching out Episode 29 on Apple Podcasts or clicking link in bio.

InGoal Radio Episode 87 presented by @THSGoal features @SamiJoSmall and is now available on all major podcast platforms and at ⠀

We're giving away copies of her new @ECWPress book - details below!⠀

Small is a 3-time Olympian, 5-time World Champion – where she was twice MVP, was Co-Founder of the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League) has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford – earned while balancing her time as a National Team goaltender AND a track and field scholarship athlete – and that is just scratching the surface for this decorated and accomplished athlete. ⠀

Sami joined us this week to talk about her career and the book that documents her role on the Canadian Women’s National team for a decade – "The Role I Played."⠀

In the gear segment Cam walks Woody through the @BauerGoalie Ultrasonic Gloves, including a number of features that make them stand out over previous generations - just as Bauer is celebrating Andrei Vasilevskiy's Stanley Cup Championship.⠀

Giveaway: we couldn't put Sami Jo Small's book down - it's a great read for all goaltenders filled with great stories, inspiring moments and lessons for life on and off the ice. For your chance to win a copy simply let us know in the comments why you'd like to read it and tag another goaltender! One entry per person please, although you are welcome to also enter on our other social channels.

After wrapping up our 10 lessons series with former Dallas Stars G coach Mike Valley, we wanted to share the 30-minute Q+A that followed.

It’s loaded with great stories and anecdotes and it’s live and exclusive for Premium Members are

As the Henrik Lundqvist buyout becomes official and a future Hall of Famer hits free agency, a reminder the King is not dead yet.

Full story at

Fresh set of @ccmgoalie EFlex 5 shared by @villehusso who will be with the St.

Louis Blues next season

Official now, big news in the goalie industry, who get a new major player in more categories.

Congrats to everyone involved, can’t wait to see what this means moving forward for goalies everywhere and at all levels

#Repost @playtruehockey with @get_repost
As a leader in hockey equipment technologies, we're excited to announce that we're expanding our expertise into the goalie equipment market with the acquisition of @lefevregoalie. Hit the link in our bio for full details. #breakingnews #TRUEgoalie #playtrue #teamTRUE #goaie

According to this translation of this CBC article, the long rumoured partnership between @lefevregoalie Lefevre and @playtruehockey will be announced this afternoon.

Some said this was in the works, if not done, before the January split with CCM in January and a couple NHL goalies who switched told us they were promised sponsorship money would follow, which is never a bad thing for the industry. Will be interesting to see how this partnership grows, as True gets instant brand recognition on NHL goalies from some of the game’s most established craftsmen, and what it means long term for lower level goalies who were excited they too could get gear made directly from the Lefevre factory. Big day for goalies and big news in the industry, always good for end user to have more options, and a big day for the Lefevbvre family, who did an admirable job pushing through to this since the split.

Celebrating a Stanley Cup victory with @andreivasilevskiy88 , who joins Nikolai Khabibulin as the

only Russian starter to win it; @mcelhinney_c30 , whose parents were in the Edmonton bubble to cheer him in, goalie coach (and InGoal Premium member) @protekgoalie , who is in his 10th year with the Lightning and 30th year of coaching, and @wedgewall (+ sorry we didn’t manage to capture your moment lifting Cup for this). Congrats to all, enjoy the celebration now and especially again when you get home to your families. And thanks to everyone who sacrificed so much to bring this to us hockey fans. 👏
🎥: CBC

A little taste of the latest Pro Reads featuring James Reimer; what do you think of that decision to drop into RVH as the puck is passed down to Matt Duchene?

Find out what Reimer thinks, why he did it, and how it turned out, at

🔊 Sound on to hear @seattlekraken goaltending scout and former Buffalo Sabres goalie coach Andrew Allen talk about how the game has changed for goalies ..

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As you wait for latest Monday Pro Reads, here are some highlights from most recent Carey Price

submission and a reminder there are now 40 of these video review sessions with NHL goalies sharing how they read and react to plays, available at .. We got a call on the weekend from an NHL prospect coming off his 1st pro season who subscribed because he felt Pro Reads could help his game, so what are you waiting for?

Digging the new @bauergoalie DigiPrint design that @nolan.lalonde shared on his IG story for upcoming Erie Otters season in the OHL

Want to do the same exercises that helped transform Connor Hellebuyck into a Vezina Trophy winner?

Want to eliminate costly counter-rotation in your movement like Hellebuyck did? His trainer Adam Francilia recently wrapped up a 6-part series dedicated to improving your efficiency in the crease, and to celebrate Hellebuyck’s Vezina Trophy, we’ve combined those 6 moves into 1 video to make it easier for goalies to add it to their routines. Premium Members can find it at

This insane save by Vasilevskiy last night reminded us of a quote from a story we wrote in 2015 about his incredible power even from end range of movement.

It came from @completegoaltending Charles McTavish, who worked with him in the summers through arrangement with his agent: “Our trainer said his functional range of motion was off the charts. Meaning, for example, if you put your arm as far back behind as you as you can and try to push with all your might from that point you are not going to be as strong until you get about half way around and then at that point your muscles can engage with more strength. Our trainer said with Vasilevskiy’s flexibility he can start at the Nth degree of a range of motion and have power right from that spot. That goes back to his mobility, not just his flexibility. I haven’t seen too many big guys that move quite like him.” Neither have we.

Vezina Trophy Winner Connor Hellebuyck joined us on the InGoal Podcast this week.

The hardest jump in his development? The one to the NHL - especially your hands. He noted that "there's no set in stone drill that you can do that will replicate the NHL. It's read and react every single night." Listen to full interview presented by @THSGoal at

Red Wings No.

1 @jobernier45 and his off-season goalie coach Marco Marciano ( @blocker_sleeve ) return for a third Pro Drills focused on perfecting movements into shooting lanes, and how getting set and square early leads to easier saves, even if the media commentators don’t always recognize it 😉 full story and drill is live at now

😍 at @jake35goobie sweet new @bauergoalie set up and matching twig with QMJHL’s Charlottetown Islanders this season

📸 from Islanders twitter account

🔊 *Sound on to listen to Connor Hellebuyck talk about doing drills at stick + puck to get ready for the NAHL tryout that would ultimately launch his career ..

we’re thrilled to have the freshly minted Vezina Trophy winner as our feature guest on Episode 86 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by @thsgoal

It’s loaded with great stories like this one, and position-specific insights from Hellebuyck that goalies of all ages will love, plus a great gear review with Cam from The Hockey Shop looking closer at the new @bauergoalie UltraSonic pads.

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Sergei Bobrovsky on the ice with SKA St Petersburgh youth goalies today.

Lots of focus on rise of Russian goaltending these days, and it’s important to recognize how key good role models have been to it, not just in terms of more good young athletes wanting to be like Bobrovsky or Andrei Vasilevskiy and turning to the position, but in their willingness to give back at camps like this. During time in Columbus, Bobrovsky organized youth clinics in his hometown when then-Blue Jackets goaltending coach Ian Clark came to Russia in the summers.
📸: HC SKA on Twitter

Ever wonder how Carey Price chooses his depth against the rush?

Or why he tries to look around screens instead of over them? In the latest Pro Reads, Price breaks down video of a rush chance, explaining how he manage depth before the play breaks down into a tough screw and cross-ice pass that forces him to channel Dominik Hasek. Loaded with great tactical advice, it’s our 5th video review session with the Montreal Canadiens star and you can find them all under Pro Reads at

Ever wonder about Russian goaltending development?

San Jose Sharks goalie coach Evgeni Nabokov talks about his experiences as a young goalie in Russia, including 90-minute sessions without shooters and playing 3-on-3 in full gear in this clip. You can hear the entire 30-minute interview on the InGoal Radio Podcast at

The NHL’s 2020 Vezina Trophy winner talked about the people who helped him along the way, including his agent, Ray Petkau, and trainer, Adam Francilia, and mentor Joe Clark after winning the award.

He talks about their roles in his development in this exclusive interview from the NET360 goalie camp in Kelowna

*Sound on for an awesome goalie coaching philosophy from Evgeni Nabokov of the San Jose Sharks, and how it can help feed an increasingly important goaltending skill:

unpredictability. To hear the full 30-minute interview with the long-time NHL goalie, including his thoughts on the keys to the rise of Russian goaltending, subscribe to the InGoal Radio Podcast, or listen to it at

Top goalie for the upcoming NHL Draft? A 974 SV% in 3 KHL games to earn goalie and rookie of the week honours?

Just turned 18 in June? AND sweet new @bauergoalie UltraSonic set up for the season? Life is good for Yaroslav Askarov, who some see as be the best puck-stopping prospect since Carey Price. 📸: from SKA team twitter feed

Anything look different? Did you know Andrei Vasilevskiy was supposed to be a full right?

Sound on to hear him explain why and what happened to switch him

It’s an all @sylabrush Stanley Cup Final, with what is now an iconic Anton “Dobby” Khudobin mask and its Harry Potter roots, and a similarly standout look for Andrei “Big Cat” Vasilevskiy ..

be sure to check out her feed for lots more visual treats

Already been plenty of comparisons between Anton Khudobin and Tim Thomas (heck, we may have even

started it on Hockey Night in Canada if you look back a few posts) but for the real breakdown we turned to the goalie coach who worked with both in Boston, Bob Essensa. Sound on to hear the clip, and for a much deeper dive on the similarities in style and career path, including why it may have taken both so long to get their opportunity

🔊 Imagine one change you could make that would make a massive difference in nearly every aspect of your game.

You’d move more effectively and more powerfully. You would have better balance and have access to more pucks, more efficiently. You would seal the ice better. You would protect your hips and your back. Even your reads would be more effective. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to learn about and eventually implement that change? For the full story and video on neutral pelvis, which Adam first introduced us to at the 2015 @net360hockey Goalie Camp, check out

*Sound on to hear Evgeni Nabokov talk about his memory of being Anton Khudobin’s first goalie coach

during the summer back in Kazakhstan (Dobby told us he still uses some of those lessons in his training and warm-ups today). It was part of our longer conversation with Nabby for InGoal Radio, presented by @thsgoal and you can hear the entire thing on the podcast or at

Evgeni Nabokov joins us for Episode 85 of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by @THSGoal⠀

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This episode kicks off with some very exciting news as we welcome back our presenting sponsor, The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, and catch up with good friend Cam Matwiv for the first of what will again be weekly visits to their slice of goalie heaven and a long list of new products we’ll be reviewing in-depth, starting this week with @CCMhockey AXIS pads.⠀

We welcome 14-year NHL veteran Evgeni Nabokov to the show just as Russian goaltenders set an NHL record with three of the four starters in the Conference Finals, and now two in the Stanley Cup Final after Anton Khudobin knocked off the only non-Russian No.1, Vegas starter Robin Lehner. Speaking of Khudobin, he once told us he didn’t get formal goalie training until his teens, and it was none other than fellow Kazahkstan-born goalie Nabokov, so who better to talk to about the evolution of the position back in Russia? Nabokov, who is now the San Jose Sharks goaltending coach after a 14-year career spent largely with the Sharks, shares stories about how he came to the position through his father, a long-time pro, the strengths of the Russian system then and now, his path to the NHL, the influence of American coaching icon Warren Strelow, and his own philosophy about the best way to develop goalies. It’s a fun half-our conversation loaded with take aways for goalies, goalie coaches and goalies parents alike.

🔊 Tyler Seguin said current goalie Anton Khudobin reminded him of former teammate Tim Thomas after

the Stars advanced to the Stanley Cup Final last night, which reminded us to post our own comparison between the two from the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast during Game 4 on Saturday. Thanks to the great Scott Oake for reaching out for intel and for the shout out on the air.