⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Irene Agbontaen


Who’s ready to see me on TV 👀?


I’m so excited to announce I’m part of the brand-new series called #Highlife , starting Friday 10th September at 10pm on Channel 4.

It’s been a crazy few months filming this show…can't wait for you to see what I've been up to.. let’s go team @t0nit0ne @kamille @tazerofficial @chieferdcypha @berniciaboateng @kiddwaya @cuppymusic 🏆❤️


Still applying the pressure


Loves the only drug 🥰

Thank you @jojovandalkidd + @atafo.official for this custom suit ✨


📸 @morethanraya #blackowned

A night in the museum ✨


TTYA Summer Soirée feature in @eveningstandardmagazine ✨.

Thank you @jasminedotiwala + @goodcultureinc.

📸 @davebenett

TTYA LONDON : The Summer Soirée.

Still buzzing from this event if I’m honest.

Never had so many kind and inspiring DM’s 🥺
The ethos of my brand has also been an inclusive space for the excluded girl. I started building this community over 8 years ago as a safe space.

Although it looks easy no brands wanted to sponsor an event like this back then but we’ll save that story for another day.
I say all that to say I’m inspired by so many. A room full of the change and representation I wish I had growing up.

In a world where everything is becoming metrics and data, you don’t need a million followers on this platform to be a woman of influence.

Thank you to the @fentybeauty team for believing in the vision and pioneering change in the way we see beauty. Billionaire business levels 🏆

@cirocvodka for keeping the drinks flowing 🍹and to all the mega babes that pulled up to support the vision.

@vanessakingori - Thank you for your wisdom and advice and for making the vision crystal clear 👑

@mercedesfbenson , @djmelodykane + @rachaelanson you killed it! The vibes can not be denied!

Change is coming! #DONTCRYDONTBEG

🎥 @creativequeens_agency ✨

It takes a village

Thank you

📸 @trakisanya

TTYA Summer Soirée.

Continuing to create our own lanes, connecting and uplifting.

Its the women of influence for me!

Special moment for @vanessakingori.

A woman who I first met 6 years ago. She gave her time for me to speak on a panel I curated. She was first female publisher EVER at Conde Nast + is now Chief Business Officer @britishvogue ! Thank you for your encouragement over the years and for reminding me to stand tall and own it!

Portraits by @sirius.film 🏆

Summer Soirée portraits by @sirius.film ❤️🔥

I started TTYA as an inclusive space for excluded girls - through my clothing brand I created a space for girls like me who were excluded from the fashion conversation. Over the years this has grown bigger than just a clothing brand into what has manifested into a global community.

So many of us have been firsts. The only black girl at the table the only black girl in the room and as I looked around the room last night my heart was full. We are the representation we want to see and I could of filled that space 5 times over! It’s only the beginning. Trust and believe 🤝

Thank you ladies 🎉 #ttyatalks

Gathered the girls for a cute Soirée last night.

Cute BTS pics by my bestie @trakisanya 🏆

Thank you @glossbydeb @fentybeauty + @hausofshee for making me look and feel a million bucks!

Grateful to all the magical babes that pulled up for me. Going through pics now about to flood the feed 😂


Zacai’s Mum + Aunty 🥳. Happy international friendship day! Congrats @skeptagram on the EP Launch.

All in out now 🔥
💄 @glossbydeb using @fentybeauty 👑

Week 4. Challenge 4!

This week the focus is Pushing yourself.

I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself even harder by trying a new (hard!) workout so I called on the help of my good friend @ciaralondon to help me out and show me one of her workouts.

I wanted to see just how far I’ve pushed myself so tracked my activity using the Activity Tracker on the #GalaxyWatch3.

For this week’s challenge, I’m challenging you to come out of your comfort zone! It can be something as small as going for a walk or attending a work out class, you can try it out with a friend and motivate each other! Let’s do thisssssss!

@SamsungUk #GalaxyWatch3 #DontJustWatch #Ad

For all those who posted a black square last year 👀 meet the co - founder of #theshowmustbepaused @bri_anna !

With a 10 year + career in the music industry she has worked with industry heavyweights from the late Nipsey Hustle, Meek Mill, Janelle Monae to Stormzy + Burna Boy. Episode out now! Link in bio 🏆 #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t 👑

Minister of Enjoyment 🎉🥳

Queen @serenawilliams understood the assignment! This is still my fav print I’ve designed to date.

This has made my day! TTYAX @sian_swimwear 🏆

This week the focus is Rest + Wellness.

Big up everyone who got their 10K on!

Exercise is great but we must allow time for our body to rest and recover! Using my #GalaxyWatch3 I’ve tracked my sleep score! Guys…I was definitely not getting enough sleep.

Incorporating meditation + calm breathing I’ve made a more conscious effort to get more rest! Over the course of a week I improved my sleep score dramatically!

For this week’s challenge, I’m challenging you to focus on rest and wellness and make just 1 lifestyle change. It can be something as small as I did which was just making sure I was sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Drop me a comment and let me know what changes you are aiming for. Let’s do thisssssss!

@SamsungUk #GalaxyWatch3 #DontJustWatch #Ad

Future leaders 👑👑👑👑 full stop

Tbh I don’t really know how I’ve been operating without a smart watch 😨.

My #GalaxyWatch3 is my perfect partner because it allows me to sync my running playlist so easily 🏃🏾‍♀️ and you know the tunes hit different when it’s Afrobeats + Soulful house 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

For this week’s challenge, I’m challenging you to create your own Spotify playlist to join you on your running routes. Whose on your list?

#DontJustWatch @SamsungUk #Ad

The outside maybe slowly opening up but one thing that is definitely here to stay is team cozy!

Loving these fluff slides @uggineurope #UGGLIFE #ad

New Month! Big Energy!
I’ve really been trying to stay on top of my well-being especially through lockdown.

I’m constantly looking to try new things even if it’s just as simple as changing my running route!

I've partnered with @SamsungUK on the Galaxy Watch3 ‘Don’t Just Watch…’ campaign and over the next 4 weeks, I’ll set a series of challenges for you all to join me on.

This week's challenge is to complete a 10k run. Add me on Strava so we can do this together!

I’m protecting my knees at the moment (100k challenge finished me) so join me doing smaller 10k runs with toning exercises in between. LEGS. BUMS AND TUMS for the win 🤣. Let’s be FOCUSED 🙅🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️💦
@SamsungUk #GalaxyWatch3 #DontJustWatch #AD


Thank you Nicole @nkrystal_ + Black Girl Fest @blackgirlfest for having me host your amazing panel on the power of connecting with the continent at the Diaspora Pavilion Somerset House @somersethouse
Swipe to see the black girl magic @nkrystal_
👗 @styletemple
💄 @glossbydeb using @fentybeauty
💇🏾‍♀️ @paintedbychristelle

New Day, More Energy (is summer over 😭)! In addition to my new found love for spin classes, the juicing + smoothie obsession continues.

I get so many messages about my juicer, it’s the @sageappliancesuk #bluicerpro juicer + blender in 1!

Quick hack - line the waste bin! Makes cleaning so much faster!

Berry Blast Smoothie
2 apples
1 celery stick
1/2 Lime

Blend in with mango 🥭 frozen berries, ice and yogurt of choice ( I used non diary but either is good)

That’s all!

Share your fav juices + smoothies, I’m excited to try them all!

#AD #heathlyliving

In this episode of The Girls, I talked about women who are excluded by society because of their race, size or looks, and also how the entertainment industry can help change this.

Watch now on @primevideouk’s IGTV and let me know what you think. #TheGirls #ad

Gassed for my girl @msbanks on her new partnership with @havanaclub !

Thank yewwwwww for including me in your campaign 🙌🏾 🇺🇬 x 🇳🇬 Real minister of enjoyment level 👩🏾‍🎓
📸 @sirius.film
@havanaclubuk #CubanSpiced #HavanaClub

The magic of new beginnings. Congrats @graceladoja @teezee 👶🏾

New Week, New Episode! This week I’m joined by beauty content curator and activist Jackie Aina @jackieaina !!

We unpack building an empire plus how she cultivated a loyal following including her 3.5 Million YouTube subscribers. She’s a whole mood! Available everywhere you get your podcasts.
Produced by @tolly_t
@ttyatalks #ttyatalks

The big chop ✂️🤯. Refresh, Replenish, Rebuild. Thank you queen @charlottemensah 🇬🇭.

I had the scalp scrub (low key orgasmic, exfoliates the scalp sending oxygenated blood to your crown to promote hair growth), deep oil treatment + cut. #blackowned

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST S2|EP3. This week I talk to writer, author and host of the ‘Money Moves’ podcast Toni Tone @t0nit0ne.

We get into having a healthy money mindset 💰 💰💰 , leaving the 9-5 job to turn side hustle into main hustle. You can see from my facial expressions I was mental noting all the gems!!! Get. Into. It.
Link in bio @ttyatalks #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t 🏆

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST SEASON 2: EP 2 w/ the fastest British woman everrrrr the Queen Dina Asher-Smith @dinaashersmith.

We talk pivoting when hit with the unexpected plus her tips to anyone thinking about starting an athletic career. Link in bio 🏃🏾‍♀️💨💨💨💨
Produced by @tolly_t

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST SEASON 2:EP1 W/ Supermodel @jourdandunn

I’m baccckkkkkkkk!

You know we need to be FOCUSED!! Today we have #teamtallgirls in the building!

Jourdan has had an incredible 15 year career in the fashion industry. Scouted at 15, she shot to fame in 2007 and has been gracing covers and catwalks for the biggest designers in the game ever since.

The first Black British model to make the Forbes Model Rich List 🙌🏾, Jourdan speaks on all things fashion industry 👀, her next career chapter 👀, black love 👀, being a super mum and highlights Sickle Cell - a cause very close to her heart.

Follow @ttyatalks to keep up-to date Let’s Go! Link in Bio 🙏🏾

Produced by @tolly_t
Visuals @kadesigns90

Welcome to TTYA Talks, the podcast brought to you and hosted by me 🦋

TTYA Talks is here to inspire, motivate and give insights to authentic career stories from women, who are pioneering in the creative industries + sports.

Season 2 kicks off tomorrow with Super Model @jourdandunn 🙌🏾🔥

Episodes will be released every Monday so make sure you start your week focused with me on TTYA Talks.

Follow us over on @ttyatalks 🙏🏾

Produced by the Don @tolly_t
🎥 @olumide_

And just like that I’m done! Thank you to everyone who took part in the #TTYA100k challenge!

✅ mind right
✅ body tight IJN loool

For Woman month I set a Challenge - 100 kilometers in 31 days!

Here I catch up with 2 inspiring black women who have motivated me to get up and keep moving during lockdown Celebrity stylist Nana Achaempong @styledbynana + Dora Atim @doradontexplore founder of Ultra Black Running a company she set up to champion black women and Black non-binary people in Trail running. Salute to all my queens who got up and got out! #ttya100k

#TTYA100k challenge check in. I see some of you have already almost completed 👀😩.

I’m creating a highlight with music mixes to help you, if like me you need loud jams to run/ walk too...F O C U S E D 🏃🏾‍♀️💨
📸 @shotbydaliadias

Take a look at how I start my mornings, how I’ve used running as a way to support my thinking process through out the pandemic.

For women’s month join the #TTYA100k challenge. Link in bio or add me direct ‘Irene Agbontaen’. Tag a friend to get moving with 🏃🏾‍♀️💨🙌🏾 Shouts out to my double sports bra crew 🙋🏾‍♀️
🎥 @shotbydaliadias #shotoniphone
🎨 @kadesigns90

The body achieves what the mind believes!

In celebration of women’s month I’d love to announce the #TTYA100k challenge.

8th March - 8th April

I started this first lockdown and honestly it help my mental health so much! Just getting up and getting out allowed me to free some brain space for creative ideas.

You can walk it, run it, stroll with the pram even crawl it if you like 🤣🤣 but just try it with me. When you break it down it’s 3.3 kilometres a day. Easy right 🤣🤣. We start Monday.
Who’s joining!
Link bio. 🙋🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️💨 #IWD

A bit of colour for your feed (if you see this 🤷🏾‍♀️, hashtag algorithm).

It felt so good getting dressed up yesterday. Excited for the projects to come. I can’t lie though it took me about 20 minutes just to put on 1 eyelash 🤦🏾‍♀️. Who else is ready to hit the dance flooorrsssssss. Bring on freedom 🧡

We didn’t choose the tall life. The tall life chose us!

Born to stand out 😇 cc @emiliaboateng_ ✨✨✨ #teamtallgirls

Beyond the Return
📸 @manifestive

Spiritual Ginger ✨🇬🇭

Ghana Glow ✨✨✨

Low Key : High Key
📸 @vicmensa

Social distancing.... 🤷🏾‍♀️
📸 @chisaraagu

Time spent among trees is never time wasted. The office is officially open remotely 🌍

📸 @shanechubbz

Medaase @small_god for having me co host FUEGO Pool Party. Big big vibes as always.

How many faces can you spot? Maximum Enjoyment 🇬🇭 🇬🇭
🎦 @sliceimagery

FUEGO 🤙🏾 @small_god @polobeachclub #ghana

Pulling up for the homie @small_god tonight. You already know the vibe FUEGO WAYYY @polobeachclub ✨

Gratitude! Sending love and light ✨✨✨Happy New Year ❤️

Top 5 tracks from @wizkidayo’s Made In Lagos album for the baby girl @julieadenuga OUT NOW!

Swipe to see & please go and watch how I was cheated out of Roma 😭

@tom.moutchi @remiburgz @harrypinero @donttrusttheinternet

Merry Christmasssss. Wishing you and your family peace, health, happiness & prosperity. More life.

Cheers 🍸🍸 #iwearmyowngarms

As a freelancer and owner of a small business the last few months have been super challenging!

The amazing thing I’ve learnt about myself is the ability to keep going. Through this down time and with a little help from my friends, #TTYATalks ( @ttyatalks ) the podcast was born and it’s touched so many women in ways I never imagined.

When people ask how’s it going I often dont know what to say because it’s still going.

I’ve learnt to go with the flow and appreciate what I have. Celebrate the small wins and enjoy the journey.

Thank you @glenfiddichwhisky for recognising maverick spirit in leaders across Art, Fashion and Entrepreneurship and a little reminder that tough times don’t last ❤️
AD| #glenfiddich #grandcru #drinkresponsibly

Excited to announce I’ll be the host & co producer of Bumble's new podcast :

My Love Is - a uniquely Black British take on allll the things we really wish we knew about dating, love & relationships 👀👏🏾❤️

Are you looking for love in lockdown? Ever wondered what your partner’s really thinking when it comes to sex & intimacy? Feeling pressured by #couplegoals , family (when will you marry!!!) or lacking a bit of self-love this 2020? Tune into this five part episode series, part of Bumble’s continued celebration of Black love beyond Black History Month.

Episode 1 : Falling in love with yourself first launches today with special guests @msbanks & @oviesoko

New episodes release every Thursday via Spotify + iTunes so follow @bumble_uk for all the updates! Link in bio #MyLoveIsBlackLove
C/o producer @tolly_t

Wow. I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed on @djswitch_’s live.

The Nigerian Government need to be held accountable! @muhammadubuhari shame on you! #endsars #endpolicebrutality #endbadgovernance #enoughisenough

Enforcers of the law, can not act above the law. Although we are not on the ground, we stand with our Nigerian brothers & sisters to amplify their voices.


My love is ride or die.
I play hard for the people I love.

It’s real, it’s honest, it’s all encompassing. But most importantly you need to love yourself. Thanks to @bumble_uk for platforming and celebrating Black Love in all its different forms #MyLoveIsBlackLove #WHENWILLYOUMARRY. Who can relate? 🖤

Wrote a piece for Harper’s Bazaar highlighting 5 incredible Black women who I believe are already shaping our future across fashion, digital, music & education.

If you haven’t already put these women on your radar now ✊🏾

Meet :
@oriana_serwaah founder of @childrensblackhistory.

Thank you @bazaaruk and the dream team @jordanjcmitchell @imogen_banks ✊🏾 #blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic

Taking over the PLT: behind closed doors podcast for a 4 part Black History Month special.

PLT have made an ongoing commitment to support black communities and organisations.

For BHM I have partnered with them to take over their podcast to amplify the voices of 4 incredible black women. However, it was important to me to collaborate with a partner who has ongoing intentions to support the community beyond BHM and while they have already donated to black organisations this year, they intend to continue learning, doing the work and supporting many more.

Episode 1 launches tomorrow with @t0nit0ne. Get into it! @prettylittlething

You know the vibes! Happy Independence Day Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
📸 @love4rico

I’m excited to take over the talented @stellamaxwell instagram on the 1st October as part of #ShareTheMicUK !

Follow @sharethemicUK for updates.
#ShareTheMicUK 🎤 #ShareTheMicNow
Artwork: @amelia_creative

Happy #nationalpodcastday ! As we enter into Black History Month please take a look at these amazing women who featured on TTYA Talks :

The Podcast Season 1. Thank you to this bad boy line up for sharing business insights and tips about their respective creative industry. You showed me the importance of stepping into your purpose. Share with your network especially the next generation looking at starting a career in the creative industry. Too many gems! TTYA TALKS : The Podcast available across all streaming platforms. Link in Bio ✊🏾🖤 💜

Produced by @tolly_t
Artwork @kadesigns90

Grateful for amazing family and friends who despite the restrictions went above and beyond to make sure I had the best birthday.

Thank you for all the bday messages honestly feeling the love 💖 📸 @mcmlondon

Baby girl lifestyle. +1 , HBD TO ME 🎈

On today’s episode of ‘ I have no idea how this Instagram algorithm works’ you may see this pic on your feed today, in 2 days time or never.

Who knows. Instagram decides 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Anyway sha, 2 days in the sun plus excellent bathroom lighting equals photo opp #hi 👋🏾💁🏾‍♀️

It’s the coat for me. Brown Skin Girl #liftlewks

Bank holiday photo/video dump. Best times with the best peoples, grateful for you!

Life is what you make it mayne. P.s for everyone asking about my teeth I got them done at @atteliadent ! Tell them that I sent ya for 20% off. Don’t dull 😬😬😬😬😬

Celebrating the cultural diaspora through music! Our Afro bashment stage went off!

Although we are unable to link up this year I’m grateful for our community. Big up my partner in crime @msallenlifestyle ! 2021 we go again! Swipe ➡️ for the vibes 🔊🔊🔊🔊 @inklusivcreative @beatsbydre

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST EP. 12 Entrepreneurship & Self Believe w/ Grace Ladoja MBE ( @graceladoja ).

From Skepta to Supreme, Nike to Fenty, Grace has forged incredible relationships over the years between artists and brands. Recognised with an MBE for her contribution to music we get into the world of entrepreneurship, building your business and exploring successfully working with friends. Swipe ➡️ to see Graces’ tips on getting started in artist management. This episode is the definition of REALNESS. Real laughter, Real tears 😭! Available across all major streaming platforms. Link in bio.

Produced by @tolly_t

Finding the perfect picnic spot today is essential. Cheers to the weekend ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

@whiteclawuk #WhiteClaw #HardSeltzer #Ad

Antalya, Turkey 2020.

So many people have asked me about travelling so writing some points here.

I flew from Gatwick. Masks are mandatory in the airport. The process was straight forward and super quick, it literally took me 5 minutes to check in and go through security. Airport was spotless and staff where just so happy to see people again!
Nothing at the airport was open except WH Smith & Boots so definitely eat before arriving.
Expect your temperature to be checked before boarding your flight. However is was crazy to me they did not do this on my return to the UK 🤷🏾‍♀️?
Pre boarding we were issued with a care package which contained hand sanitiser and wipes. I would advice to also bring your own.
I was extra and completely disinfected my area, again I recommend bringing your own products to do this. Seats were spaced out and flight was super chill.
To return you have to fill in an online ‘Return to the UK’ form. Do this before arriving at the airport. Saves time as they don’t allow you to fly without the reference number

Enjoy yourselves, Travel Safe 🙅🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🌞

Reflection & Rejuvenation.

Surviving & Thriving. This one for my black stars 🇬🇭.

I was born on a Sunday so my Ghanaian name is Akosua 😂. Printed swimsuit by my amazing cousin @crownroseuk 🖤✊🏾

This week we get into Acting, Womanhood & Owning your Blackness w/ Jodie - Turner Smith ( @jodiesmith ).

Jodie’s resilience, unconventional route to Hollywood makes her journey even more extraordinary. Break out star of hit film Queen & Slim, wife and now mother this is a spiritual one. Link in bio 🖤💁🏾‍♀️ #ttyatalks

Produced by @tolly_t

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST EP. 10. This week I catch up my fellow South Londoner :

Creative Comms, Strategy and Marketing expert Zainab Jama @zzaynss. With over 10 years experience, Zainab has gone onto work for brands such as Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Google, Converse, Nike, Calvin Klein and is on the creative team & contributing editor at The Face Magazine. She drops some real gems! Get in to it. Link in bio #ttyatalks

TTYA TALKS : THE PODCAST EP 9 w/ @fkatwigs. Using my platform to speak out about race, I’ve lost some followers & gained some new followers (👋🏾).

The last couple of weeks have been extremely powerful and I’m increasingly encouraged and inspired by my peers in the push for change. When we recorded this episode back in May we spoke about everything from creativity in music, race trolls to Twigs’ battle with Fibroids. Up to 80% percent of women develop fibroids by the time they reach the age of 50 with women of colour disproportionately at the higher end of the spectrum. Behind a shy exterior Twigs is an incredible creative, powerhouse and business woman. TTYA Talks is a space where we can have open dialog and speak about real issues in career and lifestyle within our community. I hope you guys can listen to this episode with an open mind and an open heart. It’s a special one. Link in bio #ttyatalks ✊🏾🖤

Produced by @tolly_t

DON’T CRY. DON’T BEG Caught up with @pusspussmag and put some thoughts to paper.

Black Lives Matter everyday and we will continue to apply the pressure 💖✊🏾🖤

👋🏾 posting my lifestyle brand @ttyalondon. I set up the brand as an inclusive space for the excluded girl often left out from the fashion & lifestyle narrative.

Follow, Like & Share. Products available on www.ttyalondon.com.
If you haven’t already subscribe to the podcast. Season 1 showcases incredible black women pioneering in the creative industries and sports. You already know what it is ❤️🖤 #blackpoundday. P.s Serena Williams on slide 6 is today’s mood ✊🏾 #ttyalondon #iwearmyowngarms #ttyatalks

We really need to understand the media’s role in this battle for change.

They weaponise words like ‘BLACK’ ‘THUGS’ and ‘VIOLENCE’ to vilify black lives matter night after night in the media. Black people are over represented in the news as criminals to de humanise us. Deliberately miseducating the general public.

Where are the WHITE RACIST VIOLENT THUG tag lines on today’s news outlets please? Which demonstrators clashed with police? Let’s be clear. They never use colour in the same way.
What we see Boris & the media outlets doing is heavily criminalising the black lives matter movement. Please look at slide 2. WTF has this behaviour got to do with black lives matter? Yet the media find a way to group it all together. -

Yesterday, Met police imposed section 60 power which gives officers the greater use of stop and search in the key protesting areas. We already know a black male is almost 10 times more liking to be stopped and searched than a white male so who are these greater uses of power directly going to effect? They wanted to use this to show high arrest numbers of black youths. It backfired because the black lives matter protest was cancelled. Did the same section 60 apply to these thugs?

Do you think we could openly punch police in the face, throw smoke bombs and fire works and walk home without excessive police force and multiple arrests?
We must continue to apply the pressure.Our phones & Social media are powerful tools when used in the correct way.
I urge you all to go and read the leaked COVID 19 report that clearly states racism contributed to disproportionately high impact on the BAME community. Very interesting read. -

Whilst we are on the subject of the word BAME, I’m going to throw it out there that I find it insulting. What are your thoughts on the word ‘BAME’?

Shall we call this white on white crime since they love labels so much?

🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ Imagine living in a world where police can shoot us down, kill us, taser us in our own homes yet white radicals can openly punch police in the face with no apprehension. -

Imagine being labelled ‘Thugs’ for protesting against racism, injustice and inequality yet these goats can run wild and urinate on the very monuments they claim they are here to protect.
Imagine being such a bigot that your reaction to the demand for the end of racial injustice is to travel across country to insight a race war. This has nothing to do with the Churchill statue otherwise you wouldn’t allow neo nazis to salute in front of it. -

Priti Patel where is the heavy handedness you promised with 24 hour express jail time against violent behaviour or was this only for the black lives matter protestors?
These goats have exposed their racism, hypocrisy and violence all by themselves. -

To be clear we march for equality! What we are seeing today is a protest for superiority. -

If ALL lives matter, like you love to say than surely that includes BLACK lives too? Make it make sense.- Oh and Happy Birthday Queen Lizzy. Look at your streets. Hope that bday cake is sweet 😑

Yesterday I marched with my siblings & my 9 year old nephew.

I hope we can be the change he needs to see for the next generation.
Those that know me, know how much time I spend behind the scenes pushing for us. Challenging brands / corporations on ideals, having those uncomfortable conversations having to listen to us referred to as Ghetto the list goes on.
I’ve been thinking a lot about next steps. I don’t have the answers but I’m open to speaking more to my peers on this. One thing that has come to mind is Leadership and Economic strength in the Black Community. Who will be leading this narrative going forward? Fashion can’t be on the left and music on the right. It’s all inter-linked. We need leaders from ALL industries under 1 umbrella. Agriculture, Music, Fashion, Engineering, Law , Tech, Education, Finance, Retail , Hospitality & Social Care so we can move as a fist rather than fingers. Just some of my early morning thoughts. Self isolating after a weekend of protesting but looking forward to this weeks conversations. All lives matter when blacks lives do.


#blacklivesmatter everyday. Please apply your external social media messaging to your internal business structure.

Thanks. Make it make sense

We are not a trend. We don’t need your performative activism. We need action!

Your external messaging must match your internal business structure otherwise you are a hypocrite. We are looking at your exec boards and your work force 👀 #blackouttuesday #TheShowMustBePaused #wearetired

Heavy heart, Heavy thoughts. Does your internal business structure,ethos, team structure match your external social media messaging?

CHANGE MUST START FROM THE INSIDE OUT We don’t need your statements, we need action #wearetired #blacklivesmatter #showthereceipts 🤡


#wearetired #blacklivesmatter #ripgeorgefloyd

Directing & Social Influence with my baby girl @vashtie.

Known as “Downtowns Sweetheart”, Vashtie Kola represents one of New York’s multi - talented creatives. Her strong resume includes Director, Fashion Designer, DJ, Party Promotor and Artistic/ Creative Director. She was the first ever female and non athlete to have a Jordan collaboration.
I was supposed to be in NYC for her wedding last week however rona had other plans. Here’s to over 10 years of friendship to the master of developing your personal brand before “influencer” became a marketing buzzword ❤️ ep 8 out now. Link in bio #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t

Today. Celebrate #AfricaDay with
MTV Base Africa and YouTube.

See performances by the greatest African Artists. Hosted by @idriselba , with a special appearance from me 😎 (focused) ⁣

Tune in to the #AfricaDay Benefit Concert: on the @MTVBASEAfrica YouTube page.
5pm UK
6pm CAT
12pm EST
9am PST 🥳
#WithMe #AloneTogether. @mtvbaseafrica @youtube. Let’s gooooooooooo 🇳🇬

At the beginning of the month I decided to start the #100kmaychallenge just as a way to dig my way out of the anxiety of the effects of COVID-19 in regards to having no work.

I can’t express in words what running does for me. I can clear my thoughts and come up with some of the best ideas whilst on a run whilst singing my favourite house songs at the top of my voice 😂. Anyway fast forward I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined the challenge! I’ve received sooo many messages from peeps who just tried and have successfully completed the challenge never thinking they could do it! It’s been funny to see (not mentioning any names @ishobande 😂) competitiveness 😂. There’s still 7 days left to complete and even if you don’t finish, it’s important that you at least tried and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. Here’s to next months challenge 👀. I would love to hear more testimonies...feel free to DM. Lastly. If you don’t already, follow @djpioneer @djsupad @kismetdon @sefkombo @papafeevs @tippademus @cold_steps @dj_jukess on here and soundcloud. Their mixes make me so so happy, uplift my spirits and remind me of better times to come.
#mentalhealthawarenessweek #letsbegoing #specialeffects #dontbebogusstayfocused

Served Glamour for @glamouruk this am! What an amazing panel with @ciaralondon @sabrinaelba @mrsrodial & @nicolaelliottmoss , such incredible women!

Thank you @deborah_joseph , @hollyhopeharper & Team Glamour for a fab Zoom event. Sorry time ran out for Q&A but I’ll try my best to respond to questions you may have via DM. #quarantine #glamourlockdownlive

Sunscreen & Social Distancing #quarantine

New week = New Podcast episode.

This week I catch up with Monique Blake ( @meaghansmom ) Business partner to Grammy Award winning producer and artist Swizz Beatz, we catch up on what it takes to be a Creative/ General Manager. If you’ve been watching all the #versus battles then you deffo don’t want to miss this! Link in bio #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t

This Friday. You already know I’ll be talking the tings!

*VIRTUAL DAY FESTIVAL* ‘The Hustlers Panel’ for @glamouruk , with these amazing women: @sabrinaelba @ciaralondon @mrsrodial and @nicolaelliottmoss talking all things Entrepreneurial.
Tickets are £5 and all proceeds go to charities @womens_aid @thefelixproject and @_place2be ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍❤️🧡💛 #ttyatalks

TTYA TALKS | THE PODCAST EP 6. This week I catch up with Velma Simmons ( @velma.simmons ) Business Devolpment Manager at Warner Music handling artist brand partnerships across the label.

Honestly I shed a tear listening back to this episode. Velma, your self believe, tenacity and willingness to never give up is incredibly inspiring. I hope these episodes will continue to encourage peeps to fulfil your dreams and show you, there are so many women of colour achieving greatness. Listen to Ep 6 on all things Brand Partnerships. Link in bio 🇬🇭 ❤️👏🏾 #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t

Quick #quarantine catch up with #MayaJama and her Magnum Tonic Wine, who appears on Episode 3 of #ttyatalks The Podcast.

Listen to the full podcast episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify & Soundcloud @MayaJama. Link In bio.

All this just to go to the shop. Catch the mood by any means necessary.

My #quarantine jam is Dreadlocks by @youngtandbugsey 🔥🚨

Got dressed today! Going live with @mayajama at 6pm. Locked and loaded 🔊 #ttyatalks

This week we talk Fashion with my good friend and Editor in Chief for Wonderland magazine Toni Blaze Ibekwe ( @toniblaze ).

Some of the talent she has worked with include Nicki Minaj, Jorja Smith, Naomi Campbell, Sza and Ciara just to name a few. We speak on the culture of interning and how Toni began as an intern and worked her way up to Editor in Chief! If you are interested in magazine, editorial or styling this is definitely the episode for you! Link in bio #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t

Catch Up with #JulieAdenuga who appears on Episode 2 of #ttyatalks The Podcast.

Honestly just look how much joy she brings me! The only person I know to own a microwaveable heat cap, A loyal @BenjiFlow , @RagzOriginale & @NSG_music fan! Please we need to get Julie her pull out A2 NSG poster! Queen of "NEXT QUESTION"! Love you @julieadenuga ! #ttyatalks The Podcast available to stream across Apple Podcast, Spotify and Soundcloud. Link in Bio x

Catching up with #Neelam Gill & #LeomieAnderson who appear on Episode 1 of #ttyatalks The Podcast.

Listen to the full podcast episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify & Soundcloud @neelamkg @leomieanderson. Link in bio. What a difference a good ring light makes lol! ❤️

Wow my first live on my own platform! It’s up for the next 24hrs. Please enjoy!

Thank you to everyone that tuned in and to my special guests @neelamkg , @leomieanderson , @julieadenuga , @mayajama and her pantiliner that crashed instagram 🤣. These incredible women are all guests on @ttyalondon #ttyatalks the podcast available now on Apple podcast, Spotify & Souncloud. Link in bio. 🏆

I get so many questions after each podcast drop. So tonight I’m hosting a live Q&A with the first guests of #ttyatalks.

Join us from 7pm for realness, bants & giggles. Guests Neelam Gill, Leomie Anderson, Julie Adenuga & Maya Jama. Get your questions ready! #quarantine 🙋🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️ 🏆 @neelamkg @leomieanderson @julieadenuga @mayajama 🏆

Becoming an Olympian is the reward for very hard work, discipline and the greatest thing any athlete can achieve.

This week I catch up with team GB Olympian Perri Shakes Drayton Edwards @itspsd on becoming an athlete, sponsorship & monetisation, retirement, Nigeria and married life! Link in bio #ttyatalks
Produced by @tolly_t ✊🏾💪🏾

Quick 12 minute morning meditation and stretch yoga challenge with @nikelondon

1 minute of deep breathing
2. 1 minute of standing
3. 1 minute of upward dog / cobra
4. 1 minute of downward facing dog
Repeat x 3

New week = New Podcast episode. This week I catch up with @mayajama on presenting and finding your purpose.

Some people have no idea what they want to do (like me) when they are growing up and some people do! I think it’s important to show various journeys and speaking Maya someone who knew from a very early age what she wanted to do and worked non stop to get, not only shows a different point of view but a super inspiring journey! We get into everything from presenting, finding your purpose to internet trolls. TTYA TALKS | THE PODCAST EP 3 w/ @mayajama out now. Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. Link in bio
Produced by @tolly_t
#ttyatalks 💜

Just remember guys, love starts with loving yourself.

TTYA the Love Dr edition signing out ❤️ @netflixuk. Last Last @kelechidyke was my fav 👏🏾 #theaccountant #toohottohandle

Displacement of Anger!
@netflixuk new dating show.

Laugh, Comment & Share 🙅🏾‍♀️ #toohottoohandle

@netflixuk new dating show #toohottohandle. How do we feel about men and double nipple piercings?


@netflixuk new dating show. Laugh, Comment & Share #toohottohandle

Body Language contributes 55% to how we communicate 👀Laugh, Comment & Share

@netflixuk new dating show.

@netflixuk new dating show. Laugh, Comment & Share #quarantine #toohottohandle.

@netflixuk new dating show. 😳🚨 #toohottohandle

@netflixuk new dating show. 😳🚨 #toohottohandle

Work in progress. Summer body loading 🙏🏾. Went live yesterday with @courtneyfearon_ and the @nikelondon family.

If you fancy some giggles go to Courtney’s page and watch me panting for my life 😂 #quarantine

This week I speak to my amazing talented sister @julieadenuga on all things broadcasting, heritage and wearing Gele to her first ever live broadcast!

Link in bio #ttyatalks

Literally the last time I went out! Just a reminder ‘Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness’.

Happy Easter! Looking forward to being reunited with all my family and friends. ❤️

The C in cozy! 🚨🚨🚨

The 6 almonds for a snack a day still blows my mind @neelamkg 🤯.

Going to be releasing new episodes every Monday covering everything from Broadcasting to Brand Partnerships. The only way we are going to push the culture forward is to educate and provide the tools needed for the next generation to come through. Let me know which creative careers you guys are interested in hearing about and I’ll make sure I get it covered!
First episode out now with my beauties @neelamkg & @leomieanderson , produced by @tolly_t !
Available across all major platforms : Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. Link in bio #ttyatalks 🤝

TTYA TALKS | The Podcast EP 1: Leomie Anderson & Neelam Gill.

From Victoria Secret to Burberry, Leomie & Neelam represent women of colour across the world. We get into the business of being a model, growing up in the fashion industry with tips on how to deal with rejection. Leomie’s brand LAPP went viral when Rihanna wore her ‘This Pussy Grabs Back’ hoodie. How did she deal with managing the demand? Find out on Ep 1 of #TTYATalks. Available across Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Soundcloud. Link in @ttyalondon bio
Massive big up to the queens @leomieanderson @neelamkg 🤝 #ttyatalks

TTYA Talks - The podcast is launching tomorrow!

I started the panels back in 2015, focusing on navigating through a creative career, providing global access to successful women working across the creative industries. When life throws you lemons we make lemonade! I’ve used this quarantine time to record the first series from home! Each episode will highlight successful women who are pioneering across creative & sport and give real insight to better understanding job roles available. Excited for this. All info will be posted over on @ttyalondon so make sure are following ❣️🤝🙏🏾 #ttyatalks

Thank you to all the lovely ladies that joined the first #TTYATalks book club.

Today’s book was Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams ( @candicec_w ). I literally listened (on audio book) to it in 2 days whilst in quarantine. It was great to connect with amazing women and lift up our spirits.
Next book is ‘My Sister, the Serial Killer’ by Oyinkan Braithwaite. 2 week read time. LETSSS GOOOO ❣️

Who woulda thought that when we shot this last July it would have so much significance to the times we are in today.

Check on your friends, especially those who have small businesses or are self employed. Share info - we are stronger together! Myself & @graceladoja for @jendaya.official shot by the don @philippraheem 🇳🇬

Cheers to a new week. To think how much has changed in the last few days.

It’s not the ideal situation for anyone self employed but I’m actually looking forward to slowing down and taking time to just be still. Just bought a tone of audio books! Who’s down for a virtual book club? Also currently planning ‘We Move’ supper club pt 2 🙏🏾✊🏾 🎥 @shotbydaliadias #iwd2020 #wemove #itsgoodtotalk

⬅️SWIPE⬅️ to view the Gratitude board. Each guest pledged, 1. What they are grateful for and 2.

One step they will take to improve their mental health. Thank you again @oriana_letbuddy & @t0nit0ne for such an amazing power up 📶 #itsgoodtotalk #wemove

Girl Gang. Introducing the babies of the group, the new generation doing amazing things!

first slide ➡️ @jawahir_roble : qualified female referee and football coach & second slide ➡️ @evssofficial : model and incredible creative. Slide 3 ➡️ @lee.estelle_ : not just a pretty face. Please go and check out her art 🎨Excited to watch them grow. @ttyalondon ‘we move’ supper club 🤝 📸 @daliadias & @onlydestt

@ttyalondon ‘WE MOVE’ supper club. Thank you to @oriana_letbuddy & @t0nit0ne for delivering such relevant keynotes on everything from business, careers to steps on preserving our mental health.

Key pointers
Invest in yourself. Research about your employment rights, salary scales and the skill of negtiation.
Adapt to the challenges you face by looking after your mental health as a preventative measure and not a response to a mental health illness.
Five skills to improve your mental health- Connect, Be Active, Keep learning, Give, Take notice.
Take notice means being present, taking notice and being aware of your emotions.
Stop comparing timelines and throw away deadlines.
You can have it all, if all is what you desire.
Do not disregard the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health.
Prioritise yourself and know when to say no.
Know your worth and believe in your skills and your potential.
📸 @shotbydaliadias

@TTYALondon presents the ‘We Move’ supper club celebrating women of colour who work within the creative industries.

So much to say but I’m going to keep it direct. The most important point I want to make is that ‘influence’ is not determined by how many followers you have on this platform. REAL influence is using your platform to champion your community. I was so deflated by brands, my old agency who are/were so consumed using you to access ‘celebrity’. I influence my community, give us a safe space to unite/ be celebrated and push/ unlock boundaries! With that said I’d love to thank all the ladies who gave up their time at such short notice, to celebrate with me yesterday. Time is the only thing not promised. Creating memories and making real change is my number 1 priority. I did the best I could, we go again bigger next year I promise you that. ✊🏾WE MOVE ✊🏾 📸 @onlydestt

Happy International Women’s Day to all my Queens ✊🏾

Discussing ‘The rising impact of African culture in UK/Global music’ today with a super strong panel.

Key things I took away, were fantastic points on infrastructure & education. Thank you @anniemac and the incredible @anniemacpresents team. Real discussion, real insight & real conversations.

Supporting the sis @anniemac today! Looking forward to talking the tings with some real ones today!

See you there. Camden House 5pm 🤝 @anniemacpresents

Main feed as a reminder. NO BODY can do it the way YOU can do it.

Very few ideas are original these days, your insight, relationships and personal experiences are what make you unique. Trust the process and enjoy the ride folks ✊🏾

The #excellencebrunch @youtubemusic

The #excellencebrunch @youtubemusic 📸 @ashleyverse @amzyobr 🤝

The #excellencebrunch ! A celebration of Black British Culture in Music.

Thank you @tumabasa , @lyorcohenr & the incredible @youtubemusic team for partnering with me on such an important moment for our culture. Music is the driving force which connects so many of us through our creative artistries. Sunday was better than I imagined, I’m so grateful to call so many of you family! The energy in the room was unmatched. Thank you @mercedesfbenson @housegospelchoir @keleleroc @kennyallstar @twintings @rachaelanson @mannynorte for tune after tune. Special shout out to my lil sis @sheniececharway , all the late night calls, we are bonded for life. This was well overdue! Next year we go again. Parte after Parte ✊🏾 📸 @ashleyverse @amzyobr 🚨

We worked really hard for you guys! Today we celebrate life.

See you all soon #excellencebrunch 📸 @tumabasa

#liftlewks 2020 edition 🤝 | @grmgala

Chocolate for the win @mslaurielondon @denisedainty | @grmgala 🔥

Taller & Tallest. Congrats on your second @asos drop @oviesoko.

Thanks for a great evening 🤝🔥❣️

In conversation and private screening with @msmelina & @lenawaithe the incredible creative minds behind @queenandslim.

I started TTYA Talks as a platform to connect pioneering women working across the creative industry, and what a start for 2020! Queen & Slim out January 31st. It’s a must see! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come through, appreciate you #queenandslim #ttyatalks

My first TTYA TALKS of 2020. Let’s go @msmelina @queenandslim ❣️🚨‼️

Thank you @princestrust & @facebook for having me share my story and speak on the power of young people.

Grammy Awards 2020 with @graceladoja. Thank you @dude_br0 ❣️🤝‼️

Grammy Awards 2020 looking like the dancing emoji 💃🏾. I’m living by one rule - NO REGRETS.

Nothing is promised o 🙏🏾🚨❣️

Roses are red, violets are blue, you know I got my eyes on you 👀

@fentybeauty vivid liquid eyeliner in Hollapeño by @erik_soto 🟢💚❇️✅ #grammyweekend

Finish them all. That’s what my auntie said 😊 - J Hus. Roc Nation Brunch #grammyweekend

‘Flourishing’ as @ronamiogulu would say 😝. Burner Boy pre Grammy Party 📸 @flongala #grammyweekend

@instagram women in music luncheon. Thank you @besidone @kfrastar ❣️ 📸 @graceladoja #empowerher #grammyweekend

Me literally facing my front walking into new opportunities 🙏🏾🤝

Putting this on main feed to remind myself 6am MacDonalds in Paris ain’t it 😫😫.

Anyway @jasonlleggett is the best trainer in the world. No ad, just hard work 💪🏾

Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson. 2020 #liftlewks

Long legs give the best view 🚨 #teamtallgirls @mykonosontheroof 🥰

I’m still a work in progress, but we move one step at a time, day by day ❣️📸 @rodneyking

Ghana gang was too solid 🤝 🇬🇭

Mornings at Labadi Beach 🇬🇭

6:34am 1:1:2020

More hotel bathroom selfies all 2020. Happy New Year!

Spent the whole day on the beach, grateful for what God has created and the lessons learned in 2019.

As I looked at the motion of the waves all I kept thinking was - out with the old, in with the new! 2020 ready! We move! ❣️

Black Stars. Ghanaaaa we move o 🇬🇭 📸 @roro007

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas from Lagos 🇳🇬🤪

Sis shut it down! Congrats to my boo @tiwasavage #everythingsavagelagos

Mob Ties 🤝🤝 @graceladoja @teezee @alexsossah @octavianessie

Thelma & Louise take Lagos cc @daliadias #corruptiontour

Feeling Festive. 📸 @siobhanbell ⛄️

Us coming for all the cheques in 2020 😃. Thanking you for your business in advance 😎 @evssofficial 📸 @iamkaj

British Fashion Awards wearing @fenty , winner of the urban luxe award!

Congratulations @badgalriri @illjahjah
Shoes @louboutinworld
Make up @mahinamakeup
Braids @cbbeautybar 🤟🏾
📸 @iamkaj

Baby girls Lagos diary now up on @voguemagazine‼️ From hosting a dinner at the British High Commission to my collaboration with @tokyojamess & the BTS of dying the Nike Black History Month Jersey.

Link in bio 💕 @okjanelle @nnadibynature 🇳🇬 📸 @deeds_art. @cbbeautybar & @iamdodos on the glam 😍👍🏾

What the definition of ‘influencer’ means to me! Holding a responsibility for future!

The future of our generation, the future of our culture. Thank you @rico_suavo for inviting me to speak on careers within the creative industry at Fenstanton primary school! The kids had great questions! South London girl forever ❣️ #wemove

Full feature up on @thefacemagazine. Black designer, black writer!

✊🏾Thank you @eniitay @zzaynss 🏆🙏🏾❤️ #wemove @1948ldn @nikelondon 🇳🇬

#wemove because what we are building is bigger than us!

Thank you @evssofficial @mercedesfbenson @djlarizzle @nativesoundsystem @vivendiisound @rachaelanson & @djpioneer for coming through with the tunesssssss! The jollof was too sweet! Thank you @foodjunkeevan #untilweallwin #wemove @1948ldn @nikelondon 🎥 @olucreates

My take on the the Nike Black History Month Jersey, using traditional Nigerian ‘Adire’ tie die techniques.

📸 @stephen.tayo & @deeds_art #untilweallwin #wemove

Full house yesterday for the TTYA TALKS: Celebrating your heritage, In conversation with @graceladoja @michaeldapaah_ @ramlaali @regyates @julieadenuga.

Thank you to these amazing beings that inspire me so much! Some of the gems to take away 📝“Authenticity is everything and your uniqueness is your super power” 📝“Take time to invest in others” 📝“The journey is the reward” 📝“What. Is. The. Business!” 📝“Have patience. When your time comes, you will be ready”
#untilweallwin #wemove #blackexcellence
@1948ldn @nikelondon ❣️
📸 @shigetomiyata

Sometimes for the culture #wemove

When you manage to get allllll your favourites in 1 place at the same time!

Sunday I’ll be curating a 1 day takeover at the @1948ldn space. Working with the incredible young women at the Dying Pits in Surulere Lagos Nigeria I’ve customised my take on the Nike Black History Month Jersey. Join me for an afternoon full of great conversation (JUST LOOK AT THE PANEL LINE UP PLEASE!) , food, drinks and Dance Dance Dance!
Spaces are limited link in bio 🇳🇬 🇸🇴🇬🇭🌍 #Wemove

Lesson for the week: Progress takes place outside your comfort zone. Don’t let them fool you.

It’s often a lonely road but the end destination is worth it! Power up season! New decade approaching! Time for movement ✊🏾🙏🏾

Origami Mami. #NamiShoreditch @nobulondonshoreditch 📸 @graceladoja

A WHOLE APPLE REGENT ST! Thank you to everyone that came down to the sold out Design Lab workshop using procreate today with myself @myaemade & @nigelruwende !

Wow. This one is a moment! Thank you to @basmakhalifa for curating such a dope series and to the amazing tech team at the Apple Store Regent St for all your help and support. Wow. I’m gassed. ITS MADDDDDDDDDDDDDD #WEMOVE 📸 @nigyptian

The journey of the first @TTYALONDON catwalk show in Lagos, Nigeria.

12 months on after an amazing collaboration this year with @tokoyojamess I wanted to recap on the amazing journey that got me to this point. EP 3 recaps in conversation with myself and @shotbydaliadias our experience after returning from Lagos. The biggest lesson I took away from the whole experience was just the ability to go for it! If you don’t try you never know what can happen. We were able to connect with soooo many amazing people and worked with talented brands @dailypaper @bearded_genius & @sian_swimwear. On reflection I wish I had just enjoyed the process more and celebrated this massive achievement. I will definitely learn from this moving forward. I hope you watch this and are inspired to go for what you want. The road is never easy but always worth it! This is the road to lagos fashion week! 🎥 @olucreates

London To Lagos. The journey of the first @TTYALONDON catwalk show in Lagos, Nigeria.

12 months on after an amazing collaboration this year with @tokoyojamess I wanted to recap on the amazing journey that got me to this point. Behind all the likes and reposts there is soooo much work that happens behind the scenes. I shed soo many tears this trip! EP 2 shows me seeing the clothes on the models for the first time to my friends flying out to Nigeria for the first time. It was all hands on deck! Special Thank-you to Dalia, Talia - my assistant of dreams. Kele Le Roc, Leonie, Latoyah & Toyah
This is the road to Lagos Fashion Week PT 2! 🎥 @shotbydaliadias
Edit @olucreates
Models Edith & Edna @bethmodelafrica @edithtwins

London To Lagos. The journey of the first @TTYALONDON catwalk show in Lagos, Nigeria.

12 months on after an amazing collaboration this year with @tokoyojamess I wanted to recap on the amazing journey that got me to this point. Behind all the likes and reposts there is soooo much work that happens behind the scenes. I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse and show how important it is to work with creatives that share your vision and are truly motivated for you to win! From shooting in a bus station, to working on a look book with an all female team. Thank you to my amazing friends and family that flew all the way to help & support me on this journey. This is the road to lagos fashion week! 🎥 @shotbydaliadias
Edit @olucreates

Discussing being unapologetically black in conversation with @oviesoko @asos_sophia.

Head over to @asos IGTV and let me know your thoughts 🎥 @nierodha

#TOKYOJAMESXTTYA men’s capsule collaboration featuring the multi zip puffa jacket & Ultimate Tux.

Big up the super talented @heisrema & @djspinall for turning models for the evening.
@tokyojamess @ttyalondon
📸 @acupofmikey 🇳🇬. All items available made to order. Email info @tokyojames.co.uk

Always forward never backwards. F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Rise 🙏🏾 #TOKYOJAMESXTTYA #WeMove @tokyojamess @ttyalondon

#TOKYOJAMESXTTYA Women’s capsule collaboration featuring the ‘cocaina’ white suit & Vegan leather trench coat

@tokyojamess @ttyalondon
📸 @acupofmikey

GIDI GLOW ✨✨ @iamdodos @cbbeautybar 🙏🏾❣️. Swipe to see how @denolagrey gassed me to feel like Beyoncé 😂

UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL. A cultural exchange between @ttyalondon and @tokyojamess and my first ever try at MENSWEAR!

Thank you to our special guests @heisrema @djspinall @itspsd for walking the show! Lagos. You are so special! Full pics will be up over on @ttyalondon. Follow, like, share, cause I’m trying o 🙏🏾. Thank you Tokyo for believing in this project and opening up your studio to me! Love you forever ❣️ #wemove #TOKYOJAMESXTTYA @lagosfashionweekofficial 📸 @deeds_art

📍MOVEMENT : TOKYO JAMES X TTYA Collab showing exclusively at Lagos Fashion Week Tonight.

🙏🏾 @tokyojamess @ttyalondon #TOKYOJAMESXTTYA #wemove

The plan is to MOVE. MOVE UP. MOVE ON. MOVE SMARTER. Constant movement. #wemove 📸 @deeds_art

Thank you @glamouruk for including me in your black beauty series!

Thank you to the awesome queen that is @funmifetto for curating such an amazing platform for us to speak our truth. Connecting with so many queens on this shoot and going into hair and make up with confidence is something I will never forget! Head over to @glamouruk for PT 1 of an amazing 3 part mini series BLACK BEAUTY 🙋🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ #blackhistorymonth

Thank you @tippaonline for inviting me to Conisborough College to speak to your year 11 girls.

Often we are made to feel that our influence is based on how many followers we have, but yesterday was an amazing reminder who & what influencing is all about! #blackhistorymonth

The organza obsession continues. Feels good to be home 🇳🇬
📸 @adebayophotographer

BIG BROTHER NAIJA! Had the pleasure to go in to the house on finale night. Congrats to the top 5 :

Seyi, Omashola, Frodd, Mike and the winner Mercy! Yesterday we witnessed a woman take the crown and a woman close the show finale. WE MOVE! Thank you @tiwasavage & @pepsi_naija #BBNaija 💃🏾

Thank you to my sister queen @yasminevans for having me on your ‘Hidden Figures’ special celebrating #blackhistorymonth.

I celebrate you everyday ❣️

Stupid boys come and go but real friends who don’t get mad when you spray them with champagne last forever 😂🤪.

We Move 🏆 #bestbirthday

By land. By air. By sea. WE MOVE 🏆

Grateful 💗 #HBD to me. Thanking God for such great friends 💗🎈👙 @sian_swimwear

+1. 🎈 blessed and highly favoured. So so grateful for my family & friends. What a year!

#dontcrydontbeg #wemove

Thank you @realblackcoffee for the most amazing birthday jist. I love you so so much!

I remember queuing 2 hours out side Brixton Electric to see you play! So incredible so see what you are building! The talent is undeniable. 5 HOURS OF SPIRITUAL MUSICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC. Thank you for the best time! #ibiza #wemove


They got me good! Wow! So so grateful. Family & Friends First ✊🏾 #wemove 🎥 @ahmay_ahmoo

My amazing friends threw me a pre birthday surprise party.

Honestly I can’t believe they got me like that! Thank you for making me feel and look like a million bucks! Hold tight the ‘Top Secret’ WhatsApp group. I love you all ❣️ #wemove

Fun Fact: 11 years ago I walked into ASOS. Fresh from New York nervous about going into commercial fashion.

I worked as a stylist for over 2 years and I was so impressed by the youthfulness of the company. I made so many friends many I still connect with daily and learnt so much about e-commerce! My first lookbook for TTYA was shot and created by my amazing friends I met at ASOS! ( @joehuntphotography @jessieoo77 @sadebowen ). It’s crazy that I now sit on the other side of the camera but the universe has a funny way of aligning. Thank you @asos for the ‘MY STYLE’ feature. To all the crew and staff that believe in me & TTYA and continue to help me push and grow the brand - @biancapeltier @presssteph @gemstoneunicorn. I didn’t come into fashion wanting to be a fashion designer. I just wanted a maxi dress that would fit me lol! Inclusivity has been the brand ethos from the jump and regardless of what happens next I know that I’ve been able to use my platform for change! Tall is now one of the biggest market share categories and continues to grow! Any way enough from me. I just wanted to big up all my ASOS crew old and new. Moral of the story : I know we use this platform to show highlights but things often don’t just happen overnight! Nurture and keep good friendships/relationships! We Move ✊🏾 #ttyalondon #mystyle @asos 🙏🏾 #teamtallgirls

Queen @serenawilliams in the TTYA X SIAN SWIMWEAR collab! Now available on @farfetch !

Get in to it! #hotgirlsummer

TALLER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ™️. Congrats to BADDESTTT @oviesoko on your @asos collab.

We Move ✊🏾 #wewearourowngarms

Me and @Jamaledwards would love to thank everyone who came last night to the ‘ #WEMOVE’ LFW House Party with @sohohouse !

ALWAYS FORWARD. NEVER BACKWARDS. WE MOVE ✊🏾 #londonfashionweek #inklusivsound 📸 @mearakallista

Pink Panther 💕💗 📸 @lloydpursall. #fashion4relief

Out to support @naomi ! @fashion4relief #teamtallgirls

Fa - shun weak 🤪 #teamtallgirls #liftlewks

Thank you to the amazing team at The British Library for having me speak on your Cultural Changemakers panel.

I used the business centre and all it’s amazing resources when I first started @ttyalondon ! I was nervous speaking in front if so many people but so grateful for opportunity 🙏🏾. Also big up @jamaledwards. I’m glad I got to do this with you! You are a real King and an inspiration to me. WE MOVE ✊🏾 @businessandipcentre

Milk. No suger 😝 #DONTCRYDONTBEG 📸 @devalish_

Thank you @elleuk @kenyahunt ❣️🚨

Get you a friend who always pushes you to be the best!

WE MOVE @graceladoja 🌍✊🏾🏆🚨 📸 @ashleyverse #girlsclub #girls

Jo Wo Show Me Your Back
Habbbbbbbbba 🇳🇬 JESUUUUU @topboynetflix

Because @mahinamakeup is the BADDEST 🚨😎✊🏾🏆

Last carni post I promise 😭😎🤷🏾‍♀️ #inklusivsound 🌍✊🏾

A week ago today! IN’KLU:SIV SOUND Notting Hill Carnival, curated by myself and @msallenlifestyle , open to the community, celebrating the cultural diaspora through music!

Thank you to all the DJs & Artists that gave up their time to play and to everyone who supported and helped build this project. For the people, by the people! Special big up to @nhcarnivalldn. Imagine managing 2.5 million people 😱 The work that happens behind the scenes so that we have a safe space year after year is mental! Until next year! WE MOVE! 🎥 @olucreates #inklusivsound

J’ouvert 2019. Always forward, never backwards. #wemove #shoxseason #inklusivsound 📸 @shigetomiyata

Still not over carnival tbh 🤷🏾‍♀️. #nottinghillcarnival #inklusivsound #wemove 📸 @zachslens

J’ouvert- the creole french term for “dawn” “daybreak”.

It’s one of Notting Hill Carnival’s best kept secrets. The origins of street parties associated with J'ouvert coincide with the emancipation from slavery in 1838. Emancipation provided Africans with the opportunity not only to participate in Carnival, but to embrace it as an expression of their new found freedom. This year we assembled a crew to explore and join in the celebration, which involves calypso/soca bands and their followers dancing through the streets. Honestly my best carnival experience to date. #inklusivsound #nottinghillcarnival #jouvert #shoxseason 🎥 @cordelljay #wemove

#Carnival2019 ! So much to say so many people to thank! Full Recap coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who came through and partied with us! To all the DJ’s @doctacosmic @julsbaby_ @djlarizzle @mannynorte @iammartelo @djmelodykane @itsnadiajae @djpioneer @sebchew @djsupad @rachaelanson @djtarget. Kardinal Offishall @kardinalo for hosting & our special guests Agent Sasco @agentsasco & Kranium @Kranium ❣️🙏🏾. I wouldn’t of got through this weekend without this support system right here! Love and blessings ❣️🚨 #wemove #movements #alwaysforwardneverbackwards ❣️📸 @zachslens #inklusivsound



1 of 1 WE MOVE. 🙅🏾‍♀️🏆😎 #carnival2019

Had to show a different perspective of carnival. We invited our friends and fam to join us!

My first J'ouvert #carnival2019 WE MOVE #inklusivsound 📸 @shigetomiyata

Sometimes a tall mini dressssssss 🥰. We move 🙅🏾‍♀️👍🏾.

I think @mahinamakeup would be proud of my makeup #shetoughtme #baddest #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

Pick up a copy of today’s @eveningstandardmagazine to see my Lagos city guide 🇳🇬.

Thank you @laura_weir ! WE MOVE 🏆 @paulakaraiskos @stormmodels

26th August 2019
We present IN’KLU:SIV Sound.

Powis Square. It’s about to be shut down. See you there ❤️💛💚 WE MOVE 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 for the people by the people 🔥 #inklusivsound

Take a look at the @TTYALondon ASOS 10 pieces edit and how I styled them to curate 16 looks 🎥 @shotbydaliadias

HOT GIRL SUMMERRRR 🆘. The beautiful @imaanhammam in the @ttyalondon ‘ADUKE’ Matching Yellow Top & Skirt Set.

Available now on @ASOS | Product Codes: 1452521 & 1452522

High Expectations for myself is my forever mood! Congratulations @mabel on your incredible album!

Thank you @radi_dadi & @polydorrecords for allowing me to curate the album launch party of dreams at the dreamiest venue in London! 📸 @amzyobr #iwearmyowngarms #mabelhighexpectations

Team Tall Girls For the win! Just look at my boo @neelamkg in my TTYA London Lace Up Corruption Dress last night for @mabel’s album launch party!

🚨⚠️❣️ #mabelhighexpectations

The corruption continues! This is the ultimate hot girl summer essential!

The Corruption Lace Up Dress featuring @mslaurielondon just restocked on @asos ! It’s for alll shapes sizes and best of all heights! ASOS CODE 1452525 💛 Dress, Hat and Sunglasses all @ttyalondon 😎

@simran 💛 #TTYALondon

🗣 Had to call in the troops! The newest member to #corruptiontour - @simran !!!!!!

Here we have myself in the “LATOYAH” shirt & “TOYAH” trousers & Simran wearing the “DALIA” dress. These styles are versatile and easy to mix with your current wardrobe! 💕 Available to shop on @ASOS | #TTYALondon #SS19 @stormmodels 💄 @mahinamakeup 💇🏾‍♀️ @hairbysimoneuk 📸 @shotbydaliadias #teamtallgirls

TTYA ‘CORRUPTION TOUR’ EDIT exclusively to @asos is out NOW!

Featuring @jasminemayldn_ 🇳🇬 styled by @ravikelay ! I’ve worked so hard on this and can’t wait to see all of the pictures of you guys wearing it! Let me know your fav piece and please tag me and @ttyalondon in any pics so I can post you! #teamtallgirls @ttyalondon @asos

TTYA Campaign is officially out! Shot in Lagos Nigeria with an all female team!

I will never forget this day! We created a sisterhood! I will continue to push the Inclusivity boundaries within the fashion industry. True inclusivity allows a space for every shape and size! #teamtallgirls 4 EVA
Pics: @shotbydaliadias
Models : @the_edtwins / @bethmodelafrica
Make up: @iamdodos
Hair : @goodhairltd
Lewks : @ttyalondon
Speacial thanks to @dressmaker_talia , @keleleroc for all your help and to @nikelondon for the opportunity to customise my own Air Force 1! WE MOVE ❣️

My first EVER cover! Thank you @accelerate_tv ! “The Cover” available exclusively in Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #IWEARMYOWNGARMS #teamtallgirls

Photographer : @oak_c
Creative Director & styling : @tokyojamess

Highest Frequency 💙 📸 @amzyobr

Had so much fun attempting to swing a bat at the London Yards for for the #MLBLondonSeries 😂.

Go follow @MLBLondonSeries for backstage footage on the big Yankees and Red Sox games this weekend! ⚾ #ad

Felt cute. Won’t delete 😎 #liftlewks #iwearmyowngarms

We thank God for flash 😂! Thank you for having me @elleuk #ELLEList2019 📸 @davebenett #iwearmyowngarms

Count down until my Lagos Fashion Week collection edit goes live on @asos !

This is the ‘Linda’ top named after my amazing sister! It’s my mums fav piece and Beyonce bought the whole look straight from my show! 🇳🇬 @ttyalondon #liftlewks

Thank you @j2klive + @crepesandcones for keeping me fed and watered this weekend at @theendsfestival 📸 @amzyobr

Match the Mood 🇳🇬. New week new blessings 🙏🏾. @theendsfestival 📸 @love4rico

Me in full art direction mode for @melbbosslady100 ! Wow my first art directed wedding 😍.

Thank you #hervissagetshitched for trusting me and my detailed shot list 😂 ❣️

90% leg 100% Island Babes #stlucia #ttyatravels

Here for a good time not a long time 😁

Chased the waterfall

Congratulations to my boo's @melbbosslady100 @hvjv_king.

Thank you for having me be a part of your special day. Think this will be the best ever #morningswithmel. #hervissagetshitched #blacklove

Only the best for our boo @melbbosslady100 #hervissagetshitched

What's west of westeross? Rum punch 😆 #hervissagetshitched

Feeling the love! Thank you @patta_nl #teampatta 📸 @hayleylouisabrown 💄 @pauline_caputo

#bts @patta_nl x @jumpman23 🏀 #daddylonglegs

Baby girls first global campaign 💁🏾. Thank you Patta family for including me in this iconic journey and accepting me just the way I am🙏🏾.

If I had a £1 for every time someone said “do you play basketball, you’re so tall” I’d be on Neymar money 🤣Grillz and Braid gang for the win 😎❤️ #teampatta #teamtallgirls @patta_nl @jumpman23 💫 ft @neymarjr @cos1ma @tirinoyspol @rogiertjejansen @keeskc. Love you @geepatta @timpatta @edsonsabajo 👏🏾🏀
Pics📸 @hayleylouisabrown

1am in Paris 😍 📸 @cos1ma

Helping to raise a King 👑. Nephew loving #kingkai #liftlewks

#TTYATALKS X @ourhomecoming panel. What smart, hardworking, inspiring panel of women!

This is how me and @tiffanycalver invited guests to come front row to join us! Thank you @palomija @adesamuel @tiffanycalver @siobhanbell @thevintagesmith for sharing your incredible stories on how you ditched judgement and smashed taboos to build your brand / business. #lagos #nigeria #girlsclub

#corruptiontour Lagos Edition! Everywhere we go it’s a vibe!

This explains why I had no voice after night 2! Lagos I love you. Thank you @therealjaybreeze @donjayvertigo @djobiajent. Where should we head next 🤔 👀🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 🎥 @folarinoludare #lagos #nigeria

Love you @tokyojamess. Congrats on an amazing show! Thank you for making me this custom suit!


Too LIT to QUIT #👑. Thank you @missamadi ❤️

TTYA Talks x Homecoming: Ditching Judgement, Smashing Taboos To Build Your Brand/ Business

Homecoming Pop Up, XII GLOVER, 12 Glover St, Ikoyi Lagos
Learn how to trust and identify your USP (unique selling point), ditch conventional marketing ideals and acknowledge the importance of building an organic network.

Join me and my talented panelists in uncovering what this all means for the way we work in the creative industry moving forward.
Chioma Nnadi - Fashion News Director at Vogue.com
Paloma Elsesser
Model and champion of body diversity and positivity
Ade Samuel
Ade's background working with African clothing and designs that connect to her roots has led to her styling some of the biggest names in Hollywood
Tiffany Calver
DJ, Writer, and current host of the BBC 1Xtra Rap Show and has joined Drake's 2019 assassination tour
Siobhan Bell
Number one fashion DJ now producer, Siobhan continues to bridge the gap between the business merge of music and fashion
Emefa Smith
In just a couple of years, Ghanian born Emefa has built a formidable brand, The Vintage Smith, that has become a firm favourite among the alté set.
#ttyatalks #girlsclub

He cute or whateverrrr 🤣 @youwhatmate 🇳🇬 @ourhomecoming

#corruptiontour Lagos Edition. Tonight Club 57, 57 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos 🇳🇬 cc @daliadias @therealjaybreeze 💁🏾💁🏾💁🏾 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

📍Lagos 🇳🇬 #corruptiontour #okadalewks

#liftlewks google pixel 3 edition. Thanks #teampixel ❄️

The legend and INSPO that is @patmcgrathreal MBE Congratulations on your selfridges launch!

Thank you @ella.dror @theofficialselfridges 🤯 #blackgirlmagic

🇯🇲 JA ——> BRIXTON. Undeniable talent! Local settings last night for the Rapture EP launch.

Love to the New Gen Queen @originalkoffee 💕🇯🇲 cc @msallenlifestyle @compozers ❤️

Sunday Best 🙏🏾 #liftlewks

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints.

It’s mad how the universe works to bring the right people to you! There's nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing! Thank you Corinne, Mel, Princess (private joke) Chisara & Nana for sharing JA with me. FWD FWD FWD >> Love you ❤️ @melbbosslady100 @chisaraagu @msallenlifestyle @small_god 🇯🇲

Thanks @goldeneye

Knots & Vibes kinda day! #ttyatravels

When fear no longer dictates your life - you let go and jump right in...💁🏾😎 #bluehole #jamaica

#mondaymood. From the club straight to watch the sunrise.

Jamaica you are incredible 😍 #gratitudeisamust #ttyatravels #teampixel

#longwalktofreedom Buju Show ready!

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold” - Bob Marley

(Sim Simma) Beenie Man ah di girls dem sugar 🇯🇲 @kingbeenieman 🇯🇲.

Swimsuit & Kimono @ttyalondon x @sian_swimwear 😎

Blessed & Highly Favoured #onelove #jamaica

Thank you to the @theblackmagicnetwork for choosing me as one of your 100 influential black British women 🙏🏾💖💕 #blackgirlmagicgala 💁🏾 @ttyalondon 💄 @mahinamakeup #iwearmyowngarms #liftlewks

#iwearmyowngarms. So excited for the @ttyalondon summer 19 drop coming soon to @asos 💖💕 📸 @amzyobr.

Full lewk @ttyalondon bag 💚 @thevintagesmith 🇳🇬

Sometimes I take for granted how blessed I am. So so thankful for a sisterhood that runs so deep!

Our culture is our everyday life, not a trend or marketing machine. Thank you to all the amazing women who inspire me everyday to want and do better. I got you 💕 #iwd2019 📸 @amzyobr #girlsclub @ttyalondon 😎 #iwearmyowngarms

Happy International Women’s Day to all my Queens 👑 📸 @amzyobr #girlsclub @ttyalondon

A celebration for Queens. Happy International Women’s Day!

I curated a @ttyalondon dinner for over 50 trail blazing women of colour who inspire me daily working in Fashion,Music, Arts, Sport &Tech. Thank you @sharms_a @bluebirdchelsea @veuveclicquotuk @goop @aixrose_the_official ! #iwd2019 #blackexcellence #GIRLSCLUB 📸 @amzyobr 😎 #iwearmyowngarms

Spoke to @drapersonline about my views on the new favourite buzz word “diversity” in relation to the fashion industry.

Black culture IS popular culture. It’s not enough to just use more black models to front your campaign. Diversity needs to work from inside of the business out - just my thoughts 💭 🤷🏾‍♀️

#Brits RAZZZZZ! Thank you @umusicuk @jonathanbadyal @glynaikins @rbleu1of1 @since93official @beatsbydre for a wonderful evening ❤️ #iwearmyowngarms

#Brits 2019.

Big love to @yinka_ilori 🇳🇬 @mahinamakeup on the beat (she’s banned me from doing my own eyebrows 😂😂) @leluxehair / @radiantlondonsalon on the braids 💕 👗 @ttyalondon #iwearmyowngarms

🌈 #liftlewks

Best night with the best gang ❣️ Love to my brother @realblackcoffee. Sold out!!!

It was spiritual 🤯💖💃🏾💪🏾🙏🏾 #geedemgeedemgeedemgeedem ❣️

High (lighter) 💚💖 #liftlewks #fashionweek #neon

The greatest love, is the love for yourself 💞🗣 @ttyalondon

Gidi Glow 😎 #corruptiontour 🇳🇬 👯‍♀️ @graceladoja 📸 @iamdodos

Last Razzzzzzz of the year 🤑 #legsfordays 📸 @graceladoja #corruptiontour

Today I visited Nelson Mandela’s home pre and post prison in Soweto.

Words can’t begin to explain the spiritual recharge this trip to South Africa has installed in me. The vision is so clear. Ownership of our ‘Culture’ is needed. #blackexcellence #nelsonmandela #winniemandela 🙏🏾🇿🇦💓. Thank you @wizkidayo @__jada.p @sunday.are @glblctzn for such a life changing trip 🤯

No Fear 😎 #corruptiontour #ttyatravels

Iconic Uncle Femi @femiakuti #globalcitizenfestival

#starboy pop up shop Johannesburg SA. THANK YOU 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 cc @wizkidayo 🎥 @love4rico.

Different city, same pose 🇿🇦 #starboy pop up now open!

155 Smit St, Johannesburg, SA #irenettyamadeithappen 🙏🏾 love to my broski @wizkidayo ❣️

155 Smit St, Johannesburg SA. It’s all mad. Starboy pop up SA edition loading.....

cc @wizkidayo 🙏🏾

Black Friday @ttyalondon 💓 🖌 @shotbydaliadias

#liftlewks 💚💛💙

Only right that the minister of enjoyment is in the December ‘Party Issue’ 💓. Thank you @elleuk.

📸 @giocorabi

Congrats to our girl. @graceladoja MBE

Congrats to my G! Grace Ladoja MBE 🤯 @graceladoja 💓🏆🔥. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

Black. Is. Beautiful! Close up of the show makeup. @ugochukwufaith_model in @ttyalondon shot by @trevor_stuurman 🇳🇬


This moment will stay with me forever! Walking out and seeing all my family and friends!

So much of my time is spent building others so just a reminder this morning to never forget to invest in yourself! #mondaymotivation #iwearmyowngarms @ttyalondon 📸 @kolaoshalusi

One of my favourite pieces from the collection! Satin co-ord set worn by Auduke @adukebey__.

Tinsle rainbow shoes for the collection from @asos. Thank you @presssteph @gemstoneunicorn 🌈 Posting full looks over on @ttyalondon today! Make sure you follow to preview the full collection ❣️ 📸 @deeds_art #ttyalagos18 #corruptiontour

Our customised TTYA X Nike Airforce 1.

We worked with local women in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria using traditional dying techniques to stain the leather #ttyalsgos18 #corruptiontour #teamtallgirls #forceisfemale 📸 @shotbydaliadias

Clothes for women just like me ❣️ @ttyalondon #corruptiontour #ttyalagos18 📸 @dolsmedia @lagosfashionweekofficial

I started this brand 5 years ago out of my bedroom just as way for girls like me to have the basics they needed to feel good.

Fast forward to present day, I showed my first ever runway collection in Lagos, Nigeria. ITS ALL MADDDDDDDDD!
This collection explores prints textures and is a small view through my eyes being a British born Nigerian.
@christinacurl @shotbydaliadias @dressmaker_talia - the dream team! We’ve laughed & cried but without you NON of this would be possible.
My collaborators on swimwear & accessories @sian_swimwear @dailypaper @bearded_genius thank you for trusting my vision and working to tight deadlines!
We casted the models for this show in 2 days mostly from Instagram! All Tall Black & Beautiful! I’ve made a new sisterhood with these girls! 😎
All my family and friends that flew to Lagos and gave up their time to be with me.
@lindataen @vicky_rose @frank_ldn @latoyahj @toyahjay @keleleroc @throughleonieseyes @alexsossah #graceladoja I LOVE YOU
The biggest thing I’ve learnt from this whole experience is, you don’t know until you try! Invest your own money into yourself as no else will!
After all the blood sweat and tears it was definitely worth it! I think the penny finally dropped to my dad what I actually spend my time doing 😂

Dream big!!!! Music: Konnichiwa @skeptagram 📸 @shotbydaliadias
Clothing @ttyalondon by MEEEEEEE 🏆😎 Footwear @ASOS @nikelondon 💞

TTYA LONDON LAGOS FASHION WEEK 2018 🇳🇬 #teamtallgirls 4 Eva 💞

The passion for what I do comes from empowering females, particularly women of colour, to feel beautiful inside and out.

Thank you @bbcafrica 🇳🇬❣️ #lagosfw #ttyalondon @stormmodels @sharms_a 🏆 📸 @shotbydaliadias 💄 @mahinamakeup

After the show is the afterparty .... 🇳🇬🙌🏾 TTYA x @thenativemag fashion week party @martellnigeria #corruptiontour



#lagosfw #ttyalagos18 #teamtallgirls #forceisfemale

Whole fam in Lagos like.... 👑 #4days to go til Lagos Fashion Week #ttyalagos18 #lagosfw #corruptiontour

Countdown begins. 5 days until TTYA Lagos Fashion Week Show.

Follow @ttyalondon for all the highlights 🏆 #ttyalagos18 @lagosfashionweekofficial 📸 @shotbydaliadias

Excited to announce I’ll be showing my first ever runway collection next week at Lagos Fashion Week.

8 months of hard work! Count down begins! @lagosfashionweekofficial @ttyalondon #ttyalagos18

Everyday 🇳🇬 Way 🇳🇬

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Special big up to @msallenlifestyle @graceladoja @lindataen @latoyahj @orianag1984 @trakisanya #radidadi for making my day so extra special 🙏🏾🏆 #teamcozyforever #realfriends 💜

+1 🎈 Healthy & Happy. More life 😎 #ministerofenjoyment #septemberbabiesrule

Big up my brothers @femioyeniran & @nickyslimting on the premier of #theintent2.

Thank you for having me curate the afterparty. Full laser wall install with vibes from @itsnadiajae @djlarizzle @mannynorte @djsupad #familyaffair @islandrecordsuk 😎

Feeling like a real EMPRESS. Big up my lil sis @rayblk on her new drop.

Inspirational music at its finest ✊🏾


My angel 😇 @jourdandunn in custom 1 of 1 TTYA tier sleeve top 😎 #teamtallgirls

Minister of Enjoyment. Until next year #nottinghillcarnival @itsathome @islandrecordsuk

Carnival shutdown on the @itsathome float. Big up @j2klive and my brothers @dj_tunez @hollabak1 👏🏾🙌🏾.

Authenticity always wins 😊. Just look at the thousands of people that followed the float. Pure vibes! Client: @islandrecordsuk. #nottinghillcarnival

Massive congratulations to the baddest @tiwasavage. So much love and respect for you.

Breaking down boundaries as a strong African queen. Thank you for trusting my vision 🙌🏾. #savagetour #tiwasavage. Africa to the world 🌍

Wow. Tiwa’s Vibe Soho Shutdown! Merch and pop up curation by me!

Next stop Indigo O2 for her sold show tonight! #savagetour #tiwasavage @tiwasavage

Savage Season Spring Summer 18 😎! Merch and Pop up curation by me for the number 1 African Bad Gyal @tiwasavage.

#savagetour #tiwasavage

All Summer 18 😎 #teamtallgirls #liftlewks

@voguemagazine ‘STARBOY’ pop up shop feature. So many people to thank as it takes a team to make it happen.

Thanks @wizkidayo @__jada.p for trusting my creative. The dream team @reign @chop.per @rosie.lees and my right rib #Bethan. Big love and respect to @dj_tunez for killing it every time! Working with your friends is the best 🙌🏾. Africa to the world 🌍🖤🦅

📍 #NYC @reign 807 Washington Street. NYC 🇺🇸 cc @wizkidayo

NYC crew. Pull up 🇳🇬🇺🇸❣️ Starboy pop up shop Saturday August 11th.

807 Washington St, New York City @wizkidayo @reign #irenettyamadeithappen

Teamed up with my management agency @stormmodels for an amazing #ttyatalks on ‘Disconnection’ and the effects of social media.

Thank you to the incredible openly honest panelists @simisear_ @sydneylimaa @naomishimada and to our host @juliahobbs_ ❣️ @paulakaraiskos @wearebespoke

Teaming up with Storm for the next instalment of #TTYATalks.

The subject “DISCONNECTION’ is something that’s super important to me personally especially with the increased use of social media. Joining the discussion are my fellow Storm mega babes : Liv Little @livslittle , Naomi Shimada @naomishimada , Sydney Lima @sydneylimaa chaired by Editor Julia Hobbs @juliahobbs_. Spaces are limited. Looking forward to this one @stormmodels @wearebespoke @shoreditch.house ❣️DM me for details

Sunset Bajan style @msallenlifestyle 🇧🇧💜 #nofilter #ttyatravels

My first ever Crop Over! Barbados 🇧🇧 you are everything.

Thank you @msallenlifestyle @fewwture #cropover2018 #aura #soca #ttyatravels

Enjoyment Minister 😎💚 #ttyatravels

Wake up
Beach Work Out
Fresh Coconut for breakfast
Repeat 🙌🏾

📸 @msallenlifestyle

Out Of Office. Hi Barbados 🇧🇧 #TTYAtravels

My angel @julieadenuga had a ‘trad’ print birthday party. I’ve just about recovered.

Love you Julie 💕 #iwearmyowngarms #liftlewks

💜💚 #lovebox 💜💚 #iwearmyowngarms

#motivationmonday - transatlantic #blackgirlmagic pre Wireless ladies who brunch event.

Thank you @thebrownies x @lifetalksuk 🇬🇧 X 🇺🇸 LINK UP 🙌🏾 📸 @eyezach0

Wireless Day 1 💚 @ttyalondon #iwearmyowngarms #liftlewks

#liftlewks multicultural edition 🇳🇬x🇬🇧 #teamtallgirls congrats @mayajama @alizedemange 🙏🏾

New Card 🤯 @stormmodels. Thank you @shotbydaliadias @mahinamakeup @hairbysimoneuk / @radiantlondonsalon #blackgirlmagic #notamodel #stormartist #teamtallgirls

Visuals 10/10
Vocals 10/10
Production 10/10
Wig snatching 10/10

Honestly say what you want but Beyonce is hands down the best performer in the WORLD #OTR #BEYONCE

@ww.wear x @dailypaper show yesterday. Well done @tiniegram and the whole team cc @csbnines 💫 📸 @dannywonders #LFWM

#girlsclub 2018 ™️ 📸 @shadowmusic100

Super Eagles 🦅🇳🇬. Thank you @nikelondon

❣️ @djspinall ❣️ #Lagostolondon 🇳🇬

Super Eagles 🦅🇳🇬

Our modern day Fela. Sold out 20,000 capacity. #africatotheworld #greatnessonly @wizkidayo #togetherwepush ✊🏾✊🏾 #afrorepublik #manya

Starboy popup was a success ❣️ Next stop @afrorepublik for our brother @wizkidayo sold out show 🇳🇬 #Wizkid #starboy #togetherwepush


SEE YOU THERE 🇳🇬🇬🇧🇳🇬 📸 @philippraheem

Starboy popup shop - Limited edition Starboy Product
Friday May 25th,

70 Berwick Street Soho, London 12-7pm. See you there cc @wizkidayo #irenettyamadeithappen #starboy #Wizkid 🎥 @jm_filmstv

Pink Panther for @mreazi launch party 💕 #teamtallgirls #lifetimeassurance

@wizkidayo gave me my own hashtag and is now my booking agent!

🤣 #irenettyamadeithappen 🇳🇬🇬🇧🇳🇬. Starboy pop shop. Friday 25th, 70 Berwick Street Soho 12-7pm. See you there 🤗 #togetherwepush

Thinking about seafood okra and pounded yam 😩 #longtroat #SKAir

The next 7 days are about to be a madness. Full Nigerian take over. Please be ready.

1st Stop #greatnessonly pop up and rooftop BBQ. SUNDAY MAY 20th
RSVP: ACEHOTEL.COM/GREATNESSONLY #togetherwepush @greatnessdex 💚

From Paris with Love ❤️💙 #SKAir #ucanfindola

5’ 11” and not afraid to rock a heel. Don’t let anyone dull your shine.

💖 #DONTCRYDONTBEG #moodforever #teamtallgirls #womankind

#iwearmyowngarms 💖🌷 #webbyawards

Winner of the special achievement Webby award @fkatwigs. My warrior princess ❣️

Stopped by @the.wing - the all female co/working space and members club.

Honestly the curation, design and diversity of members is amazing. Obviously I found my way directly to the beauty bar lol. Can’t wait for the London opening 📸 @yung_oprah 💖💅🏾

I can go on and on about how much I love this woman but without her there would be no TTYA.

@linairisviktor pushed me to make the jump and push for my dreams. 11 years deep she is one of the hardest working women I know and I am so happy to see how far you have come and to call you my sister! Never be afraid to push for what you want. Never be afraid to push for what is right! Surround yourself with people who what the best for you ..(let me say it again for the people at the back) REALLY REALLY want the best for you! Black culture is popular culture but we must own our own narrative! Here’s to you my golden queen keep setting the levels 👑🙌🏾 #mondaymotivation

#SKAir Level 2 unlocked #togetherwepush @skeptagram ❤️💙 #corruptiontour


Styled and shot by @stephen.tayo 👑🇳🇬 #jesusislord #lewks

Ride or Die 🇳🇬❣️ #teamtallgirls

Booked and Busy @tiwasavage

Skittles explosion ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #teamtallgirls 📸 @shotbydaliadias #corruptiontour

LA! Great city. Great people. Thank you @kfrastar for the best time!

#corruptiontour #girlboss #womenmeanbusiness

Thank you for inspiring so much positive change. Gone but NEVER forgotten. #stephenlawrenceday ✊🏾

Africa to the world 🌍 💕. Thank you @dj_tunez @luoldeng9 for such an awesome time ❣️ #wakandaforever #melaninpoppin #corruptiontour

#🍋💛 When life throws you lemons..... #teamtallgirls

Co-ord dinner settings for @beatsbydre , celebrating women in music 💕 #connectandcreate #teamtallgirls #defiantwomen

Candy Crush ☺️ #teamtallgirls #legsfordayz #corruptiontour #coachella 📸 @kfrastar

#teamtallgirls link up @symonesays @kiittygalore 💕🌴❣️💃🏾 #corruptiontour @ttyalondon

📍Touch Down 📸 @rosesgabor #corruptiontour

Get you a man that towers over you like this cc @anthony_joshua 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #champsonly #🇳🇬 #DONTCRYDONTBEG 😎

Naija Drip courtesy of @tokyojamess 🇳🇬✨ #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

Projecting positive vibes. #GidiGlow 📸 @thelifeofdanmbo 💕 #teamtallgirls #lagos #🇳🇬

Dream team! My Nigerian/Egyptian Creative goddess and fellow #teamtallgirls @daliadias !

Thank you for capturing and making this trip so amazing! Love you ❣️ #corruption #lagos 📸 @stephen.tayo 🇳🇬

Gidi Glow ✨ beat by the incredible @iamdodos ✨ #lagos #teamtallgirls

Sometimes native 🤗 #lagos

Thank you @britishvogue @imaanhammam #teamtallgirls forever 🤗💚🇳🇬

Discussed inclusivity in the fashion industry and why I started @ttyalondon this morning live on @thearisemorningshow.

Thanks for having me @the_toyosi & @stephaniecoker what a great conversation! Special shout out to my babes @mylesigwe 💕 #blackgirlmagic

Custom 1 of 1 @ttyalondon piece for my baby girl @imaanhammam. Love you 🇳🇬💚

Still in Lagos like.. #GidiGlow 🇳🇬😃🇳🇬 #teamtallgirls 📸 @shotbydaliadias

Island Babes ❤️🧡💛💚💙 📸 @shotbydaliadias #lagos

Wow! #homecoming pop up was insane! Lagos thank you for showing us so much love!

Can’t believe the amount of dope females I met over the 2 days, honestly I can’t wait to do more here. To have so many of our friends and fam in our home Nigeria and to be able to platform and show the world what we have to offer is such a blessing. @graceladoja dis one is for the culture! #TTYAlondon #lagos #homecoming 🎥 @shotbydaliadias

From South London to Lagos! @iamnaomicampbell came through to TTYA at the #homecomingpopup !

TEAM TALL GIRLS 4 EVA 💕 #lagos #TTYAlondon #womankind ❣️

Looking for @greatnessdex like..... homecoming pop up fully active.

12 -8pm African Artists' Foundation, 3b Isiolaoyekan Close, Off Adeleke Adedoyin Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria #homecoming #ttyalondon #lagos

TTYA WOMEN:KIND tee exclusively at the ‘HOMECOMING’ pop up today at the African Artists’ Foundation.

We are sharing our space with @greyprojects so come by and say hi! Following that at 3pm I will be in conversation with some female power houses for the first TTYA TALKS Lagos. Tiwa Savage @tiwasavage , Vannessa Amadi @missamadi , Colette Otusheso @colette_otusheso and Simi Esiri @simiesiri space is open from 12. See you there ✨ #TTYALondon #lagos #girlpower

You need tea to relax your nerves, chill down after stress and all dat.

Just take a cup of tea....ok! Lagos we ready! TTYA WOMAN:KIND tee available exclusively and the Homecoming pop up tomorrow 🇬🇧😎🇳🇬 #TTYAlondon #girlpower #lagos 🎥 @shotbydaliadias cc @ositaiheme I love you 💕

Woke up in Lagos like 😁 #homecoming

🇳🇬 TTYA WOMAN:KIND TEE LIMITED RUN AVAILABLE AT THE HOMECOMING POP UP LAGOS, NIGERIA 🇳🇬 #connectandcreate #girlpower #lagos 📸 @shotbydaliadias

🇳🇬TTYA:TALKS LAGOS🇳🇬 Excited to be part of such an amazing cultural exchange!

Holding my first ever TTYA Talks Lagos at the Homecoming pop up this Saturday! Catch the live talk at 3pm SHARP (not lagos time o) in conversation with female super eagles Tiwa Savage @tiwasavage , Vannessa Amadi @missamadi , Colette Otusheso @colette_otusheso and Simi Esiri @simiesiri. More at ourhomecoming.com #TTYATALKS #GIRLPOWER #BLACKGIRLMAGIC 👑

When you see 1 small small ray of sunshine 😎 #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

Dropped some angelic gems over on @thereceiptspodcast , with my girls @tolly_t @ghanas_finest @milenasanchezx and @phoebeparke - head over and listen and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks to everyone who has hit me up thus far ✨👑 #mondaymotivation #connectandcreate #teamtallgirls

What a great week 💕 @mahinamakeup on the beat 👑

Life is what you make it. Best birthday venue ever! #AKJK35

Here’s my grandpa (who’s 96 this month) and my mama.

The original raving crew 💕 #happymothersday 🇳🇬

The godfather @wiley__. Last night was everything! Big up @mannynorte !

#planetgorgon #londonnights ✊🏾🤙🏾

Part II. Wow, next year I’m doing 100 women!
The possibilities are endless.

House Gospel Choir - you are EVERYTHING ❣️ @leomieanderson the woman you are growing up to be fills me with so much joy! Thank you for stepping up and blessing us with your truth. Love you 💕 #TTYAXBEATS #BUILTFORBOSSES #TTYATALKS ❣️ @veuveclicquotuk 🎥 @daliadias music @iammartelo

The ethos behind my brand has always been to make the excluded girl feel included..

last night I curated and hosted a dinner with @beatsbydre celebrating diversity in honour of #internationalwomensday. Woke up this morning with my heart feeling full. Big big thank you to @veuveclicquotuk @hannahpurser1 @housechoir @leomieanderson and all the amazing women that came. So much power, so much talent so much progress. It’s only up from here. #TTYAXBEATS #BUILTFORBOSSES 🎥 @daliadias
Beat by the DON @iammartelo ✊🏾 #teamtallgirls

What an amazing inspiring morning. Thank you @facebook 💕 (screaming inside at June Sarppoonngggg)

#commonwealthfashionexchange 🇳🇬 @matchesfashion @thewoolmarkcompany @swarovski #iwearmyowngarms #teamtallgirls 💕

One, don't pick up the phone
You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone

Two, don't let him in
You'll have to kick him out again

Three, don't be his friend
You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning

And if you're under him
You ain't getting over him

We love you @dualipa 💕
Cc @radi_dadi @mabelmcvey @graceladoja

South London’s Finest. @officialgiggs way more happier to see me than @buckotb 🤷🏾‍♀️ 🤣 ❣️❣️❣️ #UmusicBRITS #brits

Black Swan #brits #liftlewks

Legs for dayz x 3. Queening with @jourdandunn @winnieharlow #teamtallgirls #blackgirlmagic 💁🏾💁🏾💁🏾 @britishvogue #LFW

So much #blackexcellence in 1 room ✊🏾. Thank you @britishvogue @edward_enninful @iamnaomicampbell for an incredible evening.

#newvogue #teamtallgirls #youcantblockourblessings 🤷🏾‍♀️

Wakanda forever ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #blackpanther

This king right here! @danielkaluuya we love you and are super proud.

Keep shining for us ✊🏾 #blackpanther #wakandaforever

It’s a celebration every time we link up @delilahofficial ✨ #instylebafta

Worked with @atlanticrecordsuk on curating @burnaboygram’s ‘outside’ mixtape launch.

Literally Lagos to London. MAD! Thank you to the amazing host @comeddiekadi and my super star DJ @djlarizzle family settings @tiwasavage @wizkidayo @mreazi ❣️

Huzzle & Tan sold separately ☹️ #liftlewks #teamtallgirls #iwearmyowngarms

Las Gidi Glow Up @iamdodos 🤗 #lagos #longneck 🤣

Me every time I hear @falzthebahdguy 🙌🏾💃🏾 @iamdodos on the face beat #iwearmyowngarms @ttyalondon #lagos 👍🏾

Lagos state of mind #hustle 📸 @duanedare

One of the funniest most intelligent women on this planet. I love you @michaelacoel !

Thank you teaching me the importance of self love, Queen of Labadi Beach! Thank you for (taking me in and crashing your trip) looking after me when I got sick, running around naked and experiencing your fathers home land 🇬🇭. Life will never be the same. #got2begang #labadibeach #ghana

Incredible Ghanaian creatives 🇬🇭✊🏾

#aquasafari #ghana #ttyatravels

Yesterday,I had chills down my spine as I visted #ELMINACASTLE.

The place where hundreds of thousands of our African brothers and sisters were shackled, raped, beaten and sold. Not only was it a time to reflect but also a time to understand our history. As we walked through the dark empty tunnel of ‘no return’ I can’t even begin to explain the smell that is still so potent. Ancestors all I can say is I honour you. “May those who died rest in peace, May those who return find their roots” 💔 #homecoming #prayforlibya

Shea Butter reup in Makola Market Accra #softskin #ghana #mokola #ttyatravels

Maaha (good afternoon) from Ghana 🇬🇭 #teamtallgirls #ttyatravels #ghana 📸 @trakisanya 💕

22.5 feet above the ground. New Year. New heights. New views. This is Lagos 🇳🇬 #Lagos #2018

Out. Of. Office 😎 👋🏾 #teamtallgirls #lagos

🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 #giftwrapped

"OPTICAL" @graceladoja

Feels good to be home! Lagos what's good ♥️ #lagos #teamtallgirls #ttyatravels

Felt so preewwwwdddyyy last night.
Thank you to my real ones 💄 @mahinamakeup 💇🏾 @mizbexii_lexii henna by @sabina_152 #teamtallgirls #FashionAwards

🎶 You a bad girl and your friends bad too, oh
You got the swag sauce, you dripping swag goo 🎶😎 #FashionAwards #blackgirlmagic

British Fashion Awards #iwearmyowngarms TTYA 4 EVA #teamtallgirls #fashionawards

💛 It's official @stormmodels excited to be joining the board 💛 #teamtallgirls #blackgirlmagic #stormtalent

'Tis the season. Thanks @burberry #burberryxcara

Stepping into the Christmas party season like.... #teamtallgirls

Nigerian Pocahontas 😎. @ttyalondon

#iwearmyowngarms #teamtallgirls #moboawards

Designed my own custom @ttyalondon look for Mobo Awards last night. Had to rep for 🇳🇬!

Thank you @mahinamakeup for the face beat of life 🙌🏾✊🏾 #teamtallgirls #iwearmyowngarms #moboawards

Absolutely disgusted by the images I've been seeing of my black brother and sisters...

honestly the fight for freedom & equality continues 💔😢✊🏾 #blacklivesmatter

Wow. Wow. Wow. Another full house! #TTYATalks in conversation with @emelisande.

I love this women so much! Cool, Calm and incredibly smart! Thank you for taking time out to share your personal experiences!

#mondaymotivation TTYA TALKS is back tonight in conversation with @emelisande 📝☝🏾 last few spaces left.

Holla. 🇳🇬🇬🇧 🇿🇼

Christmas Gift Wrapped @ttyalondon Christmas Capsule for @asos coming soon ❣️ #teamtallgirls 📸 @blackprintgram

Have you been good this year?

Santa been watching 👀 @ttyalondon Christmas capsule collection for @asos coming soon featuring these 6'2" beauties @symonesays @kiittygalore 📸 @keffer_ 😍😍😍😍😍 #TTYAXMAS #blackgirlmagic #teamtallgirls

Highlights from @oneafrica_musicfest Dubai. Nigeria took the show!

Big love to @official2baba @wizkidayo @tiwasavage @davidoofficial @bizzleo1 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 #oneafricamusicfest #Dubai

Taking over ---> @boilerroomtv <---insta stories mousing around showing all the behind the scenes & performances from artists such as Wiz Kid, Davido, Tiwa Savage and many many more at the #OneAfricaMusicFestDubai 🇳🇬

Touch down Dubai. #OneAfricaMusicFest #day1 #bff #dubai

Back in London like...all my friends are #blackexcellence. That. Is. All.

Congrats to Grace, Clara and Ray on your amazing accomplishment at the #womeninmusicawards

Growing up, it was a myth seeing/meeting girls who were as tall as me.

Love that my brain child @ttyalondon allows me to connect with bomb ass girls globally. This one is for all my long limbed girls who just want to feel cute and have access to essential wardrobe pieces , I'm fighting for our seat at the table everyday. I fucking love @instagram for the visibility to be able to #connectandcreate , been following these mega babes for a minute and excited to of had the opportunity to work with them! Love you @kiittygalore @symonesays #teamtallgirls 4 EVAAAAAA ❣️🏆 🇬🇧🇺🇸 #notthetallest #dontcrydontbeg #blackgirlmagic 🙌🏾🙏🏾 📸 @darian

Put my mind on it 🤑😎 Thank you for an inspiring evening @stevestoute @goodpeoples

Louis Vuitton Don #newyork 😎

🏀 Love & Basketball 🏀 #goestoaknicksgameonce #newyork

Home for the next few... @publichotels 😍 #newyork #ttyatravels

Stepping into Monday like 💞 @pharrell

#wamp2dem 🙅🏾🙆🏾🤷🏾‍♂️. Emeli Sandè EP Launch @emelisande @officialgiggs ❣️❣️ #wedothisonaregular

Excited for my @ttyalondon Xmas drop exclusively for @asos coming soon!

Really enjoyed connecting with amazing creatives whilst in Lagos. Yesterday I spent the day on the mainland being shot by @blackprintgram ! #connectandcreate #teamtallgirls #lagos

🏆Gang Gang 🏆Lagos Creatives @thenativemag #lagos


Need it all @andreaiyamah 🙌🏾✊🏾💞🏆🤑 @lfdw_ng

Shot by the legendary @kelechiamadiobi. #lagosfashionweek @lfdw_ng #teamtallgirls

31 degrees at night. Hello Lagos Fashion Week @lfdw_ng #teamtallgirls

✨ @greyprojects ✨well done on an amazing show @rukkyladoja @obida @lfdw_ng 😎 #lagosfashionweek

My lift LEWKS have made it to @voguemagazine. Check out my Tall Girl’s Guide to Fall’s Most Fashion-Forward Trends 🙏🏾😭.

Link in bio 💞Thank you @nnadibynature @yung_oprah #voguedotcom #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

Priceless! Love her so much ❣️ #FloTurns60 #hbdmum #myfamily ❣️

I love my family so much! Thank You Uncle Alex and @djlarizzle for the tunes all night 💃🏾 #myfamilyislit #showmethemoney #familyfirst #hbdmum #floturns60

Happy Birthday to the best to ever to it. The real MVP, my mama.

Thank you to everyone that came through and celebrated with us. Myself and my fam are eternally grateful 💞🇳🇬🎈 #hbdmum #Floturns60

Monday Motivation - Sometimes feel bo$$y ❣️🏆 #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

Young. Black. Entrepreneurs! I have so much love & respect for this guy.

Not only an inspiration but a representation that as black creatives the sky is the limit. Big up my hero JAMAL EDWARDS MBE 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. Thank you Sir Richard Branson for a great night. #losingmyvirginity #london 📸 @frankodtjones ❣️

Nigerian Charlie's Angels 🤣 #tbt @luxafrique Nigerian Independence Dinner with @firstbanknigeria @chopard #teamtallgirls #girlboss 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

🦋 #teamtallgirls #liftlewks

When 3am record label conference calls manifest. Thank you @miguel , last night was everything 🙌🏾 #wedothisonaregular

Taste the rainbow 🌈 🌈 #liftlewks #teamtallgirls

🇳🇬ASOS Magazine #makehistory issue 🇳🇬 @asos #mondaymotivation #blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic

The dance you do when you shut down the @royalalberthall.

Legendary @wizkidayo ❣️🙏🏾🇳🇬 #africawillrise #blackexcellence #wizkid cc @wandecoal @graceladoja @godson45 🇳🇬

Nigerians in Paris 🙅🏾🙋🏾 @rukkyladoja 📸 @graceladoja 💁🏾

Party shut down @michaeldapaah_ @mannynorte #plantgorgon #mansnothot

Legit felt so much love yesterday! Thank you to everyone that came through and partied with myself & #Delilah.

Big big love to @mannynorte @djpioneer @spideyg @jammerbbk @michaeldapaah_ best birthday party EVER!!! 🎥 @graceladoja ❣️ #planetgorgon #wedothisonaregular #dontcrydontbeg

#DONTCRYDONTBEG Birthday Settings 💁🏾🙅🏾💁🏾 #ihavethebestfriendsever

Tracksuit Mafia ❣️ #teamtallgirls #liftlewks

Dinner with bae @halleberry 🤗

Old Friends. New Friends. Love to everyone that came out last night!

I met so many of my friends on the dance floor at YOYO. On so many levels I'm greatful to @sebchew @greenshizzle @smutlee @prettyvacantcyde @denimtears. THIS SHIT IS FOR US ❣️YOYO X NVI #london #lfw

Lookin' all Christmas gift wrapped #LFW cc @andreavandall ❤️💛💚💙💜

✨ Issa #lfw party ✨

@intothegloss came through to my crib where we spoke about everything from london club culture to wigs 😎.

Link in bio 🤙🏾 #teamtallgirls #intothegloss #london

❣️ #morningswithmemsor @memsor ❣️ #NYFW

💛Matchy Matchy 💛 #teamtallgirls #nyfw

5am in NYC...we Spider-Man pose 🏄🏾‍♀️ #stillbloffin #kermitlewks #teamtallgirls

When you actually can't breath. The mood to infinity and back @teyanataylor 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #NYFW

New York State of Mind 🗽📸 @msallenlifestyle #teamtallgirls #newyork

Nyc...it feels so good to be back. Shouts out to the @internationalgirlcrew for the shoes 😎 #newyork #teamtallgirls

@gq awards. 90% leg #teamtallgirls. Love to my beautiful sis @vanessakingori ❣️

❄️ Winter Ready ❄️ #teamtallgirls

Our first hotel window installation @thecurtainldn.

Congrats @skeptagram @graceladoja , last night was legendary! So proud to be apart of a hotel that supports culture and fully integrates into the local community. Love you curtain family! #skeptasouk #SKAir ❣️ 🇳🇬

Album playback settings for @tydollasign last night 🤙🏾 #isaavibe #wedothisonaregular @thecurtainldn 💞 📸 @olivierweppe

Thank you @athomenights #captainmorgan for the best vibes & best crew ever!

London you were everything yesterday ❤️💚💙💛 #nottinghillcarnival #rainbowlewks #DONTCRYDONTBEG

Gang Gang #allwhiteparty #prive

48hrs in Rome with these 2. Thank you @elli1276 for the best time ever! 💞 #Rome #blackmusic

🙏🏾 Forever blessed 🙏🏾 #rome

Came to say hi to the Pope 🙏🏾 #Vatican #Rome

ROMA 😍😍😍

It's almost that time again! @athomenights carnival float sponsored by Captain Morgan 💞 rum punch, horns and LEWKS at the readyyyyyyyyy

❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💚💙 #nottinghillcarnival

Yes yes yes! Thank you @skeptagram @nike #SKAir 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

Jay Z @vfestival 🙏🏾

King and Queen ❤️ #marawaloveskevin

Took the whole stack 🙈Yung Mabez @mabelmcvey on the cover of @eveningstandardmagazine.

Get em baby gurl 💞💞💞 #workhardplayharder #newgen

#tbt bring back bants #bbb 🙏🏾

#blowupyourego. Last nights single release for the babes @ellaeyre 💞 #wedothisonaregular #aboutlastnight.

Big up @bossyldn and @dora.miller on an amazing set design 😎 @thecurtainldn

#Fbf Friday Feels. Love my talented friend @sukeydaffodil @phot0graphex for this pic!

TTYA Harstan flute sleeve midi dress out now! #iwearmyowngarms #teamtallgirls #miami @asos

Sometimes wear pajamas to work 🤷🏾‍♀️ #teamtallgirls #liftlewks

Beefa you were everything ❣️Adios 🏄🏾‍♀️💦

Thirst Trap Tuesday 😎 #Ibiza