Brett Madsen


What an absolute wild day in the racing world this has turned out to be.

Drove the @optimummsport @mclaren 720s GT3 to victory in the 2.4hr at Spa and immediately had to rush over to the @logitechg challenge server to get my practice/quali laps in. To say I was exhausted starting the Logitech race is an understatement and my quali time reflected that place 13th at the start. I got myself together however and started picking off my competitors to solidify a 7th place finish amongst the best drivers in ACC. now I sit back and watch my brother @madsenracing and his teammates drive the REAL Inception Racing McLaren 720s GT3 around Spa for the 24hr!

Super excited to announce that I have qualified for the @logitechg Sports Car Challenge in Assetto Corsa Competizione!

Happily nestled in near the top of the rankings and continually improving lap times and strategy for the upcoming event at Spa. Swipe right to catch a glimpse of one of my faster laps running on Logitech's practice server and be sure to tune into the Livestream this Saturday! #logitechgchallenge

RK mechanical keyboard has arrived. Giving it a charge and then wireless it goes.

Funny enough 5 years ago today in my FB memories I started building a sim rig out of PVC pipe. Crazy how far this thing has come.

Finished building a mouse tray in the Harry Potter room today.

Tomorrow the rest of the parts I need for my DIY keyboard tray arrive. Stoked to finally figure out how to build one that slides out from under the wheel.

The longer I have this setup the more ridiculous it's getting and I love it 😂

Another testing session in the books at Spa for the upcoming @assettocorsa Competizione 2.4hr at Spa.

I think i've finally mastered the track and developed a solid setup for the @emil_frey_racing @jaguar XK G3 that matches exactly what I want from it.

02:18.963 as my mock quali time. Consistent 2:19's in race trim. Excited for the end of this month!

Want to see what it looks like to toss a Crown Victoria around Laguna Seca?

Look no further than right here. My best of the day, 01:55.055. The car has more in it, but given the brakes were sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit, I had to improvise and brake early. Enjoy!

1k miles round trip + 32 laps of Laguna Seca + A bunch of random hooning on the way there and back and the only damage is a cracked windshield and destroyed brake pads?

I'll say it time and time again. For the money, you're not going to get a better track experience than a panther. These things are damn near indestructible and trust me when I say we"re not easy on our cars.

You do basic maintenance on these things and it'll make it through everything you throw at it and keep begging for more. Been rocking this thing since 2018 when I did my first track day at sonoma with it. The rest is history.

We may not be the fastest cars, but, we've got the fastest line!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes today, it means a lot to me.

This, without a doubt, tops the chart for best birthday I've ever had. Bucket list item checked and car is still able to drive home.

Stay tuned, spicy corkscrew photos coming when I get home this weekend, let me tell you when I say, you will understand how I cracked the windshield. 😆

Since last year we were in quarantine and I wasn't able to make an annual trip to a random race track for my big dirty 30 birthday we're making up for it this year with @speedsf_track_events at @weathertechraceway !! We're ready to rumble!

Past few days have been a whirlwind of prep for Round 1 of @specp71 at Laguna Seca!

Lots of sim time helped me dial in the line, and today we knocked out a few items that were needed to ensure the safest and best drive possible at Laguna. Stay tuned for more, tomorrow we had to Monterey, CA to some beautiful weather and a relaxing evening before we hit the pavement at Laguna on the 1st!

Every day this car strays further from a street car 😂.

Hood vents by @carterscustoms04 are a go, but they weakened the hood integrity up so much I had to add hood pins. Few more projects to go today in preparation of Round One of @specp71 at @weathertechraceway !

Still got it when it comes to graphic design. First attempt at an @assettocorsa Competizione custom skin.

Love how modifiable the files are to get exactly the manipulation you want out of them. Excited to use this thing in a few upcoming GT4 races... I can't lose when the car is sponsored by @cortexracing and has a Chomusuke Peeker on the back 😝

If you don't rep your pet on the car you race, do you even love your pet? #Chomusuke

One helluva hard fought esports race on the official @assettocorsa competizione server.

Definitely was not turning the fastest laps in race against some serious one lap aliens but maintained consistent while the competitors around me made mistakes whether it be track limits penalties or binning it into the walls trying to push too hard on dead tires. Got the car all the way to the finish with no damage and a 15 second lead to second. What an awesome race!

Solid win today in @assettocorsa competizione with the @emil_frey_racing Jaguar G3!

Had a ton of fun racing with everyone and stomped out some fast laps with my favorite GT3 car! #acc #ac #assettocorsacompetizione #assettocorsa #emilfrey #jaguar

@assettocorsa Competizione is free on Steam today all the way through Sunday the 6th!

In light of this I am hosting a race on Sunday, a 1.5 hour race at Silverstone driving your choice of GT3 car! Please feel free to invite friends and share this post to others who may be interested and have a sim rig. Would love to see some new faces as well as some sim racing veterans join and just have some fun in a casual Endurance race server! Details on the race are below including the discord server to join in order to be in the voice chat during the race. Hope to see you all there!

==Race Announcement 06/06/21==

Who - You!
What - GT3
Where - Silverstone
When - June 6th, 2021
- Practice: 1 Hour (1PM PST - 2PM PST)
- Qualifying: 15min (2PM PST - 2:15 PST)
- Race: 1 Hour and 30 min (2:15 PST - 3:45PST)
Server Name - BTM eSports | ACC Free Weekend -
Password: sendit!
Spectator Password (if you just wanna watch): ph4n!
Pace Lap: Yes
-Tyre Change Required
-Refueling Required
-One Driver only
- Pit window is open the whole race
- Don't be a jerk
- Push to Talk is Required
- Blocking is not allowed (only one move to protect allowed - this will be enforced with a warning first and a kick after)
- If you intentionally wreck someone you will be kicked
Weather Advisory: Cloudy with zero chance of rain

==End Race Announcement==

Took the win today in the eSports Indy 100 driving the #2 Marlboro Penske.

Competitors had some pitstops go awry that I took advantage of and gained the lead! Such a great time driving these @virtualracingcars to the limit at IMS! #assettocorsa #indy #vrcmoddingteam #irl

Happy birthday @slo_2v_gt !

Chom's new harness arrived and I don't think I've stopped wheezing from laughing in the past ten minutes.

She looks so adorable. #Chomusuke

When you are struggling to figure out a track... you call in the big guns.

Huge thanks to my brother, Kevin Madsen and his @madsenracing Track Maps, for lending the much needed guidance in learning Snetterton. Of all the tracks in Assetto Corsa Competizione, this one was the biggest thorn in my side. Driving the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, I started off with a best laptime of 1:54.390. Today, I crushed that time with a 1:51.336. 3 seconds a lap and a full understanding of the track's flow is more than I could have ever asked for. Enjoy the lap!

Excited to be testing out @canshift_paddleshifters newly released paddle shifter system for 05+ Crown Victoria's.

For those of you who have seen my vids at the track, you know that I column shift the hell out of this thing and there has been a few occasions where I've missed drive and gone into neutral. This kit should fix that issue and keep my hands at the correct placement on the wheel.

If all testing goes well and the system acts as I believe it will, this will be an allowed mod for Spec P71, in an effort to help save people from potentially grenading their trans or engines by missing a gear on a column shift.

Stay tuned for a full review soon! #canshift #crownvic #p71

Huge thanks you to @adtrperformance and @massive_speed_system for providing fantastic performance parts for my '06 panther!

New @arpbolts watts link stud and @massive_speed_system watts link arms are installed! Slowly getting this thing ready for it's return to the track!

Sink cat is happ cat. #chomusuke #cat

Oh hecc. #chomusuke

Having our Discord choose the next car to drive in a 2hr race. Which would you choose?

Radical SR3 or Formula 4?

Getting some hotlaps in for this weekend's two hour endurance race.

Setup is fast, but eats through tires real quick if I push the car this hard. gonna have to dial the setup and speed back for the race to match my pit stop strategy. Either way, enjoy a blistering lap in the 1990 Mazda Quad Dorito at Watkins Glen Classic.

I...I have no words.

Eternal Enemies.

Dark Abyss vs. Red Dot

Excited to be running the @mazdamotorsports IMSA GTO RX-7 in the upcoming community Endurance Race at @wgi1948 for @assettocorsa.

Decided to make some team car skins in the 787B tribute livery last night...and now I'm more anxious to drive it! #assettocorsa #modding #mazda #renown

1990 IMSA GTO Endurance race coming soon on the Community discord! 😁 #assettocorsa

Tomorrow is the big day my friends. TWH Endurance Invitational at VRC Willow Springs International Raceway.

Myself and 11 others will be embarking on a 3 hour endurance race testing the limits of these early 2000's GT1 cars (especially those left side tires) to see who will come away with the prize money! I know we will have some livestreams going tomorrow if you want to tune in and watch! I'll be streaming to twitch for my very first time so feel free to join :)

Main Broadcast:
My in-car:

Don't mind me, I'm just a 30 year old with a graphic design background that is miles long using my talents to create memegery.

#cattank #catsofinstagram #cats

If you're wondering who the Americans would have called in to defeat the German's Panzer Maus in World War II...

It would have been Tank Commander Chom. Her K:D ratio is the highest in the Meow of Duty Modern Warfur.

The lighting was perfect to catch my imminent death via abyss.

Super excited to be driving the #68 @racesimstudio viper in the upcoming community event for the release of Willow Springs Raceway for @assettocorsa.

3hr enduro event with a $100 purse for the winner! I'll be donating to my favorite animal rescue if I win!

Be sure to catch the stream on twitch February 13th! More details to come!

Yesterday I assembled the little one's new Fur Fort.

Needless to say she was excited, and I honestly have never had my patience tested more by a "helper" who steals tools and bolts 😅

Don't mind me, I just have a genuinely happy demon cat. #chomusuke #catsofinstagram

When your cat decides, you know what? You're playing @genshinimpact all wrong and takes control of the gaming rig 🤣 #chomusuke #genshinimpact

POV: Your cat hates being locked out of the room you're in. #BapBapBap

Someone help, I fear she might be summoning a demon.

Really, really enjoying this setup. This gaming rig has gotten me through 2020 with a breeze and I'm certain 2021 will be the same.

#battlestation #gamingrig #genshinimpact

What a year this has been. With COVID starting off strong at the beginning of the year and taking a pretty big financial risk of starting Spec P71, I'm happy to say it has all paid off in the end.

We brought out a whole new source of drivers and cars, people eager to learn more and develop their driving skills as well as people that are just looking to hone their driving skills and have fun in a low cost, entry level series. To say that this was a successful year was an understatement. Every event brought a new and fun challenge for the series as a whole and obviously things can always be improved but that's something that we are working towards for 2021.

If you're thinking about getting into racing with @specp71.. now is the time. 2021 we have big things planned, one of which being a trip to Laguna Seca. And honestly... I cannot stress saying this enough, I don't care what car you are currently driving at the track or at autocross, I can guarantee you that we (all of Spec P71) are having WAY more fun than you are. #specp71

Last week my old sim racing seat decided to die so I've now repurposed one of my old ecoboost recaros into a sim seat until my new seat gets built (February ship date due to COVID 🥺).

Either way I'm very excited about how far my sim rig has come in 2020. This crazy build began back in January with a new computer and I haven't stopped since... This being said I think I've about reached the setup I've dreamed of for the Harry Potter Sim Rig! #simulator #simracing #flightsim

The little one continues to impress us with how comfortable she is getting in her new home.

She is quite possibly the most loving cat I've ever met and is always up for a snuggle. In fact.. she is currently snuggling while I make this post. So happy to have race kitty in my life, she's been an absolute joy to have around ❤️ #chomusuke

"Father, I crave violence." #chomusuke

We have a new addition to our family thanks to Cara Wynne and Chris Wynne.

She was found on the road after a semitruck apparently had blown her clear out of the way from the wind it generated and rehabilitated into this wonderful and playful little demon and I'm so excited to have her. She's 13 weeks old and has officially been named Chomusuke (choem-you-skay) after my favorite black cat from Konosuba.

I've spent the past 3ish hours just playing with her and she has enjoyingly endured. welcome aboard little one, you are going to live one heck of a spoiled racecar cat life. ❤️ #cat #chomusuke #konosuba

This setup has been quite the work in progress. I started with a PVC build and a $300 computer years ago.

Now... Well now we're here and it's all @develogix fault 🤣 #simracing #flightsim #simulator

Managed to take the win at Round 4 of @specp71 at SoW with a 01:33.106.

The lap was certainly not void of mistakes but I did manage a PB. Next time we shoot for a 01:31!

New Samsung G9 49" 1000R monitor has arrived. I had to play a little bit of tetris on my lunch break to fit it into my Harry Potter Gaming room but I made it happen.

Likely will have to rotate the sim rig 180° so I don't have to squeeze past the monitor every time but man, I'm stoked to finally have the setup I've always wanted. VR, Ultrawide, and will have a monitor mounted above the Ultrawide soon.

PS if you know the anime character in the artwork on my wall... Can we be friends pls? 🥺🤣

#simracing #flightsim #simrig

Super hard workout week. Was staying really stagnant at 195 and thanks to the 5 days of intense cardio through the week I've dropped in the weight range I wish to be.

12.4lbs in just over a month. Feels good.

Back in the virtual side of things with @assettocorsa competizione's newly released DLC!

Got to test out the new Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo and Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo at the newly released Imola Circuit!

The Ferrari is absolute 🔥🔥🔥 out of the box. The driveability of this car is insane, it took me 2 laps to get it down easy on stock setup and really fully understand what the car wants and how it handles different inputs.

The Merc... the Merc is not for the driver's who use feel as a one of their senses. The steering is vague, any inputs are heavily delayed compared to the Ferrari, braking is atrocious, and the car has a severe understeer issue exiting corners. This mostly can be rectified with a custom setup.... However the lack of steering feel is a real knife through the heart of this one. It feels like I'm driving grandpa's station wagon on the race track and really provides no intuition into what the car is actually feeling. Of all the cars in ACC this one has to be the least likely for me to ever drive again 😅

Either way, thank you to Kunos for releasing an update and giving us more content. Given COVID I know that's not an easy task to do for a small game developer. Overall, I'm stoked to have the new updates and the track is absolutely mint ❤️ #assettocorsacompetizione #acc #simracing

I can literally feel, hear, and smell this picture... And I miss it.

Don't worry #modzilla , every day we're a little closer...

Been exactly a month now that I've started this journey and I could not be prouder of my progress.

10lbs down in a month, sticking with my strict 1500 calorie diet, no soda, no beer, and nothing but high intensity workouts. I've nearly hit my weight goal now creeping in at 195!

This has certainly not come easy, especially this week with cravings such as an entire little caesars pizza or a massive bacon jalapeño burger 😍 but I've pushed through it and focused on my goal of being healthier. Just gotta keep pushing, get down to 190 and adjust my diet and workout plan again so that I can start building muscle and eating more!

Excited to start racing in a GT3 championship in Assetto Corsa Competizione!

Exhibition race is this weekend and I'll be driving the 2012 Emil Frey Jaguar XK G3.

By no means is this thing the fastest GT3 car and by no means does Coach Dave Academy even list it with a probability of winning online... but I'm drawn to it and it's driving style. Lets see if I can make it work! #acc #assettocorsacompetizione #emilfrey #jaguar

A step in the right direction. @cortexracing Panther RLCA's are in.

UCA's and Watts Link Bars hopefully soon! #cortexracing #gripitandripit

New Panther chassis product incoming! First set of @cortexracing 98+ Rear LCA's have arrived!

I will be testing these bad boys out first at SoW December 5th!

Also coming soon: Rear UCA's and Watts Link Bars. Stay tuned! #cortexracing

Super pumped to head back to Streets of Willow December 5th for round 4 of @specp71.

Hoping to finish the year out strong with the '06 CVPI and really look forward to what next year brings for the series!

Just messing around @digitalcombatsimulator a little bit in the A-10C II.

Huge thanks to my brother for the continued guidance, I learned my approach was wrong this evening, they bank and use visual references, not a straight dive for gun runs 🤣

I'll get it eventually 😁

Spent a lot of time and effort on this setup and making it dual purpose.

I can quick change steering wheels in less than 10 seconds.

I can quick change from racing to flight on less than a minute.

I've created the perfect simulator rig, only thing I really want / need is a bigger room so I can put a massive curved monitor on this rig.

Just a week shy of a month and I've got 8lbs of weight gone. No beer. No soda.

1600cal average daily. Working out 4 days a week. Meal prepped lunches from @freshly. I'm attacking my unhealthy habits at their core and the results are showing. Super proud and happy to be back under 200 solidly, now to get between 190-195lbs and maintain it!

Since the Crown Vic decided to grenade one of the rear wheel bearings, I figured it was time to upgrade the diff cover to the @specp71 legal cover.

This car is getting all of the upgrades!


Not my fastest from the weekend, but, it was one of the ones my camera recorded haha.

unfortunately I had the Replay camera on the wrong setting. Still a fun little lap, enjoy!

And I heard
As it were
The noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts saying,

Come and see, and I saw
And behold

Oh hecc, it's Spec.

The flight rig is now set up and I'm having a blast flying @digitalcombatsimulator in the A-10!

Huge thanks to my brother @k_madz85 who's an actual A-10 pilot for the guidance on setting up the throttle and stick locations. #dcsworld #a10 #brrtmobile

Broke some stuff.
Found weak points on other stuff

Set a 1:43.0 and a new PB with the vic taking the win in Spec P71.
Could have been faster but can't we all?

Now time for 36 hours of hibernation from mankind after an awesome but tiring day. #introvert

Something something I feel at home with the slip angle of this car.

🤣 Enjoying my first taste of @automobilista2

#flatoutthroughtheesses #VIR

In a week we head to Big Willow.. Goal? Sub 1:40 with my 4300lb monster.

Today I'm spending some time replacing fluids, filters, and plugs and may start doing some further data logging for Ortiz Performance to see if we can squeeze just a bit more power out of the P71.

Is it Halloween yet? I'm ready to get Spooky around turn 9 at @willow_springs_raceway for Round 3 of @specp71.

Super excited about all the updates I've been able to complete on the car to increase it's reliability. This weekend will be a coolant flush, fuel filter change, oil change, and spark plug change in preparation of me flogging this thing around big willow at 100+mph.

Been exactly one week since I stopped drinking alcohol, drinking soda, reset my sleeping schedule, completely changed my diet, and started working out like crazy again.

Something I've always loved about my metabolism.. 3.2lbs of weight loss in a week is kind of an expected result. As soon as I get sub 200 however is where dropping the weight gets more difficult. Gonna keep pushing!

After a long wait it's finally here. @zamphelmets SA2020 RZ-64C.

This thing is the lightest helmet I've ever owned, most comfortably fitting and the most modular with its accessories. It came with the ear cups for a radio, has the plug at the front for a water kit, and all the vent scoops are removable and/or interchangeable. For my configuration I'm leaving the cheek vents on and the top vent off. Also added the epic blue mirror shield and also have a rear spoiler on standby for more of my open wheel and karting shenanigans. The helmet also came with plugs for a HANS device. All of this for $630 shipped to my door? Hell yes.

Now... to ship this off to get painted 😏

For when the lapped car doesn't get out of the way... Switch to guns. 🤣

Finally sorting out the flight sim setup on my rig. Going to be fabricating a stick extension to get it where it needs to be but otherwise this thing is looking mint! #simrig #simracing #flightsim #8020rig

There will always be shots of me doing this at every event.

I always thank the course workers and photographers for standing out there in 100°+ heat. It's typically a thankless job!

Halloween we're back in the @specp71 saddle at @willow_springs_raceway !

Super excited to get back out there after sorting out a few of the new trans' issues and getting the car all dialed in. Possible sub 1:40's? We'll see!

Keeping the promise to myself. No more beer until I'm back to either A) Pre Covid-19 poundage (185lbs) or B) I'm a more healthy 185-200lbs.

Started piecing together my home gym recently and to say I'm outta shape compared to my CrossFit days is an understatement. Time to get back to it!

"There goes that damn Camaro driver again..."

Practicing for tomorrow's GT4 championship at Zandvoort.

After a not so stellar Round 1 at Spa after I miffed my pitstop, I'm looking to come back and round up a better finish in the Camaro GT4.R against some alien level drivers. Let's hope I can make it work!

It's a recurring question people keep asking me. "What's going on with modzilla?"

As much as I'd like to say that the racecar is my only focus and project I must tell you that it is not. Progress is being made but at my own pace.

A new fuel system is now in place and I've begun to work on all of the wiring in the engine bay and also the fender wells that had gotten charred.

Aside from this some of the other shit I have going on:

Running 2 racing series
Running a sim racing series
Leading the charge to get a bunch of SoCal tracks made for Assetto Corsa
Keeping my cop car ready to rumble for Spec P71 Racing Series
Another 4.6 2v engine build (thanks Josef Girouard)
Designing and Building the flight sim add-ons for my 80/20 rig
My SA2020 Helmet project - Designing the paint scheme for it
A miata that I really need to bring home

All while trying to keep a reasonable sleep schedule and staying sane.

So "what's going on with modzilla?"

Yes. The answer is yes.

I'm pretty sure I just pumpkin spice latte'd in beer form.

In yesterday's BTM AutoSport GT4 Championship @ Spa time was winding down after a miffed pitstop early on in the race.

I had to make up some serious time to get me back up to a solid finishing position to put me in striking distance for the upcoming events. This was my last ditch effort at the end of the race to take back fourth spot. Enjoy!

3 days ago if you asked me to draw the track map of Silverstone I would have told you I couldn't.

Today I'm on the verge of sub 2:10's in the beastly Camaro GT4.R. I quickly learned the track by watching videos and studying the map. Then quickly had to adapt the Camaro to it and finally mold the Camaro to my driving style as much as possible. End result? going from 2:14's, to 2:12's, to 2:10's and starting to peep a look at 2:09's. Enjoy the first person view of my flier of a lap!

Crank the sound and listen to me tear up @assettocorsa Competizione's Laguna Seca circuit in the the Jaguar XK G3 GT3.

The thunderous 5 litre v8 makes for a brilliant symphony as I make my way around the track! #assettocorsacompetizione

I'm a huge fan of flying under the radar and staying out of trouble 😁 Our hard work the past two weeks netted us a top ten finish in the @theamusanteuk More Female Racers Championship.

Sadly we had a glitch that did not fill our car up on the second stop so we had to make an untimely 3rd stop but we managed to even still finish with a top ten.

100% thank you Thea for the opportunity and to @lauren.jubb for absolutely kicking ass and taking my coaching to heart. Your progress in just the two races was phenomenal. Watch out for this one.. she's going to be a VERY fast sim racer!

My very first attempt at modding FS2020 was a success.

I've added the Saab 340B in American Eagle livery to the roster of aircraft available in game. It has a few quirks at the moment that I'm working out but overall the aircraft functions well! #fs2020 #msfs #saab340

Super proud of my codriver @lauren.jubb in the More Female Racers Championship.

You wouldn't believe that she had just 3 weeks of sim racing before this championship, to where she is now outrunning a pro driver, in Verena Mei. Unfortunately during the race Verena, knocked us out of contention but we worked out way back up from last place to a finishing spot of 13th.

Next week is the finale at Laguna Seca, a track I know particularly well and should be able to put us into contention for. Hope the rest of the drivers are ready for McLauren Racing Team to bring the heat!

Goodbye forever to the ecoboom.

Tune in tomorrow at 1130AM to watch my codriver, @lauren.jubb , kick some butt at Misano Circuit!

Super excited to see how well she does!

When someone says there's donuts from @petersonsdonutcorner in Turn 2. PB in 100° heat. There's a lot more in this thing with less traffic and less heat.

Sub 2:10's are on the horizon at Buttonwillow CW #13 you can count on it! #specp71

Long and hot day but a success. New personal best at @buttonwillowraceway in the @btmautosport @specp71 crown victoria, 2:14.9, Took first place by 9 seconds!

So it's race day for me at @buttonwillowraceway but I had to take a moment and acknowledge this video, so excuse me while I actually make a serious post.

@amr_dani3l is a fantastic sim racer, easily one of the fastest drivers I know, and to get this overwhelming praise from him and others is a fantastic feeling. Listen to the video please, it's only a minute, but understand that this is the exact reason why I run @musclecupusa , why I started @specp71 and why I push people two do Two Drink Tuesdays - Assetto Corsa League with us. Getting people involved in the sport who otherwise may not have had an opportunity is something that sits dear to my heart. It's not easy for everyone to get out there for a multitude of reasons, but Lauren, my codriver, had someone who made it even harder for her to get into it. That is NOT how we should be as a community. We're all racers, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to have fun, race, and learn. Simply put, if you see or hear about someone struggling in this sport, help them. Do whatever you can to help them and don't let that spotlight of passion dim.

Now... Time to burn some fuel and destroy some tires!

Stuck in traffic in a seat that has my knees jammed against the steering wheel.

This is gonna be a long night 😂 #itsraceweekend

Getting some testing in on the McLaren this evening.

Put together a solid baseline setup that I think will have us solidly competitive in next week's race!

Huge thank you to @thesimgrid and @theamusanteuk for giving me the opportunity to be a coach and codriver with @lauren.jubb !

Excited to see what we can do with the McLaren of "McLauren Racing" Team in the More Female Drivers Championship haha.

Catch us next Wednesday at 11:30AM PST. I will be livestreaming the event at Misano, hopefully we can put on a good show and get a solid finish! Until then, here come many hours of testing, tuning, and training! Thanks @waggersthecrazycarlady :P

Just realized I never actually posted the completed 80/20 rig I built!

This thing is situated in the room under our stairs for maximum immersion :P. Soon to be updated with the flight sim pieces I bought. Stay tuned! #simrig #battlestation

No more PS3 controller for #FS2020. Super excited about this setup!

Because I was inverted #FS2020

For those interested in joining or watching:

I've filed a flight plan in @flightsimulator2020 for this evening that I will be streaming on FB at around 5PM PST. Live Traffic, Live weather, but still unfortunately flying with a PS3 controller haha

Gamer Tag - BTM AutoSport
Flight Plan:
From - KCRQ (McClellan-Palomar)
To - KVGT (North Las Vegas)
Time: 5PM PST
Distance - 214nm
Cruise Altitude - 9,000ft
Aircraft - Cubcrafters XCub
Tail Number - NBTM99

I will be logged into the East Coast USA server (since most of my friends playing the game are on the east coast) if you want to find me. Flight should be about 2 hours total and I should be landing just before sunset.

Finally started messing with the setup on the camaro.

Since I've been working a few days worth of time to familiarize myself with the car I started to take notes on what I was struggling with. All roads led to corner entry to mid corner understeer. Managed to mitigate this and turn this pig of a GT4.R into a nicely balanced car. Tuning adjustments brought me from a 01:31.728 to a 01:30.693 and there's probably at least a little left in it. If you have ACC, feel free to have a go at my lap time, since ACC doesn't have a database of times, I haven't got a clue of where I stack up.


Finally made my own custom dash for @assettocorsa.

Replicated the Camaro GT4.R dash as that is the only car I'll be using in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Works on both my old phone and my tablet.

Simple, yet effective. Old cell phones have a purpose 😅 #thrustmaster

First race in Assetto Corsa Competizione went well. Good Lord it was fun, serious and demanding.

The Camaro gt4.r is a true joy to drive. #assettocorsacompetizione

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine: Land Yacht Edition

Awesome to see an honorable mention of @specp71 on the promo cover! @wickit96 @slo_2v_gt I hope y'all can handle the fame!

Drove some heavy metal in @assettocorsa Competizione this evening.

It's terrible to see out of
It pushes like a pig
It's hellish to drive
But man does it make all the right sounds

This will likely be the car I use on my ACC journey. The KTM X-Bow GT4 is the easy button but this car is just so much more fun to try and make competitive.

Yesterday was a good day. Huge thank you to @sdxrunner619 for leading the charge on swapping in the rebuilt trans.

Excited to tackle Buttonwillow August 29th!

Huge thanks again to Akira & Suzie at @pegasusautoracing.

The driver is ready for you round 2 of @specp71 now let's get the car ready.

More race prep this weekend for Round 2 of @specp71.

@sdxrunner619 will be leading the charge on swapping the stock transmission outta this thing for a moderately built 4R75E. Excited to have a fresh trans in the car, means I'll have one less worry on my mind as I'm chasing down @wickit96 @slo_2v_gt and @whimsytyle through the busstop at Buttonwillow on the 29th of August!

Always thank the course workers and photographers.

Looking forward to Buttonwillow next month 😈

A great day of racing yesterday. Without a doubt the most fun I've ever had behind the wheel and I'm happy I could share it with my friends.

1st place finish for the first round of racing this year!

Today we race. @specp71 @musclecupusa

Ready for the weekend...

When even your engine tuner, @ortizperformance , is onboard for the spaghetti.

Super excited with how these turned out. @specp71 is getting some legit trophies this year.

Let's see who is the sheriff and deputies at SoW this weekend :)

@supercarschampionship mind if I join with my four door saloon?

😂 Race alignment this evening, washing it up tomorrow, and new race tune from Ortiz later this week!

Ready for V8 supercars...erm... @specp71.

Ready for some spaghetti.

Huge thanks to @slo_2v_gt for dropping off my new Spec P71 race wheels.

Now I have a daily set and then these will be wrapped with some Bridgestone Firehawk Indy 500's as per class limitations :)

The old girl is back on all fours. New axle bearings and seals are in and ready for abuse.

To Do:

Race Alignment
Install 91 Octane Tune
Engine and Transmission flush
Wash and & Detail
Install @specp71 Vinyls
#sendit at Streets of Willow on 07/18

Still in the process of finishing up the axle bearing/seal job.

Huge thanks to @sdxrunner619 today, we had to torch the stock bearings out and beat them senseless with a slide hammer for a bit but we got them out. 120k + track abuse made them stubborn little shits!

Real @specp71 prep begins for me this weekend.

Finally tackling the seals and bearings in the rear axle, bleeding brakes, oil and trans fluid change, and last but not least getting an @ortizperformance tune installed on this hoopty. 07/18 is the first event for both AMC and S71. Competition is likely to be tight since this is the first event of the year for many. Let's see what my 4000lb Miata can do!

When she says she'll drive the racecar.

New glasses showed up. I can finally see long distances again 😂

Not sure on how I like the browline style though, first thought was I looked like a bald version of Seth Rogan 😂 #zennioptical

Fancy paw Kirby.

Don't mind me, I'm just becoming best friends with these boofs! Yogi and Diablo!

Gives the simulator room just a little more epicness!

Thanks for the amazing canvas @nate047 (and happy birthday btw!). Next up is a new rig entirely, no more PVC and plywood!

So War Thunder Online in VR is pretty great. Watching someone crash into the ground avoiding my gunfire is even better lol.

Downside: this game sucks with a controller. I need to get a flight stick setup!

Happy Memorial Day. #acecombat7

Well it ain't much but at least it's on jack stands now. #modzilla

Hopping on the racing simulator after being delivered some delicious beer from @pistonpetes !

Idk what it is but the car seems right for this beer 😉 #assettocorsa #pistonpetes

Come along with me for a wild ride in a 1980's IMSA Camaro at @circuit_spa_francorchamps.

Dont judge me for having my hand on the shifter too much, that's the games logic for hand placement and is not what I'm doing personally 😉. 02:23.903. #assettocorsa @assettocorsa

Never trust a wet fart... Or someone that goes wide in Blanchimont.

@circuit_spa_francorchamps #assettocorsa #spa #transam

Currently setting the pace for Sunday's race with a 02:24.187.

Enjoy the sweet serenade of a @gotransam v8 at Spa. @assettocorsa

Hot tub..ermm... Spa time machine. #assettocorsa

Never underestimate a bored freelance designer.

I bring to you without further adieu Formula COVID-19 (C19) sponsored by @barilla and @charmin and inspired by @nuerburgring asking the world what they thought this car could run at the green hell... The answer? 6:54.9. #nurburgring #assettocorsa #formulaCorona #formulaone #FormulaCovid19 #formulaC19

Definitely one of my more idiotic ideas but still hilariously fun.

Formula COVID-19 is now available for download in @assettocorsa. #formulac19 #FormulaCovid19 #formulacorona #formulaone

Super stoked on how my new livery for #SCS in @assettocorsa came out.

Since we are running 's 1989 Chevrolet Corvette we instituted an 80's themed livery. I chose to go with @fedex , aka Federal Express!

New wheel and wall mounts showed up from @ricmotech.

One day I'm gonna look back on this room and realize just how nuts I was to have a full simulator setup in a closet under the stairs 😂 #simracing #simulator #assettocorsa #thrustmaster

New #shhshifter arrived this evening. Got the old G27 shifter removed and put to the side for this glorious piece of artwork.

It is light-years ahead of anything Logitech has and honestly the closest to feeling like a real shifter I've gotten to on a sim rig :)

No e-brake drift gang at @willow_springs_raceway 's balcony 😂 Swipe for the epic Salsa Verde Dorito Slides!

#assettocorsa #drift #balcony

01:28.6 in the @cortexracing KTM X-Bow GT4 at 's @barbermotorpark #assettocorsa #ktmxbowgt4 @reiterengineering

Name that track. #assettocorsa #ktmxbowgt4 #cortexracing

Lion chasing the zebra. #assettotruckshootout

My newest Quarantini project. Made some real breakthroughs with it last night and it's finally in game.

This is a Formula SCCA (Enterprise) with an R26B swap. It drives like complete ass at the moment, but I still managed a 1:32 at Buttonwillow CW13. Just wait for me to dial this thing in! #formulascca #formulaenterprise #r26b #4rotor #assettocorsa

A new challenger has appeared. What better way to show off those @cortexracing @jrishocks than to have them popping out of the hood of the virtual @ktm_xbow GT4?

#assettocorsa #cortexracing #jrishocks

Tons of fun racing the SCS GT4 Series. Set the fastest lap in the KTM before getting BoP'd.

Excited to see what I can do in tomorrow's endurance race! #assettocorsa #ktmxbowgt4

What a fun car. #ktm #xbowgt4 #assettocorsa

Welcome to #TwoDrinkTuesday where everyone racing is drunk, including my wheel-sawing ass.

Textures have been figured out on the Formula COVID-19. Should be done sometime this week!

#assettocorsa #modding

Not a bad finish. Had first most of the race... 🅱️inned it with two minutes left and ended up taking 3rd.

How it goes when you're pushing the living shit out of your cars limits 😂 #assettocorsa

#supercerealsundays @assettocorsa race going down in two hours. 40min GT4 race at @wgi1948

Want to be a part of Super Cereal Sundays event at Watkins Glen tomorrow?

Join the Two Drink Tuesdays - Assetto Corsa League discord and get all of the stuff you need! Only 18 grid positions available! #assettocorsa #watkinsglen #gt4

Did a little cable management for the gaming rig this morning.

It was mildly irritating tripping over cords because of my cable routing being on the right hand side. Rerouted everything to the left in much neater coils and I couldn't be happier about the setup! #simrig #simulator #simracing #assettocorsa

@24hnbr you guys aren't ready. #tdt #twodrinktuesday #formulaC19 #formulaCorona

Had such a good time driving this VW Beetle Mod! Wasn't expecting much, but holy hell is it amazing.


Well here it is bois and girls. V2 is officially released.

For those that have the previous mod, you will have to delete the old files. Please see readme for details. Download link is in the Facebook post! #assettocorsa

Just some of the skins for the updated 3D model of the Mustang GT4. Version 2 will be released soon!


The number of weeks? Months? yes months, it's taken to resolve the AI ride height issue has had me pulling out the remaining hairs on my head.

The end culprit? Somewhere I copy pasta'd the wheel rate values, and the copy pasta was missing a zero. The file ignored the correct wheel rate and instead said yossssss to being slammed. Physics are now a go. Next up? Continuing to make the mod look prettier and also try to replenish some of the car skins. A lot of work is going into this mod and I'm super proud of it, I hope you all will enjoy it too.

#assettocorsa #gt4mustang #gt4 #buttonwillowraceway #modding

Edit: thanks Instagram for reducing the quality 🙄.

Just a short clip of what the new sim rig computer is capable of. GT4 at @weathertechraceway , final lap... chasing down the Stevenson Racing Camaro. Let him know I was there with a few boops, and then rubbing was certainly racing in the final turn. #assettocorsa #gt4

Fired up the new sim rig yesterday... It is a complete and utter monster at running any games I choose!

Soon to come: VR. #simracing #simulator #battlestation #pcbuild

#deathtoRGB is ready. #evga #nvidia #ryzen7 #ayymd #amd #gskill #pcbuild #gamingpc #cryorig #noctua

Brill. #rouleurvirus #puckeurfactor

Come along and take a ride with me in the @cortexracing GT4 mustang 😉 #assettocorsa #slidebabyslide #sonomaraceway

The changes made to this mod are night and day. As soon as I figure out the AI issue I will likely release it.

Change log:

3d model update
Tire physics model update
Suspension physics update
Base suspension setup updated
Engine Idle RPM changed
Clutch updated - Now required to move the car
FFB settings strengthened now that suspension oscillation is fixed

The car feels so damn good now. Super proud of how it came out!

Version 2 of the Mustang GT4 coming soon. Updated 3d model, updated suspension, and updated physics.

And yes @cajunstig your car is included 😉 #assettocorsa #modding #mustanggt4

Future of gaming right here. #sleeperbuild #pcbuild #gamingpc #amdryzen7 #windows98

It's the Maddie!

Henlo Penny #calibamboozled

I votermerated yesterday... Did you? #vermin2020 #2partysystem🙅🏻‍♂️ #ponypartysystem🙌🏼

For so many years he's been a write in. This year he's the top bubble. #VoteSupremeNotSourCream

This is Blue. He likes my beard. You're my boy Blue!

This is Maddie, she's very Happ that you decided to stop scrolling down your feed to look at her.

Kind of hopes you adopt her since she's looking for her forever home. 14/10 would snuggle. #calibamboozled #fosterpuggle

It's hecc'in sprocket! #calibamboozled

#twodrinktuesdays delivering a baguette for your spaghett.

@assettocorsa #Ligierjs8 #baguettedelivery #baguettes

Oh yesh! The #deathtoRGB build nears completion. Next up GPU!

Do I go with the EVGA 2080s or Belle Delphine Bathwater GPU 😜🤣 (yes that's a thing, look it up lmao). #pcbuild

Tabasco does a heccin' blep! #calibamboozled

Relaying important information. I never forget mine when I get in a racecar.

My fastest lap at @k1speed Carlsbad last night - 29.288.

Still 358 (28.930) off of my personal best and i can see why. Still a fun time with good people nonetheless! #k1speed #karting #butterthebread

Having a blast with the newly released Corvette C8.R mod for Assetto Corsa!

Full review of it on my Facebook livestream :) #assettocorsa #simracing #c8r #corvettec8r

Thank you @janmagnussen23 and @chevroletperformance for reenacting my exit from most racecars and all miatas.

Just call me Ol' Reliable because here I am 3 years in at @calibamboo and still enjoying the heck out of what I do and the continued growth I've achieved here.

It's kind of funny outside of my high school K1 Speed job, this is only my 2nd real career-type job. I do my best to stick with the companies that hire me to learn them inside and out.

I spent 9 years at Conrad Companies before this which certainly prepared me for the 3 years I've spent here. We have an absolutely amazing team here, the dogs make every day that much more enjoyable, and just the overall vibe feels like home. To many more years at Cali B! #calibamboo

New mic setup for streaming is in and holy crap is it crystal clear good! #simrig

Excited for @specp71 ! Huge thanks to @ortizperformance for their continual support of stupid things I do.

Making the Vic a bit more ready for tracking is gonna go a long way. #tuning #sct #t00ning

Meet Buzz, our newest work puppo! #calibamboo #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo

Like the wily Volkswagen 911 Carrera, my gaming rig is now aircooled.

#cryorig #cryorigr1 #aircooled

I've got a passion for building things. It was only a matter of time that I built a gaming rig.

My dad's final landing after 40 years with American Airlines, in the Astrojet livery 737-800.

Today he turned 65 and heads his way into retirement.

Have no doubt. When you see my obsession with aircraft and cars, this man is the reason why it all began and grew into what it has become. He worked his ass off to achieve his dream and support our family. Something I will forever look up to him for. Congrats and happy birthday Dad!

Beard care and overall skin care are up thanks to @whitewolfequestrian !

Used these for the first time tonight and the beard as well as skin are feeling quite fresh 😍 happy early v-day my love!

Do you enjoy puppers? Do you enjoy doggos? Do you enjoy working with puppers and doggos?

Well Cali Bamboo is hiring and it's certainly the place for you if you meet the above criteria.

Some great new open positions and opportunities to grow here at a fast paced and fun working environment:

Inside Sales Representatives
Graphic Designer
Email Marketing Specialist
Quality Analyst

Heck, if I could clone myself I'd be applying for the graphic designer position. Our marketing team is truly an amazing group of people and super fun to work with! #calibamboozled

Dill putting on his sweet face for treats. TL;DR he got treats. #calibamboozled

Had some fun with this one. Carol Hollfelder's World Challenge Mustang. #assettocorsa #simracing

*walks back to desk and sits down* *hears growling from under desk* "Oh what the hell...

Dill!?!" GIMME TREATOS HOOMAN #calibamboozled

Had some fun in @assettocorsa driving the @multimaticmotorsports @mazdamotorsports RT24-P at Buttonwillow CW13.

Ran a 1:27.912, check the livesteam on FB for video! #assettocorsa #mazdamotorsports #zoomzoom #rt24p

Pretty sure the smile on @wickit96 's face says it all.

This is why he bought 3 cop cars of his own!

How to make your slow car look fast. Swipe ➡️ for the original.

Been working at this mustache for a couple months now and the hairs are finally training into position correctly.

Still a long way from perfect as I learn the art of it but with @berzinsky 's guides the process has been a lot easier. Stoked for how it's looking and even got a compliment from my barber on how well its coming along. #handlebarmustache

We are the new Super Troopers. @specp71

To me having a group of friends who are literally down to do any stupid idea you come up with means everything.

@wickit96 @slo_2v_gt came through in a big way to support my stupid decision to create @specp71. We've done countless stupid things before but this one certainly takes the cake 🤣 #sendit #3moistketeers

My favorite work doggo is back and her ears still don't fit into the frame of my phone 😍 #brooklyn #calibamboo #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo

So with the 2019 racing season coming to a close, I have to say it's been one of the most wild up and down roller coaster for me car wise.

This being said, the only constant has been this car right here. We are somewhere in the category of high 20's to low 30's as far as how many track events this car has done now. What have I replaced? Tires, brakes, and fluids. The typical consumables for a track vehicle. I joke around telling people this car is basically a 4000lb Miata but really as far as reliability goes (and lack of acceleration) it really is. Buttonwillow was a great event for me, I was confident in my lines, confident in the car with fresh tires and brakes on it, and sure enough it performed even better than my expectations. This all being said, has the ownership of this car been perfect? Not so much. Sometime last year the transmission lost reverse gear, I don't know why or how because i wasnt driving it when it occurred but that is what it is. And most recently the axle seals are starting to give way in the rear under heavy cornering. Neither of which are a huge deal and quite honestly an easy and cheap fix since I can DIY both repairs. All in all though, the cars inevitably amazing track record [pun intended] is why I created @specp71. It's a cheap and reliable way to get into competition on track and man is it fun to drive these cars at the limit when they have limited mods.

Stay tuned for 2020, I'm finalizing the rules for Spec P71, making industry connections, creating pretty swwet number plates, and personally prepping the car to really be ready for the class when it starts getting more and more competitive.

On top of this I'm working out everything that needs to be done for @musclecupusa to grow for 2020. Excited about the changes and the schedule there as well. More updates on that later :) I know everyone is super on about peaches right now, but why don't we all enjoy a little spaghett for dessert?

Happiness is found at the race track. Thanks for the hilarious shot @ashtonarobinson 😂

Hotlap from Buttonwillow CW13 in the cop car. 1st Place in @specp71 , 2nd place in @musclecupusa pro class.


A quick clip of the new mod I'm working on for @assettocorsa.

Got it to a functional state, its not perfect but man it drives super close to my @specp71 crown vic! Stay tuned for updates this December, my hope is to release the mod by Christmas!

I literally lol'd at the last photo. My top 9 is fire for 2019.

If big ears weren't your thing, how about big eyes?

#DillPickle #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo

New doggo at work. Found her under my desk. Pretty sure she can pick up radio transmissions from Andromeda with those ears.

13/10 #Brooklyn #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled #calibamboo

Videos taken right before disaster strikes.

Our first Christmas tree is here and decorated! The Spaghettingell ( @whitewolfequestrian ) did an amazing job with the decorations!

Internal combustion engine became external combustion when a fuel line on the fuel rail (backside of engine) burst.

7200rpm, high fuel pressure, and a really hot set of exhaust pipes made for one heck of a flame show. Neither myself nor Lindsay were hurt or burned because of some work I did years ago to seal the firewall completely from the engine bay. Do what you can safety-wise with your racecar's guys. You never know when that 5 hour project you did to help safety concerns will pay off.

So some of you guys know from Facebook, some of you don't.

But just like fb I'm keeping this short and sweet. #modzilla caught fire at the track yesterday. I am okay. Lindsay is okay. The car is not so much. Fuel line burst and ignited a fireball in the engine bay and under the car. The full extent of the damage is undetermined but financial prognosis doesn't look particularly great. What path I take from here will be thoroughly thought through before proceeding. Thanks everyone who helped yesterday, you all know who you are.

Just about ready for Test AutoX #2 at qualcomm. She just needs to make it through tomorrow then out everything comes hopefully for one last time in preparation for the 2020 season.

Barring no problems like the last event, I'll hopefully be able to focus on driveability and also my driving tomorrow. Pretty excited, I feel fairly more confident in the car since it made it through the last event, tomorrow will be the real test.

Was supposed to work on this thing yesterday in preparation for racing on the 24th...instead veg'd out playing the original red dead redemption 😂.

Gotta a long week ahead if I plan to race this thing next weekend!

I may no longer do graphic design for clients, but it is still an enjoyable thing to do leisurely.

@whitewolfequestrian 's new logo is complete with Odin's face as the mascot and a custom font. #whitewolfequestrian

Little powerwashing went a long way. Back to 100% clean! #cortexracing

The paint scheme I'd go for if I had a GT4. New liveries available for the GT4 Mod, I will be posting them with some updates to the mod itself soon :) #marlborolivery #thing1andthing2

Yesterday I released this mod for Assetto Corsa and the reception has been amazing thus far.

Physics done by me with the help and knowledge of @cortexracing. Skins also done by me and will continue to add to the field of the GT4's. Want the file? Hit the DM's! #assettocorsa #multimatic #gt4 #lagunaseca

Same 3d model, different scenery. Tribute to the Multimatic scheme I put on my '16. #beachedGT4

And another 3d rendering project done. Bringing @yonly65 's @multimaticmotorsports GT4 mustang to life in @assettocorsa !

Want the file? Hit the DM's! #assettocorsa #gt4 #mustang

Excited to have the drive back to work on this thing.

The evolution of #modzilla continues onward now that I have one event under my belt this year. Fix the quirks, add some more aero, potentially add even more power, and hopefully soon she'll debut at a big track for some lap times. It's been a long and arduous road but worth it in the end. For all of my friends who are in the same position I was, keep going with the project. The moment you get it back out there all of your problems will immediately fade. #jinbaittai


"How much curbing do you use?" "All of it."

"What class do you run?" PAX of course!

#calculatorracing @calibamboo @grassroots_motorsports #wearyourhelmettoworkday #calibamboo

I have pretty adorable coworkers. #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled

Hello orange pylon, my old friend... I've come to obliterate you once again. #meepmeep

Please type F in the chat for my entire life smelling of burnt differential fluid. #ohfuckyes ?

More like #ohfuckno.

It's been 3 years since this thing has seen an autocross. 3 long and painful years.

Huge thanks to SDR for putting on a great event and allowing me to put this thing through it's paces once again. Nothing quite like this car in the world and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I think #Modzilla is ready.

The new R3 HANS (Head and Neck Support) device is set up in the racecar.

Today we chase down the last few things before we send it tomorrow at SDR!

So for better or bratwurst the racecar is headed to it's first racing event in 3 years, this weekend.

Will it survive? Will it pass sound? Will I ever sort out it's problems? Stay t00ned.

A not so normal dog deserves a not so normal remembrance portrait.

Had this commissioned by @crownandpaw and it came out awesome! Miss ya @odinthemushkie 😟😘

Apparently my male modeling career is taking off...again.

My back hurts but, great progress. I'm 100% moved in.

Now just sorting out the garage completely, labeling cabinets, organizing tools, etc. Happy that even with my ridiculous amount of shit I own, that I still have empty cabinets to work with.

So my driveway filled up today.

So many injector ticks, wayament, they both a 4.six. #2vforlife

I have a shadow. #Nori #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled

Natural Habitat.

Welcome home sweetheart 😘 #modzilla

Huge thanks to @southworstracing for the epic t-shirt!

Obviously a huge fan with my aviation background and you can't go wrong with a sweet foxbody! If you don't follow em you totally should!

Drove her to her new home today. She only gave me a little bit of sass but all of the horsepower 😍

18 books that make you go: "What the hell does this guy do for a living?" #racecaraccounting #accountforyourracecar #cornerbalanceyourbooks

I may or may not have laughed like a hyena about this. #harrypottermeetsmichaelschumacher

The garage can hold maximum spaghett.

Well it ran for a bit. At least until a Vibrant Performance oil line burst at the fitting.

Car sounded happy and quite healthy. For now it'll sit until I'm moved into our house but next weekend I plan to drive the car over to the new place! I'm determined to make this thing reliable again!

Let's see if the new engine fires up today. 🙌🏼

The beginning of a new chapter frens. #btmautosporthasrelocated #bigassgarage

Today has been wild. It's about to get more wild.

Labor Day Weekend Highlight: Turning laps in the cop car. #dramafreespaghetti

Round 6 of @musclecupusa is tomorrow. Fresh @falkentire 's have been mounted on the crown Vic.

Fresh oil. Added a pushbar to the front and am borrowing @whitewolfequestrian 's GoPro. Get ready for some significant shenanigans to occur 😂 #sub140 at SOW or bust!

My daily visitor at work, Nori. 🤩 #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled

In non-sim racing related news. Huge thank you to some of my racing partners support in getting this car ready to go back together.

@hano_motorsports and Roger Kraus Racing have put me in a good spot to hopefully get the car back together within the next month. Just gotta find the time to make it happen, get it on the Dyno, and out to the track to turn some laps!

For the past week I've been frustrating myself with trying to get the maximum potential out of the 787b at Laguna Seca.

At the time, I plateau'd at a 1:24.8 and couldn't understand why when typical lap times online are 1:21-1:22.
Sometimes the simplest things are what get overlooked especially when you're sim racing and don't actually feel what the car is doing outside of the steering wheel. I sat back and really thought about the setup I had created and the car I was driving. Then it hit me. The Mazda 787B is mid-engine'd and rear wheel drive. The setup I created was for front engine, rear wheel drive and the way I was man-handling the car was as if it was front engine, rear wheel drive. Starting over tuning the car sucked, as I lost hours of tuning time, but, j managed to go from 1:24.8 down to a 1:19.7 just making the adjustments to the car and fine tuning my driving style to better suit the car.
This is one of those times where someone tells you to look for a city name on a map and you're looking for the fine text, but, in reality the text you're looking for is bold and large and blinking red with arrows pointing at it. Simply put, don't overlook the obvious 😂. @ultimatedrivingtips @2khlis I'm sure you'll appreciate this. #assettocorsa

The cop car fits unlimited spaghetti. Also 10 Michelin S8 slicks.

More if I removed the "Odin" Partition (thanks @rwbymach ).Excited for the tires I get to mess around with from Roger Kraus Racing!

I feel like I need to give a review of this podcast because it is seriously the best thing I've ever listened to.

In the past two weeks I have driven somewhere above 2000mi and have had a considerable amount of time to myself in my car. When I have long drives, I typically turn to podcasts. I've been jumping around lately and asked on Instagram what people recommend. Well, that's when I found Matt & Destin at @nodumbquestions. I can't remember who suggested it, but all I can say is thank you because this podcast literally hits all of my checkmarks. Continued pursuit of learning and understanding ✔️intellectual conversation ✔️ loads of humor ✔️ chemistry between the hosts✔️. Matt Whitman (Ex College History Professor) and Destin Sandlin (Rocket Engineer), are probably the most charismatic hosts I've ever listened to and they absolutely feed off of each other during their in depth discussions. They approach their topics in a way that really sucks you in and makes you want to know more. But be warned, these two are unbelievably ridiculous when it comes to their tangents and they usually get on tangents in a very quick way because as I mentioned, they feed off each other. I've gotten through a solid chunk of episodes and still can't get enough of them and the subjects they bring to the table. Half the time I'm laughing and half the time I'm learning some epic topic or about Matt's underwear and screaming defense to sleep paralysis demons. Either way it's podcast gold.

If you have the spare time (typically their episodes are 60+min as you get further into it, the beginning ones are quite short), I highly recommend taking a listen. Obviously it's not for everyone, but, man it's so good I just had to share how much I love it. If you enjoy furthering your pursuit of knowledge with oodles of humor this is the podcast for you.

It's back to reality for me. Till next year Ugly Floormat Raceway.

Or maybe sooner if I get Modzilla sorted. 😈

Another epic week at @weathertechraceway comes to a close for me.

Huge thanks to these guys inviting me up here to get my hands dirty and put in some work. These two have been the most influential figures in my racing career and they continue to provide their overwhelming knowledge that has furthered my career as far as it has. This week hasn't been the easiest given the unfortunate circumstances that had me rushing home, but they and the whole Roger Kraus Racing team made it much easier to work through. Till next year!
Edit: I'm beginning to realize I'm too tall for this racing stuff. 🤣

Was looking for @rodneysandstorm ran into these guys instead.

@yonly65 car looks horribly built, guess you gotta give it to me 😜.

The past 48 hours have been a whirr. 1000 miles round-trip, 500 home and 500 back to laguna seca this afternoon.

All for this little guy. At 11:10am this morning Odin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I firmly believe that all dogs have a purpose on this Earth. Odin's? Well Odin was a special one. "Magic Wolf" as one of Lindsay's clients said. He brought so much joy to everyone one around him and most of all, what I believe his purpose was, was to bring peace to those that matter most to him. He was always ready and available for snuggling, demanding of scritches which were always therapeutic, and of course.. his goofiness. My God his goofiness. Grabbed him fame on Reddit, love on Instagram, and captured our hearts every day. And lastly his beauty. Even the lady who came to euthanize Odin said, "oh my gosh he's a beautiful dog". We got to hear it one last time, closure for what has been the most amazing dog I've ever had in my life and with that Odin's purpose was achieved. He took care of Lindsay when she needed it most, took care of others in Lindsay's life who needed it, and finally myself. While I only knew Odin for a year of his complicated life, he brought so much joy to me and Lindsay and always was down for an impromptu photoshoot with sunglasses or a hat on 😂. We will miss his zooms, his yowling, his hissy fits over being scritched on his head and not his chest and his squeeker farts while wagging his tail and acting like it wasn't him haha. It's going to be a hard few days, weeks, months, years knowing that Odin will no longer be my Horseshow buddy, cuddle buddy, and all around Floof buddy. Thank you for everything you've done for us Odin, you have taught us so much, shared so much with us, and truly blessed us with happiness, day in and day out. We love you Floof. I hope one day I get to embrace and scritch you once again.

S A T I S F A C T I O N #RogerKrausRacing

What is this? A building made for ants?

The real deal r-comps. #notyourmamasnankangs

I can relate.

Day 1 is complete. Here's some of my favorite cars for the day.

If you're planning on going to Laguna Seca for the Motorsports Reunion... This is the year to go imo. its IMSA year. That means all of the Group C (Gtp) cars like the 787b, Sauber c9, Jaguar, etc. are here or will be. Looking forward to having my eardrums ruptured by the 787B's R26B 4-Rotor.

It's time.

The journey to Laguna Seca begins. Excited to be back onboard with Roger Kraus Racing for the next week and a half!

#RogerKrausRacing #motorsportsreunion #monterreycarweek

Checked this book out from library yesterday and am already done with it.

It is a fantastic read for the dog / car enthusiast alike. It is a very good book about overcoming one's daily struggles and attritions that life throws at you to continue pursuing your dreams. Great racing jargon and a humorous storytelling viewpoint from a racing drivers dog's eyes. Be aware though, while there are significant references to racing, it is not largely based solely on racing but the struggle of balancing a career, a life, and a family around a racing dream. Read the book before you see the movie. That way it doesn't ruin your perception of a fantastic read 😉 Also yes, it spans the entire life of the dog so be ready for what happens when a dog reaches old age 😅😭 #theartofracingintherain #enzo #dennyswift #becausedogracer

Oh. #fbf #fef #twowheelsup


Oh lawd we comin'! Brought to you by @cortexracing , @hano_motorsports , and my existential dread.

Special thanks to @whitewolfequestrian for yelling at me to get out of bed.

Tried out a new [to me] sim this evening called, Automobilista.

Great physics, great DLC and mods (GT4 being the number one reason I got it), but since it's based off of rFactor's graphic engine the visuals are mediocre at best. Still a great game and surprisingly a large online backing. First race I hopped on at VIR and did some things 😅. Overall a great sim if you don't have a high performing computer for Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2, but it seems like Automobilista 2 shows great promise [release is December 2019] #automobilista #fordmustanggt4

Been silently working away on this pile. We'll be back soon. #2020vision

🤣 Me AF. @boomboxcrossfit_nrth

Not even on course yet and @whitewolfequestrian is already yelling at me for not going fast enough.


If I can't figure the Roush out I'm going to drop a 4.6 2v in this thing.

It's my favorite body style of mustang it just needs a reliable powerplant. The coyote and ecoboost are no such things. 🙅🏻‍♂️

Had some fun yesterday evening driving the bejesus out of this beautiful @lotuscars Evora S at @buttonwillowraceway on @assettocorsa.

01:58.1 at CW13. Not bad for the little supercar.

One year ago I visited @racesonoma with the cop car.

Terrorized some Porsche's with it, gave some friends ride alongs, @5ohpony and @slidinponycrew91 (and was even offered a drive in the @southworstracing 737), visited my sponsors shops ( @cortexracing and Roger Kraus Racing) and in general just enjoyed having my own time away from the desk job. Looking forward to heading back up north for the Motorsports Reunion next month for a week to work for Roger Kraus Racing, should be a great time!

I'm a pretty lucky dude to have these two in my life 😅 #wce #bestestdoggo

The noises are just so right 😍

Supposedly there was an earthquake this weekend in the Middle Valley?

Sorry about that guys, it was just us at @musclecupusa 😜😉

Yeeticus Maximus.

Another racing weekend down, another one without my racecar 😂.

Thanks to the THIC (Tiny human in command) for making this weekend enjoyable despite the heat. Needed a good break from the desk job in enjoyable company with racecar noises in the background 🤩

Did a thing again with the ecoslow. Also beat another ecoboost.

Died of heat out at buttonwillow, but enjoyed my time with friends out there. Another great @musclecupusa event!

Happy Anti-Tea Party Day everyone! If you know the reference on the shirt, bonus points for you.


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, it was a good one. #29 #oldaf #ancient

I knew this hooman had potential as a driver.. but I didn't know she'd be this good outta the box!

#NeverLiftLindsay over here putting a hurt on all the dudes she raced against in her first time ever at K1 Speed. Shes addicted now and I'm happy to feed that addiction 😂 huge thanks to both @whitewolfequestrian and @wickit96 for coming out and enjoying some lowkey karting for my bday shenanigans. All I know is that I've created a monster behind the wheel now. #TeamSpaghettingell is gonna be a thing soon.

The floof approves of my choice of video game. But also later decided to disapprove by closing the laptop 😂

In other news: The @whitewolfequestrian 2ft box is complete.

I designed and built the box, designed the Wolf logo, and let Lindsay and @cathymadsen80 use their artistic ability to create the logo on the box as I have zero artistic ability with a paint brush 😂. Shout out to @lindacutone for her helpful hints on how to transfer the design right to the box :). Odin approves!

Little bit of a pick me up thanks to @carterscustoms04.

Excited about the new race diffuser we worked on and designed. Fully adjustable settings and ready to generate some serious downforce on a car that doesnt run 🤪😂

Potentially long post so buckle up. Modzilla is once again down due to unforseen circumstances.

I'll admit it has been legitimately one of the most disheartening things continuously going through problems with this new engine that have all been seemingly out of my control. I've spent more money on this new build than will ever be truly worth it at this point and it's getting harder and harder to continue to have the drive to see it through. On one end of things, I wish I had stayed simplistic with the engine instead of trying to outdo myself and the last engine. But on the other hand I've seen the car's potential and what it will be if and when it's actually put together right. Something that gradually I hope I have the interest in seeing through because at this point the car has brought me nothing but pain and lament. To those who have supported me along the way with this thing, please know that it means a lot to me, if nothing else, your support has kept me pushing forth to resolve the issues and take things into my own hands instead of outsourcing. I'm not saying this is the end for modzilla, in fact far from it. I've dropped Facebook to help me regain my focus. I've taken a few weeks off from tearing it all apart to really try and regain the ubiquitous drive that I had with this car since I bought I back in 2010. 9 years of ownership, 6 years of fantastic racing memories. Here's to hoping I can get back on track with it in 2020.

Had fun making this the past two days. @calibamboo flooring put to use to make a 2ft tall box jump for horses.

Added some fancy handles, a removable top for servicing, and holes for flowers to be added at the top. Has skid plates on the bottom to be dragged across the arena as needed and a couple of drainage points on the underside. Turned out surprisingly well, especially considering flooring isn't exactly designed for this purpose. Stay tuned for action shots! #whitewolfequestrian #calibamboo #calibrands #morethanflooring

I've never seen a dog so happy. @odinthemushkie

The next step in the fitness journey. Trying to find that permanent home for my CrossFit cravings.

So far so good with @boomboxcrossfit_nrth ! It's good to be back at it!

Took my dad shooting today. We shot his LEO pistol, his revolver (loved that), and a CA legal AK-47.

I was super accurate with the revolver and AK47, Had a helluva time shoot the HK mainly because it is for right handed shooting... I'm a lefty when it comes to firing guns and eating food 😅

Helping out a friend line, @realdealbjj , with selling this beautiful Roush 427R.

If you wanted the best era of Roush Mustang and the best of the S197 chassis, this is it. Most well balanced, fun to drive, 400hp car you can get for the money! #roush427r

Got to enjoy my morning watching my friends race at the @sccaofficial SD match tour.

It was nice going to just watch, but the itch to autocross certainly has come back.

Today's feels. #Red

My two favorite things. Quality Control Dogés and aerodynamics by @carterscustoms04.

Stay t00ned for shenanigans.

After 2 nails in two separate tires in one week... I guess it was time for new tires.

Sadly missed happy hour at work for this 🤦🏻‍♂️

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain misses us on Sunday.

If we have a sunny day, big things will be happening for Modzilla. Stay t00ned.

What my evening consisted of late last night. Got the FPDM wiring upgrade and the Vortech Boost A Pump installed.

This should resolve the leaning out issues I'm having over 4700rpms. Huge thanks to Ortiz Performance for sending me the BAP. Fingers are crossed that we make some good numbers now. #wiringhell

If there's a picture I'll forever remember this dog by.. it's this one.

Pretty much sums up #DaisyDuke in one photo!

Looking forward to getting this thing back out to the track soon.

Working through a few fuel system issues amongst other things, but it's return is inevitable. #fbf

Sigh. Not the news you want from your tuner but I suppose it's a good problem to have?

Time to work out the fuel solutions now with Ortiz Performance. Happy we found this issue before getting on the Dyno and wasting precious $$ and time.


Shipped off a set of Avons, now it's time to theow a set of freshies on the racecar.

RIP Trans and diff.


me going 120mph through T8 at @willow_springs_raceway in the cop car:

I suppose it's a good thing my brakes don't heat up enough?

Closing off the ducting with short term tape until I'm able to make an adjustable block off plate for the Roush front.

My peace and happiness lies behind this steering wheel. 🙏🏻

60 miles round trip and a half tank of gas later, this trial run has been a success!

Nice cool water and oil temps (even at 6k rpm on freeway) ✔️
Reliable in some of the worst driving conditions in the country ✔️
Fast as shit when these tires are warm ✔️
Fun as hell to drive ✔️ Now to get it back up on jack stands and look things over before moving onward with the next phase.

Salut beauté 😘

Most people give @caliphotovideo the finger as they go by for whatever reason, we're hoping to start a new trend of more positive hand gestures 😂

Always thank your photographers and course workers for braving the weather and track conditions!

Driver: @wickit96 📸: @rallyewerk

#turn9pd the $1500 car that has paid for itself over and over.

I have driven this thing at over 10 track days, 1 autocross, and put over 20k miles on it in the past year. Haven't had to change the brakes once. The tires are still holding up, and the only thing I've had to change is the oil. The crown vic is without a doubt the best work horse of a vehicle I've owned, and that's largely in part due to the fact it is a 2v. The engine that will just keep on running forever!

This thing has been a thorn in my side for months. This was supposed to be my dad's birthday present back in February 😂.

Nobody made a bullitt hat and my dad really wanted one so I custom made the logo to also include the number of his bullitt. Placed the order back in January. They only finished making the hat in March. Then it had to ship from Canada... That's where things went sour. The package went missing once it exchanged hands to USPS after customs and only was found yesterday where it magically ended up in San Diego and then of course today for delivery. Excited to finally get it, excited about the quality of hat as well, will probably use this company for BTM AutoSport apparel as they did a fantastic job, just production time and shipping are something I'll have to figure out with them 😂

#tbt to my first sortie in the Cold War. It was no A-10 but we got the job done.

Happy National Crowd Killer.. erm.. Mustang day! I've had just a few piles...

One of which isn't pictured.. my 1992 Ford Mustang LX I had for a few months. Been a great run with each of these cars!

Got my money's worth.

Working on something pretty damn wild with @carterscustoms04. Stay tuned...

SN95 aero is about to get way more wild.

@odinthemushkie I am not food!

More seat time. This time in a chassis I'm very well acquainted with 😉

@nasa says they took the first photograph of a black hole... I strongly disagree...

I've been taking pictures of this for years!

Seat time, seat time, seat time. @projectcarsgame

Your face when you credit card declines buying a stick of gum #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo

"V2" now available from @argperformancellc ! Very happy to be a part of the development of this shifter relocation.

Being that I'm 6'6" and sit damn near in the back seat of the racecar, the relocation was an absolute must. Every relocation you order is custom tailored to your specific needs by ARG, the length, height, and of course the shifter thread/knob is 100% your choice. The setup is everything I could imagine and more for use with my dogbox transmission. Effortless shifts to every gear with or without out clutch. Message them today to order yours!

Welcome back my beautiful little monster 😘 #betterthanhavingakid #morerewarding #lessvomiting

Got this thing back around Christmas time and just never had the time to really finish building it.

Total of 15 hours build time and I'm stoked with how it came out. One of my favorite video games growing up was Armored Core and this particular model, 063AN "Ambient", was a favorite of mine. Okay I'm done nerding out for the evening 🤓 #armoredcore #kotobukiya #063an

Sometimes it's nice to not have to lug around my Nikon dslr for shots like this.

#googlepixel3 @odinthemushkie

Excited to try this rendition out. Thank you @argperformancellc for the incredibly fast turnaround time!

When you ship out your shifter handle and have to macgyver a contraption to move the car around 😂couldn't get the car into gear with the little shifter nub so this helped reasonably

No longer looking like a 500lb man wearing a trashbag in my racing suit.

A lot of hard work to get to this level of physical fitness, many thanks to my work @calibamboo for offering CrossFit classes for us that got me started on my journey a year ago with @pat_minehan at Code 3. Lost a considerable amount of weight that required me to have my racing suit refitted. I'm excited looking in the mirror now and truly seeing the difference of what I once was. Also special thanks to @turn2kaul and @hardw0rx for the motivation! #hpdrefit #wildsocks

Dialing in the tune with Ortiz Performance this weekend. Car is an absolute animal.

Great little battle in @projectcarsgame time attack amongst drivers who have all laid down solid laps at @willow_springs_raceway !

Gave the behemoth of a S550 all she had. Looking forward to seeing @italian_stang , @hagedorn_racing , and @drewwa 's response!
If you have PCars2 see if you can take us down!

Only @jamesmaybloke can make the world's most boring car, exciting to see in person.

That's the Dacia Sandero! #daciasandero

Seat time? Yeah I've got seat time... @projectcarsgame @willow_springs_raceway #wsir #turn9pd

I greatly prefer @whitewolfequestrian 's sit-running creature named Gelatinous Sugar Cube than one called Inclement Weather.

He's just more majestic.

Nostalgia Day 2. This was the day I was most worried about at Nationals.

Rain in the morning with drying conditions. The later you ran the faster you'd be. I lucked out with a red flag on my last run and was given an extra run where I laid down a time that give me the national championship win by just shy of a full second.

2016 SCCA Solo Nationals Day 2 - Airport Course

Setting up pre-grid for @musclecupusa and trying not to stare at the viper... 📸: @r1st2nv

Little bit of nostalgia brought to you by Rupert Berrington!

Huge thanks for digging through your files to find these. Especially after the weekend I had with the ecoboost this gives me even more motivation to get the Roush race ready!

2016 SCCA Nationals - Corn Side Course (Day 1)

@odinthemushkie checking how far back the camaros are behind us.

Sneak peak of just one of many livery renditions I'm working on for #modzilla.

@kohrmotorsports @multimaticmotorsports themed just like the ecoboost.

Little over a year later and about 50lbs worth of racing weight reduction I'm still going.

Huge thanks to @code3sandiego for whipping me into shape and @f45_training_sorrentovalley murdering me with cardio. Looking forward to continuing my pursuit of physical fitness especially behind the wheel of the racecar!

It's good to be back.

First drive was successful. Welcome back to the meanest 2v I've ever got behind the wheel of.

Wilbur doing a heckin' smile! #dogofcalibamboo #calibamboozled

The flying spaghetti is at it again.

@italian_stang getting the #spaghettimobile flying around Turn 8 at WSIR at about a buck twenty! you even spaghetti?

The crown vic managed a participation trophy this weekend at @musclecupusa.

The CVPI was remarkably consistent all day and set me aside some championship points for when I bring out the heavy artillery... Modzilla.

Out here running the first @musclecupusa event of the year at Big Willow!

These noises are why I do this!

Dubai knows not what personal space is while blanketing.

She's alive and very angry. You're welcome @xocolleenox. 😂

The grumpy old man, Swingin' Soul, watching over his barn.

Burnt. Toasted. Lightly toasted. #horsebuns

So @whitewolfequestrian has this badass vinyl of a horse jumping on the back of her truck....

Well I do believe my rendition of what would happen if I attempted to jump, will be finding it's way onto the back of the cop car at some point. 😂 #cantrideforshit

🤷🏻‍♂️😂 #acecombat7


Huge thank you to @whitewolfequestrian for the support in getting to this moment.

There was a lot of moments where I wanted to give up when things went wrong this weekend. Not to mention hurting my back like the old man I am. But here we are. The fastest road racing 2v is back in action and soon to be hunting down the lap time goals I've set for myself. Prepare yourselves for an epic 2019 from Team @btmautosport and Spaghettingell Racing. 😂

So we did a thing today. I think @whitewolfequestrian might like Modzilla a little bit to be sitting in the car already!


Beep beep mothertrucker.

I share those tired feels Odin. Also can someone tell me why his ears remind me of the vertical stabilizers of a Mig-29?


A wild walking loaf of bread appears! #fiona #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled


Just a few tracks under my belt! Hope to add a few more this year! @trackdecals #trackdecals

Thanks Google. #wordoftheday #pylon

Been addicted to Reddit lately and saw a post on r/askreddit asking "When did you realize that your significant other first loved you?".

Well, the answer can only be explained with how her tiny human self finds herself looking at me in photographs. Well that and all the times she's helped me out of incredibly dumb situations but you don't need the specifics on that 😂 #WCE #gonnamakehervomit #gonnamakemyselfvomit #Spaghettingell @whitewolfequestrian

Engine was dropped into Modzilla yesterday. I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious...

Again 😂

Achieved oil pressure today on the new engine. Stay tuned all, things are about to get fun in 2019!

I see what you all did there. Good thing I'm working on Modzilla today! #bringbackmodzilla

I like dis hooman very much. She also looks remarkably good in a Miata 🤔

Maya the Trembling Christmas Tree! #calibamboo #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo

About that...

@porsche: not great at off-road

I don't know why I love this car so much.. but damn I love this car so much 😂

Not too many people I can be myself around these days, so every moment I get with her is bliss.

😂 Also, I seem to have misplaced my neck in this picture, if you locate it please return it to me. Thanks for being an awesome... Uh sidekick? Noooo... Definitely partner @whitewolfequestrian 😂

BRP was an absolute blast! Happy to say the Ecoboost is now in track day retirement and the next time we go to a track...

It's gonna be with the Roush!

I have been companioned by two Noble doggos! Xena Warrior Pibble and @odinthemushkie the God of all Floofs!

Be peanut butter and jelly. <3

Definitely feeling like spare parts this morning with how busy this weekend was but it was a

fantastic one as well thanks to my co-pilot / engineer, @whitewolfequestrian who was along with me the whole way. From hilariously feeding me french fries and soda while making the trek to Bakersfield, all the way down to setting up the @racepakdata Vantage CL1 to be compatible with my phone, this weekend would not have been nearly as enjoyable nor as much of a success as it was without her pushing me.

The American Muscle Cup Finals went off without a hitch and has me thoroughly excited for what 2019 will bring for the series.. lots of things in the works there, stay tuned for more on that.

On a sad note this was the last hoorah for the ecoboost as the Roush's return is now imminent. It was thoroughly enjoyable going sideways over Phil Hill in this pile and she'll definitely be missed on track, but it's onto bigger and better better things. Besides... Lindsay says she's ready for the Roush 😏 #shemightbeakeeper

To say I love my job and passionately is an understatement.

Thank you @yonly65 for bringing your amazing GT4 to our @musclecupusa event. I definitely look forward to having you back out with us in 2019!

With the continual chance of rain this weekend at @buttonwillowraceway for the final round of @musclecupusa it's a good reminder of how much of a rite of passage it is to win in the rain!

Rain racing is something I've always enjoyed and had fun competing in and am seriously keeping my fingers crossed for the storm to keep up!

Happy Thanksgiving from our college student Odin who is finishing his midterm on how to be a good boi!

Mazda 787B @ Dubai Autodrome
Panoz Esperante GTR1 @ Suzuka Circuit

Pagani Zonda Revolution @ Monza

I don't like easily driven cars nor do I like easily driven tracks. What's your choice?

While waiting for Lindsay to put away her tack, Patton decided he wanted to watch her with me and what better way than me to be his headrest?

Seriously my favorite pony at the barn, he's such a cuddle bug! #fantasticbeast #thebarniswheretofindthem

Hello Penny 😋 #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboozled

So ready for the return of some real aero now that I've moved on from the SCCA.

I hope @rhrperf is ready to take my money for the 2019 season. 😏 #fearthewing

Supposedly I don't post enough car stuff. There will definitely be more soon but I like the variety of horses, hoomans, puppers, and cars.


I'm kind of a fan of her. I think it's her shirt. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #tshirtcrushwednesday @whitewolfequestrian

Wishing we were there again. Was such a fun and carefree trip..maybe it's time to plan the next one @whitewolfequestrian 😉

Thanks again to Roger Kraus Racing for supplying the tires I'll need for 2019.

Excited to start with this small batch and hopefully @bkraus_ keeps sending more my way 😉. I've got these and the avons currently on the Roush. things are gonna get wild next year!

#fbf to the time I turned my Roush into a bicycle thanks to the grip of @avontyresofficial slicks I was running from Roger Kraus Racing!

Looking forward to getting back to that level of grip again next year!

Getting through my week like Patton the Friesian-Appaloosa mix!

Looking forward to 2019... #returnoftheslicks is upon us. 😈

Rockin' our @blenderseyewear sunnies and teaching the incredibly short human how to drive the ecoboost.

She's already hit over 20psi of boost and is getting more and more comfortable with it. I guess autocross is the logical next step right? #justgonnasendit #horsepowercouple <--- @whitewolfequestrian might actually kill me for that hashtag 🤣

Work pup Bowie couldn't see, but with modern technological advances we helped him improvise, adapt, and overcome.

#calibamboozled #pixel3xl

So I did a thing and finally ditched the iPhone! Been wanting a pixel for some time now, it just happened to work out that the 3 XL came out so recently!

bonus shot of Patton with the Pixel's portait mode :)

I've taken a lot of photos in my most recent years of life.

This picture actually started off as a candid shot of her leaning on the trailer... then she looked over... then Swingin' Soul looked over... and well, I captured what I think is and will forever be the best photo of my career. #tinyhuman #curioushorse


Now taking requests to be your cameraman for when you go off course 😜 @ryanosky’s pretty intense off at Streets of Willow (CW).

Glad you and the car were able to continue without issue!

Apparently i’ve reached 1,000 followers on this account. I just have one question for you all...

who the hell are all of you? 👀😂 Still no idea on the return of the beast above... maybe one day she’ll set a lap time at all of my favorite tracks...

I’ve driven many vehicles over my “racing career” but the 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost has got to be

one of the worst in stock form to drive at the limit 😂 I worked harder over the weekend to keep this car pointed in the correct direction than i’ve ever had to before in my life. Constant steering corrections and minute adjustments that netted me a 2nd place finish in Stock Class, coming in second behind the well prepped and well driven @hagedorn_racing coyote s197. The car drove like shit, I was exhausted at the end of the day trying to keep it on track, but, realistically was one of the most fun drives i’ve had. Maybe that has to do with my passenger @whitewolfequestrian , or maybe it’s because deep down I do love this car..........nah 😝

Putting the stock back in stock class! Took the Ecoboost to Streets of Willow yesterday for Round 6 of @musclecupusa and did a thing!

@whitewolfequestrian was a great passenger and helpful hand yesterday in both helping me with the event’s success and my own! #justgonnasendit

“On a scale of 0-100 how ready are you to do stupid shit at @musclecupusa’s Round 6 at Streets of Willow?” Me:

@odinthemushkie looking handsome AF on our new line of Bamdeck composite decking!

Modzilla, I await your return. Still waiting on the engine at this point to be returned to me, after that it will be smooth sailing to the first fire up, once again.

#1 in the program, #1 in your hearts (probably not), the ecoboost will be returning to SoW 10/13 in full stock trim.

Let’s see what kind of laps I can turn comparatively to the CorteX-JRi suspension I was running before. 😉

#fbf to the OG white pony that taught me everything I needed to know about car control and momentum-based driving.

Stacked with a staggering 150hp, this car proved its worth nearly going sub 2:00’s at the Roval on Toyo T1R’s back in the day.

Yesterday was for the car I’ve dumped my heart and soul into, today is the car that I’ve without a

doubt treated the worst, also this car has been driven by just about everyone in the racing community so there’s also that. This car was a true testament that all new Ford products are pretty much trash quality-wise.. Why? Blew the engine after 20k miles, blew out an oil pressure sensor when it only had a few miles, blew up 3 different hub bearings, and good god the rattles on this thing are so bad 😂 This is why she’s been so lovingly dubbed the Strumpet by @whitewolfequestrian. If you don’t know what strumpet means, you’re probably better off not knowing. #tbt

The good ‘ol #wce. Only car I’ve had since ownership that nobody else but myself has driven..

Partly because of superstition but partly now because, there’s only a handful of people that I know who are skillful enough to master shifting this beast perfectly 😏 Engine is set to return this saturday. Let’s hope for a clean install and an oil filled start up.

That hilarious moment our 9 year old @odinthemushkie was rock climbing better than most of the humans out at Big Bear Lake.

He made it all the way up to the entry of Castle Rock which is rock climbing only to enter. The dude is unstoppable, Lindsay and I were just trying to keep up!

Using a hot tub in the middle of the wilderness is something I never knew I needed but man did I need it 😂 Zero light pollution at night for star gazing and holy cow was it relaxing.

Sucks to be be back home, I would love to stay there for a week!

We had a freaking awesome time hiking, climbing, and exploring the past three days!

It’s been an amazing experience and something all three of us won’t forget! Now we look forward to our next adventure! 😈

I’d say i’m a pretty lucky guy. We had fun celebrating her 27th birthday at a super snazzy restaurant then came back and screamed our hearts out to late 2000’s country music and a bottle of wine 😂

Happy birthday to this crazy ass workaholic! Won’t tell you where we are, other than the wilderness fighting majestic wild beasts while we’re lounging in our hot tub!

She’s a pretty great human though. Took care of me when I was legitimately fearful of what was happening to me while i was at the hospital earlier this week. And she’s done things since I first met her that set her apart from anyone i’ve ever met. You deserve this trip! and possibly me leaving you here with no means of return because you’re an asshole sometimes but i’ll let that slide 😜😂

There isn’t a more fun type of racing to me than ProSolo...

bummed I missed it this year but i’m going to try and make it a point to at least do one a year!

#marshmallowmonday. Yesterday Lindsay put me on her tiniest horse after learning how to post trot (poorly) on Malibu.

Marshmallow is the sweetest horse you’ll ever meet and also the most hilarious for me to ride since i can wrap my legs all the way around him haha

Under the skirt of #Modzilla to take a look at the suspension parts that make her a formidable adversary in every event she competed.

No independent rear suspension... why? Zero benefit over the copious amounts of traction the @cortexracing watts link and dampers as well as the @maximummotorsports torque arm and control arms provide. You won’t find a more hooked up SN95 than Modzilla, guaranteed 😉

#tbt to the run at nationals in 2016 that gave me my 1 second lead after day one.

If it weren’t for my patience on this run, day two would have been much more stressful for me. Watching this video it was phenomenal what such a low powered car for its class could do. 🤙🏻

Looking back at 2015 Nationals is a trip for me.

48 hours round trip in a borrowed truck and trailer by myself, with a car that was running all the wrong suspension parts for slicks, and brakes that had no business ever being on a performance car and above all being just overwhelmed by the size of the event and not knowing anyone when I was out there was daunting. Who knew a year later all that would change? I certainly didn’t. All I knew is that I wanted to have fun on the national stage and this picture proves just that. Good enough angle for you @melissadrifts ? 😂

So it’s been quite some time since i’ve had a #wcw post but i definitely feel like she’s worthy of it now.

She came waltzing into my life without any real warning, but at this point I couldn’t see having her out of my life. She’s been there for me when I needed it and no one else could, she puts up with all of my shit, and most of all we mesh incredibly well when we’re together. While we’ve had some ups and downs i’m thankful for everything she’s taught me. Cheers to what @whitewolfequestrian calls the strumpet, my #wcw , my 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost 😍😅😂 What? You thought this was some sappy post about a human?

Drive poetically my friends. 🤙🏻

Headed to Big Bear in a week... ETA on the re-completion of the race engine? A week. 😏.

Going to be well rested for the thrash to get the roush back up and running. Then it’s back to roasting up some Avon tyres on some concrete! 😍

Supported @whitewolfequestrian as a photographer yesterday at Copper Meadows XCountry Event!

Lindsay and Lucky did awesome at what I affectionately like to call Rallycross for horses.

#fbf to 2013; my very first autocross event I ever participated in. Fun fact:

My first impression of the sport was not a good one 😂 I took a ride along with now friend, Tom Kamman in his S197 GT before I ran my Roush and got so sick as a passenger I thought I was going to vomit from his steering inputs 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thankfully when I hopped into my own car, like smoke, everything went up from there. If you would have told me 3 years later I would have become a national champion I would have laughed in your face. Working with nothing but the tiniest of budgets and a burning desire to succeed I chased my dream, with the help of a lot people along the way... and one crowd of people who wanted to see me fail. To them i’m most thankful, seeing the texts that were being sent to a friend of mine lit a fire under my ass and i kept one of them as a reminder that I will do anything to win. 🏆 #scca #solo2 #autocross

In light of recent happenings @nike has reassigned their spokesperson as my cop car. #swoosh

A giant riding a Majestic Blepping Giant. Today I got to ride my favorite horse belonging to @whitewolfequestrian , Malibu!

Super sassy and annoyed with my beginnerness but made for much more of a fantastic learning curve for me. I know what I need to work on and will be doing as such 😏 #thebuu

The best cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving to the limit are typically never the fastest, most well set up ones.

Like a wild horse that’s doing everything it can to throw you off, the cars that kick you in the ass, make you reevaluate your driving, and mold you into a better driver when you get it right are the ones that put a smile on my face. 📷: @battledriven

#tbt to that one time I won an SCCA National Championship on the concrete in Lincoln, NE amongst some of my favorite people to race with in CAM.

With the 2018 National Championships coming up next week, i’d like to wish all of my friends the best of luck in your chase for the trophy! Remember, #DontSleepTillLincoln ! #solonatshasstarted

Throwing it back to what was the most hard fought trophy in my autocross career.

Winning CAM Challenge (both class and overall bracket) by a mere 063 against a very well prepped corvette and driver. PS: Good lord I was fat 😂

@odinthemushkie says if you use anything other than @pthracing oil then you’re a loser.

🤷🏻‍♂️ #pthracingoil #toptieroil

Emergency tire grooving by Roger Kraus! #rogerkrausracing

Been a pretty damn awesome time here at Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley.

Excited to be headed back to Laguna Seca though, we have a ton of work ahead of us the next few days but that’s what i’m most excited about 😈

The widest tire @avontyresofficial sells! 405mm wide F1 tire.

Enjoying day 3 with Roger Kraus Racing. #rogerkrausracing

Whole lotta badass drivers in one picture. 🤙🏻 #motorsportsreunion #rogerkrausracing

@musclecupusa Royal Rumble official pacecar getting ready to roll out with my epic passenger 🤙🏻 Thanks @battledriven for the sweet shot!

Arrested this fluffy cloud on my way to work for indecent floof.

He also wouldn’t take his @blenderseyewear sunglasses off and he kept calling me a nerd. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @odinthemushkie

Funny tidbit about the Roush. Prior to me owning it, back in its stock days...

the elderly gentleman who owned it never drove the car in the rain and was a strong believer in not modding it because of it being as rare as it is. Met him at CSF one year and he damn near fainted when he saw what had become of his old car. 😈

When you build something for your height and then a tiny human wants to try it 😂 Had to break out the college books for her to sit on and slid the seat all the way forward.

#racingsim #simulator #projectcars #projectcars2

#flashbackfriday to that one time I got to work with the awesome guys at @grassroots_motorsports magazine and @perryb_photo for a feature on the car and myself.

Made some great friends at GRM and I still drool over Perry’s shots! Wish I was heading out to nationals this year to see them everyone again. Maybe next year!

Prepped and ready for Round 5 of @musclecupusa at SoW.

Let’s see what the flying spaghetti monster can do on our modified layout for max speed and brake destruction!


Yelling at my invisible passenger to turn the music up.

Thinkin’ of Lincoln...

So it was decided that Lindsay create an ig account for the specialist of special needs floofs!

@odinthemushkie is an amazing rescue husky that is sharing his life on instagram. Give him a follow if you love huskies!

home • hōm/ • noun
1. A location in which a person feels the most comfortable, relaxed, and/or in their element.

See also: Homely

@lnr_engines is working hard to bring #modzilla’s heart back from the grave.

Anxious to turn up the wick on this thing, it’s been too long.

A wild happy floof appears! Had a great weekend with @whitewolfequestrian and her amazing pup Odin!

#husky #floof

Spent my day with a different kind of horse than i’m typically accustomed to.

Helped @whitewolfequestrian prep for a show tomorrow with Marshmallow and Milo. Both loveable oafs! Bonus shot of Malibu, a beautiful mare! 😍 #whitewolfequestrian #horsepower

Today Lexie, our controller’s pup, decided to swing by my desk to drop off an invoice to be paid.

The Invoice was for freight of a truck filled with an endless supply of schmackos... clever doggo! #calibamboozled #calibamboo #dogsofcalibamboo

“You could fit a whole universe of spaghetti in that car.” -Neil Degrasse Tyson

Huge thank you to @racepakdata for sending out these Vantage CL1 units for me to test!

Why 3 units? I’m dispersing the other two units to drivers I deem qualified to review the units without bias and with varying levels of skill and knowledge of data collection devices.

To say I’m excited is an understatement! Stay tuned for installation guide and reviews of the product in both track and autocross environments!

“Choo Choo Motherf***er” - Thomas the Tank Engine

Look if you had one police car,
one crown vic,

to forget that you seized your racecar’s engine,
one cvpi,
Would you run it at sonoma, or just let the transmission slip?

His gloves are sweaty,
reverse is weak,
crown vics are heavy.
There’s a comet on track already,
it’s filled with lotso spaghetti.

Forever doing things that shouldn’t be done with vehicles. Full car at Sonoma Raceway turning laps!

#sonomaraceway #crownvic #ford #cvpi #trackpanther #turn9pd

For you @thatslowkidali 😘 #cvpi #crownvic #ford #trackpanther #pullover #copcar

She may not be a $250,000 Porsche GT3RS...

but she sure managed to keep up with them in the corners for exactly $248,500 less 🤷🏻‍♂️ #cvpi #copcar #ford #crownvictoria #trackpanther #sonomaraceway #oneoftheseisnotliketheothers

So my #Sonomaraceway trip with #turn9pd has come to a close.

I might have come up to Sonoma here two years ago, but, this was by far the best trip i’ve ever been on. Visited my sponsor and mentor at Roger Kraus Racing who have hired me on for some work at Laguna Seca next month, got offered a drive behind the wheel of the #southworst 737, visited my sponsor @cortexracing and set an amazing lap time with friends packed in the car at Sears Point; 2:06.10! Till next time NorCal! #crownvictoria #policeinterceptor #trackpanther

What have we learned from @needforspeed ? The cop cars are always faster than the supercars. 📸:

@battledriven #spaghetti #needforspeed #hotpursuit #crownvic #policecarsofinstagram #cvpi #policeinterceptor

PSA Friends: If you see someone walking their dog on the blacktop this summer..

say something before it’s too late for dog. #savethetoebeans

“The amount of spaghetti in this photograph is unquantifiable by mathematics.” - Albert Einstein 📸:


#NationalSelfieDay Officially mounted the Simpson R3 HANS device into the seat and adjusted the latches for my brontosaurus neck.

One more safety device up and ready for the return of #Modzilla. This in combination with my Sparco WTX-5 sourced from OG Racing will make for a comfortable but safer racing experience 🙌🏼

#tbt to when I made that booty jiggle 🍑 #autox #mustang #parkinglotracerhero #sendit

My body is ready. Is yours? 👀

🎶 I bless the apexes down in Omega 🎶 📸: @caliphotovideo #toto #wsir #willowsprings #fastestcopcarinthewest #cvpi #crownvic #policecarsofinstagram

I love my job. @musclecupusa #wsir #willowsprings #americanmusclecup #racing #racecars #mustang #camaro #challenger

Courtesy of William Chen. 120mph through T8 at @willow_springs_raceway in the cop car 😂😬 #wsir #cvpi #copcar #policeinterceptor #policecarsofinstagram #crownvictoria #crownvic

Another fantastic day at my home away from home running the @musclecupusa event.

1:41.248 in the cop car today at Big Willlow. 100% stock cop car except for the recaro seats. Why did they replace these with the exploder again? #wsir #willowsprings #cvpi #crownvictoria #policeinterceptor

The #wanggang ! Honorable mention of @slow_2v_gt who didn’t lean in for the photo. 😂

Forever a goofball. #Bubba

Last night was epic! Cruised with @sdxrunner619 and saw my favorite band, @authorityzeromusic at Brick by Brick!

I have no voice today but it was well worth it, they put on the best show i’ve heard in a long time 🤙🏻

Today was a good day.

Started with a car show where i saw a cute puppy and two of the most hideous car modifications i’ve seen (see pics), then got the racecar ready to fire up, bought myself some new workout clothes, and am now enjoying a Corona with my roommates in celebration of my one year anniversary of Brettipendence day 😂 If you have to ask just look back a year and you’ll understand. Cheers to an awesome day today only to be followed up tomorrow seeing one of my favorite bands with drifter turned off-road hoon, @sdxrunner619 🍻

What is personal space for $500? #jeopardy #dogsofcalibamboo #calibamboo #calibamboozled

I look at 3 months ago me versus me now and while i’m still skinny as a twig, i’ve come a long way strength-wise thanks to @code3sandiego.

Seriously excited to continue to see my progression and see how far I can take it. Thanks for leading a killer workout yesterday @jesse_beckner ! I’m ready to do it again today! #hpdrefit #racefit

This weekend... the booty returns. #ReturnoftheBooty #modzilla

#1776sauce #mericuh

Fluids, hose clamps, zip ties, and tune. The four things left until I piss off the neighbors with the loudest car / version of this car, that I’ve ever started up here.

RIP ear drums and the paint on the wall of the garage 😍🇺🇸

Had a fantastic time at my uncles wedding yesterday.

It was great seeing all of my family again and catching up with everyone. Only downside to yesterday was the suit that I bought a month ago is already on the tight side! Crossfit is doing work on me haha!

Racer PD. 📸: @battledriven

My track family. 📸: @battledriven

#SchematicMonday Huge thanks to @argperformancellc for taking my shifter relocation to the next level.

I’m excited to pair this up with the dogbox t45 for some quick and precise shifts. Opted for the sharkhide finish because racecar and not a showcar. @ahgisme #shifterrelocation #sn95 #steeda #triax #mustang #t45 #dogbox

To a stopping point this evening. Had to go 5 steps backward to go 10 steps forward.

tore out most of the wiring and hoses and rerouted everything so there’s more room on the underside of the car. Reinstalled the complete interior of the car, and installed the fuel injectors and finally the air filter. Finally to the end of this monster of a project. Just need a few more fittings, upload the tune, and fill the car with fluids and it’ll be ready to scare the living hell out of my neighbors. #modzillareturns

An early start to car shenanigans. Next up heading over and spending a few hours turning wrenches on Modzilla.

Stay tuned 😏

Out here embracing my inner redneck at @perrisautospeedway ! #nightofdestruction

As the dust settled beers were enjoyed. @calibamboo herringbone flooring has been laid down in our study and I must say, it looks fantastic!

#calibamboo #herringbone

Our mother’s day tradition of going to hooters is complete for 2018!

We’ve been doing this since my high school days and i don’t ever plan on stopping haha. Had an absolute blast with my legendary mom, who created two racecar drivers and an A-10 pilot for children 😁 Thanks for always being there mudda, I enjoy our talks and time and am lucky that I get to see you and dad almost weekly for dinner even if you try to get me to take home tons of unhealthy food 😂 I love you mom, thanks for being you! @cathymadsen80

Dwindling down the last few things to purchase for the Roush now...

$1500 spent on fuel related items, and a mere $1500 to go if all goes right... Stay tuned, modzilla is going to be making noise at a SoCal race track REALLY soon.

The best video i’ve ever taken. 😍 @kailala13 @jeepspeedcurtis #winkingpibble

Success is measured by throttle percentage. #modzillareturns

If that ain’t the truth... Also no offense to the honda and subaru guys who actually race on track, y’all are the exception 😅 #itswhatmakesasubaruasubaru

I was told there was 🍩 at the start/finish. 📸: @caliphotovideo

Why do I get up at 3-4am on a Saturday? Why do I spend countless hours thinking of ways to make @musclecupusa more fun and entertaining?

It’s for these individuals and their amazing machines. One year ago when I was approached by @duanebada about running this racing series, I had my doubts and concerns about bringing it to any kind of success. One year later, 15+ drivers per event, companies constantly reaching out to get a piece of the pie for sponsorship, and the smiles of the faces of every single competitor as they come off the track has made all the work worth it. I’m excited to see where this series has come from in just a year, with the help of @b2_bear we have really turned this thing around and made it a premier series for american cars to stretch their legs in Southern California. Who knows... Maybe soon we might be coming to a racetrack near you! 😉 #americanmusclecup

Sliding into monday like:

#crownvic #crownvictoria #policeinterceptor #crownvicp71 #p71 #cvpi #ford #merc #mercurymarauder #marquis #grandmarquis #marauder #crownvicboys #autox #autocross #becauseracecar #cargramm #caroftheday #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #fordsofinstagram #modular #parkinglotracerhero #racecar #racing #roadracing #timeattack #carporn #amazingcars247 #trackday

My face when @thelargentgarage goes off in front of me at CVR. Scroll right for the video!

He and the car are both okay and laughing about his first off! #chuckwalla #cvr #oversteer #americanmusclecup #racing #bullitt #copcar

When dispatch says there is donuts in Turn 13. Conquered Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in this 4,150lb beast.

📸: @caliphotovideo #cvpi #policeinterceptor #copcar #timeattack #americanmusclecup #racecar #cvr #ford #crownvictoria

When you install new go fast parts on your racecar and someone asks about it:

#becauseracecar #gofastparts #racing #doggo

Definitely a sign that i’m getting older haha. Cruise control wheel installed in the crown vic for those long drives to Willow Springs and Chuckwalla.

First time i’ve ever installed cruise control versus taking it out of the car haha.

Physical paperwork and identification card came in!

Huge thank you to @madsenmotorsports for the guidance and @motorsportsafety for the opportunity to become a Level One Instructor! #msf #motorsportsafetyfoundation #drivinginstructor #drivingcoach #hpde

Feeling like my crown vic after today’s workout with @code3sandiego !

I pushed myself to the absolute limit on each of the workouts and left leaving sore everywhere. Definitely happy I made the switch to 3 days a week, it’s only going to help me improve at a faster rate 😈 Thanks for kicking my ass today @pat_minehan ! #code3sandiego #crossfit #code3athletics #hpdrefit #racefit

It’s National Mustang Day! In a world of pedestrian hitting mustangs, I trained this one to have a desire to hit cones and apexes instead.

#autox #autocross #becauseracecar #cargramm #caroftheday #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #cortexracing #ford #fordsofinstagram #gt #maximumattack #modzilla #modmotor #modular #mustang #mustangos #mustangsofinstagram #newedge #parkinglotracerhero #racecar #racing #roadracing #roush #roushperformance #scca #sn95 #stance #slammed #stancenation

Sliding into monday like:

Am I insane for putting $3000 seats in a $1500 cop car? I’d say I would be insane not to.

@recaro seats are installed for tomorrow’s racing at El Toro. I also welded and fabricated up the reinforcements for the Prisoner partition. Quickly becoming a ridiculous car and the best part is i’m currently sub $2,000 into the whole investment! #crownvic #crownvictoria #policeinterceptor #crownvicp71 #p71 #cvpi #ford #merc #mercurymarauder #marquis #grandmarquis #marauder #crownvicboys #autox #autocross #becauseracecar #cargramm #caroftheday #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #fordsofinstagram #modular #parkinglotracerhero #racecar #racing #roadracing #timeattack #carporn #amazingcars247 #trackday

Physically trying to be less like the ecoboost more like the Roush 😉 Excited to be bringing the beast back out this year.

A private day at Big Willow will be happening soon, some good stuff to be unveiled and hopefully some serious lap times laid down! #modzilla #roush #mustang

8 weeks of crossfit with the Cali Team in the books!

Been one of the best experiences i’ve had in a long time and happy to say that i’m hooked... so much so I decided to crank it up a notch with an extra day of training (M/W/F). #blipfit #racefit #hpdrefit

@dillthepug’s 1000 yard stare as I eat my protein bar.

#calibamboo #calibamboozled #dogsofcalibamboo #dogsatwork