Oh hey ;)




Nothing like us 🤍

Your prettiest problem 🤍

Angel 😇

It’s the Mariani genes 😇



Wish you were here :(


Something special 🤍

LSU, you will be missed... but thanks for the amazing friends 🤍

4L 🤍

Guilty pleasure

Muah 💋

The city never sleeps 🤍

Get your Christmas cheer on - dad

Catch a glimpse

Keep up xx

Forever thankful 🤍

I Don’t play tag, I’ve been it

My whole 🤍

Play no games

Dangerous but fun

I wanna be your bad habit

I’ll always luv the met

Certain vibe

Devil in disguise


Pick your poison 🤍

Hotties 😇

All eyes on you

I miss my partner in crime :(

Wall took 3 days

Happy birthday to my best friend 🤍🤍 I love you too the moon and back

Montage of my favorite place on earth

Something special ✨

My bestie I luv uuuuy

How you doin baby

Luv u long time 🤍

It was hot out

🍉 sugar

My favorite sunset



Come join 🤍

Tell me how it really is


Keep it simple


Wish I was w/ u ;)

Look mama we made it

#blackouttuesday BLACK LIVES MATTER. We stand together✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

I may never understand but I will always stand and fight for what is right.
This country needs change. “A riot is a language of the unheard”-Martin Luther king jr.

Beach d🤍y

To my little sister I love you dearly I hope 14 treats you well 🤍🤍

Good intentions

My babies


SoCiAL diStAncINg


<3 why so serious <3

When’s part 2??

Xoxo 💋

So there’s no classes, where’s the warm weather?¿

The cure to everything :))

Come join ;)

Anyone wanna go for a swim?

This is to the year where I found my new favorite thing @artbyiam can’t wait to make more pieces

All I want is you

Big kisses

From me to you ;) 🎁

Rare sight

Night life

They must not want me to win


Let the night run wild

All yours ;)


Not enuf

Happy birthday love 💕,Thanks for being a friend to me.

Watching you grow as a person has been quite the experience. I hope you enjoy your paintings❤️ I love you :)) to you and many many great years ahead of you 🥰

Hey, how are ya ;)

Yes, yes it is

Don’t take it for granted.

Only time will tell ..

To my best friend, I love you long time ❤️ thanks for the memories and more to come I’m so proud to have you in my life :))


Im gonna walk my walk

Catch a hint 😘

Bawa only shows emotion when hello by Adele comes on :)

Happy birthday mama, love you 😘 @akmariani couldn’t name a better person to go to Coachella with

Eye contact 😘

Good times and great company


Hey look I’m doing something



My favorite spot

Somebody to love

Double trouble


Living out a dream


The car videos definitely made a mark on my summer, love you all

A summer to remember

Catch ya later ;)

Found a friend in Miami

Yes it is

Hot girl summer


Oh hey how ya doin

Pic chosen by the one and only @e.bawa.99 ❤️


Pretty little fears

Normal person

Let the music play ;)


I mean I guess it’s summer time

Oh hey I didn’t see ya there


Hey I’ll see my friends this weekend

I promise I didn’t fall off the rocks

Summer sun

Let’s get lost

Guess who saw it first ;)

Happy Father’s Day to the funniest man I know!! With your awkward selfies that don’t have the best angles and your corny jokes.

I love ya Mathew ❤️❤️ #goony

I need some lovin’


We danced in the rain

Only thing I got was a burn

Calm before the storm

*sunset lover*

Series of very fortunate events

Good night with good people


We pop out at your party, I’m with the gang

Nothin but love


Only been home for a day and I wanna go back :((


@tackofall99 you’re very tall

Promise this is the last post

Til next year ;))

I don’t want this to end :((

Hellooo my love

Juice wrld at 8:45

Day 1 ✅ @brooklynbeckham thanks for ignoring me

Just getting started

Don’t worry more pics to come ;))

I could get used to this :((

This painting took me almost a month to do. I hesitated at first due to me never painting an animal before and any realistic portrait for that matter.

But I did it. This was my first time ever seeing one of my paintings hung up and it was a pretty good feeling. Follow @artbyiam to see more :))

VSCO has too many filters to choose from

I only have a few more posts coming :)


My time to shine

Chasing people around while wearing a mask was 100% one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done

Great night with great people happy 21 @fruu_ love you lots

Gucci socks are where it’s @

Dear Nathan, I love you I miss you and so does everyone else, you were a brother to me, after the

cape cod trips, and constant laughing at family gatherings, the city trips and sleepovers, I gained so many memories with you. It breaks my heart knowing you’re gone and every day it constantly upsets me. Your memory and the ones we shared will always be in my head. Happy birthday 🎊 I miss you and love you, rest easy Nate. ❤️

‘‘Twas a good night, happy New Years :)) #2019


I mean merry Christmas Eve I guess 🎄 happy holidays loves ❤️

“Humble invite”

Happy times with alright people ;)

Too good to be true

Thanks to everyone who made my bday great ❤️❤️



@megoemcke did u vlog it ?¿

Summertime sadness

I kept losing my sunglasses #liluzi

Kings of summer

Dirty Disney @jlebron9502

Oh boy :))

Rough night #thriving

Hey that was fun

Omw ;)

Fun shit

Happy to have you as my sister so happy birthday you little shit.

I love you lots I hope 12 treats you well ❤️❤️

Memories don’t die


Didn’t even mercy them #haleymademerepost

Some days end better than others

Was an interesting day ;)

Waiting game

I decide the vibe :))

I'm so proud of every single one of us on this team.

After the practices at 7 in the morning and the endless conditioning, it all payed off. No one And I mean no one deserves this title more than any of us #statechamps 💛💚💛💚 #3peattt

'Tis the season of w's