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Goa in monsoon 🌧😍

So we make normal videos but then we end up posting this
Why @urvishetty

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 💞

Mumbai mein liya maine birth,
Mixing desi style with western skirt

Bhejo kuch acche captions dm mein,
Instead of just trying to flirt
Crop top: @heyitsorigin
📸: @urvishetty 💞

You guys I need caption ideas 🥲🤯
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Rocky hoodie by @heyitsorigin 💞

I’m just glad I don’t feel the need to edit my pimples anymore
📸: @urvishetty 💞

Hoodie by @heyitsorigin 🌟
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But who doesn’t like big buttax? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂❤️ @meme_machaxx 💞

@thebohocurlsco 💞

These and many more in @ajodah2021 ‘s latest collection!! 👜

Use code ISHA20 to get a 20% discount on your purchase! 💞

Love this picture but the one thing I don’t wanna do is look back

Yes I love this top so what 😒

Thank you @bonheurhome 💞

Glowing and it’s showing ✨

I edited this video on to try out their all-in-one video editing app!

With a clean and simple interface it was really easy to navigate quickly through the app to discover all of its incredible features. It has a HUGE array of tools and features to help me create content from my phone and even create this reel! :)
#madewithfilmr #filmrapp

Everyone deserves to get the smile they desire. And my smile parter @toothsi_aligners is here to help!

whether you're living in Mumbai or in Delhi, toothsi will make sure they help you with your teeth straightening treatment! 💞
@toothsi_aligners is now available in 11 cities!
If your location is not included, worry not! toothsi will send over an impression kit and then help you get started.

Use the link in my bio to get ₹2000 off! 💌
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You guys!!! 😍😍 100k!!!! 🎉🌟💕💕 celebrating with a straightface 😐🥺❤️💞💞

Beach hair takes a lot of conditioner & patience to fix ✨💕

Check out this Evil Eye Fanny and and many such stunning bags from @ajodah2021 ‘s collection!!

Don’t forget to use code ISHA20 for a 20% discount on your purchase! 💞

Monsoon mornings are always the best 💞

But why don’t you guys dm me caption ideas instead 😒❤️✌🏼

Harr ek city mein, skrrt pehnenge

📸: @kashishthakur_official 🌸

@urvishetty ‘s cute fluffy headband

At some point, you will forgive yourself for having flaws
📸: @kashishthakur_official 🌟

@tencha.india just sent me their matcha skincare and I’m obsessed!

🌟 Go check out their skincare collection and let me know how you liked it in the comments below!! 💚
@tencha.india #matcha #tencha

Missed the heat, had to bring it back 🧊
Makeup: @pragya_mua

@fenilshahphotographyofficial 🌟💞

It’s the bindi for me

This is the first picture I clicked last lockdown. Somehow this lockdown got me missing the last one.

Safe and sound in the confines of my home. Not much stress, only thing that really scared me were the locusts lol. Last time we were still trying to figure out how living isolated works. This is just bad. Just bad and chaotic. People are going through so much shit but we got to stay home, if nothing else then just out of respect for people that are losing so much, including family, because of covid. Just stay home and show respect for their loss and suffering
📸: @aniiisha96

Shine bright like a diamond!
Can't wait to start my teeth whitening journey with @toothsi_aligners

They have customised trays for every individual and it is easy to use at home, can’t wait to share my journey with you guys!
Go check out this treatment!
Don’t forget to use my code to get a discount - ISHA21

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What is the point of pointless captions? 🌸

Less bitter more glitter ✨

April foools! I’m not stuck with the hassle of braces, I’m happy with @toothsi_aligners 😉

The sun after snow ❄️☀️

Tagging myself because I clicked this on timer

How it started..

Ok so, here’s a picture of a good day. Been about 5 months since I’m struggling with acne.

Big painful bumps would appear randomly on my face and ofcourse, self confidence does take a hit. Last week I went camping and tried to hide a huge pimple with a bandaid but then ended up ripping it off. So yes, going through adult acne and also under medication. Best of luck to me🤞🏼

Lazing at @moonstonehammockofficial
#weekend #weekendgetaway #mood #weekendmood #lazy #lazysunday

Baithe baithe kya kare karna hai kuch kaam, shuru karo ab pawry leke prabhu ka naam💫

Kya sabki pawry ho rahi hai?? 💃

Agar wapas lockdown hua toh tumlog kahan jaana chahogay?

Feelin’ dancey 💃💃

Me hanging by the beach, days after getting my hair coloured red 😊 wondering how long it’s gonna take to grow all the bleach out 😊😊

A beautiful day 🌟 Grateful for everything 🙏

Loving the beautiful colours of these smooth & matte lipsticks from @blurindia 💞

#blurindia #blurindiacosmetics #blurindialipstick

Throwback to this sunset theme executed beautifully by @dwyessh_hairwizard !! 💞

Head over to to check out amazing hair transformations by @dwyessh_hairwizard 💫💖

Thanks to everyone who wrote me kind msgs on a bad day ❤️

What’s most important is that we learn how to make the most of what we got

Teju and Kabu’s day out!! 😂❤️
🎥: @tejaswinikhanolkar 💕🌟

Ofcourse I clicked a lot of pictures there

You would make the same face if you saw the view from there 🌞🌇🌟
📸: @aniiisha96 💞

@howwhenwearclothing 💫

Focusing on the good things in life 💫
📸: @aniiisha96 💞

Loving this outfit from @howwhenwearclothing 💚!
📸: @aniiisha96 💞🌟

My first snow!! ❄️❄️😍💞
📸: @aniiisha96

My box of smiles is here! @toothsi_aligners thank you for supporting me in my teeth straightening journey.

I know ditching braces was the right decision! Swipe right to see my smile post wearing my invisible aligners 🌟
Use my code toothsiIM20XIsh and get INR 2000 discount on your treatment.
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Was #DrippinWithANP 💫
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 🌟

@aishwaryaa_nayak_photography ❤️

Feeling cute today
📸: @urvishetty

Pahado ki lighting dekho 😍 #dotandkeyskincare #sleighwithdandk


My babylove ❤️❤️❤️ #pupendra #puppybhai #puppy #dog #dogsofinstagram #doglovers #canine #love #baby

The shadows were pretty so
📸: @urvishetty 🌻

Head over to @mynufa to check out their amazing collection of these beautiful geometric bags!!

Surely the prettiest bag in my closet right now! 💖💖
Don’t forget to use coupon code - ISHA10 - for an extra 10% discount!🌟 #nufawomen


Throwback to the quarantimes, ‘ghar mein kona pakadke photo kheecho’ times 😍

Trying to live an interesting story
📸: @urvishetty 🌟

Happy birthday to my favourite human!! Since we’ve been friends for a REALLY long time, I’d like to quote Ananya Pandey from ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and say:

‘Ya’ll have lasted’ 😎 I love you soooo much @urvishetty !! ❤️ You’re the best!! ❤️🌟🌟

Did you guys check out the collection at @hunoindia yet??

Use code HunoXIsha to get a 20% off!! 🌟
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You can tell I really like this green suit
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 🌟

How many pictures can you see in this picture?

Tranquil-tine for @Northsidemagazine Vol 61,
Shot by @exhibitionist754

Shot this months back during the lockdown, with my super talented buddy @exhibitionist754 , who ended up making this otherwise simple shoot, a masterpiece!
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing

Today’s the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Did you guys know that statistically speaking, globally 78% women have faced sexual harassment in public spaces? And what’s worse, hardly 25% of these reportedly got any help. It's evident that none of us know how to react in such a shocking situation. We need to learn and do better, to intervene and help someone who clearly needs it.

That’s why, this year, L’Oréal Paris is starting a new movement to raise awareness about how to react when you’re being harassed or you see someone being harassed. Listed by them are the 5 Ds that you can do when exposed to such a situation-Delay, Delegate, Document, Direct and Distract. Head on over to their page to learn more about these 5 Ds.

This is the time to take a stand, the time to fight back and make this world a better place. Learn and #StandUp with us now!

#WeStandUp #LOrealParis #Hollaback #StandUpBecauseWeAreAllWorthIt @lorealparis

Bet you like what you see
Makeup: @urvishetty 💎
📸: @urvishetty 🌟

Outfit: @burger.bae 🌸
📸: @urvishetty 🌟

Did you guys check out the makeup I did for ‘Loka’ music video?

Went from not liking makeup to loving it now!! 🌟 Did you guys like it too?
📸: @urvishetty 💎

📸: @urvishetty 💖

💎 @fenilshahphotographyofficial 💯
Makeup: @pragya_mua 💖

It was a lazy day today
Tshirt by @burger.bae 🌸

20% off on code HunoXIsha !
Go check out @hunoindia now! 🤍

#MadeInIndia #HunoXIsha #hunoindia
Top by @burger.bae
📸: @rishabhsinhadop

Mumbai Indians are going to kill it tonight and will get the cup back home!

Nothing better then enjoying the Final game with my @boat.nirvana ! 💙 #IAmAboAthead #WhatsYourNirvana

Chai is not a drink but an emotion! And there's no other place like Chaayos, where we're celebrating 8 years of chai, dosti and gupshup ☕

I still remember how nervous I was for my first date at Chaayos but that first sip of tea took away all our nervousness!

50% cashback on dine in and takeaway orders ,Safe and Contactless experience for dine in – takeaway and delivery!

Tell me your Chaayos memory in the comments below!

#Chaayos #chai
#cafe #chailover
#Meri Wali Chai #safetyfirst
#socialdistancing #offer #cashback

Not Mary but I’m poppin’
Outfit: @burger.bae ❤️

I went to the mall today

Did you guys check out the video yet??

Hella fine and it works everytime

Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 🌟
📸: @rishabhsinhadop
Makeup: @pragya_mua 💖

Don’t forget to wear your mask today
Mask from @burger.bae ❤️
#photooftheday #burgerbae

📸: @urvishetty

@aniiisha96 can tell if it’s a fake smile or a real one
📸: @urvishetty

Hoodie by
#black #white #photooftheday

#DrippinwithANP causing so much destruction
Couldn’t handle me if I came with instructions

📸: @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography 🌟
#DrippinWithANP #cheetah #cheetahprint

📸: @rish_ab_sinha
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing
Makeup: @pragya_mua ❤️

Grow through what you go through 💙
📸: @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography 🌟

📸: @rish_ab_sinha
Makeup by @pragya_mua ❤️

#photooftheday #blackandwhite #black #white

I add the ‘f’ to flames 🔥
📸: @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography you a 🌟

If you haven’t checked out @hunoindia ‘s collection, you should go check it out right now!

I’m so in love with this red number, definitely one of the coolest pairs in my closet!
Also, avail a discount of 20% by using code HunoXIsha !! ❤️

📸: @rish_ab_sinha
#HunoXIsha #HunoIndia #MadeInIndia @hunoindia

HERE IT IS!! Finally #DrippinWithANP ❤️❤️
📸: @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography ❤️


📸: @fenilshahphotographyofficial 💝
Makeup: @pragya_mua 💖

LOVING THESE IMAGES BY @fenilshahphotographyofficial ❤️❤️
Makeup by: @pragya_mua 💝

Impromptu shoot with @fenilshahphotographyofficial and the pictures are stunnnnning!!

Will be posting more images from this shoot asap! Watch this space ❤️

📸: @fenilshahphotographyofficial 💯
Makeup: @pragya_mua


Just checking the menu
📸: @loka_music 👏🏼

📸: @loka_music 💯

It was sunny

Notice the rubberband on my ankle, I didn’t want it on my wrist 🥰👏🏼

@tejaswinikhanolkar ❤️

My heart @urvishetty

Certified freak
Outfit: @srstore09 👗
📸: @urvishetty

Thankyou @akshaysalon !! 💖

Comment a hey if you can see Grey
📸: @urvishetty 🎾

📸: @dieppj 💛

I believe in angles more than angels
📸: @urvishetty 💖

Well well well
📸: @urvishetty 💝
T-shirt by

Savage but sensitive
📸: @urvishetty
Mask by

📸: @urvishetty 💝

📸: @urvishetty 💛

📸: @urvishetty
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing

Been craving baarish waali chai all this time and due to the COVID situation couldn’t trust getting food delivered from outside.

Finally with Chaayos and their contactless dine in experience and delivery, I can fulfil my cravings for chai-pakora this monsoon!!

#chaichaatpakorafest #chaayos #monsoon #baarishwalichai #meriwalichai #chatpatachaaayos #monsoon #love #chai #fun #staysafe #stayhealthy #staypositive

Check out ‘s collection for this and many more! 💝
📸: @urvishetty ❤️

A$ap Rocky hoodie by @originindiaofficial
📸: @urvishetty

📸: obsessed with me @urvishetty

Thanks @urvishetty

Check out @originindiaofficial ‘s page to find my ‘nakey nakey nakey’ hoodie and much more!


📸: @urvishetty
Outfit by @howwhenwearclothing


@urvishetty ♥️

@savvdesign thank you for this beautiful mask ♥️

Café look 2020 wit my bling bling and @howwhenwearclothing

📸: @urvishetty ♥️

So many different types of love, but nothing compares to friends that are family @urvishetty ♥️.

Care like a mother, understand like a sister and laugh about problems like a friend, got everything when I got you
📸: @dieppj ♥️

Finally the day I stepped out to visit Impressions Salon, the one place I trust where all safety procedures are followed and all precautions taken.

Got a Remy Laure Black mask treatment done, impressions salon is their only franchise in Borivali! Also, everyone knows how I love colouring my hair! Their expert hair stylist gave me a beautiful balayage! ❤️❤️
Book an appointment and visit them at their Borivali East branch!

Recently received these 100% organic products from @greenberryorganics and totally love them for way they work!!

They use USDA and ECOCERT certified ingredients in all the products and these unisex products can be used by all the skin types!
1. 99% Aloe Vera gel
2. Spray sunscreen
3. Clay mask
4. Detox Charcoal Facewash

Check there page 🔽
And “B1G1” for buy 1 get 1 on any product...
LIMITED period offer!! VISIT NOW!

#greenberryorganics #lostvoyages

Swipe to check out my absolute favourite lip color by @coloressenceofficial !! 💝

@urvishetty ❤️
#coloressence #coloressencecosmetics

Loving this printed scarf by the ace @archanakochharofficial 💛

Boooo thanggg

Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 💝
📸: @urvishetty ❤️❤️

Happy friendship day ❤️

Outfit by @howwhenwearclothing

📸: @yg.india 💛

📸: @urvishetty 💛❤️
Cupboard credits to @aniiisha96 😂😭❤️

Thanks @urvishetty ❤️

Love you Idlyyyy❤️ @urvishetty

Makeup, styling & 📸: @urvishetty ❤️

Video dropping 24th July Friday @12PM with @loka_music

Living room fashion show with @urvishetty ❤️❤️
@trillervids #trillerindia

📸: @urvishetty ❤️❤️

FaceTime with @dieppj 💝
#stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

Styling, makeup & 📸: my main @urvishetty ❤️

Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 🖤
📸: @exhibitionist754

Styling, makeup & 📸: @urvishetty ❤️
#stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

Love you @urvishetty ❤️

Styling, makeup & 📸: @urvishetty ❤️
#stayhome #staysafe #staypositive

Styling, makeup & 📸: @urvishetty ❤️
#staysafe #stayhealthy #stayathome

📸: @urvishetty
#staysafe #stayhealthy

Styling, makeup & 📸: @urvishetty ❤️
#staysafe #stayhealthy

Absolutely love my attire from @sheinofficial @shein_in ❤️ Discount code:

ishaavaidya to avail
10% off orders ₹1500

Search code:1052848
Search code:901975

#SHEIN #SHEINgals ❤️
📸: @dieppj

📸 & edit: @urvishetty ❤️❤️

📸: @dieppj

📸: @dieppj

Every face is born with a thousand masks to go with it
📸: @dieppj

Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing 📸: @exhibitionist754

We are trying to hard to keep our heads straight through this time but the fact is we all long for a bit of normalcy and fun because we are all at the end of the day, human.

We know that life is precious and worth fighting for, so let us not forget our human connections amidst this temporary division. So let us celebrate this life, one that comprises of things that bring you joy and happiness in the hope that
One Day Soon, We Will All Dance Together Again #Levis @levis_in

FaceTime with @dieppj 🦋
#staysafe #stayhealthy #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

FaceTime with @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography ❤️

FaceTime with @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography ❤️❤️ #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #staysafe #stayhealthy

FaceTime with @aishwaryaa_nayak_photography ❤️❤️ #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #staysafe #stayhealthy

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

FaceTime with @aishwarya_nayak_photography ❤️ #staysafe #stayhealthy #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

FaceTime with @aishwarya_nayak_photography ❤️❤️

FaceTime with @aishwarya_nayak_photography ❤️❤️ #quaranteam #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife

FaceTime with @dieppj 🦋

FaceTime with @dieppj 🦋

FaceTime with @dieppj 🦋
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

📸: @edwinjrobert
Styling: @stylingbysamiha
Shot on FaceTime @apple

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #facetimephotoshoot

📸: @exhibitionist754
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing

📸: @exhibitionist754 💙

📸: @exhibitionist754
Outfit: @howwhenwearclothing

FaceTime with @you_and_i_studios
Facetime series for @she_india 🦋

FaceTime with @you_and_i_studios 🦋
FaceTime quarantine series for @she_india

#quarantinelife #quarantine #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

FaceTime with @globalcitizen26 🦋
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

50k 🎉❤️!
FaceTime with @dieppj

Been striking poses everywhere I can in the house! What’s up with you guys?

FaceTime with @dieppj
#quarantinelife #quarantine #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #bemindful #protectanimals #dontbestupid

FaceTime with @dieppj 🦋
#quarantinelife #quarantine #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #quarantineart

#quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe

Quarantine has been triller time for me!! What have you guys been upto?

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

💄 #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #staysafe #stayhome #stayhealthy

Alright guys, need suggestions for pranks on @aniiisha96 ❤️❤️ #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

Surely the best part of my quarantine life is irritating @aniiisha96.

I’m going to miss this time so much.
Here’s a picture of me laughing at my own joke❤️
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

Quarantine & Cute!! 💃
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #staysafe #stayhome #stayhealthy

What song are you jamming to currently?
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy

Was going through my old bellydance videos, decided to take some inspiration!!

Tell me what you guys think 💛
Also, @urvishetty , it’s your turn now to show your moves!! 💃💯
#stayhome #staysafe #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

#stayhome #staysafe #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #quarantine

Since we’re making history with #covid19 , let’s stay indoors so it doesn’t get any more interesting for our grandkids

#stayhome and #staysafe
#quarantine #quarantinelife

Everyday reminder to #stayhome #staysafe
#quarantinelife #quarantine

Quarantine Art
#quarantineart #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #stayhome #staysafe

#quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe

So, how’s Quarantine day 8637482?
#quarantineandchill #quarantinelife

FaceTime photo #6
#quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #quarantine #stayhome #staysafe

#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #stayhome #staysafe #stayhomestaysafe

So we clicked some FaceTime photos
#quarantinelife #quarantineandchill


In today’s episode of the Corona Quarantimes:
I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored

#quarantineandchill #gocorona #stayhome #staysafe

New York was incredibly windy the day I decided to go for this particular tourist activity.

Removing the jacket for a picture was a stunt move and I only #diditforthegram 🦋 (Spot @mexican_nomad in the first picture)

Kinda miss walking on the street right now
Thank you @mexican_nomad 🦋

#quarantinelife #quarantine #stayhome #staysafe

Puppybhai at Pedfed

Who else sleeping at 5 in the morning & waking up at 3? 🐷 quarantine life with @aniiisha96

#stayhome #staysafe #quarantineandchill

Dressing up to stay home!
#stayhome #staysafe #quarantining #quarantineandchill


Diva in the house, cause its important to stay INsane!! #boatheadstayinsane

#stayhome #staysafe #quarantineandchill

Feeling dancey!! #stayhome #staysafe
#quaratinelife #quarantineandchill

To be fair, I dance even when I’m not at home 24/7🕺🕺


#whatsyournirvana #iamaboathead #boatheadstayinsane
#stayhome #staysafe #quarantinelife


Home Sweet Home 🏠
#stayhome #staysafe
#quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

#stayhome #staysafe
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

In home, we trust
#stayhome #staysafe
#quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

Home was not built in a day
#stayhome #staysafe #quarantine #quarantineandchill

Home is where the art is
#stayhome #staysafe

#quarantine #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife

#stayhome #staysafe

Please stay home! Don’t walk around acting like you can’t fall ill.

There are cases of healthy people falling really sick and even if you think you won’t be one of them, you can infect a person that doesn’t have a strong immunity.
Please don’t be stupid and put others life at risk.
Good time to understand the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene
Find an activity to do at home, maybe finally sort out your bedroom or watch the shows or movies you wanted to
Few days into #quarantineandchill , I realized it’s a good time to develop a hobby
Sing or dance, bathroom or living room, depending on your confidence
Hang out with parents and siblings
Maybe grow up a little try to not be annoying in our DMs
So much you can do, so much you can influence this #quarantineseason2020
Encourage people around you to #stayhome #stayhealthy


Sarees have soul

Unleash your free spirit

Loving my airdopes from boAt!! ❤️ #whatsyournirvana #iamaboathead #makeaboatstatement #itseffindope

With the adjustable carry strap and a sleek design, go loud and get the party started with boAt stone 1400 bluetooth speakers!

#iamaboathead #whatsyournirvana

Loving these airdopes from @boat.nirvana ❤️ #whatsyournirvana #iamaboathead #itsEffinDope

Avsar2019 ❤️


Happy 24th Birthday Anisha ❤️ they don’t make OGs like you anymore. They stopped after 1st Jan 1996.

So you got lucky basically.
I love you so much. ❤️❤️
(Can’t spend birthdays together ever 🙄)

Wonder why she’s looking at the waiter like that

The eternal struggle between - ‘I wanna look good naked’, and ‘pizza’

Fearless girl ft. Me


Mehendi #avasar ❤️

WallE in glorE


Miss you @ruchacha23 ❤️

📸: @exhibitionist754

When I accept myself, I free myself from the burden of needing you to accept me


📸: @exhibitionist754

Thx @cchhaayaakaar

Drunk in looooove, we be all night

Khush hoon.

📸: @exhibitionist754

📸: @exhibitionist754

📸: @exhibitionist754

They say I never listened to them
But what was I to understand?

They called me ugly and beautiful,
Strong and weak,
Loud and quiet
They couldn’t decide so I decided for myself
If I wouldn’t, I’d still be lost
📸: @exhibitionist754

You are only as free as you think you are and freedom will always be as real as you believe it to be

📸: @exhibitionist754

By the beach with Shetty - Issa vibe

Picture by @urvishetty ❤️

Picture by @urvishetty ❤️
Thankyou for being around always, thankyou for loving me like you do, thankyou for basically existing lol

Picture by @urvishetty ❤️

@urvishetty Still can’t forget I creeped you out the first day we met, while shifting our class in FYJC.

From that alarmed, almost stunned expression to literally growing up together and becoming family, it’s been 7 years.
Looking back, we have truly come a long way. From a quiet, homely girl who never even talked to strangers to the person you have become today, you have come a long way. Im glad I could be a part of it. I’ve seen you, observed you, heard you so closely over the years, I don’t think anybody knows you the way I do. I’m so proud of what you have made out of yourself, yet never losing touch with the reality. You fought thru everything and whatever you have made and done, it has been your own hard work and courage.
Thankyou for nurturing me, inspiring me, scolding me, loving me the way you have. The days I cried, you hugged me and reassured me that everything is going to be alright. Everything did fall in place eventually.
I’ve had such crazy lows in my life and you stood by me thru everything, I don’t know where you derive so much strength from.
You bring light to our lives and your positivity is infectious.
I know if I were a guy I’d be your husband but I guess I’ll just settle with being your bestfriend/sister/the OG love of your life for now.

New year at @aerostelgoa ❤️



Birthday post #3

Birthday post #2

Birthday post #1

📸: @indrajeetbhonslephotography

📸: @indrajeetbhonslephotography

Someday we will understand what truly matters is that we spend whatever time we have in the world in peace, happiness and in love.


That’s why one needs to travel...3.

As soon as I entered the premises of Thamarai (the after school initiative I volunteered at for a month), I knew I was in for something much bigger than myself.

Strangely, in today’s day, humanity is beyond what one can expect from people. Naturally I was overwhelmed by how beautifully people treated each other, always being respectful and empathetic.

I taught and observed the kids for a month. I saw their deep sense of respect, gratitude and love for me and the others like me. Sets you thinking, how much difference privilege can make.
I met different people at Auroville, some young some experienced. I went with an open mind, to absorb everything around me. The reason why I brought such a rich experience with myself. It made me realise how much there is to learn every single day, and how we miss out, clearly because of ignorance. We don’t see every person as someone who can offer something substantial. We tend to overlook people that don’t seem too appealing. In Auroville, I met different kinds of people, understood different kinds of situations. It’s weird how often I tend to get myself into situations.

I realised that sometimes people don’t need your opinions, sometimes we must just listen. I listened to a friend pour her heart out to me at midnight in the townhall, told me things about her life that she never told anyone. Sometimes we don’t have to sympathise, just respect their feelings and hear them out. This one day we woke up and just decided to ride the moped and literally ‘go out to get lost’. Another time we decided to go to Pondicherry because we were awake since 4 AM anyway. We watched late night movies on the laptop sometimes because there was no electricity, and nothing to do. We did ugly henna tattoos for each other because the lights were out and the laptop was dead too. She still does not agree her tattoo was ugly. We did some crazy shit over the month learning and growing and helping each other through.

@mitalijoshi26 thankyou for being there, and not being square.

‘Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable.

Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.’ There are 2 types of people. One driven by an unapologetic, intense hunger for money. And the second feeling similar motivation towards the need to travel. I still cannot categorise myself. I’m undecided.
I’m exploring the idea of a balance.

I always believed a purpose driven life is the model way to live. Well atleast that is what we’ve been told all our lives. We need to have a purpose, we need to have a goal in mind. But what is the point of all these aspirations if we cannot grow from within? What is the point of earning and not knowing how to effectively spend it? Ofcourse, we can say it is subjective, but is it really? Are materialistic riches and Patek Phillippes our only motivation towards excelling in life? Or should we strive for a much more real and far more deeper objective, to look beyond these shallow quests?
I went with these questions and several more, to Auroville. The day I decided I was going to visit the ‘future city of India’, I knew something was going to change. I told my mother before leaving ‘I will come back a changed person’. ... 1.
P.S.: Credits to @mitalijoshi26 for telling me about it, welcoming me there, and surviving a month with me.

Hair by @dwyessh_hairwizard
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia 📸: @the_capture_

Hair by @dwyessh_hairwizard
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia 📸: @the_capture_

Hair by: @dwyessh_hairwizard
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia
📸: @the_capture_

Hair by: @dwyessh_hairwizard
📸: @the_capture_
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia

Hair by: @dwyessh_hairwizard
📸: @the_capture_
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia

Hair by: @dwyessh_hairwizard
📸: @the_capture_
For @jeanclaudebiguineindia

📸: @thelightworks

📸: @antonysamson23

Not getting over Auroville anytime soon

📸: @mitalijoshi26

KNOWLEDGE 📸: @mitalijoshi26

📸: @tarkashm

📸 @antonysamson23

If confusion is the first step towards success, I maybe a genius
Picture by @metalfarmer ❤️

I learnt the reality of life. I realized how we have been moulded into assuming it is linear and how inaccurate it is.

Life is a different reality for every person experiencing it. It's a vivid, complex reality.
What's more, you can either accept it for what it is, or you can do something. You always have a choice. I decided to defy my odds, eventually muddle through. No matter how hard you rebel, your success lies in the concluding peace.
I am calm because I was difficult before.
I am patient because I was furious before.
I understand because I questioned before.

My acrimony was not futile.
(This is a piece from my blog post. Will update you guys when I’m ready.
Thank you for reading❤️)
Picture by @dixit_bhatt.

If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I maybe a genius

To be confused isn't where the problem lies, it's genious infact, when your ever maturing logic raises questions against contemporary ideas. When there are no questions, there is indifference. Towards life & yourself, you have the responsibility of evolvement. If you fail to conceive your own ideas, you fail to go wrong. Till your don't go wrong, you will never wonder what's right. Until you question yourself, you do not seek answers. And when the curiosity dies, with it dies your reason for existence.
PC: @dixit_bhatt 🐬


Picture by @aishwarya_nayak_photography ❤️
Make up by @derimples ❤️

‘But people are oceans..
You cannot know them by their surface ‘

Thankyouuu @mitjasecko 😂😎🐬

Obsessing over dem curlzzzz

My babyyy

There are only two options, Make progress or make excuses. Happy new year ❤️


Love ya

Picture by @thecp.18 🌹

The best @thecp.18 💯

So much love @thecp.18 ❤

And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive.

You won't even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in.
That's what this storm's all about.
Picture by @thecp.18 🌹

"It’s just another one of those things I don’t understand.

Everyone impresses upon you how unique you are, encouraging you to cultivate your individuality while at the same time trying to squish you and everyone else into the same ridiculous mould."
Picture by the amazing @thecp.18

@aniiisha96 thanks

P.C. @yashbhansali0013 ❤

Beach hair ✔

@themetalfarmer 🌹

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"And I thought tomorrow was a Sunday" - stunning @ishaavaidya nerdy 🤓 look 👀

Mumbai may 23, 2017

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Picture by @themetalfarmer ❤

#aboutlastnight ❤

Aceee @themetalfarmer ❤🌹

#humanedge #portrait #portraiture #flowers #jj_bodybeautiful #jj_emotional #rsa_ladies #rsa_mystery #vscomod #agameoftones #traditional #india #discoverportrait #mumbai #fashion #love #happiness #beautiful

Find your fire

@themetalfarmer ❤🌹

Control yourself @urvishetty 😒😭🌹
Thank you @themetalfarmer you da best ❤❤🌹

Make life simple but significant
Picture by @themetalfarmer 🌹❤❤. So much lovee ❤🌟

#humanedge #jj_bodybeautiful #jj_emotional #rsa_ladies #rsa_mystery #vscomod #agameoftones #traditional #india #mumbai #fashion #love #happiness #beautiful

@themetalfarmer ❤❤

Thankyou @themetalfarmer ❤❤🌹

Confidence is contagious

Standing tall against the rain
Staaaaaar @themetalfarmer ❤❤🌹 so much loveeee

Location by @improvisedlifestyle

Another year older but unfortunately none wiser
Happy birthday anyway

Nazakat se

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For Wahl India.
Thankyou @ity_aggarwal so muchhh lovee for youuu ❤❤

Throw back to the days when 'happy' had a different meaning altogether

Flop 😂😂 @diksha258

@diksha258 hmm

Good times & crazy friends make the best memories ❤ (You wrote an overused quote for me.

Now we're even.)


You deserve to be on my feed at least once afterall

My little baby ❤ @aniiisha96 I'm so proud of you my chotu bacchu ❤❤🌹

Three years with you and finally I thought of Fuckmola.

Three years and finally you aren't offended anymore. Three years of drunken exam nights. Love ya Fuckmola. I guess I'm gonna miss you @devilwearsprada_rj ❤🌹

First I smiled, then I laughed.

Story of the first time a dude sang me a love song.

Picture credits to my babygirl @bhoo_me

I'm sorry :( ...Pls dn't cancel frenship wit me. Pls pls pls pls pls...

Crowning the queen of the night 🌟

All your life you're conditioned to become an ideal woman.

A likeable woman, a woman with a clean reputation. It takes a lot of crying in the washroom and staring at blank walls to break through and find yourself. Sometimes the cause is a life changing incident and sometimes its plain dissatisfaction. All I want to tell you is find yourself through all the hurt & pain, and never ever let go of it. Not for a person, not for a thing. Be wild and be free. Be you.
MUA : @zeen_sha
Photography by @jaydodia0786

You guyysssss



"Sun went down in honey
And the moon came up in wine
You know stars were spinning dizzy

Lord the band kept us so busy
We forgot about the time"
Thank you so much @ori0ns 🌹

In order to save myself I must destroy first the me I was told to be

Thanks @twentyfirstaugust 🌟

Some feelings cannot be put into words

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to the best mom & dad! Love you so much ❤🌟🌹💎

No foolin' only dancin'

Sexy isn't a shape, its an attitude

Thankyouuu @themetalfarmer ❤

@improvisedlifestyle for the location 💎

Never underestimate the importance of having fun

Until forever comes, you'll find us chasing the sun

Love you for this @themetalfarmer ❤

Location by @improvisedlifestyle

Its just Me, Myself & I
Solo ride until I die,
Cause I got me for life

Acee @themetalfarmer 🌟❤
Location Credits to @improvisedlifestyle

Imma keep runnin' cause a winner don't quit on themselves

May you always do what you're afraid to do.

Aceeeeman @themetalfarmer ❤

Location courtesy: @improvisedlifestyle
Covering India's elite luxury lifestyle

#subtle #beautiful #blackandwhite #bnw

I can teach you how to avoid being thrown in pools.

Shoutout to @improvisedlifestyle for getting us such an amazing pool to throw each other in

The past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form.

Both, illusions.

Thankyou @themetalfarmer 🌹💕💋💋. Location courtesy: @improvisedlifestyle.

Why you wanna trip on me
P.C.: @indrajeetbhonslephotography

She was like a wild fire. The more they tried to control her, the more she enraged and burned

UNTAMED by @indrajeetbhonslephotography



Styling: @urvishetty
P.C.: @prabhu677

Ready? Ready.

@prabhu677 thankyou.

Fierce by choice

@the_benjamin_button thankyou!

Free spirit

In all things of nature there are somethings of the marvelous - Aristotle



If everything was perfect, you'd never learn, you'd never grow

P.C. @khetrapal_ankit

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

P.C. @khetrapal_ankit

Beautiful baby rest in peace

Yesterday me and my dad found this little baby in Crawford Market.

Looks like we found Eva for my little Wall-E.

Hi baby

Love her too muchh❤️ @aniiisha96

Baby is studying with me.




Sariskaaaaa 3

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun 👅