can’t wait to be back in this place in a few weeks... russia see u soon 😚 p.s.

it’s not a real police car haha

swipe for the sexiest photo ever

getting some vitamin sea

off to spain i go... 😝✈️ i’m sad that i’m not going to mexico but everything happens for a reason!

😌 after spain i’ll return to russia 🙈 where is your DREAM holiday?

i’ve always wanted a goat... but i don’t have the space yet 😝🐐. one day i will!!

which is your dream animal? if you have one, some people don’t like animals lmao. 🙄🙄🙄. varsity bomber from @boohooman #gifted

the best sweatpants from @boohoomanofficial AD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @marysenn ❤️❤️

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better than the professionals @danilallj @senoritasaeva

AD| this hoodie from @boohoomanofficial 😍

didn’t want to leave josh out 💔 @joshhewitt

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i caught a pigeon 🐦 he flew away after eating my WHOLE mcdonald’s lol (the coat was given to me, i no longer support this brand)

have you watched naruto?

i miss my niece 🥺🥺🥺🥺


last month of school check

good night mis amigos

is that what being cool and living in london feels like

this my new little frog friend, they’re contacts btw haha

you’re probs wondering why i look so miserable... we were pretending to take edgy photos (as a joke!!) and this one turned out ok LMAO


new mirror

not my bedroom don’t judge the butterfly stickers 😫

oops lol

i’m gonna start the gym soon 😙

my pet hyena x

early morning fun xx

saturatiON haha get it 🖐😌
thx @freshhoods_official for the hoodies :’) and @urbansophisticationtm for da case x

mirror mirror on the wall who’s the boredest of them all :’)

they say pets look like their owners 🐵💕... i’m EVOLVING 😳

me myself & i, ft. the hoodie fluff in my hair 😌😌

another selfie of me and mylo because isolation photos are hard to get creative 😫🤍

i look strange in these photos but enjoy the blue around me 😂🥰

the picture behind my head is always tilted and it annoys me so much... how’s ur quarantine? 🥱🤍

sorry I’m late... my phone BROKE 😭also TikTok saw this first!

mylo LOVES getting in my hoodie hood 😂🐒 especially this one!! p.s.

he might be getting a friend next week 😱🥺

the last pic was genuinely me trying to take a photo of the moon from my garden and it FAILED SO BAD 😭

hope everyone is staying safe and keeping themselves entertained at the moment because i’m REALLY REALLY bored 🤪 #stayathome #thankyounhs

oink oink 🐷 pigs are scary ngl

parks are actually so chill

sad to be home now... but now i can countdown the days till my next trip 😂🥊💯

formal 2020 lol

where did summer go? 😤 how’s your 2020 going so far? any plans this year? holidays? opportunities??


merry christmas from my heart to yours, i love u all so much 💓💓.

thank u for such an amazing year and i am more than excited to see what next year holds. stay safe this christmas and have an amazing day xx

mylo clearly thinks he’s a dentist in the last video 😂 what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen an animal do?

have you ever tried bubble tea? 🥤 is so which flavour?

lmao the last video 😂 how many mins till christmas?

how do you like your steak? 😂

bro i’m not really that skinny but take me back to thailand 🎶

take me back to london 🎶

throw back thursday... guess how old i was here 😂💓

mr grumpy... 😴😂someone tell this fella to cheer up 💩💩 jokes but happy thursday and good evening everyone 👌👌

changed what photo i’m posting because i’m indecisive like that 😂

prenocephale thingz 🤑😂
, i’m going to @witc_event can’t wait to meet more of you guys!!


close ur eyes while i crack your back 😭😂 #amazingthailand #wedareyouthailand 📸: @sumethaball

des elephants

the catfish really out here making me look like a twig 🧸