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Are you building a Brand? As you studying Nip you see how important being true to yourself is.

That’s apart of building brand.

Use this time to right down some morals, code of conduct that your brand stand and values you and your company stand on.

Many big companies do this all the time.

This is to make sure everything always align with the brand.

We in The Kymmunity we focus on the people that’s within it and connecting to grow further.

If you would like business assistance visit the website or hop on our Live from 9-10 EST everyday to be apart of our Boss Talk a consultation session on growing your business.

You have to get up and get active. It’s go time baby.

We just hit a new level.

If you want more you got to do more and think smarter.

Here’s my question that I have for you. Are you ready and willing to be uncomfortable for a long period of time to be able to get and keep what you want?

Leave a comment below saying “I AM” if you are. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Raise your hand it’s ok to get the answer wrong. I’m more impressed with the confidence you have in yourself.

You can someone the right answer.

Let’s start raising our hand in our business. Do your audience know that your in class today?

Stop playing scared! If you want the ball put your hand up

TimeOut in The Kymmunity

Guys let’s get back to our Day 1 mentality.

You remember your first day you started your business? You was excited and telling everyone.

It’s time to get back to it.

Next play we running is turn the fuck up on 3.

Ready Break!

Don’t believe everything on the gram lol. It really happen like that.

Never forget your day 1 supporters.

DMV birth place of Kymz.

For assistance on growing your home base business. Have a Boss Talk

Your inspiration will ignite the the fire in the doers.

It’s the doers that change the world. You have to be a doer to change your life.

If your a doer leave a comment saying “ I am “ below in the comment! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hey how many of you ever bought anything from Gary V?

If you haven’t it’s ok you probably watched his YouTube before?

Today we are going to learn about Target Market and Target Audience.

Think of target market as the general concept.

So for him his clients are business owners.

But your Target audience is much more specific.

For example it’s not just business owners but Fortune 500 companies.

You see how it narrowed the market down.

Use this time to figure out your target market and Target Audience it’s going to help you out so much more.

Think Kymmunity

You got to pay your sales team! That is the rule I live by. Our sales team get up to

60% commission

This is one reason why we have very low turnover rate.

I know what it’s like to be on the ground connecting with customers, driving revenue and growing a business to then not even get a $1 raise or a better commission split.

Here’s my timeline of sales experience
Sold Directv in Costco was able to run a office.

Sold insurance at enterprise was the top in the region for a whole year employed.

Built a business from scratch that did over $400,000 in gross sales help lead and develop a salesforce selling a $30 product.

If you have a product that’s $30 or less and need help pushing it check out our Monthly rental saleforce package.

Only accepting one client a month. Read the description in the link in the bio.

Hey guys do me a favor and grab a note book and create your workout for your business.

When you have a guide and keep track your able to see the progression over the long term.

Setting daily task the night and even the week before with help you focus and help you to not get overwhelmed.

The full video is on my YouTube can you go over there like, subscribe and share if this was helpful to you.

Are you watching Shark Tank? Starting a business takes a lot of work and money right?

So you may be asking should I get an investor?

Depending on your intentions and goals you may want to seek out capital. Here are a few things investors are looking for in a business.

1. Sales is your business making money. The longer you been in business every year it should be moving up.

2. Profitability- just because you have sales don’t mean it’s profitable. Having a high profit margins will attract investors because you have room for them to have a piece of the pie.

3. Having a business plan. Having a business plan is a great way to communicate to the investor you have a plan laid out.

4. Passion many investors invest in the entrepreneur their self when on the fence about a deal. How serious are you in your business?

5. Scalability are you able to scale your business on a mass scale if capital or connections are poured in?

If your looking for an investor be ready to answer this question what is the annual rates of return on the investment.

This video is from Apples cofounder Steve Jobs. We can learn so much from this small clip.

When you start a business you should be passion about it. Because when it gets tough that’s what’s going to keep you going?

Can you remember a time you wanted to give up on something? Why did you keep going?

When you have something that your pursuing that’s bigger than you there’s no way your going to give up.

Here’s some things you can do to help get you through it.

1. Talk to yourself it’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a game day pep talk. Let’s go L you built different let’s get it.

2. Think about your Why. Who are you doing it for? Or what are you trying to accomplish.

3. Reflect on where you started at this will help you highlight your accomplishments and success you had in your journey.

4. Pray/ meditate take a moment to process and give thanks and show gratitude God always got your back.

5. Watch a Video. Call a time out and get coached up a 1 min video can go along way. Get your mind right and now get back in the game.

Everyone have moments that they felt like they wanted to quit. The ones you hear about they didn’t! Keep going.

Running a business and being a football player takes some of the same skill.

How well is your story telling in business? This can be translated into your route game.

When you run a route you are telling a story. Keep crafting people just see the hands but it’s the feet that gets you open.

How many of you played college football?

Be you! Don’t try to be anyone else. It’s so much harder to put on a front rather than documenting your journey.

Don’t try to be anyone but yourself.

The universe will pay you for it.

Greatness always leave clues. This is why face to face is so effective.

Why rely on a algorithm that you have no control over to get your product in people hand.

Get out there in connect. Get in the field!

Watch how your business grow by just letting people know what you do in real life.

Are you watching Shark Tank? Shark Tank is a great show that you can learn business from.

You’ll realize your not far off if not better than most.

My question that I have for you.

If a entrepreneur go on the show and ask for $100,000 for 2% of the company but Mr. Wonderful says he’ll invest $100,000 for 10% what is the valuation the of its company?

Valuation = The number invested / percentage of equity giving up.

Leave your answer in the comments below let’s talk about it.

Sometimes you have to run the ball on 3rd down to set up the play action on 1st down.

Who’s ready for some football?!

The best apart about business is that it’s so many routes you can run.

Where is my WRs and DBs at?

You’ll be surprise to know how far our oils go. Our oils have got us in rooms you only see on the gram.

We are looking to bring on 3 more partners this month to represent us at events. Be apart of the family. Let’s start connecting you. Mess around with us you’ll meet your mentor @patrickbetdavid

Can you believe how far we came? This is the picture of Kymz Oils before we know who we was on the campus of Central State University.

College is a great place to start a business. Talk to your RA to see if you can set up in the hall. Share with friends in the caf and at your school games.

For God, For Central, For State. @lcampus_carservice

Game day in The Kymmunity! Our CEO and Bedford alumnus class of 2011 LJ Chambers is excited to kickoff the football season and have your your full support

Prior to starting his entrepreneur journey LJ was a former Division 1 football player who transferred to the HBCU central state university and later utilize his 5th year to play his last year and receive his masters in Sports Administration from the HBCU Hampton University.

Sports is in his blood, Be sure to catch us this season at different games throughout the country.

1pm on the water. It’s hard to give up your freedom when you fought so hard to get it.

Being able to travel, work with the people you want to and most importantly having your time.

Why are you Doing what your doing now?

You just never know how your life is impacting, inspiring and changing someone else’s.

I just completed a 4 day fast where I didn’t eat anything and only drunk water. This was a great experience. I stoped because I started to have hallucinations.

It was a great experience because it was like the old me have died and a new me begun.

Durring this experience I lost 12lbs, pain that I once had got better and eased away. Most importantly clarity and confirmation that I can do it.

I am adding this to my Think Week regiment forsure.

I also experienced sluggish fatigued, and drain.

It’s weird you sometimes have to find things that will push you to get your juices flowing.

Moral of the story find weird shit that you can do that only you know that better your life. Personal and spiritual development is important!

My goal is to do that for 30 days I got to keep training lol

How many of you all feel like you don’t have the time to learn or do something?

If that’s the case it’s ok just invest in the service or coaching to get it.

How many of you don’t have the money to invest in a team, a campaign and coaching or event right now?

It’s ok invest your time to research and do it.

Now when you have both that’s real wealth.

Educating your self and having freedom over your life is the real wealth.

A lot of us don’t have that because we don’t have that freedom from a job, a business, a career or the money to allow us to be free.

That’s what your working for your freedom.

So you can travel when you want, spend time with family at 11am, or just sitting on the beach all day on a Thursday.

What do your freedom look like? let’s earn your freedom!

Atlanta this Sunday stop in and connect with us as we listen and get empowered by @iamarnesjah

Our Kymmunity Partner @cre8tive_destruction will be in the building representing us and bringing to the event her amazing collection.

Stop in and support the people in the Kymmunity.

I see now why the corporate team is completely different from the Day to Day.

When you start leading, managing and training other people.

Your thinking process, strategizing, communication skills and decision making becomes priority.

Rather then the Day to Day sales.

CEOs think right now your a sales rep of your business. You’ll get to that position soon. Keep going earn your position

#thekymmunitythinkday21 Appreciate the fact your not in the same place that you once was.

Even if it’s for the better we as humans tend to fight change.

Let go and let god write the course your the driver the powerful spirt is already in you.

It started in a Vision

For Our 2021 Kymmunity Think day we had @danyellechambers help come in and speak with us about growing your business on social organically.

Are you holding your customers hand? To work with @danyellechambers to help you increase your digital presence.

Click the link in the bio

I get this question asked all the time and it can be many reasons.

Let’s start off with the first one.

Do you know what time your Audience is using the app?

You can visit the analytics on your account to view the most active hours for you.

But that’s not The Kymmunity way it’s deeper than that. Do you know why they are on mostly for those time?

Are your audience doing something that prevent them from be on social media during the day say a job from 9-6pm?

Is your audience doing something during the weekday afternoon that preventing them to be on social. Say spending time with their spouse or Kids.

When you understand the behavior of your audience and the lifestyle they live. You will then be able to gain and attract more sales.

Because you understand where they are at.

Those lunch break post always hit different. Keep going!

Let me help you with growing your brand.

Is Amazon really a Book Store? Yea in 1994 but they have sprouted into many businesses now.

Is Kymz Really a Oil store? Yea in 2018 we was. We now help businesses like yours to grow within our national Kymmunity Marketplace.

The digital world is a great way to communicate with your audience in 2021. Just think rather then seeing this post.

You can see your brand. I’m pretty sure I don’t live in the same city as you but you see our brand where your at.

Click the link in the bio to read how you can grow on social organically.

Look at @ladyq_candles growing her business.

If your in the Tampa Kymmunity and would like a place to grow your business. DM me to vend.

We have availabilities from Thursday-Sunday. When you book on Wednesday you get the space for free.

Daily vending price is $20 from 12-6pm

Do your face 2 face presence match your online presence?

That’s a different ball game.

Many times we really over look how the big boys do it.

Can you believe a few years ago we was working at enterprise in the DMV and just trying to make $20 on my lunch break.

Amazon was the company I decided to focus in on their model. This allowed us to adapted the long term approach.

I never intended to just be a oil brand. We are a business development hub that transforms local businesses nationwide.

If you see a Kymmunity that you would like to expand your brand in.

Click the link in our bio i would love to help your brand grow.

The Kymmunity Way.

We Transformed a one man oil guy into The business development hub for new home base businesses that have dreams to grow nationwide.

One way you can start is by growing your brand through the digital space.

Let us show you how you can get 300 new followers a month that will convert in a min of 20 new customers.

What do 20 new customers look like for you?

Click the link in the bio to find out.

Atlanta Kymmunity come stop in and connect with the team this Sunday we will be in Atlanta.

If your an author and aspiring author in the Kymmunity connect yourself with @iamarnesjah

Connect your brand, grab some scents and get empowered by many strong women entrepreneurs.

Retail shopping Here!

Are you really learning on your job? Are you paying attention to their systems?

Are you peeping their training processes.

What about there onboarding for process. Even how they take them to lunch on their first week.

Are you studying the communication line between management and corporate.

Why are they emphasizing customer service more than sales?

How is their delivery system?

Do your job have a pathway to success?

What are the uniforms? There’s so much you can learn at your job when building your business.

Pay attention

Having a job was a great way for me to learn because I gain so much experience and saw how everything worked.

This is why we have distributors. A way for them to learn business by actually doing business.

Who’s working in management or corporate right now? How often do you have meetings with your staff?

It’s that time of the year. Who’s ready for some college football!

August 28th we will be vending at @classicforcolumbus

Showcasing to great HBCUs rivals.

It’s about to be a Whole Kymmunity mix if you want to have your brand on the table.

Dm me for details.

Great morning from the scent that’s still holding you from last night.

September 9th we are having a class in Tampa.

For those who not in the Kymmunity pull up tonight at 9EST on Live.

Grab a pen and note book.

This class is about coming up with an idea.

Tag someone you know that need to start a business.

As a Leader what’s your style of leadership? Are you a Lebron or Jordan?

Lebron has trust that he developed his team so well that they will come clutch in the biggest moments. With this leadership style many people will love working with you because they know they will become better by doing so.

While Jordan have trust in his abilities and all his preparation prepared him to be clutch and come clutch for his team.

With this Leadership style many people will not want to work with you. But they definitely don’t want to go against you. It’s not because of you but how much greatest you demand from your team.

That’s the difference between Bron and Jordan when the game is on the line who has the ball?

What is your leadership style are you a Bron or Jordan?

Start studying leadership if you want to start growing your business.

I’ve been studying the greats and realized the ones who dominate in their field don’t believe in balance.

Name me one person that’s the best at what they do and have a work life balance?

Commit to your greatness. It’s a difference from being a player in your field to being the best player ever in your game that you decide to commit to.

Be Legendary

It’s something about Sunday that bring you back to center. Sundays are great days to recharge.



And adjust. That’s right did you watch film of your last week performance. What was working? What didn’t?

Do you have your playbook set for this week?

Do you have your audible package remembered so if you see something in the defense (the market) you can still make a play?

Most importantly do you got your mind right to hit your goals for this week to win. It’s about winning not just being on the team.

Let’s win this week.

Are you enjoying your fruits? I know I speak on the grind a lot but what I learned was that you can’t be grinding for ever.

Think about it. When you plant a tree you water it and make sure the soil is great but at a curtain point when it bares fruit you let it do it’s thing.

It’s ok to eat a apple from the tree you planted. It’s going to grow back on its own.

What’s your end game? It’s ok to take time to enjoy the life you built. Your in a much different position that you was in A year ago.

Here’s a secret that you may have over looked. A lot of your success will come from just showing up.

Think about it. If you want to pass a class show up everyday.

If you want to get a promotion at your job show up everyday. If you want to loose weight go to the gym everyday.

Can we understand the importance of showing up. Consistency and endurance is what a lot of people lack.

How can you show up everyday in your life, career and business?

Having your own business is great sure but you know it’s not for everyone.

Have you thought about bringing your skill set to a company that can utilize and value you?

We have couple of departments we will be opening up soon and we need people to run them.

A CEO job is to organize and execute the company Vision.

The Founder job is to cast the Vision. Think of it like this The Founder tell the CEO where to go and The CEO is the driver that’s going to get the company where it needs to.

Remember you can be a CEO without being a Founder. They are two different skill sets.

Are you studying the big corps? is a perfect example of starting with a very narrow niche and later down the road grew into a massive platform.

This is what I was saying 3 years ago when we only was selling oils. We have now developed a platform to help people start, grow or expand their business. Wait to see what we have 5 years from now.

Pick a big corporation to study and implement their model to your specific industry.

To help assist you visit our website if your interested in being a client.

#thekymmunitythinkday21 the team tag your business page below let the Kymmunity know what you do.

2022 Registration will be available October 1st.

Are you still having an issue growing your brand?

It’s ok because maybe you just lack execution.

I had to remember what was my biggest challenge when I first started and it was not really having a plan.

I am great at executing or better way to say it I just figure things out.

With the experience gain you don’t have to make the same mistakes I’ve made. But you also can start getting the results I had.

If your ready to start a brand visit the website at grab our start a business program.

Let’s finally start that business you been thinking about.

You’ll hear the most cheers when your climbing not when you actually get there.

Man what the oil man talking about. I just booked myself. My first client was Kymz Oils.

We just help grow this DMV brand into cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville, Dallas.

If your a marketer market your own business.

If you help grow businesses grow your own business first.

That’s one great way to raise capital as well.

#thekymmunitythinkday21 have y’all met the ladies they provided us with beautiful swim suits.

If your still chasing the sun make sure to connect with this beach brand that’s based in Tampa

Is now available on YouTube. Did you know a way to improve your sales is to know who your talking to.

A Letter 2 KYM

#thekymmunitythinkday21 Always bet on yourself.

Many times as vendors we think we are betting on the host of the pop up but in reality we are betting on ourselves.

Let me tell you @manifest_ur_bestlifeplanners did that for our Think Day. Betted on herself drove 2 hours and made it happen.

That’s what us Gorillas Do! ✊🏾💯🖤

Now she’s connected in cities like Atlanta, DC and Cleveland.

If your in business organization is very important.

Do me a favor and go connect with @manifest_ur_bestlifeplanners and get your 90 day planner.

Remember in order to accomplish any goal you need a plan. Grab those planners today.

Prices just went up like prayers on a Sunday.

Many time we skip factors in our lifestyle that cost to do business with us.

Especially when your building your business you have to stop what your doing to help others.

#thekymmunitythinkday21 the ladies at @belle_la_mode_ was in the building.

This Tampa based business provide beautiful fitting waiste trainers to help get the result you need.

Do me a favor, connect and follow this brand. It could be coming to a gym near you.

Inner Self- a Track from A Letter 2KYM

You lack excitement that’s why your lacking sales.

You haven’t sold yourself yet. Do you believe in what your doing? So the next person that you are in front of tell them about your business.

Day 1 mentality

Click the link.

#thekymmunitythinkday21 ladies have you connected with @theyonimuva she provided amazing service and products for you ladies.

Do me a favor and connect and follow @theyonimuva based in the Tampa Kymmunity.

#TheKymmunityThinkDay21 we believe in providing as much resources, opportunities, value to empower growth in our vendors.

This is why we invested so much in the location and media. So not only it’s a dope place to do business on the water but you can also get your content in.

Check out @thickandthincollection she definitely took full advantage of the scene. Ladies make sure you connect with her she have some really nice styles for you.



Was amazing, a business development hub that connect, grow and support home base businesses.

Have you met @styleganics an entrepreneur that wear many hats that provide all organic hair and skin products.

Definitely connect with @styleganics

The 2nd Annual Kymmunity Think day was a success.

Do you have your 4th Quarter content prepared?

We got a release Date.

Album mode

Click the link in the bio to listen to a few tracks that’s going to change your life.

With all due respect. It’s camp season. It’s time to focus and get it.

For the month of August I will be completely off Instagram. If you would like to contact myself email us or schedule a consultation.

If you would like to purchase our oils on a retail level or wanting us to be at a event connect with :

Columbus @kymzoilscolumbus

Cleveland @kymzoils_cle @yes_im_an_aries

DMV @_missfridayspeaks @jujuwithdajuice_ @thelifeturner

Dallas @alleyhuncho
Or visit our Kiosk in Tampa.

Send us an email at Kymzoils

The season Start in September

The Kymmunity is Family, Royalty cause separation. When your in a Village we are all family

A Bottle of Don that you can’t drink. Let’s congratulate our first Long term thinker winner @ladywalker2u

We started a tradition here at our 2nd Annual Think Day. I signed this bottle. The winner have to not open this bottle and give it to the winner of next year raffle.

It’s a way to practice sacrifice, long term thinking, accountability.

It put pressure on me to stay connected and grow her business.

Mental health is very important connect with @ladywalker2u

Let’s see how long we can age it.

Welcome to The Kymmunity

I hate to be the barrier of bad news but Prices are relative.

It just depend on who you talk to. For example $100 for one person may be a lot to others that’s part of the donation.

So when you are coming up with your pricing determine with your stick figure who your going to be talking too.

Remember $100 divided by 4 weeks is $25 a week. You probably spend that on lunch.

Put it in your business, if you feel that I can assist you in your growth after reading my Kymmunity Strategic investor package.

Once again you can’t never say I didn’t give you an opportunity

Visit the site for details.

Question for the Kymmunity. What type of investor would you like for your business?

Would you like a strategic investor? This type of investor helps you by being hands on with you. Connecting you with the people you need to grow.


A passive investor. This person supplies you with the capital and just expects profits on their investment.

For myself I would say strategic, if I had a person who’s helping me grow and helping with connecting I’ll take that anytime.

If you have a product base business that’s making less than $80,000 a year at this time and are willing to grow.

Visit our Kymmunity Strategic Investor Package. Where I will help you grow for 4 weeks.

Think Day was amazing follow @mossmanjuices they are on the rise.

Comment Strategic or Passive below ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Do you know what’s next level. When you can turn your products into business cards.

So many of the top authors do that if it’s a book signage or just walking to your local library or star bucks.

Many business cards get loss or damage. But they’ll always hold on to your product.

I rather get paid on the backend anyway.

To expand in Cleveland Connect with @loveyourself111productions and @thedollhouse_glam

To expand in DC connect with @_missfridayspeaks

To expand in Columbus connect with @kymzoilscolumbus

To expand in Atlanta connect with @shatoraladorne

This is the beautiful part your seeing a Kymmunity be built from the ground up.

This year Think Day we connected so many great people, learned new information that I’m going to implement and expanded businesses nationwide.

Start with a footprint, build relationships, go to the new market. Travel and expand your brand.

We had Atlanta, Cleveland, Columbus, DMV, Tampa, NY and Orlando all in one building. Let’s see what new Kymmunity will be represented next year.

We will release the registration for our 3rd Annual National Think Day October 1st.

At our Think Day @shatoraladorne brought up a great point when it comes to persistent and consistency.

Can you believe the idea of digital photos was presented in the 1970s but wasn’t really executed on scale until 2000s.

What if that guy kept going with his idea in the 1970s.

Being a Visionary you have to be consistent to fulfill your vision especially when the market is total unfamiliar with the innovation that your doing.

Innovation is not inventing It’s changing the way you do something to make it better for the consumer.

Were you at our National Think Day? @loveyourself111productions was in the building empowering us.

What I realized the power that purpose have over us. Did you hear her. She was going through obstacles and challenges but you would have never know it because her purpose keeps fueling her.

Every Kymmunity we had she was there. When I tell you she practice what she speak. That’s all facts. From Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, DMV, Charlotte, Atlanta and Tampa. She have been helping me develop my purpose.

It was great to be in the crowd learning that’s what Think Day is for. Listen to people that I’m inspired by.

If your a women that’s in business and your looking to change your life and find more direction. Connect with @loveyourself111productions

She have many products and services that can improve your life.

At our National Think Day @danyellechambers was helping us learn how we can grow our business organically on social media.

Did you know the difference between micro Hashtags and Macro Hashtags. I sure didn’t. That make total sense. Let’s get more specific and focus on our audience.

If your a first time entrepreneur or don’t have time to improve your social media. For more tips and services connect with @danyellechambers

#thekymmunity #TheKymmunityThinkDay

Our 2nd Annual Think Day in the Kymmunity was a day of growth and connecting.

I learned so much at this event it’s not even funny.

We are The development hub for new entrepreneurs that would like to start, grow or expand nationwide.

So how did Kymz Oils grow here?

Content: we was able to improve our content with professional headshots, beautiful scenery pictures for our 4th quarter campaigns. We also was able to capture Amazing video.

Social media : We was able to learn and understand the importance of copy in our post. It helps engagement and a deeper layer on context.

Team building: we was able to learn our team and I as a CEO developed a better understanding of myself and the greatness that we all bring to the table.

Personally: I learned that no matter what you do in life when you move in purpose your always going to make it happen.

Once again thank you so much to our speakers @shatoraladorne @danyellechambers @loveyourself111productions

These are the people you need to connect with.

Are you following up with your peoples? Many times we struggle with following up with our peoples because we are so into our purpose.

Especially being a gorilla your always connecting in the jungle. Meeting new animals learning their ways and appreciating their talents that make this ecosystem.

Thank you so much @loveyourself111productions @shatoraladorne and @danyellechambers

For help not only connecting, rewirng, growing the Kymmunity

We could not have do that with out you all.

There’s a New Tradition for our Think Day event. Let’s see who going to win this raffle.

Are you ready for Think Day?

What’s one big company that you study?

For us it’s Victoria Secret. Have you noticed Pink is always next to Victoria Secret. Although they sell the same product. The packaging is different so they market to two different customers.

Welcome to The Kymmunity Think Day.

Keep going

National Think Day is less than a Day away.

All vendors set up time is from 1:30-2:45 you have assign tables with your name on it to set up.

Guest check in is from 2:45-3pm

Look to connect with you. Rep your brand and let’s grow and support businesses in The Kymmunity

New beginnings more life

Final walk throughs

Did you know having business cards mean that you have a real business!

To certain people sure. You just have to know the demographics your talking to.

From my experience more of the older generation appreciate a nice business card. Why because they can hold it, feel it. You have to remember most of them remember when we had photo albums. When they took pictures it was something to hold on to.

Now the younger generation everything is digital that’s where their eyes are at. Grab their social.

I believe $10 for business cards from staples can be a great investment if you share it to the person.

Slight night few sips and a business plan.

Be safe tonight make sure your connecting with Kymz.

Hey, y’all if you visit our website, you’ll see our Wholesale package is now $1,400.

This package is for people that are serious on quitting their job in a 6 month time frame.

I am going to open up a 1 on 1 consultation division in The Kymmunity for new business owners or businesses making $2000 or less in their business.

Stay connected. I’ll be investing my time in the field not the gram.

Subscribe to our email list to stay connected.

Make sure you connect with our speakers for our 2nd Annual Think Day event.

@jameldjackson @shatoraladorne @cherisse0829 @danyellechambers

Can’t wait to show you this exercise you can do to discover your Target audience.

2022 Think Day Early Bird tickets will be available October 1st

I’m practicing buying and Holding so some things you have to let it age to appreciate it.

Some stuff you will understand next year.

The I seen your brand before just hit different.

Build brand awareness the sales will follow.

The scent that keeps you in.

Are you taking a Think Day? Our Annual National Think Day is a few days away.

A day of information, connections, and content can really change your business.

Are you positioning your business for the long term? That’s thinking the Kymmunity Way.

This event was created 2 years ago. On my Bi Annual Think Week.

I was listening to a Video on YouTube of Jeff Bezos he was saying as the CEO of Amazon.

His job is to think about the quarter 5 years from now. If he’s thinking about the now. The company is in trouble.

You’ll eventually be a CEO of your company start thinking further in the future remember.

It’s all about the Long term sustainability not the short term profits.

We are super excited to connect with so many great people this Sunday for Think Day.

Think Day Begins at 3pm. Vendors set up is from 1:30-2:45pm.

Check your Email for more detail

Registration is closed. Standing room is the thing available. You can register at the door.

Think Day @loveyourself111productions will be blessing the room. Like she always do.

Speakers speak, if that’s a conference, a meeting or a bar. A speaker always speak and their voice is always felt.

Thank you @loveyourself111productions @thedollhouse_glam for rocking with me since Day1

Follow and connect with this Cleveland based speaker and coach that will help you discover your purpose.

Be You They’ll adjust words from our purpose coach @loveyourself111productions many times you worry to much about what others think.

Do you and let people adjust around you.

Make sure you stop by her table at Think Day.

I’m weak right now. What makes us different we in the field with it. Ground level connecting

Home base business that you can start.

which business would you start first and why?

For me I would go with the oils because of the quicker cash flow. In our distributor package your receiving 200 bottles of oils.

So that’s $3000 min you can make although it’s active money. If you only sell to 3 people a day. You’ll profit $1600 a month.

Which mean you can buy this next month.

Now you have a job, a business and passive income.

Plus do you know how many connections and relationships you make selling oils.

Happy Wednesday are you waking up with a purpose? We are excited to have @loveyourself111productions in the building This Sunday for our Think Day.

When you find your purpose you find direction. Thank you @loveyourself111productions for everything you really helped me out a lot. Glad that your a member of The Kymmunity.

Make sure you connect with @loveyourself111productions

Hey can I be honest with you. The Vision is more important than your product.

Are you sharing your vision to your customers. Once again everyone is doing what your doing. But everyone don’t have your vision.

As a customer we want to know what are we are investing in.

Here’s a great intro to use. Hey my name is Leon. I’m trying to build a business called Kymz Oils we provide scented oils.

Just change my name , company name and product to yours. Notice the word trying! This let your customer know your Pursuing something.

Registration For Think Day close tonight. Stay tune to our page for more content on ways you can grow your business.

This is why we created the Kymmunity to help you grow.

Ladies it’s time to get right we will have @belle_la_mode_ in the building if your in the Tampa Kymmunity you can find her at Tampa Mall at our location.

We are excited to build and connect with this great brand. Make sure you connect with this Tampa base business. @belle_la_mode_

This the code, I just realized we expanded to Tampa and it took a month to grow and establish a Kymmunity.

I grow home base businesses.

Now what do you do? If your a marketer market! If your a life coach start improving lives. If your a podcaster start talking. If you a model start modeling. If your a artist share your work.

Start doing what you say your doing not just on the gram but in real life.

The first client you’ll ever have is you.

How many of you are using your business as a resume to show your an expert in a particular field? I know I am.

National Think Day in The Kymmunity

Can y’all give us feedback on the website? What do you think?

We have made the transition from Retail to Wholesale

To shop retail DM us and we will connect you with a partner in your Kymmunity.

Think Day Vendor. Ladies did I mention that we will have @female.gang in the building this Sunday for our Annual Think Day.

They have amazing cloth for women and children.

Definitely connect with this Tampa based brand their cloths and message behind empowering other women is really dope.

Welcome to The Kymmunity definitely make sure you connect with @shatoraladorne at the event.

Damn I can’t believe this was 2 years ago. Our first event in Cleveland.

This was our first expansion being based in the DMV.

See the thing about business you just have to be consistent for a very long time.

Your strategy may change but the core remain the same. The only difference you’ll gain more resources and talk to a larger audience.

Look at @kymzoils_cle holding it down. Her business came a long way as well.

Our 2nd Annual Think Day is this Sunday make sure you register online for entry.

Think Day Speaker. Have you met @shatoraladorne we are excited to have her in the building for National Think Day.

She have worked with companies from all sizes to help rewire their business.

Maybe you have a great product but your process is a bit off.

Maybe if you tweek your morning routine you could accomplish more in your day.

She’s going to assist us and show you if you just rewire yourself. You will go to the next level.

Definitely connect with @shatoraladorne

Ladies did we tell you that @thickandthincollection will be in the building for National Think day.

This stylish fashion store have the boss look your looking for.

Make sure you go over and connect with @thickandthincollection

Welcome to The Kymmunity

Did you know it took Drake 17 months to complete the Take Care album back in 2011.

What’s the rush? Greatness takes time. A lot of what you see now is just our mixtapes.

When I’m in Album mode I will be off social media completely.

National Think Day! That’s one thing about being a Visionary people think your crazy because you have huge aspirations.

You have to be a bit crazy to believe in yourself.

We are only at the Beginning one day we will pack out a stadium.

Let’s pack out this Hotel resort first. If your in the Kymmunity you need to Think Big!

Vendor Registration is closed

We now have standing room only. Register online for details.

National Think Day Vendor @styleganics @mzblackceo will be in the building providing her amazing hair care products.

This is definitely a woman you need to connect with.

She an attorney, real estate and have a boating company. True definition of black excellence.

We are happy to welcome her into The Kymmunity.

Definitely make sure you connect with @jameldjackson at the event.

Welcome to The Kymmunity connecting businesses Nationwide.

National Think Day is approaching People in attendance here’s a few keys you can use to be productive at this event.

1) wear your brand shirt. By wearing your brand shirt this is free advertisement.

2) have business cards. I know I’m not the biggest fan of this. But it do help.

3) have questions that you would like to get answered for our Q&A portion of the event.

4) have your intro together. Before the speakers we will have a ice breaker exercise. From 3pm-4pm.

Example: Hi my name is Leon. I’m the founder of Kymz Oils and The Kymmunity. We provide scented oils and help home base businesses grow nationwide.

5) lastly be on time 3pm is when the event Start! Let’s do it the right way

Register online because I am giving all attendees gift bags so I want to make sure no one miss out.

Complete registration close Wednesday

As a leader you put the foundation down so your team have it easier.

That’s building for the next generation.

This is our 2nd Annual Think Day. Where it’s Free to expand and connect your business nationwide.

It really started like that a few years back.

To connect your brand, grow nationwide, to learn new information and gain valuable content. Who wouldn’t want to register?

You do know if it wasn’t for Kymz Oils there would be none of this.

Click the link let’s grow your business.

Think Day Vendor we have Tampa Based @vanessaolive___ that will be in the building providing us

with her books, wine glasses and candles this is the perfect package for all mothers out there that want to wine down.

We look forward on connecting and building together welcome to The Kymmunity.

@loveyourself111productions is someone you definitely want to connect with.

National Think Day connecting businesses Nationwide.

National Think Day is approaching and we are honored to have Atlanta based @jameldjackson in the building with us.

He’s the Relationship Mechanic.

For anything to work it starts with Relationships.

Welcome to The Kymmunity. Register online to reserve your seat in Tampa.

TAG a Vendor!!! Vendor Registration close in 20 min.

It’s a Free event so if you miss to be a vendor.

You can register online to attend as a guest. We will be closing guest registration shortly as well.

Visit the link that’s located in our bio for details.

Think Day we got to make sure we hydrate right with the best water @drinkzenwtr

If you haven’t definitely get connected with this brand you’ll start seeing them a lot in the Kymmunity

Connect with @drinkzenwtr

Promo Run Vendor Registration officially close at 12am.

I need to focus on promoting our speakers and vendors.

I don’t need to think about attracting new vendors. It’s a Free event. You must register to get let in.

Link in the bio

Are you giving enough in your business? I know what your thinking I’m trying to make this money out here.

That’s the wrong way to look at it when your growing a brand. The most important thing is not the sale but the awareness.

It’s more important that people are familiar and know who are.

Every month I create a loss budget this is my budget that I have that account for the free oil I give away. Each month it gets greater and greater.

Example if you have a clothing brand set a side 20 shirts that your going to give away for free. That’s only $100 cost for you. That’s apart of your marketing budget.

Now when you offer another product they will be more willing to support since you gave first.

Word of mouth marketing is very effective especially in those hallways.

In 7 Days it will be National Think Day in the Kymmunity.

Every year we invite speakers, business owners, marketers and vendors out for a day of growth.

We have been blessed to be able to service over 8 different states.

Are you ready to create content. We don’t want you to just sale your products. We don’t just want you to connect with really dope people. We don’t want you to learn new information.

Let’s create content so you can market for the rest of the year.

If your ready to grow your brand click the link in the bio we are very close to capacity

The Thrill shout out to @shaq rockin the stage he the ultimate businessman in that’s facts.

Crazy part he been doing this since 92 ✊🏾💯

Think Day is August 1st make sure you register online to Attend.

Think Day is approaching and we will be changing lives. It starts with developing your mindset.

Listen to Jeff response. His mindset is just in a whole different place. He see more value in investing the money he make back into his business rather than spending on a car to keep a status.

Little things like this helps me understand how the wealthy think.

For those don’t know this is Jeff Bezos the early years of

Complete registration will be closing soon.

Have you registered already?

This is not a place just to pass out your business cards, learn new information but also get fire content.

Did we tell you

@milesleeshotit and @_mojophotography for the videos and photos.

National Think Day. We grow businesses click the link to grab a seat.

You really can start small. Even Facebook was started on a college campus.

Are you willing to be apart of our Annual Think Day. It will truly be a lot of growth happening.

Register online.

Did you know Jay Z first song was in 1986 but his first album was in 1996.

Jay is still putting out verses in 2021. That’s 35 years of creating.

Your only in year 3 you have time. Reasonable doubt came out in year 10. Your straight bro.

Follow @inspirethagreat for more great content

Think Day is in 7 days in Tampa, Fl this video was about 3 years ago.

At this time I didn’t have a team. We were just a one off home base business.

I say this because we were based in The DMV.

I always been fascinated at The Ming Dynasty because they took 200 years to build their wall that contribute to What we call The Great Wall of China.

It helps me interpret our belief in the long term. It may take you a few years to create the life you want. Maybe even a few decades. But remember you never accomplish it alone.

Notice I didn’t say Zhu Yuanzhang built it he was the leader of The Dynasty that the people of his Kymmunity help built up.

That’s why The Ming Dynasty gets the credit not just him.

Start studying great leaders you’ll learn a lot by studying history. How many people enjoyed history in school?

Think Kymmunity. Let’s start expanding your brand.

So many plays will be made here.

Hit me when you touchdown. You must register online to enter the event.

Did you know the lingerie Industry is a $186 billion dollar industry.

But Victoria secret generated around $11.8 billion dollars

That’s about 6% percent of the market share meaning you have so much of the market to grab.

This means you have a lot of potential customers.

Did you know there is over 3 billion women in the world?

Even if you capture 1/2 of 1% you would have built a 75 million dollar company. @bood.upwithb

Study big corps and let’s support our people in the Kymmunity.


Business philosophy: listen more than you talk. Are you asking questions?

I notice many new entrepreneurs are not asking enough questions.

Get in a habit of asking questions that’s how your going to gain more sales.

Write down some questions that you should ask your customers.

Some of ours are.

Are you familiar with our brand?

Do you use scented oils?

What kind of scent you use?

Comment below a question you ask your customers ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Ok maybe I should’ve called it Think Weekend idk if y’all ready for that.

Registration online to connect your business in the Kymmunity.

Stop in today and connect with @ladyq_candles at Tampa mall. Our oils is available as well

At your next event you go to Think Kymmunity.

It’s funny because a lot of our Vendors with us now host events to help connect other black owned and local businesses together.

For those who are in our Kymmunity. How can you add even more value to your event?

First understand and say to yourself everyone is doing the same thing I’m doing. Now put yourself in the vendor shoes.

What’s a few problems they have not just at a event but durring the week?

Now you discovered a problem create a solution.

We started doing events just to help @kymzoils_cle have a place to sell in the early days.

Now this my way of coaching and developing new home base business owners.

A lot of them speak vending events they don’t speak speaking events.

Click the link. Our National Think day is The One you don’t want to miss.

You’ll win some and you’ll loose some. Keep promoting your business.

So what you loss a few followers. You’ll gain more than you’ll loose.

I never saw McDonald’s stop running their commercial on tv ever 30min.

You can at least post 3 times a day.

I look forward on connecting with you for Think Day. When you go to sleep i need you to Think.

Think Day. That’s marketing! When your at another event will you Think Kymmunity?

What are your trigger words that your audience hear that they will think of you?

We say connect!

We just completing our mission at this point. To provide resources,opportunities, value and empower the people we come across.

What’s your Mission statement?

Make sure you Register I’m giving gift bags as well.

Think Day. So during my bi annual Think week I listen and study videos like this.

This helps me gain a understanding of the long term process. Like you have to remember it was only a few years ago you saw me selling our oils in the plaza in the DMV.

Try reviewing yourself in the long term. Don’t be a day trader of your process that’s how you burn out.

Take a step back and look at your chart of progress from YTD now look how much you have grown.

We believe in The long term. I’m excited to see Think Day in 10 years from now.

Click the link to be apart of our 2nd Annual Think Day

Are y’all ready to connect we have so many great people that’s going to be here.

Social media is tough at times but when you have @danyellechambers and @thejasonwojo in the building your growth is right around the corner.

Have you registered your ticket already?

I’m on my AI right now. National Think Day is much more than a event.

And your asking me about about Oils.

For your retail experience shop with
@kymzoilscolumbus @kymzoils_cle @yes_im_an_aries @jujuwithdajuice_ @k.antonette @chandlernoelle__ @alleyhuncho

Oh we Talking black owned authors? Oh are we talking black owned publishing company.

Yes that’s right @emotionalfictionpublishing will be in the building vending. This south Florida base business help aspiring authors turn their dream into a reality. Real excited to have them in the building.

Make sure you connect with @emotionalfictionpublishing

Every Think Week need a beach and books.

Man what I say it all the time isolation is the best way to grow and surround yourself with people that pour value into you.

Thank god @jameldjackson will be in the building pouring value not just in my life but I’m so many other people that’s in the building.

If your facing any challenges with relationships of any form this is the guy to connect with @jameldjackson

Think Day I’m sitting back listening and getting better.

What amazing scene to share and connect your business.

We specialize in generating leads and connecting people together.

Come in and share your business with us. Pass out business cards, exchange social media pages and learn something new from our speakers.

Gift bags will be giving to all guest. It’s a Free event. To register click the link in the bio for details.

Attention our Vendor registration is now close we are only accepting guest registration.

Feel free to register be apart of the event and connect with the people in the building.

Grab amazing content, build lasting relationships and learn something new from the speakers.


Will all be in the building share great information. Look forward seeing you there.

To enter the event you must complete our registration online.

Are you a business owner that’s making $52,000 or less in your business at this time?

Or less than $1,000 a week.

No matter if your in state or out of state this is the event you need to attend.

What platform will help you increase your sales, provide you a strategy and connect you with people that will help you grow nationwide.

If your unable to vend don’t worry.

The event is free so you can be in the room so your only question NOW should be how are you getting here.

Our Think Day is Once a year where I step away from Kymz Oils to help and assist other businesses to grow.


We’ll be providing great value for you that you need to make the next jump.

Registration is in the bio.

Field day tomorrow. A lot of your customers are offline you just have to meet them.

Location is very important in business. It really determine who you attract. We’ll be at @godfreytampa August 1st.

Vending registration close at midnight.

One day my former employer will become my client or partner we serve. Just a thought.

Think Day August 1st. Connecting businesses one Kymmunity at a time

The most important person is not the CEO it’s the lady that’s working at the front desk.

Being an assistant is a very important role. They are the people that will plug you in to get you connected.

At Kymz We look for someone who is customer service oriented. Who is great at scheduling, organization and assertive decision maker.

National Think Day you just have to understand the Vision to get it. I’m already in 2022.

Where are you at in your process are you day to day? Do you see a month out or 3 months a year from now?

I was listening to a video on YouTube and a lady said the poor looks at money from a day to day. The struggling class look at it week by week. The middle class look at it month by month. The rich look at it year by year and the wealthy look at it by decades.

Having a Vision is very important once your sales begin to increase your mindset should change as well.

Use your drive to the event to listen to podcasts and educational videos that’s going to increase your value. That’s 10 plus hours for some of you to get better.

I did it plenty of times

Great morning Kymmunity, I have a question for you. Do you want to be the face of your business?

Many times we don’t ask ourself this question.

When you answer this. It well help your marketing so much. It will help you with your marketing strategy.

Just because it’s your business don’t mean you have to be the face of it. When you think of Nike do you picture Phil Knight?

Or do you think of Michel Jordan, Lebron James or many other great athletes?

When you think Apple do you see Steve Jobs rather than Steve Wozniak.

Figure out what you want your business to become and design your company. For us I don’t mind being out front but Rather than being on stage. I rather create the Venue

I want our mission to be bigger than my face.

Our mission is to provide, resources, opportunities, value and empower the people we come across.

National Think Day is for you.

Kymz is already in Tampa.

We like to help home base businesses to grow into new markets.

Registration is free you just have to get here.

All guest must register by July 27th we will be handing out gift bags for our guest at the event.

You will allowed in without a ticket confirmation.

From walking on Annapolis rd with our oils, Hosting events in bars, pop up shops in different states.

Come and see how I did it.

The link is in the bio

Happy Friday. September 8th 2017 is a great day why is that.

The reason is because that’s when @_missfridayspeaks published this great read.

I think we can all learn from this. It took almost 4 years for this book to be in my hands which will have a huge impact on us and many others.

For the entrepreneurs that’s starting out just focus on creating. Don’t focus on the algorithm, don’t focus on the likes, don’t focus on the followers. Just create, promote and give your business time.

Thank God @_missfridayspeaks will be at Think Day with us sharing her books.

Last day to register as a vendor.

For more information on our event visit our website for more details

Have you booked your flight for Think Day already? We have people from 6 cities confirmed.

6 cities so far we are going for 10. I’m trying to make it easy for you to expand your brand.

For $75 your able to connect your brand with people in different states. Get questions answered from people that my built 6 & 7 figure businesses.

Registration ending soon

Did someone say Paparizzi! That’s right we will have @queenkrebling will be in the building providing amazing jewelry.

You can learn a lot about creating systems to expand your brand. Paparizzi is one of the largest businesses that provide people opportunity to start a home base business.

If your interested in starting a home business for less than $150 connect with @queenkrebling she can tell you more.

National Think Day is the day to connect, learn and grow your business nationwide.

Did we tell you The DMV based author, entrepreneur, mother @_missfridayspeaks will be in the building for our Annual National Think Day.

Her book How everyday can be Friday is great for anyone who find their self down through out the week. This book help discover that it really starts with our mindset in the work place.

I will definitely be sharing this book to our Kymz Oils team in all our Kymmunities we are in.

Welcome To National Think Day. Helping businesses connect and grow nationwide.

Tag a business owner that’s in Tampa. We give vendors a in store training that’s right improve your sales and work next to me.

Dm for more information

You have to see it first. Our old home page on our website was a beach.

I’m just glad it’s not a vacation.

Once I see it I’ll make it happen start really seeing your goals. Remember what you see now is really old because I played it in my head over 1000 times already before it hits the surface.

Try it

National Think Day visit the link for details

New entrepreneurs get creative!

When you have little resources.

The one thing you do have is your ability to hustle.

Let’s learn how to become hunters. When you do you never have to worry about posting ever again.

In real life

When picking a location for your event. Pick something different.

Your guest will appreciate you for it. will be in the building vending for Our Annual Think day

My favorite tip with marketing go where your customers are at.

This was a snippet 3 years ago.

I didn’t have a team.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Because I was in the field for 10hrs and took a Lyft to the station

I was tired as hell but realized instead of Nw it was Ne (people that’s from the DMV understand) so I had to rush down the street.

What helped us to grow to where we are now is consistency.

How consistent can you be can you post 3 times a day? Can you pitch 100 people every day? Can you share your business with someone you see?

If you do that everyday you would have created 3,285 pieces of content.

You would have shared your business with 109,500 people.

Do you understand how many connections you can make with this in 3 years. Little wins everyday create big businesses over the long term.

Just be consistent you’ll grow

Think Day in the Kymmunity we have some amazing speakers for you all that will grow your business and improve your life.

Topics on running social media ads. @thejasonwojo

Ways you can rewire your business @shatoraladorne

How to connect your brand by establishing healthy relationships @jameldjackson

How you can develop and discover your purpose @cherisse0829

How you can grow your brand online organically @danyellechambers

Grab your tickets vending registration will be closing soon.

The more we grow as a company I realize that the more I’m able to Think the more we are able to grow.

In the early years sales was survival but as you grow into a CEO your Decision making abilities become more important.

For those starting out focus on being the driver of your business first. That’s sales. You’ll eventually will learn the roads and then you can become the GPS or The CEO of your business.

Are you coming to Think Day?

Take a few hours to gain clarity it’s not a race. Pace yourself for us it’s always been a long term game.

The importance of reinvesting back into your business is so important if your looking to grow your

business and I must say I am really proud of @kymzoils_cle and @kymzoilscolumbus both been really growing their business.

At Kymz we focus on the long term. Thank you for trusting the process.

Watch us work

Kymz Oils helping people in the Kymmunity to start a business.

To me it’s about giving you opportunity to experience entrepreneurship without the huge risk.

It’s about connecting and growing personally from the experience.

It’s about creating some extra income so you can pay your bills.

It’s about helping to have fun and connect with amazing group of people.

It’s about you being apart of Kymmunity that supports you.

Start your business with us. Visit the website after you read it. DM us to schedule a call.

One key things that all successful people have in common is they are assertive with creating the life they want to live.

They are proactive rather than being reactive.

They understand although life happens as long as they are breathing they have the ability to change their position.

Start creating your life now. You can implement daily habits. That help you get to your goal.

Think day is design to give you a insight of my bi annual Think Week.

It have help us grown nationwide and help me reach the first milestone 2 years ago that’s why I cut my locs off.

Everything on this earth was created by someone like you.

Registration will be closed July 27th. For those who planning to travel use this as a goal to increase your sales this week.

If flight is $300, hotel is $200 and to vend it’s $75 that’s $575 you need to make this week.

That’s $82 a day. You have a $20 product that’s just 5 people a day.

We getting into our bag on Think Day.

National Think Day is where you come learn, connect and share your business with people across the country.

Question what top brand in the 1900s decided to brand their name on products that they are not known for to help them become a house hold name?

Warren buffet owns a lot of their shares.

What big corporation are you studying?

Yessir new look for the team excited to see the growth with The team.

Hey, did you get your ticket already? You want to grow your brand right?

Would you like to grow into a national brand?

Click the link in the bio

I’m trying to connect you to do so 😉

Change your environment, you surround yourself with different people that live in a different world.

This is why it’s so important when choosing your location.

Today did you choose that your going to change your old way of thinking so you can level up. I know I am

Think Day is August 1st. To register visit the link in the bio

National Think Day in The Kymmunity calling all entrepreneurs to this event.

Do you have customers or Clients in Tampa?

If not, let’s get here.

It’s a Free event to attend as a guest. You must register before July 28th for entrance.

@jameldjackson will be in the building. He’s The Relationship Mechanic based in Atlanta.

He’s going to us how to grow our business through relationships.

Follow his page he have great Content

One of the greatest movie. So many lessons 2nd movie ✊🏾💯 respect to @kingjames and his team.

Bronny keep on showing he’s a student first and he study the greats that’s how you be great!

You can really learn a lot What y’all think about this movie?

10/10 for me

National Think Day in Tampa will you be there. Listen to my last post. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

If your in The Cleveland Kymmunity connect and go over to @mzskittlez she’s having a business event definitely connect with @gurlmobb

Her event starts at 1pm today if you would like to be there let me know and I will cover your registration.

Are you speaking your customer language. Did anyone notice that $15 is the same as 2 for $30.

Not only we are a connector, we educate, provide you a product and a place to sell your products.

The one stop hub everything starts in The Kymmunity

Time to start that business you’ve been wanting to start.

Did you know one of the biggest issue for a lot of people is business funding?

Getting started with us is a great way to fund your business. That’s what I did with The Kymmunity.

Raising capital while connecting is a great way to grow a business. Why? Because your actual building a business and building relationships.

Example if you sell your 100 bottle batch every month. That’s $900 profit your earn each month.

That’s $10,800 that you will have save for your next year investments.

Do you have this in the bank at this time now?

All you need is $600 to get started. It’s a long term game. Trust the process. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Dm myself so we can see if we are a great fit for each other.

Shoutout to all The Kymmunity ballers who supported a home base business today!

We the real MVPs.

Come be apart of Think Day. You’ll be in a Kymmunity that loves supporting home base businesses.

We help home brands grow nationwide.

Be in the building we have not only vendors, speakers and investors coming from all over. See you there.

National Think Day in The Kymmunity

Damn it’s hard af to build a billion dollar company from scratch.

How many people do you know who done that?

It was hard for me at first to make $1000 in a month at one time. But you will eventually figure it out.

It take time to build up a company so grand. Take @sheamoisture they founded the company in 1991.

Give yourself time to grow. We are still a baby. What’s a 3 year old to a 30 year old.

Your only 6 months put in the work and give it some time

I see why the Cordnianitor sits in upstairs in the box.

You are able to see from a different perspective. The perspective is everything.

Your able to catch the little things that the players don’t see.

I came to a event to speak but I’m studying before I take the field.

Your position is everything. I grow home base businesses through our hands on follow me approach.

Follow me to our National Think Day in Tampa. Visit our website to register.

Thank you @_justkelley_ for the invitation to speak

New Jersey for the team is here. When you Look great you play great.

Who else ready for football season. Tailgating is a great way to connect

It’s the experience for me. Thank you @blaqqueenquel for the support

I’m glad you enjoy our scents

National Think Day it’s like no other.

August 1st.

Visit the website to grow your brand in Tampa

Guys it’s all about the Long term. Are we looking at our business from a long term perspective?

This is why having a Vision is important.

Are you thinking 3-4 years out? Hell are you thinking about 3 months in advance.

You can accomplish a lot in three months. This past spring we hosted events and grew other brands into Cleveland, Columbus, Charlotte, Atlanta.

I grow businesses. Click the link to be apart of our Think Day

Delegation is a great way to grow your brand. Welcome Kelz onto the team she will be helping us service store #1

You as an entrepreneur play an important role into the Kymmunity keep creating jobs and opportunities.

National Think Day is approaching.

Happiness that’s the end goal. What do happiness look like to you?

Really take a moment today and picture your happiness. Are you living it?

No matter what your going through now keep the fight for your tomorrow.

Stay strong, stay discipline, Keep fighting for the life you are creating. You’ll soon be living it.

Man so I started a brand from home a few years back and now we help others to do the same.

Have you thought about getting into business with us? It’s really dope.

Because unlike most companies there is no up line. I don’t make anything off of what you sell. I just provided you a product.

This is why our distributors and partners love our commission structure because if you want you can sell the oils at a higher retail price then $20.

To get started visit the website it’s only $600

Did you know most franchises require a min of $20,000.

It’s Friday and you just woke up and realized you have 3 more days of getting lit.

Kymz we got you covered

Sometimes I just want to pack up and just hit the road. A great road trip equals hella mental reps.

I learned that you never want competition. You really want to be a monopoly. When theres competition there’s not that much money in it. But when your a monopoly you are the clear cut winner.

For example who is Amazon’s real competition in the online retail space?

100 bottles that’s a easy rep to do that did you know that’s only 14 bottles a day or 7 customers a day.

A lot of times we don’t do the math to know our goals.

Let me show you how you can get 7 people to support your oil business while still working your job.

If you do that you just created a $6000 a month business.

That’s a $72,000 a year business. You can hit that easily!

Visit our website to start your journey

That in store experience be crazy. Networking or what We like to say Connecting is everything.

Did you know wearing your brand everywhere can spark up conversation?

Did you know a way to increase your followers is by asking your customers if they have a IG?

I learned from @sleepis4suckers to include your coaching session with purchase This is why our vendors grow outside of our events.

@_missfridayspeaks will be in the building August 1st from DC helping us improve customer service.

Just imagine if we had buildings instead of distributors.

Are you building brand.

We view our Distributors as partners like I’m trusting you to take care of our customers. One thing about me I care about the customer experience.

In fact I care about it so much I send the customer to you so they can smell the scents and don’t have to wait for shipping.

All while helping other entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Support Kymz you support the Kymmunity. It’s bigger than myself.

Connect with @kymzoils_cle @yes_im_an_aries @kymzoilscolumbus @_missfridayspeaks @k.antonette @jujuwithdajuice_ @alleyhuncho @chandlernoelle__

This post is to inspire you to go harder I know I am. I raised my goal. I’m on a new mission.

My problem was I was slowing down to help others when really look forward and compete with the best.

For those who played sports you understand.

You get better by competing and training against the best.

When you slow down because someone on your team can’t keep up your not getting better.

We want the best. If that’s you and you would like to make $1500 in 30 days.

Click the link. That’s the Rookie standard.

Our street team about to get active.

Having marketing material that your customers can hold is always great.

Especially when that’s your first point of contact.

A lot of times if you do not give them specific directions to order online. They will continue to shop face to face because that’s what they are use to.

Best ways to increase online sales is by showing them the site up on a tablet at the kiosk or table at the event. This way you can introduce your online World to your face to face Kymmunity.

Do you understand your customer buying tendencies?

Ok I’ll be honest, 100k a year is not 100k. When I hit that milestone.

I thought my numbers was off cause I didn’t see none of it.

From investing back into events, staff and more products it’s hard to see it.

Are you putting the profits back into your business to grow it. That may be the reason why your business not growing as much. Your not feeding your business enough of the profits.

Stop taking the profits to buy stuff, stay down and put it back into your business. Watch how you grow.

Welcome to Think Day where connections happen. We have amazing people that will be in the building.

From business lawyers, real estate agents and investors.

Connect your business in The Kymmunity

Have you read or listen to the book Rich dad poor dad?

In the book it gave a example of the difference between having a Rich mindset vs a Poor Mindset.

When a poor mindset person see something and it may be out of their budget they say I can’t afford that.

But a person who is rich minded will say. How can I afford it.

You see the wealthier you become in the mind. The wealthier you’ll become in reality.

Start small, I just booked my sister room for the event so That’s just 20 bottle of oils I need to sell to get it back.

How many products do you need to sell to pay for your phone bill?

Comment below for me it’s 7

How many of y’all haven’t started your business yet because you don’t know how to price your products?

Now you’re missing out on money. ⁣

This is why our Kymz Oils Distributor Program is perfect for you because we make sure you make some money. We suggest two pricing options to make at least an extra $1,500/MONTH! What are you waiting on!? Multiple steams of income all year! Drop a “💯” if you agree!⁣

Head over to the site to get your distributor package today and DM us, if you have any questions!

Before we had a team there was just myself. There’s many advantage that comes with being a solopreneur.

For one you have full control of your time. If you don’t want to be somewhere. Guess what you don’t have to be there.

2nd. You really can just focus on sales. Especially in the beginning this is very important and should be number 1 on your list.

3rd you get to Date and learn all aspects of your business so you can start bringing on a team because you done the work that your hiring and partnering for.

When you have a team you soon realize you work for them they don’t work for you.

A great concept you should study is the 4 cash flow quadrants. It’s on YouTube.

You can seriously be all 4. I’m 3/4 personally

After you watch it, check out our website we have a dope Distributor package to help you to become a S.

National Think Day in The Kymmunity

You really just have to connect.

Do you have a product that you can turn into a business card?

How much do it cost you to acquire a Custmer?

Many business cards cost about 04 you can go to your local staples.

At this stage I sometimes will use our oils as a business card. Since it’s more important for them to have the product in their hand. my focus is on our wholesale.

Retail is only in person. Ask about connecting with a distributor near you.

Next time we staying a month. 10 days was cool but ran out of inventory smh.

One of my small goals is to never go on vacation. I travel that’s what I do it’s apart of my lifestyle.

So I developed a skill and a product that allow me to travel and connect with people. Do you like smelling great?

If you want to travel more visit our website and become a distributor. I promise you if you actually apply our system. You’ll be able to travel next month.

There going to be a time when you say enough is enough.

When are you going to tell your self your going to change your life?

Look you don’t have a product right now and you don’t know how to grow a business.

How about you build a oil business, receive free consultations and more times than not let us connect you with our customers.

Visit our website for more details

Brand, it’s not the logo but how do it make your customers feel.

What I realized is it’s not just about Xs and Os. It’s a lot about you putting yourself in the right mindset.

Many times we don’t think we can do something because we haven’t been expose to it.

Take a step back and see where you started from.

Many of us want to come but are unable to come because we have to be at work that next morning.

I remember when I didn’t care if I get fired or not because my business was booming.

If you don’t have that mindset going into work. Go harder in your business.

Out of state vendor registration ends July 15th

This is a story, That came from my life, I’m just recording the shit

I try to keep it low key like a dinner at a Dodger stadium

Bro your cool, travel the world why be stuck in a office.

The difference is I was willing to be down and go through the grind to be able to be able to travel where and when I want.

Don’t let the picture fool you. I’m not sitting on my ass and I’m still talking and connecting with people.

2014 Forest Hill Drive

What’s y’all favorite J Cole Albums?

It’s so hard to choose

This post is to stay consistent been an active day.

Looking forward for tomorrow when our new social media manager starts.

I’ll be talking to the vendors that’s in the building ways they can replace their selves in their business.

Out of state vendor registration will be closing soon.

Take a moment to Think Bro it’s not that deep. Change your scene. You’ll change your life.

There’s always 2 sides to every city.

Go ahead bra treat yourself to some drinks and a meal by yourself that total about $80 after tip.

The time to yourself to think and feel that energy first hand will be well worth it.

New site is up and ready to go. Our Focus is our wholesale program.

If you would like to purchase our scents on a retail level. Connect with us on IG and we will direct you to the nearest distributor.

Hey y’all have you booked your room at the resort out of state registration ends July 14th.

DM us if you have questions about the stay at the resort.

Our Vision is to be The Worlds largest home base retail store.

In order to do that we need to open up more home base businesses.

Let’s open up more businesses.

Can you visit the site to let us know how we are doing.

Our Vision is to be the world largest home base retail store. Would you like to be apart of it.

Having nothing is the greatest advantage because you have nothing to loose.

Try telling someone who have 100k in the bank. A family to support. to start a business and it’s a 70% chance you’ll loose your money in the first 2 years.

Take advantage while you have less responsibilities. Go for it!

This is why I designed our Distributor program is a way you’ll reach profit after your 41st bottle sold. You get 100 bottles in your first batch.

Visit the website to learn more.

Just up thinking how great this event will be if your brand is here.

It’s the people that make the event.

@vanessaolive___ going to be in the building connect her brand. This Entrepreneur is from the Tampa Kymmunity.

Definitely get a chance to read her book. It was very insightful.

Welcome to The Kymmunity #Connected

I really don’t know why anyone who just starting out would want a storefront.

Did you know you can open your store up at the palm of your hand.

It’s really that simple. Go to the website and become a distributor.

The wooden stand you see in my hand that’s the store.

Stay lean when you first start out.

If you can’t flip 100 bottles of oils do you really want to invest more than $600 to start another business?

Click the link to start a business in our Kymmunity

Welcome and experience our retail office. Come by to grab your favorite scents, talk strategies and share your business.

Helping the Kymmunity to start, grow their business everyday.

Do you have a game plan for Think Day? We do not host pop up shops.

At our events you’ll learn how to grow a business while sharing your brand.

If this game plan do not fit your expectations or need. We are not the organization for you.

Vendor registration will be closing soon. For more questions dm us for more details.

Boss Talk.. are you a boss? Are you willing to put up your bread to start a business.

Some people just scared to do that

Creating content do not have to be a hard thing. Many times we over think or don’t really know what or audience want to see.

So I like to do a 3 meals a day model to start off.

That’s posting in the morning, Lunch and for dinner.

Now we figured out the When.

Let’s focus on the what?

If I had a hair oil I would focus mostly posting information on each ingredient that has benefits of hair growth. I would become the information.

Example: Did you know peppermint helps with stimulating hair growth.

This is great to know for those who are stress from work. Because stress is a key factor in hair loss. Did you know by the age of 35 66% percent of men will experience some form of hair loss.

When you get a chance visit our website we infuse peppermint oil in our products to help promote hair growth.

Now the How

Try different strategies don’t get to caught up with Keeping brand take @garyvee page and he looked at one of the best social media marketers.

For myself I don’t have a set time I just create it. My strategy is if you peep you peep if not it’s up here so you can always come back to it and Read it.

Do you have a non profit?

We love helping the Kymmunity we are looking to collaborate and partner with a couple of non profits.

That service Atlanta , Cleveland, Columbus, DMV and Tampa.

If you know any can you tag them and have them connect with us.

Shirt is by @thetcstour

Create a product that’s universal. If you look around there’s no product just for a certain demographic.

The best companies make products and services that’s universal.

Many times we hone in on one target which is great but are you matching your Kymmunity that you service.

People enjoy smelling great. If it’s at a Farmers market or a pop up shop it’s all the same thing.

Connecting Kymmunities together one person at a time.

Did you know economic class is a way to separate people it’s not always about color.

For example Rolex is a company that target a economic class they care less about what color you are.

Start studying big corporations they will always show you the game.

For Throwback Thursday. Say it when others are not listening, do it and replay it years later.

Think Day come and grow your business. This video was 3 years ago

The highlights about to go crazy 🔥

Do me a favor and connect with @indigobeautiiesbygoddess they will be in the building expanding from the Cleveland Kymmunity.

Think Day is approaching, you been working hard all year come out and relax, think and grow.

It’s not as hard as you make it.

Can I be honest with you. If I was you I would just drive.

That’s what I did when I built Kymz Oils. I would drive to Cleveland, Columbus, Atlanta, DC and Charlotte seriously every week to build because I committed to helping the vendors of The Kymmunity that registered to grow.

It’s tough juggling 2 businesses so if you do make sure one is built first and they are align with the other.

We started doing events to help @kymzoils_cle and @kymzoilscolumbus to give them a place to build.

I apologize for the confusion. Let me get back to Kymz Oils

That’s my day job.

How was your day? Are you getting your reps in. You just starting out you will not be perfect.

It’s really ok! What matter is the progress that your making.

Are you improving?

If you improved today in Life, business or at work comment BE GREAT.

It’s The Process for me I’m focus on

Build brand to build it up like coke

Let’s get better today, that’s all you can do.

If you work out everyday with purpose and intensity you will get fit eventually.

Same in life anything you do it over time you’ll master it.

Annual Think Day in The Kymmunity.

After August 1st ✌🏾 until 2022

Our Think day is for you to get inspired, connect and expand your business.

The one about the oil industry is it’s not heavily reliant on Social media in order to grow.

Click the link if you would like to connect.

Think Day…come here with a plan some are coming for a day others for the weekend.

If I was coming down here for the weekend this what my check list would look like.

Create content with the scenery.

Bring business cards so I can pass them out. It is a resort you’ll be at.

Ask where my kiosk is at so you can vend at it that Saturday.

But you probably won’t have to leave it’s a day party there every weekend.

So you know how we do.

Click the link and let’s build your business in Tampa.

For room rates DM before July 14th room rates as low as $120 a night.

Everything Big started…

That’s right sis you can Start Big or Small. Just START.

We have a team of new entrepreneurs that’s starting their business journey. When you support them your supporting a Kymmunity business.

We have to support them so they can one day help others.

Support Kymz Think Kymmunity

@yes_im_an_aries in the Cleveland Kymmunity.

Are you practicing Kymmunity? I’m sure you are but just imagine if you apply that strategy to an actual business.

So this how a pop up business works.

The host books a space for x amount of rate.

They then invite guest or vendors to share the cost of the space or to turn profit.

You can learn all this by vending.

If your driving down to Think Day with your brand book the table at $75 then invite 2 maybe 4 other people to ride and charge them $100.

You just now started off a profitable business with us.

Click the link if your ready to Think Kymmunity

What are you doing? Many times we have to make a decision invest in higher quality or save more money.

Many times when your starting out your mind telling you save money.

I know that was me but for those who working a job.

Go for the quality because your backed by your job. Your job is your investor.

Even if you don’t sell anything in 2 weeks you’ll get it back.

I have so many special gifts for the vendors that’s in the building.

Click the link to register

Think Bigger you know you can grow your brand outside of the city that your in.

Let me ask you what is your cost of expansion?

Anytime we expand I am always figuring out this number.

Being a home base business it’s so easy to expand.

Let me break it down if you want to expand to Tampa.

These are all max numbers.

Flight $400 or Drive $120
Room rate $140 x 3 $420
Vending table $75

We are looking at $895.

If that’s to much give your time and drive so your total cost would be about $615.

Did you know our expansion cost was five digits.

A lot of times you just want to get there. You’ll make it shake and get it back in the long term.

I can’t say any vendors that we came across didn’t make money or didn’t get return on their investment with us over the long term.

We don’t view the day we view the growth of the year.

Our Annual Think Day is a few weeks away.

Entrepreneurs and business owners coming from all over the Kymmunity.

To connect their brand, share their business and change their lives.

When was the last time you had a Think Week in the sand?

For Hotel room Reservation DM us for more Detail. Hotels must be booked by July 14th.

Keep your eyes on the ball. #Vision the scent for Play Makers.

Are you studying Costco? Costco is a great company to study. Why?

Because their first priority is their employees and than their customers. They believe that if they take care of their team.

Their team will be more happy at work. Which enhance productivity and customer service.

Who else love the free samples that be in there. That’s also a great marketing strategy that you can apply to your business.

Think Week is August 1st. To book your room at the Godfrey resort for as low as $119 a night DM for details. Must book by July 14th.

Here’s a sneak peak to our Annual Think Day this year.

On my bi annual Think Week I get away and consume myself with books, videos on information that I can use to better not only my business but my life. A lot of creation comes about this time.

This is also the time for me to discover and create strategies for our expansion and develop even better systems.

Come experience our Think Day where you can experience amazing growth just as I do every year.

For more information on participating in our Think Day DM myself.

Also follow and connect with @jameldjackson @loveyourself111productions @shatoraladorne @danyellechambers @erinitaaaa

Question A client ask me how can I make $10,000 this month in my business?

First I asked her have she made $4,000 before? Because it’s really the same formula

But if you want to make $10,000 in your business this month. Your Daily goal has to be $334.

Now how are you going to get that? Well if your selling a $20 product.

Divide 334/ 20. This will get you to the number of customers you must service a day

You would need 17 customers a day to reach that goal.

I hope that helped. For more social media marketing tips and assistance visit @danyellechambers

Self awareness. This is very important and you will continue to understand yourself even more on your journey.

Many times in the early years we grinding for the material things or status. But are you happy?

Today I realized I made it I am really living my dream.

Everything else is addition. I encourage you take a moment and picture what do your dream life look like.

For me I’m a visual learner so for the past 7 months I had a picture of a beach on our homepage.

Stop caring what other people think they don’t have the same vision as you. Focus, lock in and create the life you want to live.

One thing about marketing you must be in front of people.

This can be digitally or face to face. That is why many times you see me in areas where people are already in a buying mood.

Let me ask you something. Do you go to the same grocery store every week?

Do you get your hair did at the same salon every 2 weeks or month?

Where do you think business owners are at that need your marketing service?

From my experience I know a lot of business owners that are at vending events and can really use help with social media or face to face since many of them still work their full time jobs.

Are you putting your brand in front of people that actually use your product or service.

If you need help with social media connect with @danyellechambers she can assist you.

Focus on building yourself up, you don’t have time to ask for help.

The people that you want on your team are the people that see you building and they will come over to you and ask if they can help.

Did you know you can be extremely productive when you focus on yourself instead of trying to help other people businesses.

Half the time the people that need it don’t want it.

All your doing is SHOWING them so after you do it. Up your Price cause they had their chance.

Watch what happens when you focus on yourself.

If I see it, If I want it I go get it.

Our Kymmunity Think Day is going to be full of nationwide connections, crazy information, huge growth in your life.

Have you took a Think Week yet this year?

Speakers Speak, Teachers Teach, Authors write, entrepreneurs create.

Well August 1st we will have it all there for you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your brand and get great information and build relationships to take your business to the next level.

Click the link to be a vendor with us in Tampa

We juiced up

The one thing many of us challenge with is time management.

Sometimes if feel like we don’t have enough time in the day to get things done.

A great way to improve that is by logging your daily activity down with the time frame. By doing this your able to see what you are doing and how long your doing it. This will help you to make adjustments and be more efficient with your time.

Example from 9:23-9:28am I created content and shared it. Now I know tonight I’ll have tomorrow content ready so I don’t have to use 5min to create content.

Today pull up on your Number 1 Kymz Oils pusher in your Kymmunity @yes_im_an_aries will be in the building providing our amazing scents with @loveyourself111productions and @bodymirrorcles

Make sure you connect and support the ladies in the Kymmunity.

Did you know many business owners who go to vending events are actually the ones vending?

If you would like to learn how you can develop a sales force that will help your brand be in more states and in front of more people.

Click the link in the bio

Are you Owning what you do? Like we need to see it.

If your a speaker are you speaking and giving us value?

If your an author with a certain topic are you writing that value in the caption?

If you have a athletic brand are you showing us how we can workout while wearing your brand?

I help to grow home base businesses and show them how they can replace themselves.

Start owning what you do. When you do your going to the next level.

Make sure you connect with @yes_im_an_aries and @kymzoilscolumbus this week for our oils.

Did you know many owners that vend don’t have a sales force?

August 1st in Tampa I’ll be showing you how you can start adding a sales force to your business.

Click the link for details.

What are some of your FREE products growth strategies. A business we been studying is Red Bull.

Did you know Red Bull went to college campus and parties giving out free products.

They decided to build brand where their target audience is at.

How many of you remember partying mixing Redbull with your drink or grabbing a Red Bull to stay up to study?

What are some of your Free product strategies are you using to grow your brand?

Reminder August 1st I will be showing more of my growth strategies.

When your products become your business cards that’s next level. I don’t have a book so the oils can do lol

Read this caption if you have a business or wanting to start one.

All you have to do is sit down and write it out. It don’t have to be a 10 page business plan. Just something you can understand and you can make it simple.

This is a picture that I made on my think Week 2 years ago that created our Distributor program that helped us grow nationwide.

Come and be apart our Annual Think Day. Your business is really going to grow

Registration will be closing soon.

Some people think we just creating scents. We are creating jobs and entrepreneurs.

This weekend shop with our Distributors and partners throughout the Kymmunity


Amazing job from our production team.

Major Update for those who is traveling out of state in order to get our special room rate at The Godfrey Hotel and Resort you must book by July 15th.

If not their retail room rates are $200 a night. We are prepared to refer you to our over flow Hotel when all our reserve rooms get booked.

DM me for details

Welcome to Kymz Oils

Inside Tampa Mall. It feels great to be in a brick and mortar.

A place we can call Home.

If you have a business and your in the Tampa Kymmunity stop in and leave your card on the table.

Welcome to store #1

There’s no words that can describe this view besides Impeccable

Appreciate life’s greatness

Let’s go and remember nothing in this world can stop you. God got you!

Valuable people attract people of Value. This is so true.

Have you ever just wanted to talk to someone that’s successful like a mentor but you felt they are out of reach?

Do you feel like not to many people that’s around you understand the life that comes with entrepreneurship? The importance of relationships is extremely important.

If your in The Kymmunity this is a person you need to connect with. Bro always bring crazy value @jameldjackson

I really have to Thank Enterprise for paying me to learn on the job.

That is the best thing when you have a job. Are you at work gaining skills and connections or are you just getting a check.

Ask any of your favorite entrepreneur at one point they had a job.

Are you moving with intention? When you go to any event do you have a game plan?

Establishing a game plan is a great way to grow your business. I never make a move without a game plan.

Are you coming here to build relationships?

Are you coming here to generate leads?

Are you coming here to get your products into the right hands?

Are you coming here to sell out?

Are you coming here to expand your brand?

Are you coming here to learn how you can start making $1000 every week in your business?

What ever it is always move with Purpose.

If you can’t answer one of these questions. You shouldn’t be in the room.

A lot of events I go to I am listening and studying to see how it’s done.

August 1st we are in Tampa, FL

Read this Caption… Traveling is the education as I travel I realize not to many people of color fly in comparison to other groups.

Why do you think?

I see their children gaining that experience of traveling but not ours.

It Is very important for you as a parent to have your kids to travel. It may not have to be flying maybe it’s a Monthly Road Trip.

But getting out your city and seeing the world either from the ground or bird eye view you and they will learn so much on your trip.

Thank Kym and sports for doing that for me.

If you would like to Visit Tampa DM myself we have special rates on rooms.

Hey what are some challenges that your having at this time in your business?

We all have challenges no matter what level we are on.

One of our challenges is being able not to be in more locations because we don’t have enough distributors.

I also need to work on establishing systems into my shipping process.

We are working to improve our labeling.

What’s some of your issues?

If you know someone that could assist tag them. Because solutions are the best answer to the challenge.

Comment below some of your challenges.

Great morning don’t forget today is the last day that you can use the promo code college to save $200 off of your wholesale package online.

Don’t miss out on this Stimulus package 😂 profit $1,100 per batch

Attention to all vendors that is arriving out of town.

Last day to book your rooms at the resort is for our Kymmunity rate is July 15th.

If you have more questions about this event DM us for more details.

Touchdown in Dallas.

If you supported me before can you do me a favor to follow our Distributor @alleyhuncho in Dallas.

He has a really dope brand that he is building out there.

You’ll see him more as the season progress.

Our oils are a really great addition to your brand. With our hand held stand you can take it anywhere with you. Which mean you can always make money.

Did you know being a distributor with us is the perfect way to fund and grow your business.

Have you used the promo code College?

When you use the promo code college you’ll save $200 on your 100 bottle package.

Start today offer ends at the end of the month 6/30/21

It’s a go. Link in the bio

The Kymmunity the place that connects

Instead of wearing your business put it back into your business.

Reinvesting is one of the necessary steps on growing a business. It’s like when you reinvest you create new baby’s.

Here are some ways you can reinvest back into your business.

1. Buy a larger quantity of products

2. Book more events in your cities and new cities

3. Invest in labels or better quality labels.

4. Invest in marketing this can be ads, signage, getting a store front or product placement.

5. Hire staff you understand you can’t be everywhere at once. So gaining a team of people that help is really effective and efficient when you master it.

Did you know I will be showing you how you can replace yourself at your vending table.

So you can be at multiple events on the same day.

Grab your tickets now because rates change everyday like hotel prices.

How obsessed are you with your life?

Do you think you can be a better father?

Do you think you can be a better husband?

Do you think you can be obsessed with quitting your job by next year?

What ever it is become a obsessed that’s the switch you need to create change.

Behind the scenes. I am really putting a lot into this event.

I want to create a space for you to grow an feel inspired to actually go and execute.

To show you it is really possible to start from home and grow a business nationwide.

A lot of my inspiration came from me just leaving my environment.

You can only grow so much based on the area that your in.

I’m doing this to help you. Kymz Oils is already here.

Don’t let a $400 flight or a 12hr drive stop you from growing your brand in a new Kymmunity.

I remember I drove 10hr to Atlanta for a event that I paid $500 for. to just break even that day.

But that’s where I connected with two of our distributors @yg__trav and @alleyhuncho that was 2 years ago and now we service Atlanta and Dallas because of that event.

Why are you posting?

Is it for love?

Is it for acceptance?

Or is it for validation?

After connecting with someone who bought my oils today. She brought this up. That everyone act out of some kind of selfishness. Which is so true especially after she explained to me that everything we do is trying to fulfill one of or all those 3 things.

You learn a lot being in the field, I’m able to meet so many great people. Who would have thought me stoping her to share my brand would end up her changing my life.

Kymz Oils the scent that Connects.

PS: I did this out of validation to show that selling our oils is a great way to meet people my customers help me grow everyday.

Thank you

Retail strategy it’s a great way to grow your brand in real life.

Plus it’s great for bringing on staff.

Did you know one for $15 is the same as 2 for $30.

I’ll be showing home base businesses like yourself how they can start making $300 plus everyday.

Last day that the tickets are on sale for $25 as a out of state vendor.

Hey are you a brand in the Cleveland, Ohio area?

Do you feel that in order to get your brand popping you need to have clout?

Do you feel that people won’t support you unless you made it?

Do you want to be in a environment that inspire you?

Be apart of a positive, warm environment of people that just love supporting Cleveland base businesses.

You know you don’t have to live in a city that your brand is in? Let me show you how we did it.

Visit the link in the bio. We have 4 tables available for our Cleveland Vendors

Happy Sunday let’s prepare to take on the week. How many of you remember the day before your job interview?

Was you prepared? Did you have your cloths laid out before. We’re you your best self?

So why did you take the foot off the gas? Many times after a few months we get comfortable.

Don’t! treat everyday like your trying to get and Keep your job. You never know who’s watching you.

Take this time to prepare yourself for tomorrow. When the clock hit will you be in front or trying to catch up to the day.

A person I listen to is @davidgoggins

The issue isn’t the number. You don’t think you can do that in a week.

So you extend the time to a month because your comfortable.

Change your perspective to weeks than your weeks will become your daily goals.

Impeccable new fragrance

Birth date 8/1/21

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Think Day

Grow your brand in Tampa.

This is happening now in your Kymmunity. Today stop in and connect with amazing businesses in the DMV.

We must support each other to be able to grow.

If you got a business wear your brand shirt there.

That’s a great way to grow your brand is by showing up in your Kymmunity pop up shop supporting and being a Kymmunity Baller.

Vendors be ready for content photographer and Videographer will be present.

Get your fall content all here in The Kymmunity.

We’re Different, we don’t just pop up. We grow businesses.

Read the caption.. at this time we was only in the DMV, Columbus and Cleveland.

It’s crazy that what I say haven’t changed.

In another 10 years I’ll be saying the same thing. The only difference is more people will be listening.

It starts with you. Do you believe that you can grow your business?

Do you believe you can travel the world? Do you believe you can make $2000 this week?

Do you believe you can graduate?

If you said yes go and do it. Will it be over night no.

But with each step you take, you’ll get closer to the next story.

Will you be joining us August 1st. As we celebrate another expansion to a new Kymmunity.

If you want to be in the room.

Visit our website for details vending spaces are filling up with vendors in the South Florida Kymmunity.

Read the Captions.. I’m learning and understanding more about branding and marketing.

The way you price your products or service is very important and it speaks.

Take Ace Of spades for example. This bottle is on average more expensive than Don perignon. This brand Raised the bar.

If you look at our product such as our Kymmunity Think Day.

Although we are the Ace of spades we understand our audience would be more familiar with Andr’e Champagne.

Understanding your audience is very important. Why you think if your coming out of state it’s only $25 to vend. I understand you have to cover traveling, hotel stay and food.

Just get here.

Have a Think Day.

At Kymz our founder Leon takes 2 weeks out the year to go on what he calls Think Week.

At this time he relax, enjoy life, and mentally prepare for the grind of growing the business.

You should try having a Think week. You can get a glimpse of what it entails at our Think Day.

Our Annual Day for the Vendors from all over the Kymmunities we service. To register visit the website for details.

Night shift

No matter the scene we are connecting.

Who said work have to be hard.

A lot of times you just have to show up.

The best value from us is in the captions.

Focus on attention, that’s all marketing is.

Do I have your attention. Many times we focus on ads and forget about in person marketing.

Do this tomorrow, Go to your Kymmunity salon and barbershop pass out your business cards. Do this 100 times this week.

What can 20 people telling you yes can do for your business this week?

Sometimes moves are made for the brand not your pockets.

We give our Vendors a unique experience. Imagine growing your brand on the water.

Let’s grow your business.

Visit the website for details.

Finding events on eventbrite can get stressful and if you know me. I don’t like busy work.

When everyone and their momma having a pop up shop. You don’t know which one to attend.

What I found what’s best is to stick with a core Kymmunity that not only care about your business but one who has a Vision on what it could be.

Last year alone we hosted over 20 events in Cleveland, Columbus, DMV, Charlotte and Atlanta. Doing this after growing Kymz Oils in these cities.

Our Kymmunity is about helping and connecting home base businesses to connect nationwide.

Expand your home brand to Tampa

There’s so many great people in the Kymmunity.

Businesses come and go buy a Kymmunity that last for ever.

Kymz the Brand that connects.

You just never know who you will meet in the Kymmunity.

Welcome to The Kymmunity connecting Kymmunities together.

Kymz the Brand that Connects

Scale- what do scale look like for you?

August 1st in Tampa you are going to see how you can scale your home base business.

Our Vision is to be the world largest home base business that’s creating, connecting Kymmunities together.

How far do your brand reach?

Come connect your brand in Tampa, FL

Visit the link in the bio for details. Spaces are limited.

Kymmunity Baller - A person that’s building and getting it.

They always put it back into their peoples and invest in their Kymmunity.

We have everything in the Kymmunity. When you shop. Think Kymmunity.

We connecting and growing in Tampa. A great way to grow your brand is by connecting with vendors.

Why would you say that?

Because they sell their brand for a living so they definitely can mention yours.

Do you know how many businesses cards of other people businesses be on our table.

August 1st are you stoping by to keep your business cards on our table?

vendors coming out of town don’t worry your table is only $25 to vend your brand.

Limited space are available. Visit the website for details.

It’s early and we are connecting with so many great businesses in The Tampa Kymmunity.

Check out this 1 stop beauty store. From hair, lashes and accessories. We got to get Kymz in the store.

Make sure y’all connect with this great business @royalsapphireexclusives

From us at Kymz be great and support a Kymmunity business this weekend.

When you got two events today, plus your setting interviews for a representative to work your table during the week at the mall.

Be Great, Let’s get it!

We have 5 out of state Vending table available. See how we give so you can grow.

Welcome to the Kymmunity the number one place where a home base business can grow nationwide.

Visit the link for details. $25 to be able to grow in Tampa.

DMV looking to grow your brand and get exposure?

This is the place you want to be. they are the real deal. From the experience, vendors being profitable and definitely the connections you be making.

Shop you never know who may pull up at her events. DMV 💰🔌

@jujuwithdajuice_ will be in the building with our oils and pineapples 🍍 🥂

If you follow our movement and is in the area stop in and support these great businesses.

Welcome to The Kymmunity Tampa where connections happen.

In the Kymmunity we believe that you don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to grow nationwide. It’s the connections you make.

Did you know before any Kymmunity event we host , Kymz Oils the brand is in that City already.

Meaning I grew Kymz Oils in that city and then ask you to follow me.

We grew our brand in a city and our plan is to help you do the same.

To be honest my goal is to help you get your brand into the cities that we are in already.

Most of you are not in Tampa at this time.

I remember driving 10hrs from DC to Atlanta
And a year later we serviced, hosted events, staff, and develop great connections in that city.

Registration is in the bio. If you would like to expand your brand into Tampa.

Hey Great People do you know a skill that we all can work on? It’s consistency.

When you do it over again it because your life.

I probably been saying great morning great people for about 4 years now.

I started it when I was working my job at enterprise. After being on a 2 hour bus ride to work and life on the outside wasn’t going well.

I remembered I create the space that I walk in. So I started saying that. It was just a way to pump me and my team in the office up. Eventually I stop saying the G word (Good) because good ain’t nothing but a good lie.

When someone ask you how’s it going and you say good. Half the time you lying and most of the time you lack excitement.

Life is really great. I’m just looking back at these old film getting better.

Vision you have to see it First.

our scent Vision is the number one scent for men.

We are going through a rebranding stage, so over the next couple months be patient. We are working to improve our Labels.

Who would like to take on the roll as our supplier of labels.

Do have great labels for your cosmetic products?

If so DM us. We are looking to invest more into our labels for our bottles.

Just imagine coming to our event, learn sales/ marketing strategies, connect your brand, with people across the country, taken dope pictures to increase your brand.

Most importantly connecting with new customers that’s in the Tampa Kymmunity.

We help people start, grow and expand their brands. Come enjoy a Think Day in the Kymmunity.

Think Week is when I get away, all communication is cut off from the business. I read, listen to business videos, create new strategies to grow.

Here’s, your chance to get a Glimpse of the bi annual experience that have helped us grow nationwide.

Click the link in the bio to register.

Working so the big Kymmunity truck pull up.

So I don’t have to go to the Mail station.

Amazon did a great way eliminating their third party shipping channels.

You to can take that same approach on a Kymmunity level.

When your customer place an order online offer same day delivery. After you get off work deliver their order to them.

I remember after leaving a night event delivering orders at 3am. Speed speed speed!

If you like to receive 100 bottles so you can get into business and start making $1500 per batch.

Visit our website to start your Kymmunity business with us.

Why am I still going to events, come here replace me and make $300 plus at this table.

On a smooth Saturday. It’s a pretty cool side hustle.

Visit our website and use promo code College to save $200 on this package.

Time is opportunity and opportunities that’s executed creates money.

I have a lot of friends that host pop ups for you to connect at.

It’s so much fun in the Tampa Kymmunity. Many people wondered why do you have a beach as your home page on your website.

It’s because I practice visualization. If I see something I know I can create it.

Create your life that you have for yourself and how I got here was through growing a business.

That business is called Kymz Oils.

Can you see yourself traveling the country connecting with so many really dope people while growing your brand.

If you can, come to our Think Day Kymmunity event. I’ll be showing you how I did it.

Think Kymmunity

Everyone in Retail knows Fridays are Fat Wallet Fridays.

Let’s keep that energy high.

Do me a favor and connect with our distributors that’s in your Kymmunity.

1. @jujuwithdajuice_ DMV
2 @_missfridayspeaks DMV

3. @yes_im_an_aries Cleveland
4. @kymzoils_cle Cleveland

5 @alleyhuncho Dallas

6. @kymzoilscolumbus Columbus

When you shop with them you are supporting a micro Kymmunity business.

If you would like to get into business with us as well. Visit our website for details.

If you use the promo code College there’s a nice savings attached.

Happy Friday it’s time for me to get in the field.

Idk maybe it’s just me but we never paid for ads and we are in several states.

Majority of our followers are actually customers.

I’m just saying if you know you know. If not pull up to Tampa.

I wish I was cool on IG 😂😂😂

The night shift go crazy in your city that’s where legends are made.

True story, Ask about me

Are you willing to loose personally for your brand to win… ah I think I got you with that one.

Many people think more about their pockets than their brand actually growing. If I play it right our brand will always be bigger than my pockets.

Did you know there are rooms where our brand is in but I’m not there personally.

Come down to Tampa to see what I’m talking about.

Click the link in the bio for details.

You really have two options don’t go to dollar tree and get them bags for your customers or not go because you want to save $10.

Your customers are always worth more than your pockets.

If your just starting out adding bags to your customer experience can really go a long way. It shows you care.

Learn more subtle strategies that I utilize myself to be able to grow our brand in Tampa at our Think Day August 1st.

Information is in the bio.

Being and staying in the field have helped me so much in recruiting.

It’s like everyday I’m Recruiting someone to become a customer.

What I learned from experience is the person your telling your business or vision about is focus on you not so much the product. Are you a great leader, have you shown that they can trust you. Most importantly are you able to take them to a place they never been before.

If you can’t lead them to a seat how can you lead them to their goals.

I’ll talk to you more in depth at the Kymmunity Think Day event in Tampa, FL August 1st.

For details visit the link in the bio.

We are having people with businesses from all over the Kymmunity in the building.

As you know we are not just in your city.

Are you able to grow your brand with us?

Just some Views we are getting use to our people in The Kymmunity experience is like no other.

It’s more to business than setting up a table on the weekend.

August 1st come connect and share your brand in The Kymmunity.

We help new businesses like you to start, grow and expand their business nationwide.

Do you have any customers in Tampa at this time?

If the answer is no click the link in the bio

Tampa Welcome to The Kymmunity. The number 1 place to connect your business nationwide.

Think week is a very important time for our Founder Leon.

For the past 3 years Think week has been a time where he gets away read, get inspired and create strategies that have helped expand Kymz Oils.

Visit the website for more details. We are not a pop up shop. We grow businesses in The Kymmunity.

This was a lesson that I had to understand. It’s never what you say. But how you express it.

When your speaking with a more analytical person. You must describe in detail. The why becomes more important than the what.

We are offering our distributor package at a very low wholesale price to be able to help you to get into business and to keep up with the demand of pop up shops we keep getting invited to.

I can not be everywhere at once but with your assistance our brand can.

Use the promo code College to save $200 from your order. Offer ends soon.

Did you know you really just need a few solid months of focus to change who you are.

I would be more worried if you were in the same position that your in now. That you were in 3 months ago.

Create a Vision board and right your goals you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60, 90 days.

Maybe it’s to go on a vacation, maybe it’s to get a car, maybe it’s to buy a house. Maybe it’s to quit your job. Maybe it’s to get a promotion.

What ever it is write It down.

August 1st in Tampa Kymmunity Think Day.

A day of learning marketing and sales strategies connecting and growing your business nationwide.

Stay connected

Invite Only

Sometimes you take Ls when vending it’s part of the game.

Although it was a terrible turn out. the right people turned out.

I made a few sales, connected with some great people and expose my brand in Tampa.

I used that time to build on social and look up future events, plus I’ll be over in that area connecting saw a great plaza I can connect at.

That $150 wasn’t a lost it was a investment and I’ll give it a longer time for it to turn and grow. Before saying it’s a loss.

A lot of times you just see that day not understanding the bigger picture.

What’s a vending fee of $150 over a month to expand in a new city.

Have any of you been to a event that was slow but over time it grew your business?

Are you willing, able or have the desire?

Willingness for me is being ready for the process.

Like are you ready to sacrifice cut back to be able to leave your job?

Able for me it’s the ability. Do you have the resources, skill or Opportunity to quit your job. Maybe you can stay at home with your parents to do so. That’s the opportunity. Or are you great at marketing or sales. Because no matter how great your product may be if you can’t master that know one will know.

Desire for me is how bad do you want it. We hear you but your actions speak louder.

I have a desire to create a nationwide wide business that help people to get into business. We will be one of the most impactful companies in your Kymmunity

This Sunday come out to and check out all the great businesses in the DMV

@jujuwithdajuice_ will be in the building providing the drinks and will have the oils on deck.

Come out and support the businesses in the DMV Kymmunity

We really have the best customers. Thank you to those who shopped with us.

First off I would like to Thank is our customers at Kymz Oils.

For the those in business it’s simple math. I teach our Distributors to break down the staircase on their way to success.

An extra $2000 this month is nothing but 4 new customers a day.

Did you know we just tell our distributors to just shoot for 4 when they just get started.

DM myself if you would life to be apart of our educational program.

It’s crazy not knowing I was helping to expand my mom @the_adventures_of_kym home base business onto the campus.

Fast forward we are now helping other people to start and grow their business through our Kymz Oils Kymmunity. Scented oils is a great business to start with.

It’s low on cost, you can carry it anywhere plus who don’t like smelling great.

So why start your business with us? Well we are family oriented, you have a mentor helping to grow a business that did himself.

Plus you know it stays in the Kymmunity because by you opening up a business with us. We are able to bring on more staff.

Lastly you’ll be apart of a growing company.

If your interested DM myself. Before you get on the team I want to know who I’m building with first.

What are you waiting on? Start your business today. No matter how big we get.

We always want to keep a Kymmunity feel.

Our distributors are Micro store owners that’s inside our Kymz Oils Kymmunity.

If you thought about owning a store. Let’s connect. It’s the perfect time to start a business.

She made it look easy.. if you know someone that would like to start and grow a business tag them.

There’s so many events and we having to turn them down.

We are building a nationwide company Think Bigger

Them scents just Different

I’ve been doing this to long for it not to be working.

Did you know all of our active distributors been with us for a year or more. We take pride in not having a high turn over rate.

In the early years we went through our fair share of reps. Some graduated and others quit.

Some left and others got fired. Some bought wholesale, others was paid hourly and some got fronted (net 30)

Moral of the story go through your process. You’ll learn which is the best business model for you.

For us we believe in the wholesale route for people that want to have their own business. Why? because in order to be look at as a partner you have to have skin in the game.

And like the great Dame Dash said. “Your only the boss if you put your own doe up”

Our guy @alleyhuncho means business. Our oils are the perfect collaboration for your brand.

Have you checked out his dope clothing brand out in Dallas. This entrepreneur has a very bright future. Stay tune to his journey.

Stay connected

We connecting and Vibing thank you @dreman15 and @adoreabbie for the support

Dope part about vending is that you can build and kick it at the same time.

Come be apart of our growing team. Represent us and start making money everyday with Kymz.

We will cover your First month of events in your Kymmunity.

That’s right we are paying for all of your pop up shops for your first month as a Distributor.

If interested DM myself, we’ll schedule a call to see what your goals are.

To explain that your opening up your own business and I’ll give you a game plan that you can use to make an extra $3000 part time.

I’m just here connecting until I replace myself.

They don’t believe you until you blow up and then they act like it just happen over night.

Keep getting them reps in you just haven’t gave your game 10 years yet.

Great vibes, Great people thank you @thaa_rastaa and @kiddbrothers for the support welcome to Kymz Oils.

With our compact handheld stand you can go anywhere and share your business.

For more information on how you can join our team. DM us

Big time players, Make big time plays , in big time games

Did you know the shoes you wear is very important when your building brand. Your shoes speak.

These Crocs tennis shoes are truly a game changer. They are comfortable, supportive, fashionable for a reasonable price.

It gets the job done, it’s not flashy and it actually better myself. A person that wear crocs is not getting it to be cool.

Now if we competing believe he got them Nikes on.

He know he that guy, he don’t need a brand to tell him that.

We connecting in Columbus @kymzoilscolumbus

Will you be joining us this summer in your Kymmunity?

Visit our website for details.

Happy Juneteenth. Family is everything, you can accomplish a lot by sticking together.

Inspiration is all around us. You just have to see the Vision.

Happy Juneteenth family thank you @royalbodysecurity for keeping us safe today you and the team did a great job and appreciate you for the support.

Welcome to the Kymmunity connecting businesses nationwide

Happy Juneteenth family thank you @thee_ladyj for the support.

Ladies and guys make sure you connect with her podcast. She just changed my life.

She was dropping straight gemz.

Welcome to The Kymmunity connecting businesses nationwide.

Happy Juneteenth family thank you @queenkrebling for the support.

It was great connecting with you.

She has a jewelry business in Tampa that service over 100 customers a month.

Make sure you connect with her.

Welcome to The Kymmunity the birth place of Kymz Oils

Happy Juneteenth let’s welcome @takiyahscott into the Kymmunity they provide great embroidery for us and other businesses in the Tampa Kymmunity.

Why go to VistaPrint when you can just stay in the Kymmunity.

You never know who you might meet when your sitting at Kymz Oils table in your Kymmunity.

Happy Juneteenth thank you @slaybyjbae @slaybyjbae for the support.

Welcome to The Kymmunity.

One of your best business cards you have is your product. Customers actually use it. Make sure your sharing your business today.

Kymz Oils is now offering wholesale.

Support our retail distributors today @kymzoils_cle @kymzoilscolumbus @alleyhuncho @dare2beglammed @_missfridayspeaks @jujuwithdajuice_ @accessories_unlimited21 @yes_im_an_aries

Why is everybody having separate events today? Do you know how hard it is as a Vendor to choose which one to attend.

What makes Amazon the world largest retail platform because they have different businesses working together to service the customers.

It’s pretty much a company made up of different individual companies.

Instead having our oils Distributed in stores. We rather help you get into business. Have you open your own store, selling our oils.

I’m the crazy one, that’s what makes you the founder. Your crazy enough to execute it.

Who would like to represent us at Sunday June 27th.

We are looking for a Distributor that’s in the DMV.

Be apart of the team and grow your business on the weekends. We are now covering our Distributors first pop up shop.

DM us if your interested.

Qualifications you must have $600 to invest. You must be a great person. You must be reliable.

Oils, stand, Brand shirt, business cards, mentorship and first pop up shop is all included.

Start earning cash

Let’s schedule a time to talk after you have read the details. has one of the best and profitable events in the DMV connect with them.

Did you know your products is currency. This is why I tell our Distributors to continue to Restock.

That’s the real money.

If I was down to my last $600 I’m not saving it to feel conferable for a week until I get paid next week.

I’m putting it in my business so I can get 100 bottles so I can make $1500.

Stop waiting on paychecks start driving the vehicle you have in front of you.

Don’t feel overwhelm. Especially those who are in network marketing or those 4X clubs.

When recruiting take the business off of yourself.

What do that mean. In short just work the system. Share and move on.

I don’t believe in following back up again after again with a prospect.

I’m to focus on growing a business rather continuing to show you how and why you should start one.

Connect with me tonight at 9pm EST as I go in depth of working the system of recruiting.

Cleveland Kymmunity make sure you connect with @yes_im_an_aries she growing her business with Kymz Oils.

Follow and connect with this talented, creative Leader in your Kymmunity.

In her first month was able to sell 50 bottles of oils. That’s really great start superstar

Rep your brand everyday. Why are you leaving the house without your brand shirt?

This is one of the simplest and effective ways you can market your brand.

There’s not to many post you can find without me in some Kymz Oils gear. If you do it’s another black owned business that I personally supported in the Kymmunity.

You can invest about $110 to have a brand shirt everyday to wear.

Let people know who you are!

Did you know as a distributor you’ll receive a Kymz Oils shirt.

To become a distributor visit the link to read the details.

When Meek said it’s level to this. He wasn’t lying. When I first started out.

I was focus on surviving my first year quitting my job.

After that I was focus on growing the retail business to 6 figures

After that i focused on expanding the business.

Now I invest the time in developing and training our team.

What you did before will not work where you are going.

The process of turning into a CEO is something else.

To be apart of our sales force. Visit the link in the bio.

Checkout our guy out in our Columbus Kymmunity @kymzoilscolumbus

Who else is ready for the weekend!

So you want me to leave this to Vend? Would you?

We have something special for our team

That’s right we need you. Many face to face stores need human capital to operate their locations.

This is why McDonald’s Franchise owners buy into their business. Do you have access to $100,000 at this time?

We are getting hit with over 20 events a day all across the country. If you worried about not making money. Your going to make money.

If your worried about spending to much on events. Don’t worry we are now covering your events when you restock.

All you have to do is set up the table, show the oils to people, see which one they like, ask if they would want it, tell the price, put them in a bag and collect the money.

Do that every weekend for 4-5 hours you just made an extra $1500.

Click the link.

At Kymz Oils we look for competitive team oriented leaders. That’s right.

We are looking for a person that likes to not only compete but want to take on a challenge.

Meet JD he’s our Representative in Atlanta. He service our Atlanta home base Kymmunity.

At Kymz we all get Jersey numbers. He told me he wants number 1. I told him he has to earn that.

Wearing number 1 means your a dog, a playmaker, your that guy. or gal When we throw the ball you making it happen.

That’s what we are doing. We are throwing our Distributor packages around to people that’s trying to make plays.

If your ready to get in the game instead of being in the stands. Click the link in the bio.

We run a fast pace spread No huddle offense

It’s money at the table you just have to sit there.

Y’all I’m getting DMs left in right about events this weekend but we don’t have people to work the table.

We need more distributors would you like to be on the team?

Click the link we may can Next Day your order so it will arrive for the weekend.

If you have further questions DM @kymzoilswholesale and Je’Tona will schedule an appointment to talk on the phone.

@kymzoils_cle is out here building and connecting.

If your in the Cleveland and would like to try our amazing scents. Follow @kymzoils_cle for the next event.

Say less and travel more

Being a distributor with us gives you the ability to travel, connect and grow your business all at once anywhere you want to be.

Visit our website to start your business with us.

Did you know that you your Researching and Developing as we speak now.

Many times we think we have to research and develop before we go to market. In reality you should be doing it while you go.

Are you checking your IG analytics? But it gets deeper than that. Are you taking mental notes on your customer tendencies?

Are you able to know who would buy your product when you pitch them?

Are you seeing what product is your top sellers and which one you can get rid of?

Are you seeing what area is the most profitable?

Are you seeing what Words are you using with different people?

R&D is happening 24/7 did you know. I track who like each post a lot of people who like our page. Are people that has or want to start a business their self.

In other words always peep everything.

Don’t worry rookies you’ll soon realize 100 bottles is light work.

I help our distributors to establish their sales goals and help them grow their business through our Kymz Oils brand.

Click the link in the bio. So I can help you start and grow your business.

Would you like a sales coach?

When you travel think of Kymz our Mist collection will be coming to you soon.

From your body to room we got you covered.

What’s your MYD. MYD is a phrase I coined that’s stand for what makes you different.

Many times you think about your product. But let’s face it.

There’s someone that’s selling body butters just like you.

There’s some selling oils just like you.

There’s someone that’s an author just like you.

Especially this weekend it’s somebody hosting a Juneteenth pop up event.

Chicken is chicken but your sauce hits different.

Try to highlight and discover what separate you from the market. Is it that you have faster delivery?

Is it that you value customer experience more than others. Is it that you’ll take the time with your customers.

Maybe it’s a card with ever online order.

This is our last day where we are covering our New distributors first Pop up shop to start their business with us.

Kymz just Different

Customer: hey I’m about to order this special you got going.

Me: Ok

No order but 2 weeks later

Customer: hey I see an increase in your price? Can I still get the special?

Me, unfortunately we are not running the special anymore. But our package that you see on our site. Is really a great deal. That allows you profit $900 instead of $1000.

As many business owners know customers believe they are privilege but only with us.

You wouldn’t try to negotiate with these big white corporations. If you miss the sale you just say ok.

Business Owners when your in a dispute with a customer always ARC them. Agree Reason and Close.

Understand their perspective, give reason on the issue that they are upset and explain your solution. Then give them a solution that they can accept.

Today is the last day that we are going to cover our new distributors first event.

Use promo code EXPANSION

Being an entrepreneur it’s not all glamours especially in the early years.

Like deciding to pay your rent/mortgage or to grow a business. Which one are you choosing?

Would you get a roommate to save a extra $500 a month to get your business off the ground?

Would you downsize your life now to start your business?

Those are the decisions that I made in my first 2 years, I mean I was never at home. I was either at work or in the field.

Plus I knew that all I needed was time to grow our business.

Now we service Cleveland, Columbus, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, DMV and Rockford with aspiring Entrepreneurs Helping them grow their Kymmunity business.

Is growing your business more important than your personal comfort?

Don’t start reading someones chapter 4 when your on your first page.

There’s 4 Chapters you missed to understand how you can get there.

Always accept your consequences if your going to accept your rewards.

Are you putting out fire content? Drake just released some fire leaks and throwaways.

Just as he do every summer.

Are you creating so much great content that your leaks or content you give away for free is fire.

Everyone knows that his best songs didn’t even make the radio.

How deep is your catalog? All you need is 1 hit so they can go through your whole catalog and say damn your shit hard.

But your day 1s been hip and saying bout time they caught up.

Keep creating and building for your core fans you’ll never miss when you create with them in mind.

If your in the Cleveland Kymmunity and would like to see what all the hype is about with our oils.

Make sure you connect with @kymzoils_cle

She’s our partner in the Cleveland Kymmunity If your having an event in the area connect with her to check their availability.

@kymzoilscolumbus was doing a lot of connecting this weekend.

If you would like to be apart of our team representing us at an event in your city.

Click the link and start your business today.

Use Promo Code EXPANSION to receive $100 off.

First 2 Distributors I will be paying for your first pop up shop in your city. This special ends 6/15/21.

“Do you want to sell sugar water all your life, or do you want to change the world.” Steve Jobs

This is the question Jobs ask John Sculley who left his job as Pepsi President to work with Apple and at that time Apple was a 6 year start up.

What I learn was to be a great leader you have to cast a Vision that’s bigger than the activities.

We are not just selling oils, we are creating jobs, opportunities and entrepreneurs. Before we can create Black Wall Street we need entrepreneurs.

Be apart of our Vision to help create 100 new businesses across the country this year.

Click the link in the bio and use the promo code EXPANSION to start your business with us.

To schedule an appointment to answer any questions DM @kymzoilswholesale and Je’Tona will take care of you.

Be you they’ll adjust. What do that mean to you?

To me it means don’t lower your standards to make others feel comfortable.

You’ll never do anything great by remaining comfortable.

Thank you @loveyourself111productions for helping me discover that.

Check out @loveyourself111productions she’s an official member of The Kymmunity she’s a purpose coach as well.

This live was fire

Bet on yourself, watch the whole video. Gave you a play.

Click the link in the bio to get started.

use promo code EXPANSION

That’s all. It’s all about exposure that’s one reason why I be in the field.

Especially for our young boys they need exposure to a different way of life.

It’s not a certain individual that motivates me. It’s the lifestyle that I seen that’s real.

Can you believe I know grown people that haven’t been outside of their city.

That’s why I always thank sports for giving me the opportunity to travel.

A lot of times you have to see it in Person to know you can accomplish that too.

When you are the baby shark your in the right room.

Stars on your head top like we playing for Dallas. Let me reintroduce you to our guy @alleyhuncho he’s starting his redshirt freshman year with us and making big plays.

He been helping us grow in the Dallas Kymmunity and we look forward on connecting with our Dallas Kymmunity on the ground level.

Make sure you connect and follow his entrepreneurship journey.

Quiet SZN in the Kymmunity

I noticed the time I’m tuck and off social is when I see my biggest leaps.

I’m already in 2022


Ugh I don’t feel like driving. Go and see the world from a ground level.

Use that time to get inspired, to learn and create yourself.

Many ideas that you have seen was a thought I had in a car while I was on the road to our markets that we service now.

Those hours on the road can really be what’s needed to take your business to the next level.

In this video you learned How to find profit. Also did you know your profit margins at min is 60% when you become a distributor with us.

As a distributor not only sell our oils but learn how to grow your business in your Kymmunity.

Let’s get this money with Kymz

Click the link in the bio use promo code EXPANSION

Wholesale gives you the ability to make money in your Kymmunity. Our team is ready for the weekend.

You’ll see them at your pop up shops and festivals.

Click the link to get involved.

Use Promo Code EXPANSION to save $100 off investment.

I just want you to think. When your making the transition from working your job to getting off to start your business.

It’s a mindset shift that you have to undergo. It’s like your speaking two different languages.

Imagine going on your 1 hour lunch break and you just made what you make in a day at your job.

It’s hard to go back. But use this time while your on your job to build the necessary skills and develop an entrepreneur mindset.

So I need 2 sales in one hour to cover my employee bet.

A way that I use to look at it like this if I made $150 in 2 hours that mean I made $75 a hour.

Believe it or not with our wholesale you make way more than us.

Use promo code EXPANSION to get started

It comes a point where I can’t want it more than you.

From experience buying inventory, booking and finding pop up shops to sell my products on top of working a job and making the products can get time consuming and expensive.

So let Kymz take care of that.

Can you believe our next 20 distributors are getting a package of 100 bottles so they can make $1500-$2000 with.

For $500 when you use the promo code EXPANSION.

Get the ability to directly work with me as I grow your Kymz Oils business into a 6 figure business.

Click in the bio to commit

Expansion Packages are now available Use Promo code EXPANSION and receive $100 off on your package.

Click the link in the bio let’s start your business today.

Follow @kymzoilswholesale

Hey guys if you think it’s just me that’s a lie. We wouldn’t have customers in the DMV, Cleveland, Columbus, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Rockford and Atlanta.

From our production team to our distributors, to our administrators, to our event directors. It truly takes a team and We got that here.

If your interested in becoming a distributor and represent us at a pop up shop in your Kymmunity.

Click the link in the bio and use promo code EXPANSION to get a $100 off.

Invest $500 to make $1500 in 30 days. let’s start building your business.

First 20 people that join. We will pay for your first Pop up shop.

If you have any questions visit @kymzoilswholesale

Hey have you met Je’Tona she’s our Social media Assistant for our wholesale department.

If you have any questions on being apart of our national expansion, wanting to know where’s the nearest distributor in your Kymmunity or upcoming events.

Connect and send her a DM @kymzoilswholesale

At Kymz we are going after scale. A lot of times we miss opportunities because we do not have enough staff and distributors to represent us at all the events.

What company do you know that have a great product, promote their sales force and put you on to events in your Kymmunity?

I’ll run a special for the first 20 Distributors. I’ll pay for your First pop up shop between the month of June and July. Offer ends June 15th

Follow and DM @kymzoilswholesale if you have any questions.

Real recognize real.. look I’m big on DMing to grow our brand. But guys don’t Copy and paste.

We can tell that it’s not genuine. Do you know how many people I leave on seen cause it was just a copy and paste.

This is my perspective. So you want my business but your not going to take the time out to earn it?

I’ll pass.

Take the time to actually know who your talking to. It may be time consuming but it’s extremely worth it.

A long term relationship is always worth more than a 1 time sale.

( Dm gem even if you don’t get a response you can see if they seen it) Now you just built Brand awareness.

This Saturday pull up to @silvriskee Charity event in Cleveland.

@yes_im_an_aries will be in the building providing our signature oils.

Vending Tables here are free for more details connect with @silvriskee

Come on Rookie… smh you can’t be out here sitting on the bench.

When we in the field we take pride with being active.

I don’t know about you but the only time your sitting in a game is when your on the sideline.

We making plays in the field.

At Kymz your not going to just learn business but we developing people.

Don’t wait today is the last day for our 25 bottle package. After today to get a jersey you have to do 100 bottles or better.

Now that’s the difference. As a leader your job is to show your team how to do something.

This is why it’s so important you be hands on with your new staff.

It’s a reason why the more time you invest the better results is produced.

One way you can improve your leadership ability is by doing what your asking them to do in front of them.

I’m not a pointer type of leader.

I’m a watch this, do it and then here you go type leader.

Wholesale anyone? Our wholesale program gives. You so much ability to travel, make money and meet so many great people.

Your vendor don’t have to be overseas sis.

Kymz Oils creating businesses one scent at a time.

SEEing is a acronym that we use to connect with people in the Kymmunity.

S stand for smile while standing. You always want to give a welcoming vibe. Would you want to walk by someone who’s not engage and sitting down?

E stands for Eye contact is the way to build trust. We can tell in your eyes if you believe in your products. Plus it shows confidence.

E stands for excitement it’s all about vibes. If you don’t believe in you why should I?

Everyday if you want to grow your business or even change your life start SEEing people

How many people can say they don’t take water and air for granted?

Do you give thanks every moment.

Do you feel that it’s a giving at times? I’ll be honest I have to check myself it’s like I don’t think about it.

But let me tell you these are the most valuable matter on earth. You need water and air.

How many times do people view that way like you’ll be here tomorrow or I’ll get it next time. Or not expressing your value

When I realized niggas take these two for granted everyday and you actually need those too to live.

Life just became so much better. Just do you they’ll adjust!

The best thing is that the best part is not even on film.

I know y’all we live in a digital world. But the advantage of being a small brand is that your closer to your customers. That’s why I always tell you Think Kymmunity!

Face to face business will never get old and will always be a great way to get your name out there.

It’s never about the followers it’s always about the people. Do you know how much your sales will increase If you get off social media.

Cleveland Vendors and pop up host come out and be apart of @silvriskee charity event this Saturday.

There will be food, music, connecting and FREE vending opportunity.

If I personally refer you to them you are considered our Top tier Vendor and if you want a promo just dm me your business.

Would you like to know how to create content?

Just speak to one person. When I post.

I just speak to one person in the room.

The trick is everyone is listening. That’s how you connect with your audience. Understand that your followers are people first.

The worst thing you can do now days is to go Hollywood with your audience. Why is that?

Because theirs another person that doing the same thing you do.

What keeps them there is how you connect.

The man behind the brand. The goal is to create jobs and opportunities to truly be behind the brand.

Did you know our average active sales distributors makes $1100 a month working part time.

Did you know we provide hourly customer service positions for people in the local Kymmunity that we are based in.

Did you know when I was working at enterprise I looked at my job as an investor.

Invest in the people in your Kymmunity because they the ones that invest in you.

Hey guys we have 3 days left. For the past year we had made our starting package for only $200.

We will now be raising the bar. Our 100 bottle package will be the new entry level.

Sales training and customer referrals are included.

For more questions DM us

Hey Great people I have a question for you. Can you see yourself committed to pursue something for 10 years?

Many times that’s what it takes. As you follow our page I want you to understand the importance of committing to your process.

The importance of growth. Not just in your business but in your personal life as well. Im not the same person that I was when I started out.

Hell I’m not the same person I was yesterday. I’ve collected new information, new experiences and learn new lessons.

How are you improving yourself? What are you listening to, what information are you taking in?

Don’t give up so early just get better.

Coca Cola been in business for over 100 years.

This is your 2nd year.

So what you didn’t hit 6 figures yet.

What’s a 100k to 100 billion. The difference I see is Time. Give yourself 98 years to develop and grow.

The power of a Park Bench.. one of the greatest books that change my life was the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

When you stay in the present moment you’ll realize your past don’t really exist, It’s just a previous Now. and your future don’t really exist because it’s a soon to be Now. The one thing that’s factual is the present Now.

What are some great reads that changed your life?

Follow our partner @kymzoilscolumbus journey

Keep on shooting, the biggest skill you can work on and don’t cost you a dime is your work ethic.

This is the most sustainable way you can reach your goals.

Name one person that successful that didn’t have a high work ethic?

The people that you see and read about in any field their work ethic is just different that’s what make them Different

I had to post this because now I understand why you may be sitting on your business or haven’t made a move yet.

I been contemplating on what time I should workout today.

But crazy fact is if just worked out already for the time I been thinking about it. I’ve would’ve been done with it.

Don’t focus on the results right away. Just focus on creating a routine so you can have something you can build on top of.

The first win is showing up. Let’s show up this week in all areas of life.

They say you should go to school and get a degree and then get a good job.

They forgot to tell you the most important skill. That is learning how to connect.

Can you believe we started on a HBCU campus.

Summer jobs are now available. Get paid while learning and doing business. Representative hourly positions are available.

For our Cleveland, Columbus and Atlanta Market.

DM us to schedule an Interview

Sometimes you got to remind folks you been doing this.

Did you know before you change economic brackets you should change your mindset first.

I think a lot of times we hold ourself back because we don’t want to offend others since we can relate to where they are at.

Don’t get it fool you got money it’s the way you spend it that keeps you poor.

Being Rich & Being Poor on an economic stand point is really all about how you invest your money.

Are you investing that $20 into your brand or are you going to Chipotle?

A great challenge that I used at the beginning of the year was to save your first sale of the day.

If you sale a $20 product and you sale 1 every day in a month you would have $900 saved.

The trick is you save it before you make it so Everyday you bet on yourself.

Next year you will have $10k saved Now you can Invest, travel, or buy your home that you want.

Bet on yourself you can always guarantee a return.

If you would like a product to start your journey check out our wholesale package on our website.

Our 100 bottle package allows you to profit $900 per batch.

The first step is to increase your revenue

Everyone is not motivated by money the great leaders find what drives a person.

If your in management find creative ways to educate and motivate your staff.

Eye contact is very important when talking to a customer.

So we incorporated some ball handling drills to help us with not looking down when we speak.

The rookie had 14pts in 4 quarters that’s a pretty great start. I only had 10 assist

In the field with our guys.. the importance of SEEing People.

JD is doing a great job on his first day.

Stop caring about what other people will think of you. What matters is what you know of yourself.

The goal is not to be cool. The goal is to pass, get to the next level and graduate from your situation.

Remember most of the people you trying to impress won’t even be in your life 10 years from now.

Your not in High school no more stop caring about wearing the perfect outfit (brand) Stop trying to gain acceptance by the cool kids (influencers) Just be you and be great at That.

Change your mind you change your life

I can’t even lie with our handheld store. You become a traveler

Day 3 of Vision here’s 5 ways you can accomplish any vision that you have for yourself from growing your brand into a 6 figure business to going on your dream vacation.

Even to be able to walk away from your job.

1. Write your goal down

2. See it everyday. Post it on your wall, your phone, you need to See it!

3. break your vision down into daily goals. Maybe making 100k in your business is to big. Try making $273 everyday. (It’s much easier)

4. Apply that pressure everyday.

5. Just win the day. Stop focusing on the big picture. Focus on each pixel and by this time next year when you look up. Your creating a new Vision because you accomplish that old one already.

Don’t just stay stagnant. Connect yourself In rooms that will help you to grow.

Become a student of your craft and study your game.

What you are listening to on your way to work can be the start of you leaving the room that your currently in.

Vision have you met @accessories_unlimited21 she’s started with us this year and 6 months later created a women creative brand Accessories Unlimited.

We completed our Mission. To provide her with resources, opportunities, value and empowerment.

We don’t stay in first grade all our life’s. When you learn move on and on to the next level.

Shop @accessories_unlimited21

It started with a Vision

Find a Vision that’s Bigger than yourself.

When you feel like it’s becoming routine and easy create a bigger Vision.

You can always go further than you can see especially at Sea.

It’s starts with a Vision

Write down 5 reason why you NEED not want to make it happen.

Did you know we are the only race where it’s more women entrepreneurs then men. But we have the highest unemployment rate for men.

Why do you think this is the reason?

Do you think women entrepreneurs are better in customer service? Let’s talk about it?

Vision is about seeing something before it happen?

How many of you have your future life on the wall, or on your phone, or some where in front of you?

When you see it everyday you begin to live it everyday.

People was telling me why do I have a Beach as my homepage. You sell oils that don’t make any sense.

My Vision is to Travel, connect, and create with people I want to.

Remember it starts with a Vision.

Traveling is the education. Do it so much that you can’t call it a Vacation but an experience.

(I do not own the rights to this song)

A mother Vision for her child can really change his life.

I know my mom did.

I didn’t see it than but I sure do see it now.

Being a black mother is hard but for 18 plus years you do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Many of us learned leadership through our mothers. If your a parent your the original entrepreneur.

Make sure your connect and support this Black Mother, Author, Business owner and speaker @_missfridayspeaks

Our Vision is for you, the new home base entrepreneur to utilize our platform to start, grow and connect your brand nationwide.

It starts with a Vision.

Great scent for young men ages 13 and up.

Great morning, Great People Happy Wednesday. Having a Vision can really take you places.

The definition of Vision is to be able to see or image something in your mind that not physically happen yet.

This is very important especially for kids.

To keep their imagination because that’s how they will be able to create a New World.

Many times the older you get the less you imagine. It’s never to late

If you want to change your situation. Start seeing your future life in your your head now.

Look around you. Everything around you started with a Vision.

You can’t make this up… yes you can create the life you want to live and keep God first, thank the universe and the creator.

It starts with a Vision

Day 2 Vision… Wake up it’s 4:19am at the time of this post. Practice starts at 5am.

That’s the life of a Student Athlete. While other students on campus sleeping in. Your up working.

That’s the same approach I take in life now.

If you consistently wake up earlier than most.

You can gain a huge advantage over your market and gain so much more education.

If your ok in where your at in life go ahead continue to sleep in.

But if you want to change your life. Let’s go! Practice is Monday-Friday at 5am

Did you know waking up and going to sleep 2 hours earlier and later than you do right now.

It will put you 2 months ahead than you are at this time next year?

Who’s up this morning getting better?

Trust the Vision and trust your process. That’s the biggest reason why most people don’t accomplish their Vision.

Life is real, it will throw you challenges but will you stay in it or will you pull out?

From experience and studying the greats they stay in the game and make a play.

Yes we are tired but you’ll never know that because the VISION is more important. That’s that Juice that everyone don’t have.

I challenge you to find something that’s bigger than yourself and go after it.

Kymz is not just a scent. We are not just a oil man. We are the scent that Connect.

Did you connect today?


Day 1. Let’s use this time to map out your Vison.

I like to cast my long term vision first than work backwards.

Long term is a relative word and you have to build up your Vision muscle to really see ahead.

So let’s just do a 6 month Vision Plan.


Who do you want to be in 6 months?

What do you want to accomplish in 6 months?

How are you going to get there?

A lot of times all you really have to do to climb the stairs is to break the stair case down into floors and focus on each step.

Use the 30, 60, 90 day goal approach to create your staircase to success.

Each day for me is one step.

Have you been challenging for you to accomplish your Vision that you have for yourself in your head?

comments below ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️

Great morning Great People. As you know I go on my annual Think Week that I started 2 years ago.

Where I’m off social media, cut off all work communication and learn, get inspired and create.

For the month of June let’s focus on your Vision.

It’s half way through the year. 6 months left. Have you accomplished your vision you had for yourself 6 months ago?

Did you accomplish your Vision from last year? Or the year before. How about your vision 5 years ago?

In order to accomplish anything you have to see it first.

This is the time to tag a friend, share the page, put your notifications on.

Because if you follow me for 30 days and actually apply what I say your going to be able to accomplish your Vision.

To shop Retail for our oils in your Kymmunity connect with our Distributors

Columbus @kymzoilscolumbus

Cleveland @kymzoils_cle @yes_im_an_aries

DMV @jujuwithdajuice_ and @_missfridayspeaks @queen_reesiie

Atlanta @dare2beglammed

Dallas @alleyhuncho

Detroit @myhotteaspot

Rockford @necolelittlejhon

Wholesale is available online.

Laugh now cry later.

Cry now laugh later. When working out have you pushed yourself to a point where it hurts, you may even shed a tear.

Being a former college athlete that’s what it’s like at practice.

People that come out to your game on Saturday just see the laugh. They have no idea about the cry and pain to get you in the position to perform.

I challenge you this week to push yourself. The Kymmunity season starts in the fall.

That’s why the offense Cordnianitor sits up at the top.

The coach that really calls the plays you never see them on the field.

Run, run, Run

Run, Run, Run

Play action TD

At Kymz Everyday is Friday. Have you connected with @_missfridayspeaks in the DMV.

She’s an author, business owner, speaker and a distributor with us.

Our oils is a great way to connect with people in your Kymmunity. Why because it’s a physical product that’s Unique.

With our portable hand held stand your store can really fit in your hand.

Connect with @_missfridayspeaks and follow and support her journey.

This is the greatest time for you to start that business! Go ahead and start.

Now let’s see if your still building when it gets hard.

Entrepreneurship is not a clock in and clock out type of thing. Your in it 24/8

When the market dries up will you still make that post? Better yet will you still be growing your business in real life?

If you take some hits in trading are you still making them investments?

If only 3 people come to your event are you still hosting events?

There’s ups and downs but just stay in the game.

Don’t let IG fool you. It’s much cooling to be an entrepreneur in real life.

You have to fight for your dreams and business.

If you been having a hard time. Take a moment to Think.

Have a Think moment. Now discover your challenge. Search ways to improve it. Write your goal for the day. See it now execute it.

You can read my free business guide that I had up for a year now.

That show you how to start and grow your business

DM me and I’ll send you the direct link

How are you positioning yourself in your Kymmunity?

That is everything are you a market player or a market leader?

Are you Apple or IBM?

Leaders take risk they set the tone they create.

Market players they just play the game and follow the market.

It’s a reason why number 1s stay number 1s

We create

I challenge you to become a leader for your Kymmunity

You don’t have to play the game, you just have to create it and change the game!

Don’t matter what level your on one thing stay the same the love you have for people and the vison of building a nationwide business.

Where you are at right now will change next year. Over the years you will progress.

Are you in the same position that you was in a year ago?

When your in it, it’s hard to see but do me a favor take a step back an look at the painting that you been creating.

Wow you have been doing some amazing work.

Keep going

Cleveland Today stop in and connect with @yes_im_an_aries at @thehuesofhaze pop up shop.

Try our scents we have available.

Tag us after purchase and we’ll promote your page.

Are you grabbing their IG? From experience you’ll have a much better closing conversion when you grab their Instagram.

Rather than passing your card out ask to connect on social.

Let me ask you is there a greater percentage of you leaving a thin price of paper on a table somewhere or loosing your phone?

Plus I love seeing what my customers are interested in and doing because support is always a two way street and many of my audience are either just starting or want to start a business.

This weekend don’t get card happy! Always control communication with your customers.

Give your time to age

From working in customer service and sales for about 5 years i learned that it’s hard to keep a A sales representative without giving them what they deserve.

Can you imagine telling someone who made the company over $100,000 and led the region in sales no When they ask you for a $2 raise. But don’t worry they replaced me the next week.

What’s $100,000 to a multi billion dollar company?

Can you believe if they had say yes I would’ve stayed working at my job 3 years ago.

Moral of the story pay your sales force did you know our distributors operates at a min of 46%-60% profit margin depending on the package they get.

Click the link if you want to be apart of our sales force.

Kymmunity Baller Atlanta!!!!

Foreign cars, shoes, bags is cool but don’t act tight with your people.

Invest and shop Black and local this Weekend.

A Boss is a role I grown into

Have you had Boss Talk by Kymz Oils.

Want to start a business? Click the link to get started.

Columbus Follow and Shop with @accessories_unlimited21

When you shop with our Distributors you help support black owned local businesses. She have more than just oils available. Check her out.

DMV follow and shop with @_missfridayspeaks

When you support our distributors your supporting a black owned local business.

Shop local and buy black this weekend.

It’s Friday have you tried our new summer scent called Money.

Everywhere you go she smell like money

The best thing you can do for your Kymmunity is to help U.

It starts with you.

Just imagine a Kymmunity of high level, high energy, high loving and high connecting space.

That requires the people in that space to be that.

Kymz Oils connecting inside the Kymmunity

The website is for wholesale only.

DM so we can connect you with a distributor that’s in your area.

Y’all know the vibes new stores opening up. You can catch our distributors at a pop up shop in your Kymmunity

It’s crazy how music can really inspire you.

All Kymz spit is facts, you got to respect the kid, the boy is a head of his time.

like every post he post is No Cap, like every room he in You just gotta tip ya hat.

Focus on creating and dong right now, so you can gain experience. Now if you really believe in yourself document your story.

That True Story scent going!

It’s crazy y’all Freshman year psychology sucked for me but I got a A in sociology.

But I don’t think this is talked about enough in business.

It’s more than just promoting and choosing a price point.

Did you know I got into my psychology bag on understanding Maslow Hierarchy need. When I select a price point for my audience who I target.

Also understanding the buying tendency of your audience.

This will help you be prepared for a slow day.

Example if your customers are on a every 2 week pay schedule you may notice a dip in your sales. Study their trends.

Did you know prices that are to low can be a reason why some people don’t buy because they see it as cheap.

But to some it’s impressive because it can show how big your business really is if you can move in fast volumes.

My question for you. Are you building to be the tallest building in your city or the widest ocean in the world.

Our 2 wholesale options gives you the ability to have a product to start. Learning and growing a business?

There’s free info on Google, YouTube and on this page. I create doers.

Click the bio if your ready to become a doer.

Columbus this Sunday stop in and connect with @kymzoilscolumbus he’ll be in the building providing our scents.

If your in Columbus and would like to hear about vending opportunities where Kymz Oils at.

Follow @kymzoilscolumbus

This Saturday stop by and connect with myself at @oyun.marketplace in Atlanta try and experience our new summer scents

DMV this weekend come and stop in and connect with our girl @_missfridayspeaks at @vendorcircuit this weekend a great place for vendors to connect with people in the Kymmunity.

If you would like to vend connect with @vendorcircuit for more details

Vending Opportunity in Cleveland. If you have a business and looking for a event connect with @thehuesofhaze

@yes_im_an_aries will be representing us with our newest summer scents. It’s a lot of Money going around in The Kymmunity

Try our new female scent called Money

For the streets only. Our website is now close for Retail until further notice.

Thank you to everyone that been along with us through our growing pains.

Closing our website allows us to develop and master a better system to enhance your online experience.

New Mist collection will debut Friday in Atlanta

Should I get a Tik Tok? 😂😂😂

Hey y’all had to put out content because I made a commitment 3 years ago to myself that I am going to build this business.

I been talking and study many people that’s great at what they do and some that’s been having a challenge. the biggest takeaway that’s the same across the board of the very successful is the level of commitment to their focus. The ones that’s having a challenge lack commitment.

Commit is the core to anything great.

What are a few things are you going to commit to.

Yes I get tired but you have to push through it no matter if it gets hard you made a commitment.

What great sports team have a won a championship if their players is not 100% committed for the team to win?

These oils will take you anywhere in the world.

The goal is to get to the point where you never have to post again.

I will be closing down our website on Wednesday until further notice. all orders that previous been made your orders are going out today.

Did you know many people can’t even do that. So the fact that you showed up with your business today that’s a win.

Now when you step on to that field it’s time to compete. There’s someone right next to you needing to take your spot.

Everyone knows who the number 1 person in their industry. Are you working to be the number 1 in your city, your state, your country?

Business is competitive. Get better everyday and better self because you are competing with everyone in the world.

Here’s a tip focus on your game or in business become consumer centric

Let the games begin ✌🏾

We Juiced up!

Connect with @jujuwithdajuice_ this week for some food and drinks.

Our oils will be made available as well.

What do you prefer dark or light? Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Queens uplifting Queens ladies go over and connect with @accessories_unlimited21 she have amazing products from Kymz Oils and purses and accessories.

Add Kymz Oils to your table to help with promo and exposure. The attention goes where the oils are.

Hey everyone do me a favor and follow @kymzoilscolumbus

I’m so proud of Tony of growing his business started off with our rookie package. Now that’s a weekly failure.

Even more impressive is the person he is becoming. Entrepreneurship is a great way to grow as person. Being a distributor with us you’ll learn fundamental skills that you can carry with you.

I always say your goals of today will be your future failures.

What’s your goals for this week?

Take Action Today! We are not just talking about money. What I learned is that everything compounds.

If that’s your health, your business, your career.

In order for something to grow you Must Start.

Did you know the soon you start a business the sooner it can start growing.

If you need a product to start selling click the link in the bio. Instead of finding a vendor that you don’t know or overseas.

Start your business with Kymz. For private labeling DM myself

Let’s 30x this bitch! Many times aspiring entrepreneurs focus on growing their business through pop up shops on the weekend.

Which is a great way but here in the Kymmunity and Kymz I’m more concern on helping you grow and do numbers everyday.

How much did you make today at your pop up today? Imagine you make that everyday so times that by 30.

That’s the LJ Chambers 30X Rule.

How are you 30xing your business?

Your in Business getting money. That is what you do. What are you giving?

Today and yesterday we gave away 97 bottles of oils to Mothers in the Atlanta Kymmunity

With no gimmicks of Buy one get one free.

This my way saying thank you. Being raised by a single mother I know how one gift can really make your day.

Thanks Kym for being the best mom in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the Kymmunity

Remember every Kymmunity begins with Kym

Happy Friday even on a Saturday if your in the DMV would like a gift for Mother’s Day send your kids over to @_missfridayspeaks so they can pick up a few of our amazing scents.

You’ll also be supporting a black mother in business as well.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the super women out in the Kymmunity

Are you an investor? I was on YouTube the other day listening to Warren Buffet and found out he use to buy small businesses and try to turn them around.

Until Charlie Munger came and told him focus on bigger consistent brands.

Over the long haul that’s who going to within the test of time. Did you know Coca Cola was founded in 1892.

How can this info help you? For me it helps to take a long term approach how can I build a brand that will last 100 plus years.

How can you do the same and I would say Consistency start studying Big corps!

I said what I said back in 2021. The importance of documenting your process is huge.

Like never before you are able to actually see the process from someone starting a business and growing it into a billion dollar company.

Like you read it in a book years after but never seen it in real time.

If your going after it start documenting so if you do decide to offer a course.

It will be like our newest scent True Story

Let’s gives more to the women that gave us life. Forget the 25% off gimmick that everyone is doing this weekend.

We are in the Kymmunity connecting and giving our oils away for free Today to all the mothers here.

That in person experience is amazing

Give her flowers to her everyday not just May 9th. To all the mothers out there.

Your doing a great job. The foundation and values that your instilling will pay off.

You never know maybe one day your child will build a national brand, inspire people and change the world all in your name.

It starts in the Kymmunity but every Kymmunity starts with Kym

Happy Mother’s Day weekend

Let’s get excited a great time to build your business is on your lunch time Do you know how much you can accomplish in 1 hour?

Bring your business cards to work and stop at your nearest plaza Your already going there to spend money and eat.

Might as well connect

Let’s go it’s Friday!!! Let’s set the tone. Many people ask me how can I improve my sales.

This is one way you can.

Have you met someone who have a great spirt about them. That just attract you to them. That’s what you need to bring to your table.

Like the bro @jameldjackson always say people of value attracts valuable people.

This is why you may see me talking to myself I have to create that space so I can attract. Can’t let those Nos get to you.

When you walk into work this morning do me a favor set the tone for the day!

Let’s be great!

I know it’s not the sexiest and it’s really the hardest part of your process.

Is your goal to make $5000 in your business this month?

Roll up your sleeves and outwork the people in your market. Do this everyday you’ll stumble across 100k. Just grind yourself to $300 a day.

My business is not growing. Do more connecting.

We can all do more. Are you wearing your brand everyday? Are you talking to 100 people a day? Are you posting 6x a day? Are you sharing your business cards, Are you studying? Are you bringing up your business to everyone you meet?

If you answered No! Do more before you open stride you have to be in the dig phase when coming out the blocks.

It’s a Marathon but it’s a Race with Self. Improve your PR every week.

DMV tell your friend that your oil man don’t got the Juice like that.

To restock on your oils connect with @jujuwithdajuice_

Pull up on him for a drink or 2

Put in work! Let’s get it… our scents are great for before and after your workout.

Make a statement in the gym. Connect with @tony.thomas3

Next Saturday stop in and connect with @kymzoils_cle

If you are in the Cleveland area and would like to sell your products there. Connect with @thehuesofhaze

After you register let me know and I’ll shout your page out on our page.

Get in the field! Do you know how many people you can connect with.

Plus you don’t have to worry about an algorithm.

The person before @1hell_ova_writer2 told me no. But if I gave up right there I wouldn’t met him.

Our oils is our new business cards. Make sure you follow and connect with @1hell_ova_writer2 Author of several great books in Cleveland.

Let’s talk about it? Is there a difference between the two or are the the same?

Happy Friday wait it’s Wednesday. With Kymz everyday is a Friday.

Looking to connect with a black owned businesses go over to @_missfridayspeaks she have some really dope products for you.

Can you believe I just did 4 jobs at one time.

That’s entrepreneurship.

Maximize your time and be productive.

Hope this video was able to bring value to you.

Did you know just because you don’t see it on the surface dose not mean the tree is not growing.

I love seeing our vendors we worked and connected with grow. Y’all are making me so proud.

I repeat we are not your average pop up shop. The biggest growth is outside the events.

Have you vended with us before? If so what was one thing you learned and applied to your business. That can also mean adding a event service to your business strategy.

Cleveland Kymmunity where y’all at come connect with us May 15th as we build at @thehuesofhaze

We’ll see you there.

For vending info connect with @thehuesofhaze

Have you met our team? All of the people you see made it out of their rookie season and have been with the team for a year.

Make sure you connect with @kymzoils_cle @tony.thomas3 @jujuwithdajuice_

Congratulations y’all are doing a great job

Give yourself some time. The place where you at now you will not be at in the future.

Stay committed, no matter how bad the situation may look it will soon past.

That’s what make you appreciate it even more. Do you know how many walks, bike rides, bus rides, Lyfts, rentals and hrs of driving it took to be able to get this view?

Trust your process make sure you appreciate each stage of your progression.

Can you just go already and stop thinking? Like damn you been thinking about that business for a year now just start it!

You been looking at becoming a distributor with us for a min now just start.

You been thinking about how to market your product for 3 months now Just market and connect already.

Let’s not make business more complicated than what it is.

Simplify the business. Example when you become a distributor. You get the products and marketing materials.

You go to your local pop up shops on the weekends.

You pass your cards out. Now your people know you as the oil man or lady.

Now you have a business.

Show the oil to 100 people a week and tell them you just started a business.

You just made $500 this week

What’s your call to action? Have you met people where they give you just a little information but the part you really need you have to pay for it?

You know that click the link in my bio. Or hears the free ebook but at the end buy this course.

Yes, I do the click in the bio sometimes but my best content comes with no ask. Remember while increasing your income increase your impact.

It’s so much bigger than oils or any product you offer. It’s a vehicle. Can you imagine building a Kymmunity full of businesses that’s in your Kymmunity.

That’s really a Kymmunity. Do you know how many times I gave a free oil to someone because they shared info with me and didn’t ask for anything in return.

Stop selling and actually help your audience for Free.

Example : Did you know stress is a one cause of hair loss. A great way to prevent or restore hair loss is minimize stress.

Did you know using lavender oil helps lower stress.

Try rolling lavender oil on 3 times a day or when ever you feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and think about everything your grateful for.

Hope this post have help someone. It’s your job as the content creator to bring value to your followers.

I really be in that field connecting.

If your available on Saturdays and Sunday.

DM me so you can represent us at your local pop up shops.

I rather stay in the field y’all can have the events.

Are you moving with intention? Every move you make has to be purposeful.

Continue to add value. What’s your purpose in your conversation? You notice how I gave value that will help you.

You want to gain more customers start providing value that actually help your audience.

Travel with it don’t just stay in your city team.

You’ll be surprise how many people across the country is hosting pop up shops.

If you got your Jersey on that’s your pass.

Just pick a answer. Many times we over think things in our life. Like when you really look at it.

It’s never a wrong choice. Especially when you learn from them.

Especially in business like if you decide to commit to a business you have for 2 years and it don’t work out. It’s ok it’s not the end of the world. It’s really the start to a new world.

Do you know how many skills and connections you made?

Go for it especially if your under 30. This is the time you be high risk and jump.

The longer you think the longer you won’t do and just skip over to the next question.

Self care Sunday. Relax, unwind and recharge. You put your phone on the charger to get some juice.

Do the same for yourself.

Take a Think day.

Read, watch videos, plan out and review strategies and just enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Today is the last day you can start a business with us for $400.

Our wholesale package been $200 off this past week.

Click the link in the bio

What’s your follow up game looking like? In business this is not talked about enough.

You have built brand awareness with the initial interaction.

But are you following up with a DM? Yes that’s right if someone shout you out on their page.

You should probably connect with the people that likes that picture of you. They just told you they just became familiar with you. So when you dm it’s not like they never seen your brand before.

Try it and let the Kymmunity know if that helped you.

We in the field where them legends be.

Babe let’s stay in tonight. Drink some wine, dinner for two and talk about plays we going to make this summer.

Kymz always come clutch

Shop with your local businesses preferably black owned. Understand it’s a process.

Every business has hiccups but with new businesses please have patience. Think about it would you get mad at a 3 year old for not being perfect?

Many times we are the first to go into business. Jeff Bezos had his parents to give him a $300,000 loan to start Amazon. Gary Vee dad owned a successful liquor business. That brought in 3 million.

Look where we starting from.

When shopping with a black business. Have more understanding.

Tell us how we can improve don’t give up completely on them.

(After hearing about our label ink getting on our customer hands we now have a laminated cover that prevents that)

Give them time to grow and improve

We been hugging the road it’s time to start kissing the sky.

Click the link in our bio to open up your handheld store.

It’s the weekend so make sure you connect with @jujuwithdajuice_ when you want to sit back and catch a vibe

Best bartender in the DMV

DMV get connected with our girl @_missfridayspeaks outside from being a speaker, entrepreneur, author and mother she help us continue to service you all.

Thank god we have a Superwoman on our team. Let’s support a DMV based business. Connect with @_missfridayspeaks

Remember at Kymz Everyday is a Friday

Don’t forget Mrs. Val @accessories_unlimited21

Her goal is to sell 1200 bottles this year.

Let’s just say she’s on pace.

What’s your goals for 2021?

For us we like to simplify our goals so they become habits.

That 1200 bottles may sound like a lot but that’s really just 4 bottles a day. Or 2 people a day.

Focus on your stair that’s in front of you not the staircase.

Visit our website for our wholesale package.

Until Sunday you’ll receive 100 bottles for only $400 that’s a min of $900 in profit we are talking!! (Regular price is $600)

Cleveland pull up on our girl @kymzoils_cle Today from 4-8pm

Grab your oils from your local distributors.

Wholesale options are available online.

The grind don’t stop. What’s your favorite scent you wear to the gym?

Connect with @tony.thomas3 if your in the Columbus Kymmunity

Entrepreneurship is survival it’s not glamorous.

New businesses just opened up. Start your business with Kymz we are giving you a $200 head start.

Ready set Grow!!!

Click in the bio for more information

Goat Talk by Kymz Oils

Newest scent from our men collection

Are you a Goat?

Do you know how to network? I always say the star will bring out the people that you want to connect with.

So many times I see people not connecting with the people that’s in the building.

Those are the people that’s going to yield you the most profits.

Our vendors have experienced it first hand the biggest growth is outside of the events.

A great way to learn how to connect is by becoming a distributor with us.

Let’s start connecting click the link in the bio

Check out our team @_missfridayspeaks and @accessories_unlimited21 at the Columbus CrownUnity event hosted by @thecrownconnection

The Kymmunity fall season will start up in August.

June 1st is the deadline to register for the early bird

We focus on helping local vendors grow nationwide. From August-November

We will be in DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas.

Kymz is already there would you like to expand too?

Kymmunity Kymz... Neighborhood Nip taught us a lot.

The importance of staying connected to our roots, staying true to you, my favorite appreciate the process.

Did you know Bullets ain’t got no names was released in 2008

I really got hip to him 2018.

What I learn from him is that you must keep doing your thing just because you may only have 100 followers now doesn’t mean your not doing something right. It just take time for your greatness to blossom.

Keep putting out content, Keep growing your business, keep going to events and most importantly keep connecting

Taco Tuesday tomorrow make sure you pull up and connect with our guy @jujuwithdajuice_ for great drinks and food.

While your there grab some oils as well.

Have y’all met @jujuwithdajuice_ at Kymz collaboration is what we do.

You can purchases our oils in the DMV while enjoy your favorite drinks.

If you would like to shop with us retail make sure you connect with @jujuwithdajuice_ he got the juice!

Wow look at her business grown @kymzoils_cle started with us as a event representative a few years ago and now she’s running the show in Cleveland.

The best part of our wholesale program is seeing the progress that our Kymmunity leaders show.

If your in the Cleveland area and would like our oils retail make sure you connect with @kymzoils_cle

Would you like to know a important ingredient you need to accomplish your goals?

Consistency!! How consistent are you?

wear your brand shirts everyday that’s a great way to practice consistency.

Post everyday that’s a great way to practice consistency.

Share your business with the people in the same Kymmunity everyday that’s practicing consistency.

Most importantly share the same message over and over again.

Success is nothing but you doing the same thing and improving over and over again.

The bigger the goal the longer you must be consistent. For those who been following us am I really doing or saying anything new?

Our Wholesale program allows you to gain practical experience on growing a business.

For the ones that already got a business. This is great for you to create extra funding and gain national exposure for your business.

What can you do with an extra $1500 this month?

If you invest $600 and you get 100 bottles of oils. You sell them for $15 each. That’s $1500 Revenue. What would be your profit?

Comment your answer below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Having a vision can help any business owner out.

One reason why many new entrepreneurs don’t grow is because they lack a Vison or their vision is to small.

Let’s stop talking about business it’s really in life. Get a bigger vision you’ll create a bigger reality

Share this with someone

As many of you are at a pop up shop make sure your presentation is on point.

This do not mean your table but your actions.

Make sure you are standing up at your table.

Make sure you pick up your products and hand them to your customers while showing them.

Most importantly before presenting do step 2.

Kymmunity make sure you connect with @ccs_affirmations she have some really dope products.

Connect with her @ccs_affirmations

Song by @the_chi_code “Gold Juice”

That boy got the juice if your in the DMV make sure you connect with @jujuwithdajuice_ for all of our great scents and great drink specials.

Connect with @jujuwithdajuice_

In person experiences are always the best experiences.

What city do you have on your travel list?

Our scents are great for the road or through the air.


Adding value is great but your not running a non profit.

Go out and get this bread so you can live the life you want to live.

Traveling when and where you want is a great blessing. But it came from many years not traveling and grinding. Or making those 10hr drive after work to plant seeds for markets we have today.

I don’t think you would really appreciate this chapter if you haven’t read the previous chapters.

Happy Friday

Do you study human nature?

Books are great. Think of it as watching film.

So when you see it your aware of it.

But no matter how much film you watch you still have to develop a skill and play ball.

The players that have high skill and high IQ for the game.

They are who we remember after they are done playing.

To my small business owners who feel that you are doing everything by yourself. Your not alone.

From sales, marketing, production, shipping, making content, researching and being the investor.

It’s a lot that you must learn. But this is the greatest time because your learning your business so you can hand over a department to your future team.

If you would like to be apart of our sales force and represent us at your local pop up shops.

DM us we want more Kymmunity Leaders not sales people.

They never believe you when you first set out to do something.

Did you really do that?

This scent is for the man that’s creating , making plays and changing the game.

He don’t say much but if you seen him before you know it’s real.

True Story by Kymz Oils

Only available in person 2021 Spring Collection

Travel, connect and enjoy life like Kymz

Our hand held Oil shop allows you to build travel and move how you want to move.

Build where and how you want here’s the fun side of entrepreneurship

Got it? The first thing you want to do is to establish your goal.

Before we can travel you must know where you are going.

Example my goal this year is to have 50 Kymmunity leaders helping us to connect and grow into new markets by the year end.

We are currently at 10. That mean I need to focus on developing 4 new people a month.

What’s your goal for the remainder of the year? See how when you break your goal down it’s really simple to accomplish.

Practical experience is a great way to learn business.

If you believe in our Vision of being the world largest Kymmunity platform for local businesses.

DM myself I would love to hear your goals. I believe I can be apart of your process of getting there.

Our goal is to be the world largest Kymmunity platform. Will you be apart of it?

We have 10 trees and 100,000,00 more to go.

Let’s connect. Tonight is the last night of the $90 wholesale package

Many times we start off to solve a problem for ourself.

If you asked me 3 years ago would we be where we are today and I would have to say Yes.

We service Cleveland, Columbus, DMV, Dallas, Atalanta and Charlotte.

The Vision is what we are going after. Our Vision is to be the world largest Kymmunity platform for local businesses.

You may thought we are selling oils we are making connections.

If you believe in our Vison and would like to be apart of our Vision.

Go over to our website and invest in our Wholesale package.

One man can make a business but it take great people to make a Kymmunity.

Last chance for you to invest only for $90

Start that business sis.

So we had a $90 oil package available.

We gave you business cards
T shirts
Promotion on our page
15 bottle of oils (that’s $300)

We will be closing our Wholesale package 12am at 4/21/21.

Go to our link in our bio we need you at events at your local pop up shops.