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Bench is exploding! Hit this one about three weeks earlier than expected!

375.8 lbs (170.5 kg) PR @kelleyfit

Just got back from Mount Airy, North Carolina, where the greatest show on earth was based off of:

The Andy Griffith Show! @kelleyfit

@leoandlongevity is a genius. 43%! reduction in LDL. I’ll take these numbers!

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

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We filmed this one a few days ago and it was a blast!

It should be up on Leo’s channel in the next few days! @leoandlongevity @team3ccbostin

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This was a big one for me, just chipping away on the road to 400! 353.7 (160.5 kg) top single.

Bench is up 10 kg in six weeks. 7 months off Test. Bodyweight 222 lbs

Wife: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

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We had the pleasure of watching this guy compete in March. What an amazing show of strength!

Jackson, we’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what your future in powerlifting looks like!


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4 x 573 lbs (260 kg) on the OPB. The progress just keeps rolling along!

Back is smoked today, but this was a very productive session. 3 months out from the meet!

Wifey: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

Two new YouTube videos are up on the channel! Be sure to check out the full podcast on @vigoroussteve channel!

And throwing 253 (115 kg) around at RPE 0
Wife: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

I got to dress up for once with the beautiful wifey @kelleyfit !

This was a rare moment when we were outside the gym!

Latest YouTube video is up on my channel! I go over my Ancestry!

And strength is blowing up on bench and deads. I hit 4x4x551 (250 kg) on the OPB today!

Wifey: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

3ish months out. I just want 700+ at the meet. Repping @ghoststrong all day!

540 lbs (245 kg) for sets of four on the OPB
Wifey: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

I’ve tested out the various @leviathannutrition supplements over the years to see how they respond on lab work and I’m just as excited for the new GI Support supplement!

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At the new and improved @koastrengthfitness ! Few months out from the meet.

Bodyweight is 213, strength is rebounding quickly and feeling explosive again!! 260 lbs for sets of five today! @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Also be sure to check out my podcast with @vigoroussteve !

Summer time!

More details to come!

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Easy sets of 4x270 (122.5 kg) on the @ghoststrongequipment combo rack.

Best competition rack in the game! And easy sets of 4x513 (232.5 kg) OPB deads wearing the new @ghoststrong shirt! Roughly four months out!!

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628 lbs (285 kg) Stiff-Bar Deads. I swear the Ohio Power Bar makes every other stiff bar feel like a deadlift bar.

Anyone else notice this?

Happy Birthday Month: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

617 lbs (280 kg) on the Ohio Power Bar. Felt great and my low back is definitely getting stronger!

And best of luck to the first round pick of the Green Bay Packers @jamaneee Guy can flat out fly with 4.25 speed

Another one in the books!

It’s no secret that I love traveling!

Traveling for powerlifting means we get to meet our friends in a new city and make new friends, and visit a new gym! It was a great weekend in Brentwood, TN. Our people brought home more medals and bragging rights! We ate all the food and laughed hysterically! Can’t wait till the next one!


150 days post-Testosterone labs. I’ve been on @leviathannutrition Kidney Support for five months straight now and GFR has gone from 82 to 108.

My experiment running @leviathannutrition TUDCA at 600 mgs/day instead of 300 lowered my AST from 21 to 17 and ALT from 25 to 19. Use code “Pete” for 10% off all @leviathannutrition products. I wouldnt hype them up if they didn’t deliver results! @kelleyfit

595.2 lbs (270 kg) top single @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Got my 150 day labs done today. Very excited to see where things are at and if bumping the @leviathannutrition TUDCA up from 300 to 600 mgs helps.

Somebody had to speak the truth. Please watch

That moment when it’s not even your birthday, but @dbell_74 sends you a brand-spanking new pizza maker!!

The man understands my love for pizzas! And you will never convince me that frozen pizzas aren’t better than take-out. This is the ranking:

1) Screamin Sicilian Za Brewski Philly Cheesesteak
2) Motor City Pizza Company 5 Cheesebread

This was a more technically sound rep than last time. 584.2 lbs (265 kg) top single.

Was able to get tighter off the floor and create more of that pushing feeling. I still need to work on that mid-range speed. Getting bloodwork done on Thursday so hoping to be back in the 500+ ng/dL Testosterone range and maybe over 100 on my eGFR! All the glory to God!
Coaching (Since 2013): prstrength1
Wifey: @kelleyfit
Gym: @koastrengthfitness

It’s been four months of married life (5.5 years together) and I couldn’t be happier with @kelleyfit and our gym @koastrengthfitness !

I truly count my blessings every single day. Take nothing for granted anymore. Value your health. Enjoy your dogs. God is good!

Long-time client @severino_chris hitting a 28 lb (12.5 kg) all-time 628 lb (285 kg) conventional deadlift PR at 173 lbs (79 kg) bodyweight!

He usually gets around 50 lbs more on his sumo deadlift, so I’m curious to see where we end up in a few weeks! If you’re interested in working with PR Strength LLC, I’ve been coaching since 2013 and you can reach me at prstrength1

573.2 lbs (260 kg) top single for the week. Still prepping for the push/pull meet.
Best wife:


Use code “Pete” for 10% off @leviathannutrition health supplements that are backed by bloodwork

326.2 lbs (148 kg). Slowly working back up in weight on the @ghoststrongequipment custom combo rack!

Best wife: @kelleyfit
Best gym: @koastrengthfitness
Best pretzel sticks: @snyders_hanover

Closed Easter Sunday!

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? Weeks out. Still fairly strong on the 45 Degree Back Extensions. I did 3x4x308.6 (140 kg) today.

Top single on deads this week was 562.2 (255 kg)
Greatest wife: @kelleyfit
Greatest gym: @koastrengthfitness

EDIT I pulled 672.4 (305 kg) beltless two weeks ago, this isn’t my max

Weeks out from first push/pull meet in 9 years on only natural supplements. 98 kg bodyweight. 551 (250 kg) Top Single. Second picture is my current supplement stack. I only take things that work:
1) Fish Oil
2) @leviathannutrition TUDCA
3) Vitamin K2
4) Vitamin D3
5) Vitamin C
6) @leviathannutrition Kidney Support
Use code “Pete” for 10% off Leviathan supplements
Wife @kelleyfit Gym @koastrengthfitness

Long-time client @d_clawson smashing a double bodyweight bench of 441 (200 kg) at 218 lbs bodyweight.

If you’re interested in coaching whether for meet prep, general strength training, and health improvement, email me at prstrength1

The wifey @kelleyfit killed it at the USPA Shamrock Showdown this past weekend placing 1st out of 20 raw female lifters and winning best overall lifter!

Very proud of her! She went 303.1/166.4/347.2 at 132 (60 kg) and went 9/10 on her attempts. George Spohrer put on an excellent meet! @uspanorthcarolina

@nickstein_ almost ready for meet day! 750 lb (340 kg) all-time PR!

For coaching services, contact me at prstrength1

The bloodwork PRs just keep on coming. 120 days post Testosterone.

Those inflammation markers and kidney functions are looking nice!! This is the healthiest I’ve been in at least a decade, if not ever. Current supplements are: vitamin-d3, vitamin k2, fish oil, @leviathannutrition TUDCA, @leviathannutrition Kidney Support. I swear by the TUDCA and kidney support. Use code “Pete” for 10% off!

We have made it safely to Jacksonville, NC! We will do a long overdue episode of Freaking Delicious Foods tomorrow!

Back by popular demand! @kelleyfit

Long-time client @nickstein_ moving 695 lbs (316 kg) like an opener 2.5 weeks out. He’s ready!

If you’re interested in meet prep or general strength coaching, shoot me an email at prstrength1 I’ve been doing this for the last 8 years.

It’s been 110 days since I came off Testosterone. If you’re interested in seeing my labs, I go over them every month on my YouTube channel.

I am on nothing but natural supplements.

I saw some huge improvements in my bloodwork in the span of 30 days while taking 300 mgs @leviathannutrition TUDCA and four capsules of the kidney support! Liver enzymes were halved and Creatinine was the lowest it’s ever been, while GFR was the highest it’s ever been. If you’re wanting to keep your organs as healthy as possible and use real supplements backed by bloodwork, use code “Pete” for 10% off of @leviathannutrition supplements!

This was an excellent podcast. Go to Leo and Longevity’s YouTube channel and check it out!


Also be sure to check out @moreplates_moredates video about my 60 day post-Testosterone bloodwork!

20 lbs bodyweight lost 650.8 (295 kg) beltless lets go @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Getting back in the game. Day 91 post-Testosterone life. Down 17 lbs. 9x501 (227.5 kg) Beltless

Another long-time client, 19 year old Ethan Diederich @ethandiederich118 totaled 981 Raw this weekend at 142 lbs (63 kg) bodyweight!

He went 9/10 on attempts. He squatted 375 (170 kg) as shown here, benched 227 (103 kg), and deadlifted 379 (172 kg). We put 20 kg on his squat, 13 kg on his bench, and 8 kg on his deadlift since his last meet. If you’re interested in coaching, I’ve been doing this since March 2013 and you can reach me at prstrength1

Another long-time client of mine @craiglss competed over the weekend at 190 lbs in the raw Classic division.

He hit a 78 lb squat PR of 700, narrowly missed a 391 bench, and deadlifted a 66 lb PR of 717. His total was 1775. If you’re interested in coaching, shoot me an email at prstrength1 I’ve been coaching since 2013!

A long-time client of mine, big @matt.rongen hitting a very easy 771.6 lb (350 kg) deadlift at his meet yesterday.

He weighed in at 295 and went 9/9 totaling 1840 in sleeves via 644/424/772. From his meet in November, he did 16 more lbs on squats, bench was the same, and deadlift was 122 more lbs.

At his previous meet, he had put 94 lbs on his bench, but tendinitis issues plagued things a bit towards the end of this meet prep. We made some tweaks to Matts form on deadlifts this meet prep, and it really took off. Proud of you buddy!

Road to a 400+ lb bench! 12x253.5 (115 kg) after sets of seven paused in the @ghoststrong Reaper wrist wraps.

@kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness come check out our gym if you live near or are visiting Oak Ridge/Knoxville, TN

3x6x578.7 (262.5 kg) + 55 lbs band tension. Low back was flaring up today.

I need to get tighter at the start. @kelleyfit

When @lukethomasnews correctly predicts your Christmas gift. 4x4x622.8 (282.5 kg) today.

I’ve been feeling pretty beat up, so taking the extra day of rest was the right call. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness #gopackgo

Natty Christmas Eve benching. 7x5x242.5 (110 kg) everything is sore.

I’m wearing my @ghoststrong Reaper Wrist Wraps. Be sure to check them out! @kelleyfit

38 days off of Testosterone. I ordered some labs from privatemdlabs, so I’ll get my LH, FSH, and Test levels checked on January 15.

This was 3x10x531.4 (241.5 kg) today. Slowly building up that natural base. Wearing my @ghoststrong shirt, check out their apparel line. @kelleyfit

Throwback to two weeks ago when @kelleyfit and I were super tan at Koki Red Sand Beach in Hana.

These first two pictures are of the cakes from our wedding reception last night.

Thanks to Roland Camacho for designing these! And big thanks to @koryggg for making us one of his patented Guava Cakes while we were out in Maui. It was amazing as always!! @kelleyfit

3x6x573 (260 kg) Paused Deadlift. Boy were these fun LOL @kelleyfit @ghoststrong

I want to highlight three clients recent meet performances.

Zack Wilkerson is a 220 lb competitor who hit a 100 lb squat PR of 601, benched a 48 lb PR of 402, and deadlifted a 100 lb PR of 700 shown here. We nailed all of our goals with him this five month meet prep.

Kyle Prellwitz is a client from my home state of Wisconsin who competes in the 198 class. He could not get his bench past 275 for over a year or his squat past 485. He did a mock meet and went 515 (shown here), 305 on bench, and 620 on deadlift.

The last client shown has also been with me for the past year or so. Lance Stevens is a 181 junior lifter who is shown here benching a narrow miss of 369 lbs! His previous meet bench was 292. He went 501/336/567 on the day. His deadlift was a 33 lb PR.

I’ve been coaching since 2013 and if you’re interested in working with me, email me at prstrength1 Serious inquiries only please. No DMs

4x4x614 (278.5 kg) deadlifts. One month into natty life and coming back from 24 hours of traveling and two days of kidney stones.

Bodyweight is 244.8 (111 kg). This is also your last chance to enter the @ghoststrong competition bench giveaway before midnight tonight. Go to the @ghoststrong page or my page to find the link in the bio! @kelleyfit

I’m late to the party, but it’s not too late!

This is your last day to enter the @ghoststrong giveaway and chance to win a brand spanking new comp bench if you purchase the new @ghoststrong wraps as seen here or one of the other items! I’m shown here benching 226 (102.5 kg) for 20 in them. They have the perfect balance of stiffness while still having some stretch to them. They also have different levels of wraps so you can choose the right feel for you. These are the third level - (The Reapers) Link is in my bio as well as below! @ghoststrong


2020 has been a tough year but this right here...we’re headed into 2021 refreshed and ready to take it on.

Thank you @jsajor71109 @rsajor711 for making our time on your island one we will always remember. You two mean the world to us! Until next time...

#maui2020 #Rubish2020 #koa #ohana #strength #family #justmauid #hana #wainapanapa #blacksandbeach #hoomanabarbell

@hoomanabarbell @silvahbakcity

@kelleyfit and I got married yesterday alongside the beautiful black sand coast in Hana.

We’ve traveled all over the map together, opened a gym together, and looked after one another over the last few years. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Special thanks to our good friends @rsajor711 and @jsajor71109 for helping perform the ceremony.

220.5 (100 kg) for 18. I’m still slowly coming back from the partial rotator cuff tear on the right side, but it’s gotten a lot better.

Completely natural right now.

And you can’t beat the views from @hoomanabarbell Best gym in Maui @kelleyfit

Training at @hoomanabarbell 3x6x564.4 lbs (256.5 kg) plus 70 lbs band tension at the top This is the nattiest I’ve been in nine years but strength has held up okay.


Getting married to this girl @kelleyfit on Tuesday!

We arrived safely last night in our favorite place on earth, Maui. After over five years of putting up with me, she finally said yes. #rubish2020

4x4x606.3 lbs (275 kg) today on deads! Feels decent.

@kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ghoststrong

4x8x514.8 lbs (233.5 kg) deadlifts. Some days it’s clicking and this was one of them.

Everything felt remarkable. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ghoststrong

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Thanksgiving training at 5a! #thesepeople #thanksgiving2020 #koafam #strongfam #gwpl #tbtc #totalbodytrainingcamp #earlybirds

December at Koa!

Hook grip didnt feel quite as dialed in here, so it took away from my tightness at the start.

Still felt decent though. Sets of 4 today with 599.2 lbs (272 kg) @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment

Start your Thanksgiving Day with us!

Shrinking away. Cardio is terrible. Endurance is terrible. Down to 250 lbs (113 kg).

This was 4x8x509.3 lbs (231 kg)

Coaching (since 2013) prstrength1 (No DMs)

@koastrengthfitness @ghoststrongequipment @ghoststrong

547.8 (248.5 kg) with 55 lbs (25 kg) band tension at the top for sets of five

Coaching (since 2013) email prstrength1

Proud of my two clients who competed yesterday here in Knoxville.

They both really brought it on squats going 3/3 as Dylan hit a 550 lb (250 kg) PR at 213 lbs bodyweight and Ethan hit a 600 (272 kg) PR at 240 lbs bodyweight. @d_clawson @reachff_ethan @koastrengthfitness

Coaching: prstrength1 (no DMs)

Mertz time tomorrow. Time to watch the G.O.A.T go back to work @graham_mertz5 @s1ickni9k

Possibly the best pizza on the frozen market right now. Very tenacious, savory, and groovy flavor.

10/10. Freaking delicious

Check out @leviathannutrition and get the newly reformulated health/bloodwork enhancing supplement IRE!

I stand behind @leviathannutrition because they created supplements to improve bloodwork panels and keep us strength athletes healthy.

This is the improved formula for IRE with 1000mg of arjunolic acid standardized arjuna extract! Arjunolic Acid is the key compound in arjuna responsible for the benefits of heart health, cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate reduction

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This is another solid Five Star Find. 10.3/10 freaking delicious amazing pizza.

You will not be disappointed

Form is just completely dialed in. It feels completely effortless with how hard jm bracing.

4x4x577 lbs (262 kg) @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

These two guys are ready for the meet next weekend.

@d_clawson has put 30 lbs on his bench and is up to 435 (197.5 kg) and @reachff_ethan has put 22 lbs on his bench and is up to 386 (175 kg) since we started working together. There are still some things we need to clean up as far as driving the bar back sooner, but we’re on track. Ethan is 18 years old and I believe Dylan is 24-25. I am 6’0” 255 lbs and very much enjoy frozen pizzas and long walks on the beach with @kelleyfit

Sometimes I completely forget about the basics by trying to focus too much on speed and it feels horrendous and hurts my low back and I question my life.

Then I remember:

1) hands inch from start of knurling (people often go too narrow and don’t give the legs/knees proper spacing from the arms, this creates slack arms and loss of tension)
2) bar over midfoot (too close to the shins and bar will kick forward upon initial pull)
3) pull the slack out, rotate elbows in to engage lats (lats must be tight, arms taut)
4 head up (keeps better posture, more neutral back position)
5) load hips back (get weight back on heels)

This is the end result. Technical precision here. When you brace properly and feel the difference, it’s unbelievable. Sets of 5 at 525 lbs (238 kg) + black bands @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

5 standing ab wheel reps at 255 lbs (116 kg) featuring the Saint Mally, Atlas Dog.

This is the best core exercise out there in my opinion. I do these to keep my low back healthier for deadlifts. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ghoststrong @leviathannutrition

This was the light deadlift day. Final set of 10s x 540 lbs (245 kg).

Repetitive and boring but getting myself ready to knock that 904 (410 kg) pull at the next meet. Bodyweight is 254 lbs (116 kg) @kelleyfit @ghoststrong @leviathannutrition

Finally a decent bench day on the @ghoststrongequipment custom combo rack after three months of dealing with a rotator cuff strain.

It’s far from healed, but I think in another couple of months we’ll be in good shape.
This is the bench form that works best for me. Middle fingers on the rings, feet flat, butt up on the unrack, knees pushing out, driving back into the traps. I tried feet pulled back and heels up, along with more narrow grips, and nothing ever feels as good as this. 5x5x320 (145 kg) the bar is 25 kg. bodyweight is 255 lbs (116 kg)

Love bird deadlifts. 5x8x551 lbs (250 kg) and 242.5 (110 kg).

Averaging around 65,000 lbs of deadlift tonnage per week now. 904 in a meet or bust. 255 lbs (116 kg) bodyweight. We’re rolling @kelleyfit @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment @leviathannutrition

Training at our newly expanded and much roomier @koastrengthfitness. 904 or bust at the next meet.

Bodyweight is 253 lbs. This is probably the most aggressive deadlift training I’ve ever undertaken/designed. My body is just completely smoked from the volume. Today was 5x8x518 lbs (235 kg).

Proudly sponsored by @ghoststrong and @leviathannutrition

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When we travel for meets, we don’t just compete together, we play putt putt, do escape rooms, go out to eat, and have tons of laughs.

Now, I will admit that a year ago I was very hesitant to start a gym with @kelleyfit. I knew the hard work that would have to go into it. Fast forward nearly a year later and I’m very proud of what we’ve built.
We’ve got a team of people behind us and what I would consider family at this point. Whether it’s the group training members who are there day in and day out, the powerlifting team members who make meet trips such a blast, or our everyday members who are welcomed by Atlas dog on a daily basis, it’s been awesome seeing the growth of the gym and the growth of different individuals.
We recently expanded @koastrengthfitness to add on a third more space and have worked hard to make the gym even nicer and more welcoming to all, no matter who you are. Come check us out if you’re interested in joining group training, getting into powerlifting, or making new friends.

I’m the midst of expansion at @koastrengthfitness Get your @ghoststrong Halloween tee at as shown here.

5x661 (300 kg) beltless deadlift top set. @ghoststrong is a standup company that has stuck with me even when my lifts have struggled a bit lately. The comeback is on and I appreciate their support. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

The kidneys are not able to regenerate like the liver is, so it’s even more important that we protect them (pointing a finger at all you non-natty guys).

@leviathannutrition is releasing a new kidney formula next week and it is available for pre-order now. Use my code “Pete” for 15% off your order!

Truth be told, I’ve still been training hard as my clients can attest to and have been following a strict diet courtesy of @troponin_nutrition for the last 12 weeks.

I’ve never eaten properly, so the changes have been substantial. Egg whites, ground turkey, and rice have become my life.
I prefer not to post a ton of training footage anymore but I am still pushing hard behind the scenes. This is what I love to do and my passion for powerlifting is at an all time high.
The last three years or so I felt like I was just lifting to impress people or try to stay relevant and keep up with others. Now I’m putting in a full offseason and just enjoying the journey once again.
This is how I felt when I trained in my basement. It wasn’t about doing it for anyone else, it was just what I enjoyed. The self improvement aspect of this is everything. There will always be people stronger and records will be broken constantly. Some may not agree or view this as a weak mindset, but I only strive to compete with myself at this point and get a little better each day. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Booked a vacation package through @americanair vacations back in February (first mistake:

avoid at all costs). Coronavirus happened. Hawaii went into mandatory 14 day quarantine for all incoming visitors, essentially nullifying travel. The trip was off.
We called the resort and they were allowing people to change trip dates or refund the stay but @americanair had to make the changes. @americanair was having none of it and after hours on the phone over the course of four days and speaking to six different people, they’ve done nothing but give us the runaround in regards to options to either get a travel credit or change dates.
They have Covid related stipulations on their website, but don’t trust them. The customer service is garbage and they couldn’t care less about keeping your money. Stay away from @americanair #americanairlines #americanairlinesvacations

Does anyone know of any gyms preferably with calibrated plates near Cheraw, South Carolina?

Thank you

10/10 the real deal #freakingdeliciousfoods


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product simply because it seems to be making a big difference in terms of combating CNS fatigue so far. I’ve been taking this since June 1 and I never feel run down going into training anymore. I partnered with @leviathannutrition because they’re no nonsense bloodwork support supps. They don’t dabble in the mainstream supplement line. They make very few products and all stuff meant to target better bloodwork (aka your health!) With this and Justin Harris @troponin_nutrition in my corner, I’m feeling way better than ever. Use code “Pete” for 10% off any products off the Leviathan website. Im going to keep training under wraps for awhile, hence the lack of posts on here and YouTube. But I will say that it’s going splendidly for a number of reasons

Father/Son Deadlift Event
June 13 @2:00pm
Message us to sign up!

#fathersday #sons #uncles #grandfathers #brothers #deadlift #koastrengthandfitness @ghoststrongequipment @ghoststrong

Training on the @ghoststrongequipment Combo rack.

Week 11...3x5x518 (235 kg) Deadlift, 8x5x408 (185 kg) High Bar Paused Squat. My training is boring to post, as it should be. Enjoying it more than ever. Three months ago I was questioning if I’d ever compete full power again with how bad my hip felt. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @leviathannutrition @ghoststrongequipment

Not posting much on Instagram these days as I much prefer youtube.

But chipping away slowly 45 weeks out. ——-
Shown are four dead hang chin-ups with 40 kg at 112 kg bodyweight. ——
Also shown is a semi-fast single with 364 (165 kg) in the @ghoststrongequipment custom combo rack. Be sure to check them out for the best competition standard racks around! ——
And the last thing is my supplement stack. I am taking 50 mgs DHEA per day, 10,000 IUs Vitamin D3, 30 mgs of natural pig desiccated thyroid and @leviathannutrition IRE everyday for heart health. I decided upon this specific supplement stack after my last bloodwork panel and determining what needed work. IRE is an all purpose health and cycle support supplement that offers lipid, glucose, kidney, and liver protection. It is a must have for anyone serious about their health. I paired up with them at the beginning of the year because I believed in what they offered and wanted to spread the word. Use code “Pete” for 10% off

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Benching on our brand spanking new @ghoststrongequipment combo racks! Best equipment in the game.

This video was too fun not to post. Not only was my new favorite song playing in the background, but wait for the surprise. Just staying the course with my offseason programming approximately 50 weeks out. This was one of my ten sets of 5 with 265 lbs (120 kg). The bar is a 55 lb bar @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @leviathannutrition

Benching on our new @ghoststrongequipment competition standard combo racks!

Check them out for the best equipment around. I have put a ton of time and effort into working on my bench form this offseason and I’m happy with how it’s coming along. This is the end of week six. Sets of five today with 259 lbs (117.5 kg). Benching on the squat bar until bars are back in stock. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ghoststrong @leviathannutrition

We are beyond excited to use our two brand new @ghoststrongequipment combo racks!!

Tim and company stood behind us 100% from the beginning and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. These are built like a tank and are sure to be a huge help for our powerlifting team when it comes to prepping for meets. We’ll know that we’re training on the best equipment around! @ghoststrongequipment @ghoststrong

So much to say because I’ve been posting all of my training on YouTube and haven’t been on here much.

Our @ghoststrongequipment racks will be here in a few weeks so couldn’t be more excited for that. They are the best equipment in the game and have awesome apparel as well @ghoststrong ***
I kicked off week 5 of the off-season today and the weights are boring, but I’m dialing in my technical proficiency more so than ever. All of that is on YouTube along with recent interviews with @irregular_strength @big_papi_panora and @realmattwenning (
This is a set of Bulgarian Split Squats with 60 lb DB’s for 27 reps paused ***
Kelley and I took a day trip to Dahlonega, GA back in January to Amicalola Falls and got engaged overlooking the falls. I don’t say it often enough, but she’s the hardest working person I know and is the most caring, selfless, people-oriented person I’ve ever met. I wasn’t perfect when I met her, but we’ve come a long ways and I’m thankful for her. ***
And about a month ago we visited @michaelkory gym @obtainstrength in Tulsa, OK for a deadlift only meet and we also got the chance to visit the site of the OKC bombing in Oklahoma, City as well as Fayetteville and Bentonville, AR. ***
Cruising on 125 mgs/week of test and taking @leviathannutrition IRE and TUDCA everyday along with Hawthorne Berry. I got bloodwork done today, so we’ll see those labs in a week.

During these times, IRE may be something worth looking into for simply boosting immune function.

I’ve already discussed previously how IRE is a must have for those of you on cycle to improve your bloodwork, as well as the benefits to Cholesterol, Triglyceride, and Glucose levels. I only partnered up with @leviathannutrition because I truly believed in what they had to offer to keep people healthy in a sport that tends to be all about extremes.
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I take IRE, TUDCA, NAC, and Hawthorne Berry twice a day even while off cycle like I am now. I’ll be off cycle the rest of the year, but still utilizing these supplements daily year round to ensure I stay healthy. If you’re interested in trying @leviathannutrition IRE use code “Pete” for 10% off.

@kelleyfit and I will have a Freaking Delicious Foods episode coming featuring these 10/10 chips.

These are tough to get your hands on but are the real deal. Tremendous flavor palate, very rare, exquisite texture

I only stand behind high quality good products. And while I can’t get you a discount on ice cream, I can get you a discount on the best Cholesterol and Glucose support supplement on the market.

@leviathannutrition IRE is backed by countless bloodwork panels in terms of the improvements seen with Cholesterol levels and Glucose levels. If you’re a non natty or fake natty, this is for you. If you have crappy genetics and have a family history of heart disease and heart attacks and diabetes, this is for you. This stuff will keep you healthier and keep you feeling better. Use code “Pete” for 10% off on IRE, TUDCA, or Zenith Premium Nootropic. Your bloodwork will thank you

How I feel when the plane is flying through a thunderstorm and bouncing us around like a pinball.

I know im not the only one.

Showing the good with the bad. 738.5 lbs (335 kg) final warmup.

Grip feels strong but that’s about it. Back feels iffy. Strength feels iffy. Things feel slow. Nothing left to do but rest and core work until next Saturday. I’ll open at 716.5 (325 kg) and hope and pray that maybe ill pull a miracle and hit 400 kg on a third. After fourteen years of doing this, there’s a lot of wear and tear on my body. The PRs do not come easy anymore. Things get tougher. Im disheartened at times but I’ll just keep grinding here and live vicariously through my clients as they’re doing better than ever. @kelleyfit @ghoststrong @leviathannutrition use code “Pete” for 10% off all orders

Pre-meet supplement stack for enhanced athletes. Use code “Pete” for 10% off IRE Lipid and Glucose Support and TUDCA Liver Support at @leviathannutrition

The best pizza in the game right now hands down. 11/10 would eat everyday #freakingdeliciousfoods @kelleyfit even likes this one so you know it’s real

This one got me pretty hype. It’s been over three years of grinding and disc issues to finally get deadlift moving again so this one meant a lot.

Been thinking about this day for the last week. 4 x 815.7 lbs (370 kg) 18 days out from USPA Oklahoma State Championships. My all time PR on pound plates that were all inaccurate and too light is 4x830 before I pulled that 920. @kelleyfit has me dialed in. Disc didn’t even feel that great and still nailed it. @koastrengthfitness Check out my sponsors @leviathannutrition for the best heart health support supps and @ghoststrong for the best apparel and equipment in the game. All tri blend shirts

Always working on grip training here at @koastrengthfitness I personally have found the highest

carry over in terms of grip strength from timed thirty second holds on the Rolling Thunder and work with the Captains of Crush Grippers. Both have really helped me with getting my hook grip stronger @kelleyfit @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment @leviathannutrition

My client Lance Stevens knocking out a 365 lb (166 kg) bench PR on a narrow, slippery bench pad at only 180 lbs (82 kg) bodyweight.

This was a fifty pound paused PR and he also went from a 501 lb squat in wraps to 535 in sleeves. If you’re interested in working with me for meet preps or off-season strength training, shoot me an email at prstrength1 Whether a sumo or conventional puller, raw or raw classic lifter, or natty or enhanced, I’ve got you covered!

24 days out at @koastrengthfitness First set was 8 x 722 lbs (327.5 kg) at an RPE 8.5.

This is 2.5 kg more than my planned opener. @kelleyfit Check out my sponsors @leviathannutrition for the best health supplements and @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment for clothing and equipment!

Thanks @kelleyfit for trying to kill me today. 3x5x716.5 lbs (325 kg) off a deficit.

This is probably my opener. 30 days out @koastrengthfitness Wearing my @ghoststrong shirt @ghoststrongequipment @leviathannutrition

275.6 lbs (125 kg) Strict Press at @koastrengthfitness Check out my sponsors @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment and @leviathannutrition for the best health support supplements in the industry, as backed by bloodwork panels. Use coupon code “Pete” for 10% off

Two of my lifetime natural clients competed over the weekend and did extremely well!

Chris Hubbard did his first ever meet and took his training deadlift from 570 to 600.8 in the meet. He also squatted 518.1 for a PR and benched 330.7 for a paused PR! Connor McKechnie took his deadlift from 584.2 to an easy 628.3 and his bench from 330.7 to a very easy 352.7 lbs! He had a strained quad so he only took a token opener on squat. If you’re interested in working with me for meet prep or general offseason strength training, email me at prstrength1

#Repost @koastrengthfitness with @make_repost

The updated deadlift platform area is ready to go with the brand new Ohio Deadlift Bar, washer and dryer backdrop, and @ghoststrong banner! Big Thanks to @marksmellybell and @lilsmokeyst for coming through with the backdrop! @kelleyfit

5x 744.1 lbs (337.5 kg) back wasn’t feeling great today but still got it done.

Lifting for something greater at this point. Ill never be the same. @kelleyfit #RipCMR #toGodbetheglory wearing my @ghoststrong shirt @ghoststrongequipment Go to @leviathannutrition and use my discount code “Pete” for 10% off the best cholesterol lowering supplement around IRE

Lifting at @koastrengthfitness Single-leg deadlifts with 265 lbs (120 kg).

These really expose any imbalances and strengthen the glutes. @kelleyfit Sponsored by @ghoststrong @ghoststrongequipment and @leviathannutrition Use my coupon code “Pete” for 10% off IRE and TUDCA. The best blood work support supplements in the game and I’ll stake my reputation on that.

I am happy to announce that I am pairing with @leviathannutrition as my second sponsor!

The reason I sought out to work with this company is because they’re a no frills company that offers three supplements all based around improving bloodwork and overall health. I’ll admit that I was skeptical myself at first, but once I saw the blood panels I was convinced that these guys had the best health based product on the market called IRE. I’m talking LDL dropping 60 points, HDL more than doubling, and Triglyceride levels being cut in half. I will have a 10% off code “Pete” for these products if you’re interested in seeing for yourself. IRE is a must for any enhanced lifter and they offer a very high quality TUDCA as well

320 kg Top set of five at @koastrengthfitness Just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.

One of the coolest things about working with @ghoststrong is that before I even knew what their motto was and what the company was about, I was more closely trying to align myself with those same values. I want to keep my head down and quietly go about my business and then execute on meet day. @kelleyfit @ghoststrongequipment @ghoststrong @leviathannutrition

I am happy to announce that @kelleyfit and I will be pairing with @ghoststrong apparel and @ghoststrongequipment as one of our two new sponsors.

They are a smaller company based out of Iowa and located three hours from my hometown. Tim and company make the best equipment in the game and are new to the apparel game. So please go out and give them a follow to show your support. @ghoststrongequipment is coming to @koastrengthfitness in the near future!

7 weeks to go...

@obtainstrength @kelleyfit @michaelkory @uspaoklahoma if you’re interested in coaching whether it’s for meet prep or offseason, shoot me an email at prstrength1 I can work with natural or enhanced

My client @rostonletner completely destroyed his meet on Saturday.

We had five people lifting on the @koastrengthfitness Power Team, but his performance stood out to me. This was his second meet ever and he squatted 567 lbs in sleeved, benched 419 with another 7.5 kg in the tank, and deadlifted 584 lbs for a 1570 total. We’re targeting 1700 for his next meet this summer. If you’re interested in joining our team come out to @koastrengthfitness and see what we’re about. If you’re interested in working with me for coaching, email me at prstrength1

Working on all of the bracing with @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 First time trying out three finger hook grip and it felt better but we’ll see how it holds up as things get heavier

@kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

11/10 would eat again. So apparently Blue Bell is freaking delicious @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Stiff-Bar Wagon Wheel Deads. I hate these because the starting position is so awkward.

Thanks Chris...6 sets of 8 with 553 lbs (251 kg) 11 Weeks out from USPA Oklahoma State Championships @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 @radams_88

I’m really working on keeping my chest up and driving through my quads, rather than getting pitched forward like I usually do with high bar.

Note the elbow positioning perpendicular to the floor to stay upright and drive up. This was the last set of 6x6x441 lbs (200 kg) High Bar Paused Squats. This was preceded by a 585 lb (265 kg) Single at @koastrengthfitness 11 Weeks Out from the USPA Oklahoma State Championships on March 14 in Tulsa. If you’re interested in being coached by me whether natural or enhanced, competitor or non-competitor, email me at prstrength1 @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 @radams_88

Sets of 8 with 287 lbs (130 kg) on 3 Second Paused Bench @koastrengthfitness First bench session at the new gym.

Things are coming along!! 11.5 weeks from the USPA Oklahoma State Championships. If you’re interested in working with me for general strength training or powerlifting meet prep, email me at prstrength1 I’ll be announcing my new sponsor in two weeks as well! @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 #koastrengthandfitness

New Years Eve training at @koastrengthfitness 6 sets of 8 x 496 lbs (225 kg) Stiff Bar Tempo Deadlifts and a Beltless 661 lb (300 kg) stiff bar pull beforehand.

11.5 weeks out from the USPA Oklahoma State Championships @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703

415 lbs (188 kg) bench single before 8x6 working sets.

May have to start benching on a better bench in a week or so as this is getting tough. I’ve purposefully avoided putting bands or laying a mat on the bench to eliminate leg drive and an arch and make things tougher. This is the most narrow pad I’ve ever pressed on as well. If you’re interested in working with me for coaching, shoot me an email at prstrength1 I’ve been doing this for six years straight and will keep posting up client progress. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 #koastrengthandfitness #prstrength @braddevaney20

A natural client of mine Glen Kussner, recently took his deadlift from 345 lbs (156 kg) to 405 lbs (184 kg) and his bench from 290 lbs (137 kg) to 325 lbs (147.5 kg) in 17 weeks.

He was starting from scratch on squats and managed to work up to 280 lbs (127.5 kg) high bar with 300 in the tank. —-
If you’re interested in working with me for powerlifting meet prep or to simply get stronger in general, shoot me an email at prstrength1 I work with an even split of natural and enhanced athletes, as well as competitors and non-competitors.

Big changes are coming for 2020 which I’ll get into at a later time.

Obviously @kelleyfit and I are in the process of opening @koastrengthfitness but I will also be competing in my first full power meet in 1.5 years on March 14 at the USPA Oklahoma State Championships. This is @michaelkory gym so I’m pretty excited to meet him in person and come to Oklahoma for the first time. So as of now we are 12 weeks out! Today I kicked things off with an 8x8 with 275 lbs (125 kg) with 3 Second Pauses. @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703

There are still some things that could be cleaned up, but for a 65 lb (30 kg) bench PR I’m pretty happy with my client @nickstein_ progress in only 17 weeks.

He also pulled a 55 lb (25 kg) PR of 705 lbs (320 kg) which can be seen on his page. —-
If you’re interested in working with me for coaching in the New Year, email me at prstrength1 I rarely advertise, but I’ve been doing this for six years so it’s something I take seriously and do my best with. I’ll be posting more client footage on a consistent basis moving forward. —-
I will also be working with a very small number of individuals for one on one in-person training during the new year at @koastrengthfitness If interested let me know. I’d like to limit it to 3-5 clients tops.

Benched on the most narrow, most slippery bench I could find and hit 405 (184 kg) faster than 395 from last week.

Hit the hook on the way up, but really happy with this. Followed by 8 sets of 6 at 295 lbs (134 kg) with 3 Second Pauses @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @animalpak @animal_gear @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703

The first ever seminar at the gym was a huge success with lots of PRs.

Breaking in the deadlift platform for the first time ever at the gym we’ve been building @koastrengthfitness This was also the original deadlift bar from the basement washer and dryer days. Only went up to 584.6 lbs (265 kg) for a single for the top set. Now time to deload. @kelleyfit @fakeknee_pwrlifting @bluechip402019 @kindastrong_kindatuff

395 lbs (179 kg) bench from the other day followed by 7x6x285 (129 kg) with three second pauses.

In a way, I love benching on these benches because it makes things as difficult as possible. Im benching very high volume three days a week with no elbow pain for the first time in at least 15 months. I don’t want to jinx it but I couldn’t be happier about that. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @animalpak @animal_gear

545 lbs (247.5 kg) High Bar Squat followed by six sets of volume paused.

@kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @ronald.ulysses.swanson1703 @animalpak @animal_gear @kindastrong_kindatuff

Never mind, I got them all inside per @kelleyfit advice on how to get them off the pallet.

ATTENTION: if anyone can swing by the gym (697 Emory Valley Rd Oak Ridge) between 3-5 pm today to help us move these rolls of flooring, it would be much appreciated. They weigh about 350 lbs each, so we need as many hands as possible.

If you’re interested in attending the @koastrengthfitness deadlift seminar on December 21 from 4-8 pm, shoot us an email at koastrengthfitness

Price is $60. If you’d like one of the limited number @koastrengthfitness tri-blend shirts, also email us at koastrengthfitness The cost of the shirts are $20 plus shipping if out of the local area. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

495 paused high bar (224 kg) followed up with death by volume of 6 sets of 10.

I’m trying to develop the mentality of being strong any time, anywhere, whether it’s the basement, Golds, Foust, or wherever. I used to need the perfect environment to train, but now I know that if I can lift the weight under any circumstances, it’s only going to develop my confidence and make meet day a breeze. That’s one reason why I’m also training without sleeves and wrist wraps for awhile. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness

Last set of 9x260 lbs (118 kg) 3 Second Feet Up Bench.

This is the biggest Ive ever been, not in terms of weight, but overall muscle mass and it’s not even close. Thank you for the absurd volume @ronald.ulysses.swanson69
I am a bit behind on client emails, but will be caught up by the end of tonight. So my apologies to the four of you who haven’t heard back from me yet.
Reason being is that I’ve literally put in 24 hours over the last two days grinding carpet glue off the gym floor. The machine is a rental and you pay by the day to use it. So I was up at 3 am today putting in nine hours straight to finish the job. If anyone has ever tried to remove carpet glue, you know it’s the worst job in the entire world. I have never done anything I despised more. I’m just glad it’s finally over. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness @animalpak @animalgear

Shoot us an email if you’d like to reserve your spot! @koastrengthfitness

5x10x429.9 lbs (195 kg) Tempo Deadlifts on a stiff bar.

After a gazillion squats followed by a gazillion rows. Shed deadlifts will have to suffice until our gym is ready to go. Lucy’s bark manages to somehow make it in every video too if you listen closely @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness

Couldn’t arch to save my life on this bench, but it was speed work, so we’re good.

To all my fellow commercial gym lifters, I feel you. 365 lbs (166 kg) followed by 6 sets of 8 on three second paused with my feet up with 250 lbs (113 kg) @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness

Back to full power training. I gave my left elbow roughly 13 weeks of rest from benching, so I’m hoping we’re good to go now.

5x10x407.9 lbs (185 kg) Tempo Deadlifts
5x10x225 lbs (102 kg) Three Second Paused Feet-Up Bench
@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness
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832.2 lbs (377.5 kg) opener. I’ve been chasing the elusive 882-904 deadlift for three years now and missed various numbers in that range 6-7 times just in competition alone.

I likely had 882-887 in me on this day but I decided to go for broke. In hindsight I probably should have just gone for the PR but this goal has become very personal now.
It’s no longer about garnering likes, attention, or staying relevant. When you’ve been chasing something this long and failed over and over it sticks with you. I changed just about everything with my approach and methodologies going into this meet.
Im not quite there yet, but I’ve resolved some issues and I’m never going to stop coming for it. The day will come when 904 falls, it just wasn’t meant to be yesterday as @kelleyfit said.
I’ve been lifting for 14 years (half my life) chasing something that doesn’t really mean much to anyone else. It’s just what I love to do. Whether it’s lifting, deadlifts, or whatever, everyone can relate to that. Life isn’t meaningful unless you’re striving towards something. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @fakeknee_pwrlifting @sewalls @braddevaney20 @brookelion2898 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness @creed_childress

Southern Strength Showcase 4 in New Orleans...903.9 lbs (410 kg) 1) hook grip feels WAY better than mixed.

2) just wasn’t quite strong enough @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @koastrengthfitness

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We had the pleasure of meeting the man @davidgoggins yesterday.

I’ve actually been following him for over a decade since back in my marathon/ultra days. Thanks to @iamjeffbutler for getting us the opportunity to see him speak. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

This is how every day ends up after painting the ceiling grid for the new gym!

@koastrengthfitness Never worked so hard for something in my life beyond trying to deadlift 900+ in a meet, which I’m still working on as well. @koastrengthfitness @kelleyfit

Recently tried Tillamook ice cream and was very impressed. Just need to find the Huckleberry flavor.

I would gladly accept a sponsorship from @tillamook if they’re up for it. @kelleyfit @koastrengthfitness

Go ahead and please give our gym page a follow @koastrengthfitness We’re hard at work everyday getting things going for y’all.

Had to take a shot at it. 815 lbs (370 kg) followed by an attempt at 925 lbs (420 kg). Wasn’t there but good try nonetheless. Followed it up with four triples at 800 lbs (363 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @foustfamilyfitness

Support @kelleyfit and my new gym page and go ahead and give us a follow @koastrengthfitness 🌴

The name “Koa” has a few different interpretations in Hawaiian but it can mean Warrior, Fearless, and Brave. The island of Maui has significant meaning to us and is the place we call home away from home. When we first visited there a few years back, we were greeted with the warm spirit of the people at @hoomanabarbell and around the rest of the island ( @gymculture808 ). This, along with the good food and amazing scenery has kept us coming back ever since. No where in the world makes us feel more alive than Maui and the good vibes that can be found all around the island. The logo represents the island in the form of the Hawaiian Warrior weapon of choice: the spear, the surfboards found in the K, the hibiscus flower that composes the O, and the palm trees which intertwine to form the A. We wanted to create a place that brought those vibes and that spirit back to the mainland. Our gym will be a place that offers a clean, well-maintained environment. This won’t be a hardcore gym as that’s not what we’re after. But we’ll aim to create a supportive, welcoming environment with competition level equipment in a clean atmosphere. We won’t be the biggest gym or have all the bells and whistles, but I can guarantee you it will be entirely different from anything else and will just get better over time. It will take some time to complete the vision, but it will come together as this has already been half a year in the making. ———-
Many years ago I told my buddy @danpasholk that I’d never open a gym after seeing him open two of them. Now here we are. I will say that I never want to have to tear up carpeting again. My back hasn’t been that sore in a long time. And even though we’ll have our own spot soon, I will still always support @foustfamilyfitness for how accommodating they’ve been the last few months. Great people at that gym 👍🏼 ———-
795 lbs (361 kg) Not sure what exactly is going on but bar keeps getting out in front on the right side. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @ronald.ulysses.swanson69

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Six months in the making. @kelleyfit Time to get started one step at a time @koastrengthfitness

Big thanks to @kevinschrec on the logo and @michaelkory and @madtownfitness for helping get the ball rolling

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @foustfamilyfitness @hoomanabarbell

Deload deadlifts 680 lbs (309 kg). @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear

Training at @foustfamilyfitness 545 lb (247.5 kg) double on bare knee high bar squats.

Much needed Deload this week per @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 instructions. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #greenbaypackers #frenchtoast

French Toast Sticks are the best 10/10. Who agrees? @kelleyfit @creed_childress

Training at @foustfamilyfitness 845 lbs (383.4 kg) @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Training at @foustfamilyfitness Squats are never going to be the prettiest looking for me, but we’ve been doing accessory squats this training cycle.

This was the final set of 4x495 lbs (225 kg) High Bar Paused after Deads today. No sleeves because it was easy work @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @hoomanabarbell @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Wisconsin football is the true underdog in the playoff race.

They are not a team made up of the top recruits, but just possess amazing coaching and a great system. The defense has allowed 29 points all season and scored 28 points of their own. They’ve pitched shutouts in four of six games and have only allowed points in garbage time. October 26: Bring on Ohio State. As long as Bama or Clemson doesn’t win it all this year, I’ll be happy.

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800 lbs (363 kg) hook grip not peaked vs 804.5 lbs (365 kg) mixed grip peaked. Not too shabby.

It’s close. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @foustfamilyfitness @animalpak @animal_gear made by @severino_chris

Five star finds. I rate this 11/10 for pure deliciousness on my palate. Exquisite flavor.

I am addicted to this meal. Kelley said they’re the best chips I’ve had in a long time. @kelleyfit @creed_childress #gopackers

700 lbs (317.5 kg) beltless for the light day at @foustfamilyfitness Followed by RPE 6 backdowns and paused squats.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @hoomanabarbell @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

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Sale ends Sunday!

I’ll be giving away a box of your choice of the new @animalpak protein bars to ten lucky winners.

The two flavors are Chocolate Berry Crunch and Chocolate Peanut Butter. All you have to do is predict the winner of tomorrow’s Florida Auburn game (no score needed, just pick one). The FIRST ten correct guesses in order of who posted first will win. So if you pick correctly, but you’re not one of the first ten, you won’t win. @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

800 lbs (363 kg) top single for the heavy day per @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 instructions.

Training at the best gym in the area @foustfamilyfitness Paul Foust has a created a hidden gem here if youre willing to make the drive to Kingston, TN. Followed by RPE 6-7 backdown triples. @kelleyfit @hoomanabarbell @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Who else does this when the others try to eat your food? @kelleyfit

@animalpak we’re going to need you to bring the pumpkin pie whey back!

I was just reminiscing about this flavor but couldn’t find it anywhere online. It’s October, it’s almost Halloween, it’s all things pumpkins right now. I liked this flavor. I want it again. 😂 @animalpak @animal_gear

Training at the Mecca @foustfamilyfitness as always!

670 lbs (304 kg) deadlift top set for my light day. Everything was moving extremely fast today. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @hoomanabarbell @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

What is everyone’s favorite breed of dog?? Mickey doesn’t know his limits.

He tried to pick up a huge log that was the size of a tree. He’s our 120 pound German Shepherd who wakes me up like clockwork at 7:20 every morning 😂 and then there’s Lucy, our Pit Mix who I adopted from Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. Her three year adoption birthday is in a week. She barks at everything and acts tough, but wouldn’t harm a fly. Also shown is the beloved Belgian Malinois Atlas Dog. For those who don’t know, Malinois’ are the greatest dog breed in existence so much so that people have made songs about their prestige and greatness. They are also known as Saint Mallys and devoted companions of the rich and famous. @kelleyfit @taranl

My favorite preworkout from @animalpak has always been Fury.

I’ve been taking this stuff ever since it came out and with 350 mgs per serving, it kicks in fast and packs a punch. Worth trying if you’re looking for a new preworkout! As far Animal Energy, it kicks in a lot slower and is more mild since it has a completely different formula, but it would be good for those who don’t need a ton of stimulants. @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Let me start this post off by saying Go Packers! It’s deload week so this was the heaviest set of the week at 3x605 lbs (274 kg) on a power bar.

Starting to get the hang of this hook grip thing. Training at the best gym around @foustfamilyfitness as always! Thanks to the awesome staff and Foust’s for their support. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

804.5 lb (365 kg) opener from the meet a month ago.

Now that my grip is so much stronger already, I’m feeling more confident than ever about what’s to come. I’m still resting my left elbow. It’s been a touch over seven weeks since I last benched anything. I need this to heal and then we can get back to pushing all three lifts. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

8.15/10 solid flavor. The dark red mixed berry ones are the best.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Black Forest brand @kelleyfit

Solid 8/10. Good tangy barbecue flavor that tastes like Carolina barbecue @kelleyfit

Training grip at the best gym ever again today @foustfamilyfitness

@catamountlevel7 told me to try out the wrist roller to finish off my grip day and my goodness, it’s way tougher than it looks! The new @dangreenpowerlifter Animal shirt looks and feels good too! @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

770 lbs (350 kg) hook grip single to kick the day off.

Very fatigued at this point, so the deload will be super necessary this coming week. @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 has been killing me with volume, but the break is coming. I’m also trying to do a better job of keeping my shoulders back on hook grip. Big thanks to Paul Foust, Lisa Foust, @catamountlevel7 @aylorevans and the @foustfamilyfitness crew for having such an awesome gym and always treating us so well. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Second crack ever at the rolling thunder, courtesy of @foustfamilyfitness.

Big thanks to Paul Foust for being so welcoming and his awesome gym in Kingston, TN. This was 180 lbs. Only got 170 with the left. Either way, hook grip has already made my grip hands down the strongest it’s ever been. It pains me to know that even with mixed grip, there’s no way I’d drop 400 kg right now. I never realized how much hook grip would actually carry over to grip strength, but things are on another level right now. Between hook grip, Captains of Crush, and the Rolling Thunder, I’ve already brought my grip way up since the meet. And I did tons of grip work going into the meet, but it carried over poorly and wasn’t improving. This is all working so much better. Thanks to @doctor.deadlift for the advice. We’re getting somewhere now. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Huge congrats to the newest member of team @animalpak @jamal_b15 !!

This guys lifts have not gone unnoticed as he’s pulled as much as 1015 lbs! Congrats man, well deserved!!
#Repost @jamal_b15 with @download_repost
Its official, I can break my silence now. Happy to represent a great brand and become a part of the @animalpak family.🙏🏽💪🏽
Repost @animalpak It's with great pleasure that we announce that Jamal Browner is now part of the Animal crew. Jamal is a dynamic, 24 year old powerlifter who competes in the 275lb class. Already totaling over 2000lb in competition, this young up and comer will be one to watch on the most elite platforms. Welcome, bro.
#AnimalPak #BuiltForIronMadeForLife #AnimalAthlete #TeamAnimal #NewAthlete #Powerlifting #Powerlifter #WelcomeToTheFamily

749.6 lbs (340 kg) hook grip single followed by 5x749, 6x705, 2x6x694, 2x10x429 w/slow eccentrics.

I also jumped in the natural pools with the local Hawaiian boys at Iao Valley. Most fun thing I’ve done in awhile. @kelleyfit @hoomanabarbell @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Some of my favorite foods we’ve had so far:
1) Rainbow French Toast & Da Bene Trio at 808 Grindz Cafe

2) Lobster Crab Grilled Cheese at Down the Hatch
3) Fried Chicken & Waffles at Leodas
4) Pitaya Bowl at the Farmers Market
5) Banana Bread French Toast at Slappy Cakes

Five mile hike this morning along the Waihee Ridge Trail, the best hike on Maui.

We did the 4 mile Pipiwai Trail last year through the Bamboo Forest and this one was much better, albeit a lot more difficult. It rained the entire way up to the point that we both looked like we had gone swimming, but that’s what happens when you’re hiking through mountainous rainforest. @kelleyfit

First three reps of a set of 5x635 lbs (288 kg) of @brandonlilly3 deadlifts.

We are doing the full resets between reps to work on hook grip. This was the light deadlift day. I did 3x6x600 (272.5 kg) after this. I wasn’t used to this Maui heat, so probably sweated off about five pounds during this training session 😂 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Number one defense in the nation so far. Michigan better get ready for September 21.

Also Green Bay Packers 16 pressures from the two big free agent acquisitions Preston and Zadarius Smith in that last game. I couldn’t be more excited.

When you get to the beach before everyone else. Annual scenic view of Kaanapali Beach.

@kelleyfit #maui #ivebeeneatingeverything #thesunwononthisday #packersare1-0 #wisconsinbadgers110-0

Training at @foustfamilyfitness First three reps done hook grip and then threw the straps on for the last two of the set.

@doctor.deadlift said to keep the hook grip reps to triples or less. 5x730 lbs (331 kg). Then did 3x6x695 (315 kg) for backdowns and then Coan Deadlifts at 2x10x405 (184 kg). @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 is doing my programming again and he’s trying to kill me apparently. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife @foustfamilyfitness @foustfamilyfitness

Last training day before @kelleyfit and I leave for Maui...The NEW mecca:

The Foust Family Fitness old school power room. I’m going to be doing all of my heavy deadlifts at @foustfamilyfitness in Kingston, TN. Its well worth the 30 minute drive from Oak Ridge and the owner Paul Foust has gone out of his way to make me feel welcome and is the nicest guy ever. I even have a Rolling Thunder now to do grip training on, which was recommended by @doctor.deadlift himself. I also have to give a shoutout to Gold’s Gym of Oak Ridge for being very accommodating. @kelleyfit @foustfamilyfitness @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak

They’re here!
We have a limited number of these Freaking Delicious Foods shirts!

Tri-blend, Charcoal color.
DM me for info! $22 local pickup.
$25 shipped.
Sizes Small to 2XL.
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@kelleyfit ❤️and I will be off to tropical lands this weekend....I wore the medal for fun 😂

My bad. Wrong video before. That was 825. So this was 705 and then the 845 hook grip.

First time pulling hook in years and my hand was bleeding like crazy, so I feel good about the potential. This was my fifth pull over 800 today. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

Done beating my head against the wall making the same mistakes.

Grip failed with 400 that was coming up and hand ripped open. Went in the back room and pulled 705, 815, and 845 lbs hook grip after and will be 200% switching to hook and pulling all my top sets with that moving forward. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend @kelleyfit for the support as always even when I suck and thanks to @baize82 and @sarah.lewis_ for the hook grip help. And thanks to @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 for always having my back.

The winner of the Animal Fury contest giveaway was @gloxxville who guessed my correct bodyweight of 240.2 lbs.

The next contest we’ll do is the first three people to guess my correct deadlift opener for tomorrow will win a Lemonade Animal Fury. The weight can be in kilograms or pounds, but if you guess in pounds it has to be the exact weight. If you need help, refer to a kilo loading chart for the conversions. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Big thanks to @the_muscle_doc for helping me so much with both upper and lower body mobility over the last two months.

I’ve been staying on it nearly everyday and have noticed major improvements. Jordan is the man to seek if you need help with this! This photo was obviously taken two weeks back before the situation ensued. @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #westandwithkelley @kelleyfit

Still the only preworkout I’ve been using for the last few years.

Ice Pop is the best flavor followed closely by Lemonade. I’ll do a fury giveaway to whoever can get the closest guess to what I weigh-in at on Friday. If more than one person guesses the weight, it will be whoever posted first. @animalpak @kelleyfit @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Can’t wait to put the @animalpak singlet on again this Saturday!

Bodyweight is 246.5 so only four pounds off making weight. This was an 888.5 lb attempt from a couple years back. This is the heaviest weight I’ve ever attempted in a meet. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife


848.8 lbs (385 kg) This was from Friday, 15 days out. That’s a wrap, deload and taper now.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Sometimes you have to show the local youths who’s boss when you can’t lace up the skates anymore.

Thanks to @sportsmangang for being a good sport 😂 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

778 lbs (352.5 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Check out the #freakingdeliciousfoods shirt. No hype pulls. Tried to stay as calm as possible.

738 lbs (335 kg) and 595 lbs (270 kg) paused @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Happy birthday to @animalpak !! Animal was always the main company that came to mind when it came to a brand that truly represented what I’ve been about.

So it was an easy decision for me to join the team when given the chance back in 2014! Whether it’s the Animal Pak multi-vitamins to keep me from getting sick, the Animal Fury to get me ready for a training session, or the Animal Omega to help my Lipid Profile, I’ve been a fan of their products ever since. Go over to the @animalpak page and enter the contest to win some animal pak, an iconic tee, and 20% off all supps and merchandise. There will be multiple winners, so it’s not too late! #Pakingsince @animal_gear

Congrats to @oakstrong on breaking the 242 lb raw world record total with 2177 lbs and an 838 lb squat!

The record has stood for almost two years and I respect the years Kevin has put in to get to this point. I first saw him compete at Raw Unity many years ago in Florida and he’s been one of the most consistent lifters in the game ever since. Longevity is tough to come by in this sport, but he’s done just that. Props to you sir!


705 lbs (320 kg) for a triple against a ridiculous amount of band tension.

Never even tried close to this but @andrewtindal said it would be fun @kelleyfit @the_muscle_doc @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

4 x 801 lbs (363.5 kg) needs to be a bit faster but it will get there.

@kelleyfit @the_muscle_doc @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforionmadeforlife

Just had a 12 hour drive back from Wisconsin so a bit behind on emails, but just be patient and I’ll get it all squared away tomorrow.

Thanks guys! 5 x 661 lbs (300 kg) + 2 Pairs Band Tension @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

5 x 783 lbs (355 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @the_muscle_doc

5x760 lbs (345 kg) and 5x639 lbs (290 kg) against 2 pairs band tension @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

One-Arm Farmer Walks for targeting the Quadratus Lumborum in the low back.

This is a little over 100 lbs. These have been another game-changer as far as low back health and helping my low back feel a lot better. I try to engage my core and stay as upright as possible. Typically I’ll walk the length of the turf and back with one hand and then do the other. I’m also currently working with @the_muscle_doc on a daily protocol to fix my elbow issues over the next seven weeks going into the meet. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

Throw any and all advice as far as how to get rid of pain in the tip of the elbows.

This has been plaguing me for over a year and kills on bench.

5 x 744 lbs (337.5 kg) deadlift top set followed by backdowns and banded pulls against double bands with 595 lbs (270 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtbyironmadeforlife

This has been a game-changer. I’ve been doing this everyday for spinal decompression and my low back feels so much better @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animpak #builtforironmadeforlife

6 x 580 lbs (263.5 kg) High Bar Squats. Watched @westsidefilm last night and came in extremely fired up.

Also be sure to get your limited edition animal pak shirt as seen here at!
@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

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Show your patriotism this 4th of July by picking up some new limited edition Animal Gear. For the first time ever, you'll find our Independence Day logo on four different cuts with options available for both men and women. That's right, female cuts available. You'll also get a FREE trial-size Fury Watermelon with your purchase. Get your hands on em' quick so you're geared up for the 4th of July. Link in bio.

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5x5x562 lbs (255 kg) High Bar Squats. 9 weeks out. Get your @animalpak Fourth of July shirt seen here at @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

Not too shabby. Calcium score of 2. 0 is a perfect score.

Got bloodwork today so we’ll see what that says by the weekend. I’ll run another round of it at the four week out point from the meet @kelleyfit

Reposting muted because copyright stuff 5x5x545.6 lbs (247.5 kg) High Bar Squats.

10 weeks out bodyweight 242.5 lbs currently. Also blood pressure is lowest it’s been since I turned in my natty card and I’ll be getting a Coronary Calcium Score test this week. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife @creyes55

It’s been done ✅ 20 reps per leg with the 120s (55 kg DBs) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #remeberwhereyoucamefrom #loyalty #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! #Repost @animalpak with @download_repost
Big News:

Animal has just launched the #AnimalUpgrade product exchange program. We will accept partially used or unused supplements from other companies in exchange for new Animal products in comparable categories. Got another pre-workout? Send it to us. We’ll hook you up with Fury. Think your protein tastes like shit and can’t finish it? We got Animal Whey coming to you. Follow the link and find out how you can get involved. This applies to US mailing addresses only.
Link in bio.

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5x5x 529.1 lbs (240 kg) high bar squats. 11.5 weeks out @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Okay now were getting somewhere...110s (50 kg) Bulgarian Split Squats for 20 reps @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

5x672 lbs (305 kg) on a stiff bar after some working sets @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Where’s atlas? @atlas_rubi @kelleyfit

What’s your favorite color starburst? Mine is red. Also we all know the berry starbursts were the best of all time.

Now you can’t even find them @kelleyfit

I give these a solid 9/10 and @kelleyfit gives them a 10/10. These are the real deal!

Thanks @creed_childress for the recommendation!

5x5 with 512.6 lbs (232.5 kg) high bar today. Easy work @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Hollywood’s Restaurant in Roanoke, VA. Coco Loco Chicken 9/10 @kelleyfit now for the 4.5 hour drive home.

I’ll probably do another live Q&A or something on the drive home

How everyone feels watching the bench press portion of a powerlifting meet @kelleyfit

I definitely thought the weights had been feeling very heavy lately LOL.

I told you guys I drop down. Makes me feel better about my poverty bench and nearly hitting 851 on Deads right now @kelleyfit

5x5x501.5 lbs (227.5 kg) high bar squats. My bad hip was extremely tight, so there was a lot more hip shift than last week.

But we’re coming along. 14 weeks out!! Check out my latest Q&A video on YouTube. Link to my channel is in the description. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife

Today’s freaking delicious featured food #fdff is Lava Lava Shrimp. As delicious as it gets 9/10.

This scrumptious cuisine is on the elite tier of foods. It’s a mouth watering and succulent variation of regular shrimp. Also I will be putting the Q&A on my YouTube channel this evening!! Click the link on my page to find my channel. If you have questions, that’s the place to ask them! #kelleyfitapproved

I could barely walk after three sets of these. Bulgarian Split Squats for 20 reps per side with the 95s.

These are the king of single leg exercises. If you guys have questions about anything, head to my YouTube channel @and post them on the weekly training video. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #maui

The dog pack @kelleyfit #animals #puppies #dogs #dogpack #fluffy #furry #wholetthedogsout

Everybody wish @kelleyfit a happy week late birthday. 738 lbs (335 kg) and 851 lbs (386 kg).

This would have been the most I’ve done in a very long time and on virtually nothing as well. @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

5x5x485 (220 kg) high bar squats. All were RPE 7s. 15 weeks out from the USPA Tennessee Meet and nattier than a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries right now.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #milwaukeebucks #builtforironmadeforlife #fearthedeer #greenbaypackers #nosauceinthishoss #livelaughlove #mauifever #freakingdeliciousfoods #prstrength

Riled up my back roughly five weeks ago after slacking on core work since I had no flare-ups for roughly a year.

Came down to 125, lowest I’ve ever gone, nattiest I’ve been in at least five years. This is after three weeks, my first pulls back from the injury. Smoked 815.7 lbs (370 kg) 16 weeks out @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

It doesn’t get any better than this! #Repost @animalpak with @download_repost

Over the Arnold Classic weekend, The Cage is always packed with events for invited athletes. Sometimes, lifters who aren't in the program will approach us during the weekend for a chance to perform. If there's enough time, we give them a shot. That's how Miles "Smiles" Taylor, a powerlifter with cerebral palsy, ended up in The CAGE. We knew he could put on a show—just look up his viral deadlift video—and he did not disappoint. #TheCage2019 #TheLiftSeries #Powerlifting #ArnoldSportsFestival #ASF2019

Happy Birthday to this girl @kelleyfit !!

We’ve been together for 3.5 years now and she’s definitely made me a better person, a more chippious individual, and kept my ego in check whenever it’s gotten too high. She’s also pretty much the nicest person I know and loves dogs and lifting and food. Love you babe!

I’ve been doing a ton of unilateral work lately to try to even out imbalances and work on building the glutes and activate them more.

Bulgarian Split Squats: 3 sets of 20 reps per leg with 85 lb DBs (38 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

396.8 (180 kg) Bench @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Just did 5x573 (260 kg) high bar because @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 did 5x570 the other day.

There’s some hip shift, but we’ll work on it. Surprisingly squats didn’t bother my back at all. Followed this up with 3 sets of 20 each leg with the 80s on Bulgarian Split Squats. Then single leg barbell Deads and inverse curls. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #fearthedeer

First week easing back into flat bench. 385.8 lbs (175 kg) top single.

My back has been acting up the entire month of April, so that’s been fun. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

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We're positive that if you powerlift you've heard of the Boss of Bosses powerlifting competition held by Animal athlete Dan Green. If you haven't, well, now you know. How would you like to get flown out to meet and chill with Dan Green? We'll do you one better: How would you like to compete in Boss of Bosses? Animal is going to be sending one lucky winner on an all-expenses-paid trip to Boss of Bosses 6 held at Boss Barbell Club in California to enter the amateur competition on Friday, August 30th, attend the pro day and awards dinner that Saturday, August 31st, as well as meet Dan Green himself. We'll even hook you up with a custom Animal singlet, a ton of Animal SWAG, and supps to get you through your prep. Here's how you get in:

1. Post a video explaining what it would mean to you to compete in Boss of Bosses 6.
2. Tag @animalpak
3. Use #BOB6VIP

Contest ends 5/31/19 @ 11:59 pm EST and is open to US residents 18 years and older. One winner will be selected by Dan Green himself. Good luck.

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418.9 lbs (190 kg) left wrist buckled halfway up, but we’re okay @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

793.7 lbs (360 kg) sometimes the basement days just come out without trying @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

407.9 lbs (185 kg) Incline Bench @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

#Repost @animalpak with @download_repost
Aggression, intensity, focus.

This is what you'll see and feel in The Cage. Athletes come from far and wide to get a chance to lay it all on the line for thousands of onlookers. They aren't paid. This isn't a sanctioned competition. This is pure, driving passion coupled with the desire to make a name for themselves. At the very least, they've earned some street cred.

Check out how it all went down in the Cage this year. Link in bio.

#AnimalPak #TheCage2019 #ArnoldSportsFestival #ASF2019 #Powerlifting #Weightlifting

That moment when you no longer feel half natty.

Okay 766 lbs (347.5 kg) for an easy double @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #notrennoproblem

(140 kg) 308.6 x 8 incline after a paused PR of 396.8 lbs (180 kg) before this.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife

Where are my Packers fans at??

6 reps x 333 lbs (151 kg) just trying to stay ahead of my client @davidh789 #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

385.8 lbs (175 kg) incline bench. I’ll take it. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

185 lb (84 kg) barbell curl PR @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

In before Instagram takes this down because they’re a bunch of saps.

3x10x440.9 lbs (200 kg) high bar @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #abunchofsaps #thisisnothawaii #dogsarelife #butyouhaveasnapchatfrommason #thisishowseriousitakeinstagram #yournameschocolatemynameschip #whycomplain #justbehappypeople

Not going to lie, I’ve always hated squats, but these felt somewhat fun.

First squats in over 7 months. 3 sets of 10 x 418.9 lbs (190 kg) high bar. Form feels better than ever. My legs are ridiculously sore. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

My client @wellsstrength pulled a 30 lb PR of 745 lbs in the Cage!

He was pulling 675 when we started working together! Big things are coming!

Had a great time seeing everyone at the Arnold! I think this was my sixth year in a row lifting in the Cage.

Hard to believe! @kelleyfit was her supportive self as usual! @brookelion2898 Also I seriously need to get one of those @worldbreakersavage animal shirts! Last thing is to bear with me clients, I plan to get caught up all day tomorrow. Have had some computer troubles here.

Come see me lift some moderately heavy weight on Saturday at 11 am!

#Repost @animalpak with @download_repost
It goes without saying that The Cage is the only place you need to be in Columbus, OH on the weekend of 3/1-3/3. There's no debate on that. But in case you wanted to know what the hell is going on, here's the schedule of events. #AnimalPak #TheCAGE2019 #ASF #ASF2019 #ArnoldExpo #ArnoldSportsFestival #ArnoldClassic #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Weightlifting

I have been taking Animal Pak everyday for the last year+...I prefer the pills, but you can’t go wrong with either.

If you need a good multi-vitamin, this is it.
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Going to the Arnold? Yes? Good. First 50 people to get to the Animal Shop at Booth #2003 each day get a FREE trial of Animal Pak Powder and Animal Pak. If you make any other stops on the way, you're going to miss out.
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Favorite place on earth @kelleyfit @hoomanabarbell

Last pulls before the @animalpak Cage. 705 lbs (320 kg) and 794 lbs (360 kg). Felt decent.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Max reverse curls. Just playing around. It’s been about 7 years. What am I doing wrong?

@ordinarygains @girthbrooks6 @maxed.out.gym @darustrong

617 lbs (280 kg) for triples. Was going for speed here and trying to setup tighter.

One more deadlift day tomorrow before the Cage! Hamstring is feeling good! @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Catch the man @dangreenpowerlifter @danandsparkle in the Cage as always!

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Dan Green was going to be throwing down some major numbers at the Cage this year, but unfortunately, he will not be able to perform due to injuries. We all know The Cage would be nothing without Dan right smack in the middle, so he'll be there to help you with your deadlift. Stop by booth 2103. #AnimalPak #TheCAGE2019 #ASF #ASF2019 #ArnoldExpo #ArnoldSportsFestival #ArnoldClassic #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Weightlifting

@kelleyfit and I were at the deadlift party at @diamondklifting today and it was a crazy environment and awesome gym full of 700-800 lb pullers!

It’s always nice when the master chef @adamaclair you home with ten lbs of food! I only worked up to 485 lbs today for a single because I partially tore my left hamstring four days ago. Thanks to modern medicine it’s feeling decent but hope it’s good to go by the Cage! @leskeyes @frankdaddy29 @its_perseus @the_walls_of_jericho_training @rebuilt1

My most popular videos. Max curls. May have had a tad more, but stopped here.

177.5 lbs (81 kg) I’ve been training my arms like crazy since September and have put nearly an inch on them in 5.5 months. They’re a shade under 18.5 inches now without a pump

Thanks to @pioneer_fit for the new heavy duty straps, belt, and shirts!

Best straps and belts in the game! 375 lb (170 kg) incline bench half natty @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

#Repost @animalpak with @download_repost

The "Super Bowl of Powerlifting" is back and better than ever. This year's lineup features a combination of return and first-time lifters who are determined to take the platform by a storm. From the most elite to the freakiest athletes, you can bet your ass that PR's will be destroyed and legends will be born. Get ready for some EPIC exhibitions. Stay tuned to our Instagram as we introduce you to our athletes and guest lifters. First up, Animal athlete and CAGE veteran, Pete Rubish. Pete is ready to push himself to the absolute edge and beyond as he attempts to destroy his deadlifts. Anything less than 100% is unacceptable by Pete's standards. Will he achieve his goal? Come by booth #2103 and find out... #AnimalPak #TheCAGE2019 #ASF #ASF2019 #ArnoldExpo #ArnoldSportsFestival #ArnoldClassic #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Weightlifting

5 sets of 6 with 661 lbs (300 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife

358 lb (162.5 kg) half natty incline bench. I know that 33% of the population can do more than this, but im okay with it for now under these circumstances.

I’ve been working hard on incline bench for two months now and hope to hit 408 before my next meet. Also switched to incline simply because I was bored of flat and you never have to wait for the incline bench to open up. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #puppiesandpotatochips

4 sets of 10 x 595 lbs (270 kg) ..feels tough. Also Hemoglobin was 17.2 for anyone who wanted to know yesterday.

Interestingly enough, my skin complexion is much less red already and now I’m just pale. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Last set of Ten triples at 705 lbs (320 kg). The volume has been ridiculous (102 working deadlift reps per week), but gearing up for the Cage!

I will also be in Birmingham, AL on February 16 at @diamondklifting to do some heavy pulls! @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak

Going to start giving blood every 8 weeks to lower Hematocrit and Blood Pressure.

I advise you all do the same. Hematocrit was 51.8 on my blood test so not terrible, but it could come down a bit. Making all kinds of health gains before competition season rolls around. Also saves lives!

23 weeks like this bloodwork. I’ll go over it all on my YouTube channel.

Some things to work on but glad I know what’s going on. Still more health gains to be made though. Feeling really good about pulling 840 on calibrated plates under these circumstances. @kelleyfit had almost perfect bloodwork, who would have guessed 😂

@kelleyfit and I were getting bloodwork done when I randomly ran into @bryan_barberena getting some done too!

Had no clue he had moved to Knoxville, but pretty cool. Good luck next month! @lukethomasnews

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It’s not too late to participate in our biggest contest to date, and the competition is wide open. Animal is offering you a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID VIP TRIP to come hang with us at the Arnold Sports Festival and the infamous Animal CAGE. We challenge you to get creative and unleash the Animal within. Think you deserve this? THEN SHOW US. Here’s how to enter:

1. Submit a 1 min or less video showing us why you deserve to win and MAKE IT CREATIVE.
2. Follow and tag @animalpak
3. Use #AnimalASFVIP

Give us your best effort, and you may be hanging with us at the Arnold. If you haven’t entered yet, get off your ass and enter now. Remember, our athletes are helping us choose the winner, so your video has to impress them. Good luck. For more information go to
#AnimalPak #ASF #ASF2019 #ArnoldExpo #VIPContest #WhyDoYouDeserveToWin

Week 3 Day 2...back is a tad sore. deficit long pause Deads on a squat bar 562 lbs (255 kg) for 5s.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builforironmadeforlife

Week 3 Day 1...killing my back here in a good way, but you have to pay your dues and earn the fun heavy days with the boring, difficult days.

10x650 lbs on a squat bar (295 kg) @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builforironmadeforlife

Post cardio PR. 771.6 (350 kg) for a triple. Feeling the healthiest and happiest by far that I’ve ever been at this level of strength.

I’ve made it a huge priority to take care of my body and it’s paying off. Can’t wait to get bloodwork done. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #happypuppies #dogs #maui #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Training hard for the Cage this year. Lungs and heart are stronger than ever.

I told you guys i was going to go hard on cardio, core, and curls in 2019. Cardio game is getting serious here with a MASSIVE PR of 1003 steps on the stair climber in just over 11 mins 30 seconds @kelleyfit is amazed @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #mauihawaii #puppydogs

Inspiring the masses...New three rep all time PR on barbell curls!

3x170 lbs (77 kg) @kelleyfit is impressed

Week 2 Day 2...5x551 lbs (250 kg) deficit long pause deadlifts on a squat bar...

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #mauihawaii #puppydogs

Week 2 Day 1...10x638 lbs (290 kg) on a squat bar...excited to see how my seven clients do at the USPA meet at @maxed.out.gym tomorrow!

@kelleyfit @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #mauihawaii #puppydogs

Not as good as my curls but Double overhand deadlift with straps and back support...3x760 lbs (345 kg) deadlift...week 1 day 3 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #curlsarecooler #alltheywantaremycurls #curlsorgtfo #notacurlvideo

Countdown to the Cage: Week 1. Day 2: Combining the squat bar AND calibrated plates turned out to be a great idea.

Deadlifts aren’t so fun under these conditions. 10x628 lbs (285 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #animalgear #mauihawaii #puppiesofinstagram #animalcage2019 #joshmcdaniels

Atlas the Belgian Mally always has to get between us.

She was taking a power nap here @kelleyfit #belgianmalinoisofinstagram #belgianmally #kelleyfit #mauihawaii #puppies

Because all anyone cares about are my curl gains and the last video got the most views since 145 lb curls are better than 840 lb deadlifts.

Here’s 5x160 lbs (72.5 kg). This was double underhand no straps not fasted with no pause. My motto for the year is “Cardio, Curls, Core” I do those every time im in the gym. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Week 1 Day 1:

Countdown to the Cage Squat Bar Paused Deficit Deadlifts 5x540 lbs (245 kg) @kelleyfit said form was impeccable @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #atlasthemalinois #lucypitbull #mickeydoggermanshepherd #catsandbats #chippipous #notrennoproblem

Massive barbell curl PR!!!! 145x10!!! Kelley was not impressed and said my form was terrible.

Rate my form 1-10 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

840 lbs (382) 3/4 natty-ish PR yes I put one lb plates on...

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #happynewyear #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #maui #dogsanddogs #blueberry muffins #notrennoproblem

This is my supplement stack. I’ve been taking the flex, omega, pak, and the high dose D3 for the last year every single day.

I much prefer the pill form over the powder. Recent additions are Full Spectrum Circumin, Super Carnosine, and L-Carnitine Tartrate. I also take Fury preworkout and am about to add in protein powder post workout because @coachkosier said to 😂 @kelleyfit @animal_gear @kelleyfit

My client @deadliftgod squatting a PR of 510 in wraps! The 132 class better watch out!

Our goal coming into this meet has been to get him feeling heavy weight on a consistent basis and so far, it’s been going great!

Week 6 Day 3...Three quarters natty PR of 2x804 lbs (365 kg) the third rep wasn’t quite there @kelleyfit @animalpak @animalgear #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

Week 6 Day 2...8x705 lbs (320 kg) @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #mauichristmas #notrennoproblem #mysticaldogs #christmascookies #abwheel #snownomo #ilikeshepherdspie

Hadn’t tried this in about 8 months, so I’m very happy with four reps.

Core strength is coming along nicely! @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #wholetthedogsout #chippiousmalinois

#notrennoproblem #cruisevacations Week 6 Day 1...Paused Triple x 705 lbs (320 kg) @kelleyfit

@ttolliver93 @stevereagan03 @pegleg_puddle_pirate @animalpak animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #showthem #proveit #christmasismerry #puppydogs #dogsquad #myfriendsaredogs #kelleylikespanera #mauichristmas

My client @ryjonespl is about to smoke 300.5 kg at his next meet and take the IPF 93 kg British Record!

This is 8 reps with 551 lbs (250 kg)!!

Week 5 Day 3...5x749 lbs (340 kg) beating my numbers I was hitting right before my last meet on pound plates.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #maui #hawaii #showthem #proveit #prstrength #dogsandpuppies #animalsarethebest #pitbulls #belgianmallys #germanshepherd

Had a great time at my first @newsboys concert with @kelleyfit !

This is our little buddy Atlas the Belgian Malinois.

And this is also why you can never have too many of these creatures. Yes she’s absolutely bonkers but she’s a lot of fun. Dogs are the best and make life better! #malinoisofinstagram #belgianmalinoisofinstagram

738 lbs (335 kg) x 4 easy. Motivated as heck...week 4 Day 3.

@kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #animalgear #maui #showthem #prstrength #teamprstrength #nattyish

13x628 lbs (285 kg) week 4 Day 2 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear , @maxed.out.gym

#animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #puppydogsrule #snoopydog #morebelgianmallys #kelleylikesicecream #mauibeaches #kaanapali #melekalikimaka #isathingtosay #onabrighthawaiianchristmasday #noonetrainsinwinter #seminaturalgains #larrywheelslikedthisvideo @joerealtor_powerlifter with the shirt donation

All of the puppies!

@kelleyfit Lucy dog, Atlas dog, and Mickey dog #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #belgianmalinois #germanshepherd #puppiesarelife #dogs #ilikedogs #wheremydogsat #christmastrees

Congrats to @steficohen on the new @animalpak sponsorship!

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Strength. Dedication. Perseverance. Passion…It’s what it means to be Animal. Proudly introducing to you the newest Animal athlete. Welcome to the team, world record holding powerlifter, Dr. @StefiCohen.
#AnimalPak #NewAthlete #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #StefiCohen

Week 4 Day 1 of training cycle...3 sets 5 x 628 lbs (285 kg) paused @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #animals #maui #dogsofinstagram

#Repost @animalpak with @download_repost
Strength is often unseen.

Grit determines greatness.

The burden is what defines us.

You have one, as do I…

Before we announce our newest athlete, we want you to take a shot at guessing who it is. Comment below with your thoughts and make sure to tune in tomorrow (12/5/18) between 12-3pm EST for the reveal. Go…

#AnimalPak #NewAthlete #Athlete #Bodybuilding #Powerlifting #TakeAGuess #StayTuned

3x727 lbs (330 kg) Week 3 Day 3. This is heavier then I went all of last training cycle.

@animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #maui #passionfruit #puppydogs

My second client competing today was @andrew_tyler4 who went 9/9 with a 468 lb raw squat shown, 292 bench, and 523 deadlift.

I’ll be handling for six clients at the USPA Tennessee Open next month at @maxed.out.gym and think we’re going to have a great showing.

#Repost @matt.elder.27 with @download_repost
USPA KY State Championships.

Heck of a day and I feel like a truck just ran me over. 8 for 9 on the lifts. PRs (both meet and all time) all over the board at a weigh-in of only 179.5lbs. 2nd Place finish. I live for days like today. I couldn't be happier right now.

Squat - 385.5/418.9/424.4(miss)
Bench - 292.1/314.2/325.5
Deadlift - 501.5/551.2/567.2
Total - 1311.6lb (401.82 Wilks)

Big thanks to @pete.rubish for the coaching and support. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting the become the strongest version of themselves possible.

Week 3 Day 2 of Training cycle...14 reps with 606 lbs (275 kg) I’m doing a year long prep for Boss of Bosses in August 2019.

One day at a time I’m going to be chipping away here while being healthier than I’ve ever been. Finally feel like I’m doing things the right/smart way and putting in a necessary offseason and prioritizing my health. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #mauihawaii #whitefudgeoreos #ieattonsofkaleeveryday #whendowemax ? #crossfitgames #nattyish #halfnatty #fakenatty #notastiffbar #animalsareawesome #behappysaynototren #iamhappy #malinoisfans #pitbullsarethebest #germanshepherdsaregoofy

Week 3 Day 1 of this training cycle. 3 sets of 5 with 606 lbs (275 kg).

Kelley and I have been working on getting our backs healthy again by doing Stuart McGills “big 3” daily. So far, so good. My back is feeling much better. These were a breeze. @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #malinois #pitbull #germanshepherd #maui #puppies #beignetsaregood #itscoldherebutnotinhawaii #wendys #baconmaplechicken

First 9 reps of 15x585 lbs (265 kg). Back feels healthy again thanks to the everyday core work.

@kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #alligators #gumbo #weallhopealabamaloses #greenbeancasserole #nattierthanastiffbar #puppydogs #saintmalinois #nola #beignetgains #thegumbowantedtocomeup

Strawberry cream French toast in New Orleans. Heading to the French quarter next!

Also my back feels good again. @kelleyfit @fakeknee_pwrlifting @seemeforthekey

3x5x584 lbs (265 kg) paused deadlift. Back feels horrendous, may need some time off.
Coached by:

@animal_gear @animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

14x562 lbs (255 kg) deadlift week 1 of training cycle @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #animalgear #halfnatty #almostnatty #slightlynatty #maui #kaanapali #dogs #straps #stilllessthanyury #unicorns #360daystillmaui

First day of new deadlift cycle.

Paused deads 3x5x562 lbs (255 kg) easy as can be @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #deadlifts #maxedoutgym

130s (59 kg) for 13 reps after 4x10 paused with the same weight.

I started with the 80s in week 1, so it’s been a steady progression so far. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @hoomanabarbell #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #maui #dogs #puppies #almostnatty #lilokoipie #blacksandbeach #kaanapali @barefruitbar

Very happy with this 804 lbs (365 kg) pull all things considered.

The stronger I can get right now, the stronger I’ll get pre-meet. Came up easier than expected! @kelleyfit
@ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @hoomanabarbell #animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #deadlifts

It stinks to have to go back home but @kelleyfit and I got a lot of beach time in on the last day.

Shown are Kaanapali Beach and the Ohe’o Gulch past Hana.

Well today was an eventful day to say the least! @kelleyfit and I ventured on the long journey to Hana and beyond as we stopped at Waianapanapa black sand beach in Hana.

Then we hiked the Ohe’o Gulch and Bamboo Forest up to Waimoku Falls. We went up to ten thousand feet to Haleakalā Crater as well a few days ago. Also shown are the “Purple Lava Rock” from @barefruitbar and a Lilokoi Pie from @leodasmaui

6x716 (325 kg) deadlift at @hoomanabarbell
7x320 lbs (145 kg) bench press

The Nakalele Blowhole where we got Julia’s Banana Bread and Guava Lemonade
Kula strawberries, mango, passion fruit pancakes with coconut syrup
And the greatest fruits around: passion fruit and star fruit

Not a bad work view, I could get used to this...been in Maui for two days now with @kelleyfit and had a very productive day.

We started out clueless and drove the Kahekili Highway with no clue what we were getting ourselves into. If you don’t know about this, look it up. The couple hundred foot drop-off on a one lane road no wider than a bike lane with no possibility to turn around was a little much. Then we got some sun in at Kaanapali Beach. Then we spent the evening in downtown Lahaina and we stopped by @dangreenpowerlifter house. And then we ate some crab and lobster stuffed grilled cheese And to cap it off I still got 25 emails out! We’re hoping to get some lifting in at @hoomanabarbell tomorrow!

#strapsfortraps 3x6x617 lbs (280 kg) paused deadlift @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak

#animalpak #animalgear #builtforironmadeforlife #maui #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #belgianmalinois #germanshepherd #blackberrycobbler #freakingdeliciousfoods #straps #notwithoutstraps #iusedstraps #whatarethestrapsfor ? #whousesstraps #butwhythestraps #nomorestraps

NEW YouTube Video on my channel! Click the link in my main IG page!

This was 3x6x694 lbs (315 kg) @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #animalgear - #maxedoutgym #mog #chippious #maui #dogsofinstagram #crackerbarrel #thekelleyfit #lucydog #mickeypuppy #atlasofinstagram

I dare you to disagree with me on this being the best pizza out there.

Also go Brewers, Badgers, Packers, Pettis, and Khabib. #freakingdeliciousfoods #pitbull #belgianmalinois #maui14days

2x6x672 lbs (305 kg), followed by 7x672 on this last set.

@kelleyfit @miapowerlifter @d_l_dyer @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #builtforironmadeforlife #animalpak #animalgear #maxedoutgym #mog #kindanatty #powerlifting #deadlifts #pitbull #belgianmalinois #maui

@kelleyfit with the doubles on bench. Bench is blowing up.

@animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #benchpress #kelleyfit #belgianmalinois #mickey

11x595 (270 kg) deads. Watch my newest YouTube video recapping my week of training by clicking the link on my main IG page!

Congrats to @jacksonlittle98 and @brookelync2898 !!! @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit #animalpak #animalgear #builtbyironmadeforstrength #maxedoutgym #mog #doyoulikebelgianmallys ? #pitbullsarecool #prstrength #freakingdeliciousfoods #jacksonlittlebrookechristopher

@animalpak Fury Winners! #animalpak #animalgear #animalfurygiveaway

Animal Fury giveaway winners have been chosen! I will announce these tomorrow! ———-

This was the last two reps from my 11x573 lbs (260 kg) set of deadlifts. If you’d like to see my complete training, check out the newest weekly YouTube video on my IG page! Weekly training videos in this series are released every Monday! Be sure to subscribe! @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #animalgear #builtbyironmadeforlife #powerlifting #deadlifts #strength

Animal Fury giveaway. I will be giving away Animal Fury to 10 random winners.

You just have to 1) Follow me and @animalpak. 2) Like this post and 3) Tag three friends. Stay tuned, I will be picking ten random winners on Friday September 28 at 8 pm EST.
Animal Fury is A preworkout packing 350 mgs of caffeine per serving that I use before every training session to get myself focused and energized, without a bad crash afterwards. It balances the right amount of kick to keep me feeling great, with no harsh side effects that typically come from strong preworkouts.
1. Must be 18 years or older
2. Must have US shipping address
3. Can only win one time per month
#Animalpak #Animalgear #Builtforironmadeforlife #animalgiveaway

3x6x628 lbs (285 kg)...if you guys want to see my full weekly training, visit the YouTube link on my main page!

Currently building the grip this training cycle by not using straps at all on deads. Pulling three days per week. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #powerlifting #deadlifts #maxedoutgym #mog #freakingdeliciousfoods #belgianmalinois #thekelleyfit #bench

Okay guys, just listen...I’m about to reveal the secret to a big deadlift...tell me your favorite freaking delicious food...

#publix #deadlifts #animalpak #maxedoutgym #mog #powerlifting #freakingdeliciousfoods

Week 1 of Block Pulls. 2x11x520 lbs (236 kg). Using no straps this training cycle to hopefully build up my grip even more.

@kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife #maxedoutgym #powerlifting #deadlifts #strength #uspa #mog

My main goal will be to keep my elbows healthy enough to make some progress on bench.

I’ll just be benching this week, adding in deadlifts next week, and then squats the week after. This was 12x258 on the American Press Bar after 5 sets of 6. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak #maxedoutgym

My two big takeaways from the MRI

1) Partial tear of the Vastus Lateralis

2) My knee is in great condition after 12.5 years of lifting

Hoping to be back to squatting light weight in two weeks or so.

Thanks to Rich, Maliek, and the guys at @neufitrfp for helping me finish the meet last weekend.

I’m going to be working with them and @maliekderstine to get this injury healed up. I have an MRI scheduled for Friday to see if the tendon ruptured or not and figure out the game plan from here.

The good leg vs the injured leg

Spent Friday in Capitola and Santa Cruz with @kelleyfit

Completely changed my bench form about a week ago. Something to build off of. 452 second attempt.

Left elbow was destroyed for the third so it didn’t happen. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

Didn’t have the usual speed and explosiveness and had to change up my form a bit and slow things down, but did what I could.

832 lb third attempt deadlift. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear

672 opener, 733 lb second attempt, and 782.6 third attempt shown.

Squats felt amazing, better than ever and the most stable Ive ever been...but...right IT band snapped like a rubber band at the bottom of my third attempt. Cost me first place and a lot of money but still placed second overall. Totaled 2017...wasn’t what I wanted but you can’t plan for injuries. Could list about a dozen people to thank but I’ll single out @kelleyfit for now. @animalpak @animal_gear

Openers set at 672/429/727...2.5 lbs off making weight.

Feeling excited for some freaking delicious BJs Brewhouse, aka the GOAT restaurant. Also I think that @irregular_strength guy is pretty strong and he’s in my bench flight so that’s cool. @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak

When tomorrows your birthday but you don’t realize it and you actually just wanted a freaking delicious cake with @kelleyfit at Trader Joe’s.

Also shown is my last meal of the day, a freaking delicious gyro omelette. 27 years old. I am old.

705 lb high bar squat...15 days out from Boss of Bosses.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak @bossbarbellclub

What’s better than a Publix Chicken Strip Sub with Colby Jack cheese, mayo, honey mustard, and tomatoes?

I’m waiting...10/10 freaking delicious foods. Would eat everyday. @publix please sponsor me

3x416 Bench Press. 18 days out from Boss of Bosses.

@kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 #animalpak #bob5prep

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1. Post a photo of an Animal product that’s a staple in your regimen.
2. Tag @Animalpak
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841 lb double followed by 3 doubles at 800. 5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses...

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @bossbarbellclub #animalpak #bob5prep #maxedoutgym

5x6x397 w/Slingshot...5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

660 lb High Bar Squat. 5.5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses.

Best thing about squat day is that it means deadlifts are next. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @bossbarbellclub #bobprep #animalpak

805 x 3...6.5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses. I get to do this weight once more this meet prep and think that fourth rep will be there.

@animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

640 lb high bar squat. 7 weeks out from Boss of Bosses.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

Take your training seriously. Stress over how good everyone else is, why your gains are lacking, and never smile.

It’s not supposed to be fun guys.
#Repost @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 with @get_repost
Complains about being gassed after doing sets of five and then proceeds to climb on @kelleyfit like a jungle gym. @pete.rubish can you be anymore dramatic? 🤔

Almost 6ish x 760, then 5x720, 2x5x680. 7.5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses. Everything’s on track.

Videos on @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 channel. Wish him a happy 18th birthday. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

Triples at 426 in the slingshot. 8 weeks out from Boss of Bosses @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

805 x 2 deadlift. 8.5 weeks out. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @bossbarbellclub #animalpak #bob5prep

419 for triples in the slingshot. 8.5 weeks out.

If interested in working with me, email me at prstrength1 @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @bossbarbellclub #animalpak

601 bare knee high bar squat. Hit my left elbow on the side which made the rep look a bit off but felt easy.

I hate squats. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @bossbarbellclub @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak #bob5prep @mbslingshot

4x760...9 weeks out from Boss of Bosses.

If interested in working with me, shoot me an email at prstrength1 @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @bossbarbellclub @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak #bossofbosses5 #bob5prep

Had the bar a little too high on my back but this is 655x3.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak

I agree with @swimhack. Is anyone else going 242 in sleeves? It seems everyone is wearing wraps.

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11 weeks... #bossofbosses5

#roadto2100lbs #roadto700lbs
#bench #benchpress #squat #deadlift #fullpower
fitness #strongman #workout #powerlift #fitfam #powerliftingmotivation #beastmode #strongfamily

Bench goal for Boss of Bosses = Don’t be awful. Ten triples at 397 lbs in the slingshot.

#BOB5prep #animalpak @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak

637 lbs x 3 low bar. First day of low bar. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak

380 for 5s. Last time I only got triples so I’ll take it.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak

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ANIMAL's first annual Memorial Day Sale is happening now at For those looking for the latest limited edition Animal Gear, this is the sale you've been waiting for. If you are in the Armed Forces, this special sale will also launch our new military discount program for anyone with a military ID. Plus, with every item we sell, we will donate a portion of our profits to the Fisher House Foundation, a charity that supports active military as well as veterans. For Memorial Day, we at Animal salute those of you serving our great nation. Thank you. @animalmilitary @animal_gear @dannyswole #AnimalPak #AnimalGear #AnimalMilitary #MemorialDaySale #GearSale #BuiltForIronMadeForLife #WeSaluteYou #MilitaryDiscount #SupportTheMilitary

4 sets of 9 high bar paused with 463 lbs beltless. Pulled 720x4 after this. 14 weeks out.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym #animalpak

556 high bar paused double after 35 reps paused. #cruiseship @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 killing me lol @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak

5 sets of 7 with 463 lbs paused high bar. @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak

791 lbs hook grip after 41 reps of paused high bar squats.

@kelleyfit and @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 have me doing very well right now. Kelley is just awesome and Chris is coaching me. @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed.out.gym #animalpak

766 hook grip after 39 reps of paused squats. Starting to really like hook grip.

Can’t wait to do one of the two big meets in August against the top guys. @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed.out.gym

530 lb high bar single after 7 sets of 5 paused with 440.

Turning weaknesses into strengths with @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym

Saturday supper southern style with @kelleyfit

Lucy and Atlas: the best of friends @atlas_rubi @kelleyfit

10 sets of 5 x 353 lbs with the slingshot. Then 640 reps of accessories, Matt Wenning style.

@kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

733 lbs Hook Grip. This was very painful but it’s only been a week of hook grip.

This was also After 38 reps of paused squats. @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 is trying to kill me. @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

540 five second pause high bar squats after 10 triples pauses at 430.

#animalpak @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym

663 lbs Hook Grip @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak

10 sets of 5 at 340 with the slingshot. Last set shown.

19 weeks out @kelleyfit @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 @animalpak @animal_gear @cwsullivan13

Adapt or die. After the debacle of a meet last week, I’m changing things up completely.

Second day in a row of paused squats. Trying to regain my mobility back. My buddy @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 wrote up a training block. Here we go. 19 weeks out from one of the two big meets on August 25. No clue which one yet. 5 sets of 7 with 352 lbs high bar paused and worked up to 5x635 on the deadlift bar afterward. @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym

After the seminar pulled 696/786/881 close miss on the squat bar. 7 days out.

Resting up, have a six lb cut, we’ll see what happens next Saturday in Summerville, SC. Openers will be 672/419/799

I’ve been working very hard on core strength the last few months and fell on my face many times trying to do this.

Finally pulled off a standing ab wheel at 250 lbs bodyweight with reps in the tank. 9 days out from my meet in South Carolina. Last heavy deadlift will Be Saturday at my seminar. @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

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You’ve seen plenty of our athletes food shop within a specific budget. While “Big on a Budget” and “Huge on a Hundred” contain valuable information on how to shop with limited funds, it doesn’t always reflect their actual nutrition plan. Check out what powerlifter Pete Rubish grabs off the shelves when we turn him loose in the grocery store with “No Limits.” #AnimalPak #NoLimits #Powerlifting #Diet #Nutrition #AnimalGear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

5x391...bench is starting to come back. 19 days out.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar on Saturday March 31 at @maxed_out_gym shoot me an email at prstrength1 @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

770 (350 kg) sumo deadlift. Three weeks out. Just hoping for a PR total.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar on March 31 at @maxed_out_gym , shoot me an email at prstrength1 Be sure to check out my shirts in the link on my main IG page as well. @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

4 sets of 5 x 710 on the squat bar. Three weeks out.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar on March 31 at @maxed_out_gym in two weeks, email me at prstrength1 Be sure to also check out the link for my shirts on my home IG page! @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

710 lbs sumo deadlift. Second day ever trying this.

Hitting conventionals Friday and in the meet in three weeks so don’t worry. @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit #animalpak

5x5x375 three weeks out @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @nicolai60 #animalpak

Honestly the first sumo deadlift of my life (455 lbs).

I could just never get into position in the past. @the_muscle_doc fixed my hips in a week and here we are. It’s a continued work in progress on the mobility front, but my body is already moving a lot better.

The Cage was a disaster this year as I pulled a slow 825, but I still have five weeks to peak for my meet so I’m not too worried yet.

It’s always good to catch up with this guy though and talk business. @marksmellybell @kelleyfit

Pretty cool to see @lukethomasnews repping the new shirts!

Get this shirt or the washer n dryer shirt at the link in my bio 👍🏼 #thelukethomasshow #chatwrappers #washerndryer

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The time is here...the time is now.

T-minus 4 days until the Arnold Sports Festival kicks off and we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of heavy ass lifting ready for you. Get over to booth #2003. This is one you don’t want to miss. #AnimalPak #TheCAGE2018 #ASF2018 #ArnoldExpo #Powerlifting

You guys asked for it, so here it is. New shirts up on the site! Link is on my main IG page!

787 lbs (357 kg) on a Texas squat bar with red bands. Pulling next Saturday in the Cage.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar on March 31 in Oak Ridge, TN, email me at prstrength1 to register. @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

Six rep drop set with two red bands and an orange starting with 631 lbs bar weight on the squat bar.

This was my final set of the day. 2 weeks out from the Cage and 7 weeks out from the USPA South Carolina meet. If you’re interested in attending my seminar @maxed_out_gym on March 31, email me at prstrength1 @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit #animalpak

I’ve had Lucy the pitbull for over a year now and I watch my girlfriend’s Malinois, Atlas a few days per week.

They are the best of friends now. Lucy enjoys barking and chewing on ropes and tennis balls and Atlas enjoys jumping on people and tables and playing fetch. @kelleyfit @atlas_rubi

Hey guys! I finally have some shirts. Link is in my bio on my page.

We’re using Teespring to get this project off the ground, and if possible, we’ll expand on to something more serious in the future. Designs done by Stefan of Anta Design.

I made this. Blueberry cream cheese cobbler.

4 sets of 5 reps with 630 lbs (286 kg) with red and orange bands.

Then @ronald.ulysses.swanson69 and I rescued a bird and took it outside. Video on @maxed_out_gym page. If you’re interested in attending my seminar in Oak Ridge, TN on March 31, email me at prstrength1 @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak

Lifting in The Cage going for 900 lbs on a squat bar.

This will be four weeks before my next USPA meet in the Palmetto State. First time ever going to South Carolina! #animalpak #TheCage

756 lbs (344 kg) + red and orange bands on a Texas Squat Bar. Nine weeks out.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar at @maxed_out_gym in March 31, email me at prstrength1 ! @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit #animalpak

631 lbs (287 kg) x 5 Snatch-Grip Paused Deadlift with a wider grip than last week on a Texas Squat Bar.

If you’re interested in attending my seminar at @maxed_out_gym on March 31, email me at prstrength1 @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

Shoot me an email at prstrength1 if you’re interested in attending the seminar on March, 31 at @maxed_out_gym in Oak Ridge, TN!

5 x 611 lbs (277.5 kg) Snatch-Grip Paused Deadlift on the Squat Bar @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

Click the link in my bio to get the new @animalpak Snak Bars! Available now!!

@animalpak #animalpak @animal_gear

@Kelleyfit and I both had a pretty good day yesterday!

Can’t wait to get back on the platform again with her! @uspa_east @maxed_out_gym

865.3 (392.5 kg) deadlift to lock up 2100. @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

463 lb (210 kg) bench PR. Not what I wanted, but squats took it out of me.

@animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

771.6 lb (350 kg) third squat in sleeves. Toughest rep of my entire life on any lift.

I saw the Lord on this one. @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

Proud of this girl @kelleyfit. She battled a lot of injuries the last few months.

She pulled he easiest 314 lb deadlift on her third. I think 336 was there, but we’ll take 40 lbs on her Total for her second meet. I totaled 2100 in sleeves at 239. Squatted 771.6, benched 463, and pulled 865.3

Weighted planks with 245 lbs (111 kg) for 30 seconds. Six days out.

#animalpak @animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym

#Repost @uspa_east ( @get_repost )
Several positions are available for those looking to make some extra money at the 2nd Annual USPA TN Open in Oak Ridge, TN on Saturday Jan 13.

All positions paid cash, provided a meet t-shirt and lunch. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Details and sign up at⠀⠀
#uspaeast #iplpower #uspapower #hardertokill #layneperformance #uspaaffiliate

485 lb (220 kg) bench PR. Hit my goal for this training cycle. Ten days out.

@maxed_out_gym @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak @nicolai60 on the spot

865 lbs (392.5 kg) on the Texas Squat Bar. 30 lb PR from what I hit before Record Breakers back in 2016.

Ten days out. @maxed_out_gym the best gym in Tennessee @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak

Does anybody know a good place to train in the Lakeland, FL area with calibrated plates and competition benches?

Also a chiropractor in that area would be appreciated if anyone knows a good one. Thanks

6x391 lbs first set. I did 4x5 after this. Did 5x5x375 to finish last cycle going into the 474 lb bench.

@kelleyfit with the @atlas_rubi dog on the tremendous spot. @maxed_out_gym the strongest gym in the south. Repping @animal_gear @animalpak #animalpak

7x377 no wraps first set. The beautiful @kelleyfit on the spot @maxed_out_gym best gym in the Knoxville area!

@animalpak @animal_gear @nicolai60 filmed this wearing his slingshot #animalpak

353 lbs, 402 lbs, 441 lbs, 474 lbs (215 kg) Bench. Hit my goal for the bench cycle.

@animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @maxed_out_gym #animalpak

#Repost @animalpak ( @get_repost )
The Good Morning squat, a good movement for the posterior chain, can be performed using a squat bar or a safety squat bar.

Either way, using proper form is critical in avoiding injury. Take a look as Pete Rubish shows you how to perform a Good Morning squat using the safety squat bar in the latest installment of “Big on the Basics”. #AnimalPak #BigOnTheBasics #GoodMornings #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #AnimalGear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

6 triples with 413 lbs (188 kg). Done with this mini cycle.

Going to test the waters this weekend on bench and see where it’s at. #animalpak @animal_gear @animalpak

840 lb all time deadlift PR on a squat bar at the Animal ABC Event.

I hit 835 on this bar two weeks out before Record Breakers 13 months ago when I hit 871 in the meet. #animalpak @animal_gear @animalpak @maxed_out_gym

10 Triples with 405 lbs (184 kg). My best volume PR going into last meet was 8 Triples with 380 lbs.

7 weeks out. @animalpak #animalpak

9x720 (327 kg) on a stiff squat bar followed by 4x5x705. First 8 reps shown.

Come to @maxed_out_gym next Saturday, December 2 for our @animalpak ABC event where I will be deadlifting and we’ll have giveaways and free supps. Wear your Animal shirt for free admission. #animalpak @animal_gear

In just two weeks join me at our Animal Barbell Club Event at Maxed Out Gym on December 2!

Wear an Animal shirt for free entry and be there to train, hang out, and get some free supps and shirts @animalpak @animal_gear @maxed_out_gym @kelleyfit

Ten triples with 397 lbs today...Pick up your limited edition military green or tan Animal tee (like the one I’m wearing in the video) today or tomorrow!

The sale ends on Friday and will be held at A portion of the proceeds go to the Fisher House Foundation. @animalpak @animalmilitary @animal_gear @Fisherhousefdtn #AnimalMilitary #AnimalGear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

All the things. Kelley, Kaanapali Beach, Big Beach, Lava Flow Drinks, waves

Benched at @thegymmaui in Kihei today and hit 5 sets of 4 reps with 375 lbs (170 kg) and no wraps and then 3x4x365.

212.5 kg I’m coming for you at the meet in 8 weeks...Also received an awesome Guava Cake 🍰 from @93koryg ! @zainetarpo Loving Maui!

4 sets of 5 with 300 kg (661 lbs) on a squat bar. Then 8x661 on the fifth set shown in the video.

Went beltless because I didn’t bring my belt to Maui because I wasn’t planning to pull. But we discovered @hoomanabarbell and given how awesome the gym was, I had to pull. Huge thanks to Jodie and Robin for letting us train here and for having such an awesome gym! @hoomanabarbell

This place is pretty nice...Kaanapali and Lahaina, Maui for the week.

We will be at @hoomanabarbell tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm and then @thegymmaui on Saturday at 10 am!

HELP! Need a gym in Lahaina ASAP! Must have free weights, benches, all the things?!


Views from Cape Horn with Oregon on the right and Washington on the left.

And then an overhead view of the Roanoke, VA Valley. Been to some cool places this year.

This Iconic Animal Halloween Dan Green shirt will be sold during a one day sale starting tomorrow at 9 am EST at

@animalpak @animalgear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

749 lb (340 kg) third attempt. All time PR is 766 so pretty dang happy to squat 750 pain free after the herniated disc.

Blake Hardin of Oak Ridge Chiropractic got me back in six months. Off to Maui next week to relax for awhile and then it's right back into training for the USPA Tennessee Classic on January 13 at @maxed_out_gym ! #animalpak @animal_gear @animalpak @jesseburdick @kelleyfit @shalea_prickett @advanex4714

843 lb (382.5 kg) second attempt @kelleyfit @animal_gear @animalpak @jesseburdick @advanex4714 @shalea_prickett #animalpak

457 lb (207.5 kg) third attempt bench @animalpak @animal_gear @kelleyfit @jesseburdick @advanex4714 @shalea_prickett #animalpak

330 kg (727 lb) second attempt squat. This was 63 lbs more than I've had on my back since the herniated disc.

@animal_gear @animalpak @kelleyfit @advanex4714 @shalea_prickett @jesseburdick #animalpak

2/3 on deads with a 782 lb (355 kg) opener. Totaled 2050 in sleeves for my second best total ever.

#animalpak @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @jesseburdick @shalea_prickett @advanex4714

3/3 on bench and PR'd. 430 opener (195 kg) shown here.

Also USPA makes you pause just as long as USAPL @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear #animalpak @jesseburdick @shalea_prickett @advanex4714

Didn't cut weight and weighed in last night at 240. 3/3 on squats.

Blew away my goal post herniated disc. 650 (295 kg) opener shown...wearing the iconic Dan Green Halloween tee that goes on sale on Halloween. @kelleyfit @animalpak @animal_gear @jesseburdick #animalpak @shalea_prickett @advanex4714

#Repost @animalpak ( @get_repost )
Pete Rubish made a name for himself in powerlifting a few years ago by posting videos of his crazy deadlifts in his parents’ basement.

While he doesn't train in the basement anymore, he still hits it just as hard and with as much passion as in those early days. Here he is in Skiba's Gym in Carteret, NJ. #AnimalPak #Deadlifts #Powerlifting #AnimalGear #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

The Fritwich and cheesy hash-browns from Cheryl's on 12th in Portland, OR two weeks ago.

This was the bomb. It's an apple fritter for a bun with eggs, cheese, bacon, and lettuce inside. @kelleyfit @bridgeford242

Last high Bar Squat day before the meet next weekend where I'll squat low bar.

Clips shown are 506 lbs, 596 lbs (hit safety-bar), 664 lbs. Heaviest squat since January and since the herniated disc injury. animalpak @animalgear @jesseburdick #animalpak

Post pneumonia 424 lb bench opener for the meet next weekend.

This will be my first full power meet since January and since I herniated a disc. The meet is the USPA Virginia State Championships in Roanoke. @animalpak @animalgear @jesseburdick #animalpak

@musclemac2016 hooked me up once again with a big box of that 9/10 freaking delicious foods rated, white cheddar, protein packed deliciousness.

I swear on my life guys I just started eating healthy a week ago and actually ingesting micronutrients and drinking nothing but water. I have leaned out even more and lost some weight, but this is a nice treat for preworkout or Post workout nutrition. And you know it's good if @kelleyfit likes it.

#Repost @mbslingshot ( @get_repost )
If this doesn’t give you motivation or hype for the rest of your week, there is something wrong with you.

Mind Bullets Volume 2 releases today at Supertraining06 on YouTube. Tag a friend that could use some motivation! Cue the keyboard warriors, It features some of the greats @stanefferding @pete.rubish @ericspoto @jessenorr @shawstrength @thompsonfatpad @chadwesleysmith @mad_scientist_duffin
#st06 #SlingShot #MindBullets

First time in Portland, we had to try some Blue Star Donuts.

If you're in the area, stop by @goldenageiron today at 3 pm for our deadlift party with @bridgeford242. @jesseburdick

#Repost @animal_gear ( @get_repost )
Anyone who owns one of our caps in recent years knows our preferred cap was a FlexFit.

At Animal Gear, we believe custom is the way forward. It’s what you demand and what we will deliver. This is the newest cap, featuring a grey embroidered logo, built from the ground up. It’s 100% custom and it will be dropping on in the near future. We’re starting with a single style in black with a few logo colorways. More info coming soon. #AnimalGear #AnimalCap #BuiltForIronMadeForLife #AnimalPak

634 lb High Bar Squat in sleeves. This is the most I've squatted in 8 months since the disc injury.

@animalpak @animalgear #animalpak @j.r_york @bennett_ochs

#Repost @animal_gear ( @get_repost )
In less than 24 hours, this special Animal/Lunsford “collab” Iconic Tee will drop as the next 1-Day Sale item.

Bookmark the link (in the bio), get up bright and early tomorrow at 8AM EST, and get yours before it sells out. #AnimalGear #AnimalPak #AnimalIconicTee #AnimalIconic #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

430 lbs + bands with the slingshot and then my 15th set of 281 with bands on speed bench @animalpak @animal_gear @jesseburdick #animalpak @nicolai60 @kelleyfit

My favorite highlight from our trip to Thonon Les Bains, France was seeing Mont Blanc.

Walking around Evian and eating Raclette was pretty cool too. Thank you for having us! Also Multifruit is the best. @nicolino74200 @tntsport

#Repost @animalpak ( @get_repost )
When you're a world-class powerlifter, you usually keep things very structured and systematic.

From your training protocol to your lifting schedule, everything has a place and time. Sometimes though, it's good to get out of your element and push past the confines of your comfort zone. Check out Pete Rubish’s latest video where he works the bench in the scorching Jersey heat of the "The Yard" at Fitness City. #AnimalPak #BenchTraining #BenchPress #Powerlifting

TNT Deadlift Challenge 2017 will begin LIVE at 7a EST ON YouTube! Here's the link! #tntsport #cafè #raclette #barman #lausanne #multifruite #deadlift #euros #300kg #france @tntsport

I'm happy to be back in Thonon Les Bains, France for the TNT Deadlift Challenge on Saturday after traveling for the last 24 hours!

It will be shown live on YouTube. #thononlesbains #tntdeasliftchallenge2017 #300kg @tntsport @nicolino74200 @kelleyfit

441 lb Floor Press w/pause @animalpak @animal_gear @jesseburdick #animalpak #builtforironmadeforlife

565 lb triple on Safety-Bar Squats @animalpak @animal_gear @jesseburdick #animalpak #BuiltForIronMadeForLife

ME Upper 353x3  Manpon Press + 2 chains/side @animalpak @jesseburdick #animalpak " @nicolai60 @thetattydaddy @maxed_out_gym

452 lb SSB Box Squats and 540 lb banded Speed pulls. @animalpak @jesseburdick #animalpak

Max height deficit single with 705 lbs and speed pulls with 540 against bands from Friday.

7 weeks out @jesseburdick @animalpak #animalpak

These are fun. Banded spoto presses 10x226 @animalpak @jesseburdick #animalpak 7 weeks out

408 lbs + 2 chains/side pin press and then 5x325+bands speed bench #animalpak @animalpak

Give the new LEMONADE flavor of Animal Fury Preworkout a try.

It's sold exclusively on and is a limited-edition flavor! #animalpak #fury @animalpak

@kelleyfit on the other hand killed it last weekend and went 8/9 at her meet and hit an easy 297 deadlift PR on her third attempt

Worst meet of my life, albeit it was push/pull. This was a 205 kg bench PR (452) on my second.

Only highlight of the day. Strength wasn't there on pulls. All I can do is come back strong in 9 weeks for the USPA Virginia State Championships in Roanoke.

Thank you to @danandsparkle for the birthday wishes and amazing cupcake!!

#26 Be sure to check out the FREE live stream of the meet tomorrow by going to the @bossbarbellclub page. The meet starts at 9 am pacific time.

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An elite lifter won’t always destroy each and every lift—even the most intense and skilled powerlifter will be injured at some point.

Rather than dwell on what they cannot do, top notch athletes focus on what they can. Watch as Pete Rubish explains how to perform a proper split squat in substitution for a normal squat, only in 'Big On The Basics'. #AnimalPak #BigOnTheBasics #SplitSquat #Powerlifting

Rest week @kelleyfit

#683 #animalpak @animalpak

#Repost @animalpak ( @get_repost )
Your joints are going to take a beating if you train like an Animal.

It's best to take care of the problem before the problem takes care of you. Keep your joint health up to speed with the new Animal Flex Powder. It has the same kick as the legendary packs, but now in the form of an Orange flavored powder. Get it at #AnimalPak #FlexPowder #JointSupport #JointHealth #Bodybuilding #Powerlifting

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We like to get creative here at Animal.

For instance, we like to see what ingredients our athletes will grab when we send them to the food store. What’s even better is to throw some supplements in front of them and see what kind of gnarly concoction they can create. Check out what's in Pete Rubish's Summer Slam Shake. Link in Bio. #AnimalPak #SupplementShake #Powerlifting

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Today we are very proud to announce #DEADLIFTPARTY5 with none other than @pete.rubish on Saturday October 7th. Get tickets and RSVP today on our FB page.

Video + editing @roninvisualmedia @uspapower @deadlifttillimdead #powerlifting #strongman #deadlift #goldenageiron #wefityourstrength

My calibrated plates collection. 5 weeks out from Boss of Bosses.

Been training hard but no videos until the meet. #animalpak @animalpak

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You need tunnel vision to be successful in this game.

Even with hundreds of fans surrounding you and cheering your name, you need to imagine yourself as the only person in a desolate cave. You can’t be thinking about anything other than the barbell at your feet. Nothing else matters. Blocking everything out is just short of psychosis. Hell, it actually is. Check out the latest episode of our feature series,"Only in the Cage: Nothing Around Me." Link in bio. #AnimalPak #2017TheCage #ArnoldSportsFestival #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding

First time in Atlantic City so took a quick trip to the ocean and had a Tony Luke's Philly Cheesesteak.


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Don't miss out on our next Big Event with @pete.rubish and the Animal Barbell Club! We always have a blast when the Animal Crew comes to the Atilis Wildwood location so now we are very excited to see them join us in EHT. Mark your calendars to come out for the day, get in a great workout, grab some samples and meet Animal Crew and of course it's free to all Atilis Members!!!
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Check out the new article featuring me on!

I am currently 8 weeks out from Boss of Bosses. @animalpak #animalpak

Be on the lookout for the new flavor of Fury sold exclusively on

Not exactly sure when this will be available. Any help @naturalguy1 ? @animalpak #animalpak

After Matt made my white belt three years ago, I decided to upgrade to the Gator belt.

@pioneer_fit custom belts and @pioneer_fit heavy duty straps are the only I endorse.

815 deadlift on a stiff bar. If interested in attending my July 22 seminar at @arkansasmuscle Gym in Jonesboro, AR email me at prstrength1

@animalpak #animalpak

Kelley was so jazzed about getting to dress up that she was inspired to challenge me to a pose down

after I serenaded her with some karaoke, which she described as bearing an uncanny resemblance to Thomas Rhett's own version. #seacreatures #donuteaters #puppyraisers #carsonknotmullins #MOG @kelleyfit

That time we celebrated @huckfinnbarbell birthday with a 1005# floor press deadlift AND I took a bite out of a @musclemonster 😳.

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RSVP! 865-272-5240 @maxed_out_gym #Repost @huckfinnbarbell ( @get_repost )

Come party with me & @pete.rubish for my Birthday!!! This is open to everyone, let's pack this gym!!! Lots of giveaways & more!! OK BYE. *********************************
#HUCKFINNPOWER #BuildTheChestFuckTheRest #ApemanStrong #MonsterEnergy
#HowMuchYaBench #CliqueNutrition #FitMom #BikiniPrep #ICONMEALS #OKBYE #PioneerFit

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Word on the street is out.

New Animal Fury is one of the strongest preworkouts currently on the market. Boasting copious amounts of caffeine, beta alanine, and citrulline, Fury is a step up from what you usually expect. Pete Rubish gives his stamp of approval. Check out what he has to say on this installment of Fury Talk. Link in bio. #AnimalPak #AnimalFury #BringThePain #Preworkout #BodyBuilding #PowerLifting

Lucy the vicious Pitbull and Atlas the vicious Malinois.

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435 lbs feet up paused bench @animalpak #animalpak

Phase 2 of 4 now for Boss of Bosses. Sets of 5. Top set today of 5x625 @animalpak #animalpak

Still working back from the disc injury. 530 x 5 squat and then an 805 deadlift the next day.

@animalpak #animalpak

@huckfinnbarbell is coming to town in a few weeks for a birthday bash!

My plan is to bench 500 lbs on this day! Drinks and food to follow. Call Maxed Out Gym at 865-272-5240 to RSVP!

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It's always a great time when @pete.rubish and the Animal Barbell Club is in the house and Saturday July 8th it's going down in EHT. Make sure you get out to meet the crew and take part in some great events throughout the day.
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11+ years of perfecting my craft. This is the end result.

Everything on point...Worked up to 605 lbs @animalpak #animalpak

First day low bar in a very long time. Not sure how much a Duffalo Bar weighs but this is 505 or something @animalpak #animalpak

345 x 9.5 feet up paused bench. #animalpak @animalpak

495 Deadlift Triple @animalpak #animalpak

335 x 10 Feet Up Paused Bench...forgot my compression cuffs at home.

Did 42 reps with 90 lb dumbbells on feet up bench after this @animalpak #animalpak

365 triple with in my opinion my best form ever. I've worked very hard on mobility with @kelleyfit and it's paying off big time.

Feeling so strong and moving better than ever @animalpak #animalpak

225 today...trying to make them perfect @animalpak #animalpak