I wish I could go back to that one night in Paris 🇫🇷 where we had our entire French Polynesia trip 🌺 still ahead of us 😩 I was soooo happy & excited ❤️

Super grateful though for all those beautiful memories we made 🙏🏽🥰 Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 🤗 @plaza_athenee

I can‘t wait to make more memories with you 🗺 @capitano.maurice 🥰

I‘m so happy that you guys seem to love my second Dirndl Collection @krueger_dirndl as much as me 🥰

You can’t imagine how much work has been behind all of my 7 creations 🙈 But I cannot wait to see you wearing my dresses 🤩

Which is your favorite design? 👗 You can see all of them via my Story Highlight „Dirndl“ 🤗 I‘m wearing my Dirndl „Chloe“ here which is one of my favorite designs 👌🏽 I just LOVE this color combination of mint & lightpink 💖

Wishing you guys a beautiful Wednesday 😘

Sometimes you need to create your own Magic ✨

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 🎉 After you guys have been waiting for so long my 2nd Krüger Dirndl Collection has finally been launched 🙌🏽😍

I designed 7 super stunning Dirndl together with @krueger_dirndl for you guys 👗 We had the shooting 📸 for my collection last year in Cape Town 🏔 Now you can finally shop my dresses 🙏🏽

In my Stories I’m showing you all of my designs and I‘m super curious to see which one you like best 🥰 This is my „Dirndl Rubia“ btw ❤️ Let me know which of my designs is your favorite ☺️

Everyday feels like paradise when I‘m with you 💙 @capitano.maurice

„How do you keep your hair so beautiful & shiny despite all the salt 🌊 & chlorine water 🏊‍♀️ on

vacation?“ 🤔 I receive this question a lot & my HAIR SECRET is our „GC Luxury Hair Oil“ @grancosmetics 💕

It contains some of the most luxurious ingredients such as avocado oil 🥑, argan oil, squalane or sweet almond oil which will not only protect your hair from the sun ☀️ & the heat 🔥 it will also nourish it & make it super shiny 🥰 Plus it‘s completely silicone & paraben-free 🙌🏽 You can find the full ingredient list on our website via FAQ ☺️ And it smells soooooo good like a tropical vacation 🤩

All of my Tropical Dreams 🌴 came true during this trip 🥰

Where should we go next?

✈️ I wanna visit some other really beautiful destinations for you guys 🤗 @fsborabora

Out of all the islands we visited in French Polynesia 🇵🇫 we felt Moorea had the most stunning nature 🏔 Especially the sealife there was insanely beautiful 🐋🐠🦈

I received many questions where we stayed in Moorea. We booked our hotel via @staypia.official. They offer discounted prices on over 3 million+ hotels and provide the lowest possible price with AI. We were super happy with their service 💙 & fell in love with the stunning island of Moorea 🥰

I wish you a beautiful start of your week friends 🤗

Moana Vibes in Bora Bora 🌺 I loved meeting all those wild animals in their natural habitat 💙

Which animal have you always wanted to meet? 🦈 To me it was 🐋 and I‘m still soooo grateful 🙏🏽 this dream came true during this trip 😭

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 🤗

Missing this one especially much today @capitano.maurice 😢

Honestly I‘m so grateful about the wonderful time we had together in French Polynesia 🇵🇫 & about all those magical memories we made ✨

I especially miss those little things like waking up to next to you every morning 🥰, being totally silly with each other so other people would wonder „what is going on with them?!“ 🤣 or our little dances in the morning 💃🕺

Sometimes I really need to pinch myself that this trip was all not just a dream ✨🔮

My favorite thing to do in French Polynesia 🧜‍♀️

„Is Bora Bora really that dreamy?“ ✨ I received many DMs like this ☺️ And my answer is:

„Yes, it’s even dreamier in reality“ 🤩

Pictures don‘t even come close to how beautiful Bora Bora in reality is 💙 I guess my huge smile says it all 😃

Super grateful for our beautiful stay @fsborabora 🦋

I never want this trip to end 😭 Unfortunately today is already our last day here in paradise 🦋 I will miss Bora Bora & Maurice sooo much 😢

On the other hand I‘m also sooo excited to see Mason again 🥰 That’s what keeps me motivated to tackle those 4 flights ✈️ ahead of me 🤣 Unfortunately 3 off them will be all by myself because Maurice will fly to LA afterwards 🙈 But the thought of hugging my baby again is my biggest highlight 🤗

I couldn’t be more grateful for this epic trip though & all those beautiful memories we made 🙏🏽💙 @fsborabora

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday friends 😘

Pic 1 or 2... what‘s your fav? ☺️ I love that we always have so much fun together @capitano.maurice ❤️

After our recent post I received sooo many sweet messages 🥰 Thank you so much 🤗 However, there were also a few mean ones so let me just clarify a few things:

1) No, I definitely didn’t cheat on my previous partner!! 😳 We had a very respectful relationship & are still close friends + great parents to our wonderful son! Please don‘t create drama when there is absolutely none ☺️ All of us (including Mason) are happy & that’s what matters most, right? 🙏🏽❤️

2) For those who think it was too soon to start dating again: My previous relationship ended in September 2020. So I don‘t think it was too soon when I met Maurice ☺️ I wasn‘t searching for a new partner! Love just found me... and I‘m incredibly happy it did 🥰

The sunsets here in Bora Bora are pretty insane 🤩 At which place have you watched your best sunset?

🌅 @fsborabora

I wish you a beautiful day friends 🦋

We made it to my dream place: Bora Bora ⛰🤩

Honestly Bora Bora looks even more beautiful than in it’s pictures & I cannot wait to show you more the next days 💙 @fsborabora

Wishing you a beautiful day friends 💙

This might have been the most magical ✨ thing I ever got to experience 😭 Swimming with two wild whales 🐋 in Moorea 🤩

I‘m so in awe with the beauty of these gentle giants 🐳😍

Thank you so much to @mooreamoanatours for making my dream come true 🙏🏽 And to @igrassetphoto for capturing this breath-taking moment I will never forget 🥺

One day someone will walk into your life when you least expect it 🙈 & make it so much more amazing 🥰

You‘re the best thing that happened to me during the pandemic @capitano.maurice ❣️ & I cannot wait for what the future holds for us 🥺 I love you 😘

Making friends with the locals 🦈 The sealife 🐠🐬🐡 here in French Polynesia 🇵🇫 is out of this world 🤩

We had the most amazing time @thebrandoresort 💙 Now we‘re on the way to our next island 🏝 where one of my dreams will come true today: Swimming with wild humpback whales 🐋😍

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday friends 🤗

This picture pretty much sums up how I had imagined French Polynesia to be 🌅🏝🌺

Today was only our first day here & honestly it could not have been any better 🥰 Enjoying this stunning sunset together with amazing company was just the perfect ending to a perfect day 😍

I’m feeling extremely grateful & happy to be here 🙏🏽 Cannot wait for our next days here in paradise 💕 @thebrandoresort

Postcard from Tahiti 🌺

Big announcement 🎉 We just launched a new @grancosmetics product:

Our Gran Cosmetics Luxury Hair Oil 💧

Some of its properties are:
- Vegan & cruelty-free
- Paraben- & silicone-free
- Contains only high-end ingredients such as argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil or squalane
- Leaves your hair shinier & healthier
- Provides a nourishing boost
- Prevents heat & sun damage
- Tackles frizz & dullness

Enroute to Paradise ✈️🌺 I cannot wait to show you more of Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora the next days 🤩

Honestly there were so many times when I thought this trip was not gonna happen 😭 So it still feels surreal that we‘re currently sitting in the airplane 💺 & almost made it 😱

This is actually the longest airplane ride I‘ve ever been on 😄 In total it’s 21h with a short stopover in Canada 🇨🇦

I didn‘t expect our seats to be this comfy though💺 Enjoing every second in the Premium Economy Class @airtahitinui 😍

Believe me or not but time went by so fast 😱 Just 3h left until we‘ll land in Tahiti 🦋

From Paris 🇫🇷 with Love ❤️

Met up with someone special here 🥰 & enjoyed our short 1 night stay in this stunning city 😍 @plaza_athenee

Now we’re on our way to the airport ✈️ hoping everything will go well ✊🏽 with our flight to Tahiti 🌺

If you‘re visiting Malta 🇲🇹 one of the places you really need to see is Valletta ❤️

There is just so much history here, you can find delicious food there 😋 plus the vibe is very special ✨

Yesterday was actually my first time visiting Valletta during sunset time 🌅 & at night 🌌 I was even more in awe with the city when all of the lights turned on 💫

I‘m very excited to show you more beautiful places on our little island together with @visitmalta @visitmaltade 😍

Just 3 days left until Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora 🌺 It still seems sooo surreal 😱 I think I can only fully realize it once we‘ll sit in the airplane ✈️ & there is no way back 🙈

If everything goes well... those who follow my stories regularly know why this week has been an emotional roller coaster ride 🎢

But first off to Paris in 2 days 🇫🇷

Do you have any travel plans this summer? ☀️

Just a few days left with this one so I‘m talking full advantage of it 🥰

Zum Frühstück gibt es bei uns momentan ganz oft die Sommer Müslis @mymuesli 🥥 die sind sooo lecker 😋

Exklusiv über meine Seite (Link im Profil) oder
➡️ ⬅️ erhaltet ihr die Summer Minis ab einem Einkaufswert von 10€ gratis (Aktion gültig bis 17.09.2021) 🙌🏽😍

Habt einen wunderschönen Tag ihr Lieben 😘

The day I felt like a real life fairy 🧚‍♀️ in Santorini 🇬🇷

Thx to @greecephotographer for all those beautiful shots 📸 More coming up 🤫

Matching with my mini me 🥰 I'm taking full advantage of my time with Mason before heading to Tahiti in 10 days 🌺 #stillcantbelieveit

Both of us are wearing Pat Pat Kids clothes, cute quality, great price 💙 @patpat_clothing @patpat_kids

#malta #stjulians #spinolabay #patpat #patpatkidsclothes

Exploring some hidden spots in Malta 🇲🇹 I just love European Summer 🙌🏽😍 And

I‘m super grateful to live in a place which other people visit on their holiday 🥰

Yesterday I went on a little boat trip with some friends ⛵️ We swam in many beautiful caves & this crystal clear lagoon called „Crystal Lagoon“ 🌊 I find it almost more beautiful than the famous „Blue Lagoon“ 🤩

Would you like me to show you more secret spots on the island? ☺️

Just 3 weeks left until Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora 🌺 I really cannot wait 🤩

What are your Summer Travel Plans 🦋 this year? ☀️

I can’t wait for French Polynesia 🌺 in 3 1/2 weeks 🤩

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 💙

„Tell me about something you’re really proud of“ 💙 To me it‘s my Commercial Pilot Licence 👩🏼‍✈️

Even though I‘m currently not flying commercially it was maybe the most challenging & most rewarding thing I’ve ever done (next to becoming a Mom of course) 🙏🏽🥰

And what is so crazy about it: Despite the fact that flying ✈️ used to be my biggest passion, I found something which I also love sooo much: Travel blogging 🗺

Even though I‘ve chosen it a few years ago because of it‘s flexibility (e.g. being able to work & live anywhere in the world 🌎 or being able to take your kids with you to work) who knows I might decide one day that I wanna go back to working as a pilot for a living 👩🏼‍✈️

For sure I wanna empower young women out there to go for their dreams 🙌🏽 Just be prepared that they might change along the way 😉

Trying to teach @masonnaimgran early that watching sunsets 🌅 is better than watching NetFlix 😄

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 💛 @mageia_residence

Princess Feels ✨ in Tuscany 🇮🇹

Honestly I‘m so happy more & more weddings are allowed to happen again 👰🏼‍♀️💐🤵🏻‍♂️Are you invited to any wedding this year?

Pic 1 or 2? 💙 Which one is your fav? ☺️

We‘ve been enjoying our time here in Crete 🇬🇷 @mageia_residence to the fullest 🙌🏽😍

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 😘

Beach selfies are the best 🖤

Honestly I‘be been enjoying this little „workation“ soooo much 🥰

Wishing you a great start into your weekend friends 🤗 @daios_cove

Hello from beautiful Crete 🇬🇷

Unbelievable this shot 📸 was taken is Greece and not somewhere in the Caribbean or so 😍

Tag someone you wanna visit Greece with 💙

Super happy to stay at stunning @daios_cove 🌴 Thx to @tassakos for being such an excellent host 🙏🏽 #makeitmagic

Santorini was simply magical again ✨ Just a few days left until I‘ll already visit my next beautiful destination ✈️😍

But first I‘m looking forward to spending the weekend with my family in Germany 🇩🇪 And then on Sunday we are off to... 🤫

Honestly it doesn’t really matter where 🙈 I‘m just incredibly grateful to be able to travel again & getting to work in my profession as a travel blogger ☺️🤍 Plus I cannot wait to spend some quality time amazing people 🥰

Heute ist es endlich soweit 🎉 Mit meinem Code erhaltet ihr 20% Rabatt auf ALLES auf meiner

Reisetipps des Tages-Seite, welche ich zusammen mit @expediade für euch erstellt habe (Link im Profil) 🙌🏽😍

Rabattcode: ➡️ MADELEINE20 ⬅️

Über den Link in meinem Profil gelangt ihr auf meine Seite, auf der ich euch heute 2 Top Destinationen für den Sommer inklusive vielen tollen Reise- & Hoteltipps vorstelle: MALTA 🇲🇹 & SANTORINI 🇬🇷

Heute könnt ihr meine Empfehlungen für Malta 🇲🇹 & Santorini 🇬🇷 shoppen und am Donnerstag für 2 weitere Lieblings-Destinationen von mir 🙌🏽😍

Das ist die perfekte Gelegenheit eure nächste Reise zu buchen 🗺 Nach dieser schweren Zeit haben wir es alle nötig uns eine kleine Auszeit zu gönnen 🙏🏽
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Real Talk – Nach so einem Jahr, welches wir alle hinter uns haben, finde ich es nicht gerade leicht

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#ExpediaWeek #expediapic #ad

Who‘s gonna take a morning dip 💦with me in this crystal clear water? 🙌🏽😍

Can you imagine this was our private beach @cycladicgemluxuryvilla 😱

Btw because I keep receiving so many DMs about it: Yes, I still sell my filters @pilotmadeleinepresets ☺️💙

I wish you a beautiful Sunday friends 🤗

P.s: Yesterday evening I discussed a very interesting & controversial topic with you guys in my stories 🤫 Let me know your thoughts about this ☺️

„But you‘re a Mom“ 🙈😂

Honestly I‘ve been enjoying this little Mommy getaway so much 🥰 But now I‘m also sooo excited to see my sweet boy later again 😍 @katikieshotelsantorini

Marilyn Monroe Vibes 💃 in Greece 🇬🇷

Who is your style icon? ❤️

The Beauty of Greece 🇬🇷🌸

Honestly I‘ve been soaking up every moment since we’ve arrived 🥰 It‘s my first time here in Ios and I‘m in awe with the beauty of this little island & our stunning accommodation 😍

Tag someone you‘d like to stay here with 🤍 @cycladicgemluxuryvilla

Waking up in Santorini is like a dream come true 🤩 Super grateful to be back at one of my favorite places 🙏🏽🇬🇷 @imervillas

Off to new adventures tomorrow ✈️🤩

Tag the person you’d stay here with 💙

Best reunion ever @alenagerberofficial 👯‍♀️💜

Now I‘m already back in Frankfurt & I miss you already 😩

I‘m surprised that Germany has such stunning spots btw 🌸😍 This house 🏡 really looks like it would be located in London 🇬🇧 or so but it‘s actually in Bremen, Germany 🇩🇪

I wish you all a great start of the new week 🤗

Tag that person who always steals your food 😂

Are you more a Sneakers 👟 or High Heels 👠 kinda girl?

Honestly I‘m both 😃 But I probably wear sneakers more often 🙈 Love all of my shoes @stevemaddeneu 😍 Which ones are your favs?

Receive 20% off your entire order via code
➡️ MADELEINE20 ⬅️ Code valid until May 16th.

Anzeige #crazyaboutstevemadden

My biggest blessing ❤️ @masonnaimgran

Wishing you all a beautiful long weekend 😘

Our Giveaway with @claireluise.official is closed ☺️ Congratulations to our lucky winner @theteresagrupp 🙌🏽🎉 Please send me a DM with your desired dress, size + address 💖

Happy Mother‘s Day 💝

Sharing some of my favorite moments of motherhood with you guys today 🥰 What’s your favorites clip?

☺️ I just love being your Mommy @masonnaimgran❣️

P.s: I know this day is super hard for all those of you who either have lost their Mom 😢 or to those of you who still pray to become a Mom themselves.
Sending you the biggest hug 🤗 & lots of LOVE ❤️

First pic taken during our last flight @turkishairlines ✈️

This trip has been one of my favorite trips ever 💖 It‘s kinda like it made me fell in love with life all over again 🥰

Yesterday in my stories I shared something very personal & controversial with you guys 🙈 Feel free to let me know your thoughts about it ☺️

Happy Monday friends 💙 Finally something so many of you have been waiting for:

We have another amazing sale @grancosmetics 🙌🏽🎉

Since Sunday is Mother‘s Day in many countries you get 20% off your entire order via code ➡️ MOM ⬅️

So whether you’re still looking for a Mother‘s Day gift 💝 or simply wanna have longer & fuller eyelashes or eyebrows this is the right time to stock up on our popular GranLash eyelash enhancer serum 👌🏽

Link in bio to order yours 🤗 Wishing you a great start of the week friends 💖

Happiness is not a destination, it‘s a state of mind 💙

Saying Good Bye to my fellow Bond girl 🔥 & travel partner in crime @alenagerberofficial today wasn’t easy 😭

If you wanna have a good laugh 😂 check my stories where we’ll reveal some secrets & insights into our trip 🤫


Postcard from the Maldives @masonnaimgran 🌴We don’t wanna leave 😭

I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing trip though 🙏🏽💙

Last night‘s sunset 🌅 & this setup were too beautiful 😍 What do you think we talked about? 😂

Tag the person you‘d like to sit here with 💖


Happy Sunday friends ❤️

You guys often ask me about my CURRENT FITNESS & DIET ROUTINE so here it is:

In winter during lockdown I had zero motivation to workout & eat healthy 😝 I mean for what? 😂 However, when we started planning this trip I started to get my motivation back 💪🏽 I worked out at least every other day (mainly home workouts) and ate less junk food & sweets 🙈 The occasional pizza 🍕 & cinnamon rolls were still ok though 😃

And it makes me super happy that in only 2 months my body has changed quite drastically 💪🏽 So I might continue my new workout & diet routine (which I’ve completely skipped during this trip 😂) in order to stay fit before my next trip ☺️

Are you currently motivated to workout & eat healthy? ❤️ @fsmaldives

Self-care Saturday 🌺🌸🌼 Doesn‘t get much dreamier than taking a beautiful floral bath 🛁🌺 Have you ever done that?


Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 😘 @fsmaldives
Bikini @revolve 👙

Hug the Ocean 🌊

My appreciation for Mother Earth is endless 🙏🏽 Honestly how stunning is our planet please?



Friendship & Villa Goals 🏝 Tag the person you’d like to stay here with 🤩

Btw can you guess who is who? ❤️😃 @alenagerberofficial @fsmaldives

I can‘t promise to fix all of your problems in life.

But I can promise you won‘t need to face them alone ❤️ @masonnaimgran


Tag the person you wanna go on a trip to the Maldives with 💙

This trip has been nothing but a DREAM ✨ Honestly I can probably only fully realize what we’ve all experienced here when we’re home 🙈

Life has often been like a rollercoaster ride🎢 for me so I told myself to appreciate the ups even more while they last 🙏🏽

And my favorite part is that I get to experience everything with my baby @masonnaimgran 🥰 Hopefully he‘ll remember everything when he‘s older ☺️ And what age do you think kids start to remember things? 💙 @anantaradhigu

Pic 1 or 2? 👯‍♀️ Which one is your favorite? 💙 #friendshipgoals @alenagerberofficial @anantarakihavah

Pretty much my face throughout this entire trip 😃 Honestly I‘ve been smiling non-stop since we’ve arrived in the Maldives 🥰

One of the reasons for it is that you guys send me the sweetest messages 🥺 I‘m feeling extremely grateful that get to experience all this (especially during this crazy time) 🙏🏽 And that you guys seem to be so happy for us 😭❤️

Under the Sea 🐠🐙🦈

This morning we got surprised by the most beautiful breakfast 🥞 in the underwater restaurant of our resort & we hardly couldn’t believe our eyes when we entered it 😭 You should have seen the big eyes our kids made 🥰 Honestly @alenagerberofficial and I have been smiling non-stop during this trip and we feel extremely blessed getting to experience such magical moments with our children 🙏🏽💙

Swipe right to see who joined us 🐢 @anantarakihavah

Having a female friend with you when you travel not only means having endless nights of talking

about the funniest topics 🤣 (mainly after the kids are asleep), it also means you can braid each other‘s hair 👱🏻‍♀️, you can exchange all of your outfits 👗 & take beautiful pictures of each other 📸
Alena, I‘m so grateful to be here with you & our little kids @alenagerberofficial 💜 This girls trip was very much needed 🙏🏽 & came at the perfect time 🥰
Thank you for our beautiful stay @anantaradhigu 🏝

Alone with you 💙

Good Morning from Paradise 🌺 This pic was too cute not to share on my feed 🥰

We arrived yesterday at stunning @anantaradhigu & I‘m so grateful to experience such magic moments together with my friend @alenagerberofficial & her daughter 👧🏼 She & Mason immediately became best friends and it makes me heart so happy seeing him like this 💖

Enroute to Paradise ✈️🌺 I couldn’t be more grateful 🙏🏽

Actually it‘s my first time flying with this little guy & so far I‘m surprised how well it‘s been going 🥰

Just a few hours left until we‘ll land in one of my favorite destinations 🗺 After 7 months I cannot wait to finally share current travel content with you guys again 😍

Huge thanks to @turkishairlines for being so kids-friendly and for making our flight so pleasant again ❤️

I cannot wait to create more memories with you 🤩

It’s official 🎉 I‘M A HOME OWNER 🔑😭 Just got back from the German embassy & signed the purchase contract for my own apartment in Wiesbaden 🙌🏽🏠😍

It‘s a huge milestone & dream of mine which came true today 😭 Something I‘ve been working for really hard the past years and was only able to achieve thanks to support by my family, close friends & you guys 🤗

To thanks again for your daily support & love ❣️ It really means the world to me 🌎

This pic is not related btw but if you swipe right you can see the floor plan & some design ideas ☺️ I‘m looking forward to taking you guys along this exciting new journey of mine ❤️

I can’t believe there are only 3 days left 😱 until my first trip ✈️ after 7 months where I explicitly decided not to travel 🙈

Of course it will be a work trip for me but honestly before 🦠 not many people thought what a privilege it actually is being able to work in your profession 🙏🏽

I feel sad for all those who are still not able to do so 😔 but I’m also trying to stay hopeful that the worldwide situation will be much better soon ❤️

I cannot wait to finally post current travel content for you guys again 🗺 & to take you along this journey 🤗

Pic 1 or 2? 🐣 Mason and I wish you a Happy Easter 🐰

This little guy has been having the best time hunting Easter eggs 🥚 for the first time today 🥺 It’s thr cutest (check my stories) 🥰 He really is my biggest blessing 🙏🏽

I hope that despite the current situation you get to spend Easter with your loved ones 🥰

Summer Vibes 🦋

𝐋𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐓 𝐆.𝐕𝐄𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘, 𝐬𝐰𝐢𝐩𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐬

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Yesterday in my stories I revealed my next destination to you guys 🗺

I also explained why we‘ve chosen this destination 🌎 & why I explicitly decided not to travel the past 7 months 🙈 And I also explained why I will do so again soon (with many precautions of course) ☺️

Feel free to leave me your opinion about this on here 💗

What’s your favorite part about traveling? 💛

What you know about rollin‘ down in the deep? ❤️

Simply magical ✨ Have you ever spotted stingrays? 🐙
Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 💙

Reunited with my number 1 ❤️

I just got back after only being away for 3 days ✈️ realizing my little baby @masonnaimgran 👶🏻 has turned into a handsome young man 🥺

La dolce vita in Positano 🍋🇮🇹 Tag the person you‘d sit here with ❤️

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️

Only since becoming a Mom🤰I have a huge respect for what us women (with our without kids) manage to achieve every single day 👏🏽 My goal is to raise my son to become the biggest gentlemen & to only treat women with respect ☺️

I‘m also very grateful for all those supportive women who follow me here on Instagram 🥰 Honestly in real life I‘ve never had so much support by other women 🙈 so I‘m extremely grateful for all of you guys ❣️Thx a mil for your daily messages & DMs 💌 which often brighten up my day 😍

Sending a big hug to all of you 🤗

Definitely dreaming about having breakfast here again 🤩 Tag the person you‘d sit here with 🐬

Just found this shot from the Bahamas I‘ve never posted 🙈 I think maybe because I look a bit terrified 😂 floating in between all those sharks 🦈 Well, actually I was a bit terrified 😜

I remember how people would tell me to make a fist so they won‘t be nibbling on my fingers 😳 Hahaha

I really love sharks though 😍 Have you ever had the honor to see them in real life? 🦈

Last summer we got to stay in this stunning villa in Positano which was a dream come true 🙏🏽😍Positano is one of my favorite places and waking up with such a view felt almost surreal 🤩

Thank you so much to @fewodirekt for having made it possible! When traveling is safe again I can highly recommend booking a vacation rental with them to enjoy your own space. They have a lot of options for every kind of holiday, so check their page for some more inspo❤️ Anzeige

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday friends 🤗

Incredible Underwater Suite 🐠🦈 Tag the person you‘d stay here with 💙

Spring fling 🌼 Who‘s also ready for spring? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Giveaway with @vedder.vedder closed 💗

Congratulations to my lucky winners @grtravellers @laurabiesenbaum @jessicatraechsel @knsteffi @isabella_pl97 🍀 Please send me a DM with your email adress 💌

Send me your location 💙 I wouldn’t mind being there right now 😍

A little morning travel throwback to make us all dream of better times ahead 💙 Tag the person you‘d have breakfast here with 🌺

I wish you a great start into the new week friends 🤗

We are back home in Malta 🇲🇹 & I couldn’t be much happier 🥰

I don’t know what it is about this little island but I just love its charme ⛵️ That‘s why I‘m grateful to get to call it „home“ for almost 4 years now ☺️

Dreaming about the day when thinking about traveling will put a smile on

everyone‘s face again 🥰

Happy V-Day friends ❤️ This might be my first Valentine‘s Day in 10 years or so where

I‘m single 😂 However: I actually celebrate this day even more today because my happiness does not depend on another person but only on myself (and my son of course) 🥰

And other reason to celebrate is that we have 3 special surprises @grancosmetics for you guys 🙌🏽😍

How do you celebrate Valentine‘s Day today? Whether you’re single or in a relationship I wish you the most amazing day ❤️

Yesterday I was sitting in the airplane to Malta 🇲🇹 when I heard some really shocking news 💔 which literally left me speechless:

A young Mom committed suicide which was most likely related to Cyber Bullying 😢 RIP beautiful angel @kasia_lenhardt ❤️

Even thinking about this makes me angry & sad at the same time 😩 I‘ve talked about it sooo many times before: Cyber Bullying is harmful! Please don‘t support people who are bullies! 🙅🏼‍♀️

I used to be that person who almost never received hate on social media. Until recently when my job became an object of hatred and some people started to get upset about anything I would do 🙈 Fortunately I‘ve experienced too many downs🎢 in my life that my mental health has always been pretty stable 🙏🏽 Thus I can deal with hate well enough. However, not everyone is (always) mentally stable so Cyber Bullying is extremely dangerous & absolutely not acceptable!!! People who are bullied are up to 9 times more likely to commit suicide 😢 Only this number should be a trigger warning to all of us 😳

On the other hand I also wanna point out the positive impact each one of you can have on someone else’s life! For instance in times where I felt quite low you guys (next to my family & friends) were often those who were able to cheer me up 🥰 So leaving a beautiful comment or DM can not only make someone else’s day it could even save someone else’s life 🙏🏽 So please think about it thoroughly next time you send someone a message or comment on social media because your impact could be huge ❤️ #stopbullying #saynotobullying #stopmobbing

Dreaming about the day when traveling will be unlimited again 💙

Happy 2nd Birthday 🎉 to my favorite person on the planet @masonnaimgran 🎂❤️

I can't promise to solve all your problems but I can promise you won't have to face them alone 🤗

I’ll love you forever my little prince 👑❤️


My Baby is turning 2 🎂 today in one week 😭 Where has time gone? 🥺

Let‘s hope I‘ll soon be able to take you to more beautiful places again @masonnaimgran ✈️ #throwback We haven’t traveled since October and I really miss it & being able to work in my job 🙈

Someone really wanted to join my Reel 😂 Which outfit was your fav? ❤️

Which place 🗺 would you like this visit after all this is over?
1) Austria ❄️

2) Cappadocia 🎈
3) Hawaii 🌺
4) Zakynthos 🇬🇷
5) Maldives 🐬
Tag someone you wanna go to one of these places with 💙

My dream came true of finally having snow ❄️ right in front of our door 🤩

Do you also currently have snow where yet live? 🌨 Let‘s build a snowman today ☃️😍

If you could visit your dream place 🌏 after all this 🦠 is finally over 🙈 which one would it be?


Good Morning & Happy Weekend friends ❄️ We feel super happy in our new home Wiesbaden (even if it‘s just temporary) 💙

I posted a Q&A in my stories yesterday so feel free to ask me anything you want 🤗 Wishing you a beautiful weekend 😘

Found the most magical spot in my new home Wiesbaden ✨💙 See more in my stories how unreal this place looks 🙏🏽🤩

Yesterday in my stories I asked you guys whether you prefer me to post old travel pics ✈️ or current snapshots 📸 Most of you voted for current snapshots so I guess you will see more of them from now on 🥰

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to cherish what matters most!

My biggest blessing in life is this cuddly guy right here ❤️

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends 🥂🍾🎆 I‘m wishing you a year filled with lots of love, amazing memories, health & happiness 🥰

Thank you for following along my crazy journey (even when I‘m not traveling) called life 🤗

P.s: The story behind this picture is that we were just testing the light for a photoshoot when @masonnaimgran put himself down to cuddle with me 🥺 Even though it was not planned to be a picture it‘s now one of my favs ever 🥰

Unfortunately today we have some rather sad 😢 news for you guys:

After 4 years together Iqbal and I decided to separate as a couple 😔

This decision didn’t come overnight! For the past 1 1/2 years we tried to save our relationship but finally had to admit that it’s best for everyone if we just remain close friends.

Iqbal and I will keep our friendship strong & remain loving parents to our wonderful son Mason Naim whose happiness will always be our number one priority!

We would appreciate your support & kindness during this difficult time ❤️

Christmas 2020, 2019 & 2018... which one is your favorite pic? ❤️

Yesterday evening was most likely the best Christmas Eve 🎅🏻 I‘ve ever had 😭 After such a crazy year that felt sooo good 🥰

I hope you guys had a wonderful time with your loved ones as well❤️

Merry Christmas friends 🎄🎁🤗

Which Christmas Eve outfit is your fav? ❤️
Merry Christmas friends 🤗🎄🎅🏻

Just one day until Christmas 🎅🏻 Are you already in Christmas mood? 🎄

Our GranLash @grancosmetics is such a great gift for Christmas 🎁

In my stories I’m gonna share some customer reviews of our GranLash serum. Some of the results will shock you 😱🤩

Wishing you a beautiful & relaxed day today ❤️

One of the most beautiful buildings in the world 🕌

Just one more day until I‘ll reveal my next destination 🤫 Just a small hint:

It‘s not a risk area in Germany so no quarantine is required when I‘ll get back 🙈

Until then I‘m reminiscing about some of the beautiful places we went to in 2020 such as Dubai ✨

I just uploaded a new Dubai VLOG 🎥 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ ❤️ Let us know how you liked it 😘

Wishing you a beautiful 4th Advent weekend 🕯

Despite the current strict lockdown in Germany 😩 I‘m trying to stay optimistic that in 2021 traveling will be easier again 🙏🏽💙

My next destination in January just got confirmed (if everything works out) 🗺 Which one do you think it is? 🌎

Small hint: It‘s a place that has been on my bucket list for a long time and I‘ve never been there yet ☺️

I will reveal this beautiful destination on Sunday 🤫

It‘s the most wonderful time of the year 🎄

Are you already in Christmas mood?

🎅🏻 I think this year I‘m even more longing for a peaceful & jolly Christmas with my family 🙏🏽❤️

If you‘re still looking for a last minute gift idea 🎁 I can recommend you getting a beautiful @nordgreenofficial watch ✨

Via my code PILOT you get 15% off your entire order 🙌🏽

I also love that during Christmas time Nordgreen gives part of their profits to Aktion Deutschland who are currently doing humanitarian work in Greek Morià 👏🏽

Feel free to order your watch here: ❤️ Anzeige

All I want for Christmas is YOU ❤️

If you are looking for a last minute gift idea for a child I can recommend you getting them a @hotwheelsofficial railroad 🚙 #hotwheels Anzeige

You should have seen Mason Naim‘s face when we build it up yesterday (check my stories) 😍

Wishing you a beautiful Monday friends ❤️

While another strict lockdown is very likely to happen soon in Germany 🙈 I‘m reminiscing of all the places I got to visit this year 💃

One of the coolest ones was definitely Cuba 🇨🇺 The vibe there with all those vintage cars 🚙 & the awesome music 🎶 was just so special 👌🏽

Which place did you really enjoy visiting in 2020? 🗺

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend friends ❤️

Walking towards 2021 like 🙋🏼‍♀️

Honestly I cannot wait for the next year to begin!

New year = new opportunities 🥰

How about you guys? Are you also looking forward to 2021? 🎆 @discoversoneva

This place & this view 🤩 #capri

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Happy Nikolaus my friends 🎅🏻 Tag the person you’d swim here with 💦❄️

This is one of my most shared pictures btw ☃️

We‘re flying ✈️ home for Christmas today 🎄 Even though we will miss the sunny weather in Malta ☀️ & we need to be in quarantine for at least 5 days 😷 we are really looking forward to cold & cozy Germany 🇩🇪

Wishing you all a beautiful 2nd Advent 🕯 & a Happy Nikolaus Day 🎅🏻

P.s: I‘m waiting for @masonnaimgran to wake up so he can see a little surprise 🥾🍫🤫

When we stayed in this cozy cabin in Sweden ☃️

I can‘t decide 🤔 if I would rather be in a tropical place right now 🌴 or in a Winter Wonderland ☃️ What would you pick?


Btw I just published my „COVID Travel Review for the Maldives“ 📝 on my Blog: ❤️ @discoversoneva

We just have 1 day left in sunny Malta ☀️ Tomorrow we will fly ✈️ home to Germany 🇩🇪 for Christmas 🎄🎅🏻

Wishing you all a beautiful 2. Advent weekend 😘

Tag the person you‘d sit here with 🌊 #sonevajani @discoversoneva

My favorite place on earth 🌺 Guess the location 💙

One of my fav edits ever 🌅🤩 @pilotmadeleinepresets

Today in my stories I‘m gonna talk about why I lived four times in the USA (in Texas, in LA, in NYC & in Arizona) 🇺🇸 if that interests you ☺️

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ❤️

Ohhh... how much I miss Hawaii 😩 Which place in the world do you miss most? 🗺

I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a phenomenal time 🤗 I cannot wait to spend Christmas with my family this year 🎅🏻

Wishing you a beautiful weekend friends 🤗

Those reflections tho ✨🤩
Tell me about something positive that happened to you in 2020 💙

I never knew a love like this existed until I met you 💙 @masonnaimgran @discoversoneva


What waking up in Marrakech feels like 🔮💫

The most magical place I know 🎈 #cappadocia

If it’s currently not recommended to travel 🌎 why not explore your own country? 💜

Yesterday we went to one of my favorite places in Malta: „Popeye Village“ 🏠 The movie „Popeye“ was filmed here 🎬 many years ago and they kept the original movie location which is very cute 😍

Doesn’t this place look unreal with all those tiny houses 🏘 & the beautiful ocean 🌊 right in front of it? 🤩

The next weeks I‘m gonna show you more of our home Malta 🇲🇹 until we‘ll fly to our second home Germany 🇩🇪 for Christmas 🎄

How are you gonna spend Christmas this year? 🎅🏻

Dress @revolve 💜

Would you get more excited about the food 🥥 or the view? 🤩

Anyone else really longing for a white ❄️ & cozy Christmas 🎄 this year? 🥺

Happy Sunday friends 💙 I wouldn’t mind waking up like this again 🤩 Tag the person you‘d sit here with 🥞🥥🍉 @discoversoneva

I‘m currently planning my travels for next year ✈️ I know at the moment it doesn’t look too promising 😩 so we will definitely stay at home until 2021 🏠 But I‘m trying to stay optimistic that traveling will be possible again next year ☺️

What destinations should I visit in 2021? 🗺

Where should we fly next? ✈️❤️

So turns out I‘m this crazy Mom who cries at home 😭 after dropping off their child on their first day at daycare 👶🏻

I never knew this day would be much harder on us parents than on our kids 🥺 @masonnaimgran loves other kids so much so we decided to give him to daycare when we‘re in Malta 🇲🇹

When I just dropped him off at the childcare center he immediately ran to play with the other kids while
I‘m sitting here at home sobbing my eyes out 😢 Crazy I know 😩 Please tell me I‘m not the only one with such feelings 💔

WE ARE LIVE friends 🎉😭 You can finally access our @grancosmetics shop via (link in bio) 🙌🏽💖

The past 2 years of creating our own cosmetics brand has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups & downs 🎢 Hence, we are even more excited to introduce our first product to you guys: It‘s called „GranLash“ & is the most powerful yet gentle lash serum I‘ve ever used 👌🏽

We created this amazing & unique formula with some of the best specialists in Germany 🇩🇪 I think you can tell how long & thick my lashes have become 🥰 I get so many DMs 💌 about them from you guys daily so it’s crazy these are all my natural lashes thanks to GranLash 😱

Like all of our Gran Cosmetics products GranLash is vegan friendly 🌱 & cruelty-free 🐰 It has NOT been tested on animals!

Btw we offer worldwide shipping so you can order our products from anywhere in the world 🌎 If you have any other questions just send me a DM here or on our @grancosmetics account 💌

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 😘

Happy Friday friends 💗 Let’s say this week hasn‘t been the easiest week in our lives reading all those crazy news 😢, following the elections 🇺🇸 & with COVID still around 🦠 How are you guys doing?

What helped me this week was baking some sweets 🍬 & watching several Christmas movies 🎄 I can highly recommend doing that! It’s gonna uplift your spirits 😃 You can even find a long Christmas Movie list in my stories 🎅🏻

This weekend is quite a special weekend for Iqbal & I: Today we’re gonna reveal 🤫 our first product on the @grancosmetics account & on Sunday will already be the official launch 🎉 Well „already“ is maybe not the right word because we‘ve been working on it the past 2 years 😂 I hope you guys will love it just as much as we do 🙌🏽😍

Wishing you all a wonderful start into your weekend 💖 Please stay safe friends 🤗

Location @discoversoneva 🦋 Dress @revolve 💙

Our big secret is finally out 🙈 For the past 2 years Iqbal and I have been working really hard on creating our own cosmetics brand GRAN COSMETICS @grancosmetics 💖

All of our products are made in Germany 🇩🇪, vegan 🌱 & cruelty free 🐰

Our first product will already launch in less than a week (Sunday, November 8th) 🎉 I‘ve been using this product for quite a while now and it‘s THE ABSOLUTE BEST ever 🙌🏽😍

We‘d really appreciate your follow & support on @grancosmetics where we will reveal first which is our first product 🤫 I‘m honestly sooo happy & excited to receive your feedback 🥰

Heaven is a place on earth 🌊

Tomorrow @iqbalgran and I have a huge announcement to make 😱 Can you guess which one it is is?

☺️💙 @discoversoneva

Home bound ✈️❤️ We‘re currently enroute to Malta 🇲🇹

Unfortunately it won’t be as comfortable as our flight to the Maldives ☺️ Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly though ❤️

Still thinking about all the wonderful memories we‘ve made during this trip 🥰 Super grateful for everything 🙏🏽

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 😘 And a Happy Halloween 👻🎃 @qatarairways

Bye Dubai 💙 We‘ve had an absolute blast here 😍 & I couldn’t be more thankful for this epic Maldives/ Dubai trip 🙏🏽

Honestly this might be the first time when I‘m not ready to go home 😩 Things are currently going through my head such as: „When will be able to travel (work) again?“ or „Will we be able to spend Christmas with our families?“ etc.

However, it‘s time to face reality 🙈 Tonight we will fly back to Malta 🇲🇹 I think the current situation is not as drastic (yet) there as in Germany 🇩🇪 so I will let you know how everything is ☺️

We will take a COVID test as soon as we are back just to be on the safe side 🦠

Wishing everything lots of love & mental health going through these difficult times ❤️

Waking up like this was like a dream come true 🤩

But I did not only enjoy the mornings here @addressdowntown ☕️ my favorite part were actually the evenings 🌃 as we could watch the light & fountain show 💦right from our balcony 🙌🏽✨

Plus I loved that our hotel was in walking distance to Dubai Mall 🛍

Honestly I‘m so grateful for this epic trip we‘ve had with 🙏🏽💙 #visitdubai #AddressDowntown

Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing @masonnaimgran smile 🥰

A few days ago we spent all day at the Atlantis Aquarium 🦈 & Aquaventure Waterpark 💦 I‘ve never seen him this excited about anything 😍 We will definitely come back here before we‘ll leave Dubai on the 31st ☺️

@atlantisthepalm #visitdubai

Happy Monday friends 💙 We‘ve decided to enjoy our last 5 days here in Dubai to the fullest ☺️ It’s actually been so relaxing that I thought today was still the weekend 😂

We just changed to a beautiful beach hotel @jumeirahalnaseem so Mason Naim can play in the sand & we get to watch the sunset 🌅 along with this stunning view 🤩

We‘re just a bit worried how the situation in Europe will be like when we‘ll return home 😩 How is the situation where you live? 💙

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One of my favorite things to do in Dubai is visiting the Dubai Desert 🌵🐪

It is just so magical ✨ especially getting to watch the sunset there 🌅

Thank you to @platinumheritage for making us feel like in the Arabian Nights movie 🔮

About last night 💛✨

Hello from Dubai 🔮✨🐪

We‘ve had the perfect first day here spending it at one of my favorite places:

Jumeirah Beach🌴

The water at this beach is crystal clear & super warm 💦 Have you ever been to Dubai? And if so: What was your favorite part? 💙 #visitdubai @OORoyalMirage #OORoyalMirage #MagicofArabia

How waking up in Dubai feels like 🔮
Tag someone you wanna wake up here with ✨

Perfect first day in Dubai 💙

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Welcome to my crib 🤩 I wish 🤣
#sonevajani @discoversoneva

Nature is simply amazing 🐬🤩
#sonevajani @discoversoneva

Finally sun ☀️ here in the Maldives 🦋 I couldn’t be happier 😍 @discoversoneva

Mornings in Paradise 🌺 Tag the person you‘d sit here with 💙
#sonevajani @discoversoneva

Life isn‘t about waiting for the storm to pass. It‘s about learning how to dance in the rain ☔️

Unfortunately we‘ve not been so lucky with the weather the past days at Soneva Fushi @discoversoneva 🙈 However, we made the best of it ☺️ Actually our little rain god @masonnaimgran had the time of his life 😂

Today we are off to another beautiful resort here in the Maldives. It‘s one of my favs & I cannot wait to show it to you guys 💙

My bikini is @revolve btw👙 I think it‘s so cute 👙

I wish you a great start into the weekend friends 🤗

Where Ocean 🌊 meets Sky ⛅️ @discoversoneva #sonevafushi

Without rain 🌧 no beautiful rainbow 🌈

On our first day here in the Maldives we got welcomed by the most beautiful rainbow 🌈 right above our place 😍

I just love rainbows as they remind me that there is always hope 🙏🏽 @masonnaimgran is our rainbow baby 👶🏻 so I will forever be grateful for that 🥰

Today we’ve changing to a beach villa here @discoversoneva so Mason can play with the sand 🏖 and we are able to show you something else ☺️

Wishing you all a beautiful day 💖

Someone pinch me please 🤩 #maldives #villagoals

Tag the people you‘d stay here with 💙 @discoversoneva

Walking in a pastel pink paradise ☁️💖 #maldives #sonevafushi @discoversoneva

Kisses for Mommy 🥰 @masonnaimgran

Ready for our flight to one of our favorite places:

The Maldives 🐬

We‘re so excited to fly in the new Qsuites @qatarairways for the first time ✈️😍 They are like enclosed suites which you can combine to create a big double bed 🛌

How crazy that this is only „Business Class“ as it almost feels like a private jet 🛩

Super thankful we get to try them out on our way to paradise 💙

Super excited to start our first long-haul trip ✈️ today after all this craziness happened 🙈 Gonna reveal our next 2 destinations 🗺 later in my stories 💙

Can you guess our next destination tomorrow?

🗺 It will be our first long-haul flight since COVID (all 3 of us got tested negative) 😷 & our first long flight with a toddler 🤪 Actually we will visit 2 beautiful destinations on this trip 🦋

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Just send me an email after purchase: pilotmadeleine 💌

This little food lover is clearly my child 😂 @masonnaimgran

Happy Monday my loves ❤️

This was one of my fav moments @gili.lankanfushi 🌅

Love this edit btw which is a preset of my new „Allrounder Preset Pack“ 😍

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Our Amalfi Coast Capri Trip 🇮🇹 was one of my favorite trips ever ❤️

We also had the most amazing boat tour around Amalfi with @bluestarpositano ⛵️
I’m literally so thankful that we were able to travel to Greece 🇬🇷 & Italy 🇮🇹 this summer as things seems to change like everyday 😩
I for instance just found out this morning Iceland 🇮🇸 is a risk area in Germany now. So we‘ll probably need to postpone this trip as well 😔
However, there‘s just one week left until we‘ll fly to our first two long distance destinations ✈️ during COVID 😷 So we are very much looking forward to them ☺️
That‘s at least the good thing about the current situation: I will never EVER take traveling for granted 🙏🏽❤️
Do you have any travel plans this fall/ winter? ❄️

What waking up in Positano feels like ✨

My everything @masonnaimgran ❤️

Good Morning friends 💙 Wishing you all a cozy Sunday 🤗 It‘s been quite cold & rainy 🌧 here in Germany 🇩🇪 the past few days but I sometimes find that kinda calming ☺️

We were supposed to fly to Azores today ✈️ Due to various reasons we decided to postpone this trip until next year 🗺 I‘m actually still quite sad about it 😔 However, we will visit 2 beautiful long-distance destinations next months which I‘m also looking really looking forward to 🌏
It will actually be our first long-haul flight with a toddler 🤪 & our first long-distance trip during COVID 😷 So that‘s gonna be interesting 🙈 Challenge accepted 💪🏽

Missing Capri already 😩
How important is music 🎶 to you when you travel?

☺️ I love listening to local music when I‘m somewhere so Iqbal had to listen to a lot of Ramazzotti etc. during this trip 😂
I’m super happy though that we brought our Sonos Move @sonos in Lunar White with us to Italy💃 It has a brilliant sound quality 👌🏽 & made the vacation with our friends so much more fun 🙌🏽😍
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 💙
#sonosmove #brilliantsound #listenbetter

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections 💙


Reading 📖 about Capri in Capri 🦋
Have you ever read 📚 so much about a place that when you‘re finally there it seems almost surreal?

That‘s what happened to me with Capri 😃
It‘s my first time here & I‘m already in love with the island 🥰 Enjoying our last day @capritiberiopalace today before we‘re off to Germany 🇩🇪 tomorrow. This Italy Trip has been one of my fav trips ever 🗺
Flying to Azores 🦎 on Sunday which will be something completely different than Italy 🇮🇹 I cannot wait 😍

Tag a person you wanna go to Capri with 💙 @masonnaimgran tried to wave as well 😃

After we crashed our drone is Positano 😂 we are so happy to have it back & that it‘s still working 🙏🏽😍 How beautiful is our place @fewodirekt_homeaway 💙

Guys I found the dreamiest place & it‘s called CAPRI 🌸

I know you‘ve probably seen pictures of this island before but let me tell you one thing: Pictures can‘t even explain how beautiful this place really is 🤩
We‘re staying in the cutest villa @fewodirekt_homeaway 💕 I will show you a little Room Tour in my stories later 🤗 Can I please move in?! 😂

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 💙

When life gives you lemons 🍋 make the most delicious lemonade 😋

Those two cute mermaids 🧜‍♀️ in the end 😍

Sun ☀️ & heart-shaped pizzas 🍕 for life please 🥰

Most beautiful boat trip ⛵️ I‘ve ever been on 🤩 Can someone please rewrite this song 🎶 for „Positano“?!


Our goal during this trip: Less upsetti, more spaghetti 🍝

Postcard from Positano 🇮🇹

Returning to this dream place after 3 years feels pretty surreal 🤩 It honestly doesn’t seem less crowded than back then 🙈 but Positano is still as beautiful as ever 💛 Even though we probably crashed our drone for the first time ever yesterday 😩 we are super happy to be here 🙏🏽
We‘re staying in the most beautiful vacation rental @fewodirekt_homeaway 🙌🏽 Someone pinch me please as I can’t believe this is the view from our bedroom 😱
Should I film a little Room Tour for you guys later? ☺️

Today we are off to Positano ⛵️
We had the most amazing time in Ischia 🏖 (not only because my B-Day was incredible🌹) but also because this island is very beautiful!

I feel Ischia is quite untouched & not very touristy 🌿 It is also super green with stunning little houses 🏠 So I can fully recommend visiting Ischia 🙌🏽 It was only a 1h ferry ride from Naples 🇮🇹 We also loved staying @sanmontanoresort ❤️
Now I‘m super excited to return to Positano after 3 years and to visit Capri for the first time 😍
Btw do you like when I post more snapshots of our life (more closeups & not so staged photos etc.)? ☺️


Hello from Ischia 🇮🇹 It‘s our first time here & this island is super beautiful 😍 Italy is just amazing!

We love staying here with our friends @sanmontanoresort 💙

Just launched my new ALLROUNDER PRESET PACK @pilotmadeleinepresets 🎉

It’s the most versatile of my preset packs & is suited for all those who are not completely sure which preset pack to get ☺️
It contains 2 indoor filters 💡, my popular Instagram „Home“ filter ❤️, 1 beautiful sunset filter 🌅 & 6 travel filters 🗺 suited for various locations 👌🏽
Like all of my other preset packs my Allrounder Preset Pack works with the desktop version of Lightroom as well as with the free mobile app (NO subscription necessary) 🙌🏽📱
Check it out via the link in my bio & let me know if you have any questions 💙

Tomorrow we are off to Bella Italia 🇮🇹 & I really cannot wait 😍 We‘re gonna visit Ischia, Positano & Capri 🌊 I‘ve never been to Ischia or Capri so your travel tips are welcome 🤗

Those pics have all been edited using my new „Allrounder Preset Pack“ @pilotmadeleinepresets which will launch on Saturday 🎉 It‘s my favorite preset pack so far so I cannot wait for you guys to try it out 🙌🏽😍

This might be my favorite sunset ever seen 🌅🤩

When @masonnaimgran really wanted to join our couple workout 💪🏽😂

Recently Iqbal and I get asked a lot whether @masonnaimgran is a little girl 🙈 We always find this quite funny because to us he looks so male 😃

Many of you said though that it‘s probably because he has curls 👶🏻 Quite interesting that apparently only girls are „allowed“ to have curls because when I was younger I often had a crush on boys with curls 😂 Maybe I still do dating a man with curls now 😃 Hahaha!
Does this happen with your kid too that people assume your child has another gender? 🙈

Cinderella Vibes 👸🏼 in Santorini 💙

I wouldn’t mind waking up like this again 🤩
Actually we just woke up at our apartment in Malta which isn’t so bad either 💙 I‘ve really missed this island!

It‘s still so warm & sunny here ☀️ so today we‘re probably gonna go for a swim with our best friends 💦
We have one week to relax in Malta before we‘re off to Italy 🇮🇹 Really looking forward to visit Ischia, Positano & Capri for the first time 😍
Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friends 🤗

I will never get over this view 💙

Mykonos is just too beautiful 🌸 Filming all day for German television today 📺 Wish me luck 😂

Missing those views 💛
Giveaway closed 💙 Congratulations to our lucky winner @marianajaneiroribeiro 👌🏽 Please contact @gracehotelsantorini to claim your price ☺️

Something exciting is coming tomorrow 🤩

Floating into the week like 💦 Those who‘ve watched my stories know that my week definitely didn’t start like this 🙈 But that‘s ok!

Yesterday I talked about how tough traveling (or working) with a toddler is. Not complaining at all just wanted to show some reality in this often „perfect Insta world“.
For instance the reality behind this pic is that we had like 5 seconds to get the shot as Mason started crying because he thought his Mommy was drowning 😂 Hahaha! So I immediately jumped out of the pool and ran back to my baby 👶🏻 Glad those 5 seconds were enough 😃
Just a quick reminder to all parents: You guys are doing an amazing job 💪🏽 Being a parents isn’t easy & we are all struggling sometimes!
Wishing you all a great week ahead 💙

How cool is this cave pool please? 🤩 @vilavitaparc He seems to love it 😂 @masonnaimgran

Love this view over Carvoeiro 🤩

Benagil Caves might be the most beautiful caves I’ve ever seen 🤩 Couldn’t believe my eyes when we entered ⛵️ them this morning 😱

In my stories I‘m gonna tell you later how to best get there & how to have them (almost) to yourself 💙

Bom dia from Portugal 🇵🇹 This place is really one of a kind 👌🏽 Algarve is just how I imagined it to be:

Breathtakingly beautiful 🤩
Even though the water is quite cold those beaches here in Algarve are so raw & so stunning! @masonnaimgran had the best time playing in the sand 💦
Yesterday we explored „Carvoeiro“ & „Praia da Marinha“ 🏖 Today we’re gonna visit „Lagos“ 🌊
I‘m so excited to show you more stunning spots in Algarve the next week 💙
Wishing you a great start of the week friends 🤗

Lately I‘ve seen more & more couples breaking up 💔 (even after many years together) 😢 While this

is incredibly heart-breaking to watch it also reminds me so much of what Iqbal and I have been through during Mason‘s 1st year 😔
I still remember the physical exhaustion after nights when he woke up like 10 times (unfortunately not kidding) 😩 Then both having to work full-time the next day it was almost pre-programmed that Iqbal & I would get into fights 😤 This was going on for many many months and basically only improved once Mason started to have a better sleep rhythm.
I feel that no one ever talks about this but the first year with a baby is TOUGH! I wish I had known this earlier to be better prepared for it or not to feel like a total failure when I didn’t manage again to make everyone happy 😔
Of course every relationship is different! While quarantine & the difficult situation with COVID and jobs being insecure also caused many people to break up I know that many are also related to what Iqbal and I have been through 😢
Instagram often makes relationships seem „perfect“. This is a reminder for everyone struggling that NO RELATIONSHIP IS PERFECT & (even without a baby) it is hard work every single day! So don‘t be too harsh on yourself & if it‘s worth fighting for a relationship DO IT 🙏🏽
Thank you to @iqbalgran for not giving up on us (I‘m literally in tears writing this) 😭❤️

Germany 🇩🇪 has so many beautiful spots 🤩 What‘s your favorite one? ❤️

#WiederUnterwegs #WiederUnterwegsChallenge #bayernticket @bayern_ticket

Dreaming of Tropical places 🌴
Not sure when long-distance traveling will be possible again 🙈

Just 2 more days though until Portugal... we couldn’t be more excited 😍 With COVID around we are even more thankful 🙏🏽 when a trip works out because things change so quickly & are never really certain until they actually happen 🥰

How I feel since becoming a Travel Blogger 😂

I‘m happy because just a few more days until Portugal 🙌🏽💛 This place has been on my bucket list

🗺 for sooo long & I cannot wait to experience the wild nature, the caves 🌊 & stunning rock formations in Algarve ⛰
Just hoping this trip will happen (because things seem to change like everyday) 🙏🏽
How’s the situation where you live? Are you already allowed to travel or still on lockdown? 🙈

Who remembers how shocked I was when @iqbalgran proposed 💍 so I first turned away 🙈😂

Schloss Neuschwanstein might be my favorite castle 🏰 in the world 🤩

Did you know that the design of the Sleeping Beauty‘s Castle in Disneyland got actually inspired by it? Isn’t that so cool 🙌🏽💖
We had an amazing time in Bavaria 🇩🇪 Now we‘re getting ready for our trip to Portugal next week 😍
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday 😘

Nothing in the world makes me happier than making you smile @masonnaimgran ❣️

I‘m being honest with you guys though: Traveling with a toddler can be pretty exhausting 🥵 They wanna run around everywhere (not the best during COVID) 🤪 & don’t have the age yet where they listen when you tell them NO (at least Mason doesn’t) 🙈😂
However, moments like these are sooo rewarding & make everything worthwhile 🙏🏽💖
We had such a great time in Bavaria 🇩🇪 with @travelcircus_de @ameronneuschwanstein 🏰 I was really surprised what gorgeous spots Germany actually has 🙌🏽🤩
Now we‘re getting ready for Portugal 🇵🇹 Anything we really need to see there? 🗺

You often don’t need to travel far to discover beautiful places 🙌🏽😍 This lake looks almost like a greenscreen it‘s that beautiful 🤩

Made so many good memories at Lake Eibsee 🚣🏼‍♂️ during my childhood 🥰 Have you ever been back to a place where you often went to as a child? ☺️
Btw how do you like the edit @pilotmadeleinepresets ? I love when filters don’t make a picture look completely different but rather enhance the natural beauty of a place 💙
Wishing you all a beautiful day 😘

Prince 🤴🏻 & Princess 👸🏼 Vibes in Bavaria 🇩🇪 Can you spot those two stunning castles super close to us?

#schlossneuschwanstein #schlosshohenschwangau
@travelcircus_de @ameronneuschwanstein

They call this lake „The Caribbean of Germany“ 🤩 Lake Eibsee is so beautiful it really deserves this name 💙

When I was a little kid I would visit Lake Eibsee all the time with my parents so a lot of good childhood memories came up here 🥰 And it made me happy that I‘m the one showing my kid those beautiful places now ☺️
We walked along the entire lake yesterday which was quite a good workout with a toddler 💪🏽 Iqbal and I were exhausted afterwards 😂 But it was totally worth it in my opinion 😍 Looking forward to sharing more pics from this beautiful place with you guys 💙

Good Morning from the most dreamy place ✨ I can‘t believe this is Germany 😱🇩🇪

We are located in between two stunning castles: Schloss Neuschwanstein (the most famous one) & Schloss Hohenschwangau 🏰 And how beautiful is the view over Lake Alpsee please 🤩
Today we’re off to my absolute favorite lakes in Germany 🇩🇪 Can you guess which one it is? 🚣🏼‍♂️
Unser Hotel haben wir übrigens über @travelcircus_de gebucht. Es ist einfach perfekt! Mit meinem Code ➡️ MADDIE10 ⬅️ erhaltet ihr (bis zum 23. August 2020) 10% Rabatt auf eure komplette Reise auf (auch auf andere Reisen und nicht nur auf unser Hotel @ameronneuschwanstein ) 🙌🏽😍

I could literally sit here for hours & enjoy the view 🤩

Greece was magical ✨ Today we are off to Bavaria 🇩🇪 though & I really cannot wait to explore more of my own country ☺️
Just hoping the weather will be ok because it doesn’t look too promising 🙈 But I‘m staying optimistic 😃
I‘m excited to show you some beautiful places in Germany 🇩🇪 I love inspiring you guys 💙

So finally here it is: Our full TRAVEL LIST FOR 2020 🗺

Of course due to COVID-19 things can still change & we hope to also be able to plan a few long-distance destinations soon ✈️ But we tried to stay realistic as possible 🙈 so as of right now our next destinations are:
🏔 Bavaria, Germany - second week of August
🌊 Algarve, Portugal - mid August
🇮🇹 Italy (Positano, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Ischia & Dolomites) - mid September
🌌 Iceland (to watch the Northern Lights) - fall
❄️ Finland - winter
I believe we picked some really cool destinations & I cannot wait to visit them 😍 Which destination we’ll travel to are you most excited about? 💖

One of my favorite cliffs in the world 🤩

Soooo we finally decided upon our next destinations 🤩 The reason why we haven’t revealed them

earlier to you guys is that we first chose two that are not recommended anymore 🙈 as they had a rise in cases (those who follow my stories know which ones) ☺️
However, I‘m soooo excited about the new destinations we picked instead 🙌🏽😍 Gonna reveal them to you guys this weekend ❤️ Which ones do you think we chose? 🗺

Tag the person you‘d like to sit here with 🌊🌸

Missing those magical views ✨

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You & Me 💙

I love showing you the world @masonnaimgran 🗺🥰

Already missing those views 🌸 What are your plans this weekend? 💙

We still haven’t decided on our next destination yet 🗺 but I will let you know as soon as we have ☺️
Btw I just published a blog post many of you guys have been waiting for:
„My Greece Outfits“ 👗 (link in bio or 💕
You can find the direct links to all of my Greece outfits on there so you won’t need to ask anymore 🙈
My next blog post will be about my „COVID Travel Tips“ 😷 so stay tuned 📝 Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 💖 @andronissuites

Door to Paradise 🌊🌺

Sitting on the edge 💦 @aqualuxurysuites
Yesterday Iqbal and I decided upon our destinations 🗺 for 2020 and I‘m pretty excited about them 🤩

A few destinations are still not 100% sure yet because we don’t know when long-distance traveling will be possible again 🌏 So we keep some places open for fall/ winter.
But our destinations for summer are certain and I cannot wait to reveal them to you guys 😍 We will also visit some places we’ve never been to and always wanted to go 🙏🏽
Btw we decided against Iceland 🇮🇸 in summer because it’s our dream to see the Northern Lights 🌌 so we plan on visiting Iceland during winter time this year ❄️ Plus I‘ve always wanted to spend winter in Finland 🇫🇮 so we will also do that.
What are some of the places you plan on visiting next? ✈️

I often get asked why I don’t post selfies or pictures where I look straight into the camera 🙈 The

reason is that I feel I don’t have such a „beauty face“ and I like my profile much more from the side or looking down 😂 Not trying to fish for attention just sharing that also us bloggers have insecurities sometimes ☺️
However, the best way to cope with them is doing what makes you feel a bit „uncomfortable“ 😃 So Iqbal sometimes forces me to step out of my comfort zone and takes pics of me like this one 🙈 I guess it didn’t turn out toooo bad because I look happy 🥰
Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 💙

One of my favorite places: Hot Springs 💦 in Saturnia, Italy 🇮🇹

My favorite stairs 🤩

A little before & after editing using @pilotmadeleinepresets because I haven’t posted one in a while 💙

It‘s crazy but I can only fully process trips & experiences while we travel only once we’re home 🥰 Anyone else feeling the same? 🙈 Like this beautiful memory @gracehotelsantorini 💦
When we travel I‘m often flooded with impressions that I only can fully appreciate them once we‘re home 🙏🏽 That‘s why I love our job so much because we have all those beautiful memories caught on camera or video so I can look back at them anytime I want 🥰
But that‘s also the reason why it‘s nice to spend some time at home in between travels!
Today Iqbal and I are planning our next trips 🗺
I can’t wait to tell you guys where we‘re going ✈️🤩
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 😘

Good Morning my loves 💖
We arrived safely in Frankfurt 🇩🇪 after an amazing first trip 🇬🇷 after quarantine 😷

Thank you so much to everyone who said „Hi“ to us in Greece! We‘ve never been approached to as much as on this trip & it made us beyond happy to see we have such a big & amazing community 🥰
In my opinion it was the best decision ever to travel again & to take advantage of cheap flight fares & much less crowded places ☺️ We‘ve never experienced Santorini & Mykonos this empty and therefore this beautiful 🥰
Have you already traveled again? ✈️ And if so: How was your experience? Maybe we can exchange here in the comments some thoughts & ideas of other travels make everyone feel more comfortable traveling again 💙
Wishing you all a great first journey 🌍 & a wonderful start into the weekend 🤗

They say: „To travel is to live“ 💙 I couldn’t agree more 🙌🏽

I get asked a lot why my profile says „Travel Blogger“ ☺️ I think most people don‘t know that apart from Instagram, YouTube & TikTok I also have a travel blog 📝 It’s in German 🇩🇪 & English 🇬🇧 and you can find it via the link in my bio ✨
Having a little one I unfortunately haven’t been able to update it that frequently anymore 🙈 But you can find travel tips 🗺 on there for most destinations we‘ve visited including Hawaii 🌺, Maldives 🐬, Santorini etc. 🇬🇷
And I‘m currently working on new a Greece blog post including my COVID travel tips ✈️ + one outfit blog post with links to all of my Greece outfits since so many of your asked for my dresses etc. 👗 Anything else you‘d like to read about? ☺️

Trying to float 😂 Have you ever managed to float more than 5 sec.? 💦

Me & my little boo @masonnaimgran 🌸
I‘m a bit sad we‘re leaving Santorini today 😪 We had such an amazing time here & in Mykonos 🇬🇷

Even though Santorini with a toddler has been like a high intensity workout 💪🏽 for Iqbal and I 😂 we enjoyed it! There are so many steps everywhere here so it‘s not easy to come to Santorini with a little one 🙈 However, if you have the right expectations it’s absolutely doable ☺️ We even found a beautiful playground where Mason made some new friends 🥰
We are all super thankful for our first trip after quarantine 💙
Now we just have to think about where to go next 🤔 But first home to Germany ✈️🇩🇪

Santorini is my happy place 💫

Have you ever tried Frappé? ☕️ It‘s a frothy Greek Iced Coffee which I‘ve been having almost every day since arriving here in Greece 🇬🇷

The Greek cuisine is in my opinion one of the best cuisines in the world 🍽
Let me tell you a secret: Iqbal and I both are foodies so we often decide upon returning to a place whether the food is good there 😃 Anyone else doing the same? 😂
And of course if you get to enjoy food along with such a view it‘s even more delicious 😋 @andronissuites

Find someone who looks at you like you’re the most delicious 😋 piece of pizza 🍕

Imagine getting married here 👰🏼💖

Good Morning my loves ❤️
Yesterday I had quite a sh***y day 😩 Do you know those days where everything goes wrong?

🙈 Well yesterday was kinda one of those days for me 😂
Just one thing that happened was that my phone (out of nothing) stopped working 😳 It has soooo many valuable pictures + videos on it 😭 so I really hope it can be recovered once I‘m back home 🙏🏽
Anyways, today is a new day so hopefully some nicer things will happen ❤️ Looking back at the most amazing time we had @gracehotelsantorini 🥰 Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 🤗

Is this real?! 🤩

When you wake up in the most dreamy place ✨ #santorini
Where would you like to wake up at?

Yesterday we explored more of the island & found some really beautiful places including a restaurant with the most stunning sunset views 🌅
Btw I’m gonna post the behind the scenes video of this pic later today ☺️ Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 🤗 @aqualuxurysuites

In deep awe with the Beauty of Santorini 🇬🇷

Yesterday we took a stroll along the island 💙 With a toddler that is the best workout 💪🏽 Iqbal‘s & my legs still hurt from carrying Mason all those steps up 😂 But it was absolutely worth it as we found the most stunning spots like this one (see more in my stories) 🌸
Today we’re gonna discover more beautiful places for you guys 🤗 We have 5 days left so we will take full advantage of it ☺️
We’re currently deciding where to go next ✈️ On our final list are:
🇮🇹 Italy
🇭🇷 Croatia
🇳🇴 Norway
🇪🇸 Ibiza
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇮🇸 Iceland
Your suggestions are welcome 😃 Wishing you all a beautiful day 💖

True love stories never have endings 💙 @iqbalgran

This might be my favorite travel pic ever posted 🤩

Honestly, since we‘re arrived in Santorini 2 days ago I‘ve had many „pinch me please“ moments where I thought things were just too beautiful to be true 😭 Greece 🇬🇷 is our first destination after quarantine to we‘ve been enjoying it even more 🙏🏽💙
Plus Santorini has a very special meaning for Iqbal & I ☺️ Now getting to take our little traveler here makes us beyond happy 🥰
From the past I know that life is like a rollercoaster 🎢 with many ups and downs 🙈 So I told myself to enjoy the „highs“ even more as you don’t know how long they’re gonna last, right?
We‘re currently staying at „The Villa“ @gracehotelsantorini which is just insane! I might upload a little room tour in my stories later 😉 Wishing you a beautiful day 😘

Some places are simply too beautiful to be true 🌸

Happy Monday from Mykonos 💙
I received this question a lot:

„Would you recommend to start traveling already?“
Yes, absolutely! Now is the best time to visit places that are usually very crowded & have them (almost) to yourself ☺️ We were surprised how empty Mykonos is compared to the years before 🙈 Thus, social distancing is quite easy to do at the moment. Especially when you‘ve rented a beautiful vacation home like this one 😃 We really enjoyed our family time @thepearls_collection 🥰
Today we‘re off to Santorini via ferry ⛴ As usual I will take you along in my stories 🤗 & let you know how it went 💙

We found the cutest place 🤩 right by the water 💦 in Mykonos Town 🇬🇷 There are many restaurants like this on the island but this one is especially stunning 😍 It‘s called „Negrita“ 💙

Should I give you more travel tips of the places we discover? ☺️

Yesterday @iqbalgran and I had a little date night (or rather date day) 🥰 I feel it’s so

important when you’re parents to sometimes also spend some time just the two of you so you realize you‘re not only parents but also lovers ❤️
We are here in Mykonos with family so @masonnaimgran had the best time ever with his baby cousins 👶🏻 while Iqbal and I got to explore Mykonos Town 🇬🇷 Compared to last year it was much less crowded 🙈 Iqbal and I found some really cute places (you can see them in my stories) 🌸 while enjoying our little romantic time out 💙
For those of you with kids: Do you sometimes schedule some alone time with your partner? ☺️ We didn’t use to in Mason’s first year or so but it is so nice to go on dates with your partner 🥰

Hello from Mykonos 🇬🇷 Our first trip after quarantine could not have started any better ✨ #sunsetgoals

I admit we were a bit sceptical beforehand how our first trip with COVID still around would be 🙈 But now that we‘re here we felt it was the right decision 💖
In my stories I talked a bit more about how the pretty full flight ✈️ & our entry into Greece was 🇬🇷 And how the situation here in Mykonos is ☺️
We‘re staying in the most beautiful villa (Villa Corina @thepearls_collection ) together with family 🥰 and it feels sooo good to travel again 🗺 I will definitely never take traveling for granted ever again 🙏🏽

On our way ✈️ to MYKONOS today 🇬🇷 We couldn’t be more excited 💙

Greece will be our first destination (besides Germany 🇩🇪) during the pandemic 😷 so we are of course a bit nervous how everything will go (especially with a little traveler joining us 👶🏻).
A few days ago we found out that we had to register on & request QR codes for each one of us. Fortunately we received them 2 days ago so hopefully we will be allowed to enter the country later ✊🏽 #fingerscrossed
This procedure was new to us but we are happy to adapt to the „new normal“ 🙏🏽 Honestly not getting to travel for months made us even more thankful hopefully getting to do so again today 🥰
Do you have any questions regarding COVID travel? Gonna answer your questions here and in my stories the next days 🤗💙 Wishing you always happy & safe travel my friends 🗺

Iqbal and I are currently planning our travel until end of the year 🗺 One of the places we really

wanna visit again is Dubai 🕌 So we are super excited that Dubai will open their borders for tourists on July 7th 🙌🏽😍 Isn’t that so cool? Feel free to check out my 2 YouTube videos about Dubai with many travel tips 🤗
What are your travel plans the next months? 🌍 @mydubai #MyDubai #visitdubai

The past days have been pretty relaxing 🙏🏽 & full of many emotional moments 😭 It‘s the cutest thing to see how @masonnaimgran has missed his grandparents and how well they are bonding ❤️

The more in the world I‘ve seen the more I realize what makes me most happy: Spending quality time with my family 🥰
We were supposed to be in Bora Bora 🌺 right now. Of course that didn’t happen but it’s absolutely fine! We got a little plunge pool for Mason 💦 Iqbal and I believe he thinks he‘s in Bora Bora 😂

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy in the world @iqbalgran 😭❤️ Words cannot express how blessed @masonnaimgran and I are to have you in our lives 🙏🏽❤️ We love you endlessly ❣️

So glad we made it home to Germany 🙏🏽🇩🇪 I cannot describe the feeling of seeing your own family

again after 5 months quarantine 😭 We had some really touching moments the past 2 days especially with @masonnaimgran & his grandparents 🥰
How is your situation? Are you reunited with your family/ partners yet? ❤️
We‘re gonna spend 2 weeks here in Frankfurt & then we‘ll fly to Mykonos & Santorini 🇬🇷🤩
Thinking about each one of you❣️& wishing you a beautiful weekend 🤗

Bye Malta 💙 Our flight to Germany got cancelled yesterday 😩 but we fortunately made it today

🙏🏽😍 Couldn’t be happier to see our families again 😭❤️ 💻📱📸 I have teamed up with @wanderlust_league , to give you amazing gifts 💻📱📸
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Today is the day my friends we‘ve waited for since January 🤩 We’ll finally fly ✈️ to Germany 🇩🇪

tonight to hug our families 🤗 @masonnaimgran grandparents haven’t seen him walking yet so it‘s gonna be a touching moment when he walks towards them 😭
We‘ll spend 2 weeks in Germany 🇩🇪 and then we’ll fly to Greece 🇬🇷 to spend 2 weeks in Mykonos & Santorini 🤩 Iqbal and I talk about it everyday how excited we are to finally travel again. So that‘s at least the good thing about the pandemic: We will never take anything for granted ever again 🙏🏽💙

Count your blessings 🙏🏽❤️ @iqbalgran @masonnaimgran

I created this video for Iqbal as a gift on Father‘s Day and it got viral on my TikTok channel 🥰 I cried my eyes out making this 😭 Cannot wait to travel with again with these two ✈️😍

On Wednesday we‘ll finally have our first flight ✈️ after Corona and we couldn’t be more excited 🤩

We‘re first gonna spend 2 weeks in Germany 🇩🇪 to see our families (we haven’t seen them since January) 🙈 And then (beginning of July) we‘ll fly to two of our favorite places: Mykonos & Santorini 🇬🇷
Thank you so much for sticking around 🙏🏽 even though our #stayhome content the past 3 months might not have been that exciting 😂 For sure it’s gonna get more interesting soon 🙏🏽💙 Wishing you a beautiful weekend 😘

Yesterday in my stories I talked about something really interesting:

@iqbalgran and I come from completely different background (different religions, languages, childhoods etc.) so of course we have a lot of different traits 🙈
For instance I‘m quite an energetic person and can easily get worked up about things while Iqbal is more calm and can often cheer me up when negative things have happened 🙏🏽
I‘m a more structured person which helps us in work-related things while Iqbal places a higher importance on a good work-life-balance which has had a positive impact on our relationship ☺️ The list goes on and on...
Even though we are quite different many of our traits are compatible. So I feel in a good relationship you don’t necessarily need to be similar to your partner as long as your traits are compatible ☺️
How is it in your relationship: Are you more similar to your partner or different but compatible? ❤️

I feel a bit „guilty“ for posting a normal pic again after all this important call for change going in the world right now.

However, I also feel the most important change we can achieve is how we raise our own children ❤️
@masonnaimgran has an age right now where he picks up on certain values so it is super important to teach him things which will make him a better human being 🥰 Iqbal and I come from completely different backgrounds (different religions, languages, childhoods etc.) which has been challenging at some points in our relationship but in the end has also brought us closer together 🙏🏽
It has always been super important for Iqbal and I to teach Mason values like being humble, loving, tolerant and of course non-racist! We feel the best way to teach Mason things like this is traveling with him as he is constantly exposed to different cultures, religions & lives which we hope will make him more tolerant & also more thankful for what he has 🙏🏽
As shown in a video I posted yesterday in my stories kids are born non-racist. So it‘s our call to make sure they will remain non-racist caring human beings ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻❤️ #blacklivesmatter


First two DESTINATIONS 🌏 this summer confirmed:

Our first stop will be GERMANY 🇩🇪 to see our families again (we haven’t seen them since January) & then GREECE 🙌🏽🇬🇷 It will be @masonnaimgran first time in this beautiful country ☺️ We couldn’t be more excited to start traveling again ✈️😍
Do you already have any travel plans this summer? ☀️💙

DIRNDL COLLECTION GIVEAWAY @krueger_dirndl closed 💕 Don’t be sad if you didn’t win this time!

There‘s a new Giveaway coming up soon 🎁
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Tag a person you wanna travel to Maldives with 💦

This video got viral on my TikTok channel with over 2 Million views in less than 24h. I also posted a „5 reasons why you should visit Greece“ 🇬🇷 & „5 reasons why you should visit Italy“ 🇮🇹 video on there so feel free to follow me (TikTok: pilotmadeleine) 🥰
What is the first place you wanna visit after quarantine? 🌏 We are currently deciding upon our Summer Travel Plans and I will tell you more about them next week ✈️ when they are final 😍 Wishing you a beautiful Sunday 😘

Do your babies also get jealous when you kiss your man?

😂 This is literally @masonnaingran face every time Iqbal and I kiss or cuddle 🤣
Happy Father‘s Day @iqbalgran❣️
I honestly don’t know where to start writing about what an amazing Dad you are 😭
I knew you would be a great father to our future children but I never would have even imagined you being such an incredible Dad! You have so much patience & love for Mason my heart explodes every time I see you two together 🥰 Mason & I love you endlessly ❣️
Cannot wait for two more little energy bundles joining our craziness one day 🙏🏽❤️

Happy Sunday my loves 💙
Today in my stories I‘m gonna talk about a topic you guys have requested a lot:

My Hair 💇🏼‍♀️ I will reveal my Top 10 Hair Hacks to you ☺️ Some of them might sound a bit funny 😂 but they actually work 😜
If there is anything in particular you wanna know about my hair let me know 😘 Enjoy the rest of your weekend my loves 🤗

Where I‘d rather be 🌅🌴🤩 When do you think we‘ll be allowed to travel again? ✈️💕

Soaking up those Baby hugs 🥰 Happy Mother‘s Day to all those beautiful Moms out there ❣️ To me

being a Mom has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding job in my life 🙏🏽 Only since becoming a Mom myself I‘ve realized what superpowers 🦸‍♀️ us women really have 💪🏽
This is already my second Mother‘s Day with @masonnaimgran 🥰 I still remember Mother‘s Day 2 years ago where I just had gone through a miscarriage so this day was really tough for me 😔 I have a lot of followers who experienced the same heart-breaking thing 💔 or who have been struggling with infertility for many years. I know exactly how you feel of wanting nothing else more in the world then becoming a Mom...
Therefore, I wanna dedicate this post to ALL MOMS! To me you are already a Mom if you are planning to become pregnant or if you‘ve lost a pregnancy!
Today is a day dedicated to us 🤗 so let‘s embrace it 💕 #happymothersday

Poor Iqbal 😂 Thx for still quarantining with me @iqbalgran 😜❤️

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When a Couples Workout 💪🏽 turns into a Family Workout 😂 I guess @masonnaimgran really wanted to join the party 🎉 Him saying „Yeah Yeah“ in the end is my favorite part...

In shared this #homeworkout video in my stories the other day and it was so popular that I had to post it on here as well so it won’t disappear 🙈 We will publish more videos like this on TikTok this week so feel free to follow us there too 🤗💕 TikTok: @pilotmadeleine

You guys asked for my Skin Care Routine 💦 so here it is:

Beginning of the year I wanted see whether my skin reacts positively when I integrate some high end products into my morning & my evening routine ☺️ And it did! After two weeks of using @cluera_care I already recognized that I had less blemishes & my skin has gotten more radiant 👌🏽 My two favorite skin care products are the „Cluera Intense Serum“ + the „Cluera 24h Cream“. You can see more of it in my stories (saved under my Story Highlight „Home“) where I also showed you my current skin without using any filter & wearing zero makeup 🙈
Feel free to use my code PILOT25 to receive 25% discount off everything @cluera_care 💕 Anzeige
P.s: Thank you to everyone joining our Live Stream yesterday 🥰 We LOVED chatting with you guys! If you missed it you can still watch it a few more hours via my stories 🤗

Life is better with you by my side @iqbalgran 💕
Today is THE DAY my friends:

Iqbal and I are brave enough 😂 to do our FIRST ISTAGRAM LIVE STREAM 📺 It will be at 5pm CET later today and we cannot wait to chat with you guys 😍
We will speak English 🇬🇧 so everyone can hopefully understand us ☺️ See you later friends 🤗
Thank you so much to @eletrico_ae for this amazing shot 📸

Join us tomorrow at 5pm CET for our very FIRST LIVE STREAM on Instagram 🥰 Iqbal & I will speak English 🇬🇧 & are sooo excited to chat with you guys 🤗

The first 5 minutes we‘ll talk with you about our last trip to Dubai, what our favorite places in Dubai are etc. If you have any questions you can either send them on here or via the question feature in my stories 💕
Some of my personal highlights in Dubai are the amazing food, the Dubai desert, the beautiful beach in front of Burj al Arab, the Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Miracle Garden & the high safety in Dubai 👌🏽
Plus Dubai is very kids-friendly so it’s the perfect family destination 👶🏻 We cannot wait to be back there & we cannot wait to talk to you tomorrow during our Live Stream ❤️ Have a great weekend 🤗 @mydubai #mydubai #visitdubai Anzeige

Making adventures 🗺 & standing on my tiptoes 👣 for you since 2016 @iqbalgran 🥰Yesterday I

filmed a Room Tour 🏠 of our apartment in Malta 🇲🇹 for you guys & today I‘m talking about our Love Story and how we met ☺️ It‘s a cute & also a bit funny story 😂 so have a look at my stories ❤️ You can also find a really great Giveaway there 💝
Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday my loves 😘

When you know he‘s your Baby because he gets just as excited about food 🍉🍦🍩 like his Mommy 😂 @masonnaimgran

The good thing about the current travel break is that we finally have time to process all those amazing moments 🥰 When you travel so much it‘s sometimes difficult to process everything so it‘s kinda nice to do so now ☺️ For sure I will NEVER ever take traveling for granted 🙏🏽
I‘m actually gonna film a little Room Tour 🏠 in my stories for you guys today where I‘m also gonna show you our bedroom (which I‘ve never showed you before) 😂 Wishing you all a Happy Weekend 🤗❤️

This picture was taken at my favorite hike 👟 in the world 🤩

I posted a story of it the other day & received so many questions about it ☺️ It‘s called „Kalepa Ridge Trail“ and is situated on Kauai, Hawaii 🌺
I‘ve been enjoying doing my Weekly Story Plans so much 💕 Today I‘m talking about my Top Ten Destinations 🌎 It was soooo hard to pick only 10 places 😩 But you can find a full list later in my stories 💙
Which places do you think are on my list? 🗺

Today my friends I‘m talking about a topic which is very close to my heart ❤️:

Since I‘ve been 12 years old my biggest dream in life was becoming an airline pilot 🙏🏽 It was even bigger then having a family 🙈
In my stories I‘m gonna explain today what happened after receiving my Commercial Pilot License and why at some point I decided to work as a Travel Blogger instead ☺️ And why my biggest lesson in life is that: „Things always happen for a reason“ 😉
Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 🤗

I remember this moment like it was yesterday 🔮✨ When do you think we‘ll be allowed to travel again?

✈️ @visitabudhabi #inabudhabi
P.s: You can find a XXL Luxury Giveaway in my Stories 💕

We would be at a Coachella 🎡 this weekend instead it‘s gonna be #couchella 🛋😂 for us which we

absolutely don‘t mind 🙈 Had to share my favorite Coachella pic though with @iqbalgran 🥰 We wish you all a great time #athome and hoping for the world to be back to normal soon 🙏🏽❤️Happy Easter weekend from our family to yours 🐣💐🐰

When Iqbal challenged me to post less boring poses 😝 #challengeaccepted

Imagine your own balcony has a view like this 🤩 Positano is one of the most beautiful places in

the world 🌎 & we loved it there so much 😍 Italy 🇮🇹 is general incredibly beautiful ❤️ So thinking about all of my Italien, Spanish & US followers who have been hit really hard by this virus 😩 #staystrong What is a place you wanna visit once all this is over? 🌎
Pic edited via @pilotmadeleinepresets 👌🏽 25% off via code ➡️ STAYHOME ⬅️
Wishing you an amazing weekend 🤗❤️ P.s: In meinen Stories findet ihr einen neuen Kummerkasten 💌 You can find a new worry box in my stories 😘

Today is THE DAY my friends: Our 14 day isolation here in Malta 🇲🇹 is over and we‘re finally allowed to go for a walk again 👫🤩 Ohhhh...

and I‘ve never been so excited to go grocery shopping 🛍 in my life 😂
We will still mainly #stayhome though and continue doing #socialdistancing but to get some fresh air in between gonna be really nice 🙌🏽😍
Because I received so many DMs of you guys asking for a discount code @pilotmadeleinepresets I have something really nice for you:
Via my code ➡️ STAYHOME ⬅️ you currently get 25% off my Master Collection & all of the preset packs & story stickers 😍 It‘s the biggest discount code I‘ve ever offered because I want you all to take advantage of your free time & improve your editing skills 💕 You can download them via the link in my bio 😘 Wishing you all a beautiful day 🤗 #staysafe

In times with so much negativity in the world it‘s especially important to not spread even more hate 🙏🏽❤️ So let‘s be tolerant & respectful towards each other and all work towards one thing:

To get back to normal as soon as possible 🤗
We‘re sending you lots of love & positive vibes 🥰 @masonnaimgran

How are you guys feeling today? My feelings currently are like a rollercoaster 🎢 and differ from day to do:

I have some days where I‘m completely overwhelmed by the entire situation 😩
Some days where I could cry all day long 😭 because I can’t believe what some people have to go through at the moment 💔
Some days where I‘m just grateful my family is healthy and that we have this little guy right here @masonnaimgran 🌈
Some days where I‘m happy & excited for what’s to come once all this is over 🥰
I just wanna remind you: ALL THOSE FEELINGS ARE OK! It‘s normal we have good & bad days.... even more so now!
I started a „worry box“ (Kummerkasten) in my stories so feel free to let me know what is on your mind... maybe I can even help you 🤗
One thing that keeps me positive throughout all this is the thought about the day all this will be over 🙏🏽💕

What’s the first place you wanna travel to once all this is over? 🗺

Even though it’s super hard these days 😩 I still try to spread positivity & joy on this account (because we already hear enough bad news anyways) 💙 So what keeps me positive is the thought about the day when all this will be over 🙏🏽
Some of the places we‘d like to visit then are:
- Hawaii & Bora Bora 🌺 (we actually planned this trip for Iqbal‘s Birthday in June but will probably need to reschedule it) - Mauritius 🐠
- Sri Lanka 🐘
- Kenya & Sanzibar 🦁
- Cyprus 🦋
- Norway 🇳🇴 Cannot wait to hear about your next destinations 🌏
Oh and one thing which really makes a huge difference for the travel industry & the entire economy: If you‘ve already planned a trip try to rebook it instead of cancelling it! I know this might not be possible for all of us but if you can this will help many companies who are currently struggling a lot 🤗 #savetourism Wer reisen liebt, verschiebt ❤️ #verschiebedeinereise

Dreaming about days like these while we are staying at home in Malta 🇲🇹 Today is our

#quarantine #day5 and honestly it‘s been going better than expected ☺️ @masonnaimgran is keeping us entertained 😂
We are not allowed to leave the house (not even to get groceries) 🙈 but thx to some amazing friends we are all set. Feeling super blessed 🙏🏽
So we‘ve been cooking 👩🏼‍🍳, playing with the baby 👶🏻, Iqbal is editing some videos for you guys 🎥 and I have finally time to finish writing my book 📖
We also have some cute news for you 👣🥰 Swipe right so see them 💙

#Home is next to you @iqbalgran 💘

The current situation is so heavy on our hearts 💔 But it makes us even more thankful for the people in our lives (also those we are currently not seeing in order to protect them) 🥰
What are you grateful for today? 🙏🏽
I‘m grateful for my my little family, for having made it home safely, for having a roof over our heads & running water, for being healthy, for having amazing friends who stocked up our fridge before we even made it home... there are soooo many things I’m incredibly grateful for 🤗
On another note: Your most requested video „What happened to your wedding?“ 👰🏼 is finally up (just search on YouTube for „pilotmadeleine“) 💕 Just activate English subtitles via [CC] 🇬🇧 It‘s extremely honest & I‘m glad I was finally able to talk about everything...

So we are home in Malta guys 💙 I‘ve actually never been more glad that we made it home safely than

right now 🙏🏽 Even though we are on a 14 day quarantine 😷 it‘s just the best feeling to simply #stayhome 💕 So I can only encourage you to do the same right now because it‘s the only way to stop the virus from spreading 🦠
I know hearing from a travel blogger to #stayhome is like hearing from a comedian to stop laughing 🤷🏼‍♀️ But we all wanna be able to travel again soon so let‘s tackle this thing together 💪🏽
I also just started a #HolidaysatHomeChallenge to make your time at home a bit more interesting 💕 Find out more in my stories 🤗 Sending you & your families lots of love & strength from Malta 😘

Cotton Candy Sky 💖 #lastsunrise
We have 3 flights ahead of us today but finally we’re on our way home to...

MALTA ✈️🇲🇹 It was so hard to decide between Malta & Germany 😩 but in the end we chose Malta mainly for safety reasons. We didn’t wanna be a potential risk for Mason‘s grandparents, so far Malta has the lowest amount of cases in Europe plus Iqbal might not be able to see his own son if Germany goes into lockdown 🙈 The only sad part is that we don‘t know how long we won’t be able to visit our families in Germany 😩 However, we feel we made the right decision 🙏🏽
So that means a 14 day quarantine is waiting for us as soon as we arrive home 😷 We would have self-quarantined ourselves in Germany anyways so we don’t mind it.
Let‘s just hope we make it home safely 🙏🏽💕 Malta just announced they are closing the airport tomorrow at midnight so hopefully we will make it before that 🙈 Wishing everyone trying to come home a good journey & that you make it home safely 🤗💕

Last day in this tropical paradise @jwmmaldives 🌴🌺 When we left 3 weeks ago the world was a completely different place, otherwise, we would not have left!

DID WE REGRET FLYING HERE? Absolutely no! This has probably been our last trip for a while & it gave us energy for what‘s to come 🙏🏽
ARE WE SCARED TO GO HOME? Yes, quite a lot! I‘m scared to face reality, to be stuck in our apartment with an active baby, to have difficulties getting supplies, to not being able to work in my job as a travel blogger, to not being able to visit our families in Germany for a while... the list goes on and on. We are even thinking about flying to Germany tomorrow but then we wouldn’t be allowed to return to Malta so not sure what would be best (especially for Mason because that‘s what matters most) 😩
I‘m actually not a person who gets scared easily but at the moment I‘m mainly scared of UNCERTAINTY 😔 I know many people feel that way right now so I‘m so thankful to have you guys so I know I’m not alone 🤗💕 We will all get through this together 🙏🏽

Gonna miss this place 💕🌴 @gili.lankanfushi

Do you wake up from a day dream sometimes thinking that all of this going on in the world right now 💔 was just a nightmare?

😳 I do... and then I realize that unfortunately it wasn’t 😩
When we arrived here in the Maldives 2 1/2 weeks ago the situation was completely different so of course we‘re a bit afraid to return to Europe 🙈
We had the option to fly to Mauritius from here but we declined it because we wanted to face reality like everyone else. So we‘re enjoying our last 48h in freedom before we are put under 14 day quarantine in Malta 😷 Let‘s just hope we still make it there as apparently Malta is getting ready for a complete lockdown 🙈
One positive thing I realized throughout this horrible situation though: It brings us even closer to the people we love & wanna protect 🙏🏽 Plus we get to spend more quality time with them so that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to doing the next 14 days 🥰 Until then we‘re fully enjoying our last 2 days @jwmmaldives 🌺 Gonna be our last trip for a while 😔

Tulum or Maldives? 🌴
New update about our situation:

The Maldives government has still locked down all inner-island flights ✈️ but guests not under quarantine get to fly home to their countries 🙈 So unfortunately that means we are not „stuck“ in paradise anymore & fly home in 3 days.
It‘s bit of a pity because we originally planned (before corona even existed) to stay in the Maldives at least until end of the month 😩 But most people around the world had to cancel or change their travel plans so it is absolutely fine we have to do so as well ☺️
Hence, we‘re fully enjoying our last 3 days here in paradise @jwmmaldives before we are immediately put under 14 day quarantine 😷 upon arrival in Malta 🇲🇹 Apparently we are not even allowed to leave our apartment to get groceries, Malta is a small island with huge supply problems at the moment, so let’s see how that‘s gonna be 🙈 I will keep you updated ❤️
Until then I hope some last tropical vibes will brighten up your day 🤗

Enjoying our last 3 days in paradise @jwmmaldives 🌺 before we face reality at home 🙈😷💙

A flower for Mommy 🌺 Trying to raise @masonnaimgran to become a real gentlemen one day 🤗 #boysmom @atmospherekanifushi

„How do you feel about Corona being a travel blogger?“ 🦠 I receive this question so much so I wanna answer it in more detail:

I have mixed feelings about it! On the one hand I don‘t wanna be afraid of it & live my life like before (which is almost impossible considering that many countries like the US or Malta closed their borders to some countries so I can’t even visit my own family in Germany at the moment) 😩
On the other hand I can clearly see what is currently going on in the world & it breaks my heart 💔 I asked you in my stories how Corona has effected you. I read every single one of your messages 💌 and it is absolutely terrifying what some of you have to go through at the moment (whether it‘s overcrowded hospitals in Italy, deep worries about your loved ones or bankruptcy) 😢 My prayers are with everyone involved 🙏🏽💕
Whether Corona is as dangerous or not as media sais it is for sure it impacts the life of so many of us. The entire travel industry (and event industry etc.) suffers which is very evident even for us to see!
So the only way how to get through this crisis is to all stick together ❤️ Wishing everyone of you lots of love & support by the people around you! Let‘s not be afraid but rather conquer this new situation together 🤗 #loveyouguys

Dreamy days here in the Maldives 🐠
Before I answer all your DMs after my story wearing this dress:

No, we didn’t get secretly married 👰🏼🤵🏻 here in the Maldives 🙈
And regarding your No. 1 question: „What happened to your Wedding?“ 💍 I‘m finally ready to talk about everything and will film a video about it the next days 💕 Sorry for the wait 😩 @atmospherekanifushi

Good Morning from Paradise 💦 When you come home from the gym to this 🛁🌺🤩

Honestly, I can hardly put into words how much I love the Maldives 🐠 Definitely one of my favorite places in the entire world 🙌🏽🗺 I received a lot of requests from you guys that I should talk about my post-pregnancy 🤰fitness routine 💪🏽 Is this something you‘re interested in hearing or do you find it kinda boring? 🙈💙 @atmospherekanifushi

Our little island baby 👶🏻🌴 You can tell @masonnaimgran really likes the Maldives 🐠 It‘s

already his second time here (third if you count our babymoon 😃) & he has so much fun playing in the water 💦 or sand 🏝
How many years are your kids apart? I see a lot of Moms with babies similar age to Mason pregnant again while I‘m still struggling with one 🙈😂 It‘s so brave of everyone to have kids so close in age 🙏🏽 Mason is such a chill baby but he needs 24/7 attention... or rather entertainment 🤣 How it is possible to have 2 or 3 kids so close in age? Especially to travel with them? 🤪 Maybe the secret is that they entertain each other?! 😛 Let me know your thoughts 💖 What age gap between kids do you find ideal? 👶🏻👶🏼

Yesterday I celebrated us women 💙 Only since becoming a Mom I‘ve realized how strong we really are

💪🏽 I still struggle sometimes to balance Mom life, work, fitness, friendships & being a loving girlfriend 😩
But I‘ve learned to accept that it’s simply impossible to focus on everything the whole time 🙈 So I try not to be too harsh on myself & look at all the amazing things I manage everyday like being there for my little family! Aren’t we women all rock stars 🙌🏽😏 #happyinternationalwomensday @gili.lankanfushi

Underneath the palmtrees 🌴 you can leave your worries, just listen to the waves 🌊 @gili.lankanfushi

I packed 20 beautiful dresses 👗 for this trip realizing that all I‘m wearing here in Maldives are bikinis 🤷🏼‍♀️👙 Next time I just bring a suitcase full of swimwear...

and baby stuff of course 🤣 @gililankanfushi

When the water is so clear that you can see little sharks 🦈 & fishies 🐠 swimming below you 💦 @luxnorthmale

Postcards from the Maldives 🐠 @luxnorthmale

Before this trip Iqbal told me my poses are getting a bit boring 😛 Challenge accepted 😏

We spent the afternoon on the most stunning sandbank 🏖 We swam with Mason 💦, had a nice picnic 🧺 & just enjoyed our time as a little family 🥰 I cannot say how thankful we are to be here 🙏🏽💙 @luxnorthmale

The Maldives always make me a bit emotional 😭 It was the first place we took @masonnaimgran when

he was only 6 weeks old 👶🏻, we spent our Babymoon here 🤰, we got engaged here 💍 & we made so many great memories here 🙏🏽
So I guess one could say: The Maldives are our happy place 🙌🏽🥰 What is your happy place? 💖

Good Morning from one of my absolute favorite places in the world: The Maldives 🐬

We started planning this trip 1 year ago and yesterday it looked like it was not gonna happen 😩 Those who follow my Stories know why 🙈 It was a bit dramatic! However, we made it 🙌🏽 Now we’re even more thankful & happy to be here 🙏🏽🤩 #paradise @luxnorthmale

Today I‘m happy because... just fill in the blank 💕

Today I‘m happy because we are enroute ✈️ to our next destination 🌏 and I honestly thought we wouldn’t make it 🙈 Biggest shock moment ever 😩 I will tell you more in my stories 🤯

On our way ✈️ to our next destination 🗺 with @masonnaimgran & I wished our flight looked like

this 🙏🏽😃 That won’t happen though because this time (like anyone else) we have middle seats in Economy Class 🙈 We absolutely don’t mind flying Economy Class just with a baby even Business Class can be a challenge 🤪 So wish us luck 😂
Pic taken during our last flight @turkishairlines 💕

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I‘m so happy & excited to announce the official launch date of my second Dirndl Collection @krueger_dirndl which is:

JULY 17th, 2020 🙌🏽🤩
I designed seven super stunning Dirndl for you guys which are all completely different 👌🏽 There is so much love in all the details ⚡️ I cannot wait to see you guys wearing them 🥰
This is my „Dirndl Chloe“ 👗 You can see a sneak peak of the other ones via my Story Highlight „Collection“ ✨ Which is your favorite of my Dirndl so far? ☺️ Anzeige

Maiden‘s Cove in Camps Bay 🇿🇦 is together with Lanikai Beach in Hawaii 🌺 one of my favorite beaches in the world 🌊 What is your favorite beach in the world?

🏝 Wearing one of my beloved dresses @hellomolly ✨ Anzeige

Missing South Africa 🇿🇦 already but also super excited for our next trip on Saturday ✈️😍 We‘re gonna spend 3 weeks at this destination 🤩

Just hoping our cold will be better until then 🙏🏽 All three of us got a bit sick for the first time 🤕 But we’re taking it easy the next days and hopefully will be fit again on Saturday ✊🏽❤️
Danke an @melina_best_friseur für meine Traumhaare 💇🏼‍♀️ Ich bin soooo zufrieden damit und hatte noch nie eine so schöne Haarfarbe 🥰

One of my favorite moments in Cape Town was taking a bath 🛁 with @masonnaimgran along with this view ⛰🤩

Unsere Zeit in Kapstadt hätte gar nicht besser sein können 🙌🏽 Auf @fewodirekt_homeaway haben wir zwei traumhaft schöne Unterkünfte gefunden 😍 Ich empfehle euch deren App herunterzuladen, da bekommt ihr eine noch bessere Übersicht aller Optionen ❤️ Anzeige
Gerade mit Baby fanden wir es besonders gut viel Platz zu haben, daher ist eine Ferienwohnung deutlich praktischer als ein Hotel. Außerdem bekommt man so viel mehr von dem richtigen Leben in Kapstadt mit 🙏🏽 Wir haben es z.B. sehr genossen einkaufen zu gehen, gemeinsam zu kochen und morgens auszuschlafen ☺️ Daher würden wir an Orten wie Kapstadt jederzeit wieder eine Ferienwohnung einem Hotel vorziehen 👌🏽

Elephants are my favorite animals 🐘 (next to turtles) 🐢🤣 Those who‘ve been following me for a long time:

Do you still remember my turtle „Ralphie“? He is still alive btw 🥰
Elephants are my favorite wild animals though 🐘 Soooo blessed for all those incredible encounters with them during our safaris 🙏🏽🥰 Swipe right to see our most magical moments with them 🤩 Even though it ended with a big bang 🤣

When the sky‘s on fire 🔥 Actually our whole time in South Africa felt like a dream 👌🏽 For sure one of my favorite trips ever 🙌🏽😍

It was also the perfect combination to first visit Cape Town ⛰ & then do a safari 🦁 We will remember what we got to experience at both places forever 😭
Now we’re happy to spend a week at home in sunny Malta 🇲🇹 and looking forward for our next destination in 1 week ✈️ Any guesses where we‘ll fly this time? ☺️

During our last safari 👒 I was really hoping to see a leopard 🐆 in order to complete my Big Five

🐘🦁🦏🐆🦏 So I decided to wear a leopard outfit 🤣 in order to increase my chances 😝 Cause #whynot 😂
Swipe right to see if it worked 🙏🏽 Wishing you all a great start into your weekend 😘
Thx for the epic time @rhulani_lodge ! We will miss this place 😩

During our search on finding a leopard 🐆 (the only wild animal missing to complete my Big Five) 🐘🦁🐃🐆🦏 we spotted another stunning animal:

A Cheetah 🤩
Do you think I will be lucky enough to also see a Leopard today? 🐆 Watch my stories to find out ☺️

Meeting Mufasa... the real „The Lion King“ 🦁 Seeing a wild lion was one of my main safari goals 🙌🏽 Have you ever heard a lion „roar“?

I promise that‘s the coolest sound you‘ll ever hear in your entire life 🤩 My favorite safari moment for sure 🙌🏽😍 Swipe right (with sound on 🔈) to hear it and to see @masonnaimgran reaction to it 🤣🤣🤣 P.s: We never give him our mobile phones... it was just a short moment while the lion was there purely for safety reasons 😬

What animal would you freak out about most during a safari?

🤩 To me it‘s been elephants 🐘 I just love these gentle giants sooo much 🥰 So we were lucky that we got to see them several times during our game drives 🙏🏽😍
I also received so many questions whether it‘s safe to take a baby on a safari 👶🏻 So my answer is: YES, absolutely!
Unfortunately most lodges have age restrictions so we were super lucky that @mhondorosafarilodgeandvilla let us take @masonnaimgran with us 🙏🏽 They have amazing rangers which will make sure that everything is safe for your little one! And the reserve is malaria free which was super important for us as well ☺️ We actually enjoyed seeing Mason’s big smile soooo much that it was our favorite experience ever 😍
If you are planning to do a safari I recommend you to contact @everseensa ❤️ This wonderful couple will make sure (whether you have kids or not) to organize the safari of a lifetime for you 🙌🏽🦒🦓🐘

Happy Weekend my loves 💙 We could hardly believe our eyes this morning when we got to swim in this kinda different „pool with a view“ 🤩

Swipe right to see which visitors showed up 🐘🦓🦏 Is this even real 😱😍 @mhondorosafarilodgeandvilla

Had the best Valentine‘s Day with my man crush @iqbalgran 🥰 I love you & @masonnaimgran soooo much ❣️

It‘s been a dream of ours doing a safari and I can hardly put into words how thankful we are that we get to experience this 🙏🏽 We‘ve already Seen some of the most wonderful animals such as elephants 🐘, lions 🦁, giraffes 🦒, rhinos 🦏 and many more ☺️ What is your favorite wild animal? ❤️
Thank you so much for @everseensa & @mhondorosafarilodgeandvilla for giving us goose bumps moments 🙏🏽❤️ #thankful

A huge dream 🔮 of mine came true: Seeing penguins in the wild 🐧 Honestly, I could hardly believe my eyes watching them waddle around this stunning turquoise beach 🏖

Btw the water at this part of South Africa 🇿🇦 is super warm so we enjoyed taking a dip along with these cuties 🥰
We just arrived at our first safari place 🦁and what we‘ve already experienced on our first day is crazy 😱 See more in my stories 💙

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Grateful for life 🙏🏽💖

Happiest little traveler 🥰
For his first Birthday 🎉 we gave @masonnaimgran a very special gift:

A poster of his real newborn length & details @thebirthposter 💙 Anzeige I feel that is such a special gift 🎁 which we will cherish forever 🙏🏽
They currently have an amazing Valentine‘s Day ❣️ sale so if you are still looking for a special gift for a little someone check that might be it 🤗 #thebirthposter #birthposterlove P.s: Today Mason made his first Baby steps all by himself 😭😭😭

Good Morning from one of the most beautiful places we‘ve ever stayed at 🥰 Iqbal and I wouldn’t mind living here 🙏🏽😍

Wir haben so viele Nachrichten von euch erhalten bezüglich unserer Unterkünfte 🏠 Beides sind Ferienhäuser, die wir bei @fewodirekt_homeaway gefunden haben 💙 Anzeige
Ehrlich gesagt finden wir es so viel besser ein Haus oder Ferienwohnung hier zu mieten, weil man so viel mehr von dem Leben im Südafrika mitbekommt 🙌🏽🇿🇦 Wir lieben es einkaufen zu gehen, zu Hause zu kochen etc. ☺️ #canwepleasestay
P.s: Yesterday was a really important day to me 🥰 Find out why in my stories 🙏🏽

Ok, so I’m officially hooked on Cape Town 🤩 Maybe because it reminds me so much of my big love

Hawaii 🌺 It‘s so cool that you have mountains ⛰ & stunning beaches here 🏖 And that there are amazing hikes 👟
The only downside is that the water is quite cold 🙈 But I mean look at this panorama 🙌🏽 That’s hard to beat 👌🏽 See more in my stories 💙

Good Morning from Cape Town 🇿🇦 So I might be a bit obsessed with the landscape here 😱 It is really out of this world 🤩

Swipe right to see the before editing pic using my „Master Collection“ @pilotmadeleinepresets 👌🏽💙 #magic

Happy 1st Birthday 🎉🎂 to our wonderful baby boy 💙 & rainbow baby @masonnaimgran 🌈 We love you soooo much I‘m not gonna even start to explain 🥰

Not gonna lie though: The last days have not been so easy for me! I literally cried my eyes out yesterday looking at old baby pics & videos of him or his tiny newborn clothes 😭 We really enjoy this age so much right now but knowing that the times before will never come back isn‘t easy 😢 I know some people may find this crazy but maybe some other first time Moms can relate 🙈 Anyways, we are of course so excited for all that‘s to come 🙏🏽 Thank you for letting us be your parents @masonnaimgran 💘 We love you endlessly ❣️

Off ✈️ to our next destination:

SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦 We are looking forward to spending the next 9 days in Cape Town (where we will celebrate @masonnaimgran 1st Birthday 🎂 and also shoot my second Dirndl collection) ⛰ And then we‘ll do our first safari 🦁 Super excited for this trip & to take you guys along with us 🤗💕
Fingers crossed the flight will go as smooth as this one 🤞🏽But @turkishairlines always makes sure so 🙏🏽🥰 #widenyourworld Anzeige

I love making memories with you @iqbalgran❣️
Even though it took us over 3 years to get this pic 😂 Hahaha...

but we finally managed 😃
We actually had the best time in Sweden 🇸🇪 And on Monday we are already off to our next destination ✈️🗺
So my FUN FACT FRIDAY question is: „Where will we celebrate @masonnaimgran 1st Birthday?“ 🎉
The first person with the right answer will win a shoutout in my stories 💖 Again you can find a hint to the destination in my stories 😉 Wishing you all an amazing start of your weekend 😘

1 - 10... which gallery wall is your favorite? 🎨

We just redecorated Mason‘s nursery and I love it 🙌🏽😍
Giveaway closed 🙈 Congratulations to @annekathrin_vida for being my lucky winner 🎁
Anzeige | To everyone who didn’t win this time: You get an extra 10% off @desenio 25% weekend campaign with the code ➡️ PILOTMADELEINE10 ⬅️ valid ‪until midnight 3rd of February‬. This offer does not include frames, nor handpicked/personalised prints. #Desenio

Are you more a winter ❄️ or a summer ☀️ person?

I used to be such a summer person but recently discovered my love for frozen sceneries 🏔 So I cannot wait for Northern Sweden 🇸🇪 on Monday 😍 Wishing you all a great start into the weekend 😘

So our next destination is...

SWEDEN 🙌🏽🇸🇪 I‘ve never been there so all of your tips are welcome 🤗 We are pretty excited too 😍 And I may reveal our next long distance destination 🗺 (where we will celebrate @masonnaimgran 1st Birthday 🎂) in my stories the next days so stay tuned 😉
Wishing you an amazing Sunday ❤️

Back from the mountains 🏔 where we had the most amazing time with my family 🥰 Now @iqbalgran and I are already excited for our next 4 destinations 🙌🏽🌍😍

FUN FACT FRIDAY: „What will be our next destination?“ ✈️ You can find a small hint in my stories ☺️
The person with the first correct answer will win a shoutout in my stories 💕

Loved seeing @masonnaimgran having so much fun in the snow ❄️ He really enjoyed his first winter holidays sooo much ⛄️ So did our entire family 🙏🏽🥰

Swipe right to see the cutest little polar bear 🧸💕

Relationships are hard but they are sooo worth the investment 🙏🏽 I love the new US @iqbalgran❣️

You & your Daddy mean the world to me ❤️ Love being your Mommy @masonnaimgran 🥰 #biggestlove @childsplayclothing

Good Morning from the Mountains 🏔
Would you rather stay inside & have a relaxed spa day 🏊‍♀️ or go outside & ski 🎿 or snowboard 🏂?


Snowflakes are like kisses from heaven ❄️
One of my New Year‘s resolutions for 2020 is focusing more on my family 🥰 So far I‘ve managed this one really well and it makes me sooo happy 🙏🏽😍

Feel like being in a live Frozen movie ❄️ So grateful for getting to experience this beautiful Winter Wonderland ☃️ together with my family 🙏🏽🥰 #familyvacay @arosakulmhotel

View Goals in Bali 🤩

First time in the snow ❄️ for @masonnaimgram & I guess he‘s been enjoying it 🛷😂

No honestly we had a perfect first day here in Switzerland 🇨🇭 Feels so good being here with my two men & my parents 🙏🏽🥰 #winterwonderland #familytime

We have sooo many cool new destinations coming up in 2020 🌍 I cannot wait to reveal them to you guys soon 🥰

FUN FACT FRIDAY: „What will be our next destination where we are headed in 2 days?“ ✈️ The first person guessing the right answer will win a shoutout in my stories 💕 I will also give you a small hint on there 😉

New Year... new US 🥰
Cannot wait to spend a new decade with you 😘 @iqbalgran #2020

We wish you guys the most amazing year of your lives ✨ #happynewyear

1 - 9... which pic was your favorite? 💕 Those were my Top 9 pictures in 2019 according impressions which pretty much also sums up my favorite moments in 2019 🙏🏽☺️ #grateful

GIVEAWAY 🎁 I‘m a bit sad Christmas is over but sooo excited for our travels next year 😍 Before

@masonnaimgran will turn 1 (February 4th) we will take him to 3 more new countries 😱 Which ones do you think they are? ☺️
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Now & then 🥰

One year ago on Christmas my biggest wish from Santa 🎅🏻 was delivering a healthy baby 👶🏻 One year later we have the cutest lively little boy & I couldn’t be more grateful 🙏🏽 @masonnaimgran has brought so much joy into our lives so I will be forever thankful for the biggest gift ever received 🙏🏽🥰
We wish you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones 🎄 filled with lots of Love & Joy❣️ Let‘s all remember to be forgiving, to be thankful for what we have in life, to not expect perfection from others & foremost to not hurt the people we love 🙏🏽❤️ #MerryChristmas

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I‘m dreaming of a White Christmas ⛄️🎅🏻 How about you?

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Ich werde den oder die Gewinner(in) am 29. Dezember hier & in meinen Stories verkünden. Viel Glück euch allen 😘

Just 7 days left until Christmas 🎄💫 Today in my stories I‘m talking about how Iqbal, Mason and I will spend the holidays (separate or together) ☺️

Yesterday Iqbal and I had this (a bit crazy) but so amazing idea: We wanna do a Giveaway where one of you can win a FREE TRIP WITH US 🙌🏽✈️🥰
We will definitely do such a Giveaway we just need to decide upon the right time, destination & details 🌎 To which place should we take one of you with us? ❤️ I‘ve been actually so excited about this idea that I could hardly sleep last night 🙈😂

Traveling with a Baby - Reality vs. expectations 😂

The first pic pretty much sums up our return flight from Cancun to Germany 🇩🇪 Me trying to sleep... @masonnaimgran active as he could be 🤪 So Iqbal and I switched turns who entertains the Baby... aka running after him, making sure he doesn’t put things in his mouth he shouldn’t etc. 😂
I‘m definitely not complaining (we expected this as it was a day flight) I just wanted to show a bit more reality here on IG to make other parents traveling with a baby & not having the easiest flight not feel alone 🙏🏽❤️
Anzeige | Big thank you to @turkishairlines who made those 13h so much more enjoyable! Kid-friendliest airline we know 😍 #widenyourworld

Swinging into the Weekend like 🌊 Tulum has been nothing but paradise for us 🌺

See Behind the Scenes of this pic on my stories! Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 😘

Seriously how stunning is our world please 😱

So happy we made it to Tulum 🇲🇽 Visiting Cenotes in Tulum has been on my bucket list for a looong time 🗺 So crazy that we had this stunning Cenote all to ourselves this morning 😱
They key is to arrive early to avoid the crowds! Even though Iqbal and I both are not morning people 🙈😂 we started to become big fans of getting to places early to enjoy them (at least a little while) all to ourselves ☺️ So glad it worked out here 🙏🏽 Honestly though we are so in love with Tulum already (people are so friendly, the food is one of the best we’ve ever had and the nature is insanely beautiful)! 😍 It’s our very first time in Mexico 🇲🇽 and definitely won’t be the last time! Super excited to show you more of this stunning place so make sure to follow my stories 😘

One of the absolute Must Dos in Cuba is doing a Vintage Car Tour 💕 This has been definitely one of my personal highlights of our trip!

Ask your driver to take you to the non touristy places though! This way we discovered this cute little beach café right by the ocean 🏝 where we got to watch the most stunning sunset 🌅
Our Cuba trip has been so amazing! I will write a detailed review with all pros and cons of Cuba as a destination and about the situation of the Cuban people as soon as we will get back ❤️
Check my stories to see the destination we just arrived at 😱 It‘s very different than Cuba but was only a 1 hour flight away. We are so excited we made it after all those struggles yesterday (more in my stories) 😩

Pic 1 or 2... which one is your fav? ❤️

Hands down my favorite moment of Cuba so far has been seeing @masonnaimgran having the time of his life 😂 He just loves the water sooo much that it‘s the biggest joy for Iqbal and I to go swimming with him 💦
Traveling with a baby isn’t always easy though! Those who follow my stories see that I often struggle 😩 However, having a baby can also be sooo rewarding which moments like these remind me of 🙏🏽
Thank you so much to @kempinskihavana for hosting our little family 🥰 Anzeige

I had so much fun deciding upon all of my Cuba outfits 💃 How do you like this one? 💜

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Totally feeling the vibe of this stunning place 🇨🇺😍 So happy we get to stay here a whole week so

we don’t need to rush from one place to the other and actually get to soak up the energy of Cuba 🙏🏽 It actually feels much more like a vacation that a job ☺️ P.s: Outfit links in my stories 💃 ➡️ Gleich um 16:45 kommt übrigens endlich unsere Reportage bei RTL Explosiv Weekend 📺 Da wir sie selbst hier wahrscheinlich gar nicht sehen können 🙈 freuen wir uns sehr über euer Feedback 💕 ⬅️ Edit: Leider wurde unser Beitrag schon wieder um eine Woche verschoben 😩

Hello from Havana 🇨🇺 We couldn’t be more happy to be here 😍 There is such a special vibe 🎶 in

this city it is hard to describe ☺️ I got so many questions from you guys that I wanna sum up our first impressions of Cuba so far:
- Cuba is stunning!
- Those vintage cars everywhere are the prettiest - People are very kid-friendly & super friendly in general
- The music vibe is amazing
- Drones are forbidden (don’t even bring one - big mistake we made which cost us 3h waiting time at the airport 😂)
- The streets in Havana are not so well suited for a stroller
- The wifi connection is not so good - Everything is kinda pricey (hotels, food etc.)
Overall the pros definitely outweigh the cons and we are so excited to explore more of Cuba the next days 😍
I hope that was some valuable information for all those thinking about visiting Cuba 💕 Hoping to create more valuable content here for you guys 🙏🏽

I don’t mind sharing my seat with this little traveler 👶🏻❤️ Honestly Iqbal and I were pretty

scared of this 15 hours flight to Havana 😱 Especially since the two nights before were pretty tough since Mason woke up like 20 times 🙈😂 Surprisingly on this long flight @masonnaimgran did soooo well 🙏🏽 Now we are in Havana 🇨🇺 and we can hardly believe our eyes 😱 Cuba is like another world and we are so excited to explore it the next days 😍 Gonna show you everything in my stories 💕
Anzeige | Thank you so much to @turkishairlines for the incredible hospitality once again ✈️ Mason is always treated like a little prince onboard 👑 #widenyourworld

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Happy anniversary to my partner in crime @iqbalgran 🔥 #3years

Not trying to pretend everything is perfect with us: Relationships are hard! Iqbal and I had many times the past half year where we thought it was over 😔
Being 24/7 together, working together, traveling together, sharing sleepless nights together etc. isn’t easy! We usually argue about the stupidest things and when both of us are suffering from a lack of sleep or are stressed arguments sometimes turn into hurtful fights!
My goal for this year is to focus more on my relationship ❤️ I’m very honest with you guys: It‘s often difficult for me to find the right balance between being a Mom, working full time, traveling, staying fit and being a loving girlfriend. However, I know now it‘s all a matter of setting your priorities right so that‘s what I‘m working on right now 🙏🏽

Who‘s also a bit excited for snow? 🙋🏼‍♀️❄️☃️🌨 Edited with „Mountain Preset Pack“ from my Master Collection @pilotmadeleinepresets 💕

Today in one week we‘ll fly to Cuba 🇨🇺 Those who follow my Stories know more details about this trip 💙 I‘m really looking forward to sharing this beautiful place and our experiences there with you 🤗

Last cruise 🚢 it was just the two of us and now we have the cutest little traveler in his first tuxedo with us 😭

I was planning to post a more „staged“ photo of us but honestly I just like this snapshot in the elevator 📸 too much 🥰
Last night was pretty epic 🎇 It was already our 4th time on a MSC cruise ship 🛳 We got to witness the christening of MSC Grandiosa... the biggest cruise ship we’ve ever been on 😱 @msccruisesofficial have become like family for us so we are super grateful for another magical experience ✨🔮 Anzeige
Übrigens wird nächsten Sonntag (heute in einer Woche) um 16:45 Uhr unsere RTL Reportage bei Explosiv Weekend ausgestrahlt 😱 Also unbedingt einschalten 📺💕 Wir freuen uns über euer Feedback 🤗

My whole world right here 💙 @masonnaimgran

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Happy Sunday my loves 😘

Due to the new challenge I realized this was my first picture on Instagram 🙈 Well not really as my account got hacked once (who has been already following me back then?) and the hacker deleted all of my pics 😩
Nevertheless, I think it‘s so nice looking back and realizing how life has changed the past 3 years 🙏🏽 I‘m a Mom now, I work as a full time travel blogger, I live in Malta etc. Gonna be so cool seeing how life is gonna change the next 3 years ☺️ Maybe I will live in another country and own a house 🤔🏡 How do you see yourself in 3 years? ☺️
P.s: My FREE Instagram filter FINALLY got approved 🙌🏽 🎉 I love it soooo much 🥰 Check it out in my stories 💙

I haven’t shared a before & after editing pic using @pilotmadeleinepresets in a while so here you go 💙 I love how you can improve the picture quality without using the stunning details 👌🏽

Do you have any questions regarding my editing or filters? ☺️Feel free to post your questions below this pic our send me a DM 💌

We really enjoy spending some quality time at home ☀️ #ad It is still not certain yet how long we

plan on living in Malta 🇲🇹 but at the moment we love the nice fall weather here, the friendly people and the closeness to our families in Germany 🇩🇪 Our dream is to build a house one day though 🏡 As prices are too expensive here in Malta 😩 we need to think about another location 🤔 Gonna be interesting to see where we end up one day ❤️
Wearing my new sunglasses @guess @marcolin_eyewear 😎 #GUESSeyewear

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Den glücklichen Gewinner verlose und verkündige ich in einer Woche unter diesem Bild 💝 Viel Erfolg euch allen 🍀

Ok this might be my favorite pic of @masonnaimgran and I ever 😭 Our little teddy bear 🧸

Halloween Season with kids is the cutest thing ever! 🎃
Forgive me all those people who are not interested in seeing baby stuff on my account 🙈 This pic was too cute not to be shared ☺️ And won‘t be repeated soon...

To travel is to live 💙 Tag someone you‘d like to go here with 🤗
Fun Fact:

As a young girl I didn’t travel very much 🙈 For example I‘ve never flown in the airplane ✈️ with my parents. When I was 16 years old I went to High School in Texas (my first time abroad) 🤠 and that’s when I discovered my love for traveling. Little did I know that it would become my job a few years later ☺️
Now I‘m super thankful & blessed that I get to travel with my little family 😭 It‘s not easy being 24/7 together or traveling with a baby. But getting to enjoy moments like these with them makes me soooo happy 😭🙏🏽
If you wanna find out our next long-distance destination 🌍 check my stories today as I will reveal my Fun Fact Friday winner there as well as talk about how we usually plan our travels 🗺

FUN FACT FRIDAY: What will be our next long-distance destination? ✈️ Just a small hint:

It‘s a place neither any of us has been yet 🌎
Make a guess below this pic ☺️ The first right answer will win a shoutout in my stories + a surprise package from me 💝 The winner will be announced after 24h in my stories + I‘ll also reveal our next destination there so stay tuned 😍
In my stories I asked you guys what you wanna see more of on my account and in my stories. One answer was more Giveaways so I‘ll start doing them more often 💕
Another answer was that I should talk more about how we plan our travels. So I‘ll talk about that as well in my stories after revealing our next destination ☺️ Cannot wait 🙌🏽😍

As long as you are with me, there's no place I'd rather be @iqbalgran 💕

Remember our last day in Dubai when we were super keen on visiting this ONE place? Well THIS IS IT 🙌🏽 To be honest it doesn’t look that spectacular from below 🙈 But from above it‘s as dreamy as it can get 😍 Just wait for our Dubai VLOG with the most insane drone footage 😱
Thank you so much to our friend @eletrico_ae for having made it possible 🤗

We are back in Malta after having had an amazing time in Dubai 💕 Honestly Dubai has so much to

offer that it definitely wasn’t our last time there 👌🏽 Missing the amazing food, the great service and the warm water already 💦😩
But I‘m so excited when the documentary about our trip will be on TV 📺 It should be up soon 😍 I will let you know when I find out about the exact date ☺️
Anzeige #visitdubai @mydubai #mydubai

Dubai has been treating us sooo well 🙏🏽 Besides the fact that Mason sometimes doesn’t wanna fall

asleep 🙈 because he is so excited at night 😂 he‘s done really well on this trip 🙏🏽💙 We‘re finished filming with German television and I cannot wait when the show will be up 📺 Wishing you all an amazing weekend 😘
We had such a nice beach & pool day
@fairmonthepalm 🏝
Anzeige #visitdubai @mydubai #mydubai

Dreamy Dubai Sunsets 🔮💫
Most of my Dubai outfits are from @hellomolly 💖 Anzeige Gonna put all direct outfit links in my Insta Story for you guys now so just have a look 🤗

Me thinking how lucky I am getting to travel with these two 😭🥰

I know this pic is everything but picture perfect (the bow of my jumpsuit untied, Mason was playing with my necklace, we forgot to take the microphones off from filming with German television yesterday etc.) However, I love this pic so much because it‘s so „raw“ and it perfectly shows the beautiful chaos we have in our little family everyday 🤣
We‘ve been having such a great time here in Dubai with 💕 Anzeige #visitdubai @mydubai #mydubai

Waiting for Daddy to say Hi to the sharks 🦈👋🏽 Yesterday one of Iqbal‘s biggest dreams came true to swim with sharks & stingrays (see more in my stories) 😍

While Mason and I were able to watch him Iqbal was able to cross of this bucket list item of his ✔️ When he got back to us he had the biggest smile on his face 🥰 I‘m so happy for him he got to experience this 🙏🏽 That‘s what I love about traveling so much: All those experiences that we will remember forever 💙
Anzeige #visitdubai @mydubai #mydubai

Made it to Dubai 🕌🔮🐪 It‘s my third time here but the first time with my family 🥰 so it‘s very meaningful 🙏🏽

Isn’t it crazy how things can change in just 1 year 😱 My last time in Dubai I wasn’t even pregnant yet and now we have this little best friend & travel buddy of ours following us along 👶🏻 Our hotel @rendxb have been so accommodating to our little family, it's perfect for our trip all together!
Anzeige #visitdubai #RenDXB #Renhotels

I sometimes look back at pictures like this one thinking „Wow...

did I really get to experience this? 😱“ Too bad our son is still too young to remember any of it 🙈 For instance that we took him to Maldives when he was only 6 weeks old 😂 However, it‘s gonna be really cool for him when he is older looking back at all those nice pictures...
Although Iqbal and I are worried about one thing: We don’t want him to take everything for granted! We both don’t come from wealthy families (we were rich love wise but not money wise)! Iqbal came to Germany as a refugee from Afghanistan so his family had to build everything from scratch! When my parents were young they had to live many years of a small teacher’s salary.
@masonnaimgran gets to live in much more wealth than Iqbal and I ever got to as kids. Iqbal and I don’t own a car, we both don’t wear fancy or expensive clothes but due to our job we experience a lot of „luxury“.
So how to teach your son to work for his dreams when he already gets so spoiled as a kid?! 😩 I know those are first world problems but it‘s something we‘ve been thinking about a lot... Let us know your thoughts on this ❤️

Yesterday Iqbal and I sat together and decided upon our final travel plans 🗺 until mid next year

🙌🏽 There are soooo many incredible destinations on our list (including many places we‘ve both never been to) that I woke up this morning with a huge smile 😍
Even though our job can get quite stressful sometimes (and traveling with a baby isn’t easy) 🙈 my favorite part of it is that we get to see the world 🌎 And I truly love sharing everything with you guys 💕 Thx for following along our journeys 😘

Bye Oktoberfest 🎡🍺 See you again next year 💕

Hard to believe that Mason Naim will be walking then and I will wear one of my 7 Dirndl from my 2020 collection 😍 Where should we shoot my new Dirndl collection? 📸

Forever lost in this moment 💖

European Summer is not over yet @iqbalgran 💙

We are home in Malta & couldn’t be happier 🥰 As much as I love traveling it is true that nothing feels like home 🙏🏽
We get a lot of questions whether we wanna stay here in Malta or move to another place soon. We moved to Malta two years ago and have never regretted it one second. The weather in Malta is amazing ☀️, it is still close enough to our families in Germany (otherwise we‘d live in Hawaii 😃), people here are super friendly and living costs are quite low. Nevertheless, Iqbal and I dream about building our own house one day and that is impossible here 😩 So we see ourselves living in Malta for a few more years and then we‘ll decide on a long-term location. So far we‘ve talked about LA, Portugal, Marbella or maybe even back to Germany. We need to consider a lot of factors like health care, school system, language barries etc.
Where would you suggest we should settle down? 💙

Hard to believe this place really exists 😱💦 Tag someone you‘d like to go here with 💙

First Oktoberfest as a family 😭
Seeing @masonnaimgran in his tiny baby lederhosen 🥰 and @iqbalgran in his sexy Wiesn outfit 🔥 killed me 😍

Although I always try to be real with you guys so I need to admit that Oktoberfest with a baby isn’t easy! Mason usually is a good sleeper but the past nights he woke up like every hour #teamnosleep 😩 Hence, Iqbal and I felt already like zombies 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ And when Mason started to be whiny at Oktoberfest we were super stressed 🙈
Wiesn Day 2 went a little better so I guess life with a baby differs from day to day! At least one thing is sure: Traveling with a baby never gets boring 😂

Ohne Di is ned schee!

Pretty amazing feeling wearing my own Dirndl collection at Oktoberfest this year 😭 On Thursday I will already design my own @krueger_dirndl collection for 2020 🙌🏽 Let me know what Dirndl I should design 👗 Anzeige
Btw it was so nice meeting many of you yesterday 🤗 We will also be at Oktoberfest today so please don’t be shy and say Hi if you see us ❤️ We always LOVE meeting you guys!! 🥰
Hair & makeup by the best @rada_jurkovic 💄

Those who don‘t believe in Magic will never find it 💫

It‘s crazy how having a kid reminds you a lot of how it was being a kid yourself. Like when you would see magic in the littlest things ✨ I sometimes think that as an adult you lose this feeling of magic a bit... unless we believe in it again ☺️
This also applies to many things in life such as relationships. Spending 24h together as a couple is not easy as this magic you‘ve had in the beginning will fade quickly and you take each other for granted. So why not bringing back the magic in your relationship by doing things you used to love doing together such as cooking, watching a movie, deep conversations with candle light 🕯 etc.? I‘m not an expert in this field but I definitely saw a difference in Iqbal‘s and my relationship once we started to plan little magical things in our daily lives 🥰

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We are currently planning our trips for the rest of 2019 🌍 Some of the places we wanna visit (which we‘ve all never been to) are:

- Sri Lanka 🐘 - Cairo & Luxor 🐪 - Cuba 🇨🇺 - St. Lucia ⛰ - St. Martin 🐠
Plus we wanna go back to India 🕌 & Taj Mahal which we absolutely loved 😍
And then on our list for 2020 are:
- Norway 🏔 - Portugal 🇵🇹 - Croatia 💦 - Kenya 🦒 - Zanzibar 🌊
- Tahiti (we‘ve been there but wanna see more)
Do you have any tips for any of those places? And what else should we add to our list? 😍

Let‘s talk about Mom Guilt:

Probably all of us Moms have it at some point because we feel like we are not doing enough for our babies 😩 I sometimes have it when I take some me time or when I considered spending two nights in Mykonos on a girls trip without my baby 👯‍♀️
@alenagerberofficial and I both are Moms and despite this Mom guilt we decided it would be a great idea to go on this trip. And it definitely was! Not only was it good for our partners to finally see what we do as Moms everyday (yes it‘s more than just feeding a baby or changing nappies) 😂 It was also good to finally be able to miss them 💔Because Iqbal and I usually never miss each other because the past 3 years we‘ve literally spend 24h together 🙈
I had such an amazing time in Mykonos including very deep conversations with the girls and I was soooo excited to see my family again. So us Moms should stop feeling that Mom guilt when we do something for us or our relationships because ultimately it’s also gonna benefit our babies 🙏🏽❤️

Last year on my Birthday 🎂 my biggest wish was delivering a healthy baby 🙏🏽 Here I am one year

later with the most perfect rainbow 🌈 baby in my arms 👶🏻😭 And with perfect I don‘t mean that @masonnaimgran is the easiest baby and that Mom life is super chill 😬 I still struggle sometimes and find the role of being a working mom/ boss babe/ girlfriend/ fit girl quite a challenge 😩
However, I can‘t imagine a better birthday gift than this little guy right here 👼🏻 He makes all material things seem sooo unimportant 🙏🏽💕 #whatmattersmostinlife #loveofmylife #bestbdaygift

Last year we celebrated my Birthday 🎂 (Sept.

13th) in Santorini 🇬🇷 This year we‘ve been traveling soooo much that we decided to just stay at home 🏡 I also made a small poll on Insta Stories and most of you voted that we should stay at home ☺️ Malta is such a beautiful place and I sometimes feel we‘ve seen less of it than most people who visit 😂 Plus when you constantly travel like us you get a bit tired of traveling 😩 Since we are travel bloggers traveling means work for us and we hardly ever relax when we are somewhere 🙈
So on Friday it‘s gonna be my first Birthday for a long time where we are just home ❤️ Feels kinda great 🥰

Now vs. then 🥰 2 years later and we are attending our first wedding as a little family 😭 #sothankful

Elisa & Leo we wish you only the best 😘 You light up an entire room with the tremendous LOVE you have for each❣️ Thank you so much for letting us celebrate what a wedding is all about: LOVE ❤️
We wish you a future with lots of little Bambini 👶🏻 Your daughter Olivia is simply stunning and we are hoping for many more play partners for Mason to come 😍
I simply love mixed couples! Who of you is also a mixed couple? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Elisa is Italian 🇮🇹 and Leo is half Swedish 🇸🇪 & half American 🇺🇸 Their Tuscan wedding was simply a dream ❤️ Can you imagine how much fun it was when the Italians and the Americans rocked the dance floor together?! 💃🏼 Thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day! We loved every minute of it 😘 See more under my Story Highlight „Wedding“ 💑

Press Play ▶️ Family is everything 🙏🏽❤️
Those who follow my stories see that I post a lot of „expectations vs.

reality“ moments of our family 🙈 Even though I hear it a lot that our life seems perfect it definitely isn‘t!!
For example to get this shot we had to wake up at 5am. Mason kept us awake several times that night though so we felt like zombies 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ when we had to get up in the morning 😂 When Iqbal and I don‘t get much sleep we argue more (about stupid things) which is normal I guess 🙈 But you see: We are a family like everyone else so don’t feel bad when you assume to see „perfect“ moments of us 🙏🏽 Social Media should inspire and don’t make anyone feel bad ❤️

I love you @iqbalgran 🔥

After an amazing girls trip in Mykonos I’m so happy to explore of one of the most insane places I‘ve ever been to 😱 together with my family 🥰 Can you believe those are natural hot springs in Tuscany?! 🇮🇹 The water is super warm and it was definitely worth it waking up very early this morning to have them all to ourselves (wait for the drone footage) 👌🏽
We are actually in Tuscany for a wedding tomorrow 👰🏼 So we decided to make a little road trip out of it 🚙 and visit some stunning spots here 🌲

Who of you guys is coming to Oktoberfest 🎡🍻👯‍♀️ this year?

💕 I‘m soooo excited to meet many of you as possible and to see some of you wearing our @krueger_dirndl collection 😱😍 Anzeige Dressed in my „Dirndl Sissi“ here 👸🏼

Kalimera Mykonos 🇬🇷💙 #girlstrip

I shared something very personal in my stories yesterday and I wanna share it on here too:

Honestly how do some women do it?! I feel the struggle between being a good Mom, a loving & sexy girlfriend & a successful boss babe is soooo hard! @masonnaimgran is getting his first teeth 🦷 at the moment so he doesn’t sleep well and is very whiny.
I‘m a full time working Mom and as soon as I focus on my work I either neglect my child or my boyfriend. Plus I also wanna look hot so finding time to work out between all this is a true challenge. Seriously, those women who can manage it all are like super women! I feel like such a failure at the moment 😔
The reason why I keep sharing things like this is that I don’t want anyone to feel bad because of Social Media.
Some may thing Iqbal and I have the perfect relationship (which we don‘t) or that our life is perfect (which it definitely isn’t)! We all struggle sometimes 😬 Why not be open about it and make other people feel they are not alone 🙏🏽❤️

Good Morning beautiful people 💙 Currently thinking about where to go for my Birthday 🎉 next month (September 13th) 🤔 Any ideas?

Last year we celebrated it in Santorini 🇬🇷 My next trips are Mykonos for a girl‘s only trip 👯‍♀️ and then Italy 🇮🇹 for the wedding of friends of ours 👰🏼🤵🏼 Where else should we go? 💕

California Love 🌴 What is your dream car? 💙 @bwcarsla Anzeige

There are a few places in the world where I could definitely see myself living 💙 LA & Hawaii are

some of them 🇺🇸 I actually already lived in LA ⭐️ before because I went to university there (University of Southern California) and really loved it 🙌🏽😍 Where could you see yourself living?
Anzeige @fewodirekt_homeaway

Welcome to our crib ❤️ I would have never even thought about having the postal code „90210“ one day (even though it’s just for a week) 🤣 Who remembers this series?

Anzeige | We booked our vacation rental via @fewodirekt_homeaway which was the best decision ever 🙌🏽 #firstrealvacation

You can win a Dirndl 👗 from our Krüger MADL by Maren & Madeleine Collection 💕 Anzeige

1⃣ Folge @krueger_dirndl und mir @pilotmadeleine (Follow @krueger_dirndl and me @pilotmadeleine ) 🥨
2⃣ Kommentiere unter diesem Bild, welches dein Wunschdirndl ist - in meinen Story Highlights seht ihr noch einmal alle Modelle (Comment below this pic which one is your favorite Dirndl - you can see all styles under my Story Highlights) 👗
The winner will be announced on here in 9 days 🤗 Good Luck everyone 😘
Giveaway closed 🙈 Congratulations to @isabeautx for being the lucky winner 💙 Please send me a DM with your address, size and favorite Dirndl 😍

Feeling like Alice in Wonderland 🐰⏰🃏🎩🍩🎀 #suchacoolplace

Anzeige @VisitTheUSA #UnitedStories #MarriottAmericas #VisitTheUSA

Welcome to ATLANTA 🇺🇸 the last stop on our road trip 🚙 We‘ve had such an amazing time in all of

the four cities we visited and we‘ll definitely do this again 🙌🏽 You can find a Q&A in my stories regarding our road trip ☺️ Please ask me whatever you wanna know 😘
Anzeige @visittheusa #UnitedStories #MarriottAmericas #VisitTheUSA

First time visiting a castle 🏰 for this little gentlemen 👶🏻🥰 Mason Naim has been such a champ

during this road trip 🚙 In comparison with our Seychelles trip (where it was quite a „challenge“ with him 🙈🤣) he‘s been so great this time 🙏🏽💙 Maybe he just loves road trips 😃
Anzeige @VisitTheUSA #UnitedStories #MarriottAmericas #VisitTheUSA

Thinking about what to bring to our next trip 💙 I always only use clear air mattresses so I don't

need to be afraid of what is swimming below me 🐙🐠🦈 as I can see it clearly 🤣 Anzeige #LGInstaViewDID #KnockTwiceSeeInside #SeeInsideMagicEvent
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Enroute to @masonnaimgran 4th continent: America 🌎

We honestly thought we were not gonna make it 🙈 Those who’ve been following my stories saw that we had some passport issues with Mason 😩 but in the end fortunately everything worked out 🙏🏽❤️ So we are on our way to Southern USA now 🇺🇸 Fun Fact: I‘m a huge country music fan (I went to High School in Texas) so I cannot wait to see some live country music in Nashville 🤠
Anzeige | Pic taken during our last flight @turkishairlines ✈️

Even though we fight & we argue sometimes (like almost all couples do) 🙈 and our relationship is everything but perfect:

I think we are pretty good parents for our little angel 👼🏻 & we are also very good in working towards our goals (like building our dream home one day) 🏡 We just need to focus on our relationship a bit more because that’s what‘s most important❣️So I hope everything works out with Mason’s passport today ✊🏽 & that we get to fly tomorrow ✈️ to our first „real“ vacation since we met 3 years ago! I love you @iqbalgran ❤️ And nothing in the world means more to me than our little family 🥰

Happy 6 months 🎂 to our sweet baby boy @masonnaimgran 😭 Half a year ago today you made me a

Momma & showed me a love I never knew existed ❣️You are the happiest baby I have ever seen 👶🏻 and you make your Daddy & me so proud to be your parents 👪 We love you to the moon & back 🌙 & cannot wait to show you more amazing places in the world 🌍
Swipe right to see how Mason Naim has grown from a tiny little rainbow baby 🌈 to a handsome & tall baby boy 👶🏻

Sliding into the weekend like 💦
Anzeige | Always by my side in summer 🌺:

My #BCSunProtect products by  @schwarzkopfpro which keep my hair protected from the salt water & sun ☀️ & have so many nutrients for my hair 🌱
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The Magic of Editing 🎈
Love this before & after comparison sooo much 🙌🏽 Edited using my Master Collection @pilotmadeleinepresets 💕 Link in bio to download 😘 Anzeige

Mason Naim has two nurseries 🧸 & I love how the one in Frankfurt turned out 🥰

Anzeige | How beautiful is the wall decor @desenio 😍
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Hello from the Mountains 🏔 #skypool
We made it to @masonnaimgran 8th country:

Austria 🇦🇹 Excited to spend some time here with Mason’s grandparents @das_kaiserblick 😍 Anzeige

Completely speechless over this bathtub 🛁 view 😱 #whenoceanmeetssky
@fsseychelles Anzeige

Yesterday’s sunset 🌅 was one of the most beautiful ones I‘ve ever seen 😱😍 See more of it in my Stories 💖

Honestly it still feels unreal that I get so experience moments like these with my little family @masonnaimgran @iqbalgran 😭 #someonepinchmeplease
@fsseychelles Anzeige

Turtles & tortoises 🐢 are my favorite animals 😍 so I was so excited showing them to

@masonnaimgran for the first time 👶🏻 Iqbal and I decided that from now ok we will share a bit more of our #reallife as parents in our stories because it‘s definitely not as glamorous as you may think 🙈😂 #parenthood See what happened yesterday in my stories 😝 @fsseychelles Anzeige

Maybe it was all just a Dream 💫 #dontwannawakeup @constancehotels Anzeige Edited with my Master Collection @pilotmadeleinepresets 💖

Dreamy Mornings in the Seychelles 🐢🌺 leave me speechless 🥰 @constancehotels Anzeige

Made it to SEYCHELLES 🌺 Not sure what it is but I always find some of the most stunning sunsets here 🌅😍

Edited with just one click using my „Seychelles Preset Pack“ @pilotmadeleinepresets 💕 Anzeige/ Ad

Yesterday we had a really important doctor‘s appointment with @masonnaimgran which we were quite

worried about beforehand 😔 Our pediatrician said that he is much bigger than a normal 4 month old (especially his head) so we had to do an ultrasound of Mason Naim’s head to make sure everything is fine with him 🙏🏽 Fortunately all went well and he just inherited Iqbal‘s growth genes ☺️
Now we are sooo relieved and literally feel like we won the lottery because that‘s exactly how it feels like having a healthy child 😭❤️ Swipe right to see Mason Naim’s reaction right after the doctor‘s visit 🥰

Tomorrow we are off ✈️ to @masonnaimgran 7th country 🗺 Which one do you think it is? 💙

We also just uploaded our CAPPADOCIA VLOG 🎈 Link in Bio 😘
Neuer CAPPADOCIA VLOG online 🎈 Link im Profil 🧸

Hello European Summer 👋🏽
New Blogpost up about my Hair Care Routine in Summer 👩🏼 ➡️ ⬅️

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Just 5 more weeks until I get to be your wife @iqbalgran 😭 #wifeyforlifey Are you interested that I keep you guys updated with more wedding stuff?

I‘m still so in love with my engagement ring 💍 that @leomathild_jewelry designed for us ✨ It‘s really my dream ring 🥰 Soon there will be a wedding band added 💍

I need to admit I‘m a city girl so I really enjoyed spending Iqbal‘s Birthday 🎂 in Frankfurt 🏙

Anzeige/ Ad | Always with me when I travel is my new @asusde ZenBook S13 💻 It is super light & thin and therefore perfect for traveling 🧳 It also has an Intel Core i7 processor which is amazing 😍 See more in my stories 💙

Happy Birthday to my best friend @iqbalgran 🎉 This is already the 3rd Birthday 🎂 I get to spend

with you and I can definitely say the past years were the best years of my life 🙏🏽 Thank you for being such an amazing father, fiancé, business partner & BFF 👫 I cannot wait to marry you 👰🏼🤵🏻 in less than 1 1/2 months 😭 #forever

Good Morning beautiful people ❤️ We are currently planning our destinations for the rest of the year 🌍 Which places should we visit next?


Anzeige | The result of my makeover yesterday @c.c.concept @chris_el_meth 👩🏼 #iloveit

We went for a bit lighter & shorter (thus more natural) look 💇🏼‍♀️ How do you like it? 💖 GEWINNSPIEL geschlossen ☘️ Herzlichen Glückwunsch an @madeleinesiebert 🙌🏽 Bitte sende mir eine DM oder E-Mail mit deinen Details 😘

There is Magic everywhere 🔮✨
Neuer Familien VLOG online 🎥 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ oder Link im Profil 😘

New Family VLOG up 👶🏻 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ or Link in Bio 😘 Don‘t forget to active English subtitles via [CC] 🇬🇧 📷 @eletrico_ae

Happy First Father‘s Day to the best Daddy of @masonnaimgran there could ever be ❤️ @iqbalgran

when we decided we wanna have a child together I would have never thought that you are actually SUCH an amazing Dad! You do sooo much for our little one it makes me fall in love with you even harder ❣️ Mason Naim adores his Daddy so much and so do I. We love you! #happyfirstfathersday
Location @sultan_cave_suites Anzeige/ Ad

How do you prepare your skin for a vacation? ☀️ Anzeige/ Ad | I've been taking the #sunvitamins @bearswithbenefits 🐻 for a few months now.

They taste super yummy but also give my skin what it needs for instance lots of Vitamin D 👌🏽 #beautyvitamins #BearBeauties #BearsWithBenefits #douglas #ahmazinghair #heysunshine

Am I dreaming or what 😱🎈😍 Gloomy Mornings in Cappadocia couldn’t be more beautiful 🥰 @kozacavehotel Anzeige/ Ad

Morning Dips along with the most stunning view 🎈😍 Tag the person you‘d like to travel to Cappadocia with 💖

Good Morning from the most magical place 🔮💫:

CAPPADOCIA 🎈It took us 3 flights ✈️ & 3 hours of sleep last night 🙈 to be here but we couldn’t be more excited 😍 See more of this magic in my stories 😘
Anzeige/ Ad | Thx to @sultan_cave_suites for having us 💖 Link to my dress 👗 in my story highlights via „outfits“

Traveling with my little family @iqbalgran @masonnaimgran 👩🏼👨🏻👶🏻 is all I ever wanted in life ❤️ #andmore

Felt like a Moroccan Princess 👸🏼 @lamamouniamarrakech ❤️ Anzeige/ Ad Excited for our next destination in a few days ✈️😍

Others: „So what is your favorite thing to do on the weekends now that you‘re parents?“ Us:

👶🏻🛁🤓 @masonnaimgran

Loved visiting this stunning mosque 🕌 in Casablanca ❤️
🎥 Neuer Family VLOG online:

Malediven mit Baby 👶🏻 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ oder Link im Profil 😘
🎥 New Family VLOG up: Maldives with 👶🏻 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ or Link in Bio 😘 Don‘t forget to active English subtitles via [CC] 🇬🇧

Marrakech moments edited with „Morocco Preset Pack“ @pilotmadeleinepresets 💙

Anzeige/ Ad | Thank you so much to @bemarrakech for your warm hospitality 🙏🏽😍
P.s: The Travel VLOG 🎥 up (link in bio) 😘

I‘m still breast-feeding 🤱🏼 Hence, my figure is still not back to my before pregnancy shape 😩

But I’m working on it 💪🏽 And trying to do what‘s best for our little man is most important to me 👶🏻
Anzeige/ Ad | We just got back from @lasultanamarrakechofficiel which we really fell in love with 😍 Now we‘re home for one week and them off to our next destination ✈️❤️

Chilling with my little man 👶🏻
They say if the first one is an angel Baby 👼🏻 the second one will be a challenge 😬 What is your experience with this?

🙈 @masonnaimgran is sooo easy going (it surprises me every day how relaxed & sweet he is) I‘m already scared of the next one 😂

Don’t waste a minute not being happy ❤️ If one door closes, run to the next window...

or break down a door 💪🏽
Anzeige/ Ad So in love with our cute Riad @bemarrakech 🥰

Who posed better? Me or @masonnaimgran ? 😂💙

Anzeige/ Ad We had a great family day at the gorgeous spa @lamamouniamarrakech 😍

Hello from Casablanca 💫

Sometimes the most spontaneous ideas are the best ones💡 Two days before this trip we found direct flights ✈️ from Malta for only 35€ (p.p.), booked a hotel for 50€ the night and decided to explore the unknown 🙈 It turned out to be the best idea ever and the mosque in Casablanca 🕌 is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen 😱 More impressions in my stories 😘

Every second with you two is a blessing ❤️
🎥 Neuer Family VLOG online:

Unsere erste Reise mit Baby 👶🏻 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ oder Link im Profil 😘
🎥 New Family VLOG up: First trip with Baby 👶🏻 YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ or Link in Bio 😘 Don‘t forget to active English subtitles via [CC] 🇬🇧

Ocean Eyes @masonnaimgran 🌊🥰 This cutie will visit his 6th country today ✈️🌎 #3monthsold

Who would you like to wake up to like this? 🌊🍉🥥🥝

The VLOG about our first trip ✈️ with @masonnaimgran is almost done and it‘s gonna be such a great & cute VLOG ☺️ Super excited to show it to you guys 🥰

One of my favorite places in Europe is Venice 🇮🇹(even though you need to get up real early to enjoy the city by yourself) 😃 Where should we take @masonnaimgran next?


My first Mother‘s Day as a Mom 😭 Last year it was one of the most horrible days in my life as we had just found out we miscarried a few weeks before it 😔

Now I‘m holding this wonderful rainbowbaby @masonnaimgran 🌈👶🏻 in my arms and I couldn’t be more grateful 🙏🏽💖
Being a Mom isn’t always that glamorous though so I decided to post this unretouched pic for Mother‘s Day. I was quite disciplined during my pregnancy so I only gained 9kg and lost them immediately after giving birth. I was actually satisfied with how my body looked after delivering Mason Naim but due to breast-feeding and having a low milk supply I had to start eating tons of food to keep up with the hunger of my little one. And of course finding time to work out is also more difficult being a Mom 😩 So I‘m actually not happy with how my body looks right now 🙈 (and my new rolls 😂) but of course trying to do the best for my child is most important to me 🙏🏽 Anyways, we Moms always try to do our best and the process sometimes results in tears 😢 We shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves though because we are doing an amazing job 💪🏽
I actually never knew what rockstars Moms are until becoming one myself 😃 Happy Mother’s Day to my and to all other beautiful Moms out there 💝 #fürmehrRealitätaufInstagram #firstMothersDay

Anzeige/ Ad | It‘s quite a struggle 🙈 to keep your hair healthy while traveling 🧳 I’ve been using the #BCSunProtect products by  @schwarzkopfpro to protect my hair from sun exposure ☀️ It works great & smells amazing 🥥
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Ready to build an empire with you @iqbalgran 💖

We know our (civil) wedding date 👰🏼🤵🏻now and it is sooooon 😱 #soontobehusbandandwife
Anzeige/ ad @visitabudhabi #inAbuDhabi

Yesterday our little 🦁 turned 3 months old 👶🏻 and he‘s already been to 4 countries (3 more coming up soon) 🌎 What places should we take him next?

P.s: New Family Travel VLOG will be up tomorrow ☺️ Morgen kommt ein neuer VLOG von uns online 🥰

Princess Feels 👸🏼 #inAbuDhabi 🕌💖 Anzeige/ Ad @visitabudhabi

When I was younger I didn’t wanna have kids one day because I thought I will never be able to

travel again 🙈 & my life will be over 😂 Things changed quickly when I met Iqbal 🥰 & now I feel ashamed of ever having had this thought 😩
Traveling with kids is different but oh SO MUCH FUN 🙌🏽😍 Plus Mason Naim is the best travel baby ever 👶🏻 And Abu Dhabi is such an amazing family destination! There are changing stations everywhere, people are super kids-friendly and the flight is not long from Europe ✈️ Anzeige/ Ad #inAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

No Abu Dhabi visit without visiting the Grand Mosque 🕌 In my opinion it‘s one of the most stunning buildings in the world 🥰 #inAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

Swimming with a view over one of the most stunning buildings in the world 🕌💫🔮 Anzeige/ ad @visitabudhabi @shangrilaabudhabi #inAbuDhabi

Welcome to Abu Dhabi 🔮💫🕌🐪 We are so happy to be back here 🙏🏽 & to show Mason Naim this beautiful place 🥰 Anzeige/ Ad #inAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

Danke für euer tolles Feedback zu unserem ersten Family VLOG 🥰 Das motiviert uns total weiter Gas

zu geben 💪🏽 und häufiger VLOGs für euch zu drehen ❤️ Morgen geht es für uns bereits zu unserem nächsten Reisezel zu dritt 👪 Was denkt ihr wohin wir fliegen? 🌎
🇬🇧 Thank you so much for your incredible feedback regarding our first Family VLOG 🥰 This motivates us so much to produce more VLOGs for you guys ❤️ Tomorrow we‘re headed to our next family destination 👪 Which one do you think it is? 🌎

Unser erster Familien VLOG 👶🏻 ist online: Erster Flug mit Baby ✈️ + Packen 🧳

➡️ YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ or Link in Bio 😘
Our first Family VLOG is up 👶🏻 First Flight with a Baby ✈️ + Packing 🧳 ➡️ YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ or Link in Bio 😘 Don’t forget to activate English subtitles via [CC] ❤️

Happy Easter 🐰💐 from our little family to yours 💖 @iqbalgran

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Get 15% off my Master Collection and all of my preset packs 🙌🏽😍 Code ➡️ EASTER ⬅️ (valid until Monday)
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Anzeige/ Ad | Easter Discount 🐰💐🐣 @pilotmadeleinepresets

Get 15% off my Master Collection and all of my preset packs 🙌🏽😍 Code ➡️ EASTER ⬅️
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Dreaming 🌸

My favorite Coachella look 🌵🎡☀️ Super excited for next year already 💕

COACHELLA 🌵🎡☀️ was a great distraction for @iqbalgran and I last year as just a few weeks

before that we found out we had a miscarriage 😢 Now one year later we are holding our rainbow baby 🌈 👶🏻 in our arms 🤱🏼 and couldn’t be happier 🥰 So even though I‘m a bit sad that we won’t be able to attend Coachella this year „Momchella“ is the best festival there is ❤️

Who wants to join me? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #floatingbreakfast

4 months ago you asked me to be your wife @iqbalgran 💍 I still remember this moment like it was yesterday 😭

Now we are planning our dream wedding 👰🏼🤵🏻 Cannot wait for this magical day 💫 & to spend the rest of my life with you 💞 I love you ❤️

Two months with our squishy little 🦁 Never been happier my entire life 😭💖

Anzeige/Ad | Had the best time shooting 📸 my own Dirndl collection for @krueger_dirndl here in the Maldives 🌊 I designed four different Dirndl for you guys so I‘m excited to find out which one you like best 🤗
Hair & Makeup by my love @radajurkovic_official 💙

Traveling with your Crew is the best 🙌🏽💙 #sliding #floatingbreakies

Tag friends you‘d like to stay in this Private Overwater Villa with 🤗

Matching with my mini-me 👶🏻💖

So we‘ve chosen one of our favorite places in the world for Mason Naim’s 👶🏻 first destination:

THE MALDIVES 🐬🌺🌊 The islands just have so much meaning to @iqbalgran and I: We had our Babymoon here 🤰, we got engaged in the Maldives etc. 💍 Mason seems to love it as much as we do 😍

Anzeige (unbezahlt) | Find someone who looks at you like Mason Naim looks at me 🥰

Our little man 👶🏻 had his first long-distance flight ✈️ yesterday. He did soooo well and slept most of the time in his little baby bassinet 🤗
And he’s been smiling non-stop 😊 since we‘ve arrived at our destination 🌎 So @iqbalgran and I are sure he loves traveling as much as we do 😍
Big Thank You to @turkishairlines for a flight we will never forget including the cutest surprises ✈️ See more in my stories ❤️

Today we begin our first journey ✈️ as a family @iqbalgran 🙌🏽😍 We are a bit nervous how Mason Naim will handle his first long-haul flight 🙈 but we are also soooo excited to start showing him the world 🌎
Can you guess which will be his first destination? 🗺

One of my favorite places in the world 💙 #maldives

Our little blue-eyed cutie 👶🏻 wishes you a Happy Sunday 💙

We are currently getting ready for Mason Naim‘s first flight next week ✈️😍 Any tips for traveling with a baby? ☺️

Super ready to explore again ✈️💕🌍 #wanderlust

His little dimples though 😭💙 #dimplesfordays
We wish you a beautiful Sunday 😘

I‘m soooo excited about traveling ✈️🌎 again soon 😍

I usually never post selfies but I really loved this hair & make-up magic 💫 created by my love @radajurkovic_official 💖 Anzeige (unbezahlt)

It just shows how bad I am in doing my own make-up 😂 #someonehelpmeplease
Wishing you all a beautiful day 😘

1 month ago on February 4th @iqbalgran and my life changed forever 😭❤️ We received the biggest gift 💝 one could ever wish for:

Our perfect tiny human 👶🏻 HAPPY ONE MONTH MASON NAIM 🎂🎉 We are so proud of you for being such a sweet Baby 🙏🏽 & we are excited to support you in achieving your dreams 💫

I love this man so much @iqbalgran #bestdaddy & I‘m so proud that we are rocking this parent game together ☺️❤️ #familyfirst

Mother & Son 👩🏼👶🏻 I never knew a love like this existed ❤️ #dimplesfordays

Anzeige/Ad | Just received some of the pics from my shooting 📸 with @bijoubrigitte 💖 in Ibiza ☀️ How do you like the result?

☺️ Love their new Retro line 👌🏽

There is nothing sexier than the man of you dreams holding your own child ❣️ @iqbalgran

Press PLAY ▶️ Our BABYMOON 👶🏻 VIDEO is now up on YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ (Link in Bio) 😘 I think it‘s @iqbalgran and my best video so far so make sure to check it out 💙 And let us know how you like it 🤗💕

First Walk with our Baby 👶🏻 He loves it 😍 Never thought I would enjoy Mom Life 🤱🏼 so much 🥰

Anzeige/Ad | Stroller @emmaljunga 💕

The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.

The harder you have to fight for something, the more priceless it will become when you achieve it.
And the more pain you have to endure on your journey, the sweeter the arrival at your destination.
All good things are worth waiting for and worth fighting for! 💙
@iqbalgran & I couldn’t be happier 😭about the arrival our perfect little rainbow baby 🌈👶🏻 You were definitely worth the wait ❣️ #2weeksold

Dreaming of this 💙

When Mason Naim was still in Mommy‘s tummy 🤰
Einen Emotionalen Geburtsbericht 😭 findet ihr auf YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ (Link im Profil) 😘

Find his emotional Birth Story 😭 on YouTube „pilotmadeleine“ (Link in Bio) 😘 Don’t forget to activate English subtitles via [CC] 💙

All I ever wanted & more ❤️ #family
Happy V-Day my loves 😘 @iqbalgran

Hello World 💙 My name is MASON NAIM GRAN 👶🏻 I was born on February 4th at 16:16 with 3.5 kg & 52.5 cm 🧸

My parents were initially planning not to show me 🙈 but I‘m just too cute to be hidden ☺️ Mommy & Daddy cannot stop staring at me 💘
I‘m a very good boy who almost never cries and let’s Mom & Dad sleep a lot 😴 I cannot wait to explore the world with them 🌎

Anzeige/Ad | When he was still in Mommy‘s tummy🤰Wie gerne blicke ich auf unsere

Venedig-Reise 🇮🇹 mit @getaway.abindenurlaub zurück 😍 Schaut mal in meiner Story nach und seht meine persönlichen Highlights & Reisetipps 😘 wie z.B. die obligatorische Gondelfahrt 🛶 #getawaywithme

I really love being a Mommy to this tiny human 🤱🏼 I‘ve seriously never felt so complete my entire life 😭💙 then with my two men 👩🏼🧔🏻👶🏻 @iqbalgran

Anzeige (unbezahlt) | Danke an @wellwetti für diese wunderschöne Bettdeko 🤗
[Edit: I‘ve mentioned this before: Our son does not actually sleep in this bed yet as he sleeps in a side crib in our bedroom without bed bumper, pillows etc.]

Ein Kind ist eine sichtbar gewordene Liebe ❤️ @iqbalgran
Kids are love made visible ❣️

Our baby is here 😭 MASON NAIM GRAN 👶🏻 He arrived yesterday & most importantly he is absolutely healthy 🙏🏽❤️

@iqbalgran & I couldn‘t be more in love with this perfect little man 😭 & his cute lips, his eyes, his smell and everything 🥰 #myheartisexploding

Let‘s do this @iqbalgran 👶🏼💙🏩

Venedig 🇮🇹 war einer unserer schönsten Trips im letzen Jahr 👌🏽 Anzeige/Ad | Wir waren dort

zusammen mit @getaway.abindenurlaub und haben ganz viele tolle Plätze für euch erkundet ❤️ Schaut mal in meiner Story nach und seht meine persönlichen Highlights & Reisetipps 😘 wie z.B. die berühmte Rialto-Brücke 🛶 #getawaywithme

I‘m really gonna miss this belly🤰😩 I’ve honestly loved being pregnant and I‘m getting a bit

emotional that it‘s almost over now 😭 But the thought of having our rainbow baby 🌈 with us so soon makes me excited like I‘ve never been before in my entire life 🥰
We love you little one 👶🏼 and we promise you to be the best parents we can be 🙏🏽💕 #3daysoverdue
Anzeige (Personenverlinkung) | 📷 @femaryah