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When your paddle is broken, Shade Tree will get you strokin’

One week, three photos. 1: New Turbo King headed to the New 2:

New apprentice, off to a good start 3: Old paddle repair off to a bad start

Trying really hard to catch up #supplysideeconomics #tookanap #whitewaterismagic #handtools

🦨 #skunkworks

Honored and humbled to be featured in Folkways on #wvpublicradio this week.

Making paddles has been quite the journey, and I had a great time reflecting during this interview. Bonus, you get to hear my amazing singing voice! Link in bio to listen. #faceforradio #traditionalappalachianpaddlemaking


#rafting #r2

Sunday Funday

@stephsabo turned the handsome filter up to 11.

Virginia number 1 export is Gentleman #virginiagentleman #smoove

Kids these days

January in review. I made lots of things.

First paddle of the year. Secretariat is a true racehorse, a smidge smaller than the Turbo King for maintaining a higher cadence.

While smaller, the blade is very flat, and set back a proper 1/2” from the centerline of the shaft. Your forward stroke never felt so good......... more details to follow. Some exciting design evolutions coming this year

The year in numbers:

23 new paddles: 7 single blade, 2 bentshafts, 16 kayak paddles, 1 left-hand control, 7 refurbishes.

60ish days on the water, 26 names on the 2021 waitlist, 1 baby made, 1 vacation cancelled.

Thanks for the support from the paddling community. I did not anticipate such high demand. There’s lots of exciting things coming next year, new baby, new designs, and hopefully no cancelled vacations🤞

#optinside and build paddles!
As a day of giving thanks passes, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the support from the paddling community I’ve had this year.

I am thankful for every opportunity and for patience. The patience a decade of building paddles brings, and the patience of customers hungry to get their stick on the water. It’s been a crazy busy year, and the waitlist for the start of 2021 is almost full. Hit me up if you need something!


Its either carve this paddle or refresh the NY Times every ten minutes #idlehands #theslowestlandslide #imsavingaspecialbottleofbourbonandiwanttoopenitbutnotyet

Who is more excited for the Gauley this weekend, Mike or Joey?

#whitewaterkayaking #gauleyriver #whitewaterismagic #virginiagentleman #turboking

No offset is the new forward offset #bifacialdihedral #virginiagentleman #hunning

Craig’s new paddle will spend its time underwater where nobody can see it #damnshame #charcinequalscharcout #squirtist

I’m not sure why @wheres_jer_ wanted a compass on his paddle, I told him the river always flows downstream!

There’s no way to get lost! #madeinva #getlost #gowiththeflow

This paddle is a milestone for me. Duplicate of a customer’s favorite old Silvercreek that was too far gone.

Here’s the stats: 203cm, 85 degree feather, LEFT hand control. This is the official paddle spec of your favorite paddling podcast @hammerfactor #myfirstlefty #southpaw

Turbo King heading out on Monday

Local deliveries are my favorite #supportyourlocalpaddlemaker #atb

Had to bring this one in the house for the fancy photo.

Wiggleshaft™️ getting its final finish over the next few days

The remains of the day

A real nice pair of divorce boat propulsion units waiting for Kat and Mike.

Should be a good match for their beautiful wood strip canoe!

This paddle brings back a lot of memories. I built it for first place prize for squirt worlds in 2011.

@tftsbly won with his super human lungs and epic rides at the Weasel. He’s put it to good use since then and I was happy to see it again for refinishing. Now it’s all spruced up and good as new, hopefully I’ll see it again in another 10 or so years

Dawn Juans with @wheres_jer_

Special visitor at Shadetree HQ today #okfineillcleanup #howthehelldiditgetinside

@ddaltonbennett shows us what the other end of the paddle is for

Crappy cell phone pics, Turbo King and yet another canoe paddle, good night #kayakpaddlesarecool #notsosureaboutcanoeing

A little paddle carving and a little Eastern Divide Pilsner from @risingsilobrewery down the road round out a great Sunday #handtools #whitewaterismagic #kayakpaddlesallmonth

Quick shot before it got boxed. Please note the freshie fresh bags sewn by @abby_chid #guidestick #whitewaterrafting

April will henceforth be remembered as the month of the T grip! #canoeing #whereareallthekayakers

Oh, the places you will go! With a Shadetree Paddle in hand!

A very classy Virginia Gentleman, delivered earlier in the week to another very classy Virginia Gentleman

The distal ends of a big ole guide stick heading to Jay down on the Noli #whitewaterrafting #whitewaterismagic

Fresh glass, who dis??

Thats a nice view to end the day

When @meffwilliams give you and old stack of 210 left-hand control paddles, you correct them #oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother

Making paddles is #socialdistancing in theory and practice.

#allthisbyhand #handtoolsonly #washyourhandtools

Making good paddles means making tools to make paddles more good.

Test driving my new calipers inspired by luthier calipers #toolmaking #makingthingsbetter #findingtopography #virginiagentleman

The last time I made @rachelr00 a paddle, it had her maiden name on it. My how time flies!

Lots of love and pride for my favorite paddling partner on #internationalwomensday

3rd prototype of the Dover Chair, shown in Red Oak and Maple with upholstered seat.

Just about there........ maybe just one more
#chairmaking #madeinvirginia #customfurniture #whathashtagsdidiforget

Oh heyyyyyyy 👀🧜🏼‍♂️😻 #anothernightanotherpaddle #tootiredtothinkofhashtags

Oh heyyyyy 👀🧜🏼‍♀️ 💋 #whatsapaddlelikeyoudoinginaplacelikethis

Crotch Shot: Breaking down more willow for more paddles.

This will be re-sawn into perfect #bookmatched blade wood. Grain orientation is of the upmost importance in the craft of paddle making

I need a bigger shop #andatrustfund #buymorepaddles #makemoremoney #moremoneymoreproblems #usawildwater #glacierbreaker

And now for something different— new year, new chair design!

A little refinement of the leg angles and some other small details is up next, but the form shouldn’t change too drastically. #imakecustomfurnituretoo #itpayswaybetterthanpaddles #pleasecommissionme #ridgeandvalleywoodworking

Cut some perfectly good paddles in half. Hope I remember how to put them back together!

#repairskeeppaddlesonthewaterforever #woodenpaddleslastforgenerations #iamsupposedtobeonvacation

Someone in Colorado must have been real nice to get this Wiggle Shaft™️ Turbo King in their stocking.

Custom grip angle and hand position make this the most comfortable bent shaft on the continent #deepcustom #allthisbyhand #mediocreatbest #hopefedexshipsfastsoicanmakeitontime #

@stephsabo is not getting his new #turboking until he fixes his drysuit gasket #newpaddleday #mediocreatbest #icepocalypse

Aproximately 7 pounds of chips to uncover these beauties.

Going to be a week of leftovers and glass #igotblistersonmefingers #allthisbyhand #handtools

First shaping session, decided to do all the shaping by hand on this one.

It lost 3/4 of a pound in one Alice Coltrane album, now its ready for tips #allthisbyhand #handtoolsonly @astralfootwear @biketheusforms

Tight lines found in the shop// An Appalachian Gentleman being made for an Appalachian Gentleman // Custom bend geometry in a custom paddle with a custom lay-up for a #christmaspresents #deepcustom

Getting spooky in the HQ #itsrainingnotrickortreat #tornadowatch

When racing Wildwater, consistency is key. Consistent strength, technique, and consistently 3-4 feet off line running Nantahala Falls.

#DFL in all heats and races!!!! I’m hooked!! #heavybackstrokes #backstrokesfordays #nowheretogobutup

Ash, sassafras, black willow, pear wood veneer, cherry, curly maple veneer, dynel #itsapaddlestupid #allthisbyhand

A lil grind and refurb on a classic OG that I piloted my GB with CB on the SFS in late June.

Takes about 22oz of work to cut and fit the tenon on a t-grip.

There’s probably an easier way to do this, but it’s probably not as fun. #whitewatercanoeing #tgrip #spacemanpaleale

The fleet #washthespidersout #roomformore #strategicoutburstreserve @daggerkayaks

Left: A Silver Creek that required major reconstructive surgery. Right:

Canoe paddle from a few posts ago #whitewaterismagic #entropyresin #makingthingsbetter

Aaaaaand another canoe paddle ready for edging. New blade design, spooned with a lil forward offset- Western Red cedar blades and maple bang strips round out this beauty.

Please suggest names for the new blade shape #crowdsource #whitewatercanoeing #singleblade

Canoe paddle, on the bench. Nice book matched willow with black walnut.

#canoeing #madeinblacksburg

Building the most beautiful and expensive truck cap holder uppers for over a decade.

Let me build your dream truck cap stick custom for you. #deepcustom #craftsmanshipmatters

Friday night happy hour- Turbo King heading up to PA- NEW blade design, Appalachian Gentleman v2 about to get scarfed- bunch of big mortise and tenons- special bottle of New Glarus Spotted Cow.

How do you spend your Friday night? #aloneandworking #madeinvirginia and #brewedinwisconsin

Details of the newest build #turboking

Shop photo dump, Sunday, lots of different paddles #notimetocleanup🤷 #multitasking #ineedabiggershop

Lifestyles of the #yinzer paddle maker- cooking pierogies and steaming curly maple at the same time #multitasking #impartsflavor #culinarydelights

Got to make friends with a bunch of weirdos this weekend.

They call themselves zombies, but they don’t eat brains, just shrimp and beer #mysterymoves #newriversquirtgathering 📸 @stephsabo

This is what 24 pounds of wood shavings looks like.

Final shaping done by hand is always the best time in the shop #handtoolsonly

Score! “I give it four broken ankles”

#momanddadshouse #beforebeateringandbootiebeers

Looking for glamor shots to put on #thegram Latest furniture project wrapping up nicely #customfurniture #madeinvirginia

Enjoying America’s river this weekend #nowhitewaterismagic #americasriver #whoputssunscreenontheirfeet @astralfootwear

The elves were busy last night #thebladethatwasbrokenshallreturntominastirith

Do you even #sup bro????
#newriver yacht club founding member @mrjangler will be making everyone jealous

Reviewing studio shots of the KGL Chair today. Materials: #curlymaple and p-cord.

February photo dump:

-Normal bench scene-Friday night happy hour in the shop-Installing @rachelr00’s new dining room table-Both ends of the longest paddle on planet earth for the tallest man in #blacksburg #readyformarch

The distant ends of making paddles. Trips to the sawmill and to the post office cap off a busy week #whitewaterismagic #madeinva

‘sploring trails that were supposed to be there @easterndivide @biketheusforms tour 2019

A Turbo King, a Glamdring, and an old Dagger. Got to practice my Elvish tonight #gandalf #lordoftherings #nerdsrejoice

Very bright was that sword when it was made whole again; the light of the sun shone redly in it, and the light of the moon shone cold, and its edge was hard and keen.

And @csay509 gave it a new name and called it Andúril, Flame of the West. #whitewaterismagic

Coffee, not beer at the takeout- 2 laps before 10 am #blindedbythelight #dawnpatrol #johnscreeknavy

Got that black magic out tonight #notcarbonneutral #paddlerepair #silvercreek #canoe #whitewaterismagic

Excited to get these beauties out of the shop and into their natural habitat.

Keep an eye out for some new wood on the White Salmon #messyshopfloortakesnicephotos #whitewaterismagic #whitewaterrafting

Another one, on a bunch of purdy leaves

Steve’s guide stick is out for delivery.

Also a huge shout out to Todd at @immersionresearch for keeping me stocked with finely crafted paddle bags #kayakershelpingkayakers #whitewaterismagic #whitewaterrafting

Finding nice lines in the shop, instead of the river. #allworkandnoplay is the theme of this fall.

#whitewaterismagic #whitewaterrafting

Theme and variation. What are you looking for in a T grip?

#socialmediadesignresearch #canoe #whitewaterismagic #whitewatercanoeing #whitewaterrafting

Making old paddles new again, and making new paddles new for the first time.

I love getting old paddles back on the water. #whatisoldisnewagain #whatisnewisnew #thebeautyofwood #whitewaterismagic

I think we can all agree #ifyoucanreadmyhandwriting

Should Steve’s raft stick get Curly Cherry or Karelian Birch veneers??????

Turbo King V4, willow, maple, tamo ash


Steve’s guide stick ready for the tip #shredder #whitewaterrafting

Finding nice lines #handtools #allthisbyhand #getitdonebeforethehurricane

Insta-erratum addendum- After posting the story of this paddle, I found out I had it all wrong.

Here’s the real story from Matt Hopkins “Wow, the twists in turns on the story over the course of 20 years. And people believe stories from 2000 years ago. That story is 98% incorrect.
I found it floating in an eddy on the Loop while paddling solo. Probably below entrance. I used it for a year or two until I snapped it on swallow falls at high water. I hit a ski jump in the slide, and when I landed the paddle hit my deck and snapped like a piece of kindling over the knee. I don't remember how I continued the run, but since this is now folklore, let's say I paddled the rest of the run with one blade in each hand like a rock star. The paddle became decoration in me and Dave Hammond's place in Mo Town. When we moved out, I left it there. (up until here is FACT. The following details are fuzzy). I think Dave Hammond grabbed it at the last minute. Later on I caught him (or Rug) paddling with it fiberglassed to together. Many years later I learn that somehow Freddy Mercury has become the new care taker” #hecallsmefreddiemercurybecauseofmyfantasticmoustache

#tbt a day late. Another golden oldie. A paddle with a story:

In ‘99 or ‘00 my brother found this old Jimmy Stick cracked in half in the Loop takeout parking lot. It looked like some backed over it with their car as they drove away. He ‘fixed’ it with some crappy Bondo resin and glass on the porch of the @riversport camp house (may it rest in peace). He gave it to me after years of abuse. I learned a lot studying the details and construction. It is the foundation for my #originalgangster blade design. Jim’s paddles are still the best in the world and is super friendly giving pointers to me over the years.

Yes, it was glorious


Pilgrimage: Always something to learn from the master #newworld #backlund

Ducky days of summer

Getting weird at Shadetree HQ #fearnoart #iusedtomakepaddlesnowiscarechildren @glennagrant

Tonight’s adventure in industrial adhesives. Getting it ready for the weekly New River Yacht club gathering #whitewaterismagic #ducky

Receiving the final rigorous inspection from Big Laurel before delivery. Everything is up to spec!

@actionmikestratton #catsofinstagram #qualitycontrol

A bouquet of paddles, ready for the weekend. If you happen to be at the Stoneycreek Rendezvous this weekend, hit up up if you want to demo one!

#whitewaterismagic #canoeing #demoday

Mommy showing Virginia the proper moooves. Happy Mothers Day @rachelr00 #halfthesticktwicethechick #whitewaterismagic #canoeing #motheroftheyear

Finally finishing the other half of their divorce boat propulsion units @megmags1 @micknilo #canoeing #whitewaterismagic #halfthesticktwicethechick

We rode bikes all weekend @biketheusforms #cyclotouring #panodoesntworkoninstagram

Details...... #woodworking #whitewaterismagic

Early morning #grinderman sighting. #40grit and espresso shots make the magic happen.

Routing and shaping. Custom tooling for custom paddles on a snowy Saturday #woodworking #ineedbetterdustcollection

Breaking out the Mora knife to fit this perp-grip on a half-kayak paddle.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. #handtools #canoe

Gettin jiggy with it #nahnahnahnahnahnahnah

That one is not like this one, custom bent shaft for Joey.

Custom grip placement, custom bend angle, custom paddle #deepcustom

Happy to hand deliver this refinished Silver Creek paddle to the one and only Cat Potts.

She is a badass paddler and taught me that kissing and kayaking do go together. Happy to see this classic stick back on the water. I also learned that this paddle is older than @lifelongpaddler. @huntmarc #woodlastslonger

Exited to deliver the new addition to @wheres_jer_bear and @emilyadventurer’s kitchen.

Thanks for the opportunity! #walnutisforwinners

Ladrido is taunting me while I am at work #withfriendslikethese

#tbt to that time that it rained and we went kayaking and it was sunny and I had my paddle in front of my face when you took the picture like I do in every picture of me kayaking.

Thanks to @micknilo for digging through your old computer files

Looking back on the year, my favorite days on the water were with our new paddling partner #swimdiapers and #duckies make for a good time #bestboatinthequiver

Another #originalgangster properly sized for proper size boats

About 10 board feet of curly maple and 500 feet of p-cord to make the KGL chair #woodworking

Wetting out #itsgoingtorainandiwanttotakethisoutthisweekend

Working hard at Shade Tree HQ to get Brian's Original Gangster out the door #handtools

@wheres_jer_bear showing us the proper technique on a sunset lap #johnscreeknavy

2.4 lbs -->90 minute grinding and sanding session--> 1.4 lbs The next 0.25 lbs will take about 2 hours with hand tools.

#theweightingisthehardestpart #dadjokes

Here at Shadetree HQ, it's a family affair. Not only does Ma Rugh sew the paddle bags, she helps me process Dynel cloth.

Her seamstress game is real strong. #familymade #whitewaterismagic

Evolution of a paddle #whitewaterismagic #woodworking #madeinvirginia

While everyone was partying at #gauleyfest2017 , I was working on this Original Gangster for Brian #allworkandnoplaymakesjackadullboy

Glued up weight: 2.7 lbs 40 minute session with the grinder, then 3+ hours with handtools:

1.5 lbs Only 1 more blade to go before its a real kayak paddle #idlehands #turboking

Shade Tree Paddle's CBO (Chief Brother Officer) checking from a post season Selway trip:

"Extra gnar points for pulling out the fishing rod and ripping a few casts mid-rapid"

Spring cleaning, 4 months late #whatelsedoyoudowithyourmistakes

Two great weeks of working with the fellows at the @africandesigncentre Final project:

design a stool on Wednesday, get it built on Thursday at the Gakinjiro furniture market, Friday sit on it. @massdesigngroup @eddorsa @mleach65

#Repost @artscenteratvt

“From These Woods” features artists from across the Appalachian region, including Jonathan Rugh, wood shop craftsman in Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design. See his stunning paddles, on display #attheMAC now through Sept. 1.

Tool box contents for first year students at Rubengara Technical Secondary School

A good first week back in Kigali

Paddle factory closed for the next 2 weeks, going to Kigali. Paddle order list as follows:

@csay509 @actionmikestratton and Brian- shafts glued, blades glued, waiting for profiling @micknilo edges all glued, waiting for a grind Joey B- bent shaft pieces milled up, ready for steam and mold #busyshop #idlehands

#Repost from @davidhanson3 and our mission to the Elwha river right before they removed this dam


179 // Jon // Elwha River, WA, 2011⠀

Jon was an unemployed architect at the time of this photo. He called himself a "government-sponsored kayaker." He currently teaches woodworking and design at Virginia Tech and he makes wooden kayak paddles @shadetreepaddles ⠀

"I want to start a short story that is sci-fi. You can hear the plot but you can't tell anyone because I think it's a really good idea that could be stolen. In the future, in the not-too-distant future, airlines are going to have to charge per pound, including the pound of the passenger. So businesses are going to have to start hiring midgets because they'll travel cheaper. They'll have lightweight clothing, too. We'll have a fully global energy grid so instead of roaming brownouts like in California currently, we'll have an electrical bubble that will roam around like weather patterns. So the midgets will have to follow this electrical weather pattern to keep their businesses profitable. They're like conditions watchers - like surfers following the swell or boaters with the rain." copyright 2011, Jon Rugh⠀

#dshmeetingpeople365 #paddling #woodenpaddles #elwhariver #damremoval

Wet couple of days celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my Mom's Shredder #whitewatergranna #whitewatermom

I am an exhibitionist, again. Thanks @micknilo for letting your paddle hang for the summer @artscenteratvt

Wetting out #handmadewithlove #madeinva #whitewaterismagic

Working on wedding gifts for @megmags1 and @micknilo They wanted a matching set of half kayak paddles with a perp-grip for their divorce boat.

#englishlanguage #ihaveayeartogiveaweddinggiftandnothaveitbelate #canoe #divorceboat

I am an exhibitionist #icff2017 #vt_cdr High Tech + High Craft

Received this text from Mama Rugh today: "Just finished a juicy run on the Stonycreek- the maiden voyage of my new Shredder stick.

Love it almost as much as my baby boy who made it." #happymothersday #shadetreemama #imadeherapaddleformothersday #leasticoulddo #thanksmom #forputtingupwithme #momofboys

#tbt wedding anniversary post: Love the ladies in my life.

Photo taken two years ago, with all of us in this canoe. I got to be the goof in the front seat, while @rachelr00 deftly negotiated the rapids, with future baby Virginia riding in Rachel, although she was very very small at this point. Note the non-custom not wooden paddles, still learning the half-paddle techniques. Rachel mastered them a long time ago. #longestpostever #badasswife #smokehole #westbygod #canoe

Palm sanders aren't just for sanding palms #woodworking #madeinva

@biketheusforms this is happening. See you clowns in Bastian!

#fullpullfriday #teursimply #bikepacking #bicycle #janglers @sngltrkhntr

@stephsabo working his magic, bringing me up to speed with the 21st century.

Brand spanking new website with fancy photos forthcoming. #luddite

Hey @liquidlogickayaks i think she's ready for her first boat, can you guys make a Remix 17?

#whitewaterismagic #startthemyoung #17months

Stoneycreek with goons. #johnstownpa #familytime #whitewaterismagic

Baby Virginia is asleep, Grandma Tutu is upstairs, #lagunitas little sumpin' in a glass bottle, wet gear marinating in the back of the truck, time to get to work.


Brilliant ideas are flowing from the fountain of knowledge that is @micknilo Big things are happening #sopwamtos #details

Do these tenons make my stretchers look fat? #woodworking

Slab of weeping willow before and after. Each one of the pieces will be sliced in half to make book matched, quarter sawn blades.

Fun fact: Everything in my paddles is book matched and quarter sawn to create the strongest paddle and smoothest flex. It's all in the #details. #woodworking #handmade #whitewaterismagic

Shadetree Family Portraits: Steve from my hometown of #johnstownpa I was boating with him before there was hair in my armpits.

If you ever paddle the Stoneycreek gorge on releases in the summer, when its hot and sunny, you owe this man a drink. He likes #woodfordreserve #handmade #whitewaterismagic #familyportraits #tbt

Catching up on work while the water is low. Making a few adjustments to the Original Gangster blade shape.

It's a little smaller surface area and a tuck on the lower edge. Asymmetry is so hot right now. #trialanderror Any suggestions for what to call it????

Caution: new wood spotted on Johns Creek this weekend, @mc_ellenb sporting his new stick.

#whitewaterismagic #handmade #johnscreek 📸 @stephsabo


Migrating the contents of my old life jacket to the new.

My favorite talisman is the old school Lower Yough shuttle token. Carried it across the country and back. Its got to be over ten years old. Prepping for a wet week @astralfootwear #greenjacket @haribousa

....and shipping them out @mc_ellenb #whitewaterismagic #madeinva #handmade

Shaving them down #handtools #madeinva

#shadetree annual board meeting discussing important business matters #corporateworld We decided:

Supply is up and demand is down and #igloos are awesome. @stuhyde804 @csay509 @hilzet

#truth @mc_ellenb

#saturdays are for glassing @entropyresins #makingthingsbetter

Measuring stuff #handtools #lazysunday @mc_ellenb

#tallulah the cat scoping out the newest addition to the fleet #newwave #cruisecontrol #catsnamedafterrivers

40 degrees and raining on the #stoneycreek and @rachelr00 's stoke level is high.

First river trip together since our baby Virginia was born! Her paddle features purple heart bang strips and lyrics by our 2016 Nobel Poet Laureate. #doublepogiesforthewin #myloveshespeakslikesilence #withoutideasorviolence #shedoesnthavetosayshesfaithful #butshestruelikeicelikefire

Making a strategic withdrawal from the Strategic Outburst Reserve for @micknilo

Digging into my parents basement. This is the definitive first paddle I ever made.

Its got to be over 10 years old. I hacked the blades off an old Perception paddle and glued in wooden ones #thefirstcutisthedeepest

Paddle makers do it by hand. #handtools #paddleva

#bachelor weekend, night number 1: Dust off the tools, remember how to make paddles @mc_ellenb #handtools

Thank you Rwanda

Office groupo #woodworking #design #vt_cdr #stoolsample

#stoolsample from Rwanda #vt_cdr #design #woodworking #woodworking_in_rwanda

My desk legs, in the thick of it #design #vt_cdr

Nobody knows what type of wood this is. They just call it 'pepper wood'. It comes from the Congo.

As soon as it starts being cut, everyone in the shop starts sneezing. #woodworking

Our shop is next to the casket maker #woodworking

#shadetreenation updates: This summer has been extremely busy at my #dayjob.

We were invited to work on a furniture design project in Rwanda. All paddle work has been on hold for about a month while I designed and prototyped classroom furniture for a new graduate architecture program starting in September. We've been working with local furniture makers in Kigali, Rwanda to build everything. I'll be traveling over there next week for two weeks to finish the project. This photo is a #stoolsample of the stool. More photos to come as I travel, work and explore. #woodworkersoftheworldunite

Always remember to say no to crack #woodworkporn #handtools #madeinva

Good weekend with @micknilo @yak2live and @stephsabo #westvirginia always delivers.

#greenboat #westbygod

#shadetree family portrait tour #grandfinale @stuhyde804 has what might be the oldest paddle around.

Stu has been paddling long enough that he already knew how to #sternsquirt before it was cool. We all got together this weekend for a good ole wedding romp in the #pnw Im pretty sure he is using this paddle to stand up cause he was rather #hungover #oldfriends

@shadetree family tour! @ehlingerj sporting handsome looks and the first bent shaft I ever made.

This paddle can be found freestylin on the #wenatchee and other various #pnw hot spots. #ergonomic

#shadetree family portrait tour. @andrewoberhardt showing off his woodie.

Original blade design, which I call the #batleth , which is #klingon for 'sword of honor'. Andrew thinks kayaking sucks, cause he runs the website The website sucks so bad, its no longer operational

#shadetree family portraits. Conor decided to put his paddle between his face and a rock on #robecanyon during the #roberace and brought home the #robegnome that year.

We now call his paddle #theshardsofnarsil

#shadetree family reunion tour. This is literally my brother. He also has a really old paddle.

One of the first, maybe 10 years old. I also made him another paddle specifically designed for his #greenboat antics. He is accompanied by his dog #rufus , also known as #dickdog who does not own a kayak paddle #lastbestplace #dontpaddlelikemybrother #missoula

@shadetreepaddles testing a new form of whitewater kayak surfing with an experimental new type of watercraft.

It forgoes the traditional sit in kayak/paddle typology and replaces it a wide plank that you stand on #missoula #riversurfing #kayakingsucks #lastbestplace #keepmissoulaweird

#shadetree family tour in full effect! This is Mike, I've been paddling with him since well before I could legally drive.

This paddle, and Mike live in #missoula If my memory is correct, this paddle is almost 10 years old. I didn't really know what I was doing and tried to make it a 30 degree feather, but somehow it turned out 60. Mike was the only one who was excited about such an #oldskool feather. Its also really heavy, but Mike still rocks it like a champ. His eyes are closed to show off his shiner from wrecking his bike #whitewater #paddleva #oldfriends

Quiet night at the @shadetreepaddles HQ, cutting veneers, folding some laundry and catching up on some #downtonabbey #spoileralert season 5 is off the chain!


Digging into the stockpile of weeping willow slabs. It's really good in the blades of a paddle.

Very strong, very light. #cat provided for scale reference #whitewater #handtools #gotwood

#dawnpatrol on Johns Creek. Thanks @governorterrymcauliffe and @amerwhitewater for helping protect this Virginia Treasure!

#paddleva #whitewater

Now here's a citizen who's hands you know are clean @stephsabo
#mrsoapysoap lives!!


The rhodo's are blooming, just like @mc_ellenb 's new stick #paddleva #worththewait

All in a nights work #handtools #paddleva

I always wondered why they call it a 'squirrel tail' plane...

#paddleva #handtools #woodworkporn

Don't the paddles look good tonight/ thought Electric Alice in the pale moonlight #grinderman #paddleva #itsjustkayaking

#tbt I'll miss you #mrsoapysoap One things for certain, I'll never trust a handshake from a West Virginian again, lord knows when it was last cleaned #westbygod #westvirginia

@stephsabo Someone stole Mr. SoapySoap!!!!! We have a #yuuuge problem!!!! #westbygod

#tbt back in the day, I experimented with molding a single wrap of dynel on a paddle.

It proved to be very labor intensive and not cost effective. This paddle shattered when Conor decided to put it between his face and a hard place during the Robe Canyon race, now we call it the #theshardsofnarsil

Bro- do you even #overnight with your #greenboat #shamelessselfpromotion

Good morning #shadetreenation ! A good alpine start to the weekend #shamelessselfpromotion #greenboat

Steps to make a paddle in no particular order- Glue up the tips, nice and thick!

Pretty soon, #grinderman comes to town #paddleva #madeinva

Lazy Sunday re-organizing the shop and re-shaping a paddle.

Sometimes you have to pull out the ole #stanleyno7 to make things right #madeinva #paddleva

#bromance on the #grandcanyon Just a few boys loving their wood...... paddles

@meffwilliams we see your Bent Creek hike with Ford and we raise you a #scenicbreastfeeding with Virginia at Bottom Creek Preserve.

Your move, sir.

Freshly baked Dynel edging, gives paddles the strength and fortitude to stand up and do great things #madeinvirginia

Proper proportional paddling, short car long boat #longboat lifestyle update

The ole Grizzly needs a new trandy-shaft cause the girdle bearings got over polymerized and caused too much friction in the phenolic governor flywheel's secondary piston #retroencabulator #bandsawlife

New design- its half a kayak paddle with this perpendicular grip thingy.

I'm thinking of calling a "switch grip" cause it switches directions from the main shaft. Or maybe a "perp-grip"? I'm an innovator. #canoeingsucks #halfthepaddletwicethepaddler #paddleva

My social media consultant told me to put this up for #tbt @miguel_shieldz About 10 years ago, Cascades swimming hole, Pembroke, VA #socialmediaempire

Steps to make a paddle in no particular order: Glue up half of the shaft at a time, and clamp the hell out of it.

I use @entropyresins #paddleva #madeinva #makethingsbetter

#futurewood for #futurewater. Who wants one? #madeinva

Shadetree Corporate board member Stuart delivering his quarterly report from his Seattle office.

Things are looking good #funforever #nobodycaresyoupaddlethemiddlemiddle

Johns Creek lifestyle update: Weenie Wagon is OPEN!!!! #johnscreeknavy #greenboat #paddleva

Wishing for more water, thanks for the photo @yak2live #irdry #westbygod #immersionresearch #chasingwaterfalls

#futurewood It's raining, better get to work. @mc_ellenb can you pick out yours on the rack?

You're next #worththewait #madeinvirginia #paddleva

New paddle day @micknilo #newrivergorge #greenboat #kayak #woodworkporn #paddle #westvirginia #paddleva

Its Friday night, who wants to get shellacked?....i mean varnished.

#getbent #bentshaft @ehlingerj

Not a paddle

I like my bourbon on the rocks with a side of epoxy fumes

Nice curves!

This vacuum pump really sucks

Looking good milo

Headed for the annual Shade Tree board of directors meeting in the big ditch.

My social media consultant told to me to use more hashtags, so I'll add a few: #grandcanyonkayaking , #hopeyoudontgetnorovirus , #theoriginalgangster , #itslongerthandaves #paddleva #blacksburgva