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There are people who roll out of bed, grab a coffee to go and head to the gate right as their plane is boarding.

Then there’s me… I print my boarding pass as soon as I’m able to, pack ahead of time and try to squeeze in absolutely anything I might need in between my carryon and checked bag. And while I may not always get around to make the almond milk with the nuts I have stashed away (😂), I do end up using 98% of what I pack. Here’s what’s most important to me:

+ books: I’m bringing the two books I’m reading right now. Especially because Italy is such a long flight, I need something to entertain me
+ Morning Ritual matcha and set: I make matchas almost every time on planes. People stare because I’m full on whisking green powder in the middle of row 23B but I love how it assists my energy and mood during long travel days.
+ @bottleandstone 300/600 tinctures and body salve: I take the 300mg CBD during the day and the 600mg before a red eye. I’m able to sleep nearly the whole way when I take the 600 and it’s sooo helpful. I always always always bring the body salve because I get so sore on planes and my scoliosis tends to get a little inflamed with the upright position of the seats. I’ll just rub a bit on my lower back and my shoulders.
+ vitamins: storing in individual bags makes it more convenient. I know what they are but you could label them if you’d like!
+ mini tripod: I have a lot of camera equipment in my checked bag too! Always trying to get content to be able to share with you guys as it’s so fun to be able to partake in these experiences together.
+ compression socks: I always make sure to drink a ton of water and wear these socks while traveling. If you’ve ever left a plane with swollen ankles, this is your sign to pick these up!
+ also, not shown but SNACKS! This trip I’m making my Date Energy Bites and Blueberry Muffins!
+ blue light glasses, hand sanitizer, masks, computer, etc.

If you’d like me to show you an unpacking of my checked suitcase when I arrive, I’ll be sure to! I know some of you are interested in my fashion and while I don’t really show much of that on here now, I’d be happy to start if you want 👇🏻🧡

I’m not one to shy away from real topics.

So when I shared earlier this week that I was going through a rough patch of anxiety, I was flooded with messages from hundreds of you who are also feeling like anxiety, stress and insomnia are at an all time high. While eating well, taking time to practice self-care and daily movement are all keys for me in managing anxiety, sometimes it’s just inevitable. ⁣

I recorded this conversation with expert @drjunechin last summer but wanted to share it again because I know there are so many new community members who might have some questions on my @bottleandstone CBD. We spoke about CBD’s power in alleviating that dreaded anxiety, aiding with insomnia and working to calm our stress down. ⁣

If you’re looking for a pathway to better sleep, overall more alert-ness and a natural remedy for anxiety, definitely watch this video. We touch on taking CBD with other anxiety medications, how I personally use it to help my insomnia and so much more. I always try to provide knowledge in as easy and simple terms as possible, but if you have any questions about CBD and anxiety (or honestly really anything at all) feel free to leave them below 👇🏻🌱

Let’s be honest… at the Taylor home, we celebrate #NationalDogDay every single day 🥰🧡 I am so

grateful for these two babies for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love, always being there for my cuddles/ baby talk and for partaking in my love of food with me 😂 There is nothing better than waking up to these sweet faces and I will take any excuse to spend a whole day celebrating their love! PS swipe all the way to the end to see their real personalities (Panda is very sweet, cute and independent and well… we all know how needy Oliver can be lol)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Realizing that I can’t perform my best for my two small businesses when I am running low on my own body’s battery has been something truly transformational in my life. You have to make sure you are grounded and cared for to give the best care to your work, your family and your friends. ⁣

Don’t get it twisted: I do NOT mean to quit your job (because as we all know, work is how we support ourselves) but slaving away without taking a rest for yourself will really run you down. This message, within context is important— learning to say no is important. In the last year, I’ve gotten much better at setting these boundaries and can’t even tell you how much better I feel. ⁣

When I first starting saying no, I was so worried I’d lose friends and other relationships. But I was speaking with some girlfriends about this last week and they told me just the OPPOSITE: they said it was inspiring that occasionally I’d take time for myself instead of meeting them for dinner. They loved and respected my decision because they knew it’s what’s best for me. So I encourage you to set boundaries where you need them… good friends will be there for you even when you miss out on girls’ night next Friday! Xx

You guys always ask for more of these and this one really sums up what I’ve been eating in the past month.

I’m not sure about you but I really get in grooves— I create a recipe and love it so much I make it a few times a week. That’s been the case with my superfood bowls, my vegan Indian curry and if you’ve been here for a few years, you’d know these cookies are maybe my #1 favorite sweet recipe up on the site. ⁣

With the exception of an egg in the cookies, I ate almost 100% plant-based on this day. It’s not something that I intended to do but happens often because I’ve placed such an emphasis on eating nutrient rich, whole foods. I continue to eat sustainably caught fish, eggs and occasionally some meat if I’m really in the mood but often will go a few days eating plant-based without even intending to. ⁣

I’m working to get dedicated videos up for both the cookies and the curry! Which dish looks best to you? 👇🏻😋 By the way, all recipes posted here are on my website!

Let’s reframe how we view wealth. In the western world, our culture tends to view wealth as equating to driving a nice car or having a big home.

But remembering that to us, many of the "small things” in our lives are actually our biggest blessings. While it may sound a little cheesy, the little things really are the big things. ⁣

So much of our lives we take for granted. In fact, when I speak about journaling and especially gratitude journaling, I commonly answer questions from people who can’t think of anything to jot down on their lists. And while everybody is different, I often ask if they have a bed, a home, a kitchen, access to clean water, etc. It’s common to take these things for granted but when looking at the rest of the world, we really are so blessed to have access to these necessities. Today’s task is for you to reflect on this: tell me the most simple way you are blessed in your life 👇🏻 It can even be as “small” as having clean sheets to sleep on tonight 🌙

I’m leaving for vacation this week! I’ve been itching to get out of the country for a while now and I really can’t wait.

To be quite honest, this summer has been taxing on me. I’ve shared a lot about it on my stories with you guys as I never want to be someone who only shows the highlights. While I pride myself on really putting my all into my small businesses, I’ll be honest… I’ve been overworking myself. ⁣

I think there’s strength in acknowledging when you need breaks. Of course I’ll still be working from my destination but the excitement of a new place (and all that yummy food) is so exciting for me. To celebrate my vacation, I wanted to share this throwback video from a few years ago where the food was so good, I just had to take it to go 😂⁣

Where do you think I’m heading? The music and location of this video is a majorrrr hint 🍝😋

It felt so nice to slip away this past weekend and get back into nature!

I know I can speak for many of us when I say this summer has definitely been… well, kind of a lot. I talk to you guys often in my messages and I know a lot of us are feeling a bit swamped. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, I couldn’t recommend getting back into nature more. Take a hike, put your toes in the grass or even just meditate outside— it can really act as an experience to reconnect with yourself and escape the craziness of everyday life. I’m always happy to keep you accountable… how will you ground today?

You asked, here it is— the house tour of the beautiful Air BnB I stayed in over the last week!

@oestehome is a desert escape that’s been thoughtfully planned out and is perfect for anyone looking to escape to the desert! To be honest, I’m already looking ahead at the weekends of my friends’ birthdays because I think it would make a great home to stay at with a few friends.

If you know me, you know this style is right up my alley- earthy bohemian with a focus on indoor/outdoor living. My favorite part was how accessible the outdoors are at all times—the outdoor bathtub, swinging chair and the big windows make you feel like you’re always outside in the beautiful Mojave Desert.

The house is available on Air BnB— obviously this ins’t sponsored but I received at least a few hundred questions about the home. I love how each room has its own unique color palette and style… if you stayed in Oeste, which bedroom would be your pick? #weedbegoodtogether

I had the best few days relaxing in the desert. Even though I did work quite a bit while there, changing my scenery and scheduling in time for relaxation really did make me feel great.

I want to serve a reminder for you today that if you need rest, TAKE IT. So many of us are constantly on the go and are a byproduct of our current culture— a society that praises the “grind” and the “go, go, go” mentality. ⁣

If you can’t slip away for a few days, here’s a tip for prioritizing rest in a busy workweek or few days at home: when I schedule out my day or make my to-go list, I always make sure to physically pencil in time for rest or relaxation. Making it as important as the tasks I have to done get ensures I will do it. Even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes, I try to revisit the excitement of recess and lunch breaks that we had as a kid in school. What’s your best tip for making sure you’re able to get in that rest? 👇🏻⁣

I can compile a list to share with everyone… remember you are not weak for needing to rest. In fact, you’re just the opposite 🧡

If you’ve been here a while, you probably love when I post sound bath meditations.

And if you’re new, welcome! I play my bowls every once in a while for those who need a mini break in a workday and even know a few people in this community who listen to them on repeat while they sleep! ⁣

Sound has an incredible soothing and therapeutic quality to it and taking two minutes to either sit still or lay and listen to a sound bath can make the difference in your entire day. Take notice of how you feel and where you most feel the sound affecting… is it your mind? Your heart? Your fingers? Allowing you to step back from the busy-ness of the day, a sound bath can really help you to connect with your spiritual self. If you enjoyed today’s small sound bath meditation, share the love by sending this video to a friend. After all, we all deserve a little relaxation in the midst of a busy work week! Xx ⁣

Be your own main character. When I say this, I don’t mean you can’t be the supporting best friend in someone else’s movie but in your own film, you deserve to be the lead.

You have a story to tell by the life you choose to live, the passions you choose to explore and the decisions you make. ⁣

We live in a world that is so easy to be a bystander… consuming content all day (which don’t get me wrong is fun to do!) and looking at other peoples’ lives and comparing. If you keep this up, instead of acting on the things you actually want to DO, you will remain the supporting role of your own life. You are the main character and don’t sell yourself (or your story) short by not acting like it. Xx

Trust me, I’m a chef— I’m the first to show I care for someone by cooking them a beautiful meal.

But even I know the scarfing-something-down-in-front-of-the-fridge all too well. One of the most caring ways I show myself love is by cooking myself as beautiful as a meal as I would for a guest or loved one that I’m really trying to impress. ⁣

I get asked a lot about how I got over my last break up and while I’m very private about that, I would like to share this a tip, especially for those women out there (regardless of your relationship status). Sometimes when we mourn the loss of relationships, we’re really longing for that natural inclination as women to care for something or someone. I’ve found it’s been really helpful to replace this care with care for yourself. ⁣

As women, we tend to worry and fuss over everyone but ourselves. But when you’re alone, I encourage you to place the same amount of care towards yourself. All long term relationships need constant and steady maintenance and I would like you to show that care for YOURSELF next time you’re serving you.

Did you know you’re technically supposed to throw out sponges after ONE WEEK because of all the bacteria that harbors in them?!

🤢Obviously this isn’t a sustainable solution to cleaning in your home so I wanted to share a few other options I have found to make my kitchen a little more sustainable. Because I’m in the kitchen each and every single day, I knew one of the most important ways for me to make my house more eco-friendly was to start right here. A few years ago, I made some easy and inexpensive swaps and truly believe that if each of us did this, we would be able to drastically decrease our waste and improve the health of our planet. ⁣

Now I’m not saying we need to fully renovate everything in our kitchen or cleaning routines, but trying a tip or product here and there can really help. These four sponge alternatives have been awesome for me in the past few years and I find myself rarely reaching for the classic kitchen sponge! As always, let me know if you’d like to see more sustainable tips— I’ve really swapped out a ton of things in my kitchen in effort to go green 👇🏻💚

A little Saturday in my life. Last weekend, I had one of the best weekends in some time.

I went on a beach walk with a friend and we were reflecting on how lovely a time we had on Saturday and Sunday. Our conclusion was that the reason our weekend was SO nice was because we just went with the flow. If you know anything about me, you’d know I love routine. I thrive on routine— mornings, nights, even weekends I still try to structure a bit with routine. ⁣

However, I made zero plans last weekend. I felt like going plant shopping, meditating on the beach, and overall just doing whatever sounded nice to me and I did just that. I’ve really been reflecting this week on how life is really just a series of natural and spontaneous changes and that going against them can really create blockages in your life. No matter the structure and good habits we build in our life, there will always be aspects we can’t (and shouldn’t!) control. Letting them flow forward naturally in whichever way they like can really change everything. ⁣

So this has really been my lesson of the week. Of course I’ve felt this before but it’s easy to get so wrapped up in making plans and structure that we forget how awesome life can be when we just let it BE! We’re constantly learning and I’m so grateful for every lesson I learn each day… 🧡 Wishing you the loveliest of Saturdays! Xx

Come grocery shopping with me! You’ll notice that I fill my cart with mainly whole, nutritious foods like eggs from free-range chickens, plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots of fresh herbs.

BUT you’ll also notice that I’m a huge snacker and willing to try anything once.⁣

I want to serve this as a reminder that just because you’re treating your body to healthy foods, does not mean you have to miss out on your favorite foods like pasta and chips. I read my labels and put anything back that has ingredients that I can’t recognize or pronounce. In fact, strolling down the aisles at the store to find new products and companies is one of my favorite things to do.⁣

I’m thinking about putting together a list for you of snacks I always pick up at the store. Of course I love making my own snacks but let’s be honest, there are few things as satisfying as the crunch from a potato chip— just let me know if you’d be interested in seeing the brands I recommend for snacking! 👇🏻🍴⁣

If you’re new to my account, it probably wouldn’t take long to realize I’m a HUGE foodie.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit countless incredible restaurants… but I’ve also seen the bad and the boring. There’s really nothing worse than spending money on food that’s just kind of “blah”. Because of this, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite restaurants in LA for a list on my Instagram. ⁣

Los Angeles is known to be a melting pot of cultures, meaning that with those cultures comes cuisine! Not only do we have endless varieties of cuisines, but we also have access to incredible fresh and organic produce. Whether you’re just visiting or a resident of our beautiful city, I’m sure my restaurant guide can help you plan or dream up your next meal. ⁣

The full list of faves is on the “Guides” section of my Instagram profile— and is marked with an icon that looks like a map. I want to hear from you… based on the photos, which restaurant would you try first? 😋🍕

Spending money on food is still spending money. And I’ve made it my goal to help you guys use make better decisions.

We all need to eat, but the difference really lays in what you choose to fuel your body with. Eating whole, nutritious foods can impact everything from your weight and cholesterol levels to your mood and energy. ⁣

If you’re unsure of where to begin, I always recommend that you JUST start! Pick a recipe from my website, read the instructions and just make it. I try to put together dishes that EVERYONE can make and benefit from. Because I went to culinary school (and then extended my studies in my holistic nutrition courses), you can bet that each recipe I share is not only nutritious but also delicious 😋 If you’ve tried any of my recipes, I’d love to hear which and what your review is 👇🏻⁣

P.S. every recipe shown here is posted to!

if you are tired of being tired….⁣
realize that worrying is doing nothing except for making you lose sleep.

consciously choose to be in love with the life that you’re living. ⁣
because if you’re not, how can you expect to be surrounded by the good stuff?⁣
while circumstances might have to stay the same,⁣
i encourage you to work to change your mindset to reflect this a little bit each day. ⁣

Do you ever stop to think about how AMAZING it is that you are even here? Take a second to consider the extraordinary fact of your existence. Each of us is unique— truly one of a kind and put on this earth for a purpose. We find ourselves spending so much of our incredible and remarkable time worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday that we miss out on the beauty of us living in the present moment. ⁣

This is a constant battle. Everyday I have thoughts that tell me I’m not good enough— the ones that tell me I made a mistake yesterday or that I will make one tomorrow. I choose to silence these thoughts to enjoy the irreplaceable moments of today. Choosing to focus on the things I am abundant in however has really changed the way I view life, even if my circumstances have to stay the same. So whether you’re stressed about work, family, money, or other things… take the time today and meditate on the present. After, think about it and tell me one thing about your PRESENT moment that just feels great👇🏻 Is it the comfy clothes you’re wearing? The roof over your head? The access to a computer or phone to even read this message and communicate with those far away? Whatever it is, take some time to really relish in it 🧡

Here’s an unfiltered and unedited selfie to send you some love this Monday.

Instagram has become a highly-curated and edited platform… sometimes I scroll and see that my feed is filled with pictures of people who don’t even look like human beings anymore. Of course, I love the creativity of putting together videos, photos, captions and overall fun content for my community, but am really trying to put out content that inspires, rather than makes you compare. ⁣

Social media gets a bad rep… but the truth is it doesn’t have to. I encourage you to take a peep at who you’re following. If any one of those people make you feel lesser than, fixate on your appearance, compare yourself to others or if they seem to be feeding on your insecurities in order to sell you products… unfollow them. Although it may seem like swiping past this on Instagram or TikTok isn’t doing much to you, I’d like to make a case for your mental health. ⁣

Take time this evening to clean up your feeds— focus on accounts that bring you joy, inspiration, laughter and education. Who are some creators that push out content that makes you feel GOOD? 👇🏻 I’d love to add new like-minded accounts to my feed! 🧡✨

Happy National CBD Day! In honor of today’s holiday, I wanted to share a little more with you about why I decided to start Bottle & Stone.

Whether you’re new to this community or have been here for years, you probably know I really, really care about what I put in and on my body. In fact, my Instagram account even started because I wanted to be able to share the really great products and brands I was finding for those who also cared about their health. ⁣

In my hours and hours of research, I identified CBD as a powerful, holistic remedy for issues like anxiety, insomnia, pain, and even more serious health issues. But when I started researching for a company that shared my values or who grew their hemp organically and sustainably, I was at a loss. I felt so conflicted because I knew it could help so many of you who were reaching out, but didn’t want to suggest a company I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. ⁣

This led me to create @bottleandstone. Diving headfirst into a booming male-dominated industry was definitely intimidating but I knew that by owning my own company and farm, it was the only way I could recommend a product to you that I KNEW that fully clean and organic. Nearly four years after taking that initial leap, we launched! I’m so proud of what @bottleandstone has accomplished and provided for you in the past year and am proud to be a source of wellness and education for you. Any questions about Bottle & Stone— dosage, particular ailments or issues you need guidance on or anything at all? Leave them below 🌱👇🏻⁣

You have to practice who you want to be. And by this, I don’t mean “fake it ’til you make it”… I mean a daily and intentional commitment to live your life purposefully, every hour of every day.

In the context of health (both mental and physical), this means daily rituals and routines that support this overall goal. With effort, comes GROWTH. ⁣

Our daily habits impact us long term. If we slack off and procrastinate in our day-to-day now, it will take much longer to reach the goal we’ve set for ourselves. On the contrary, if you choose to go above and beyond for ourselves and others now, you will be more likely to reach the person you want to become: the best version of yourself. ⁣

If you want to accomplish what you’ve set your mind to, I encourage you to begin today. Make the choice, use the resources you have, and begin in the present moment. NOW is the optimal time to practice being the person you want to be 💚

Your night routine is an awesome opportunity to raise your vibration.

Throughout each day, we absorb energies— from coworkers, friends, even strangers. Each night I like to practice an evening ritual, which allows me to neutralize this energy back to a harmonious state that will serve me. These are the practices, tools, and ceremonies will allow me to feel better and recharge. The better you feel heading to bed, the better you feel as you start the next day, as you seek love, abundance, fulfillment, etc. ⁣

While there are endless practices you can add to your nighttime ritual, here are a few of mine. Do you currently practice any of these?👇🏻 If not, consider adding one to your routine tonight and let me know how you feel after 🧡✨

We are what we eat— by now we know that your diet has the ability to impact energy, sleep, body fat, weight gain and loss, and overall health and efficiency of all of our body’s functions.

A well balanced diet that includes healthy carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals is crucial in gaining or maintaining a well-oiled machine. But with how fast-paced and hectic our modern lifestyles have become, it's easy to make unfortunate choices… yes, you know what I’m talking about. Those processed and packaged foods, containing all the things we know (and that research has proved) to be bad for us. ⁣

When I first posted this to my TikTok account, I received thousands of messages and comments about how expensive it is to eat healthy. But hear me out— a piece of fruit and a bag of chips are the same price… of course some healthier options are pricey but you can eat clean, even while on a budget. If you’d like me to put a guide to eating healthy on a budget, let me know and I can! 🍉👇🏻 Food is our fuel— I encourage you to consider what you’re choosing to fuel your body with 🧡

Getting back into routine from a trip always feels nice.

I get a lot of questions about how I’m able to squeeze every part of my morning routine in between waking up and heading to work. I wanted to film this video to show you that sometimes I don’t. Life happens! ⁣

Sometimes I don’t have time to workout in the morning, so I will schedule my evening around getting movement. Sometimes I’m not able to make myself a healthy lunch so a smoothie is going to have to cut it, and I’ll make a healthy dinner! The point is, when you prioritize your health (both mentally and physically), you make it fit into your day! It becomes less of a chore and more of an exciting opportunity to treat your body and mind to the things and routines you know they love 🧡

What life has been looking like lately 🧡 Truly finding so much beauty in the simplicity of life.

My unplanned, simple escape to the desert allowed me to take time this weekend to sit and soak in the beauty of everything around me. Hearing the calming sound of the wind blowing past the yuccas, laughing at Oliver and Panda trying to chase the jackrabbits (😂 they were unsuccessful don’t worry), or even just cutting open a perfectly ripe watermelon… these are the moments in the past few weeks where my freedom is and where my soul has felt most alive. ⁣

As I began the drive back to the city, I vowed to take this calm simplicity with me. My goal for this week is to channel this mindset back in the workplace, and even in my home. What’s one small goal you can set for YOU this week? Maybe daily movement, starting a journal or getting together with an old friend? Hold yourself accountable and let me know below your mini goal 👇🏻

Ever since I was a kid, Joshua Tree has been one of my favorite getaways.

It’s about a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and truly one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself back into nature. Although I love L.A., I really thrive when I’m in nature so heading out this weekend to spend a few days decompressing and relaxing feels incredible. Last night, a friend and I headed out for a little afternoon hike (it’s too hot to go earlier in the day!) and I recorded a bit of my day to share with you. ⁣

P.S. because there’s almost zero light pollution in Joshua Tree, last night’s sky was absolutely epic and one of the best stargazing experiences of my life. We even saw a shooting star! I wish I could have caught it on camera but you’ll have to trust me on this one… Mother Nature was showing off🌵💫 What about you— how was your weekend? Did anyone else spend any time in nature? 👇🏻

You are responsible for your life. Plain and simple.

And while I always recommend that you ask for help and resources when you need them, at the end of the day, the only one that can change your life is YOU. I’m more than happy to assist you, providing you with resources for both mental and physical health but I really can’t make the changes for you…⁣

While there’s a ton of benefit from watching inspirational videos, seeing healthy recipes and admiring others’ healthy lifestyles, it doesn’t do all that much if you don’t actually put it into action. I encourage you to evaluate some aspect of your life that you’d like to change and think about one way you can impact it today. For example, if you aren’t feeling comfortable with your current weight, try a new healthy recipe tonight. Schedule in the time for movement throughout the upcoming week. Any small changes that you can easily DO, rather than wishing you could. Remember, only YOU have the power to take responsibility to move your life 🧡

What I wish I was doing this Saturday night… vs.

what I’m actually doing 😂 I know I always say, “live in the present” and while I fully believe that it does no good to live in any other space other than where your feet are planted… I may or may not be craving this delicious meal from a trip to Italy a while back. ⁣

What are you up to tonight? Any fun plans? After a crazy week at work, and so many changes happening in both my personal and professional life, all I really need to do this weekend is RELAX. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Morning Ritual Matcha is officially BACK IN STOCK.

I wanted to thank you for your patience to those who were running low on their supplies and am so excited for those who haven’t tried it yet to finally get their hands on Morning Ritual. ⁣

To celebrate the restock, I wanted to show you how I make my matcha lattes. While it’s absolutely possible to add the matcha directly to the milk frother (I made it this way for years!), it really has become sort of a meditative ritual for me in the mornings to whisk my matcha myself and add it to the frothed milk. ⁣

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have about matcha or the recipe👇🏻 🧡🍵 If you’d like to view the recipe or shop the matcha restock, head to!

Self-talk is something we all do, and what we say to ourselves changes the very fabric of our minds and therefore our day to day lives.

I wanted to share this song with you, because in the past, the catchy songs I’ve shared that I’m listening to about positivity, manifestation and just general happiness, have really impacted me.

This song has been stuck in my head since hearing it and by filling your mind with a positive, growth mindset can really impact how you react to situations and how you perceive yourself. I know many of you ARE working on yourself, but are so focused on perfection that it may not seem like you have succeeded. But in my book, any forward movement towards greater health is something to be celebrated. Tell me one way in which you worked on yourself today (it can be as simple as finishing a big glass of water!) 👇🏻👇🏻

We’ve all been there— days (or sometimes longer periods) of having low energy and motivation.

Because our bodies naturally just want to be on routine, it’s important to me to try to maintain aspects of a routine even on days where my mood and energy levels are a little lower. Here are a few tools you can start to incorporate into your morning routine that don’t take a lot of effort or thought. Morning routines do not need to have full workouts or meditations to help you succeed, gain motivation, or start your day “right”— they differ from person to person, day by day. ⁣

If you’re having one of those days, I encourage you to be kind to yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard or judge yourself for not completing something. Be kind and know that somedays you might need rest or routine in a different way. Do any of these ideas seem like something you’d like to add to your daily morning routine? I’d love to know which 👇🏻🧡

Back by popular demand, another What I Eat in a Day for you guys!

Prioritizing nutrients while honoring my cravings is something that I’ve gotten really good at. With my family in town this weekend and my mom requesting a Shayna’s Kitchen pizza night, I had a full day of delicious food that I couldn’t wait to share with you. ⁣

Every recipe you see here is posted to my site and trust me, don’t miss out on that gluten-free pizza dough or healthy snickers recipe. Both have become true staples in my home (especially for entertaining) that I know your entire family will love them. And because I’m a foodie, I need to know… tell me what the very best thing you ate over the weekend was 👇🏻😋⁣

Last night, we celebrated my beautiful baby sister’s 18th birthday with a beach picnic and bonfire.

I had a great time with @boho.experience , creating such a magical and fun backdrop for her celebration! ⁣

Today, I wanted to take the time to wish Olivia the biggest wish for an excellent 18th year. I’ve been a proud big sister watching you grown up over the past few years and you've truly become a wonderful, strong, smart, and radiant human being. The journey of life has just begun for you and I can’t wait to see how incredible the future will be as it plays out ahead of you ✨⁣

Fun fact: when my mom had Olivia, the restaurant closest to the midwife center was a Ruby’s. After not eating for more than 24 hours while in labor, she says (and still says it to this day!) that the Ruby’s hamburger, fries and shake was one of the best meals she’s ever had. So last night, we headed to Ruby’s ahead of her celebration for a big 18th birthday dinner for sentimental purposes...⁣

A huge thank you to @boho.experience for bringing the magic for such a special person’s birthday. Every detail from the flickering candles to the pillows was spot on for Olivia’s personality and taste! If you’re in Southern California and are looking for an easy party, I definitely recommend @boho.experience 🧡⁣

Even on weekends, I still try to schedule in some ‘me’ time.

One of the biggest questions I get is “how do you maintain your healthy routines on the weekend/while traveling?” and my answer is… well, a bit complex.⁣

You guys know that I feel best when I place my needs first (something that still takes a good amount of intention and care to do). I love waking up early to journal, workout, take vitamins and supplements, etc. because I truly do feel best when doing these things. BUT I’m also a firm believer in balance. While I definitely do make time for journaling, matcha, and a workout on weekends (and even on vacation), I also schedule in time to try new foods, enjoy different experiences and see friends in a social setting! ⁣

Lots of people worry about weight gain, both on vacation and just on the weekends. But here’s your reminder that weight is not the one and only indication of good health. It will fluctuate constantly and a weekend (or even a week on vacation) won’t make a drastic difference in your weight. Enjoy your weekend, take time off, eat good food and connect with others… these are all as good (if not better!) for your health.

No, I don’t eat junk food. And my reason why?

Because it’s possible (and easy!) to make healthier versions of your childhood faves 🍕🍰🍩 I don’t believe in a diet of limitation and always encourage you to eat pizza if you’re craving pizza. However, I want to remind you that it IS possible to sub in lots of organic, nutritious foods in replacement of the sugars, syrups and overall crap that goes into store-bought junk foods. ⁣

When I first began , I set out on a mission to help others make healthy and nutritious recipes, while still honoring their cravings. Over the past few years, I’ve received thousands of messages from people saying they’ve quit junk for good! If you’re not quite ready to take the leap, my biggest recommendation is to ADD MORE nutrition to your daily diet. Want a bag of Cheetos? That’s okay, but add a green juice in addition, just to make sure your body's functions are fully supported. By the way, every recipe you see here is posted to— which will you try first?!

Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend, my momma!

You truly are the embodiment of strength, grace, love and support and I’m grateful to have you as my rock. You taught me to love unconditionally, fight for what I believe in and never settle for anything less than my dreams. I love you to the FULL MOON and back and can’t wait to celebrate you allll weekend long! 🌙✨🧡

Movement, whether high intensity or low intensity, is necessary.

I think too often we treat exercise as a means to eat whatever want. Viewing it as this trade-off creates a negative toxicity around it. Exercise is NOT a punishment or trade-off for eating, but rather a celebration of the incredible strength and power your body holds. ⁣

Even if you’re incapable (either mentally or physically) of doing a full-blown workout, I truly encourage you to find movement you like. Swimming can be excellent for a low-impact workout, walking around your neighborhood can do wonders for a busy mind and even cleaning the house can help get your body moving. I encourage you to place intention into movement and change the way you view it. Exercise is not punishment for indulging in a yummy meal, but rather a way to reach optimum mental and physical health. ⁣

To encourage you further, I’m happy for you to keep me as your accountability partner. Tell me one way you will get moving this weekened 👇🏻🤸🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️

A healthy body starts in the gut. And even though it’s kind of taboo to speak about, it NEEDS to be addressed!

Constipation is a huge problem for many of us and affects everything from your immune system and energy levels to headaches and that dreaded bloating. If you don’t have at least 1 bowel movement per day, you could be suffering from occasional constipation… and that’s totally normal. To help move things along, I reach for Oxy-Powder from @globalhealingofficial. ⁣

I’ve been using this product for years and fully trust Global Healing as they produce vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and ethically sourced products. I also love that Oxy-Powder won’t cause dependency as it promotes intestinal harmony and encourages friendly probiotic growth. I’ve been reaching for this especially as the world begins to open up. We might be traveling a bit more, eating out at restaurants or just off of our general routines— all factors that can impact your ability to go. ⁣

I reached out to @globalhealingofficial and they were kind enough to give you guys 10% off their site. Just be sure to use code “SHAYNA” at checkout ☺️ #GlobalHealingPartner

Treat yourself with the same compassion, gentleness, consideration and warmth you extend to others.

Sometimes prioritizing rest, solo time, and the things that make you happiest are necessary for your mental health and wellbeing. Making conscious decisions based on what’s best for you is one of the most incredible ways to practice self-love, and one of the ways I encourage you to further your relationship with yourself. Give yourself to you… Tell me one way you will practice self-love today 👇🏻🧡

What if? So often when we think about making important decisions, we weigh the negatives of them… and don’t even think of the positive pay-offs.

We worry so much that things will go wrong and allow that to affect our decision-making. But today, I’d like you to consider the incredible outcome that can come by just saying yes. By changing your mindset to one of growth, rather than fear, you’re able to open yourself to powerful and incredible opportunities. ⁣

I’ll be honest, I don’t do particularly well with feelings of uncertainty. But knowing that incredible outcomes can occur brings me a little peace in being okay with not having everything perfectly planned out. Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out like we might desire. But sometimes it turns out even better than we could have imagined ✨

No Sunday scaries here! I’ve always looked at Sunday as a day to rest, reset and as a foodie, to plan my week’s menu.

In case you need a little nudge or a fun new idea, here’s what I plan on making for dinner this week. Have you tried any of these recipes? If not, let me know which dish looks best to you 👇🏻🍋🍝⁣

All recipes are posted to and PS how GOOD is this song? My best friend @sabina ’s husband @tylerrich wrote it for her and its got me in allll the feels 🥰

I’m proud of you. Because of this community we’ve built, we share in each others wins and build one another up when someone feels down.

I have so much gratitude to be able to speak to many of you on a daily basis, learning about exciting things (pregnancies, marriages, promotions, or even just a really good day), as well as hearing of your disappointment, trials and sadness. ⁣

In times like this, do not try to force positivity upon yourself. I encourage you to allow yourself to feel anything you need to and not to ignore your emotions. Pulling yourself out of this dark mindset (or even just staying out of it when you know you could spiral in) takes a huge amount of courage and strength. So in case no one told you today… I’m really, really proud of you Xx ⁣

I’ve learned a lot in the past year. But I think the most impactful lesson I learned was romanticizing and appreciating my current circumstances.

Life slowed down and we were able to appreciate the beauty of the simple things— a wave from a neighbor on our daily walks, a sunny day, even a good workout on Instagram live! ⁣

As life picks back up and we continue about our busy days, I want to remind you to carry on with the mentality of seeking the beauty in each day and celebrating it. So tell me today the smallest, most trivial thing that brought a sense of beauty or joy to your day 👇🏻💚

The body thrives on routine. Humans are creatures of habit and routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization.

But routines don’t need to be boring! I wanted to show you that even though my morning and night routines are central aspects of my self-care journey, that there’s still some variation in my day-to-day structure. ⁣

You’ll notice there are a few MUSTS in my routines, like making my bed, journaling, making a matcha latte, etc. How I keep my routine feeling fresh and exciting is by switching up things like changing what I make for lunch or dinner and how I move (some days it’s a workout, on others, it’s just a walk, and sometimes I even go crazy and head to hot yoga down the street!) ⁣

Incorporating a daily routine can lead to improved mental health, lower stress levels, better sleep, a higher emotional well-being, and overall better health. Name one thing that crucial for you to begin or end your day with (and I promise I won’t judge if its your morning cup of coffee!)

6 habits that completely changed my life ✨ Improving upon yourself may seem like a daunting task

but I encourage you to look at the aspects you can easily add to your daily routine and start RIGHT NOW. Here are 6 habits I purposefully began that allowed me to show myself love, respect, gratitude and truly begin each day on the right foot. These are what allows me to feel my best… do you currently practice self-love with any of these tactics? If so, let me know which ones are important to you 👇🏻🧡

There is no quick fix— no immediate way to turn your life around, lose 20 lbs, take a magical cure-all, etc.

We’ve all gotten accustomed to instant gratification with the quick shipping and immediate results on the internet but I want to remind you that wellness, both physical and mental, are a constant commitment. ⁣

Instead of thinking there’s a magical medicine, I encourage you to break down your big goals (like living a happier life) into small, manageable chunks. Maybe it looks like adding journaling into your routine, adding more movement, more nutritious meals, or anything that helps you to take one small step towards your bigger goal. Ten small steps add up quickly and pretty soon you’ll be closer to this goal than ever before! Xx ⁣

In the last year, I’ve answered thousands of messages from those who are healing from heartbreak and on their own self-love journey.

And in the past year, I have truly taken strides in my personal journey, fully healing and focusing on myself. But I want to remind you guys that it’s not easy— there are ups and downs, even months later. ⁣

My biggest advice? Focus on yourself. As women, we often tend to the needs of others before ourselves. Giving attention to partners, children and anyone who needs us before we even realize that we are ignoring our own needs. I want to remind you that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Even if you’re currently in a healthy relationship, you still need to tend to yourself, loving and caring for YOUR wants and needs. Making sure that you feel your best allows you to best serve the ones you care about. ⁣

Self-love can be both beautiful and painful experiences, sometimes at the same time. I want to remind you that it’s okay to have both good and bad days and to be kind to yourself when you’re having an off day. Take the time to feel anything you might need to feel and don’t brush over your emotions. Sending you all the love, regardless of where you are on this journey Xx

My living room has truly become a sanctuary for me (and any guests who comeover!).

Since replacing my fireplace with this beautiful onyx stone, the energy of this room has completely changed (I feel like you can even feel it through the screen!) I get questions all the time about who I look to for design inspiration or where I get my ideas from and to be honest, there’s no one place. ⁣

You can find inspiration in nature, in music, in photography, or even in other interiors. There’s no right or wrong place to find inspiration. When you’re able to gather it from all sorts of places, your home will greater reflect your individuality and all the layers and depth you possess… rather than being a stagnant carbon copy of another room! ✨⁣

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY— you’ll notice that there’s no calorie counting here, and an abundance of good fats and healthy carbs.

I usually intermittent fast but always encourage those who are trying something new to listen to their body. Each day is different but as an intuitive eater, I listened to my body. And today my body wanted a little breakfast and needed some extra energy.⁣

All of these recipes are posted to Which part of my day looks best to you? I may be going back in for another s'more 🤪


I’m heading out to dinner with friends tonight and am looking forward to great food and even better company 🥘 I’m trying a new restaurant in town and will be sure to update you on my rating as I may be a tough critic 😂 What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

Food is the fuel for which our bodies run on. And if we fuel ourselves right, we can actually control many of these issues and factors that plague many of us and our health.

Switching your diet to one that includes more whole and nutrient-dense foods can truly change your life. ⁣

If you don’t know where to begin, I post all of my recipes and recommendations to I really care about what I put into my body and am a stickler for reading product labels, customer reviews, and of course, trying it out for myself before recommending anything to you. I’m so grateful to be able to share all of this knowledge with you and hope this can inspire you to place a greater focus on what you’re choosing to fuel your body with 🧡

My goals for the remainder of Summer! On the first of this month, I wrote down a few things I really wanted to place emphasis and intention towards as I finish out the summer.

And these are what I decided: ⁣

+ Taking care of my soul⁣
+ Traveling to experience new places ⁣
+ Eating yummy, nutritious foods (while also honoring my cravings)⁣
+ Spending time with people who are good for my soul ⁣
+ Growing my small businesses ⁣
+ Growing in self love⁣
+ and overall, just appreciating this beautiful life. ⁣

Setting intentions, even short-term goals, can really impact the way you perceive your current circumstances and forge forward towards what you desire. So it’s your turn… tell me 2 goals you relate to or would like to set for yourself for the remaining months of summer 🧡👇🏻⁣

Once you find a cure-all you’ll never go back 😂 And this @bottleandstone Body Salve is IT.

I keep extras in my purse and car because of how often I offer it to friends while we’re out. Whether you’re facing pain, cramps, eczema, poison ivy or just dry skin, this salve is a lifesaver. Aaaaaand it’s on sale now on⁣

The sales for my small businesses end tonight! If you’re thinking about trying any of my products for the first time or stocking up, now is the time! Use code “FREEDOM” to save on both and through tonight!

Reminiscing on past vacations as I’m thinking about planning a girl’s trip getaway for this summer.

We’ve been sending pictures and suggestions in our group chat but if you guys know me… Italy has my heart. It is truly my dream vacation: rich culture, ancient ruins, beautiful museums, fabulous beaches and the foodie in me is seriously craving some Italian! ⁣

For me, it’s beyond culture and history though. Each time I step off that plane into this country, I’m accompanied by such a strange sense of belonging— as if it truly feels like home. Have you ever traveled somewhere for the first time that just felt like “home”? If so, let me know where and we’ll add it to our list of possible destinations 👇🏼💛

Happy 4th of July! How are you celebrating this year?

It feels incredible to get back to doing some of our classic summer activities. I headed out west this afternoon for a good old fashioned barbecue with friends. Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday! 🇺🇸

As you probably know, I’m CONSTANTLY looking for natural and holistic solutions to both everyday and more serious health issues and ailments.

In my hours and hours of research, I identified CBD as a powerful natural remedy for the problems of my friends (and followers)… one that could free them from the medications they told me they wished they didn’t have to take. ⁣

This is what set me out to create @bottleandstone— I learned of these incredible properties and find so much joy in being able to share the goodness with you. Again, my entire website is on sale through Tuesday evening with code FREEDOM! Shop now on and let me know if you have any questions in the comments 👇🏻💚

I’m a firm believer that the products you put ON your body are as important as the things you put in it.

But these standards for skincare doesn’t mean it can’t still be a great routine. Here’s what I have found works best for my skin, but feel free to swap out with what’s best for your skin type. ⁣

@angellisacosmetics cleanser: super pure and gentle and I love that my skin never feels dry after washing.⁣
@drlancerrx exfoliator: I don’t use it often but if my skin is looking dull, I like to exfoliate with this product. ⁣
@heritagestorenaturals rosewater facial mist: I use this as my toner and give myself a spritz after cleansing or anytime I need a pick-me-up throughout the day. ⁣
@lemieux serum: hyaluronic gel helps to keep the skin hydrated. Especially as I age, I’d like to prevent the onset of fine lines and wrinkles⁣
@bottleandstone Everyday Natural Hemp Face Oil: my holy grail product. I had been mixing my own face oil for years and finally got it formulated to be able to share it with you. Hydrating enough to use both day and night but light enough you don’t even notice it, it truly is my secret for glowing and acne and wrinkle-free skin. P.S. it’s on sale through Tuesday with code “FREEDOM” on⁣
@angellisacosmetics face cream: I honestly don't use this all that often but in winter months when my skin is dry, I’ll add this in to my routine. I love the texture and how my skin feels after⁣
@lemieux eye cream: recently, I’ve added an eye cream to my routine. I like that this one has ginseng extract to restore the elasticity in the thin skin around your eyes. ⁣
@uncle_harrys blemish roll on stick: collodial silver has been a game changer for me, especially in the last year. We’ve all struggled with mask-ne and putting this on before putting my mask on has really made all the difference. ⁣

Let me know if you try any of my recommendations. This was a long-requested video and I love to be able to provide the content you’re looking for. If there’s any other routines or products you have questions about, be sure to leave them below 👇🏻⁣

Both of my small businesses ( @bottleandstone and ) are on SALE this weekend!

I’m proud to be able to offer you resources that assist you in reaching your wellness goals and dreams. Since finding matcha over a decade ago, I’ve completely ditched coffee (and the nauseous + anxious feeling I’d get after drinking it) in favor of antioxidant-rich matcha. ⁣

The code for both websites is “FREEDOM” and I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend’s holiday with a good small business sale! If you have any questions about either matcha or CBD, feel free to leave them below 👇🏻💚 This platform is alllll about education so don’t feel silly if you think your question is dumb! Happy to answer any and all🥰

As the U.S. seems to be opening up, I know many of us have travel on our radar.

While I don’t have anything booked just yet, I really can’t wait to start traveling again and getting back out to seeing places of the world I have yet to discover. What about you— any future travel plans? Or any dream vacations you’d like to take? 🌊☀️

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in work or school, here is one of my favorite ways to calm an anxious or overwhelmed mind.

To do this breathing technique, you’re going to first place your middle finger and index finger on your forehead. Then using your ring finger, plug your left nostril and inhale for 5-6 seconds. Then with your thumb, plug your right nostril and exhale for 5-6 seconds out of your left nostril. Breath back into the left nostril, plug and exhale out the right nostril. Repeat this process as many times as you need.⁣

This exercise really calms the nervous system and I love to do this exercise anytime I’m feeling a little heavier with anxiety or stress (I’ve even done it in the middle of L.A. traffic lol)

Your diet isn’t always about what you eat. It’s what you listen to. What you read. What you watch.

The people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you are putting into your body… emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Xx

Self-care doesn’t have to be all face masks and journaling, in fact… self-care changes person to person.

I encourage you to find what feels best for you. For me, I truly feel the most rejuvenated when I just spend time alone. While I definitely am a people person, I know that I feel best after recharging and resting at home, focusing on myself. ⁣

So while a face mask and a bubble bath felt great last night, even without them, I know I can practice self-care by checking in with myself, allowing myself to feel any pressing emotions, and just simply be alone. What feels best for you?

Anyone else feeling extra sensitive or reminiscent this week?

The entrance into Cancer season really has been making me feel like even more of a homebody that I already was 😂 I encourage you to listen to your intuition and let it guide you through this season— so whether it’s spending time with family, having heart-to-hearts with friends, or reconnecting with those you’ve lost touch with, we could all use a little extra TLC after the whirlwind of Gemini season (coupled with those two eclipses and a mercury retrograde lol). ⁣

Without getting in to specifics, I’ve have never received more messages about feeling uncertain or uncomfortable than I did this month. I want to remind you not to beat yourself up if you feel growing pains or change during this stage— brighter days are ahead for us all! ✨ ⁣

Serious question… where are all of these trees?⁣

I’m not saying that companies don’t actually plant them but this is often an issue with “greenwashing”. I talk a lot about greenwashing in terms of food on but in case you don’t know, greenwashing is a marketing tactic that makes you feel like brands or products are more healthy or more environmentally friendly than they actually are. They do this by using certain colors, textures or words on their labels and sometimes even go so far to tell you that they’re planting trees or cleaning up our oceans. ⁣

I encourage you to actually look in to these brands and see if they can back up their claims with evidence. Be smart with the companies you choose to support. Who even knows if the trees are actually planted… have you ever seen them!?

This time, last week I suited up to tend to the beehives on the @bottleandstone hemp farm in Vermont.

It was truly the experience of a lifetime to see the bees working up close and personal and brought me such a sense of pride to know the @bottleandstone farmers work so hard to support the bees here, as one of their efforts to increase sustainability on the farm. ⁣

Plus, the outfit is just SO fashionable… 😂 thoughts on whether or not I should steal this *stunning* headpiece to wear around L.A.? ⁣

Photograph by my friend @thelifeofoleg

I feel like I can’t leave the house without checking in on my plants.

With over 50 in my home, someone always needs a little water or a spritz 😂 Any other plant moms out there relate?

What the life of a small business owner looks like 😂 I’m so grateful for all the hats I wear because I genuinely have so much faith and love for my products and brands.

So whether I’m the CEO or the back end of customer service, I do it all with such joy and levity in my heart because I know that these products have the ability to truly change your lives and be a great asset to your wellness toolbox. And judging by the DMs I get each day to and @bottleandstone , they really are doing just that 🧡 Any other small business owners out there relate? 👇🏻⁣

Inspo from @druzydrip on TikTok ⁣

Yesterday marked the Summer Solstice! I’ve always loved this day as it marks the official astronomical start of Summer (not to mention it's the longest day, too!) ⁣

Solstices often mark a shift in our environment for our energy levels and emotions. They also are a symbol of fresh starts. So this week, I’ll be creating manifestation lists and goals for this new season, aiming for a productive, powerful and creative Summer! Anything in particular you’re manifesting this week? Let me know… there’s power in numbers 👇🏻✨

Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the whole world!

Over the past week, many have asked where I get my love for nature from. I think partly I was just born to be outdoors but there’s also a case to be made for my summers on the Colorado River with my dad and brother! As a kid, I was always playing sports and always following my big brother’s lead… looking up to my dad for inspiration too! We would spend HOURS outdoors, playing music, soaking up the sun and doing water sports 🌊⁣

While I’m away from my dad this Father’s Day, it’s been fun to reconnect with that outdoorsy spirit in Vermont and reminisce on some of my favorite childhood memories with my dad. Now that I’ve shared my memory… I want to hear yours 👇🏻 Tell me your favorite memory of your father 🥰⁣

As I head back to the busy city, I’m taking all the grounding I practiced this week with me.

I’ve spoken about grounding before but want to share in case you don’t know what it is— grounding is a therapeutic technique that allows you to feel more connected with earth. Spending time in nature has been scienticfically proven to rejuvenate our bodies, minds and nervous systems.⁣

I’ve had such an incredible time at the farm in Vermont and am taking all the memories, peace and true simplistic happiness I’ve felt this week home with me. I encourage you to get outside and ground yourself this weekend— it could be as simple as walking on grass, gardening, dipping your toes in the ocean, anything! What’s your pick? 🍃🌻🌊

Picked out a little parting gift for our farmers on our last day in Vermont 🐔 This week has truly rejuvenated me and really helped me to ground myself amidst a personal hiccup.

I’ve shared a few times on my IG story but I’m going through some growing pains… and really allowing myself to feel sad, upset, hurt, betrayed… anything I need to feel. ⁣

Being in Vermont has truly been a saving grace for me. It’s allowed me to step away from my phone, relax with my farmers, connect with myself, and most importantly re-center to focus on the things that do matter. It’s easy to worry about whatever is happening in your life that isn’t going according to plan. But re-shifting your perspective on focusing what IS going right can truly make all the difference. Thank you for coming along on this ride with me; it’s lovely to be able to show you the fun aspects of my life (like visiting the @bottleandstone farm), as well as leaning on one another for support when we need it most. Xx

Of all the parts of the farm, these chickens have got to be one of my faves.

Our farmers keep a food scraps pile to feed the chickens and trust me… when you go out there with the bucket, the chickens come RUNNING 😂 (I can’t judge I’m the same way with food lol). What’s your favorite part of the farm that I’ve shared so far?

P.S. don’t be surprised if I take this little blondie home… you may just see her back in Venice 😉🧡

One of the most exciting new additions to the farm is that we’ve added beehives on our property to assist in our move to become fully biodynamic and sustainable.

Today I suited up to check in on their progress and was blown away by the beauty of their combs and the efficiency in which they produce them. ⁣

At first, I’ll be honest… I was a liiiittle nervous to get so close to thousands of bees at once but as soon as I got in there, was instantly soothed by their calm energy and intense focus on their task. We used birch and cedar bark in the smoker, which to my surprise, really helps to bees to relax and allows us to access the honey without disturbing the hive. We’re so lucky to have the bees on the farm as the farm will truly reap the benefits (as will I— I’m taking a huge jar of honey back to LA! 🍯)

If you know me, you know I’m absolutely thriving. And while it was absolutely magical to be a part of today’s planting, what means the most to me is to be out in nature.

A few times today, I simply just stopped in my tracks, taking in how the summer air felt on my skin and how beautiful the cloud formations were. ⁣

While it would be “easier” from a business standpoint to have the @bottleandstone farm closer to home in California, there truly is nothing quite like this particular farm up here in Vermont. It’s fully organic and honestly the farmers and I just get one another… we’re working together towards being a fully sustainable farm, making sure that anything we do does not deplete the earth for the generations to come after us. Plus, I just like being far away from a big city and actually being able to see the stars at night and feel all the fresh air ✨ What about you? Are you more of a city or a country person?

After a long day of travel, we’ve finally arrived here at our hemp farm in Vermont.

And I couldn’t be more excited! We spent the day fully immersed in the farm— checking out the progress on our organic produce, honey combs, and free range chickens that we’ve incorporated in the past year as we convert to a fully sustainable farm. But the main event? The big transplant of our hemp seedlings from our greenhouse to a much bigger space for them to grow over the summer months. I took 100s of pictures and videos and when I get back to the room, I’ll be sure to look through them all and post them for you to see too! Can’t even express how amazing the fresh air feels Xx

A little Sunday morning in my life! I’m leaving for my farm this week so it was important to me to spend time alone this morning and practice loving myself and my space.⁣

I really hit a breaking point of stress in the last week and realized that a good amount of that was because I ignored the practices in my life that bring me back to center (like meditation, journaling and just being alone) in effort to get everything done ahead of my trip. ⁣

Today, I prioritized me. While there’s an endless amount to be done ahead of me leaving, I knew that I would really feel best if I treated my body to movement, a healthy meal and some fresh air. Do whatever it takes today to bring yourself peace, even in the midst of any chaos you’re facing! Xx

When I posted this picture to my feed, SO many of you reached out, letting me know it really put a smile on your face.

And honestly? That’s my goal. I just want to be a place that you can come to relax. In the midst of a busy workday, I believe everyone deserves a moment— to relax, to smile, to laugh or to better themselves. ⁣

Many people believe that they just don’t have the time to take care of their mental and physical health. But I want to show you that adding small pieces of happiness or check-ins each day can really add up to increased and better mental health. I’m proud that my account (and my pups) help many of you to take a pause in your day and live a little better 🧡🐶

A little self-roast… I like to keep it short but the 5000 word PARAGRAPHS ahead of the recipes are just too much!

My scrolling finger hurts 😂 Anyone else scroll until you just reach the “Ingredients” section??? ⁣

Inspo from @WillFrolicForFood !

Today was such a beautiful, important day to my family as my baby sister @oliviadorne graduated from high school!

Olivia, I am so proud of your commitment to your academics, while pursuing and following your passion for music and the arts. You are so talented in so many ways and the world is your oyster. I can’t wait to see where this beautiful life takes you. While you might be a little adult now with your big high school diploma, you’ll always always always be my baby sister 💕⁣

To anyone celebrating a graduation this year, caps off to you! What an accomplishment to graduate after such a hard and isolating year. I know there may be unfulfilled senior traditions and high school or college bucket list items that weren’t able to be crossed off, but sticking to your academics and reaching commencement is a huge accomplishment to be proud of! Cheers to all the grads 🥂⁣

It’s official— I’m headed back to the farm! My happy place… the sights, sounds, smells— all of it is truly just magic.

A big reason I even started Bottle & Stone was because when I asked other hemp brands where they sourced, with what methods and other (basic?!) questions, I was met with shady or uncertain answers. ⁣

Here at our organic farm, I know what goes in to the plants and therefore what goes into the products. We use our hands to love on these plants, nourishing them with care until they’re fully grown and ready for harvest. Next week, I’ll join our farmers for the big transplant of the seedlings into the ground, where they’ll continue their life cycle all summer long! I CAN HARDLY WAIT 💚💚💚

Just relax my friend 🤍 This tune has become one of my favorites to hum around the house, as it’s got a great message and is just so catchy!

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or just off in general because of stress, come back to this video and take a big deep breath… ⁣

Just relax, my friend⁣
You’re overthinking ⁣
And even if there is a problem, ⁣
There’s a solution⁣
Remember to breathe ⁣
Put your mind at ease ⁣
Soon this feeling’s gonna pass ⁣
You will find relief ✨

After a year of staying home, I’m really in the routine of wearing sweats everyday.

These days I’m just wearing sweats and alternating between my sleeping sweats and my “fancy” sweats 😂 Anyone else in the same boat or is that just me?!

I recently was talking to a friend and she told me of this idea that there are 7 governing logics to live your life by.

As she spoke, I really resonated with the messages of these and jotted down a few quick notes so I could share them with you. Every once in a while, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll come across a writing or words from a friend that just pick me up and place me back in reality… exactly where my feet need to be. And these did just that for me. I know many of you come to my page for that exactly so I couldn’t wait to share them.⁣

Today I’m particularly resonating with number 6, but truly love these as a guide to bring you back to reality when you’re getting swept up. Any number(s) in particular that you are resonating with today? 👇🏻✨⁣

1. Make peace with your past so it doesn’t spoil your present.⁣
2. What others think of you is none of your business.⁣
3. Time heals almost everything…give the time, some time.⁣
4. No one is the reason for your happiness except yourself.⁣
5. Don’t compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about.⁣
6. Stop thinking too much, it’s okay not to know all the answers.⁣
7. Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world.

Sometimes something as simple as putting on one of your favorite dresses can really make your day spectacular ✨ But I want to know… highlight of your weekend so far?


If you’re new here, you may not know that I’m a holistic chef!

My mission is to help you thrive by listening, learning and sharing knowledge and I truly feel most at home when one of you tell me I’ve helped you improve the wellbeing of your body, mind or spirit. I’m a HUUUUUGE foodie, so as that combines with everything I learned through my culinary school and holistic nutrition certification, the result is , clean-eating and healthy recipes that taste like the real deal. I want to show you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! ⁣

You can find all my recipes and recommendations on If you’ve learned any healthy habits from me (whether it be recipes, products, or tips on taking care of your body of mind), leave me a comment with a 🙋🏼‍♀️ emoji. I love being able to connect with you guys over our shared knowledge and passions 🥰💛⁣

As a chef, I’m a tough critic when it comes to dining out.

That being said, I believe Los Angeles has some of the best restaurants in the world! While it’s true that L.A. has a ton of vegan restaurants and juice bars, we also have an exciting blend of cultures and cuisines spread out across our entire city. So if you’re a foodie like me, I’ve put together a little restaurant guide on my Instagram to help you out. Whether you’re visiting our city or an Angelino yourself, I’m sure this guide will help you plan your next meal out.⁣

My full list of faves can be found on the “Guides” section of my Instagram profile. Now I’ve got to decide where to eat this weekend… based on the photos, which looks best to you? 😋🍝

I claim this! For me, for you, for everyone else that needs it now.

Please note that these affirmations are in the present tense— as if they’re happening right now. Speaking in this way helps switch the brain into action mode. Rather than these desires being distant and far in the future, speaking them like this switches your mindset to one that’s ready for this change RIGHT NOW. ⁣

Make sure that as you listen to these words, you feel the feeling of what it would be like. Actually visualizing it generates an impulse from the brain that tells our neurons to “perform” the movement— helping us to work towards our goal and actually achieve it✨ Sing along with me today to claim this for you 🧡⁣

Original song sang by ScaryExpensive on Tiktok! ⁣

A little throwback photo from the greenroom when I was a guest on @edailypop last month, talking about food waste and cooking sustainably!

As I begin scheduling out my summer, I’d love to know what podcasts, shows or other Instagram accounts you’d like to see me collaborate with. It’s been so lovely to meet other people who are experts in this space and I trust your guys’ input and taste! So where would you like to see me? Let me know your faves below and I’ll reach out to get something on the books 👇🏻🧡

Affirmations to begin your week! I’ve spoken about the importance of how your speak to yourself before but want to remind you that the way you speak to yourself matters.

Speaking and thinking positively can change the way you perceive a situation, even if the situation itself hasn’t changed at all. Here are a few simple affirmations to say with me today that can really set your week off on the right foot! Write down one affirmation that especially speaks to you 👇🏻✨ and speak it into existence this Monday!

Happy long weekend! What are you up to this weekend?

I’ve got no big plans but enjoying the sunshine and tending to my garden! My kale is absolutely thriving so I’ll probably harvest some of that and make a new recipe for ! Tell me what you’re looking forward to most this weekend 👇🏻💕

In the past year, I’ve really prioritized my mental health.

In doing so, I learned the power of saying “no” to plans or requests when I just don’t have the energy. Just because something is on your to-do list, doesn’t mean it necessarily needs to get done right this second. It’s a hard lesson to learn, especially when you have an entrepreneurial spirit. For my small businesses, there’s really a never ending list of tasks to get done and in the past, I’d forego my self-care to get things done for my businesses. ⁣

But I’ve really realized in the past few months, that often the most productive and best thing you can do for yourself is rest. Recuperate and return to your tasks when you feel up to it. And this includes social plans, too! As the world seems like its opening back up this weekend, don’t feel pressure to expend energy if you’re just not interested. It’s not selfish, or rude… but rather a way of protecting your boundaries and energy levels. 🧡

Friday! To celebrate the long holiday weekend, both of my brands are on sale now through Monday night!

@bottleandstone is up to 30% off and you can mix and match your favorite CBD products, both on our new skincare line and our consumable products! I’m proud to be able to share the knowledge, research and products I’ve worked so hard on with you. I know that hemp is new to many of us and I feel blessed you trust me as you implement new products or any of my recommendations into your wellness routines. Use code “SUMMERSHERE” on to save up to 30%!⁣

Additionally, my matcha is on sale too on! Judging from my DMs, many of you have made the switch over to matcha. What you put in your body (especially in the morning) is crucial. As you naturally detox the most in the morning, drinking something that naturally alkaline is a huge step up from acidic coffee. I love knowing that small changes like this are going to make a huge difference in my long term health and longevity. You can also use code “SUMMERSHERE” at checkout on! ⁣

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below— it means SO much to me to be able to share my passions with you!

Am I the only one still living in sweats and leggings?

😅 Even now that we’re able to dine out and return to a sense of normalcy in LA, I really can’t find myself putting on a real pair of pants lol. For those of you who also like workout clothes, I thought this might be helpful! As a person who actually trains a lot, I’ve really put these to the test and these are the brands I find myself reaching for the most often ( @avomuse , @spiritualgangster , @aloyoga and @beyondyoga )! If you’d like to see more of my (very large hahah) athleisure collection, just let me know 👇🏻

The AUDACITY to reduce Oliver and Panda to “pets” 😂 Just kiiiiidding, but any other dog moms out there who truly believe their pups are full-on members of the family?!

👇🏻🐶 I can’t be the only one!

Last week, I got two new tattoos from an artist I had been following for years, @winterstone.

I personally love tattoos and feel as if they are a beautiful and meaningful form of self expression. ⁣

My new tattoos? “Balance” and “intuition” are now inked onto my body. These ideas are close to my heart and truly central to how I live. As I grow in my spirituality, I know how much these words mean to me and feel blessed to have gotten the chance to have them permanently recorded on my body as a symbol and sign of what’s most important to me (and by such an incredible artist!) ⁣
If you’d like me to go through all my tattoos and explain them, I’d be happy to do so! I know not everyone loves tattoos but if you’re interested in this, let me know 🧡👇🏻

Happy Monday— here’s a little reminder for the start of your week to honor yourself and your energy levels.

Monday is a symbol to many of productivity, working and “the grind” but I want to remind you today that rest is necessary. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a few moments to relax, recuperate and return to your work once you feel up to it. The pups and I are sending you positive vibes for a great week ahead!

Inspo: @leendadong 🥰😋 I know some of you foodies can relate.

Sometimes you just need to vocalize your appreciation for a good meal 😂 Which one are you? In my opinion, "all of the above" is the only correct answer lol

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night! I’m actually pretty excited to go out to eat with a few friends tonight and it feels great to get a little dressed up.

What are you up to tonight?

NEW PODCAST EPISODE ‼️ If you didn’t already know, I have a podcast “A Sense of Wellbeing” where I cover wellness, from top to bottom.

In this week’s episode, I lead you through a meditation that allows you to clear your field for yourself. No matter where you are, I believe you should be able to center yourself and clear any negativity that you’re facing. You could be in the middle of traffic or just chilling at home to join me today in getting comfy and ready to relax. ⁣

This new episode of my podcast is available on both the Spotify and Apple Podcast Platforms. Just search “A Sense of Wellbeing” to join me in today’s mediation!

👏🏻 Proud of myself and my self-care. In the last year, I really placed an emphasis on taking the first hour or so of my day to place emphasis on myself— my growing, healing, and evolution.

I feel like we don’t highlight what we love about ourselves enough and I’d really love to know… what’s something YOU pride yourself on?

Who can relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Judging from the amount of messages I receive asking how many matchas in a day are too many, you guys are in the same boat!

The good news is that matcha is loaded with health benefits and a type of caffeine that is tolerable for even those who are sensitive to it! I typically have about 4-5 a day so don’t worry if you’re also loving your matcha… Just make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water! Cheers to us Morning Ritual addicts 💚🍵

Okay, hear me out… I’m thinking about changing out the cabinets in my kitchen to a light, oak wood.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the teal color but the paint’s chipping and it drives me nuts. ⁣

Of course this won’t be immediate but I’m just daydreaming about what else I can change in my home... Thoughts? Feelings? Help a girl out with some big interior design decisions 😅

Highlight of your day? 🧡 I had a great day of successful Zoom business meetings, packing matcha shipments, and getting organized for the work week ahead.

I love the sense of productivity and routine that Monday brings and this one definitely did not disappoint. Let me know how yours was 👇🏻

Some days just NEED dance breaks. Who’s with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️💃🏼 Each time I hear this song, I can’t help but sing along and dance it out… what songs do that for you?

A new hair color and cut for a little change ✂️ I previously had a ton of brassiness I didn’t love and bangs I wasn’t super happy with and I realized… life is too short to have hair you don’t love!

I get a ton of questions about what I ask the stylist for so I made this video with @ronacolor to give you a mini guide if you’re inspired by my cut or color! ⁣

We toned up my color a bit to a sandy beige because I love being as close to my natural as possible and highlighted with a lighter, buttery highlight. What about you— do you usually go lighter for summer or keep your hairstyle the same year round? ⁣

I can’t be the only one on here who’s obsessed with organization, right?

I took a trip to @thecontainerstore this week to get some storage for allllll the stuff that comes with owning two small businesses. I got bins for all my matcha tins and extra @bottleandstone products, and even storage for all my dogs’ needs! Obviously I got a little distracted by the kitchen section 😅 but overall had a productive day getting organized! Are you super organized or not so much? Even my sock drawer is in order lol 😂

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a lovely week so far, and I want to hear about it!

Tell me something you’ve learned this week? Something you feel grateful for in this moment? Something that made your heart soar? ✨👇🏻 ⁣

One of the most magical aspects of this platform is this true sense of community, we relish in each other’s wins and cheer one another on! Means a lot to me to hear from you guys 🧡 Sending you a big hug for a great weekend too, Xo

You guys know I love my houseplants! I answer a ton of questions each day about how I take care of my plants (as well as help some of you troubleshoot your issues!) and I swear by this trick.

Simply fill up a spray bottle with filtered water and mist the leaves of your plants when you water them. Because most of our houseplants are from humid climates, this helps supplement their growth by giving them an environment they’re actually meant to live in! It also helps in clearing dust, dirt or pests from your plants! Have you tried adding this into your plant-care yet? If not, what’s your best plant tip for healthy houseplants 👇🏻🌱

Well… have you? I always like to use the analogy that our bodies are like cars.

You can spend all the time washing your car, changing out the stereo, even keeping the engine tuned but if you forget to put gas in it, it won’t run. Our bodies are just like this: food is fuel. Make sure you’re fueling yourself properly and with nutrient-dense foods for your best performance… so here’s your reminder today: GO EAT! 👏🏻🌮🥗🍝

I had the most incredible weekend with my family in town.

We took several beach walks, spent loads of quality time together and they even helped me pack up your matcha shipments... but most importantly… WE BROKE IN THE PIZZA OVEN 🍕🍕⁣

If you’ve been a member of this community for a while, you’d know that one of my biggest wishes was to have a pizza oven in my backyard. It’s finally in and this weekend, my family and I tested out some new gluten-free crust recipes… we tried 10 different pizza variations and I can’t wait to share our faves from this weekend to ! I had the best time with my fam and ate allll the GF pizza I could have wished for, but want to know about your day! How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend? 👇🏻💕

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy out there. You are thoughtful, caring, kind and I am grateful for your impact on my life each and every day.

Love you SO much!⁣

I’d also like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to alllll the moms out there celebrating. Thank you for taking on such an incredible and important task as raising the next group of humans. There is no one stronger than a mother and I’m grateful to have mine with me to celebrate today, as well as all of the mothers who are members of this beautiful community. ⁣

And one last happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful place we get to call home: Mother Earth 🌎 💕🌷 sending all my love to those celebrating today!

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping in our bedrooms… why NOT make your bedroom a full-on sanctuary?

They’re the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see when we wake up! Waking up to this room makes me feel like I’m still dreaming ☁️⁣

Here are a few of my bedroom details…⁣
Bedframe and headboard: @anthropologie
Plants: @leonandgeorge
Pillows: @collectivco
Bedding: @parachutehome⁣
Picture above bed: @eventidecollective ⁣
Circular mirror, and bench at end of bed: @cb2⁣
Wallpaper: @anewalldecor ⁣
Rug: @serenaandlily

Happy Friday! With Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve got a full house.

I’m excited to finally fire up my new grill in the backyard and spend time with my family 💕🌷 Name one thing you’re looking forward to most this weekend 👇🏻

Making my matcha lattes has become somewhat of a meditation for me.

It’s one of the reason I switched from the milk frother method— while I still love the ease of tossing everything in the frother, I love the meditative experience of whisking my matcha. Whether you’ve tried Morning Ritual before or not, I figured this tutorial might be helpful for you. ⁣

From the countless messages I respond to each day, I know that my matcha has helped many of you in kicking your coffee addiction, keeping your stomach alkaline and making each morning enjoyable and delicious. I love you so very matcha 🍵💚

No one is you, and that is your power. Last weekend, I shared a quote to my Instagram stories and received hundreds of messages of those who really related to it.

It read, “Flowers are pretty and so are sunsets, but they look nothing alike. Stop comparing yourself”. ⁣

In today’s day and age, we are constantly bombarded with ideas of proposed perfection— you know the pictures we see on social media that are #bodygoals #couplegoals #lifegoals , etc. It’s absolutely okay to admire what others have— to be inspired by it, to dream to achieve it, or to simply love it. However, it’s important to remember that each person is totally unique. And in fact, it is our unique qualities that make us so beautiful. ⁣

Why is it that we lose sight of the beauty that is our own uniqueness? Today, I want to challenge you to write down one thing that makes you individual 👇🏻 Let’s celebrate ourselves, everything that makes us extraordinary, powerful and unique, and everything we have to offer to one another ✨💕

In all my research and personal experience, I’ve learned that your brain and body are most productive when on the circadian rhythm and in tune with the natural cycle of the sun and moon.

Our bodies naturally want to be on this cycle. Even just setting your alarm a half hour earlier can make all the difference in your daily routine. ⁣

It’s one of the reasons I love getting up early and completing this routine each day. Beginning my day, claiming the first few hours as my own, allows me to feel a difference in my mood, energy, and focus throughout the day. Of course I have to work, tend to my dogs, home, etc. but setting aside the first hour or so of my day makes certain that I place focus and care on myself, first before tending to everything else! Any aspects of this routine that make it in to your morning routine, too? Let me know what’s a “must" for you 👇🏻🧡

With my backyard construction finally being completed, I spent most of my weekend out here.

From my IG live with @creativefloraldirector_bw to getting my hands in my garden yesterday, I've truly thrived in the space already. I’m hoping with Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ll finally get a chance to get my grill and pizza oven going 🌷🍕 And you know the interior designer in me has been looking at chaises, barstools and other backyard accessories… ⁣

Gardening, food, flowers, sun 🥕☀️🌷 Your turn…. Tell me the highlights of your weekend in just four words 👇🏻

I’m spending the afternoon tending to my herb garden and enjoying the sun.

You guys know I talk a lot about the benefits of grounding and one of my favorite ways to do so is by getting my hands in the dirt and actually growing the food I eat. As a holistic chef, I’m always reaching for fresh herbs so growing sage, basil, dill, parsley and tarragon was a no-brainer for me. What did you do this Sunday to feed your soul? 🥰👇🏻

I had such a lovely time with Jorge from @creativefloraldirector_bw this afternoon, showing you guys how to make a beautiful flower arrangement at home.

It’s actually easier than I thought! Here are a few of the tips I learned today... Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions that we can answer for you! I know I’ll definitely be using his tips when I go to make my momma one for Mother’s Day 💐🌸

Diets are not one size fits all. There’s always a new fad, this week fat is bad.

Next week, suddenly it’s good again. And in diet culture, carbs are almost always “bad”. But your body is YOUR body, and you know it best.⁣

I believe that subscribing to a specific diet like keto, atkins, south beach, etc. sets you up for failure. Instead of eliminating the “bad” things, it’s all about ADDING in healthy options too. Listen to your body and eat in the way you feel best Xx

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to show you an inexpensive way to create beautiful flower bouquets right at home.

I’ll be going live with my friend and celebrity florist @creativefloraldirector_bw this Saturday to walk you through designing a professional-looking arrangement. We will share all the tips and tricks and I know you won’t want to miss this one! ⁣

Any particular flowers you’d like to see us use? Any questions you have on arranging? Be sure to leave them here and I will ask Jorge for his expert opinion. Don’t miss out on our Instagram Live this Saturday, 5/1 at 12 PM PDT. Can’t wait! 💐🌸

You asked, I answered. Here are a few of my tips for those of you looking to up your hair game or just take better care of it!

I know that many of you have followed some of my recommendations in the past as I’ve received tons of messages of you guys loving the collagen or shampoo/conditioner, and wanted to share more details! ⁣

+ I switched to a natural shampoo and conditioner. @zatiknaturals is my choice— I love the brand, smell, and their commitment to natural ingredients and high quality (I personally use the Olive & Black Seed)⁣
+ I added a marine collagen to my daily diet. I like the brand @withinusnatural as it’s strictly regulated and made from wild-caught fish scale (which is absorbed best by the human body). Not only does it help my hair grow and maintain its strength but I also love it for my skin and nails, as well as any back or joint pain. ⁣
+ A few times a month, I will coat my hair in cold-pressed coconut oil, tie it up and leave it in for at least 8 hours (sometimes even up to 24!) I’ve noticed it helps a lot with repairing split ends and adding shine and bounce. ⁣
+ I try to color my hair as minimally as possible and always request that the stylist be gentle when creating the mixture of dyes. ⁣
+ I try to trim my hair frequently to get rid of dull and split ends.⁣
+ And most importantly, I eat a diet of nutrient-dense foods. If you’re not getting certain nutrients, you might see the negative effects in your hair. I make sure to get in all those great fatty acids (especially omega-3s) because I know how good they are for the body. ⁣

Let me know if you decide to try any of these techniques or products, as well as if you have any questions about hair health! Xx

GIVEAWAY: I’ve partnered with some of my favorite accounts to be able to offer one lucky winner the ultimate wellness bundle!

These are products I use (and LOVE!) and I wanted to give one of you the chance to score on some of my go-tos for my daily self-care practice. ⁣

The bundle includes my Morning Ritual matcha, a sweat-set from @aviatornation (you guys are always asking me about mine!), a few goodies from @maryruthorganics (the liquid probiotic, lymphatic support drops and D3/K2 vitamin spray), a sports bra from the Modern Woman herself ( @tanyarad !) and some awesome workout gear from my friends over at @toneitup ! It’s truly a kickstart bundle for those of you who love wellness, or who want to try any of my recommendations for some awesome brands and people. ⁣

+ you must follow @shaynateresetaylor , @aviatornation , @maryruthorganics and @toneitup⁣
+ you must tag two friends on this post! ⁣

The giveaway closes Friday, April 30th and the winner will be announced via story. Good luck! Xx

Anyone else feel like there are a never-ending amount of dishes to be done?

I swear I could have a glass of water in the morning and by the time I turn around the entire sink is ready to be washed again 😂

So grateful for my Instagram family and for the newest members of our community too!

I wanted to take a second to introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself! ⁣

Now is your turn— I love connecting with people from all over the world. Comment down below and tell me where you’re from and 1 thing you love ✨🌎

One of my favorite aspects of this community is the education aspect.

I love being able to share with you my knowledge (and what I’m still continuing to learn), as well as hear what works and doesn’t for you guys! ⁣

If you’ve learned any healthy habits from me (whether it be recipes, product recommendations, self-care or positivity tips), leave me a comment with a 🙋🏼‍♀️ emoji! It means the world to me to be able to connect with people all over the world and help some of you lead a more intuitive and happy lifestyle 🧡

I get messages CONSTANTLY of people who are absolutely fine to take Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, etc.

but are afraid to try a completely natural CBD product. I understand why some might have hesitation because it’s associated with marijuana, but wanted to affirm you that this product won’t get you high, won’t make you feel hallucinogenic or give you any other feelings like that. ⁣

In honor of the @bottleandstone SALE this weekend, I wanted to remind you guys that small swaps like this (CBD in favor of Advil) can really make a difference in your gut health and overall wellbeing. ⁣

You can use code “ONEYEAR” at checkout on— I can’t believe Bottle & Stone launched a year ago and that these products have been helping you guys fight inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and now even skin issues for a WHOLE YEAR! Let me know if you have any questions at all on any of my products or routines 💚🥰🌱

Happy Earth Day!

This holiday is one that means a lot to me and I’m so proud I got to celebrate it today by joining @edailypop this morning to talk about my two small businesses and sustainability in the kitchen 🧡⁣

Thank you to those of you who watched my segment or to those who sent me kind messages of affirmation before or after! I feel so supported by these beautiful people who build up this community and take great pride in our shared love for this earth and one another. ⁣

Additionally, I wanted to let you know both of my small businesses are on SALE this weekend. For TODAY only, my new skincare line from @bottleandstone is 20% off (until 11:59 PM PST tonight!). It’s the first time my skincare has ever been on sale and I really can’t wait for so many of you to try the products that have truly changed my skin and self-care routine. The Bottle & Stone SALE starts now on with code “EARTHDAY"! ⁣

Also, my matcha is on sale this weekend too! I know many of you have started incorporating my Morning Ritual in your own morning routine and really appreciate when I offer a sale. There’s no code necessary and the sale will run through the weekend on (or until I run out!) Let me know if you have any questions about either of my small businesses and thank you again for supporting me as we both thrive on this beautiful planet. Happy Earth Day 🌎

9 times out of 10, we're our own biggest competition.

When you hear self-doubt kicking in, take a moment, acknowledge it and kick it out the door. We believe what we tell ourselves so I encourage you to root for yourself, and be confident in your abilities. Be your own biggest fan 🧡

A little reminder for anyone who might need to hear this today:

food is not something you have to earn. Food is not something you have to work off. No matter how much you ate yesterday, you need food today. Food is fuel. Food is energy. Food is love. Food is your friend 💚

Treat each day as a new beginning.

While it’s tricky not to focus on yesterday’s errors or slip-ups, one of the most impactful things I’ve ever learned is to take power in living in the present moment. Try to place your mind where your feet are today. I know it’s easier said than done, but incorporating this mindset can truly change your life 🌸💐

Sunday is really one of my favorite days of the week and this one was so special.

We stopped by one of my favorite outdoor farmer’s market ( @malibufigranch ) after our hike with Oliver in Malibu. Hiking is a great workout as the uneven trails work to strengthen core muscles, increase your endurance and most importantly, get you outside for some fresh air! With almost 80 degree weather here in Los Angeles, today’s hike was a no brainer. If you’re looking for new hiking venues, I love as you can plug in any zip code and I’ll give you a variety of trails by you! Happy hiking xo

Happy Saturday! What’s on your agenda today? I went on a beach walk this morning, ran a few errands and now am thinking of heading to the nursery to take a look at the summer vegetables.

Since moving my garden, I’ve harvested my collard greens and celery and am looking to switch it out for some more seasonal produce. Any suggestions?

Our minds are powerful. Actively shifting your mindset to one of abundance can really make the difference in how you perceive your day.

Before I even get out of bed, I think of the things I’m abundant in: puppy love, fresh air, a warm and safe home and the chance to experience another day on this planet. If you do this practice and sometimes feel stuck on what you're grateful for, try thinking outside the box. For example, did you run into a neighbor on the street? Were you able to talk to your mom or dad on the phone today? Did you speak to a friend you hadn’t spoken in a long time? While these parts of your day might seem monotonous sometimes, when we look back on our day, they can often be the highlights, just if we shift our mindset. ⁣

Beginning my day on this foot can even turn a bad day into a good day (even if the circumstances around me haven’t changed!) Try it when you wake up tomorrow and let me know the change in your day! ✨⁣

When it comes to spinach, the shrinkage is real 😂 let me know if you’ve experienced this one 👇🏻🙋🏼‍♀️

I’ve shared my mindful morning routine with you and now I’m sharing my nighttime routine!

Winding down after a long work day is important to me as I claim my nights as my own. I try to limit time on electronics and social media and really spend most of my evening and night practicing self-care (whether it be by cleaning my space, cooking a healthy meal, journaling or spending time with my dogs). ⁣

What aspects of your night routine are crucial for you to feel replenished and ready to tackle on another day? If you see any similarities between ours, let me know 👇🏻💚

Happy Tuesday! Here’s my day so far: ⁣

+ green drink, morning meditation, journaling, matcha latte ⁣

+ a small, at-home workout ⁣
+ drove to the office for work⁣
+ packing up matcha shipments and labeling tins ⁣
+ recipe development for and finalized 2 recipes to share with you this week! ⁣
+ took a few Zoom calls for @bottleandstone (actually so excited to share about this with you in a few months!) ⁣
+ spoke on an online panel with other CBD lovers, brand owners and connoisseurs ⁣
+ on my lunch break, strolled with the dogs on the beach for fresh ocean air ⁣

While I finish up my work, now all I can think about is what to eat for dinner… any suggestions? Hope you are having a beautiful day 🧡⁣

As we enter a new moon cycle in April, I wanted to let you know of the significance of this special day.

During a new moon, I’d encourage you to spiritually unload any burdens, mistakes or regrets and leave them in the past. Taking inspiration from the new moon in a 28 day lunar cycle, feel free to reflect on how you’d like to grow and thrive in this new cycle. ⁣

This is a special new moon however, because it makes the time of year when two seasons merge. Spring is already a signifier of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. As the two events fall together, we are presented with a wonderful new energy and a chance to really act on it. ⁣

To celebrate this, I’d like to give you a few simple ideas to pause, look inward and cultivate what you’d like from this sacred time… feel free to celebrate how you’d like but this is what I’m going to be doing: ⁣

- Minimizing time on social media and electronics ⁣
- Taking time to meditate and set my intentions for this next cycle (I’d really like to focus on the growth of my small businesses as well as my relationship with my inner child) ⁣
- Give something up— has anything been feeling like it’s taking energy from you (social media, reading the news too often, even certain relationships, etc)? Try to remove it for this next moon cycle and see how your life can be impacted by it ⁣
- Plant new life— plant seeds now for future cultivation. If you do not have a green thumb, use this as a metaphor to plant seeds in your life that you’d like to grow into fruition. Do you want to eat healthier? Begin now by planning out this week’s menu! ⁣
- Bring Spring into your home— Pick or purchase a bouquet of spring flowers to brighten up your home. PS I’ve been loving the variety at Trader Joe’s recently! ⁣
- Stay centered and cultivate peace in your life and in your home ⁣

Let me know if you’re choosing to incorporate any of these tips into your daily life in the next moon cycle or let me know different ways YOU are choosing to celebrate this period of sacred vibrations, increased energy, spirituality and momentum to carry us through Spring! Xx ( photo via @thejoshuatreehouse )

Happiness looks completely different for each person.

There is no key to happiness or living a healthy lifestyle. But actively choosing to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine can make a huge difference in your daily wellbeing. ⁣

Habits matter… a lot. If you’ve ever tried breaking a bad habit, you know how hard it can be. Let’s work on making positive habits part of our daily routines. Here’s a look at simple habits to add that can truly change your health and happiness for the better. And that’s facts.

It’s really all in the morning routine for me… it helps me set the tone for the day and gives me a chance to focus on what I need before tending to the needs of others.

If you’re relate to this reel, drop me a 🙋🏼‍♀️ in the comments below 😂 (even if it’s just a morning routine of making your coffee, I’m not judging lol!)

Repeat after me and try some of these affirmations this weekend ✨⁣


Free to choose how I experience my life. ⁣
Free to choose the palette of my emotional sky. ⁣
Free to know love.⁣
Free to experience peace.⁣
Free to be light.⁣
Free to be unlimited.

Just some straight-up LIFE ADVICE for you today 😂🧡

When we watch movies, we tend to root for the main character.

We watch he or she fight bad guys, overcome obstacles, grow in their power and sometimes even completely change for the better. Main characters are our heroes and role models. ⁣

I’m here today to encourage you to be your own main character. This isn’t a selfish thought, or even a narcissistic one. When you choose to think of yourself as a main character, you think of each experience as part of a larger story— heartbreak, tribulations and mistakes are all just a CHAPTER in your story. ⁣

You’re a rounded out character, constantly learning and evolving and accepting of the scenes of your life. Be proud that you learn, grow and have the ability to become your own hero or role model. Be your own main character 🧡

How have you been feeling lately? Busy… stressed… anxious?

Take the next thirty seconds to check in with yourself. Sound can have a meditative, soothing and relaxing quality about it if you allow it to transport you. Sit comfortably. Maybe even close your eyes. It can bring about a sense of relaxation, balance and wholeness back to your body (maybe even in the middle of a workday, errand or otherwise busy day!). ⁣

If these thirty seconds of soothing sound helped you today, spread the love by tagging a friend who could use a deep breath today. Sending you love, positivity and relaxation 🤍

Happy Monday! I spent a good majority of today packing up matcha shipments from over the weekend and all I can say is THANK YOU— your support of my small business truly means the world to me.

I love this community because I know we all strive to be our best, do our best and take the best care of ourselves. I’m proud to be able to share my knowledge, research and products with you guys and am overjoyed to know this many people know, love and want to try my matcha! Whether you purchase my products or not, even just trusting me as you implement new techniques, products or any of my recommendations into your life makes me so proud. It feels absolutely wonderful to see my hard work pay off and to know and hear that these products and recommendations are truly changing your wellness routines as they change mine Xx

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! It was a little sad to be apart last year so I’m especially grateful to be able to see my family (and my brother!) this year.

I’ve been sharing my Easter recipes to all month so I’m sure you’ll see some of those dishes on today’s table! 
Additionally, I I don’t want to distract from the beauty and family-time of this holiday but wanted to remind you that there’s only a few hours left in my small business SALE— both my matcha and @bottleandstone organic CBD consumable solutions are on sale, now through tonight at 11:59 PM PST. You can shop the products that are truly changing my life (and now so many of yours, too!) on sale on both and (Bottle & Stone code is “ARIES” and Shayna’s Kitchen doesn’t need a code!) ⁣

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and know I’m sending lots of love to you and yours 💐🐰

Showing love to your body and mind are both important acts of self-care.

That’s why I begin my wind-down routine early and make sure to tend to both my body and mind— I shut off electronics as I can, cook myself a nourishing meal, spend time with myself and my puppies and of course take CBD before I head off to bed. ⁣

I know many of you are going to ask about the CBD so I wanted to talk about it here. I’ve never been a great sleeper— it would take me forever to fall asleep and I’d wake up throughout the night. CBD has truly been a saving grace for me for insomnia and anxiety (especially in the past year) and I simply take a dropperful of a 600mg tincture from @bottleandstone about 15-30 mins before bedtime. If you’re interested in trying it, all of the consumable CBD solutions are up to 30% off just until tomorrow night! Use code “ARIES” at checkout on and trust me on this one… it will truly change your wind down routine for the better. Xx

In celebration of Easter and allllll the Spring vibes here, both my small businesses ( and @bottleandstone ) will be on SALE this weekend only!

I feel honored that many of you have tried my products, shared them with your friends, written me reviews, asked me questions and overall THRIVED by adding them to your wellness routines. It humbles me to know that my products have been game-changers for so many of you and I’d like to extend a big hug and a big “thank you”! ⁣

Both my CBD and my matcha are organic, farmed thoughtfully and fully transparent about our processes. You guys know I’m pretty strict on what I put in (and on) my body and I know that these are the highest quality in both of their categories. ⁣

You can find the CBD sale on and save up to 30% off on all of our consumable solutions with code “ARIES” at checkout. Additionally, the new skincare line is not on sale, but is officially shipping out! This is a great opportunity to restock on your favorite products or try something new from Bottle & Stone! ⁣

My matcha is also on sale this weekend, at 10% off! If you’re interested in stocking up, I’d recommend doing so ASAP as it’s sure to sell out quickly. Morning Ritual is available on, with no code necessary. ⁣

As always, feel free to reach out to me via comment or DM if you have any questions on products, usage or health benefits! Happy weekend and Happy Easter to those celebrating! Xx

Happy Thursday and happy (almost) Easter weekend!

Let’s practice something together today… while it may feel like this week was grueling or long, let’s take the time to say ONE incredible thing that has happened to you this week 🧡 I’ll start, we had some beautiful, sunny weather this week! Although the backyard isn’t finished yet, the dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed it pouring in through the windows and on our nightly walks! Your turn…. Tell me the high of your week so far👇🏻

Self-love is an intentional practice and can be purposefully be improved upon.

A journey of self-love may seem daunting, but you can begin RIGHT NOW with just a few, easy changes. Taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, doesn’t have to mean an extravagant massage or facial, but can be as simple as cooking yourself a wholesome dinner and heading to bed a little earlier...⁣

Here are 6 of my favorite, REALISTIC ways for showing yourself some love, respect and gratitude. Do you currently practice self-love with any of these tactics? If you try incorporating some of these into your daily routine, let me know!

Hiiii I just want to let you know that Oliver and I are sending you a big, big, big hug and lots of love this Tuesday!⁣

It’s really starting to feel like Spring here in Los Angeles and we’re celebrating by preparing for Easter, getting the backyard in better shape (lol I’m ITCHING to be able to use my outdoor kitchen), and taking lots of walks after work because it’s been so lovely and light later. What have you been up to this week? Is it feeling like Spring by you or not so much? Xx

Whenever I post my plants, I always receive dozens of messages from those of you who might not have

the greenest of thumbs 😂🌱 Here’s a couple plant tricks I thought you might like to try to show your greenery a little extra love! ⁣These tricks essentially work as a natural fertilizer and help the plant’s soil to receive potassium, calcium, magnesium and nitrogen.

What’s your favorite plant-hack that you’ve learned to strengthen and care for your plants? ! I’m willing to try anything! 🌸

Journaling has truly changed my daily routine as it allows me to stop and reflect each morning.

Many of you ask me how I began and my recommendation for you is just to START. You can use my method as a guide or begin however you’d like— and remember, you don’t have to be Shakespeare. Don’t preoccupy yourself with perfect grammar or making sure every sentence makes sense. ⁣

The most beneficial journaling in my opinion is just writing down whatever is pressing on your mind. If you try my method, be sure to let me know! ✨

Here’s a little look at an average trip to the grocery store for me.

I wanted to share with you a little more about one of our grocery store chains here in Los Angeles! @erewhonmarket is my fave as they never stock things with artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, refined sugars, or other additives (AKA a dream for a foodie and holistic chef like me!!) ⁣

I love just strolling down the isles here as I always find new products to try! This is definitely not sponsored, just wanted to share something with you today that brings me joy. Where is your happy place? The beach is my #1 but the organization here is really giving the ocean a run for its money 😂🧡

If you’re reading this, release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, remove the tongue from the roof of your mouth and let the sound transport you.

We tend to hold on to stress physically in our bodies (and often don’t even notice!) Feel free to watch this video however many times you need to take a moment to relax today, or return to it whenever you need a reminder to focus on YOU ✨

Birthdays always bring out a stage of reflection for me.

As my birthday was yesterday, I’ve really been reflecting on my growth, change and evolution in the last year. What goals have I reached since my last birthday? Where was I on this day last year and how has my life changed? What do I want to occur in the next year and how do I plan on getting there? 

These are all questions to ponder, regardless of birthdays or not. Self-improvement is an ongoing project that you can tackle each day. So even though it may not have been your birthday, maybe take a few moments to check in on yourself and your goals, and just relish in your growth and evolution too. With such a crazy year behind us, I’d be willing to bet you’ve grown more than you may even realize ✨

A day full of laughter, hiking, good food, dancing, my sweet puppies, sound baths and best of all, some really great friends!

Celebrating with a small dinner later today but I’d say I’m having a pretty great birthday✨🍰

Happy National Puppy Day! I am one proud momma to these two trouble-makers and will take any excuse in the book the celebrate Panda and Oliver.

I’m also celebrating the news of Los Angeles becoming the largest US city with a “no-kill” animal shelter. I know many of us are animal lovers here, so whether you love cats, dogs (or maybe even something more random like chinchillas lol I’m not judging), I’m proud of my city’s efforts in this incredible feat!! ⁣

Raise your hand if you’re celebrating today and write me a comment with your best friend’s name and favorite thing about your furry friend so we can celebrate together 🐶🐾

Since posting my morning routine video, I’ve answered dozens of questions about my Morning Green Drink and thought just recording it for you and walking you through it might be the most beneficial!

I start out with room temperature water (as it’s easier on the tummy in the morning), greens and minerals from @getoffyouracid to keep my stomach alkaline and ph balanced throughout the day, and b12 from @weliveconscious for aid in memory and energy levels. I add two squirts of a gut health supplement from @ionbiome and a dropperful of my 300mg Natural tincture from my organic CBD line @bottleandstone to ease any anxiety and start the day off with a positive mood. I mix it all up with a small, inexpensive handheld frother that I grabbed on Amazon. ⁣

None of this is sponsored, this is really just what I do to feel my best and thought you might like to know! I love researching new products and techniques regarding health and wellness and chatting about them with you guys. Let me know if you have any questions or if you find watching what I do in my routines helpful to you👇🏻🧡✨

Welcome to my hemp farm! In light of this week’s skincare launch for my organic CBD company @bottleandstone , I wanted to share with you a little more about our small farm in Vermont.

When I first learned of CBD’s powerful health benefits and ability to fight pain, anxiety and insomnia, I spent weeks researching different “reputable” brands but couldn’t find one that had the answers to all my questions. ⁣

This was a big reason I started Bottle & Stone— to create a product I knew wasn’t cutting corners, was sourced properly and sustainably and was done RIGHT, from start to finish. I’m so proud that we share everything with you and really can’t wait until I’m able to get back to our farm in Vermont!

March 20th welcomes in the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

The spring equinox boosts your vibration and allows you the chance to tune in to joy, passion, positivity and desire, making you a magnet for manifestation. There are no rules for what you can manifest during this time but in general, following Spring’s lead is impactful. Focus on new beginnings, rebirth, growth and risks you’ve been contemplating. Look closely at the seeds you’d like to plant now for harvesting in the future 🌸⁣

Manifestations are amplified when spoken out loud and shared with others so if possible, grab a friend or family member and speak aloud about what you would like to manifest. If you would like to use my platform as the chance to “speak” what you’re manifesting, feel free to write me a comment or message. Happy Equinox and happy manifesting ✨

I often share the power of positive affirmations and wanted to give you a wonderful place to begin if you’re new to this practice.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement that help us to structure the dynamic of our brains to truly allow our deepest wishes to come to fruition. No words are empty words, even the ones you choose to say to yourself. You can choose to utilize any of these or create your own based on what YOU need to hear and happen. ⁣

Affirm with me:⁣
I have the power to change my story. ⁣
I believe in my abilities. ⁣
I am fearless, and capable. ⁣
I choose positive, happy thoughts. ⁣
Everything I’m looking for, I can find within me. ⁣
I am grateful and blessed. ⁣

Try these affirmations and keep me updated as you incorporate this practice into your daily routine. Sending my love and positivity to you today Xx

There’s worse addictions to have, right?! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I can’t be the only one who can’t go to the nursery without taking home a few plant babies… 🌿🌱

We’ve officially approached one year of the anniversary of when our country entered lockdown and I want to hold a little check-in with you guys.

In the last year, each of our lives has drastically changed. Working from home and isolating from friends and family were all fundamental changes for many of us, and I want to give you this opportunity to recognize that it’s OKAY to miss some aspects of your former life (like a casual grocery store outing pictured here last year!) ⁣

Toxic positivity is something I’ve seen way too much in the last year, especially on social media. While I am a firm believer in staying positive and looking on the bright-side, I want to take the time to acknowledge that it’s possible to find hope and happiness while acknowledging the existence of pain, loss, suffering and change. It's okay to have sad moments while you process any anxiety, loneliness, or fear. ⁣

Please don’t invalidate the range of emotions you naturally experience or judge yourself for any transient sensations or reactions you feel. Healthy positivity acknowledges authentic emotions and allows you to be realistic about your current circumstances. Please know that I am always here as a support beam for you and am sending my love 💕

Today’s the day— my organic CBD skincare line for @bottleandstone has officially launched!

CBD personally has helped my skin thrive in the last few years, as its known to be anti-inflammatory, as well as combative against fine lines, rosacea, wrinkles and acne. I worked with top skincare experts to craft these organic and natural formulas.⁣

In light of this launch, I wanted to share 6 easy ways to add CBD to your skincare routine. I’ve been incorporating these for months and months while product testing and these are my favorite methods! ⁣

This video highlights the Everyday Hemp Face Oil, which has some pretty incredible ingredients. Some of the highlights are prickly pear seed oil (which is antibacterial and preventative against skin damage), rosewood oil (reduces scarring, wrinkles and acne), carrot seed oil (which has a natural SPF of 40 and is a natural collagen booster), castor oil (which promotes growth of healthy skin tissue) and sunflower seed oil (which is a rich and protective oil). ⁣

As always, if you have questions about CBD (whether it be my @bottleandstone skincare or my consumable solutions!), feel free to leave them as a comment, or message me. Thank you so much for your support of my small business. It feels absolutely wonderful to see my hard work pay off and to know and hear that these products are truly changing your lives like they changed mine Xx

My morning routine means a lot to me. It allows me to claim the first hour or so of my day.

Before answering texts or emails I received overnight, I spend time with myself, my puppies and my morning practices to really enter my day centered, relaxed and on the right foot. ⁣

I’m not saying that you should follow this exact routine but incorporating some ideas here and there might be really helpful for you. Since sharing my morning routine with you guys on stories, I’ve received so many messages of those who have really benefitted from some ideas like not looking at their phones, beginning the day with a list of gratitude, or simply making the bed each morning. Which aspects of your routine are most crucial for you to begin your day on your terms?? ⁣

- - - - - - ⁣

PS: for those who might ask, the greens and minerals are from @getoffyouracid , the vegan b12 is @weliveconscious , and the gut health I add is @ionbiome. The matcha is (of course!) Morning Ritual 🧡

Introducing the second capsule from @bottleandstone: CBD skincare.

By now, you probably all know of the incredible anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, but did you know that these properties can also be applied to daily skincare to increase skin health, improve elasticity and regulate oil production?⁣

This line includes a topical body salve perfect for stressed, sore or tense areas, an after-shave CBD oil that assists in reducing ingrown hairs, redness and irritation, a gua sha stone, and a hemp face oil, for use as an everyday moisturizer. Since posting my everyday skincare routine, many of you have been wondering about the face oil I use and my gua sha and I’m proud to give you access to these tools that have been in my daily beauty routine for years. ⁣

We’re launching this incredible new line of CBD skincare this Tuesday, but I wanted to extend it to you guys first. As a token of my appreciation, we’re giving you first access to a line that has truly changed mine (and my friends’ and family’s) beauty routines. The line is available for PREORDER now on! ⁣

Looking forward to a weekend at home! Right now, nothing sounds better than practicing some self-care, coupled with a little takeout from @gjelinarestaurant !

What are your weekend plans?

Btw - hair color done by Kadi at @highbrowhippie and new hair cut done by @hectorsworldd who works at @highbrowhippie 😌

When that mid-afternoon matcha hits…💃🏼 #matchalover #comedy

Our bodies are machines, we just have to fuel them right!

Here’s what a week worth of dinners looks like for me. You’ll see a lot of fresh veggies, lean meats, healthy fats, and yes, CARBS as I eat intuitively. ⁣

Cooking dinner for me usually takes between 5 and 20 minutes… and I hope you’ll trust me here when I say that eating healthy does NOT have to be complicated. As always, recipes are posted to ! Let me know if this style of video is helpful for you, as I always seek to be a source of education and inspiration for you 👇🏻🧡

You’re the ONLY one that can stop you 🧡 #motivation #selfloveclub

Join the team 🧡 I’m seeking an assistant to work with me as my small businesses grow!

If you’re local to Los Angeles and interested, please send your resume to sarah #nowhiring #losangelesjobs

Welcome to my sanctuary!

I’ve always thought that caring and decorating your space is an act of self-care… creating an environment that is comfortable, soothing and complete for yourself and your loved ones. Our spaces set the stage for our lives, daily mindsets and many of our life experiences— so in my opinion, it’s totally worth it to spend a little time decorating your home and incorporating personal touches to your space! ⁣

To me, my home is a place of tranquility and restoration— I’m so happy to share a mini house tour with you today!

Happy International Women’s Day! The women in my life definitely top my gratitude list.

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many smart, empowering, motivating and positive women in my life. And what a great day we have to celebrate US !! ⁣

I also want to include in this celebration any women out there in this little circle we’ve built— it’s consistently the highlight of my day each day to be able to connect with you. I’m so grateful to have been able to virtually meet so many of you and truly find joy, education, laughter and community in each message I receive.⁣

Additionally, I want to use this day as a reminder. I’m a firm believer in only spreading love. Let’s raise up the women who support other women— the ones who build up one another… who don’t speak badly, compare, or take down other women. With the rise of social media, it’s become all too easy to hide behind a screen, spreading hate. But we are ALL unique, extraordinary and beautuiful! Women to women, we can support one another in our own passions, projects and lives, without feeling like it diminishes any of our own outstanding individuality 🧡 Cheers to us girls! Xx

As I approach another birthday this month, I’ve really been thinking about what brought me the most joy in my last year of life and this trip is definitely up there.

If you know me at all, you know I’m happiest in nature… so an AirBnB in the middle of the desert is RIGHT up my alley! ⁣

Taking time to unplug from work, social media, and the montony of everyday life really has been beneficial for me. What would you say was most beneficial for your mental health in the last year??

The big reveal... I. GOT. BANGS ✂️ #hairtransformation #haircut

Here’s a little idea of what my workouts look like.

It’s hard to believe we ever went to gyms with how accessible workouts have become online! I’ve never really been a cardio fan and favor functional movement workouts, which focus on building strength, stamina and balance (which actually helps your body perform daily functions)⁣

Would you like me to film a more in-depth routine for you guys to be able to follow along? I’m happy to do it if enough of you are interested 🧡

Each time I post a sunset from the beach, I receive tons of messages from those of you who can even feel the relaxing effects through the screen.

Please enjoy this beautiful sunset from one of my favorite beaches in Los Angeles. ⁣

Leave me a comment if you would like to see a Los Angeles guide from me 👇🏻 If you’re interested, I can compile lists of my favorite restaurants, hikes, things to do and even beaches (like this one!)

There she is in all her glory— my new onyx fireplace! 

Swipe to see the before picture, I feel like it made the biggest difference as the centerpiece of my living room! Thoughts? Feelings? To me, there is something SO magical about this piece and I really can even feel its energy through the screen ✨

Take this as your sign. Your sign to focus more on yourself.

Set boundaries, eat more vegetables, focus on what you want, do more of what you love, treat your body with respect, practice gratitude… to prioritize you and your happiness. ⁣

This looks different for everybody. I know many of you like to use my page as a resource for inspiration and to hold you accountable. Today, if you feel comfortable… share one small thing you will add to your routine that helps you prioritize yourself and your health 👇🏻 Maybe it looks like drinking more water, or spending more time off your electronics tonight… whatever it is, I know you will be proud of yourself for taking a step towards more self-love 🧡

About a year and a half ago, I became a small business owner.

I have so much pride for my two small businesses and @bottleandstone. I’ve received thousands of messages from the people who have tried my products and feel so grateful each and everyday that these products have changed your lives too. ⁣

If you have supported either of my small businesses, I’d like to say a BIG thank you for your support. If you’ve tried any of my products, leave me a comment below with a short review! It helps me make business plans and also helps other customers like you make important decisions! Xx

Back on my workout grind. While I bring bands and easy-to-travel-with gear, my workouts are never really the same as when I’m at home, fully focused.

I’m excited to get back into my groove today— let me know if you guys would like me to film and share my workout routine for you to follow along at home!

As a culture, we’ve been trained to comment on one another’s appearance… and I find that so many of our compliments are about each other’s physical.

But I want to challenge you today to compliment another person on a trait that isn’t physical, but has something to do with their personality, characteristics or love in their heart.⁣

I can begin… I would like to compliment YOU. Because in general, if you’re on my page, you have the type of heart that yearns for education— to be better, to love better and to have more gratitude that extends to your community, families and friend groups. I’d like to compliment you on that. ⁣

Your turn, tag someone in the comments and give them a compliment that has NOTHING to do with anything superficial! I promise it’ll feel great, to both you and the recipient of your compliment!

Reuniting with the puppies today. Seriously can’t wait to get back to their snuggles…⁣

Do you have any fur babies at home? While I LOVE traveling, it’s tough to be away from my pups!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again— surround yourself with friends who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.

For me, Kali is just that. Tag your bestie— the one that supports you no matter what and always has your back (and the one who won’t leave you hanging when you jump in the water together lol!)⁣

When you can’t find any unsweetened almond milk at the hotel so you head to town to get a stash because you.

just. can’t. live. without. MATCHA. LATTES 😅💁🏼

Repeat after me: MY reality is created by ME ✨

#manifest #dailyaffirmations ⁣

A day in my life in Jamaica! One of the most fun aspects of this community for me is sharing— my day with you, as well as receiving messages from you guys about your highs and lows.

It’s so special to be able to feel like we get to be together virtually, even when we’re miles and miles away from one another! ⁣

The best part of my day was the belly laughs and fun spent with @kalikavara in the water. It was so incredible to see the sun begin to set and be moved by the calming and relaxing rain. Your turn, what was the best part of your day !?👇🏼⁣

I feel best with my feet in the sand, fully immersed in Mother Nature’s beauty and wonder.

The next best thing for me might be the farmer’s market 😂 What about you, where’s your happy place?

What’s one goal you have for the week? I’m going to try to do at least one random act of kindness each day.

I know and have personally felt the great impact of a stranger’s act of kindness and try to live my life like this already. But setting it as my weekly goal can motivate me, inspire me and help me act on this desire. ⁣

I can’t wait to hear yours… what’s one short-term goal you’re setting for yourself as we approach a new week?

Get grounded. Try today to just put your feet in the grass, hands in the dirt or for all of my cold weather friends, maybe stand out in the snow (safely, please!) for just a few moments.

Close your eyes and ground yourself to the earth, appreciating all Mother Nature has accomplished for us. ⁣

Take 3 long, slow breaths. And be still. Listen to whatever sounds are around you. Is it the wind howling? Birds chirping? Whatever it is, appreciate it. Give thanks to everything you have and feel the gratitude flow in and around you 🙏🏼

Say “YES” more ✔️ Although an amusement park isn’t typically in my list of must-dos while in a new place, all of the locals recommended Mystic Mountain to us while in Jamaica.

And I’m so glad we took the leap and tried something outside of our comfort zones! We spent the day laughing on the rides and had a blast… are you more of a lay-on-the-beach person or an adventurer while on vacation??

Even though I’m in Jamaica, you’ll recognize aspects of my normal morning routine here— journaling, meditation, matcha, a work-out.

I feel like the very best version of myself when I start my day off like this… it leaves me energized and excited to begin a new day. ⁣

If you begin your day stressed, reading emails and running out the door, consider setting your alarm for a bit earlier and taking more time for yourself in your morning routine. Another little tip I have is changing your alarm to a calm and less aggressive sound so you don’t wake up started. I believe that each new day is an opportunity to live the life you want, and starting my day off with a routine allows me to center myself in the morning. Let me know what the most crucial part of your morning routine is down below 👇🏼 (and hey, I’m not judging if it’s coffee!) ⁣

I want to let you know that if you have insecurities about your body (especially when comparing it to one you see in a magazine, ad or Instagram), you’re not alone.

You might have rolls, cellulite, or even extra hair in places, but these are all traits that your body has adapted to protect, serve and keep you moving. I want you to consciously honor your body today.⁣

If you are scrolling on Instagram and see a beautiful model posed on the beach with perfect abs, please remember that her body does not always look that way. By no means is this video intended to make you compare your body to anyone else’s… the point of this video is to show you that ALL bodies (even the photoshopped or posed ones on Instagram) move around and look different throughout the day. ⁣

I know on my personal body the differences may not look huge to you, but these are the exact sort of things that I know in the past I obsessively nitpicked on. I am choosing to celebrate these “flaws”, knowing that they allow my body mobility, protection and energy. Xx ⁣

Yesterday, I traveled from Miami to Jamaica to support my friend @kalikavara in returning to where her ancestors came from.

It’s been a magical day already, feeling the raw beauty of this island with her. ⁣

One of my biggest goals of 2021 is to say YES more. In the past, I would have second guessed my desire to join my friend in Jamaica, but my intuition told me I needed to go. Listening to intuition means there’s no need to overthink a situation… and I can always just try! ⁣

In the past, I’ve allowed myself to say “no” to so many opportunities because I let my fears get ahead of me. Obviously I’m opening myself up to failure, but I’m also opening myself up to life’s wondrous opportunities. ⁣

If there is something you’ve been actively weighing on for the past few days, think about saying “yes” to it. The things you say “yes” turn into the memories you create and the experiences that will shape you into who you are. As soon as you begin, you’ll find yourself on a new journey that has the potential to shape your entire life! Xx

Any fun Valentine’s Day plans? I spent my day on the beach with my friend @kalikavara , practicing yoga.

Since beginning my yoga teacher training, I’ve been learning more and more about the different energies and meanings behind thousands of poses. ⁣

Whether you’re single or celebrating your love with a significant other, I want to encourage you to take time to try this yoga pose. The camel pose is a heart-opener. Anahata, or the chakra associated with the heart, is thought to be tied to your ability to feel love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance. This pose allows us to open our hearts and celebrate the love within us. ⁣

To do the camel pose, stand on your knees and bring your hands to the back of your ankles, palms in with fingers pointing down. Lift your chest and your gaze to be horizontal with the ceiling (or sky in my case!) Keep your shoulders open with your hips aligned with your knees. Remain for 3 deep breaths and release to be seated on your knees. ⁣

I chose this pose in particular today as a way to celebrate my feminine energy and open up my heart chakra. If you try it, be sure to let me know. I also want to wish you a happy LOOOOOVE day and want to send you a big, big, big virtual hug! Xoxo

Happy Galentine’s Day! In the last year, I’ve found myself leaning on my female friendships for support, love, affection and advice (even while distanced).

I’ve also found myself to be fast friends with so many members of this community— so cheers to all of you! ⁣

Tag someone who makes up a big part of your support system 💕 And here’s wishing you a fun Galentine’s Day and a fun weekend spent celebrating alllll of the love in your heart.

Although I missed you guys, it really felt INCREDIBLE to take the last 36 hours as a digital detox.

A digital detox is a time period you set aside for yourself where you limit your time spent with electronics and instead focus on furthering your relationships, working on yourself or getting time out in nature. Because we’re so equipped with smartphones, tablets, computers, social media, etc, it can be hard to unplug sometimes. ⁣

I’m not denying that the digital universe has its perks: enhanced efficiency, great communication and the ease of convenience… but it can really take time away from other activities and things we enjoy. A digital detox, to me, is a way to disconnect to RECONNECT— to yourself and to others. In fact, I loved this reconnection so much that I’ve decided to take 2 sundays each month away from all social platforms and television!⁣

I really encourage you to schedule in some digital detox time. If this seems overwhelming to you, I recommend starting small… even 6 hours off your phone in the afternoon can be a great place to start! As we approach a holiday weekend, try to spend some time off your devices and let me know how it is for YOU! Xx

What’s the weirdest, but most necessary thing you travel with?

Mine is definitely all of my supplies to make matcha lattes— I bring my matcha, @bottleandstone CBD, nut bags, and yes even nuts from home to blend at the hotel 😂⁣

Traveling with all of this can seem excessive… but after so many years of traveling consistently, I’ve really become an expert packer! Let me know if you’d want me to film or share any of my packing and traveling tips 👇🏼

Sometimes I catch myself looking for a filter to cover up eye bags, make my nose look smaller, blur out my pimples… you name it.

But I’m consciously seeking to create a platform where people can show up as themselves to get a daily dose of positivity. ⁣

Social media can easily make young girls, women, and even men feel self-conscious about body image and self-worth when comparing themselves with the heavily filtered and edited photos on platforms like Instagram. Researchers have even documented a spike in plastic surgery interest as a result of this “social media dysmorphia”… ⁣

So from here on out, I’d rather have sun spots and eye bags than a big fake filter on. I seek to celebrate my beauty, “flaws” and all… because being human is what makes us SO special. Tag someone to spread the word about #nofilterfebruary and join me in halting the use of face filters.

When you see your food coming 😍⁣

As always, even though I’m here for a business opportunity, I’m still on a food tour!

If you have any Miami recommendations, let me know them 👇🏼 Aaaaand if you guys are interested, I’d be more than happy to put together a Miami guide for you!

Where’s your happy place? I want you to visualize it today… start by getting in a comfortable position, whether it be seated or laying down.

Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths. Think of a place you’ve been (or even one you’ve seen in a movie!) and think of all the senses that would come with that place. What do you smell? hear? feel? Is it the sun on your skin, or the smell of a field of flowers? ⁣

Whatever it is, allow your mind to drift away to this happy place for a few moments today. It’s a trick I learned years ago. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, I step back, take a visit to my happy place and always return feeling relaxed and ready to tackle my present. ⁣

I am headed somewhere beachy this weekend for an incredible work opportunity— I can’t wait to share more what I’m doing.⁣

Any guesses where I’m headed? And no, it’s not back to Tulum lol 🤪

This morning I spent a few hours working on a project for the @worldfoodprogramme— I know that even just my singular commitment to this foundation can change lives.

Globally, women and girls are 60% more likely than men to be food insecure. I am confident that my support to this foundation can empower women and children around the world, and even change their lives. ⁣

I really can’t wait to share more details about this project with you guys... I know you will really connect with it like I did ♥️

An unfiltered, unedited picture for your feed.

Because I don’t know about you but my feed is filled with pictures of people who don’t even look like human beings anymore… I’m really aiming to be a better representation of reality for any young women (or older women! honestly, guys too!) and encourage you to try to do the same Xx

Warmed up my office space with a fun new wallpaper from @anewalldecor — because all of the work

done for my small businesses is in this office, I wanted a vibe that was energetic, creative and inspiring! I think the Dunes mural did just that— would you ever try something this bold and bright in your space?!
#bohemiandecor #bohodesign

When restaurants open in LA after 3 months… 🤪🍝

When Daylight Saving’s Time first hits, it always feels SO dark, sad and gloomy.

But each day, the sun sets a minute later. At first, you hardly notice any change, but it gradually becomes more and more obvious over the course of a few months. ⁣

Use the sunset as your metaphor today. Making a small change, whether it be in mindset, eating habits, adding gratitude or journalling practices, can make a world of difference. Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s changing anything at all at first, if you start now, in a few months, you’ll be night and day in difference ☀️

Instagram has become a place that we check when we’re bored, on lunch breaks, or need to “relax”.

But more often than not, the content that floods our news feeds isn’t even relaxing, educational nor is it positive. ⁣

I wanted to post this snippet of my day, hoping that it helps you take a deep breath. Even if it’s just for the few seconds of this video, I promise that taking meaningful, purposeful and mindful breaths will help you today. Try it and let me know how it was for you 👇🏼

Even though I’ve officially cleared the stay-at-home recommendation after traveling, I’m still staying home (because what else is there to do these days?!) ⁣

What is your favorite stay-at-home activity? I’m torn between trying a new recipe and going for walks around the block. I definitely prefer the food but Oliver and Panda are HERE for the extra walks lol

Here’s your daily reminder that you don’t need to EARN the time to relax.

As a society, we’ve fallen into habits of thinking “if I just finish this email”/ “if I just finish my work”, then we’re allowed the chance to relax. But that just isn’t true— working without breaks just isn’t productive. Resting can often be as productive as working.⁣

If you need to relax, do it. You don’t need to work super hard to reward yourself with relaxation. In the same way you DON’T need to work-out to “deserve” dessert, schedule in some time to just sit back and chill. I promise your work schedule will benefit (not to mention your mental health!)

My Tulum guide is finally here!

If you’ve never been to Tulum (or even if you have!), this is a great resource for you to begin with if you’re interested in beautiful resorts, delicious food and a fun trip to Mexico.

Tulum is rich in culture, history, and tradition and the magic of the city is evident upon arrival. If you’re not ready to travel, add it to your bucket list— for me, it’s a must-see if you like tropical paradises. And of course, all the great food is one of the most important parts of travel for me so you know I included all my fave restaurants in Tulum!⁣

To be quite honest, I was a bit disappointed to see the extreme party scene it’s become. It used to be the sacred and magical environment that makes this place so special, but I definitely noticed a change in vibe.⁣ Of course, you can make your vacation what you want– but I wanted to give a little heads-up of the party scene.⁣

The guide is available on— I also saved my Tulum travels to a highlight on my Instagram page for you to go back to review! Let me know when you’re planning to go, I’ll be sure to book my flight to join you 😜⁣

Reaching and connecting with you guys, especially in your health and wellness goals, is one of my favorite roles in this community.

It really has become my main mission to help you in all I can in your wellness journeys (whether it be physical or mental!)

One of the key players in my personal wellness journey is @drdarylgioffre he’s a celebrity nutritionist, longevity expert and author of the Alkamind lifestyle. If you have ever wondered how to crush your sugar cravings, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and strengthen your body, be sure to tune in to this conversation! He’s so passionate about this cutting-edge approach to nutrition and I’m grateful to have had this conversation with him to offer to you guys today.

Sugar has a stronghold on most of our country. Today we broke it down and shared how to stop stress-eating, and start strength-eating. Thank you Dr. Gioffre for joining me today to discuss HOW TO GET OFF YOUR SUGAR!

I am SUCH a morning person, but I wasn’t always. Here are my three best tips for starting your day on the right foot.

— No phone first thing in the morning. Take your time to wake up. If the first thing you do is check texts and emails, you’re already beginning your day working on someone else’s needs. I like to make the first 20 minutes of my day about ME. ⁣
— Make your bed. I share about this a lot but it really gives me a small sense of accomplishment. It also ensures that I don’t get back in it 😜⁣
— Journal. Starting each day with gratitude really sets the tone for the rest of your day. After writing what I’m grateful for, sometimes my journaling will turn into just my thoughts or to-do lists but I really love how it helps me to reassess my priorities and needs for the day. ⁣

What is your best tip for waking up on the right side of the bed? Let me know and I can film a part two with YOUR tips!

I’ve received a few messages asking about productivity and I have a little life tip:

make your bed every morning. As the very first thing I do each day (even before my morning journalling and rituals), it gives me a very small sense of accomplishment. It’s an easy step that makes me feel more inclined to accomplish another task… and then another… and then another. ⁣

My bedroom is truly more than just a place to sleep. My bedroom is an oasis and for me, a place of serenity and comfort. Starting my day by arranging my sanctuary is truly the best way to start a busy day of productivity! What’s one way you make yourself motivated to accomplish your to-do lists?

This time, last week 💛 I’m a big believer in looking to the future, and not dwelling on the past.

But when this past was filled with cotton-candy sunsets, warm ocean water and bowls of fresh guacamole… then I think it’s fine to long for the past 😂

There’s no place like home.

It feels great to cook my own meals, sleep in my own bed, get back to a routine and spend every moment with my two lovebugs 🐶 What do you look forward to when you come back from a trip?

As a society, I don’t feel as if we highlight what we love about ourselves enough.

I want to normalize this! I’ll start… I appreciate my willingness to try new things— I just signed myself up for yoga teacher training. It’s totally out of my comfort zone, but I know that I’d really love to one day be able to lead some of you in the beautiful and mindful practice of yoga. I’ll keep you updated on how my courses go! ⁣

Now’s your turn… What is one aspect of your personality that you appreciate about yourself?⁣

Traveled back to the States and began my quarantine-at-home for everyone’s safety!

Boarding my first plane in a while felt a little strange but I honestly did feel safe with all of the safety precautions and sanitization. Plus, this view is tough to beat! If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be? ✈️

Soaking up all this Vitamin Sea while on my last day here!

Whenever I spend time near the ocean or water, I feel myself entering a meditative state— like the waves are rocking me into a mindful and present reflection. Anyone else feel a strong mind-body connection when they’re near the water?

Your life is about you. This isn’t a selfish thought or even an arrogant one.

But in this life, you are only competing with yourself. Showcase your accomplishments, pat yourself on the back for succeeding in something you worked really hard at, believe in yourself. ⁣

Chances are, you are your own biggest critic. But in order to reach your full potential, I want to challenge you to focus on being your own biggest fan 💛

Life is one big adventure— whether you’re at home or ready to travel, I know that adventures are truly around every corner.

After a week in a place that is so rich with culture, creativity and inspiration, I truly can’t wait to get home and get to work! ⁣

I want to encourage you to try something new this week— a different hike, takeout from a new restaurant, listening to a fun podcast… anything that gets you out of your comfort zone and back to living a life filled with culture, adventure and inspiration. Where will you begin? ⁣

Some people bring their own pillows when traveling… I bring my own Morning Ritual matcha powder 😂

If you know me at all, you would know that this jungle is my idea of paradise 🌿 If you don’t— hi, I’m Shayna and I’m a super proud #plantmom (pretty sure I’m up to 40-something plants in my home!!)

You must repeat one trip. Same place, same people, same experiences. Where are you going?

When people ask where my favorite place is that I’ve traveled to, I can never decide or even narrow it down— for me, a vacation is extremely successful if I can relax, get my toes back in the dirt or sand, and feel aligned with Mother Nature 🍃 Where’s your favorite place you’re ever been? 👇🏼

Life is a balancing act— a constant juggle between work, relationships, health, happiness… the list goes on and on.

We all know how crucial feeling balanced is to our wellbeing, but I want to know: what’s your favorite way to achieve balance? ⁣

For me, I know it’s about taking breaks. As a culture, we’re led to believe that the “grind” is the easiest way to achieve success. I know that for me to feel productive, I must also rest, relax and recharge. This break is doing just that for me ✨

Anyone else have the least amount of pictures with their very best friends?!

As so much of my life is documented online, I am always conscious of continuing to be super present… while also capturing the shot for you guys!

Sometimes I worry that as a society, we rush to document every single moment to the point where we don’t live in it. But then again with my memory… chances are without a photo, I might forget it 😂

I’m still finding that perfect balance and happy medium. So please enjoy this blurry, full-of-big-belly-laughs moment of me and my bestie from dinner last night! Grateful to be building these memories with her here in Tulum Xx

I believe that a good majority of your stress and discomfort comes from the way you respond to situations, and not the situation itself.

Adjusting your attitude and changing how you view a circumstance can make all the difference. I always try to look for the best in each situation. ⁣

It’s POURING rain on our first day of our mini vacation— at first @claire_grieve and I were a little bummed but the reason we even took this trip was to relax and take a minute to breathe. We did exactly that— Claire led me through a relaxing yoga flow, we meditated together, and just laughed all morning. So today gave me exactly what I needed: peace. ⁣

I hope this mini moment of our day can help you catch your breath… and remember, if a situation is causing you stress, think. Is part of that stress just your reaction to it? If it is, work on adjusting your attitude for a better outcome! ⁣

Happy Sunday! I’m spending a few minutes of my afternoon sorting through the answers of what you guys told me you’d like to see on my social media and saw so many asking for playlists.

I’m starting these lists today— name one song that no matter what’s going on always has the power to RELAX you 👇🏼🎶

Welcome to one of my favorite stores! You guys know how much I love interior design and architecture so a warehouse full of marble and exotic stones is pretty much right out of my dreams!

I headed there this weekend to pick out a new material for my house— any guesses on which area of my home is getting a makeover? ✨

I know that when making resolutions, planning that far in advance can seem a little daunting.

I have a task for you today: write down a mini goal that can 100% be accomplished by the time you go to bed. It can be as simple as putting away your folded laundry (and I don’t mean on to the “laundry chair”— anyone else have a place where they put laundry until they’re ready to put it away or is it just me 🤣 lol) or calling a friend to check in on them. ⁣

I’ll start: my task today is to show myself some extra love. I’m going to aim to get my work done in the morning/ afternoon and treat myself to a yoga flow, healthy dinner and night in the sauna. What is your mini goal for yourself today, tell me below I’d LOVE to know 👇🏼

I haven’t done an updated skincare routine in quite some time and when I asked you guys yesterday

what you wanted to see from me, many of the suggestions were wellness routines, beauty-related inquiries and questions about nontoxic products. ⁣

In the last few years, I’ve realized that less is truly more. The beauty industry leads us to believe that we need EVERY product they push towards us and I’ve realized that simply finding a few super-clean products and a solid routine does an excellent job at taking care of my body’s biggest organ! ⁣

Face wash: @angellisacosmetics , super gentle and I use it morning and night. ⁣
Toner: @wildcarrotherbals 'Love in a Mist’ toner ⁣
Homemade face oil blend, rubbed in an upwards motion. ⁣
Gua sha: a tool to encourage the lympathic system, increase blood flow and circulation and relaxe facial muscles, promoting collagen increase. ⁣
Eye cream: @oseamalibu⁣
Clean spoolie (with castor oil at night) to promote eyelash growth ⁣

If you’d like to see a dedicated Gua Sha video, or a video showing you how to make your own face oil at home, let me know 👇🏼

As we head into a new year, I realized how many new people joined our little community here on Instagram this year.

I’m so grateful to those of you who are here to learn about wellness, educate one another, be virtual friends, and send love when one of us needs it. ⁣

This year, I introduced you to @bottleandstone , started “Spill the Tea”, shipped out thousands of matcha, started playing you the soundbowls, and dove into topics like how to keep up your immune system, why I love crystals, why I love smudging my house, and welcomed you into my home, office and garden! ⁣

Which leads me to you— I always want to be a resource for YOU. One of love, light, education and kindness. Which topics would you like to see on my platform? What do you want to see more of? Let me know anything you’d like to see from me in 2021 👇🏼

I had such a lovely time this afternoon speaking with Carina, the founder of @dedcool about

starting her non-toxic fragrance company, acting on your creativity, beginning a business and navigating through this last year as a small business owner. It made my inner child smile to hear how she honors her childhood passions and hobbies each day as an owner of a vegan, cruelty-free fragrance brand. Because both Carina and I really care about transparency, sustainability, sourcing clean ingredients and how to use our brands as tools of education, we had a TON to talk about!

We spoke a lot about how money follows passion— this is a core belief that has shaped my career path and something I’ve witnessed that really rings true for successful entrepreneurs. If you are passionate, the money will follow. You’ll naturally want to put in the hours, the extra sweat, and take the extra mile to get things done (and done RIGHT!).

So if you’re passionate about something, take this conversation as a sign to act on that passion. Even if your passion has nothing to do with health and wellness, I want you to know that you came across this post today for a reason ✨ Let me know what you’re passionate about and let’s talk about how you can act on that passion 👇🏼

Today, I started to take down Christmas. Now I feel like every place that had a Christmas decoration, trinket or light looks bare.

BUT I do loooove entering the New Year with a freshly cleaned house. ⁣

When are you taking down Christmas this year? I can definitely see some of us leaving them up to try to extend the happiness for a few weeks (or months, I’m not judging 🤪)

Finally getting to plant my celery today! Swipe to see what happened the last time I grew celery in my garden at home (…I still can’t believe it either!)⁣

I can’t wait for more gardening in 2021, as well as really getting into my composting! What’s one habit or goal you’d like to introduce into your life in the New Year?⁣

For me, last year wasn’t about crossing things off my bucket list, but rather about finding joy in simplicity.

It was about seeing the bliss in the little things: a FaceTime Easter dinner with my family, a healthy body and immune system, the excitement of trying a new pantry-recipe (remember those black bean brownies 😍 ) and marveling in each sunrise and sunset I was able to catch. I really can’t wait to continue this mindset, knowing that 2021 will be filled with these small, but meaningful sources of happiness.

Happy New Year! I don’t think any year has been more looked forward to by more people perhaps EVER.

But I want to remind you of the power of manifestation (especially as there is power in numbers).

I’m a firm believer in speaking out loud your deepest wishes— for me, I’ve found that speaking or writing down your intentions and reflections truly does put it out into the universe. Try this exercise this afternoon, and write down your reflections, intentions and goals for 2021. If you chose ONE word as your goals and intentions for 2021, what would it be 👇🏼

Dear 2020, thank you. Thank you for the change of pace, for the contribution to our stories.

Your highs have been remarkable and your lows so devastating. Thank you for teaching us to honor our time, slow down, love our communities, and be grateful for our blessings. ⁣

Thank you for showing us the things we often take for granted, the privileges we possess and for revealing to us the true meaning of being a neighbor. As we head into a new year, I am sending you all lots of love and well wishes for a year filled with health, happiness, magic and gratitude Xx

2020 in a video. That’s it, that’s the post.

How is this my December weather? This morning the sunshine topped my gratitude list after a spot of rain yesterday.

There is no feeling quite like waking up to a sunny day (even if it’s a little chilly or partially cloudy!)⁣

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today (even if it’s as small as a few minutes of sunshine!) ?

As we inch closer to 2021, I know we’re all starting to hone in on our New Year’s goals.

If one of your goals is to focus on your health this year, I know I (and many millions of others) are right there with you! To make this easier for you, I’m offering a SALE on both of my small businesses, @bottleandstone and 💚⁣

If you or any of your friends have health on your minds heading in to January, this would be a great place to start. As a holistic nutritionist, I’m a huge proponent of plant medicine. I know first hand just how healing, calming and not to mention DELICIOUS both matcha and CBD can be. ⁣

You can find the matcha on with no code necessary, and my @bottleandstone CBD is available on with code NEWYEAR. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on products, usage or health benefits!

Be the change— this is one of my favorite phrases in the world.

I’m a firm believer than one person can truly make a difference in the vast world we inhabit with their unique set of qualities, motivations and desires. What change, big or small, would you like to make in this world?

How I feel heading in to any year that ISN’T 2020 😂 (even though it’s been an extremely transformative year )...

Anyone else excited for a fresh start in a new year? Can’t wait to see the blessings, love, wisdom and excitement that 2021 will bring to us!

“Someday soon, we all will be together if the fates allow.

So hang a shining star upon the highest bough. And have yourself a merry little Christmas now” ⁣

This morning, I was listening to this classic Christmas song and it really struck me, so I knew I had to share it with you. This year we aren’t doing all of our holiday traditions, with a big celebration or an extended family get-together, but I’m still SO grateful to have my mom, siblings, and best friend (safely) here with me. This year, we’ve switched things up (like serving an Italian Christmas dinner!) and I can’t wait to look back on 2020’s holiday season with happy and unique memories. ⁣

Let’s be grateful for the good memories and here’s hoping we can do them again next year! Merry Christmas to all of you, sending love and light to each of your families’ homes! Xx ⁣

But first, let’s take an elfie 🎄My family and I are wishing you a very happy Christmas Eve!

I know this Christmas and holiday season has been a little different for many of us, so know that I’m sending hugs your way and warm wishes for a beautiful holiday. ⁣

Are you keeping it traditional this year or switching it up? We toyed around with the idea of breakfast for dinner (PJs and all), a “Feliz Navidad” holiday (complete with tamales and healthy horchata), but settled on a small Christmas with a simple Italian pasta dinner. Whether you’re keeping the traditions going this year or switching it up, I’d love to know 👇🏼 Hope you have an incredible day celebrating! Xx

“Dear Santa, I can explain...” -Oliver

As the year wraps up, I’ve really been in such a mood of reflection.

While 2020 was HARD, it was also the year I finally got to introduce you to @bottleandstone. After years of hard work, trips to the Vermont farm, hours of meetings and pouring my entire heart into it, Bottle & Stone finally launched! Although launching in a global pandemic was a risky move, I knew I had to offer what I had to help us all manage stress, anxiety, insomnia and the other daily issues we all face. ⁣

We have so much up our sleeves and I know 2021’s product launch will BLOW your mind! To more cuddles with Dakota (our farm pup!) and dropperfuls of Daily Dose in 2021 🍾

Happy Winter Solstice. I’ve always admired this day as it’s a reminder that light is on its way.

Since Fall began, each day has been getting shorter and shorter and from here on out, we can confidently say that each day will be filled with more light, joy and joviality than the last. ⁣

I shared a bit about the Great Conjunction on my stories today and was overjoyed to hear some of your manifestations for 2021. I am manifesting an era of compassion, togetherness and abundance for me and my community. Saying out loud your desires or sharing them with another person can help solidify your manifestations— let me know what’s on your heart today 👇🏼

While I may not have very many guests coming over these days, I’m happy to report my guest room’s decor is almost done (although, I’m never reaaaaally “done”😂) !

Would you ever paint a room this bright? I was nervous it was going to be too much but I really love the way the orange brightened up the space and gave it a completely new sense of energy and creativity 💛

Ran into Erewhon for a few last minute ingredients for my Christmas meal.

Honestly, I was feeling a bit stressed— running through the market, trying to find all my items… and then “All I Want for Christmas” started blasting through the speakers. ⁣

I had no other choice but to dance. Definitely a mood-booster for me this afternoon! When you’re feeling a bit stressed out, what helps bring you back to center or boost your mood? Music is a great one for me (even if it’s cheesy Mariah Carey lol)

As a true California girl, we really don’t get full-on seasons.

But after living in New York for a few years, and visiting friends who DO live in places with real weather, I can confidently say I MISS THE SNOW! I love how calming watching snowfall can be… especially against some gorgeous Christmas lights. All. Of. The. Holiday. Feels ⁣

I’m a little jealous of you East Coasters who got your first full snowstorm of the season— what’s the weather like where you live? It’s high 60s here this week! ⁣

There is nothing quite like the magic of the holiday season… I’ve got an early Christmas wish for each of you:

May your homes be calmed, and filled with the magic of the holidays. May your hearts be filled with love and warmth. May your spirits be brightened and may you feel close and loved by family and friends (even if it might be over distance this year) 🤎

All is calm, all is bright. Love sprucing up my home with Christmas decor everywhere— even all the way up my staircase!

I asked you guys if I needed to pick up these snowmen at the Christmas tree lot and the overwhelming response was “yes” so now I’ve got a cute little family of snowmen in my home!

It’s like we’re under mistletoe or anything… 😂 sorry Panda, I love your sweet kisses (just maybe not on the mouth) I know it's a GREAT angle.

My highlight of the day was fresh sheets and a beautiful sunset 🌅 What was yours?

I have my heart in my business and my business in my heart 💛As I pack up matcha shipments today, I’ve noticed SO many orders are multiples, one for you and one for a friend!

Sharing the gift of health with someone is one of the best ways to show them you care (especially this
year!) I know this support is so impactful for me as a small business and as I finish up my Christmas shopping, want to know what your favorite small businesses to support are 👇🏼

The jolliest of elves, decorating my tree today!

@claire_grieve and I had the best time listening to Christmas music and decking the halls today… I’m SO grateful for these memories, as they will help to make it a December to remember 🎄

This afternoon, I was running late for a beach walk with a girlfriend and I had every excuse in the

book— Oliver wanted to be let out again, I couldn’t find my car keys, I was trying to get a splinter out of my finger (lol), etc. When I finally got to the beach, I explained all of this to her and caught myself… ⁣

I wasn’t taking responsibility. I was playing the blame game. You are responsible for what you do, how you do it and even how you respond to circumstances of what is done to you. You are in charge of how you approach these problems in your life. Once I began taking responsibility for every aspect of my life, I truly believe I became a happier, healthier and stronger person.⁣

So this afternoon, I backtracked and explained that in fact I was late because of ME. In doing this, I feel as if I was able to reclaim my freedom and gain power in placing the control back in my hands 💪🏻✨

Is there any better smell than fresh christmas tree?

It’s right up there with cookies right out of the oven and the new car smell for me 😂 what’s your favorite scent?

I had a lovely time speaking with Dana-Maxx of @thebehappyproject about her journey in starting this movement, the importance of inner happiness and how to grow in your self-worth.

Maintaining a strong relationship with yourself is super important to me and as I answer tons of messages everyday on this topic, is clearly important to you guys too. I especially loved when we covered manifestation and shared tips with you guys on how to get started on this life-changing practice. Thank you for everyone who tuned in today and if you’ve missed it, watch this to get caught up with me and Dana-Maxx!

It feels incredible to get back into Spill the Tea— I will be continuing it through the end of the year and throughout 2021, so if you have a guest in mind that you’d like for me to bring on, let me know 👇🏼

While it may not be glamorous, I love composting my food scraps and tending to my compost pile.

One of my 2020 resolutions was to reduce waste and I’m happy to report I really stuck to this one. I receive many messages of those who wish to reduce their food waste, but either aren’t sure how to start composting or don’t have the time or space for a pile. ⁣

I wanted to let you know about a cool resource I’ve found. When I was googling for more tips on my pile (like adding banana peel), I found out that many of our country’s cities have compost collection programs. In Los Angeles, it’s just like recycling— you just separate your compostables and put them in your bin. On your assigned day, they pick it up from your home.⁣

Reducing food waste and regenerating soil are two of the best ways to help reverse climate change… and composting does BOTH! Look up the compost collection program by you, and let me know if your city has one 👇🏼

Happy Monday from Mr. Eyelashes and me. Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week!

Losing friends because you were your authentic self is NOT a loss.

To be honest, the more I find myself, the more people I lose. To quote John Lennon, “Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones”.

Friendship isn’t about how many people will come to your party, but rather how deeply individuals can connect, accept and trust one another with their true personalities. Find the people who you feel comfortable enough around to really let it all hang out. If you lose friends in the process, choose to see it as a blessing as they likely weren’t really your friends in the first place.

To plant, or not to plant… that is the question.

And in my opinion, the answer is always YES, DEFINITELY PLANT 😂 I think I’m up to 29 plants in my home and I’ve really made a gorgeous little jungle here in Venice Beach!

I had such a lovely time visiting Washington DC for the past few days.

It was a little chilly, but the overwhelming feeling of fulfillment warmed my heart. I’m already on my way back to Los Angeles, but am grateful for my time in our country’s capital. I know you guys are really going to connect with this project and I really can’t wait to share more Xx

I met David Beasley, the director of the @worldfoodprogramme on a plane… it’s incredible how the role of serendipity can truly uproot your life and take you out of your comfort zone.

I can’t wait to share more about the project we are working on together!

This morning, I took a beach walk all by myself.

I usually take the dogs, or plug in to a podcast but today I went alone, and simply listened to the sounds of the ocean rolling and felt the mist on my face… Tell me one thing you’ll do today for YOURSELF (and not for any other reason!) 👇🏼

It’s December 1st. After this year, I can confidently say that you have evolved and changed over the last 11 months.

But if you’re feeling like this year was a wash, I want to remind you that a LOT can happen in the next few weeks.⁣

If you had goals set for 2020 that you haven’t accomplished, take the time to write them down and manifest them. Why wait for January when you can start now?! It’s not to late to take the steps necessary to change what needs changing, strengthen your relationship with yourself and get started on your 2021 goals!

After the hustle and bustle of a holiday weekend, let’s take a moment to breathe today.

Using your breath as an anchor, center yourself in this moment… send this to a friend to remind them to breathe. I hope you have a lovely Monday! Xx

Too early? While I usually wouldn’t start until later in the season, I’ve started to deck the halls over here in Venice Beach.

I’m ready to fully absorb the magic of the holidays by watching my favorite classic Christmas movies, making my gluten-free gingerbread and putting up my decor. ⁣

There have actually been a few studies conducted that analyzed the psychological effects of decorating for the holidays. In the same way that preparing for a vacation extends the happiness that the vacation brings, decorating for holidays is a way to savor these special feelings and extend them for a few weeks. ⁣

So what about you? Do you start decorating later in December or are your decorations up by Black Friday?

Today is a national holiday and tradition that celebrates our country’s small businesses— from the

local corner store to your favorite Etsy merchant, Small Business Saturday is a great way to support the people who are practicing their passions, creating a livelihood for themselves, and keeping our communities vibrant. ⁣

To celebrate the “holiday”, both of my small businesses are having sales, from now through Monday evening! If you’re looking to try either my organic matcha or my @bottleandstone natural and holistic CBD products, I would recommend adding them to your cart before we sell out! ⁣
It’s the biggest sale we will do all year for Bottle & Stone— all of our products are up to 40% OFF. I know many of you will want to give these products as gifts this year and I’m so thankful for the chance to feel a part of the holiday celebrations in your home. Thank you for your support of my small businesses— this support definitely tops my gratitude list for this year. Xoxo

Happy Black Friday! I’m so excited to announce to you that BOTH of my businesses are holding sales this weekend!

I will be shopping small this holiday season, as I know first-hand how tricky it is to stay afloat in a pandemic. If you’re looking to shop small this year or give a gift to someone who cares about their health and wellbeing, this is a great opportunity to save! ⁣

@BottleandStone is having our biggest sale YET on Mix and match your favorite products and receive up to 40% off, now through Sunday night. ⁣

Additionally, my Morning Ritual Matcha is 10% off today only, and 5% off Saturday and Sunday. Whether you’re looking to pick up a mini gift for yourself or want to give the gift of matcha with another health lover, now is an incredible time to stock up or try my matcha! ⁣

As always, if you have questions or need help with a product recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s so fun for me to connect with you guys about these two passions of mine… happy shopping and hoping you had a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving! As I’m a firm believer in practicing gratitude each and every day, I love any excuse for a full day of expressing that gratitude to the people you love.

I’ll start with my gratitude list: I am so thankful for my friends and family who have made me feel at home, even though they may be far away. I’m also thankful for the ability to share my recipes… since I can’t be with all of you on Thanksgiving, I love that we can share our holiday and bond over our delicious food. I’m thankful for my pets, for giving me comfort when it’s been most needed this year. And finally, I’m thankful for you guys. The community we’ve built on Instagram is truly one that is supportive, honest, educational, kind and for that reason, I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you 💛⁣

Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving, no matter where you are and who you are with. Sending love to you and your loved ones! Xx

Getting ready for tomorrow’s marathon of cooking!

I like to accomplish what I can the day before for less time in the kitchen and more time with my holiday guests (even if there aren’t many this year!)⁣

If you’re looking for some last minute menu inspiration, I’ve been sharing healthy Thanksgiving recipes to all month. I’m most looking forward to my old-fashioned pumpkin pie recipe… which dish are you most excited for?

Saging my home in preparation for Thanksgiving this week— if you’re just getting started with smudging, here’s a little quick start guide!

Make sure you allow yourself enough space and time to complete your ritual. I like to meditate ahead of time to calm my mind and center my headspace. I pick up my sage from all sorts of places— local shops here in Venice or online from places like Etsy. ⁣

When saging, I think intention is the most important aspect. Take time to think about which energy you’d like to bring in to your home, as well as which energies that are there that do not serve your best interests. I’ll then light my sage and walk around my home, visualizing bright light, beautiful imagery and any manifestations I have for the space. ⁣

Saging is a ritual that I love to clear a space’s energy, set the tone for my day, boost my mood and protect the people and things I love. As the smoke ascends and dissipates, I love to think about my wishes and intensions rising and mingling from earth into the heavens. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d be happy to answer more questions you may have about it! ⁣

This is what happens when I try to record a sound bath meditation for you guys 😂 I feel like one of those moms whose toddler just walked in mid-Zoom

Thanksgiving may be considered an eating holiday, but that doesn’t mean your table can’t look incredible too!

This year I’m keeping Thanksgiving small (and I mean REALLY small), but still wanted to maintain the magic, tradition and warm memories associated with one of my favorite holidays. ⁣

Here’s how I’ve set the table for Turkey Day this year— I’ve included brands in case you’re interested in picking any of these items up! Here’s how I did it: ⁣

+ I started with my table runner from @parachutehome. I love the burnt orange color! ⁣
+ I added a large eucalyptus garland, which I picked up from a small business I found on Etsy ( @caflowergrowers ) ⁣
+ I added two small floral arrangements from a local florist here in Venice. I like keeping them small as I want to be able to see my guests across the table! ⁣
+ Using a few pillar candles from @mcgeeandco and @parachutehome , I’m using lighting to set the tone. I want my Thanksgiving to feel warm and inviting! ⁣
+ I picked up dishwasher safe plates and bowls— you guys know I love my hand-thrown ceramics but I wanted something easier for dishwashing. These are the brand @danskhomedesign , from the “Raina” line. ⁣
+ My napkins are also @parachutehome , and my napkin rings are a few years old from @michaelmichaudjewellery. ⁣
+ I finished off my table with these adorable “grateful” signs from @reecedesignworks on etsy. ⁣

This is how I’m setting the table this year. If you love your table or take any inspiration from me, be sure to send me pictures of what you’re doing! Hope you have a very lovely holiday at home! ⁣

I spent most of my day cleaning out my closet and paring it down to necessities only— truly a wild and crazy Saturday night over here in Venice Beach!

I’ve done this a few times this year and each time, I can still find some things I don’t need or haven’t worn in a few years. I can’t wait to donate these old clothes and hope someone loves them like I did!

I wear a mask to practice compassion. To me, it says “I care about you”, even if I don’t know you.

It also helps small businesses stay open, like my favorite family owned-and-operated plant shops. I’ve also gotten pretty good at smiling with just my eyes 😂

Since asking what your “highs” were last week, I’ve been especially thinking about the sense of community I feel here on Instagram.

It truly brings me joy to see you guys connecting in the comments, offering advice and sending prayers to those who need them and overall acting as virtual friends to one another. So today, I wanted to do a mental check-in with all of you so that we can all support each other:

How are you feeling today? Take a moment, check in with yourself and comment the heart corresponding with how you are feeling…

💚 I’m doing amazing. I’m ready and willing to offer up any support to others.⁣
💙 I’m doing great!⁣
💛 I’m okay. I’m hanging in there.⁣
🧡 Things are tough, I’m struggling.⁣
💔 I’m having a hard time, and wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to me. ⁣

Your feelings are always valid and there’s definitely no judgement here 💗

I swear these two were humans in another life… I mean, look at Oliver and tell me he wasn’t a little old man 😂

This is an old photo (from before the pandemic) but I really can’t wait to begin my holiday shopping.

I posted about this a few days ago, but want to remind you that I really encourage you to shop small this season. ⁣

One purchase from a large department store does NOT make or break them— trust me, the Nordstroms and Bloomingdales of the world will survive without your one purchase. BUT that one purchase can truly make a world of difference to a small business. Each purchase could mean giving someone a livelihood, a sense of accomplishment and a chance to share one’s craft. ⁣

Last year was my first holiday season as a small business owner, and I can confirm the feeling that each purchase gives me just that. For that reason, I will definitely be shopping small this holiday season! ⁣

We LOVE mail day in the Taylor household. I ordered up a few branches of eucalyptus for my Thanksgiving tablescape— would you be interested in hearing my tips for setting the table?

I’m thinking about sharing everything I do to get ready for Turkey day!

Panda, everything the light touches is our kingdom… can anyone name this movie?

I spy with my little eye the most GORGEOUS floral arrangement from a friend… Bonus points for whoever can also spy Oliver

Sometimes something as simple as a good hair day can really make my day… But I want to know… what was the highlight of your Friday?


In my opinion, a happy home is a house full of plants!

I headed to my favorite nursery this afternoon to stock up for my home, pick up a few gifts and grab some new plants for my garden! I’ve really been interested in growing a more seasonal garden… any suggestions on what I should grow?

Today, we salute you. Thank you to those serving and those who have served our country.

In honor of these brave heroes, I am offering the first SALE ever on my morning ritual matcha, as well as a 20% off sale on @bottleandstone ! ⁣

If you were thinking about getting someone one of these items for a gift, now is a great time to stock up for the holidays! I always appreciate a health-related gift as I truly think one of the best ways you can show love for someone is by helping them take care of themselves. ⁣

Both of these sales are TODAY only, from now until midnight PST! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! ⁣

Today is 11/11, I want to take advantage of the manifesting energy that’s moving on our behalf.

In numerology, 11 represents spiritual illumination, intuition, connection, healing, and rapid manifestation. This energy portal will help us to manifest our inner visions into reality. Use this energy to focus on love, abundance, and prosperity. Throughout this month you may notice you feel highly sensitive and intuitive... use that energy in your favor! ⁣

One of the easiest ways for me to instantly connect with my spirituality is to sit down and partake in a sound bath meditation. Close your eyes and get comfy. I find that laying down or sitting comfortably works best for me, placing your phone next to you with the volume up, or with your headphones in. ⁣
Take a breather today— you deserve it. On such a special day, I really, really encourage you to do something that helps you connect with your spiritual self. If you enjoyed it, share the love by sending this sound bath to a friend. We all deserve a moment of relaxation, a celebration of spiritual illumination and a kickstart to an awesome day of manifestation. Xx

You guys know I’m a huge proponent for a “live in the moment” mentality… but if I could go back and re-eat this pizza, I most definitely would 😋🍕

When I was recording my voiceover for the @bottleandstone manifesto, I was a few matchas deep, a little hyper and clearly in a silly mood… ⁣

Anyone else think I should re-release the video for Bottle & Stone with this version? 😂

As I was sitting here drinking my morning matcha, I wanted to say a quick thank you.

I am so grateful for the love and support of my small businesses. The reason I started even selling these products was because I wanted to be able to share the purest and most high quality products with all of you. If I wouldn’t personally put it in my body, I wouldn’t want you to either. ⁣

What you put in your body (especially in the morning) is crucial. As you naturally detox the most in the morning, drinking something that is naturally alkaline is a huge step up from acidic coffee. Especially during this pandemic, I’ve really loved my matcha as it contains selenium, which is known for its virus-fighting properties. I really love knowing that these small changes I’m making now are going to make a huge difference in my long term health and longevity. ⁣

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below— it means SO much to me to be able to share my passions with you and I love talking about matcha, CBD and health in general! ⁣

I want to remind you that each day is a new beginning— a new opportunity to grow, create, engage, heal, and live.

I want to remind you that all we can do is take power in controlling the present moment. Thrive where your feet are planted Xx

Practicing mindful breathing has been very instrumental for me in calming my anxiety in the last few months.

I’m not usually an anxious person but a pandemic (with an undeclared election as the cherry on top) has definitely heightened my uncertainty in recent months. ⁣

I wanted to share another technique with you today that has really helped me this year. It’s called the equal breathing technique. To perform this exercise, sit down and shut your eyes. Pay attention to the way you are already breathing. Then, slowly count 1…2…3…4…5… as you inhale. Exhale on the same five count. ⁣

As you inhale and exhale, be mindful of the feelings of fullness and emptiness in your lungs and belly. I’ve noticed that I hold my breath in moments of stress or tension so counting my breaths makes me mindful and more likely to breathe regularly. If you try the 4-7-8 technique, the alternate nostril breathing technique or the equal breathing technique I shared today, be sure to let me know 👇🏼⁣

If anyone is feeling a little stressed, anxious or just a bit off in general, here’s a little sunshine for your feed.

Hoping that he can brighten up your spirit today 💛🐶

Some days you just need waffles, you feel me? This week calls for lots of self-care, which for me, translates as eating something delicious and comforting.

What are you going to do today to show yourself love? Let me know and I’ll share some of your ideas 👇🏼

It’s Election Day but the hectic nature of this day can be enough to make anyone forget to check in on themselves.

Carve out extra time in your schedule to tend to yourself and be kind to your mind and body. Here are a few ways to simply show yourself some extra love today. ⁣

Acknowledge that these times are not normal, so you most likely won’t feel normal. Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of love, compassion and self-grace… always but especially this week!

As we enter this week, I want to encourage you to stay in tune with your mind.

It’s bound to be hectic and I know I’m not alone when I say I’m feeling a bit more anxious than usual. I encourage you to meditate on this one question today: “what is the most simple thing I can do right now to bring myself joy?” ⁣

Whether it be decorating early for the holidays (seems like a lot of you did this yesterday!), playing your favorite song, cooking your favorite meal or simply switching the news to a more light-hearted movie, do it. ⁣

I headed to one of my favorite areas of Los Angeles today to go on a walk and take in some fresh air. I took my mask off for a split second (after making sure my surroundings were clear) to take this photo. Even though my walk was a simple act, it really allowed me a chance to breathe in the midst of a crazy day. Headed home now to make a delicious meal and relax with the pups… enjoy your Monday! ⁣

Am I the only one who starts thinking about Christmas on November 1st?

I’ve got a sweater on (and maybe some Christmas music blasting through my home…) Especially this year, it just seems like we could really use some holiday magic a bit earlier!

Happy Halloween from my pick-of-the-patch! Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday at home 🎃

Who or what is the one thing that got you through the thick of quarantine?

This is one of mine right here ☺️ @claire_grieve was a member of my quarantine squad (I had 3 girlfriends living at my house in March, April and May).⁣

Although I’m still safer at home, I’m just grateful to have had Claire during the early months of this pandemic. I know that my mental health really benefitted from her positivity, humor and daily yoga flows 🧘🏼⁣

So by now, we all know that meditation and breathing techniques have numerous physiological benefits (even studies have proven it!).

But… how do you begin? ⁣

Here’s a quick start to an exercise that can help you cultivate a sense of inner peace, and give you the tools to fight anxiety, pain, and daily stress. ⁣

This is the 4-7-8 breathing technique and if I find myself stressed throughout any part of the day, I will sit down and run through this technique for a few cycles. Start by seating yourself in a comfortable position. Today, I sat upright in this loveseat with my hands on my knees. ⁣

This technique involves breathing in while counting to four, holding that breath or seven seconds and exhaling for approximately eight. This is considered one cycle of breath— I’ll usually do about 3 or 4 cycles and really find that it can help me to take a necessary pause throughout my day. Try it the next time you feel a bit overwhelmed— it even calms me when I’m sitting in LA traffic 😂

This weekend, I visited with a friend and her dog wouldn’t leave my side.

I laughed about it and posted about it on my Instagram story and so many of you pointed out that dogs are often thought to have a strong sense of people’s hearts, emotions and desires.⁣

I’ve always been a magnet for animals— near and far, I am drawn to them and they are drawn to me. I spoke about this with a spiritual healer and he told me that he believes it is because dogs are known to “socially eavesdrop”— they watch you with others and note your body language, tone of voice and how you interact with other people. ⁣

I think that all of my work on releasing past traumas in my heart, nurturing my inner child and connecting with the empathic side of my soul has been able to reflect this to animals. They know that they can come to me and I will (undoubtably and happily) show them love, grace and attention. I’m just happy to have my own pups at home to show me this love right back ☺️

Happy Tuesday from baby Shay! I have a little practice this afternoon that might help you if you’re feeling a little stuck or lost right now.

Ask yourself this: What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you making your younger self proud? ⁣

While these may seem like silly questions, I find that thinking about yourself in these terms can be helpful. For me personally, I wanted to be a veterinarian or a doctor. Looking back, I realize that I just had a desire to HELP. While I may not be in a lab coat day in and day out, I think younger me would be so proud to see who I have become in the last few years. Even though the job might not be the same, I am proud that my childhood desire of helping people is realized every single day. ⁣

If you’re feeling stuck, this exercise may be helpful to shine a light on what you valued and what you currently value. While it may not be the exact same, it was helpful for me to dig in and see the differences and similarities. So go ahead, make your (younger!) self proud!

This afternoon, I wanted to circle back around to discuss fears with you guys.

I found it really interesting that one of the most common fears you shared with me was the fear of death. ⁣

Ask yourself: why exactly am I afraid of death? ⁣

I think when you have a fear like this, it usually stems from something deep inside of you— could it be a childhood trauma? Something from earlier in your life? Parsing through it, while uncomfortable and difficult, can often help free yourself from the triggers of your past. ⁣

Today, I opened up with you guys about my personal fears and some trauma that happened to me this year. While I sat down to record this, I stopped myself so many times and put it off. I’m sitting with you here today because I know how important it is to address my fear face first. ⁣

I really want to encourage you to spend some time this Monday to work through your fears. Spend time in meditation or journalling and start chipping away to uncover the root of these issues. In this trying year, I think one of the best things you can do is cradle, nurture and support yourself… freeing yourself from these fears, triggers and trauma (while difficult) is an inspiring way to do so. As always, if you have questions or want to discuss more, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message— I’m always here to talk! ⁣

Very happy that it’s the weekend and that the skies are clear in LA after a few days of clouds!

What’s the most simple thing bringing you joy today?

When’s the last time you caught a sunrise? It’s just breathtaking watching the light slowly start to form shapes at the start of a new day.

Yesterday’s in the past and watching the sun rise is a simple way to remind yourself that each day has the potential for so much beauty and glory. ⁣

If you can make it out to watch the sunrise soon, I highly, highly recommend it. It’s a simple way to remind yourself that beauty can come from darkness and to hold on to the knowledge that brighter days are ahead.

Me when a recipe I dreamed up turns out even better than I thought it would 😂💃🏼

Anyone else’s pups been extra attached to your hip lately?

Not sure if they’re just used to all this time at home or what but Oliver and Panda won’t let me out of their sight 🐶😂

Happy Wednesday! Here’s my day so far: ⁣

+ morning meditation and matcha latte ⁣

+ quick at-home workout session⁣
+ filmed a story about facing fear (which it seems like SO many of you are really resonating with!) ⁣
+ took in some fresh ocean air with a quick walk on the beach⁣
+ had a business call for new @bottleandstone products ⁣
+ recorded and filmed content for ⁣
+ now planning the rest of my week ⁣

Hope you’re having a beautiful day 💛

This year has been trying for most of us.

Something that has really helped me navigate through these rough waters is the idea of shifting your mindset to focus on what you HAVE, instead of what you don’t. ⁣

I like to think of it as my “abundance mindset”— right now, I have access to breathing fresh air, getting my toes in the sand and watching a gorgeous sunrise. I know there are many things that have closed down or have been limited to me because of the virus, but I choose to focus on the good. ⁣

Our minds are so, so powerful. I take peace in knowing that this mindset can turn a bad day into a good day, even if the circumstances around haven’t changed.

First things first… I’ve got my matcha latte and feeling ready for a fresh start to a new week!

We’ve finally got some fall weather in Los Angeles and I’m really looking forward to some Halloween decorating around my home this week 👻

My office decor is coming together SO well. While I can dream up these unique designs in my head, it’s so rewarding when all my decor ideas come together even better than I imagined.

This space is a little funky, a little creative, a little inspiring, and a whole lotta ME.

@claire_grieve and I are on our way to catch up with a few friends at a fun new restaurant in town!

It feels great to be able to go and eat outside, catch up with those I’ve really missed in the last few weeks and support the local businesses around us ☀️

Happy Friday! Going for a bike ride through Venice with a friend this afternoon and Panda’s on board.

What do you have on the books this weekend?

I was recently having a matcha with a friend when she asked me for advice on starting her business.

She said “as a perfectionist, how did you start your business”.. and it hit me. ⁣

Words have intense power. If we label ourselves as perfectionists, we force ourselves to believe that anything less than perfection is meaningless. Perfection doesn’t exist so why are we expecting it every single time? ⁣

The more you start to call yourself something, the more you believe it and operate from that mindset. As a culture, I want to propose that we stop calling ourselves perfectionists. There’s nothing wrong with trying your hardest for a great and fulfilling outcome but feeling proud of your accomplishments, attempts and even your mistakes is important. You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed, trying so hard to make everything “perfect”, as you’ll come to accept, respect and love your abilities, qualities and efforts.

The arrival of autumn has definitely brought that low, slanting, golden light to Venice.

While Summer’s my favorite, I love the gilded light that comes with Fall. Especially this year, I’m really leaning in to the sense of comfort, safety and fond memories associated with this time of year. I also know I can’t be the only one who still falls into the rhythm associated with back-to-school and you know I’m looking forward to all of those fall recipes and the holidays spent with family!

Here’s a quick moment of praise for anyone who is homeschooling their kids right now… my hat goes

off to those of you who are increasingly being thrust into the chaos of trying to balance their remote work responsibilities and caring for and homeschooling their children. ⁣

Oliver already needs SO much attention, I can’t even imagine what having kids during work from home would be like 😂

I woke up this morning to a message asking for advice about what I do when I’m feeling a little unmotivated, vulnerable or just “meh” in general.

While I could talk about this for hours, here’s a shortlist of what brings joy, spice and energy to my life.⁣

+ I make a list of what makes me feel good. I then look over that list and figure out if it’s possible to squeeze in one of those things today. ⁣
+ I also recommend that you feel whatever it is that you need to feel. Let yourself go through it fully (cry or scream if you need to!)⁣
+ Make a playlist of your favorite songs, put on the outfit that makes you feel your best, order in your favorite meal. Even simple things like this can make a world of difference. ⁣
+ Most importantly, I remind myself to stay in my time zone. I remind myself to not worry about what’s going to happen next. By focusing on the now, I’m able to not get overwhelmed by the future, feel therapy by checking in on myself and live fully in the moment. ⁣

Summer might be over… but these two are making a strong case for the “Dog Days of Fall”

It’s World Mental Health Day today and I know that I can speak for everyone when I say my life has changed considerably as a result of the pandemic.

Today is a day observed for mental health education, awareness and advocacy and although you guys know I care about this topic every day, I wanted to take a moment today to check in with you and myself. ⁣

Here are a few questions that I wrote about in my journal entry today and wanted to ask for you to check in with your own mental health. ⁣
1. How are you feeling today? How do you feel physically? How do you feel mentally?⁣
2. What’s taking up the most amount of headspace right now?⁣
3. What will you do today that makes you feel good?⁣
4. What’s something you can do today that will be good for you tomorrow?⁣
5. What are you grateful for right now?⁣

Of course, you can continue your meditation past these questions but I found these simple prompts a great way to dive into how I feel today. I really encourage you to take the time to check in with yourself this #WorldMentalHealthDay. ⁣

Here’s a THROWBACK from this day last year! It was the very first time I saw the @bottleandstone products in their final form— packaging and all.

I’ll be honest… I may have shed a tear or two. I was just so PROUD of the months and months of hard work it took to get to this point. ⁣

Now, a full year later, I answer messages from people daily about how my organic CBD products have changed their lives. It means so much to me to know that this hard work has paid off! Can’t wait to share what we’re working on for our next capsule!

Saging my office this afternoon.

I usually wait for either full or new moons to sage my crystals but with my office decor ALMOST complete, I wanted to clear the energy and generate some clarity, balance and creativity. Have you ever saged a space before?

Took this picture and I’ll be honest… it feels like the cover of a cookbook to me 😂 Having a health and wellness book (complete with my holistic cuisine recipes!) is one of my biggest goals… manifesting this 🙏🏼✨

Using October as an excuse to try out a new face mask 👻 Hope you’re having a great Fall night!

Found a moment of calm in my busy day!

I know I’m not alone when I say that Mondays are sometimes rough— there’s a sort of pressure I feel when Monday rolls around that I have to start the week strong and get everything done. As I was running out the door, the breeze caught my curtains and reminded me to be still and take a few minutes for myself. ⁣

I sat down for a quick 5-minute meditation, listening to the wind and the birds chirping outside. I encourage you to find your calm this afternoon and let’s begin this week relaxed, inspired and with intention.

Soaking up the last of the summer-y days! I’m so torn— half of me longs for more days of sunshine and iced matcha by the pool but at the same time… it’s SPOOKY SEASON 👻🎃

Rearranging my console table and loving the outcome!

I love the way all of my knick knacks bring personality and individuality into the space.⁣

One of my biggest tips if you’re rearranging a room is to not buy all of your pieces at once. If you shop from one store or all at once, your space is much more likely to seem stagnant and stale. Picking up a piece here and there, while traveling or even mixing vintage items in ensures that your home will reflect your individuality and have layers and depth to it!

It’s a stay in bed with your dogs kinda day … Let this serve as your reminder that if you need rest, TAKE IT.

So many of us are constantly on the go and are a byproduct of our current culture— a society that praises the “grind” and a “go, go, go” mentality. ⁣

When I schedule out my day or make my to-do list, I always make sure to pencil in time for rest or relaxation. Even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes, I try to revisit the excitement of recess and lunch breaks that we had as a kid in school. You are not weak for needing to rest. In fact, you’re just the opposite ❤️

Here’s what my average day-to-day looks like!

I love being able to share my knowledge, findings and everyday life with you guys as nothing brings me more joy than when you try one of my recommendations or tell me that my words have made a profound impact on your day! Can’t wait to continue to share with you all Xx

Even on hard days, I am a firm believer that you have the choice on whether you will expand or contract.

Positivity is a mindset, and making a conscious decision to change your headspace can make all the difference in the world. ✨

It felt so nice to slip away this past weekend and get back into nature!

I know I can speak for many of us when I say that 2020 has definitely been a crazy year. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, I couldn’t recommend getting back to nature more. Take a hike, put your toes in the grass, or meditate outside— it can really act as a learning experience to reconnect with yourself and escape the craziness of everyday life. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday… here’s to a positive rest of the week!

Here’s what my Sunday morning ritual looks like— what’s yours?

What’s on your agenda this Saturday? I think I’ll probably head to my local nursery— I’m ready to switch out my garden to more seasonal produce.

Any suggestions?

Did you know we spend about a third of our lives sleeping?

Why NOT make your bedroom a full-on sanctuary? They’re the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see when we wake up! Waking up to this room makes me feel like I’m still dreaming ☁️

I posted yesterday about my future goals of owning chicken coops and wanted to share more with you guys about my friend’s farm!

She let me pick my own produce in exchange for me cooking up a delicious fresh meal… the purest form of “farm to table”!

Here’s a peak into my dreams 😂 One of my friends has a farm (complete with her very own chicken coops!) and I recently got to visit, pick my own produce, and even help her tend to her chickens.

Even if I have a very modest flock of hens, it’s still a dream of mine to have the ultimate locally sourced eggs available each morning!

This video was taken pre-pandemic but I’m fully missing my (somewhat daily) trips to the grocery store.

I’m the type of person who enjoys a trip to the grocery store more than a trip to the mall 😂 Now when I go, I feel like I have to get IN and OUT, I can’t really stroll leisurely down the isles anymore. Where do you miss most?

It’s the last day of Summer and man, does that feel like it flew by!

Although many of us were unable to do the things we planned this summer (traveling, seeing friends and family, etc.), I will still look back on this summer fondly. ⁣

I truly believe that this has been a period of MAJOR growth for so many of us and as we navigate through the highs and lows of being in a pandemic together, I know many of us have transformed. So here’s to a new season… while I will certainly miss these dinners outside, I’m really looking forward to cozy nights in, the leaves changing colors and of course, sharing some warm and delicious recipes over on !

Never met a gluten-free pizza I didn’t like… Swipe to see the progression of me vs. this pie 🍕

Is it too early to decorate? Asking for a friend… 😉

Happy Friday! Heading out to a dinner with friends tonight and can’t wait to unwind with some great food and even better company 🍝 Hope you have a lovely weekend!

My best friend has fur and a tail (one that happens to always be blurry in photos 😂)

I know I can speak for many of us when I say that anxiety, stress and insomnia are at an all time high.

It’s completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed (after all, we are in a pandemic!) I sat down with expert @drjunechin to discuss CBD’s power in alleviating some of that anxiety, aiding with insomnia and helping to calm our stress down. ⁣

If you’re looking for a pathway to better sleep, more overall alert-ness and a natural remedy for anxiety, definitely watch this video. We talk about taking CBD with other anxiety medications, how I personally use it to help my insomnia, and so much more! Tune in and as always, feel free to ask me any questions! ⁣

WOW! Yesterday, I switched around my bedroom and am loving the outcome!

Wallpaper is so versatile, easy to install and clearly can change around a space dramatically! I still wanted the room to be relaxing and serene, but just love the colors of this print.

Up next? I think adding a cool print to my bathroom would be so fun! Wallpaper has really changed a lot in recent years and I love that it gives me the power to add more depth, texture and character to a space!

Getting this week started with a fresh MATCHA RESTOCK!

As the temperatures start to cool down, I know many of us will really be looking forward to that warm cup in the morning… but why not make it matcha over coffee? ⁣

Matcha provides you with energy like coffee does, but unlike the popular caffeinated beverage, matcha is considered a superfood (meaning it’s packed with awesome health benefits). Additionally, the caffeine in matcha is much different that that short-lived burst of energy coffee gives you (not to mention that dreaded crash). I really believe the energy from matcha represents a balance between energy, nutrition and sharp mental clarity. ⁣

I found matcha almost 9 years ago when I was working as a personal chef and had early wake-up calls, and have never looked back! When I tried Morning Ritual, my first thought was that I needed to share it with all of you. You can grab your matcha on or at the link in my bio!

Getting grounded with my toes in the sand this afternoon.

I’ve spoken about “grounding before”, but want to reiterate this message in case you missed it a few months ago! Grounding is a therapeutic technique that helps you feel reconnected with earth. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, and nervous systems. ⁣

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is by sticking my feet in sand, dirt, or the grass and letting my skin touch the ground. Skin-to-earth contact is all too rare these days, so I recommend hopping in your backyard, the local park, or if you’re lucky, getting your feet in the ocean for some awesome (and free!) therapy.

Here’s one of my favorite methods of self-care: floral arranging!

While the visitors to my house have definitely lessened in the last few months, it still brings me joy to wake up to fresh flowers and express my creativity. Being creative is good for the mind, body AND soul!⁣

One of the easiest ways to make your own arrangements is to head to your local grocery store. I’ve found that stores like Trader Joe’s sell a variety of flowers, as well as great fillers such as eucalyptus, myrtle, fern and even cedar and spruce when we get closer to the holidays! I can usually make my arrangements for a fraction of the price this way, which is why it’s one of my biggest tips for hosting. If you’d like me to show you a more in-depth look on how I do this, be sure to let know 💐

Today is the day— my beautiful soul of a bestie @claire_grieve’s birthday!

I can’t even to begin to say how grateful I am for our friendship and how proud I am of you for launching your new business during such a crazy year. You are such an inspiration and truly a GEM in this world. I can’t wait to create more and more memories together. Love you SO much!

This picture was taken pre-quarantine, but I can’t wait to get back to all of my favorite crystal stores, furniture boutiques and antique shops!

Where’s one place you’ve been missing?

Welcome to my office! I wanted this space to be as funky and unique as all the projects I get to work on are!

Keeping my bedroom and home more serene makes sense but I really wanted my office space to spark creativity, inspire productivity and energize me. ⁣

I’ll be sure to share more as I add to it, but I’m so excited to give you guys this sneak peak! ⁣

Self-care is SO necessary, but definitely is NOT one size fits all.

For many, it can be as simple as sipping wine in a cozy bathrobe. But the reality is that self-care can be a little more complicated than that. All of us have different parts of ourselves that we need to nurture (and therefore need different methods of carrying out this care). One size doesn’t (and shouldn’t) fit all.⁣

I’ve always had the type of personality to put others first and struggled when I realized it’s important to sometimes put what you want ahead of what others want from you. I know I’m not alone in this. Self-care might also mean setting boundaries, and learning that it’s okay to say no to requests you aren’t comfortable with (or don’t want to do). It can also mean saying yes to new experiences and expanding yourself outside of your comfort zone.⁣

Try it today— take extra time to better yourself before tending to others. This idea is the same reason you’re supposed to put on your oxygen mask first! Take care of yourself… you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Today, I was outside gardening and the most beautiful butterfly gave me a visit.

As I worked, she fluttered around for around an hour… I was shocked as I feel like butterfly visits are usually quick and fleeting.⁣

The more I moved about my day, the more I’ve thought about this beautiful butterfly and what it could possibly symbolize. I came to the realization that caterpillars spend almost a month inside of their cocoons and reemerge into the world as butterflies. Could this be a more PERFECT representation of us in 2020?⁣

I know the past few months have been challenging, as we readjust to our new norm. But I’m confident that once we emerge on the other side of this, we will have so much light, beauty and love to give to one another 🐛

Happy Sunday! Sending you lots and lots of love and hoping that you enjoy this beautiful long weekend!


Since posting about this a few days ago, I have received so many messages and am so happy to see so many of you interested in healing crystals!

Here’s a quick tour of the ones I currently keep in my home and a few answers to some of your most frequently asked questions! ⁣

Q: Where do you get your crystals?⁣
A: I almost always get my crystals in person. While you absolutely can buy them online, I always recommend visiting a shop and finding a stone that you are drawn to and that really resonates with you. While I live in Los Angeles, there are an abundance of crystal shops and boutiques that sell geodes and clusters, a simple google search can help you find one by you! ⁣

Q: How do I choose a crystal?⁣
A: My go-to is to pick a crystal simply because you’re drawn to it. Which ones are you drawn to because of their colors or which feel like it’s calling your name? After spending time looking and feeling each stone, take a mental note of the emotions you feel— are you energized, calm, less anxious? ⁣

Another method is to do research based on which symptoms or stressors in your life you’d like to improve. For example, citrine is known as a crystal that increases happiness so if I wanted to meditate and make my happiness more of a personal focus, I’d reach for that stone. ⁣

Q: I am anxious— which stone do you recommend for me?⁣
A: Lepidolite! It’s the most abundant lithium- bearing crystal (lithium is naturally an amazing anti depressant/ stress reliever that helps to balance the system). I also recommend amethysts as they are great for general healing and enhancing a state of calm ✨

Missing the @bottleandstone farm this year! BUT there is some great news— we’re having a 20% off sale this weekend to honor the long Labor Day Weekend.

Use code “LABORDAY” and stock up on your favorite organic CBD products to celebrate the unofficial end of the summer season— if you have any questions about products or where to start with CBD, definitely ask me below 👇🏼

I’m a morning person… I get up early and love to spend my hours doing exactly what I want to do, before tending to work, other emails and responding to any messages I received while sleeping.

A good morning routine helps us to set the tone for a day…have you ever woken up late and just had to throw on some clothes, grab a protein bar and run out the door? I know I have, and I always feel a little off throughout the rest of my day. ⁣

I make it a point each morning to make it “me” time. I spend my early hours meditating, cuddling with my puppies, reading a good book, sipping on warm matcha lattes and writing in my gratitude journal. I always try to get my body moving towards the later half of the morning with a workout or even just a quick dog- walk down the street. I like to finish my morning routines with a quick mental list of everything I want to get done in the day, remembering that not everything can be a top priority and not stressing on having multiple tasks! ⁣

Something I want to emphasize about morning routines is that you DON’T have to be a morning person in order to put your new routine into motion. How you design your morning and use your time is up to you and what motivates you! Having a solid morning routine helps us to be productive, achieve our daily goals, feel organized and float throughout the afternoon with confidence!

I’m not sure at what point I stopped doodling but recently I’ve found myself with a pen and paper, drawing whatever comes to mind as I talk to people, take business calls, etc.

I think that me starting to doodle again is a direct result of taking the time to care for my inner child and nurture and support my soul and my healing. ⁣

You are every single age you’ve ever been (all at once), as you carry the wisdom of your oldest self and the innocence of yourself as a child. To nurture and heal your inner child, greet yourself with open arms. A simple “I see you, and I hear you” can help to open up the dialogue within. ⁣

Other exercises that can help to re-parent and nurture your inner child are usually pretty simple! You can write yourself a letter, say affirmations out loud, paint or draw a memory, engage in a meditation about it, or just do something you enjoyed doing as a kid! Since starting my inner child work a few years ago, I feel lighter, more positive and have been able to release past traumas and negativity. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Crystals 101! As a native of Southern California, it’s hard for me to think of a time when I didn’t know about crystals… but I also understand that this is a very ~LA~ thing too!

I wanted to give you a little introduction to healing crystals in case you’re curious in starting your own collection. Once I bought my first crystal and felt its healing effects, I knew I was hooked. ⁣

Crystals are not only gorgeous pieces to keep around your home, office or other important places (I even keep one on the dashboard of my car!), but they also can be a great source of support in your everyday life. Crystals are living forms of Mother Earth and many are formed by melted molten lava that cools and creates varying combinations of minerals. Others grow organically deep under the Earth’s surface. Healing crystals date back thousands of years, as the ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, quartz, and topaz to anoint the tombs of the dead. However, the current market really boomed in the ‘70s and ‘80s as the New Age movement gained speed. ⁣

Different types of crystals and geodes can have different purposes, but I generally turn to crystals as a power that can help me gain focus, get a source of creativity, cleanse my heart and shift a little energy. As I look to crystals to represent my path and spiritual journey, I simply think of them as a method to draw out the energy that was already there. Some people go to church, some do yoga, and others do those things too, but also collect and meditate with crystals. As always, I love being a source of education for you guys, so if you have any more questions about crystals, feel free to ask and I’ll get around to answering them!

As August wraps up, I took time this morning to take a long beach walk and reflect on the last few months.

Does anyone else feel like summer just started?! I know with greater restrictions on travel, the cancellation of classic “summer” recreational activities, and missing the ability to see our friends, it can feel like we missed out on summer. ⁣

While I recognize that many of us thought that 2020 was going to be THE year we take significant strides towards our long term goals, I want to propose a shift in perspective as we approach the last quarter of the year. ⁣

Even if it has been a challenging year (if not, the MOST challenging for many of us), I want to take a step back and focus on the positives. Maybe you’ve realized that you’d like to spend more time with family, or reprioritized your work/life balance… maybe it’s even as simple as not taking a regular grocery store trip for granted! Whatever it is, I’m grateful that this time at home has helped me take a step back from the busy-ness, and know that heading into Fall, I can be more present, positive and grateful for the little wins!

This is a topic I speak about often, but really feel the need to reiterate.

Often, we think of Instagram and other social media networks as toxic places, but the truth is: they DON’T have to be. ⁣

At least once a month, I take the time to sort through who I’m following. I make sure that the people I follow are people who inspire me, who push me to do better, and to be better— not people who make me feel insecure. Let’s work together to make this platform a more positive space, as I know it has been a positive space for me within this community!

Homes are SUCH personal spaces and because of this aspect, adding loads of personal touches throughout your decor is crucial to feeling comfortable.

I think it’s common to get caught up in making our home decor look like it belongs as the centerfold in @archdigest , but important to add personal touches so your home is stylish, yet unique! ⁣

One of the ways I like to add personal touches to my decor is by adding vintage items, like these books that I picked up. They’re a one-of-a-kind way to add color, texture and history to your space. I love the idea of having touches of different cultures and time periods in my home and visit vintage stores and flea markets to pick up unique details. ⁣

Another big way I make my home more personal is by focusing on scent. I believe that interior design should indulge as many of our senses as possible: vision, hearing, touch and smell so I have at least one candle lit at all times. What are your favorite tips to make a house more home-y?

Dr. Chin and I are back to touch on a very important and interesting topic— CBD’s role and impact on sex.

Sex involves such a complex set of physical, mental and emotional reactions— all of which CBD can help.

CBD can work to strengthen hormone production, increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. I love that because @bottleandstone CBD is non-psychoactive, you can feel all of that enhanced sexual activity and calm, but without worrying about feeling that uncomfortable euphoria or sedation. It was lovely speaking with expert @drjunechin about comfortability, sensitivity, relaxation, libido, and CBD’s natural way of possibly boosting these in your sex life.

I’m not sure when “self-care” became synonymous with “face-mask”, but I think many of us tend to

think of the cliche bubble bath, pedicure, face mask, or other stereotypical things we have seen in media. In reality, self-care doesn’t have to be anything like this! ⁣

To me, self care is something that you can do to form a better relationship with yourself and to cradle and nurture your soul and spirit. It’s being a good friend to yourself and to your inner child. ⁣

While face masks actually do help me to personally wind down and take the time to relax, I wanted to offer you a few more ideas that can can help you with your relationship with yourself: ⁣
+ go for walk around a different neighborhood ⁣
+ listen to a podcast and educate yourself on a new topic! ⁣
+ make a new recipe⁣
+ work on a home project ⁣
+ learn a new skill on YouTube ⁣
+ take a class— art, language, dance, pottery, etc. ⁣

Sometimes for me though, self-care CAN just be as simple as slapping on a face mask, setting aside my phone and being grateful that I have just a little bit of time to sit with myself and be present.

Let’s be real… in my household, we celebrate #NationalDogDay everyday 😂 There is nothing better than cuddles from my two best friends and I’m so grateful to these two for showing me the true meaning of unconditional love! 🐶

Since sharing my first sound bowl experience, I get regular DMs of people who have returned to my page to rewatch the meditations I’ve already shared.

Sound has an incredible soothing and therapeutic quality to it, and taking the time to either sit still or lay and listen to a sound bath can really make all the difference. ⁣

Especially in this time, stress and anxiety can be heightened so taking time to be still is extremely important. Even my dogs paused as I was playing to relax— I hope you enjoy this morning’s sound bath too!

Social media can be a weird place— as we all usually only post the highs from our day, it can seem like everyone has it all together.

I figured I’d start this week off by showing you a more “real” part of my day… me tending to my compost bin on the side of my house 😂It’s not the most glamorous thing, but you guys know I make a big effort to reduce waste (it was even one of my resolutions this year!). If you have questions about composting or how to get started, definitely let me know and I can share more about my compost pile!

Even with this crazy heat wave that Southern California is experiencing, I’m still trying my hardest to stay sane by getting outside regularly.

I recently got the chance to visit a local farm and it was such an incredible experience meeting the people who farm our produce, taking home a box of goodies and eating fresh fruit right off the tree (my favorite part!!). ⁣

I share regularly the importance of shopping local produce on and recommend looking up the farmer’s markets or farms in your area to incorporate more local food into your weekly shopping rotations!

So I know I really have a hand in many different things, but I’m starting to think we should maybe start a Shayna’s bookclub?!

I’m currently reading an awesome book, “The Power of Now” and wanted to share about it with you. ⁣

Self-help books can seem so cheesy but this one seriously breaks the mold— it talks about a topic I’m passionate about: living in the moment and how it’s the simplest path to happiness and success. We all spend a large amount of time worrying about the future (or dwelling on the past!) and this book shows you how to take the reigns of your mind, and focus on the beauty and love around you. ⁣

I truly resonate with the key concepts of this book and it's a gem: full of stories, practical examples and exercises. I really think the author writes in a wonderful way that isn’t too abstract for those of us who don’t typically think in that sense! Let me know if you decide to pick this one up or if you think we should start a bookclub!

One of the most fun aspects of being an entrepreneur and starting a new business is receiving feedback from you!

I poured my heart and soul into @bottleandstone and truly find that the most fulfilling moments of my day are spent reading reviews from you guys. I know how much these organic CBD products help me, my friends and family and knowing they are a part of your daily routines means the world to me. ⁣

@Bottleandstone wants feedback! This weekend, we are offering a 10% off sale in hopes that many of you will get to try our products! Also, those that write us reviews will be entered into a giveaway for a few free products as a token of our appreciation for your honesty and thoughts. Head to and use code “THNX4REVIEWS” to shop your favorite organic CBD-based remedies at 10% off, today through Monday, 8/24 at midnight!

Panda and I are spending the day cleaning up around the house.

Does anyone else feel SO much better when everything is put into its place? They’ve even done studies on it— cleaning up your living space has a direct and profound impact on positivity, creativity and sense of accomplishment. ⁣

I think, especially now with all the time at home, it’s important to keep your space clean and inviting. Home is the place where we sleep, eat, and now even work AND play too so cleaning up is making me feel much more motivated, organized and in general happier in this time!

Even bad days have sunsets. And I like to use sunsets as an example that no matter what happens throughout your day, you can still look to the positives.

I’m constantly writing to you guys about the importance of remembering the positives, even amidst the challenges that this year has brought to many of us. When I looked up at last night’s sunset, I was struck by not only its beauty, but was also humbled by how minuscule my “problems” seemed against that beautiful and vast sky. ⁣

I bowed in gratitude to the sky and simply breathed in and out. Remembering that no matter the mishaps or miscommunications brought to me throughout the day, each moment can end in this simplicity, if I choose it.

I recently stumbled across a quote that said “it’s not who you are that holds you back.

It’s who you think you are not”. ⁣

These words really struck me as I know many of us can relate to this sense of self-doubt. I know I have conflicting thoughts all the time— some days I feel like Wonder Woman and others, that tiny voice is in the back of my mind telling me I can’t accomplish my dreams. But I’m here to tell you that we have the choice between which to believe. ⁣

When you hear that little self-doubt kicking in, take a moment, acknowledge it and kick out the door! I sometimes find myself running with those thoughts but once I realized I had the power all along to stop doubting myself, my trust and confidence in myself grew exponentially. ⁣

You CAN do this. But only if you believe in yourself!

Today is the day! My best friend @claire_grieve has launched “EVE by Claire Grieve”— an exclusive and educational platform that makes wellness accessible to all!

I have seen the countless hours and meetings Claire has put into this project and am SO proud and excited to see the outcome 💛

Claire and I have a symbiotic relationship— everything I teach her is bounced back as she teaches me. I am so grateful for her love and friendship and know firsthand how passionate she is about the wellness industry. Whether you’re knowledgeable about wellness, or just getting started, Claire’s platform is sure to help you place a greater emphasis on your health. EVE by Claire Grieve can be found at!

Welcome to Shayna’s Kitchen! As one of my most used rooms in my home, it was important for me to really make it a space that reflected my personality.

Additionally, I needed it to be a space that prompted creativity, as most of my recipes are born here. ⁣

One of the ways I am able to make any room in my home feel comfortable, safe and inspiring is by bringing in a vintage rug. I love the idea that each of my vintage rugs has lived a life before coming to my home and it’s so cool to think that many are one of a kind! I generally take a look at sites like @loomandkiln and @etsy , or have found some great ones at local flea markets!

PSA: We’re still in the middle of a pandemic! There’s no right or wrong way to be working in this time.

Don’t force yourself to feel “productivity guilt” if you feel like you didn’t get enough done today. We all need a break to recharge and often relaxing is just as important as working hard!

I’ve been loving my weekly farmer’s market trips, even during all this time at home.

Wearing a mask and following the flow of the traffic protocols (only going through once and in the same direction) makes the market one of the safest possible places to get nutritious and local foods 🍅 Plus, you guys know me… I couldn’t possibly pass on these gorgeous sunflowers! 🌻

When I get up in the morning, before I do anything (even BEFORE my greens or matcha latte!), I invite my pups up into my bed for some early morning cuddles.

Giving myself time alone with my two biggest joys allows me to start my day on MY terms, with my best foot forward. Only after this, do I allow myself to check my phone, begin work emails, and start tending to other needs and routines! Try starting your day with what you love most (whether it be a relaxing shower, a meditation, time journalling, etc.) and notice how much more in control you feel of the following hours!

Spending time outside and getting vitamin D in my backyard is giving me a sense of normalcy, even though the world is still not back to “normal”.

What are you doing to make yourself feel good in this time?

Tuesday’s advice from the ocean: Don’t be shallow. Take time to reflect. Stay calm.

Cast away your troubles. And be sure to make a ripple wherever you go.

When I spoke about Sunday scaries a few week ago, I received many comments and DMs of people who really resonated with my message.

It’s common to feel anxious or down when another Monday rolls around so I’ve teamed up with my friend @katkavara to provide this offering in effort to ease your anxiety and balance your air quality.

The element of air is easy to get imbalanced— an imbalance can create feelings of confusion, anxiety and limit you from making strong decisions. As I play the sound bowls, Kat offers energy medicine in effort to balance your air quality. We hope that each time you refer back to this video, you will be guided to a greater sense of peace ✨

I shared about this last week but wanted to post about it to my feed, too.

Lately, I have felt SO loved and supported by this community on Instagram and wanted to express to you how much it means to me that you guys have supported me. Whether it’s trying my CBD products, sending me photos of you making your matcha lattes or sharing my recipes with your family and friends, it truly does not go unnoticed. ⁣

As an entrepreneur, taking the leap to start these small businesses is obviously exciting, but can be a little scary! Seeing you guys try my products (or recommendations!) and support me means more than you’ll ever know 💛

Every once in a while, I feel like I need a break from all the noise of the city.

While living in Los Angeles definitely has its perks (best weather ever AAAAND tons of great food!), it does, at times, get overwhelming. ⁣

In times like these, I love to get out and breathe clean air and listen to the stillness of nature. One of my favorite ways to go out into the beauty and magic of the world is to find a good nature hike or a quiet beach. If you live in a big city or an apartment building, I’d recommend just trying to find a quiet moment alone— it really does wonders for the soul!

Since quarantine began, I’ve been reminding you guys about prioritizing self-care.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to light a candle and decompress with a meditation or a good book. Almost two years ago, I was able to visit the @lesruches factory and handcraft my own candle scent. I created this unisex blend of smoldering green leaves, calm vanilla notes and and crisp camellias and it definitely helps me to unwind ✨⁣

Les Ruches understands that home is the most important place right now. Because of this, they’re currently offering 30% with code “BeeHome”. I know you guys will love this scent like I do, and I can’t wait for you to smell it! Xo

Have you given YOURSELF the date night you deserve recently?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, spending time alone and doing things you love is important and can teach you things about yourself! ⁣

We often forget to show ourselves the level of love and attention to detail that we give to our dates (whether it be a romantic date, a date with a friend or even our family members!) If we weren’t quarantining at home, I would recommend that you try taking yourself out to a nice dinner, a museum or even a movie. ⁣

BUT since I’m safer-at-home right now, my date night tonight looks like I’m cooking up a fancy meal for one. When cooking for another person, I like to make sure the meal is perfectly served and I intend on giving my single plate that same level of attention tonight! After dinner, I plan on turning my phone off, lighting a candle and maybe taking a sea salt bubble bath. It may feel a little weird at first, but I promise taking care of yourself like you would another person is an important and healing act of self-care.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether or not CBD will make you sleepy or if CBD will make you high, this is the conversation to watch!

On today’s episode of Spill the Tea, expert @drjunechin and I broke down common misconceptions about CBD and answered many of your most commonly asked questions. ⁣

Thank you to all of those who tuned in— I’m having the best time exploring both new and familiar topics with all of you on Spill the Tea! Xx

I’m so excited to announce my next #SpilltheTea guest— Dr.

June Chin will be joining me tomorrow (8/5) at 10 AM PST to discuss common misconceptions about CBD. I spend time each day connecting with all of you and since the launch of @bottleandstone , find myself answering similar questions often! ⁣

@drjunechin and I are so excited to go live tomorrow to debunk some of these popular CBD myths and hopefully help to educate some of you about hemp! I hope you’ll join our conversation tomorrow morning and if you have any questions about CBD that you’d like answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below 👇🏼🌱

Just a super serious and important Monday message.

I keep seeing sunflowers EVERYWHERE! Today in my gratitude journal, I wrote about how lovely it has been to stumble upon these beautiful flowers so often lately.

I truly believe in repeating images being symbols of our periods of life. ⁣

We all know that sunflowers “move” throughout the day to face the sun so I’m really taking this as a sign of positivity and reaffirms my desire to seek light and truth. Here’s to sunflowers reappearing in my life so that we can ALL keep our faces to the sunshine , and avoids the shadows 🌻💛

Ever struggle with getting someone a gift? In cases like that, my go-to is (unsurprisingly 😂 ) a plant!

Plants serve as a reminder of nature, even from the confines of one’s home or office. When you gift someone a plant, you are giving them tranquility and ambience in their home, as well as a calming reminder to slow down and an excuse to show appreciation for the little things. ⁣

I’m currently potting these two gorgeous caladiums for a girlfriend’s birthday this weekend. Pro tip— even someone without a green thumb can take care of these beauties!

Yoga can be SO transformative. But I also know that yoga can be somewhat daunting if you’re only just beginning!

On this week’s podcast episode, the expert herself @claire_grieve joined me to discuss her introduction to yoga, meditation and the benefits of these beautiful practices. ⁣

We discussed how many of us hold stress, tension and emotions deep in our muscles (even if we don’t know it!) Yoga helps to move, shift and release those stressors from our muscles, joints and bodies and is transformative, both on and off the mat. ⁣

You can find Claire and my discussion on “A Sense of Wellbeing”— it’s available on both the Spotify and Apple podcast platforms! ⁣

Real is beautiful. Although Instagram is often a “highlight reel” of our lives (our best pictures, our happiest moments, etc.), I want to serve this up as a dose of “realness”.

This is me 90% of the time— hair up in a towel, blue-light glasses on and getting some work done (in my super cool lemon-printed pjs 😂 )

Gut health— this is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

A healthy gut contains those healthy bacteria and immune cells that work to ward off harmful agents like viruses and bad bacteria. A healthy gut is also responsible for communicating and serving the brain through nerves and hormones (which helps to maintain good general health and wellbeing). Because of these reasons, making sure your gut is healthy is a hugely important topic to me.

As someone who struggles with maintaining a healthy gut, I can tell you firsthand what my @bottleandstone CBD has done for me, but I thought it would be particularly helpful to have @drjunechin on my IGTV today to discuss this topic in depth (from both a consumer AND a doctor’s perspective!)

Is there anything dogs can’t do? They’re proven to help their owners be happier, less stressed, and more calm in tense situations!

Here’s hoping little Panda can put a smile on your face this afternoon! 🧡🐼

On this gorgeous day, remember to take a deep breath and relax.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of Monday but take a moment to refuel your soul, whatever that is. For me, I’m going to catch up on my work, spend a little time in the sun and cook myself a delicious homemade and healthy meal. Hope you’re all having a beautiful start to your week!

Challenge accepted. @missmakenzierae @elsahair #girlpower #womensupportingwomen

I’ve always loved reading— you’re able to “visit” new places, experience new cultures, satisfy curiosity, and for brief moments of time, release yourself from any constraints or stresses.

I’ve always been the type of person who LOVED learning and I’m constantly adding more books to my collection about wellness— both physical and mental health. ⁣

I recently picked up a book called “The Buddha and the Badass” and will be sure to update you on ideas and concepts that I learn from it! Comment a few of the books you’re reading and I can start to compile a list of recommendations from our whole community 👇🏼😊

Whenever I’m feeling a little removed from nature, I love to take a bike ride to the beach and get my toes in the water, meditate on the sand or catch the sunrise or sunset.

There is something so soothing about the sound of the waves, the smell of salt water, and the feeling of warm sand beneath your toes. Recent studies have proven that elements of the beach can have a profound stress-relieving impact on both our brains and overall health. ⁣

Actually, in a study I was reading about yesterday, they discovered that even viewing images of the ocean and listening to tracks of waves crashing can have great healing and strengthening effects. So here’s my latest sunset at the beach— hope it heals you like it healed me. Xo

I’ve shared a little bit about my new office space and am so excited to share more as I add to it!

It’s safe to say I had some plants in here before I even had a desk 😂 Once I’m finished decorating, I’ll be sure to share some photos, but as you guys know… I’m never REALLY finished decorating 😉

I had such a lovely time this afternoon speaking with @nyakiobeauty about the process of starting

her skincare line, why clean and natural beauty is important and about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in this space. As a first generation American of Kenyan descent, she has so many beauty secrets, oils and botanics to share and to back her natural skincare line. I get so many questions about clean beauty and I’m so grateful to have brought on the expert herself! Thank you to all who tuned in and if you missed it, I’ve saved it here! #SpillTheTea

Beauty is so much more than what’s just on the outside.

But sometimes practicing self-care includes taking care of your outside beauty too. I am so excited to share with you more about my next Spill the Tea guest as she has worked her whole life to help others feel their best. My guest @nyakiobeauty had a similar mindset to me when crafting her skincare line— each product is mindfully blended in small batches with globally sourced natural and organic ingredients. I can’t wait to speak to her about formulating her skincare, being a female entrepreneur and so much more this Wednesday at 12 PM PST on my Instagram live! I hope you’ll join us ✨

Happy Monday and welcome, new moon!

You may feel extra sensitive this week and as the new moon in Cancer approaches, you will probably hold a little tight to familial feelings and rich, vulnerable emotions. Nurture yourself this Monday with a little extra self-care— take a hike in nature, sit outside, take a few deep breaths and if you have the time, join @bottleandstone and @dynastyelectrik in a sound bath meditation. We are going live on @bottleandstone at 5 PM PST tonight and I hope you will join us in welcoming this beautiful new moon!

A few years ago, I used to get the “Sunday scaries” really badly.

I’d get anxious and sad that my relaxing and fun weekend was over. But I’ve reframed my mindset and now look forward to Sunday as my favorite day of the week. I’ve got a ton of (virtual) business meetings and exciting things planned for the rest of July. So here’s to the next week, I’m so ready for you!

He is SUCH a momma’s boy 😂 Oliver and I had a great time trying a new hiking trail with a girlfriend this weekend!

Hiking is a great workout as the uneven trails work to strengthen core muscles, increase your endurance and most importantly, get you outside for some fresh air! If you’re looking for a new hiking venue, I love as you can plug in any zip code and it’ll give you a variety of trails by you! Happy hiking xo

Everybody should try gardening. Even when I lived in New York, I was committed to my small indoor planters so that we always had fresh herbs on hand for any meal!

A garden is like an outdoor classroom and is a wonderful way to learn and reemerge yourself in nature. I try to get out here a couple of times a week to get my feet in the grass, my hands in the dirt and my body in the sun and I’m definitely rewarded for it with fresh veggies! 🍆🍅🌼

When’s the last time you did a cartwheel? For me, it had been 15+ years!

While I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself, it felt great to get my toes in the sand yesterday morning and act a little childish. As adults, we get so wrapped up in the complexities of life and we need to remember to tend to our inner child! Being connected to this side of you ensures that you are open to the most authentic, curious, and vulnerable communications with the world 🌎

Relationships are important— whether its the relationships with others or with yourself, maintaining and recognizing healthy relationships is key.

There are so many people who are ready for healing and I’m grateful to have been able to bring @risingwoman on “Spill the Tea” to act as an assistant for those of us who are ready to do the deep and challenging work. It was an empowering conversation and I’m deeply grateful to Sheleana for opening up and sharing this non-judgmental, transparent, and educational space with me ✨

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again— you may not think that the types of accounts you follow on Instagram are harming you, but I’d like to make a case for your mental health.

I’d encourage you to unfollow anyone (both on social media and in real life) who doesn’t make you feel inspired, informed or empowered. Follow people who inspire you, who push you to do better, to be better— not people who make you feel insecure. For me, one of my favorite accounts to follow is @risingwoman. ⁣

I am SO excited to have @risingwoman as my guest on Spill the Tea tomorrow afternoon as I really think you guys will love virtually meeting Sheleana! As one of my favorite accounts, Rising Woman is a place I go to to feel empowered, understood and important. I know you will find value in this conversation. I hope you will join Sheleana and I tomorrow at 12 PM PST on my IG Live!

Monday sets the tone for the week. It provides you an opportunity to start fresh and the chance to start your week off on the right foot.

Perhaps your weekend offered fun and freedom and Monday gives you the chance to balance with a bit more discipline and organization. I know many of us look at Monday as the ending of a fun weekend, but I’d love to switch our mindsets to recognize the beauty of a fresh start. Here’s to a new week Xo

For a few moments this morning, I left my phone upstairs and just sat in presence with myself.

Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee (or in my case, matcha!), or just sitting at home, be present. Putting down our electronics and shutting off distractions allows us to focus on the simplicity of a task and makes it sort of a meditative experience. I want to challenge you today to put down your phone for a few moments and just focus on where you are ✨

There is no right way to feel right now— each day can be a variety of highs and lows and all this time at home is enough to make anyone feel a little off.

I have found, though, that being outside has made all the difference for me. Whenever I’m feeling a bit off, I take off my shoes and take a walk in the grass or get my hands in the dirt. Since hikes opened back up in Los Angeles, it’s been a game changer for me to get outside and take a few deep breaths of the fresh air. What’s been most helpful for you?

Since announcing @bottleandstone , I’ve had more questions about CBD than any other topic!

I had a great conversation with expert @drjunechin today and wanted to save it to my page so you could refer back to it and use it as an informational resource. Thank you all for tuning in today— if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out via comments or DMs and I can help answer them for you!

Swipe. You won’t be disappointed.

For my first episode of #SpilltheTea , I spoke to the creator of @getoffyouracid , @drdarylgioffre on how to keep your body alkaline, maintain immunity during this time and all things wellness!

I am so excited to announce my new IG Live Series “Spill the Tea”.

Each week, you can join me and my guests to discuss health, positivity, exciting topics and overall wellness. As I always seek for my platform to be educational to you guys, I’m excited to give us all a space to discuss topics that mean so much to me and my guests, as well as give you the chance to ask your questions to the very experts in the field! ⁣

Today, I will be kicking off Spill the Tea with my doctor @drdarylgioffre to talk about lowering inflammation levels and how to GET OFF YOUR ACID. Dr. Gioffre has built an incredible platform for himself and has truly changed the way I look at health and wellness. You can join us on my Instagram Live today, July 8th, at 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) for a great discussion about how to experience health, immunity and energy like never before! ⁣

#SpilltheTea #DrDarylGioffre #getoffyouracid

Nothing beats the feeling of cozying up to these two 🐶 Scientists have even found that cuddling with your pets can have majorly beneficial psychological benefits for both you and your pups!

It reduces your levels of cortisol (the hormone that is responsible for stress and anxiety), so with lower levels of this, you are more likely to feel happier and relaxed. As if I needed more reasons to cuddle with these cuties, though…

MATCHA RESTOCK ALERT 💚 If you haven’t had the chance to try Morning Ritual yet, now is the time to grab it!

I’ve been loving drinking my matcha iced lately because of the warm weather and know you will too. ⁣

I started drinking matcha 9 years ago once I learned about the long list of health benefits. I’ve tried hundreds of different kinds of matcha and once I found Morning Ritual, I knew I had to share it with you. I'm so excited that so many of you have now tried and are LOVING my matcha, as well as so excited for the people who will finally be able to grab it! ⁣The restock is live on and the link is in my bio! Thank you again for all of your support Xx

In many ways, caring for your space is an excellent form of self-care.

“Nesting” (as I like to call it!) is a form of creating an environment that is comfortable, soothing and complete for yourself and your loved ones. Our spaces set the stage for our lives, daily mindsets and many of our life experiences— totally worth it in my opinion to spend a little extra time decorating around your home!

Happy 4th of July!

While I will miss the regular festivities this year, I’m looking forward to a nice BBQ at home, a glass of @thewhisperingangel and a day spent outside 🇺🇸 Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday!

Wednesday marked 6 months into 2020. Am I the only one who feels like the year JUST flew by?

Even though the first half of this year has been a little strange for everyone, I want to bring up that every day we have a choice to focus on the positives and try and be as grateful as we can. This doesn’t mean turning away from hurt or grieving. It just means to feel every part of it and don’t rush it. ⁣

I know most of you only know me through the lens of my Instagram pages, and as you know I always try and be honest, transparent, and vulnerable, as well as educational with all of you. But I’m not perfect and my life may seem like it’s been a breeze, but it’s not. My whole life has actually been nothing but challenging since I was a kid. For every good thing, there comes a difficult challenge, but I would never change a single decision or path I’ve chosen. We grow so much more during challenging times and I love to become more and more spiritually awakened the older I get. Being uncomfortable pushes you to figure it out and to grow as an individual. ⁣

I want to say a BIG thank you for all the love and support I have received from our beautiful community. It’s goes miles and miles that you all take the time to write me your own words of wisdom to help me through another challenging time. I love all of you and feel blessed everyday ♥️

I’m so excited to share that I’m a part of this incredible cookbook for children!

“Childfood— Recipes for Young Culinary Explorers” is not just a cookbook. Childfood is an experience— a tool to create moments and memories with your children, a journey through fun and education where both kids and adults will discover the stories of the ingredients most used in the kitchen.⁣

For every 5 books sold during the Kickstarter campaign, “Charity: Water” will bring clean water to a kid in need. In addition, we will collaborate with Share the Meal, a project of the World Food Programme (UN) that provides meals to children in need. Together we can improve the lives of children around the world. ⁣

You can grab Childfood on Kickstarter (now with a discount!), and I have linked this on my Instagram stories. I already know that this book will be a favorite with the whole family 💛

I’ve really been enjoying my time at home the past few months (even though the circumstances are a bit strange)!

Here are a few ways Panda and I have been practicing self-care and basking in our time at home: ⁣

+ starting each day with a gratitude journal ⁣
+ calling my family members to check in with them ⁣
+ snuggling with my pets ⁣
+ cooking a meal for someone else ⁣
+ getting my feet in the dirt or my hands in my garden ⁣
+ spending time meditating ⁣
+ separating a space for work in your home from a place for relaxing like your room⁣
+ practicing self-care, whether it be taking a relaxing bath, unplugging from electronics for a few hours, getting physical activity in, etc.⁣

These are what makes me feel the best— what are your best tips for self-care?

Making and serving a meal is one of the easiest ways to show care for someone.

Is there anything easier to bond over than a plate of delicious food? This sense of nurturing and caring for others is one of the biggest reasons I took the leap to become a chef 🍴Now, one of my favorite activities is inviting over friends and family for casual mini dinner parties 🥗

Happy Monday! As we approach the full moon in Cancer this week, I’m feeling like even more of a homebody than I already was.

I know many of us will feel reminiscent, sensitive and connected with family in this time and I encourage you to tap into your emotions and intuition and let it guide you ✨

Ending my weekend on a high note! I’ve never been much of a “going out” girl so this is truly my idea of fun— a glass of wine, a big spread of delicious snacks, and my favorite companion 🐶

Owning a small business has its little and big challenges— I ship out my own matcha, answer questions you guys have regarding @bottleandstone , and I’m in the midst of putting together furniture for my new office (unsuccessfully, I might add 😂)

Not only does focusing on your health help you physically but it also seriously helps my mental health.

Anyone else feel best after a great workout and a nice, big healthy meal? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Some people go for a cocktail on “Thirsty Thursday” but I prefer a stack of waffles... 🧇💕

This is what being an entrepreneur looks like to me!

Brought my own products out on a hike for an impromptu product photo shoot 😂 ⁣

As one of our most asked questions, I am SO pleased to announce that you can finally order your @bottleandstone on a SUBSCRIPTION basis! It means so much to know to know that many of you have quickly made Bottle & Stone a huge part of your wellness routine and a subscription just makes it that much easier to get your CBD! Subscribe to save 5%, and get your CBD delivered bi-weekly or monthly 🌱⁣

I recently posted a blog post answering the most commonly asked questions regarding CBD and am happy to answer any more that you may have, about the subscription or about CBD in general!

Enjoying being home after a few days in Joshua Tree.

I always enjoy my time starting my laundry, putting everything away, and getting my life back in “order” after a vacation— plus this gorgeous LA weather is tough to beat!

As I reflect on the last week spent out in Joshua Tree, I realize that you truly are a product of your environment.

By surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals, life views and hearts as yours, you will push yourself to grow and become the best version of yourself. I encourage you to reflect on your own circle (whether it be in real life or those you follow on social media)— and choose to surround yourself with those who push you to do better and to be better 🧡 I am grateful for my friends who inspire me, ground me, educate me and push me outside of my comfort zone

Happy Father’s Day to the man I can never get to take a photos he likes.

Haha I love you so much, safe to say I get my big heart from you. Thanks for being the best daddy in the whole world. Love you ♥️

Found the cutest nook in this home! I spent a few minutes here this morning meditating and setting my intentions for the day with my sweet Oliver.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful Saturday!

Am I the only one who can ONLY nap while on vacation?

I can never successfully nap at home but after a full day in the sun, a few minutes of closing my eyes has never sounded better.

There is something so special about walking barefoot and reconnecting with the earth.

Until recently, human beings spent most of their time in contact with the ground. Grounding yourself with your feet in the dirt allows you to reset your body’s natural electric charge, support your emotional well-being, and “plug in” to our planet’s power 🌎

Doing my best to catch every sunset and sunrise while I’m out in Joshua Tree.

Being in nature has been so grounding and serene this week! As a kid, my grandparents had a house out in Yucca Valley and it’s been so lovely reconnecting with my inner child out in the desert.

Little known fact about me: I’d MUCH rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

There is something so special about being able to capture the intricacies of what is in front of you and save it as a memory 🤍

Watching the sunrise this morning rejuvenated me as I opened my heart to the stillness of the desert.

Waking up each morning is truly a gift and shifting your perspective to one of gratitude is sure to recharge you 🌵

I’ve got my hat, my sunscreen and an iced matcha. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me!

Happy birthday to my funniest, wittiest best friend.

Still in all history of my friendships, I have never instantly become best friends with someone... and now we are going 8 years strong, and I KNOW you will be my bestie forever. Here’s too many more laughs and travels together in this life and many more lives. Love you so muchooooo

Friday means there’s a new episode of my podcast! On this week’s episode, I shared more information about how to keep your gut healthy and thriving.

Your gut accounts for over 70% of your immune system and as many of you have reached out to me about this topic, I knew that this community could really benefit from an episode on this subject. You can find “A Sense of Wellbeing” on both the Apple and Spotify Podcast Platforms!

Enjoying my Thursday afternoon. Wishing you all a warm weekend ☀️

Dog days of summer ☀️

I’ll be planted right here in my garden for the remainder of the day 🌱 In a time where there is so much emotion, stress and anxiety, being outside and being with nature is an amazing way to destress and reground yourself.

I have learned so much taking the past week to educate myself, using my time to listen to the voices that need to be heard and being proactive as an active ally (outside of just social media).

I want to point out that this powerful movement does NOT end June 8th, even though many of us will continue about our normal day-to-day activity. I want to continue to use this platform to educate this community about issues that plague our world (this being at the forefront). I found these beautiful thoughts from @iamtabithabrown , and felt like I needed to share with you: ⁣

“Let us no longer be quick to judge. Let us start being intentional with being quick to love, quick to understand, quick to listen, quick to be helpful, quick to make a change, quick to speak up when things are wrong, quick to sometimes be quiet. Let us be mindful of what we are so quick to do and make sure that whatever it is, is meaningful and it is done in the right light. We can make a world of difference with the things we are quick to do, but judgement doesn’t help anyone.” - @iamtabithabrown⁣

As we continue this week, I want you to think about the negative things that you are “quick” to do and make the necessary steps to change them. Let’s change as a society to not negatively react, but rather to pause, listen and set our intentions before acting upon them. This movement does not end this week, but rather when we all set our intentions to actively fight racism in our everyday lives by having the challenging conversations with our friends and families. While it’s important to share your thoughts and information, the real work needs to be done when you step away from your phone. This movement is so much more than just posting on social media and I encourage you to hold yourself and your community accountable by performing the actions and doing the work.

I have spent the last few days, observing, listening and learning about allyship and how to best use my platform as a tool of education and compassion.

I’m still not entirely sure how best to put my thoughts and emotions into words but I now recognize that it doesn’t matter if I step into this with the fear that I may say something “wrong”— the only wrong thing to “say” for me would be remaining silent. ⁣

It’s not enough to just not be racist— it will be a daily challenge that we will need to work on. I commit to being diligent every day to learn, grow, and educate myself. I know that I must actively be ANTI-racist. I understand that I will NEVER understand but wanted to share these resources with you. I hope you’ll join me in having the challenging conversations, opening our eyes with empathy and listening to and supporting black voices.

#blackouttuesday 🖤

Happy Saturday! Here’s my task for you today 💛

I’ve become so workout savvy while in quarantine. It’s important to me to get my body moving in the morning and try to keep that part of my daily routine consistent!

Also, it doesn’t hurt that many of my favorite trainers and fitness experts have started teaching their classes on IG live (thank you @justin_gelband & @claire_grieve 😊)

Just trying to take a cute pic with Panda and…

Hard to believe I’ve been in my house for a year now.

It’s been SO fun decorating (and redecorating 😂) my space and truly making it feel like a home!

Having fresh flowers (when I can!) and plants in my home is important to me.

Flowers can do more than just physically brighten the room— they can uplift, destress and enhance your mood too 💐

Ending a beautiful long weekend with a hike in Malibu.

Feels SO great to get out and get fresh, ocean air ✨

@BottleandStone is honoring #MemorialDay with a sale 🇺🇸 Enjoy your long weekend and take advantage of the 20% off, but make sure to take a moment this weekend to remember what this holiday is about and honor those heroes who have served our nation.

Anyone else only wearing sweats these days and you just alternate in between your sleeping sweats and your “fancy” sweats?

Or is that just me…

Soaking up a little bit of sun today. Of course, I made a fresh pitcher of iced matcha 💚 Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Take a bath— a sound bath, that is!

Sound can really bring about a sense of relaxation, balance and a sense of wholeness to your body. Get comfy, close your eyes and hit the reset button 🤍

It’s easy to feel helpless in a crisis like this. But by staying home and following the recommended protocols, you CAN be the change.

Stay home and stay safe Xx

Be yourself. I promise you, there’s no one better 😊

Home is the most lovely word I can think of. Grateful for my collection of people and things I love 💛

Easy like Sunday morning ☀️

Saturday is here— give it a warm welcome by giving your body a day of rest and relaxation.

Happy Friday! I released a new podcast episode this morning— it’s centered on general fitness and nutrition with my friend and trainer @justin_gelband.

Justin is a great resource as he is SO knowledgeable and I’m glad that this podcast can be a resource for you in any step of your wellness journey. Catch “A Sense of Wellbeing” on both the Spotify and Apple podcast platforms.

Making do with our new normal. On the plus side, I haven’t gotten gas in weeks 😂

Daily cuddles with my cutie ☁️just loving this extra time spent at home with my fur babies!

Nothing in nature blooms year round, without a little rain or overnight 🌷 Be patient with yourself and make sure you’re tending to what makes you grow

How about a little Monday morning MATCHA RESTOCK to brighten up your week?

Morning Ritual has officially restocked on! I know there are many of you who still have not had the chance to try my matcha yet, so now’s the time— we sold out of the last restock in a matter of days! As it starts warming up, I love to prepare my matcha lattes over ice (and with a dash of @bottleandstone for the ultimate wellness combination!) As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out— I love sharing my love for matcha with you 💚

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, incredible momma.

You truly have raised us to be as thoughtful, caring and kind as you are. Love you SO much today and every day as you deserve. ⁣

Happy Mother’s Day to alll the beautiful mommas out there. Thank you for taking on such an incredible task as bringing and raising humans (or puppies in my case) to this world. And happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful place we get to call home : Mother Earth 🌍

One of the first places I’m headed when quarantine is over is the nursery (as if I need any more plants 😂) Where’s the first place you’re headed?

Introducing “A Sense of Wellbeing”, my brand new PODCAST!

Join me each week as I speak about my wellness journey, interview friends and professionals, reveal more about my personal life and, of course, share tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. My first episode launched today and I can’t wait for you to listen— find it on the Spotify and Apple podcast listening platforms! #asenseofwellbeing

Happy Thursday! On my list today was cleaning out the fridge. My trick for doing this?

Tossing everything that is going to go bad in a large soup pot and making a fresh batch of veggie broth! What’s on your list to accomplish today?

STOP! Put your phone down. Whether you're drinking your morning coffee (or tea, for me!), eating a meal, or even just sitting at home, let's be present.

Putting down our electronics and focusing on the simplicity of a task makes it sort of a meditative experience. I want to challenge you today to put down your phone for a few moments and just focus on where you are ✨ Try it a few times this week and let me know about your experience!

Waking up with these snuggly pups definitely ensures that I’ll get up on the right side of the bed, but I’ve got a great tip for anyone to start your day off right!

Don’t check your phone right as you wake up— instead meditate, journal, connect with your partner, prioritize your day, or savor the process of making your morning matcha or coffee. Personally, I’ve noticed that starting my day like this allows me to feel more focused, calm and in control ☀️

Tonight, we’ve dug the projector out of my garage and set up for a movie night outside.

Notting Hill’s towards the top of my list— what’s your favorite romantic comedy? 💕

Our precious lives on Earth are meant to respect, love and treasure this planet, not deplete her resources.

While this epidemic is so, so taxing and hard on many of us, I know that when we reemerge back into the world, Earth will never look more beautiful ✨

Doing what I love to do— working on my small businesses and cozying up with my pups.

Thank you for drawing me and Oliver, @aeloopaws 🐾

A little sunshine + a plate of fresh veggies = 1 happy Shayna 😊

Today, I was a guest on @teddimellencamp’s podcast Teddi’s Tea Pod.

I had a blast sharing with Teddi more about CBD, as well as how I’ve been staying healthy and positive throughout this experience. I shared with her a breathing technique I learned in India last year and would recommend you to try it the next time you feel anxious, overwhelmed or just need to take the time to breathe 🙏🏼

It’s been so rewarding to see all the meetings, emails and hours I put in to @bottleandstone finally come to life!

I’ve been loving the early reviews from those who have tried my CBD and feel SO fulfilled by providing you with different resources to help you on your wellness journey.

Last week, I shared about how important I think it is to keep your creativity alive, even in isolation.

Today, we had a tie-dye party. We found non toxic tie dye kits online and jazzed up our sweats with a little color! Hope you had a nice Tuesday 🌈

Whether you’re working from home, homeschooling your kids or just simply staying home, it’s easy to feel cooped up or stir crazy during social distancing.

I encourage you to go for a walk, read a book outside or work in your yard and get a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air. After all, psychological studies have proven that time spent outside leads to a greater sense of vitality ☀️

WOW! What a week. There are no words to express my gratitude to those of you who have waited patiently for @bottleandstone , expressed interest in my company and joined this wellness community.

While launch day didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, I have received thousands of DMs and comments over the past week and feel so lucky for the love and support xx

Anyone else getting a little restless in the house?

@Claire_Grieve and I did a little bit of self-care today. It’s important to get your creativity flowing, even while in quarantine. Luckily our grocery stores are still selling flowers so we loaded up and made our own arrangements today! They turned out beautiful and was a lovely activity for our Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday morning, I was able to virtually spend a few hours with @bcbgmaxazria taking you guys through my everyday morning routine!

In this IGTV, I share with you more about @bottleandstone , walk you through making a matcha latte and share with you a quick and simple at-home workout. Matcha, CBD and a little sweat— sounds like the perfect morning to me!

Sorry for the wait… I believe that @bottleandstone’s site is officially launched and working!

Obviously we had quite the malfunction yesterday but after a year of pouring my time, energy and heart into this project, I am so excited to announce that you are NOW able to shop my organic CBD products on The outpouring of support was so moving to me as an entrepreneur and obviously overwhelming to my site (haha) and I’m just so grateful for the backing of this loving tribe💚

@bottleandstone launches tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for you guys to finally try the products that have truly changed the state of my wellbeing!

If I was THIS happy at our hemp farm last fall, just imagine me tomorrow…

“Mom, can we please go on a walk?” - Oliver, about 10 times a day. #quarantinelife

My garden has been providing me and my quarantine crew with more than enough.

I think I’m going to take it one step further and make batches of soup to drop off for my neighbors. It’s a great idea if you are in the mood to cook or bake but only have a few mouths to feed. ⁣

According to the CDC, there is currently no evidence of the transmission of the virus through food. Politely ask your neighbors if they feel comfortable accepting food in this time and get to cooking (while wearing a mask and gloves!) Just make sure to follow guidelines by dropping it on their doorstep and maintaining social distance!

I’ve got a cute weekend activity idea for you: grab your comfiest and coziest pillows and blankets, make a fort and reconnect with your inner child.

Last night, we watched a movie in our homemade fort and had too much fun making memories while quarantined at home 🧡 Bonus points if you’ve got a good secret password.

Yoga has been one of the things keeping me sane during quarantine.

I’d love to compile a list to share with all of you of what we’ve found to be the most helpful, so I want to know: which online workouts have you tried and recommend?

There is no place like home ✨ Appreciating my safe haven a little extra these days

MOOD when @bottleandstone finally has a LAUNCH DATE!

Since sharing with you initially about @bottleandstone , I have received more inquiries about my CBD than anything else. ⁣

You guys know that health and wellness is at the very top of my list of passions. As a natural and chemical-free remedy to many ailments and issues, it’s no wonder I feel in love with CBD. ⁣

However the wellness world (especially regarding CBD) is filled with misinformation that is cleverly marketed towards us as consumers. You guys know I really take the time to look through ingredients and do my research which is why I have vowed to be fully transparent in sharing each step of @bottleandstone (even virtually bringing you guys to our farm in Vermont!) ⁣

The wait is finally over! My products will be available on next Wednesday, 4/22— we can’t wait for you to try them! In response to the current situation, we will be giving a “BUY 1, GIVE 1” offer: for every bottle sold, we will be donating CBD to support first responders and healthcare professionals 💚

Recently, I’ve been getting tons of DMs and comments about all of our energy levels being… well, kind of “meh”.

Last week, Claire and I posted an energizing recipe and yoga flow that we filmed a few months ago that really helps me whenever I feel like I need a little extra boost. If you’d like to follow along, check it out on— I’ll link it on my story! I’d also like to remind you that if you’re feeling a little sluggish, don’t push yourself too hard— even just a walk around the block can help. It’s a strange time for everybody. Sending you love and positive energy ☀️

“Be the change” has always been one of the quotes that most resonated with me.

I am setting my intentions for the week to be a positive light on social media, as I know seemingly everywhere we look is filled with negative news. While you’re setting your intentions today, I wanted to remind you that it’s alright if your “progress” looks different right now. None of this change is easy, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Let’s set ourselves up for positivity and have a great week!

While this year may look a little different, I want to wish you and your families and friends a very Happy Easter.

I’ve got a little tip for you if you are isolated from your family in this time— arrange a time for a FaceTime or Zoom call, cook your meals at the same time, and set up your phone or computer at your table. Eating your holiday meal with family will feel a little more special 💐 This virus can take going outside away from me, but could never interrupt some much needed family time.

Finally getting around to some yard work, like planting these gorgeous veggies I picked up last month.

We can take bets on the rainbow swiss chard, but I don’t think anything will top the size of that celery 😂

A few months ago, my friend and I @chrisappleton1 met up for an exchange:

he’d teach me how to do my hair and I’d teach him how to make easy, yet impressive appetizers. Chris and I are both all about “good for you” ingredients— whether it’s the formulas of your haircare products or choosing to use whole and organic foods. I had so much fun filming this and hope you can learn a tip or two, while at your vanity or in your kitchen!

I know this is a really uncertain and anxious time for many of us as we have been faced with an issue that we do not have the power to fix.

However, I know I DO have the power to take care of myself, follow the correct protocols, and care for other people simply by staying home. ⁣

I have been taking Floratrex, an advanced pre and probiotic from @globalhealingofficial for many years now. I talk about probiotics all the time but in case you didn’t know, they are helpful organisms that play a huge role in general wellness, aiding with digestion, immune system support and even mental health.⁣

Not only do I love their products, but they are helping to produce over 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer for local hospitals and also donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels. When I reached out to Global Healing, they were more than happy to provide you guys with a discount— code SHAYNA will get you 15% off on! Stay healthy and be well Xx

Happy National Walking Day!

Sure, it may not be a “real” holiday but I’ll take any excuse to get outside.  You may not be able to get in your full walk, but I hope today you can get outside and take a quick stroll. Just make sure to maintain a little distance from anyone else you may see and to follow all necessary guidelines! Enjoy your steps, guys ☀️

Although it’s not Central Park, I’m just as happy staying at home with these two as my quarantine besties.

One is a skilled yogi and one is a dance master (TikTok’s keeping her busy 😂), but together, their positivity, humor, and enthusiasm (especially to try all of my new recipes) has made this time together feel extra special 💛

Today’s forecast: lots of rain, a few warm matcha lattes by the fire, and extra Oliver cuddles 🥰