Things that LKWD will never discuss (and I'm not sure why). 1. Zodiac dresses 2. Dragon petkins. 3.

How prices are determined. 3. Hug and kiss interactions 4. The fashion contest 5. Mystery box has gotten a lot worse. 6. Problems with Tapjoy 7. Modders 8. Crappy customer service 9. The job salaries and avabuck exchange rate 10. Underwear that doesn't show 11. Bad LKWD community team who don't answer questions or do their job in the forums. If you can get any of them to discuss any of the above points, then you have been successful where I have not. #avakincoinpackboycott2018 #avakinlife

😮 dragons are expensive. Next they will make a scene where you have to own a dragon in order to enter #avakincoinpackboycott2018

There are several options as to how the Dressgate scandal happened. 1.

LKWD stole the designs and thought they could get away with it without the original artist noticing or complaining, 2. An employee of LKWD tried to pass off the designs as his or her own ideas, or 3. Someone outside LKWD impersonated the original artist and made money off it by making a deal with LKWD. Does anyone have any other ideas?

OMG CAN IT BE TRUE? @firebuglunn @entycn_blurayne @avakin.puddycat @avakinzerochill @bratty.boi @jupit3r.jon3s @gollygface_ava @classic_avakin #antiwingmovement

User named Animalover28 wanted the fashion contest winners to be disqualified for having wings

after the wings were "removed from the contest" however LKWD Adam says that he can't do anything about it because they "didnt break any rules"
WHICH IS TRUE BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY RULES TO BREAK lol.. Then look what happens after Animalllover28 says "That's pathetic", Adam replies with "Care to elaborate?" LOL what is there to elaborate about "that's pathetic?" Sometimes "That's pathetic" means exactly that: "that's pathetic" LOL what is wrong with Adam??? Does he not understand what "pathetic" means? Does he really need further description of "pathetic"???? LMAO I never saw anyone so incredibly clueless. Most of the time he doesn't even know what's going on in the game. He didn't know that the bundles can't be gifted. He didn't know that there wasn't a fashion king/queen election. He didn't know about last week's problems with the message system and the friends list.. I feel that he maybe is playing IMVU or something, ugh #antiwingmovement

Hi everyone! I could use your support. I'm not asking that you join me in the boycott but if you could write a short note on Reddit that would show how much you care about this issue.

It seems to be a better place to get in touch with the LKWD. Thank you! #avakinboycott #antiwingmovement

My latest Reddit post in avakinofficial. I think I learned how to control my anger by trying to use logical thoughts, but I'm not sure I got my point across very effectively...


Please help my post on the new avakinofficial forum on reddit.

It used to be at 9 but now it's sinking down, probably from the Goldwingers. All you have to do is make a reddit account (easy) and navigate to Avakinofficial. While you're there, leave a comment to support the cause! Thank you. Love, Amy #antiwingmovement

were the wings removed from the fashion contest (gold category)?

#equalavakin #avakinlie #ooopppsss #avakinlife

Dear LKWD, I just wanted to say that it's such a relief not to have those oppressive wings there in the gold contest.

I dont expect to win (because i am style impaired lol) but it was actually fun trying on different combinations of clothing items. Fun for the first time in months. Also I saw a few things that I liked in the Delirious Squid collection and elsewhere that I purchased, something that I didn't want to do before, so I think this will undoubtedly be good for business since it opens up the contest to more players and more shopping. There are still problems with the fashion contest but this is definitely a step in the right direction and I'm grateful. @lkwdjessie @lkwd_adam

My reply to Adam's post. I was deeply disappointed that he stated that "LKWD do not influence the results in any way".

It showed me that he did not really understand the source of the problem. Instead he only stopped part of the problem which was the wings but it's got to go further if there's really going to be a change. Furthermore I'm suspicious that again they are acting in their own self-interest. Interest in the Gold Contest was starting to wane because players were intimidated from entering if they didn't have the $250 wings. Eliminating the wings actually is good for LKWD because it opens up the fashion contest and once again encourages more shopping and buying things. Expensive things like gold dresses and necklaces and headgear which the voters will vote for because of the vote bribery system that i described. So once again, we're back to unfair and unjust. But at least we won't have to see those wings in the contest! #antiwingmovement

This is the letter from LKWD Adam dealing with the fashion contest issue #antiwingmovement

*dies laughing* The winners of Foal Shopper, Colorful Swimsuit and Retro Summer all have Gold Dress/Gold Wings (the 249,999 ones) and look exactly the same.

They didn't even follow the theme which should be pretty obvious. The image of Lisa Marielle with the gold dress + wings with the Foal bag is something so incredibly absurd it could be the poster for our movement #antiwingmovement. I also talked to LisaMarielle's husband. He said that she has won over 3,000,000 from the fashion contest alone. From my calculations this means that she is winning from at least 6 accounts. We already know that Lisa Marielle and NK77 are the same person. I don't know how LKWD stands for this, it's completely wrong on so many levels. Please write to @lkwdjessie and other LKWD Community Management members to complain about this. Also please leave message on the Avakin Life Forums. I already left about 50 messages there about this but the more complaints there are, the better. It's really ruining the game and they should just remove it now until a fix can be found. It's clear from earlier today that the fashion contest can in fact be removed from the game without detriment. Please stand up for this, because we shouldn't have to participate in a game that rewards and showcases unfair and cheating behavior. P.s. i have been banned from @avakinofficial for protesting the Gold Fashion Contest and several of my posts have been removed by LKWD for my constructive criticism and proposed changes to the contest. Please keep an eye on avakinofficial's instagram for me and please let me know if anything significant has been decided or discussed about the fashion contest. Thank you.

oh look, it’s the gold dress that so many contestants in the fashion contest abuse.

😭😭 I guess more people can start doing the same since they’re reselling this dress again~

At all times vote against Gold Dress/Gold Wings. Please don't make the Avakin Fashion Week winner have nothing to do with fashion.


Stirring up support and starting the rebellion among the people, everyone needs to spread the word

that they should not vote for wings in the gold fashion contest, meanwhile keep putting the pressure on LKWD to change the fashion contest to make it fair for all the people not just an elite class of rich people who have no sense of right and wrong. Are we going to stand for this??? #antiwingmovement #equalavakin @lkwd_adam @lkwdjessie @lkwdabbey @lkwdcameron @lkwdsylvia @lockwoodlkwd

The Gold Fashion contest is Pay to Win. It's not about Fashion. It's a battle.

The wings and dresses are their weapons used to kill the other players. It's like those violent video games in which you can buy bigger and better weapons and moves to defeat your opponent. And because of those bigger and better weapons you win more battles and get even more rewards which you can use to even more efficiently kill your opponents. The rich get richer and the strong get more powerful and more emboldened.
LKWD, why did you destroy the whole purpose of a fashion contest with this design? It's clear it was designed to be this way; it's the way these game designers think nowadays.
A few notes:
1) the grand total cost of the winner's outfit is: 327,999
2) where is the required item in this outfit?
3) the top 6 entries are all wearing the 249,999 wings
LKWD you can scream at the top of your lungs that it's up to the voters. It may be true but you're still ultimately responsible. You've got to own it. You lost total credibility and my respect. You have shown all the players how poor and unfair behavior can be rewarded. You've got to contain the monster that you've created, and since you've ignored my simple solution for revising the fashion contest that makes it fair for all contestants, I'm demanding right now that you simply remove the fashion contest from the game until you can fix the issues. Every day that we have to see this is a slap in the face. @lockwoodlkwd @avakinofficial @lkwdcameron @lkwd_adam @lkwdjessie #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

Dear LKWD, ok this is getting really outrageous. I gave you a chance to fix this but now it's going on for too long and I'm getting beyond triggered.

This fashion contest is a disgrace to the game, it debases and subverts it, bringing everything down to the greed and the concept of "winning at any cost." Are you trying to teach people that the end justifies the means? That they'll be rewarded for acting selfishly and without concern for the feelings of others? You're reinforcing a degradation in values that when extended into the world are the root of all the problems in the world today, the endless greed and selfishness, elitism, racism and intolerance. I have interacted with many of these fashion contest winners and they all share the same mind set: me first, and if you dont have the expensive stuff then go play in the other categories, it's not for you. If that's not class warfare, I dont know what is. It reminds me of the racial discrimination from an ugly time in America's history, when blacks were not allowed to ride on the same buses or drink from the same water fountain. These water fountains are not for you, go drink from your own water fountain because you are not our kind. One of the fashion contest winners even has on her Instagram a meme she made showing a rich white woman talking to a poor black child which reads "you want me to come over to your house and give you wings whaaaat?" LKWD, I am also greatly disturbed at your blaming the voters. You want to absolve yourself of any responsibility for this debacle, but you're the one who installed this "get paid to vote" scheme that no one can understand. Without any explanation from you on how this whole thing works, we have to conclude that you designed this to exclude and discriminate against a certain class of individuals lacking the characteristics that you prefer. It's like the Nazi party saying to the world that Hitler was elected in a democratic process so don't complain. #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

Hi everyone could you please leave your comments about the fashion contest in the game, like I did here?

I think if we flood the comments section here, they might listen since it's more high profile. I did mine already but it looks like it's pending, since the comments are moderated. Thank you #antiwingmovement

Can someone please tell me where the required item is because i so do not see any 🍋 even chubby 🍋

did not wear a 🍋 Btw my eyes must have been blurry that day bc her name doesn't even look like chubby 🍋 lol HELLO LKWD ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FIX THIS? If you cared you would stop the contest for a while until you fixed it. Since the problem started 8 weeks ago, I suspect the benefits outweighed any negative feedback on your end. But the issue continues and now 99% of the people i talked to say there's a problem. Even a few winners of the contest say theres a problem (though it doesn't seem to bother them.) Many of the people I bump into in the social spots say they are used to getting screwed by rich people so they don't care, but many are very angry and upset about it. There is a widespread impression that you have to be rich and lack all kinds of ethics in order to win. By condoning unethical behavior you've become an accomplice in it and reflects badly on your corporation because it suggests that your company is also unethical. You are gaining the world but losing your soul. By allowing a whole class of unethical players to be victorious truly sends the wrong message that cheating can reap huge rewards and go unpunished. At this point I'm calling on you to put the gold contest on hiatus until you can sort out these problems. I'm not stirring up trouble, the lemonade is already stirred and ready to drink. Omg that sounds good actually 😂 @lkwdabbey @lkwdjessie @lkwd_adam @avakin_life_daily @lkwdcameron #antiwingmovement #equalavakin #avakinfashioncontest2018 #avakinofficial

The amazing similarity between NK77 and LisaMarielle #antiwingmovement

Is there another meaning of the word SKI that I don't know about? #antiwingmovement

I love Merkava's comment it pretty much sums it up. #antiwingmovement

Does this mean I am blocked. #antiwingmovement

#antiwingmovement. I'm taking votes about whether this fits the theme or not.

Were wings available for this contest? None of the winners have wings #antiwingmovement

Dear LKWD, it's difficult for me to imagine that you aren't aware of the problem with the Gold Fashion Contests.

After all, it's incredibly blatant how these players are abusing the rules of the contest and exploiting the voting system, resulting in basically hundreds of clones attempting to win at any cost. Essentially what amounts to a gang of thugs has hijacked your contest, shamed you and made a laughingstock of your company and developers. It's embarassing for me as a member of the Avakin Life community to witness such a travesty and distortion of what was supposed to be a fun and creative activity. I continuously talk with other users in the social spots about the fashion contest and many are unhappy and tired of the exploitation of the contest by these vain, selfish, and greedy people. They are getting the message that you have condoned or even planned the contest to give this exact result. I've shown here a typical result, which is for Festival Season by Front Row. Since none of the required items are visible, it can be argued that they haven't followed the theme and should be disqualified and prevented from participating in future contests. Anyone with common sense can see that these people haven't deserved to win. Before making concrete suggestions about how to fix this, I and others just want to know one thing: LKWD, are you concerned about this or not? And are you planning on making changes? Thank you, Amy P.S. many of players including myself have left many posts in the avakin forums and the in-game help about this, and have received no reply. We are running out of avenues to discuss this with you. I would think as a company you would act upon this because really it's an embarrassment and reflects badly upon you. #avakinofficial @lkwdabbey @avakinzerochill @lkwdjessie @lkwd_adam @lkwdcameron @avakinmj @lkwdsoffia @lockwoodlkwd @coelette_love @lkwd_team_official @lkwd_katie @jocelynnatelyn #avakinfashioncontest #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

After a lot of experimenting, I finally figured out how those cheaters are wearing the shorts and the dresses at the same time.

It actually works for any dress and maybe it works for other clothing as well, I haven't tried. Step by step (1) wear the required shorts (2) put on any dress. (3) go to the icon that shows you all the items that you are wearing right now. You will see the dress and the shorts. (4) now press the shorts and the "Continue to Fashion shoot!" will show up but now quickly press the dress and then the green words and voila! (You have to be very quick at this point. Remember, click on the shorts first. Then click on dress and then as fast you can possibly do it, click on the "Continue to Fashion shoot"). BUT DON'T ENTER THE CONTEST AT THIS POINT BECAUSE THAT'S CHEATING OK??? #avakinglitch #antiwingmovement #avakinfashioncontest2018

SUPERDRY CHEATING all these people should all be disqualified.

They are not wearing the required items. I don't care if the voters selected them. (I already proved that your strangely biased voting system automatically leads to this kind of result.) If they didn't follow the rules or took advantage of a glitch, then they shouldn't be allowed to take part in this contest. Many players are getting extremely angry and disturbed about this kind of selfish behavior, so please take action now or you will lose total credibility and show that you have lost control of the entire situation. @lkwdjessie @lkwdabbey @lkwd_adam #antiwingmovement #avakinofficial

At this point I declare Nora THE WINNER!!! The rest of you suck. #antiwingmovement

I strongly suspect that the voting system is causing the Gold contest disaster.

For the longest time I was wondering why the bird people are dominating the gold fashion contest. It comes down to the voters. Is it (1) the voters really like all that shiny/sparkly golden dress and wings? Or (2) they are voting to get XP and coins and gifts, so they just choose the contestant THEY THINK WILL HAVE THE HIGHEST %? In order to research this, I asked around in the social spots and also hit the youtube videos hard, looking for clues. I found many people just wanting to get gifts, so they just voted for the wings to get the meter to run faster. In one particular video by "Ava Lucid" she is constantly saying stuff like "This one has the golden dress and the wings so it's easy to figure out who to click on." And later when she is confronted between a choice between someone she thinks is very stylish and someone with the gold dress/wings, she again chooses the wings, lamenting "that too bad, because the other one was cute." WHAT WAS LKWD THINKING when they came up with this system of voting? It's like a self-fulfilling outcome that the Birds are going to win. I understand that LKWD developers wanted to make a mini-game out of the voting but it's not fair and democratic when the voting is so biased with the offer of rewards for voting for the "right" one. I also used to think that LKWD was being greedy because more and more people were going to buy the wings in order to try to compete, but in truth it's turning people off from the contest and it makes it pointless to buy items in the gold contest if you know you don't have a chance. #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

In the last three contests, Nora won 1st, 1st and 3rd place but Sarah is keeping pace.

This is getting super exciting watching these two race birds fight it out to the finish! #equalavakin #antiwingmovement

Updated Standings! This new chart shows the Bird Name, and the number of times in the top 10, number of times in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the total of their winnings.

Nora is still clearly the winner so far with an unbelievable 7 first place wins and dominating the pack with her eye-boggling style and golden attire, but Sarah shocked the crowd with her ornate, complex and luxuriously glamorous design which won first prize in yesterday's "Simple Foal" contest. Has anyone seen Chubby Lemon? After a number of early stunning wings, oops I mean wins, she seems to have flown off the face of the earth. Good luck to all the contestants! I'm excited to see which one of this lucky flock will win next time!!! Love, Amy #avakincontests #antiwingmovement #avakinfashioncontest2018 #equalavakin #equalavakinlife

I dont know who to vote agonizing.. one is Red but the other one has the pretty dress and wings..

ugggh... 😕 I guess I will go with the red one .. WAIT NOOO.... I CHANGED MY MIND . uh oh.. too late... #antiwingmovement

If that's laid back i wonder what they wear when they get dressed up :) most of these jerks just wore the foal shoes (which of course are not visible).


Winged back summer #antiwingmovement

Omg i got carried away and exceeded the 2,200 character limit lol #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

I posted this in the avakin forums #antiwingmovement #equalavakin

🤮 #antiwingmovement

They sent me an email address i could write to for the rules of the fashion contest but they sent me an invalid address, then i wrote back telling them this.

Also I complained about the fact that no one ever reads the avakin forums that they keep directing me to. #antiwingmovement

UMMMM EXCUSE ME???? This is extremely blatant hacking or something because it's impossible #antiwingmovement

More BS from Avakin Life "Customer Support" #antiwingmovement


In the category of "Things That Will Never Happen". #antiwingmovement


YAAYYYYYYY WE WON!!!!!! #antiwingmovement

To all the stupid people who couldn't follow the tennis theme which is at least 75 of the top 100

because I want to see you play tennis with those wings and dresses on, I have lost total respect for you I don't care if you think you're being practical or clever and all the excuses in the world will fall on deaf ears to me because you're still being a bunch of self centered and unimaginative and vain jerkheads #antiwingmovement. PS I have nothing against wings and dresses per se I just want to see people rewarded for following the theme in the contest and not think they are smarter or better than everyone else just because they are rich. But if you want to win at whatever cost and think the end justifies the means, then you don't have a conscience or any sense of self respect. It tells me a lot about your character and unless you finally come to your senses and realize it's wrong, I would never be your friend.

Over half of the top 100 covered up their "lacy lingerie" including as high up as places 4-9 and 14 - 20.

To make things worse you see the same people again and again with the same outfits. #antiwingmovement

I have been doing some deep thinking about this. According to Avakin Terms and conditions you cannot be "abusive, threatening..

discriminatory... " and you can be banned for "activities that exploit any other person.." in other words all the things that the Gold contest winners are doing. 1. They are abusing the rules of the game. 2. They are threatening me as a contestant in the contest. 3. They are discriminating against people who cannot afford the things that they are wearing. This is a form of class discrimination at its most insidious and destructive form. 4. And finally they are exploiting the voters in the voting system. Worst of all is their attitudes that winning at any cost is somehow justifiable. I have spoken to many of these people. They lack conscience; they are proud of what they have done and full of self-congratulations that they have somehow tricked the contest. One of them even referred to it as "hacking the contest." I realize that what i have said won't change anything but at least i have gotten it off my chest. Thanks for listening. #antiwingmovement

Always vote against the wings even though the other person is clueless lmao

I wrote to some of the winners ( like StarryKnight, JustinBieber, Dale, etc) and they all say stuff like it's not their fault that people voted for them.

Then I reply "you missed the whole point of the contest" and then they accuse me of being jealous and that they done nothing wrong since everyone else is cheating too ....
* pukes* could be the reason why the world is the way it is 😩☹️ #antiwingmovement

Mmmmm.....Hey kids can you spot the difference? As you’re aware Avakin has introduced the Fashion Contest...If you can call it that.

It’s actually a contest to see who can be the most SPARKLY and SHINY. They DONT EVEN STICK TO THEEEEEMEE! To the people who actually try too bad.😪 They give the hope that if you stick to theme and participate you have a chance, but in the end it’s always THESE people who end up #1😒. So I’m joining this movement cause I want to show Avakin how to do it.👀 I mean COME ON! The Military one just makes NO SENSE!😭🤧Join me if you too are done with this. Use #antiwingmovement if you’re done and want to be heard. #antiwingmovement #equalavakin #avakinofficial #avakinlife #avakins

@avakinofficial. I hope you see that there is a problem with the fashion contest #antiWingmovement #antiWingmovement #blackout #boycottgoldcompetition #equalavakin.

# AND. # anything else I have to hashtag just to get this noticed and fixed pronto. ######

Look at all these grungy ball gowns and wing. #antiWingmovement #equalavakin #blackout #antiWingmovement #blackout #boycottgoldcompetition #equalavakin.

# AND. # anything else I have to hashtag just to get this noticed and fixed pronto. ######

Look at all these grungy ball gowns and wing. #antiWingmovement #equalavakin #blackout

OK first, red white and blue? Really? And tattoos. Some don't even bother showing them.

So when I feel like neither deserve my Vote, I exit out without voting and then re enter game. After so many times of re entering I just give up for the night.

Hello avakin. Are you aware that avakin players performed a blackout. June 26th 2018.

Refusing to purchase To show how displeased they were with overpriced items... no one's trying to be against avakin Developers. We only want them to realize how serious this issue is. Avakin has given us an update claiming they realized a problem in the fashion competition. So I will be playing and paying close attention to the results. I feel the players will be satisfied once the issues are addressed. Until then the movement moves on. I say this with love and support for the avakin players #antiWingmovement #blackout #equalavakin #boycottgoldcompetition

@avakinofficial #avakinofficial ☝️ How can Wings & a ball g0wn qualify for Nike sportswear.

Please look into this situation. #AntiWingMovement

Until avakin can fix this glitch😑 I'm out I'm done! This is complete bull💩 WAT ?!

DO NIKE MAKE BALLGOWNS &WINGS NOW ? ! IM 4REAL PPL. Imma vote for people but... If you have wings & ball gown you're out! if I come across two cards with the same wings & ball gown I'm not even gonna vote Imma just gonna back out the game DONNE! #AntiWingMovement

WE NEED A REJECT BUTTON! So we can REJECT! The entries that do not FIT the THEME.

Allowing a new card to show up with a different player to vote on who might fit the theme BETTER!. (( EVERY TOP-RANKED WINNER has GOWNS & WINGs. FOR EVERY SINGLE CATEGORRY.)) WHY!? . WE GET it ALREADY YOU SPEND $THOUSANDs$ OF DOLLARs ON YOUR GAME. ((That is not fashion!!!St🚫p it!)). Matter of fact I'd call It LAZY! They have CATEGORIES for the Ball Gowns & Wings. Be a little MORE CREATIVE! You could show a little more courtesy+ respect for BOTH the GAME & the other players. I thought the ((FAD)) would die on its own. ((But it hasn't.)) Leading me to believe." #A ,People are too lazy to think of something else other than ball gowns and wings. Wings... that are seriously overpriced not animated and you can't even fly in the game with them. OR! #B , THE GAME IS RIGGED!😠.)) Either way I hope to see the activity come to an end. " Don't vote for wings or ball gowns if it doesn't fit the theme!." Look at how many other items go to waste. Look at the creative effort by other players. wasted
For those who took time to read this thank you for your time my rant is over. All I ask is to join the anti Wing movement. #equalavakin #avakinsummersun2018 #AntiWingMovement #boycottgoldcompetition

😑 oh look another ball gown and wings winner... perhaps we should ask Lockwood if there's any way to fix this.


😑 From now on anytime I see a BALL GOWN or Giant WINGZ!

I'm ah purposely vote for the opposite person even if they're in their underwear😁 #AntiWingMovement