This CHICK called me “Mom” again today

Not Mama or Mommy

But... MOM

Ryan questioned why I was so bothered by it... after all I am her Mom (sometimes he is just to literal)... Foolpwed up with his idea of a joke

“What Babe, does that make you feel old?”

No.... It’s because it makes her seem old!!

brb... I’m going to go hold her before she’s (were all) another day older 😩

Can you other Mama’s relate to this???

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This little man made me a Mamá and life forever changed.

Sometimes I think Diosito are you sure I can handle this? Responsibility of an entire other soul is no light task. Failure or Success can be direct reflection of parents. But he has not left us alone, continues to guide us. Along with our village of family members 30+, we need alll the help we can get.
To my little man coming, Si Dios quiere in less than 8 weeks WE ARE SO READY! By ready I mean excited cause we are not ready (as I check out of target online for his bassinet 🤦🏻‍♀️😅🙌❤). His Name Announcement coming very soon. Initials AJS!
P.S. @kaarrreeeemmmmm is the best photographer ty 😅😘🙏
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