She just makes me proud 💕 #mcfirekyle #girldad #daddyslittlegirl

No matter what you do.. KEEP YOUR FIRE BURNING 🔥 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

VIBES❗️ @realgyptian @houstonreggaefest 🆙 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Did anyone else see me make her dance ????

I didn’t have to say much, the music did it … Music is life❗️I’m proud to be CARIBBEAN & so is she… full respect to you @repjacksonlee and everything you have done for HOUSTON 🙏🏽

She said “you are the best” … thanks for the compliment 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

@houstonreggaefest #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

True story… within the past year I told my friend @voiceofelle that I have to bring @realcolliebuddz to HOUSTON.

She said Kyle, but he already has a show coming up. I said it’s ok I’ll wait a few months then and see what’s good. Months later I got the call from @houstonreggaefest saying “KYLE, we ready for 2021 and you are our host, we gonna get @realgyptian , but who else should we bring?” … of course my response was “GYPTIAN is a great artist so yea 👍🏽, but we have to get the my artist for this one too … plus the band” . HOUSTON, let me tell you last night was straight 🔥… lyrics, vibes, interaction, I finally got to vibe as a fan.. keep that international reggae vibe alive general.. The music is appreciated.. BLESS UP🙏🏽

By the way before taking this pic he said “I wasn’t sure if to come on after all that fire you had on stage” 😂 . thanks for the compliment too brother.. I had to set the vibe for you . #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

EARTH … WIND …. & MORE FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 … HOUSTON IM HERE @houstonreggaefest ❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

About yesterday…. That Moët Rose hit different in the daytime 😂😂 especially when I’m out with my Gs from the old NYC days… my head niiiiicccee 🤦🏽‍♂️ .

yo @im_staccin @majorpeng @sto_ceo bless up❗️ #mcfirekyle #tipsyinmiami #goodvibesonly

The marathon continues… MIAMI me Deya❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

You can choose to be either bitter or better … by our smiles and energy you can tell that BETTER IS THE ONLY OPTION❗️ #mcfirekyle #djsiroreo #goodvibesonly

Ladies & Gentlemen .

THE RECAP video of our Day Party featuring @nailahblackman & @willychinremix is out❗️ whether you were there or u missed it CHECK THE VIBES 👀 & see you at our next event❗️ Tell a friend to tell a friend because EVERYBODY LOVES SOCA❗️

#mcfirekyle #dez #nailahblackman #willychin #soca #houston #goodvibesonly

Spread your wings..

Nothing is impossible, believe, If I can do it you can spread your wings (dweet)… Nothing is impossible … If I can do it you can spread your wings❗️ Blessings haffi flow like a River….. @dextadaps

#mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly #blessup

The goal is not just for me to be happy but everyone else around me too 🙏🏽 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

I’m still learning to find the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference .

you should try it too 🙏🏽 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Sooooooo … who’s really taking the picture? . I need to go back by the DJ booth 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .

@iamlovaboy this was your fault 🤦🏽‍♂️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Rockin that @bobmarley just like @versace 🔥 … yo @deejaysimplesimon I bet u ain’t got this one 👀🤔 .

now I can’t wear it again for at least 6 months 😂😂 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly #ripbobmarley

It’s ok to be different….

As a matter of fact it’s EXTRAORDINARY❗️ So many times when I’m booked for an Afrobeat / International event, I’m the ONLY Caribbean personality in the building and the love and acceptance I get is phenomenal❗️ I have even been given a Kenyan & Nigerian tribe 😂😂😂 . I say this to say folks that you should ALWAYS BE YOU, BUT BE POSITIVE… GOOD ENERGY HAS NO FACE NOR NATIONALITY❗️ #tgif the weekend is here SHOW SOME LOVE … IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

📸 by @aiproductions713

Don’t just observe, UNDERSTAND what you see, PROCESS it, then use it to CREATE❗️ that’s exactly what’s going on with me right here and almost everywhere I go❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

I literally enjoy hosting new events and/or and new places more than others❗️ starting the vibe or finishing it..

don’t matter.. because I’m bringing it❗️ might be a couple weeks late but Thank you @officialdjoreo @kookiesexperience @shekpeknights @afroculture_fest for having me ., and much respect to @djsilentkilla on maintaining that 🔥 teamwork❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

📸 by @aiproductions713

If your friends don’t make you laugh then you definitely got wrong company 🤷🏽‍♂️ .

yo @jayfresh1 you a fool bro 😂😂😂 . I need a new drink 🤦🏽‍♂️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Lead with conviction… with positivity… with purpose… and even the nonbelievers will eventually start following too❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Sooooooooo …. Friday night I hosted @bar2200htx till 2am.. @liquid_lounge_houston till 5am..

caught a flight to Dallas at 6:30am Saturday morning to ROCK THIS BOAT PARTY…. AND IT WAS WORTH IT❗️ @boatsnbrunch was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 alongside my bro’s @djplayboydallas & @djdre869 … much love @curlzology_ for sending me this & also to @trinitiffy for the awesome video . & big up to @collegeboyjesse on a wikid performance.. THANK YOU DALLAS and much love to @boatsnbrunch once again for including me on such a great event 😎🙏🏽 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

@reggie_jugglers send me pics bro 😂😂 . @myeventcrew I hope you made it to the reception 😂😂😂 … Someone tell Maxine I still waiting on my food 😂😂 . also great job @zingzing_intl at the bar 🙌🏽

By the way I was back in Houston by 6pm to rock 20mins in @houstonjerkfest … I need sleep 😂 . good night peeps 😴

Less focus on how things look❗️More focus on how things are❗️Extra Concentration on how it needs to be❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

TGIF❗️ CHEERS TO THE WEEKEND 🥂 #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly

Happiness is only real when shared❗️Spread some love and share your smile❗️ #mcfirekyle #goodvibesonly