#FridayIntroductions: My name is Evie Hobbs, MD, Assistant Professor, Breast Medical Oncology.

What is your favorite part about working in your field?

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and of course offering hope.

What led you to specialize in breast cancer?

My decision to become a breast oncologist evolved early in medical school after I witnessed the compassion my mentor demonstrated in caring for breast cancer patients and how translational research can directly change the course of this disease.

What do you like to do for fun or as a hobby outside of work?

Hikes around Portland, skiing (former ski patroller), fishing and crabbing.

What is your favorite thing to do/eat/explore in Oregon?

Russian dumplings at @kachkapdx , Arnold ice cave, camping Alvord desert & the Wallowas.

What is the best emoji to describe you? Or one you use often?


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Lara Davis, Sarcoma Program Director, Co-Leader, Translational Oncology Program, and Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at @OHSUKnight , will be taking over our Instagram Stories next week!

Got a question for Dr. Davis? Ask away! 👇

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Elissa ( @lissa9903 ) was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2016.

This past August, during her birthday week, she received an unforgettable present.

“During my five-year appointment with Dr. Elie Traer,” Elissa recalled, “he informed me that I am now considered cured of AML.”

Now, she's looking to pay it forward.

“After going through this terrifying journey with AML, I knew I wanted to help the patients who came after me,” Elissa says.

Elissa joined the local chapter of @llsusa and began managing the Portland #LightTheNight walk for the past three years.

And this past November she moved to the National @llsusa Patient Education team, where she currently co-hosts The Bloodline with LLS podcast and helps to produce webinars, videos, and other content to educate patients and caregivers about their disease.

Both Dr. Brian Druker, Director of @OHSUKnight , and Dr. Traer, hematologist-oncologist at @OHSUKnight who specializes in AML, were recently featured on her programs.

“I am so grateful to OHSU and my amazing care team for saving my life,” Elissa adds.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Elissa ❤️

Please visit the link in our bio to read more.

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Jamie Pinney is a Medical ICU (MICU) nurse here at @OHSUNews.

He was recently honored with a ROSE (Recognizing Outstanding Service Excellence) Award for the month of September.

From Jamie's nominator: “Jamie has been a MICU nurse through all of covid. I would assume that, like his colleagues, he is exhausted and emotionally worn down.

However, in recently working with Jamie, it wasn’t evident that he’s had a hard year. He exhibited the most outstanding human compassion I have witnessed in a long time.

I am a social worker on the bone marrow transplant team. Two of my young patients, both parents of young children, died in the ICU in the past two weeks. These patients (and myself) were lucky that Jamie was their nurse.

Jamie showed absolute compassion and commitment, as he spoke to the 16-year-old son of one of the patients, encouraging him to stay with his dad during his last moments and not to let other family dynamics get in the way of him being there for his father’s death. The next day, after the patient passed, the son told his mother that Jamie was his hero and that his interaction with him had profoundly impacted him for the rest of his life.

In caring for another young female patient, Jamie worked an extra overtime day, away from his own children at home, to be with this young woman as her own children said goodbye to her.

He worked diligently to make sure the patient’s symptoms were controlled so her young children see her comfortable for their goodbyes. He allowed multiple family members to have time with her, and he treated this longtime and beloved BMT patient with absolute dignity and love in her last days.

All patients at OHSU deserve Jamie as a nurse.

Thank you, Jamie, for your tireless work with COVID-19 patients in the COVID ICU over the past year, and also for your amazing, kind, heartwarming, and life-changing work with the BMT patients in the ICU.”

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Thank you for all that you do, Jamie! ❤️

#BreastCancer can be hard to spot. Schedule your #mammogram at the Breast Center.

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“Every day is a good day to fight cancer.” — Dr. Evan Lind


Lind, Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, captured this morning's Waterfront view. ☀️☕️

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The past year and a half has presented enormous and unprecedented challenges.

For people with cancer (and their loved ones), navigating the pandemic while also coping with a life-altering disease has been extraordinarily difficult.

If you’ve found yourself feeling stressed or anxious, you are not alone.

Susan Hedlund, an oncology social worker at @OHSUKnight , provides tools needed to manage the uncertainty, anxiety, and distress of coping with cancer during a pandemic for Coping Magazine.

Mindfulness strategies, like deep breathing exercises, can help calm your distress and reduce anxiety.

Other helpful mindfulness techniques include meditation, prayer, guided imagery, and nature walks.

There are even apps you can download to aid in your mindfulness practice.

Other strategies for managing anxiety include practicing gratitude, art or music therapy, journaling, physical exercise, and just being in nature.

If your anxiety or distress becomes disabling to the point that you are having difficulty functioning, talk with a mental health professional, as you may benefit from counseling or medication to control your anxiety.

As you navigate cancer and the pandemic, remember you are not alone.

We are all in this together.

And help is available for you if you need it.

Please visit the link in our bio to learn more.


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Congratulations to Dr. Zahi Mitri, program director for breast cancer at @OHSUKnight , on receiving a 2021 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award from the @nationalcancerinstitute !

The award will support Dr. Mitri's work, which focuses on early-phase clinical trials of targeted therapy and immunotherapy combinations, and biomarkers of sensitivity and resistance to advance breast cancer treatment.

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Knowledge is power. Get your power with HOP’s genetic screening kit!

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Members of our staff on 14k are hosting their annual bone marrow registry drive this month and they could use your help.

“We are medical professionals at @OHSUKnight.

Our team takes care of people with life threatening blood cancers and blood disorders. We are passionate about our work and devoted to finding a cure for these serious conditions.

This is our 8th year working with @dkms_us to register potential donors to save lives, and we would love your support,” says Kathie Phan, oncology nurse at @OHSUKnight and team lead for the bone marrow drive.

Did you know every three minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer, many of whom can be saved with a bone marrow transplant?

Registering as a potential donor or making a financial gift can help save lives.

Please visit the link in our bio to learn more.

Together we can help delete blood cancer.

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In honor of #WorldCMLDay , let's look back to 2017 when Chronic Myeloid Leukemia survivors from around the globe shared thank-you messages for Dr.

Brian Druker 🌎❤️

Stay for the 📸, swipe for the 📹

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My coworkers and i are registering lifesavers! Are you on the marrow registry? Ask me how.

You have until 9/24 to help delete blood cancer!! #ohsu #ohsuknight #dkms #bloodcancerawarenessmonth

HOP has a goal to understand the causes of cancer and other diseases in order to save lives – will you join us?

Link in bio.
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How common is breast cancer — and how does it form?

What are the stages?

What are the types?

What are the risk factors?

Health Central went to the top experts in breast cancer, including our own Dr. Zahi Mitri, to answer these questions and more (link in bio).

Photo of Dr. Mitri and patient taken in June of 2019.

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Happy (belated) birthday to Bryan! 🎉

Bryan is almost finished with treatment for Wilms' tumor and the team at @OHSUDoernbecher was so happy to celebrate his 8th birthday with him last week!

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Congratulations to Dr. Zahi Mitri, program director for breast cancer at @OHSUKnight , on receiving a 2021 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award from the @nationalcancerinstitute !

The award will support Dr. Mitri's work, which focuses on early-phase clinical trials of targeted therapy and immunotherapy combinations, and biomarkers of sensitivity and resistance to advance breast cancer treatment.

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#FridayIntroductions: My name is Asher Caldwell, MSN, ANP-BC, ACHPN and I am a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner.

What is your favorite part about working in your field?

Palliative care is honest. We embrace a truthfulness about the human condition — we are all likely to become sick and we will all eventually face death.

My favorite part of my service to others is being able to journey with them—to bear witness to their bravery and to embrace vulnerability—while doing everything I can to try to improve their quality of life.

There isn’t always a cure, but I believe there is always hope for healing no matter the pain or suffering we face.

What inspired you to become a nurse and specialize in palliative care?

In college, I volunteered with an AIDS hospice organization. I met a patient who spent her days in a hospital bed, isolated in the back bedroom of an adult foster care home.

One evening she asked me to play her favorite song, “The Rose,” by Bette Midler. As we listened together, I began to cry. I felt broken open at that moment. In her soft, fragile voice, she whispered “You’re okay. You’re gonna be okay.”

My life changed at that moment. I felt the power of being healed while offering healing services to another.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m an amateur beekeeper. I love watching the honeybees dance in front of the hives, the sweet scent of propolis, and listening to the soft buzzing hum that vibrates around them.

What is your favorite thing to do in Oregon?

Oregon is one the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived. I feel blessed to be able to explore the high deserts, the mountains, the rocky coastlines, tidal pools, the rivers, and the valleys of our state.

I look forward to a time when COVID-19 is behind us. When that happens, you might bump into me on a local trail, sitting in a coffee shop in NE Portland, eating vegetarian at local restaurants, or wandering the aisles of @powellsbooks.

What is the emoji you use most often?


The 🤦‍♂️ is typically reserved for texts with my husband and mostly involve me responding to his “I dunno” after I’ve asked him what he wants for dinner.

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Congratulations to Dr. Thuy Ngo on receiving a Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Program Idea Award from the Department of Defense!

The award will support Dr. Ngo's research to identify blood biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of liver cirrhosis and cancer.

“Cirrhosis and liver cancer have a substantial impact on military service members and their families,” says Dr. Ngo.

The incidence of both diseases has more than doubled in recent years among patients served by the Veterans Health Administration.

Dr. Ngo is an assistant professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics in the OHSU School of Medicine and a member of CEDAR, @OHSUKnight 's Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center.

Please visit the link in our bio to learn more.

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Earlier this week, @OHSUKnight opened a new, 13,000-square-foot space devoted to serving patients taking part in early-phase clinical trials.

Dr. Shivaani Kummar, co-director of @OHSUKnight 's Center for Experimental Therapeutics, discusses the impact of early phase clinical trials, what people with cancer should know about early phase trials, and how the new unit will give more people access to experimental cancer treatments.

On how the new unit is going to change things, Dr. Kummar says, "First, it increases our capacity to enroll patients on early phase clinical trials.

We’ve had very good care for clinical trial participants but we’ve had to accommodate them within our regular oncology treatment unit on the 11th floor.

This new unit will provide dedicated space to treat patients on clinical trials, which gives us much more flexibility in scheduling and everything in this unit has been optimized to cater to the needs of patients on research protocols: the staffing, the equipment, the workflows, the scheduling, everything."

Please visit the link in our bio to read Dr. Kummar's Q&A.

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Our own Rachel Schafer, RN, was selected as one of four finalists for the Cholangiocarcinoma Oncology Nurse of Excellence Award!

Rachel has spent her entire career caring for oncology patients and has a passion for holistic care, health promotion, and symptom management. Currently, she specializes in caring for patients with gastrointestinal cancers, melanoma, and sarcoma.

“I can’t imagine a more qualified, compassionate, and insightful RN to be nominated for her exemplary work in caring for patients with biliary cancers," says Dr. Skye Mayo, Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology and Director of the Hepatic Arterial Infusion Program at @OHSUKnight.

Please visit the link in our bio to watch her testimonial and vote for Rachel today.

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We're excited to announce our cancer research and care facilities have expanded to include a unit dedicated to serving patients participating in early-phase clinical trials.

“We are proud to be able to offer our patients access to the most advanced cancer therapies available.

With this new dedicated space to administer clinical trial care for patients, OHSU will continue to work to expand access to innovative clinical trials for cancer patients in Oregon and beyond.” — Dr. Shivaani Kummar, co-director of @OHSUKnight 's Center for Experimental Therapeutics

The 13,000-square-foot early-phase research unit is located on the 12th floor of @OHSUNews ' Center for Health and Healing Building 2 on the South Waterfront campus.

We are part of regional, national, and international research partnerships, offering patients local access to the latest advances and clinical trials, and are involved with more than 400 clinical trials, including 113 early-phase trials.

In 2020, 470 Oregon residents from 28 counties consented to participate in clinical trial activities with the Knight Cancer Institute.

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Quick trip to OHSU for pre transplant testing last Friday.

Hopefully all test results will be good so we can proceed.
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#FridayIntroductions My name is Dale Han and I am the Director of Clinical Care, Clinical Trials, and Advanced Therapies in the Melanoma Program at @OHSUNews.

I am also an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and in the Department of Dermatology.

What is your favorite part about working in your field?

The patients, as well as interacting with other specialties to optimize patient care and opportunities to conduct clinical outcomes and clinical trial research that enhances and pushes forward patient care.

What led you to specialize in treating skin-based cancers, such as melanoma and Merkel cell carcinoma, and in treating soft tissue tumors and sarcomas?

I initially had a broad interest in many areas of Surgical Oncology, but the complexity of care, the ability to utilize multimodality treatments, and the cutting-edge research in these fields, particularly in ways to combine systemic therapy and surgery, led me to specialize in treating cutaneous cancers and sarcomas.

What do you like to do for fun or as a hobby outside of work?

Outside of work, I try to spend as much time with my wife, daughter, and our dog Cosmo (a Havaton which is a mix of Havanese and Coton de Tulear).

We love to read, watch movies and travel and explore new places.

What is your favorite thing to do/eat/explore in Oregon?

My family and I love going to the Oregon coast and exploring the tide pools at Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.

What is the best emoji to describe you? Or one you use often?

I don’t use emojis often but will occasionally use 😉😲 👍

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“My world changed in a matter of seconds.

I felt like I was underwater as I listened to the doctor’s voice, which floated toward me in sluggish and muffled waves.

Thoughts of my 5-year-old daughter raced through my mind,” says Mel Mann after learning he was diagnosed with #CML in 1995 and given three years to live.

At the same time, Mel was fighting to survive, Dr. Brian Druker developed Gleevec and was working to get this game-changing drug tested in patients.

It took lobbying the drug company for 4 years, but trials finally began in 1998.

“During the clinical trials, we saw this miracle: once the patients were up to effective doses, we got a 100% response rate.

I saw patients’ hope for the future restored.

Now, 20 years later, I’ve witnessed all that these patients have experienced—weddings, children, grandchildren—and many more life events that wouldn’t have been possible without Gleevec,” says Dr. Druker.

Mel, a 26-year cancer survivor, credits Dr. Druker and the drug for allowing him to see his daughter grow up and become a physician.

“I’d tell someone newly diagnosed with CML that today you can live a normal, long life. Keep setting goals and don’t lose hope. Take your medication and live every day.”

Please visit the link in our bio to learn more (via @nationalcancerinstitute ).

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