Theme: Charcoal mask day
Mask 1:

Primark brand, PS, Charcoal detox, purity and cleanse
Type: bubble sheet mask
Rating: 4/5
Comments: This mask I bought at Primark while in Belgium and truly wish I could get more in North America. It's probably the closest dupe to the Glamglow Bubblesheet I've found so far. This fit is awesome because they've cut excess marks that would otherwise pile up on the sides of your face.
Mask 2: Revive, Detoxifying charcoal eye zone mask
Type: full eye sheet mask
Rating: 3/5
Comments: I think I may prefer eye masks to under eye gels but I do like them both. This mask gets your entire eye area, which provides coolness to the area but I dont feel its make a big difference. Got to admit, these types of masks makes me feel like a super hero!

Sheet Mask 38/220 (2020 goal)
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