Feedback on Russian Bear Nitro is still doing well!! Remember this stuff is strong!!

So start with ONLY a 3g scoop!!! We warned you! But once you get used to it you’ll see how great this formula is!

It’s really plain and simple. You can’t beat RUSSIAN BEAR!!!

How was your Valentines Day? Ours was so good we forgot to post on IG.

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Some folks ask us, “Do I have to take the full serving of Russian Bear 5000, or all 8 tablets of Russian Bear Tablets?, or a whole scoop of nitro”?

The answer is no! Start small and try half dosing. You’re only strong as your diet, rest and recovery. However, combine all of that and add some of Vitol Product’s best, and you’ll be unstoppable...just like this 🐻🤣🤣🤣Happy training everyone.

Fountain of Minerals' polycolloidal blend of 70 organic, naturally occurring major and trace minerals undisturbed from plant life that existed over 5,000 years ago, is One of a Kind.

Many vital minerals have been lost and are deficient from our present crops due to soil depletion of overworked farmlands. Our bodies can manufacture most vitamins, but they lack the ability to manufacture even one mineral. The benefits and importance of minerals are widely overlooked. Good healthy and life cannot exist without minerals. Minerals are responsible for over 95% of our bodily systems' functions. Normally, minerals are poorly absorbed at an adult rate of approximately 10%. Because of its polycolloidal nature, Fountain of Minerals CAN BE ABSORBED and UTILIZED by the body at a rate of almost 100% ABSORPTION. Its absorption rate is approximately 10 to 12 times greater than elemental minerals taken in tablet or capsule form. Go get yours on sale $24.99 at @allstarhealth

Ener-G 2 Per day is one of our best selling complete multi’s. Swipe left to see the specs!

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Happy New Year from Vitol Products!! Just a reminder careful with getting too ambitious with your New Years resolutions!

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Go get your Russian Bear there is no excuse! 2021 here we come!

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Nothing like hard training, calories and Russian Bear 5000!

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We also have •Whey Protein •Pea Protein •Plant Protein •Collagen and More.

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Merry Christmas from Team Vitol!!! We are sure you’re well fueled for tomorrow’s workout!!!

Have a great time with friends and family and be safe! 💪💪💪 🇷🇺 🐻

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All those other multi packs don’t pack enough ammo as Russian Bear!!! Another good throwback!

Tag that special training partner who takes too much preworkout!

Remember the strongest pre that has NO-STIMS (but just as strong!!!) is RUSSIAN BEAR NITRO. Beginners and first timers take ONLY a 3g Scoop!!!

Monday Monday Monday! Another classic! No need to fight when you got your Russian Bear!!!

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Hey guys!!! You got it wrong! This is the wrong Russian Bear!! Be aware of imposters!

You want Vitol Russian Bear, not a bear from Russia!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Tag and share below for a laugh.

What is the best thing about bodybuilding? You let us know in the comments below.

But we all gotta have your Russian Bear! 🇷🇺 🐻 💪

Stock up during this winter to keep your immune system up!

Maxi Immuno + Multivitamin provides key vitamins, micro-nutrients, and antioxidants to support over wellness, energy and immune strength with therapeutic dosages of NAC (N- acetylcysteine), Alpha lipoic acid, and Quercetin. This completely natural, vegetarian product Scientifically formulated by Dr. Val Vasilef also includes a full spectrum of essential vitamins synergized with Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Trace Minerals, Papaya and Siberian Ginseng to deliver maximum immune support, promote digestive health and energy.
NO artificial coloring.
NO preservatives.

All those gains. Russian Bear Nitro. The pre workout that is not like anything else on the market.

Take 3g WITH FOOD an hour or two before your workout and be prepared for a ride!

Once your tolerance goes up you can max out at 9.9g a scoop spread throughout the day. Your recovery and strength will never plateau!

When you’re stocked with Vitol, nothing can go wrong!

Check out the line full line (old and new!) up at one of our employees apt.

When you’re stocked with Vitol, nothing can go wrong!

Check out the line full line (old and new!) up at one of our employees apt.

When you’re stocked with Vitol, nothing can go wrong!

Check out the line full line (old and new!) up at one of our employees apt.

Our new updated label of our Energized Egg Protein! 29g of Protein per serving.

Enhanced with Bee Pollen! No artificial sweeteners or flavoring or colors. No soy or sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum!!!

Match ours with the competitors. Ours is the Purest Egg Protein on the market.

Holiday eating got you in? You need 24Hr fat burner!

Time released appetite suppression and stim free!! From the makers of Russian Bear, you know this is good!